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"new york horta" Discussed on KOMO

"The best trip I've ever taken here. Japan. I'm in love with Japan amazing country. It's like taking all of the bad people out of America. That's so nice and they do everything for you. And somebody bought my train ticket because I was lost. I mean, the, the people are amazing. The cause are amazing. I got to drive some incredible pieces of engineering when I was out there. The crown this iconic. Toyota cau- that was in, in Japan. I gotta drive it was. And they drive on the same side of the road is the English offer. Anything more I have eight hours there this September. Yes, right. You'll changing plane going to venture out of the apple I am. I've had eight hours in Tokyo, so I'm going to use every minute. I have. All right. So that's like probably four or five hours out of the apple, exactly. It takes about an hour on a bus to get to Tokyo from the retail. Right. I know I'm going to the closer airport. Okay. Neda. Okay. Well, you'll have a good time. You probably can arrange some tour of a factory or something. But they might be everything I can't have and yeah, you're gonna have nine lunches while you're there, because you have two when Japan big here for Toyota this year and next year this year, of course, the Tokyo Motor Show, which happens every two years. They'll show the latest concept 'cause and all the new stuff is happening. And then the Olympics are coming right off to that. So that's going to be super exciting. And on the beginning of that Toyota pushing out some pretty important products and the one of the most important products that gets overlooked, too. Lotta times is the new Toyota Yaris and Tannadice joining us on the phone to talk about that ten a win was the Yaris unveiled was it, it was a New York Horta show before then. New York auto show, this past March, and it's, it's kind of a big deal because this is the probably the first Toyota that many people will own the introduction into the brand, right? Yeah. Absolutely. I mean that's what we hope for. Anyway, we hope that, that you kind of would. Start your relationship with a car like yours or a car like Kula have a great experience. And then that, would, you know, cause you to come back to the brand over and over again. And we could continue to delight you Toyotas, for every stage of your life. Now, when I think of Toyota, I think of something that I can get into, and it will stop every time I specifically bought a Toyota brand vehicle myself for this because I was tired of going out and my landrover wouldn't style chose what day of the week wanted to start when now I have a Toyota product, that's, that's kind of the first thing, the first thing is reliability, but there's so much more than that. There is safety. There is an now lots of spirited designs coming out of the, the Toyota designed studios, no longer, they more utility vehicles. Toyota's designing. Pretty great vehicles. And you sort of included all of this inside the new yards package. I think so I you know, you said it quite nicely. The, the Toyota brand stands for quality, dependability reliability. That's what we built the foundation of the brand on that and safety vehicle.

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