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"new york lga" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Thirty-seven and partly cloudy at eleven thirty in Boston. Good morning. I'm Nicole Davis. And here's what's happening. Lights across the northeast are delayed this hour due to a ground. Stop at LaGuardia Airport in New York more on that in just a moment. But also developing this morning, the president's former campaign adviser Roger stone is due in federal court anytime now he was arrested before dawn today at his home in Florida if he says several charges linked to the Russia probe including witness, tampering obstruction and lying to congress about Russian election interference, President Trump responding. We'll have that in just a moment. But let's get back to the situation at LaGuardia. CBS news special report flyers are feeling the effects of the partial government shutdown. I there were longer security lines today. Flight delays are mounting because of staff shortages in air, traffic control towers was a ground. Stop for a time at New York's LaGuardia this morning delays at Newark and Philadelphia CBS news travel editor Peter Greenburg. It doesn't just affect passengers and planes. We're talking about legal time limits for cruise when the crew start timing out that plane is cancelled. Matter what air controllers are among the federal workers missing a second paycheck today. Trish Gilbert of the union that represents those workers says problems could linger even after the shutdown is settled those that are eligible to retire which is about twenty percent are considering just walking away into retirement, which would put us in a much worse situation with regard to staffing. It will. It will be here before we catch up with regard to staffing in this country with air traffic control CBS news special report, I'm Steve Kathan. Listening to WBZ NewsRadio. Let's go live now to Karyn regal. She's over at Logan airport. Karen, what's the latest? I just heard from a statement from our friends at math fourteen. They're aware of the situation at the airport in the northeast, and there were encouraging people to please call ahead and check with your airline. I'm sitting in front of the flight information board outside of central parking in the Skywalker as you head over to terminal a and New York LGA departed, late New York LG. Yeah. Supposed to leave at eleven now, leaving at noon, New York LGA supposed to leave at twelve now with leaving at one eighteen there are more of these delays for Philadelphia. More of these delays Newark, you get the idea. There are delays out of Logan. The good news is I make my way to the terminals. They're not exactly crowded right now, at least it's a light travel day. So we're not seeing massive delays searching four or five hours. However, Nicole the day is young reporting live from Logan Karyn, regal WBZ NewsRadio. It's a Friday to. All right. Thank you. Karen? Of course, we're keeping an eye on this as it develops right here on WBZ radio. You can take us with you anytime anywhere using the iheartradio app. If you're at the office, you can only stream as to you on your smart speaker, just say play WBZ NewsRadio nine.

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