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"new york holland tunnel" Discussed on The Brooklyn Boys Podcast

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"new york holland tunnel" Discussed on The Brooklyn Boys Podcast

"Good calls this year sports business and everyday life their rules fertile. If it has to do with rules you learn all about it on the podcast. Could it calls with me. Your hose deemed landy. Each week will break down the call. Everyone is talking about in take you into the world of sports officiating breath away that hasn't been done listen to good cost on apple podcasts on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts startups dot up dot up booklet both Startup Brooklyn Start taught if they make it noise Dada Dada Dada episode ninety eight so close close vicious the Brooklyn boys growing scary skipper and all that stuff. I'm still tired from our trip yeah. I bet bet you are hiring week. Elvis has been on his honeymoon. Let this show and all of our hands. We've all of our hands all fingerprints. It's all over the deel still tired from being in Santa. Fe because we got in late on Sunday. I don't know what time you got in. I got I got in like five o'clock doc in the evening which wasn't enough time for me I needed. I needed more sleep than I ended up. Getting a I made a huge mistake. I Made Two mistakes so my flight was eleven. Seven fifteen on the Santa Fe time which is one fifteen here and what I should have done was driven my car from Manhattan. Were studios are to the airport. New Jersey parked at their because eight nine dollars a day for five days. Forty five forty five dollars plus tax x fifty bucks. I could've but instead you make things so difficult for US instead. We're all like Oh. Let's Uber to the airport so a bunch of his over to the airport cost me twenty twenty five dollars. I wasn't on that flight. You were not to get to the airport fine. I'm going to talk about airport later in the plane and the the terrorist scare that I had but coming home her wrists scale oh explain I tweeted about it. I guess she didn't it so we land like seven thirty in New York and the other four people while I was traveling with all lived in the same area and they took an uber and I was by myself so I had to take an uber back into Manhattan from New Jersey to get my car in the garage garage parking to go back out so I paid for the Uber into the city and then I had to pay for my car. It was a behold I got home at ten thirty man who's so so smart. Auto shrewd gets worse gets worse so to solve this. I get off the plane at seven thirty well. No we landed seven fifteen leaner seven ten. We sit on the runway for forty five minutes because the gate is occupied. That's the worst a plane at the gate. We want isn't leaving yet for whatever reason Sam. It hasn't pushed back yet they haven't they haven't requested a pushback and they couldn't give you another gate to pull. That's what I was saying is not like oh the gate we want. was that the best gate. You have that gate gate thirty nine. It's worth waiting for no so we wait. I almost forty excuse me forty five minutes and we finally get to the gate so now it's after eight o'clock. We go to the baggage claim. It's almost eight thirty by the time I get my bags right and I look at Uber and look at lift the two services right. It's thirty thirty one dollars forty nine dollars to get home from the airport to my car. You're going to take regular yourself a lot. A lot of odd Fano resorts thirty one dollars eight hundred dollars less to Uberpool so what over pool if they're going to my area where we work when cars parked is almost right outside the tunnel that connects New Jersey to New York Holland Tunnel Donald for those of you know so. I thought I if we pull I'll be I I'll be the first one out of the car so who has other people get in the car so I call it hooper pool and and it says be there in four minutes seven minutes and just has to pick up Janice I saw seven. It's five minutes later seven minutes stuff to pick up. Janice and I see the car on the map. It's not moving so I call a call. The guy goes right to voicemail. I text them go. Hey Alonzo. You've been seven minutes for like ten minutes. Are you coming coming. Never responded back to me so I realized Alonzo was waiting for Janice but I guess he was waiting for a third person to fill up his car because I was so that's what hoover pool is right so he was never coming until I got on the slice now cancelled it and I got Chris. Chris shows up with two other people an Asian boy and an older woman. I'm only saying that's you know who's who in the story and he's wearing a Dallas cowboys shirt so it's getting the car he he opens the trunk for me and doesn't help me with the luggage. Brody's travel woes hold on. I have to put the luggage in myself fine. Okay Most Uber Uber Drivers a whole all too happy to help you with the luggage. 