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"new york staircase" Discussed on House of Kim with Kim Zolciak

House of Kim with Kim Zolciak

03:40 min | 1 year ago

"new york staircase" Discussed on House of Kim with Kim Zolciak

"I just thought that was that they would travel like forty five minutes down to Mercedes Benz stadium for the prom. But anyways, Arianna had a great time. She was home by twelve thirty. She looked really beautiful. So she she. Yeah. She definitely had a great time. So watch what happens live did that went to New York. I went to this new spot, Tracy Martin. Spot in New York. I loved it there. They have like some really cool technology. But yet you still get like a foo foo facial. But then they still have really good technology. So they did like microcurrent on my face. I actually really loved their spa it's on the eleventh floor. So you know, I took the stairs. And one of the owners actually came down and got us in walked eleven flights. I was the only one breathing hard Croix, nor this gentleman were breathing hard at all. So I'm almost fully recovered from my surgery speech stairs. So I'm like a tight staircase. It was like a true New York staircase. Yes. Roy was carrying my rolling Chanel bag my makeup bag his bag. Yup. All will have been like a spiral staircase. That's how tight it was very was like, and then, but you had walls around you so care getting there, actually, I was fine with it because I just run right? The. That could that was almost as bad as an elevator. No, no, no, no, not even close because I'm not stuck anything. I couldn't even get really through it with the bags of his twice my size. But. Oh, well, anyway, it was really great. And then we had a massage at the Bacharach hotel. It was okay. I was fifteen minutes late, which I get right? My point say is at three three fifteen I got there at three thirty. So she ended up cutting twenty five minutes off of my massage. Instead of just the fifteen. It was bizarre. So I was like whatever lady, but Croix actually got his full massage. Even though we showed up late. You're supposed to be done by four fifteen. You went to four thirty. So maybe you got fifteen extra minutes. I don't know. Yeah. I think he got fifteen extra minutes of time. I was a little bit later than years, right? Yes. So long story short. It was okay. Nothing special and then Indy Coen. Then I went out with my business partners. We had some drinks when I was one of brielle's frenzy joined us, Brandon. So we had a really good time. It was a lot of fun. I slept. Really good. I love the Bacher hotel because the beds are so cleaned the room is so clean their showers. They need to work on. They're not good. They're just not good the water the water pressure. Is you reserve room there? Make sure you request room four zero one because the shower there was a beast. I don't want people requesting for a one that's our room. Still what a dumb ass. That's okay. I wanna share the wealth because that I'm sure there's maybe a couple of showers in that hotel that have a decent shower but four oh one or no we're in four eleven now for a one we were in four eleven Nikki, I think was in 4._0._1. or eleven for eleven or eleven four great rim or eleven my bed. But still you forget that since we got married on eleven eleven eleven because I don't know. I knew how to one in it. But we're for eleven they were floral one four Levin requested. It's got a wicked shower head in it. But it's not so much even dad as much as it is like when you have a hand-held will they wanna wash my hair every day. So I put a shower cap on. I can't stand underneath a damn rain shower. The hand the hand held is cool, but you have nowhere to like attach it. So it can continue to spray on your body while you're showering, right? It's at the level of your head. It's stupid to lower. It's stupid. They need they need to lower your body four feet yet loop. It you guys. Have you gone your good American jeans yet? I know I've been talking about it for a couple of weeks, but.

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