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Fresh update on "new york times bestselling" discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

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Fresh update on "new york times bestselling" discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

"Harry and David I get that I sent him while ago. He could meet some of that fruit out. That's what. I. was finished with Kevin been joined at the HIP physically Bob Documents how jeff all first of all I, have to compliment you I've Harry and David is. Very cool I thought your ipod, your Ted your taste. Good. Tastes. Your only down. That's the only thing you've ever done. Wrong Jim has talk to us. Exactly but then it's been a good thing for you. You have you want it. Jim. One. These days when when when my time comes I and I give my farewell address to the nation. You know all begin? I'll begin with you. Old In my broth- with my Bra Jim Brown? Jim. I've got this book right here on the desk. Have you ever seen this book, IT'S A. New York Times bestselling book and I'm page fifty, four. This book I mentioned you so don't tell me I'm not going to mention whereas. Fifty, four, open it up right referred myself. On it well, I don't want this book. Maybe a Christmas gift I hate the wasted. Before but this is. One, the one few. The one about fifteen you've got that you didn't that will so that you give away for Christmas to one. US. Jim. The book hasn't been out in five years. I don't expect to be selling anymore copies well, I can ninety nine cents ought give it away. I don't WanNA come on. Here's a great part of a book business. We got it. We got a big advance after that not my problem. You know what? The Truth Dana Sheridan I was jumping on day shared about why fine I'm writing a book he said he wanted to be married. He's he's got upfront deal. The give me millions just write the book. I it was. In my opinion it was the greatest job of my career convincing somebody that that book would be worthwhile. Are. Finally, coming out with with your real real sale how you operate I congratulate begging that appreciate. I mean, you're you're. You're you're well, we all must say people knew that end Jim I will say this. I'm not teasing but if you thought that book was a big deal, just wait a couple of months. We've got something bigger coming..

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