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"newborn stefan" Discussed on NFL: Good Morning Football

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"newborn stefan" Discussed on NFL: Good Morning Football

"Not wait to see him go against Patrick Mahomes twice a year card Justin Herbert and so I really believe that Russ is in a really good situation. I can't wait to see how I'm playing some good ball this year. We can't wait either and yet he opens week one against Seattle who apparently might be making a playoff push. KJ, you got takes. You have our respect. You're one of the good guys. We are so excited and happy for you about your career man. Thanks for joining us. No doubt. Yes, sir. With our newest unlimited plan, everyone's welcome. Introducing welcome unlimited from Verizon for just $30 a line per month for four lines. With auto pay plus taxes and fees. Our best priced unlimited plan ever. Did he say $30? Yep, $30 a line for the whole family. The network you want. The price you love. Switch to Verizon today. Pay for free billing required. Unlimited 5G nationwide four G LTE, and times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic. All smartphone lines on the account must be unwelcome unlimited. And are eligible only for select promotions, includes domestic talk text and data usage only data running at two G speeds. The wait for the 2022 NFL season is almost over. Nothing compares to witnessing it live in person. The roar of the crowd, the adrenaline, the rush of high filing random strangers don't miss your chance to be part of epic showdowns, classic rivalries, and prime time games under the lights. Tickets to all regular season games are on sale now. That 17 games for all 32 teams. Take your seat, visit NFL dot com slash tickets to purchase your tickets today. All right, bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs, he may try, but he can't get away from the cameras this season. They'll track him down. All eyes will be on him and Josh Allen as the bills. Look to keep their playoff streak. Hey, Andrew siciliano Brian baldinger are in Rochester, New York. Welcome into the show. You guys, what can you tell us about how Josh Allen's connection is going with Stefan Diggs and how it's growing coming into this season. We've seen a lot of Brian bolding or Josh Allen Stefan Diggs connections here. We've also seen a lot of great battles as well between Stefan Diggs and The Rookie corner elam looking forward to both of those. We've also seen Stefan Diggs posing for photos after practice every day with babies that people are bringing down to the field here at saint John fish. Are they going to start naming newborn Stefan? Is it going to be the new Payton? Because he's just that likeable. And Josh hall and Stefan Diggs are just that lovable. I mean, they're interaction and they're love for each other is real. It's genuine. And I think that's a big part of the success two years ago when Stefan first came here. He led the NFL and receiving and touchdowns and all that didn't have the same numbers last year because he spread the ball around a little bit more. But when you need a play, I mean Stefan Diggs can still beat anybody off the dribble. He can still win his one on ones against any corner in this league. And you know, when there's a scramble drill takes off, Josh Allen is looking for Stefan digs. Yeah, and he could also still crash the set as he did on back together. Saturday, Jamie, because he was upset about what his brother had told me the day before at Oxnard that he would not get a catch against him, not a single reception in a bills cowboys Super Bowl, which fans here would certainly love to see and there are plenty of them practice about to get going. We would love to see that we saw that one about 30 years ago, Andrew, we'd love to see a sequel to that. And I'm just going to tear down the curtain here. Once a year we all get together as a network in Los Angeles and you learn about each other and you make friends and everything. I learned about Brian baldinger things that I never thought I needed to know, like he does like 1500 stomach crunches every day and he does them in the steam room. I was there. I saw a beautiful moment together. The reason I bring it up, Baldi, is there anyone out there and he additions for the bills, maybe that have even that level of dedication or that kind of physical specimen they're bringing out there and could it be the new addition OJ Howard? Nice. Well, I think there's a couple that could fall in that category, but OJ is certainly one of them. I mean, 5 years in Tampa. But never really the guy. Like, I remember when he came out of Alabama, Andrew, he stayed an extra year to work on his blocking. I think he is a true why. A guy that can line up, you know, next to the tackle can handle ends and linebackers and get stalemates. I think he's an excellent blocker. And he's just a big, strong guy. Big hands. And dependable. And so I think the tight end room with what Dawson Knox did a year ago with and I touched down catches and really kind of blossoming in a second season. And Tommy Sweeney, I think they got a really strong tight end room when the weather gets bad, four minute drill. You got to run the ball at the end of the game. All those kind of things, I think OJ Howard can help. He was kind of the forgotten man last year coming off the Achilles injury really behind Gronk and Cameron braid. He was the third guy in Tampa, buffalo goes three wide, maybe 70% of the time, which is pretty high, but they can go 12. They can put him on the field, Dawson Knox is in a contract year. He says he wants to stay here, but he does. Can I just explain to you another second answer? Yes. Just for the people out there. 12 personnel, one back, two tight ends. That's a holy breakdown. Just because these terms can be a little confusing, a little fast sometimes. We will have terms like those coming up momentarily top of the hour when we have inside training camp live here with the bills, The Rain, we think is gone away, hopefully fingers crossed the lightning stays away as well. We have a great crowd behind us. And after practice, Ed Oliver, maybe he rides a horse over here. Maybe not, and tremaine Edmonds, guys, set to join us live on set as well. That's awesome. That's a jam packed show of Baldi, don't be surprised if we reroute you down to Miami so you can do your crunches just in the heat at training camp in Miami because it's not hot enough. I don't need a steam room for that Jamie. You have to just do it in the weather there. No. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Guys, thank you so much. We'll catch you on inside training camp live here in a little bit. So this bills team, they're talented, they are successful last season. Is this just a foregone conclusion? Are we just mentally fast forwarding this team to the AFC championship Peter? They're really, really good. And they got better. They added players. You mentioned OJ Howard. That's a great addition to a team that's already pretty good on offense. I think Gabriel Davis makes a giant leap this season. He had that great game in the divisional round. He's going to take off from there. I've been talking to folks who've been up there in Buffalo and they've gotten a lot of great countries in the rookies. I'm going to give you a name. For the preseason. Christian benford, 6th round corner out of Villanova 6th, having a great camp. Christian benford. Like, they're just adding talent down last year they added Rousseau and bash them, the two pass rushers. They had two offensive line like they don't lose guys. They bring most of them back. I can't really name many huge losses, and that's even without mentioning von Miller. So I think it's fair to look at the roster. Look at the coaching staff and look at that gosh, darn beautiful quarterback. And say, yeah, they're going to be really, really good this year. As good as the AFC is, they might be the best. So to fast forward them to the AFC championship. Okay, cool. Let's remind them in the last year Super Bowl. No, they weren't there. Okay, let's remind to last year's AFC championship. They weren't there. To make it a foregone conclusion that they will be in the AFC championship. In a question in a conference that every time we type up our questions for the show and we talk about the UC, the word loaded goes in front of the AFC every time we talk about it this season, this conference is ridiculous. This team won 11 and 6 last year in the easiest strength of schedule in the NFL. I know they had great postseason success in Josh Allen is like

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