'cause that's points off right there. So then I go to close at myself. There's no button. There's no like button for auto close so I take it and I do like wheel of fortune. Spin and I go to claw he goes. Don't close the door. Don't close the trunk. I mean but I've already pushed did so. It's already closing he goes. Hey Manitoba not to close it so what he's got an attitude so I go why so then he takes the luggage off of the older woman's his lap that she was carrying because he didn't help are either and takes the luggage and goes because I got a bag well. I didn't know that Chris you ask what is Dallas Cowboy sweatshirt. That should have been a clue no fence so we get in the car he goes just aren't we're off. Just want to let you know Dallas. Cowboys one today and he goes on Yada Yada Yada would give a shit that the Dallas Dallas Cowboys One New York so I said Hey Chris you care. Thank God I couldn't breathe on the plane warring of Dallas. Cowboys one today making a joke he he says while you were giant's fan you quarterback socks amount of giants fan man whole car. I was him arguing about football and how he wants to go. I I will say that the the Dallas cowboys really good this year but then he starts talking about how he hates New York. He doesn't like New Yorkers. Credit can't wait to move back. He lives in the farm arm really earning his tip. He lives like thirty miles outside. New Jersey like outside the city in the farm and so I was terrible so then we dropped me off on third right now. I'm second so drops me off. Eitam stopped here on the corner. I don't want to go around three a writer writer right. y'All walk. He goes. I thanks doesn't open the trunk for me and doesn't get the luggage out because you're a big burly man yea big burly so I so I changed a little bit on the tip a little bit again game five bucks whatever but then game five stars 'cause I was mistakenly under the impression he would see my review and they give me bad. You're wrong right the rules of hooper. That's a double blind situation. You don't know what you're going to give him. You told me that like years ago true. Though I was so tired from the trip he will not see you gave him. Did you give it three stars for not crashing well. That's it what you should've paid and I got home eleven o'clock or an absolute. I you're an impossibility to travel level with just listen to how I would be different. Okay just listened. You'd hire boozy. God hears no no enough. Could you cut the word boozy out for a second okay because you really pissing me off. When it comes to travel yeah isn't isn't it most important to get from point to point B. With the path of least resistance. Yes put it okay ten in dollars so first of all you chose Uber Pool when you could have chosen just regular uber. Get yourself a regular back. I know it's not a boozy car. It's still a Honda the civic but it's your own and isn't that worth the price. You really wanted to buy that okay. How much did it cost you. I told eighteen thousand. Is it really worth the eighteen dollars and started thinking about what I could buy eighteen dollars and I thought but that's where you're wrong. That's what your brain active and take the reason I wanted to save the eighteen dollars on the way home I had purchased a bottle of wine at at a wine store in Santa. Fe for from my wife. You can't look at it like hold on hold on how looking at what I haven't done until you the story I know where you're going. Well okay so we got back to the hotel room. I wanted to clean up my room a little bit so I put the wine bottle in my backpack right yeah 'cause I hadn't pack my suitcase yet right so I was always putting the backpack for now just so I didn't want to have to sit out so I forgot about it got to the airport and and this is weird at the New Mexico post office it's tiny. There's like a little Avis Davis counter a little snack counter to rent whatever it's really small yeah so. There's one little check in is no one online to get in the. I've never in any airport. Have this happened to me. They go okay. Empty your lap. Take your laptop out which everybody does take your shoes off right only like every other person. Take their shoes off. You got a little card right. That said yes. Yes I am. Tsa Pre check handed me a purple card. It's the don't you don't have to take your shoes off so they do that in smaller airports by the way because because for TSA pre check right into a shoe bombers aren't going a little airports. I guess so because I'M TSA pre I've been right right right right okay. I got Ya so light for that. I go. I am very anal. When it comes to getting my stuff ready to go. When I get to check my shoes laces loose APOPKA might off. I don't wear my pocket high and make it as easy. My pockets already empty yeah. I put all my money in a little plastic sandwich bag right. I'm good to go and I looked down upon the people who like off. They wear boots except for the fact you tried to bring a bottle of fuck except that so the woman says I need you to all your snacks out of your bag. No food no food foodie so hold on. I'm taking my fig. Newton's out Doritos all my food. I'm like I've never been ESAB. Where have you gone with answer. Take your snacks Eddy Abegg okay but that's AH that is neither here nor there. Hold on so you you try to board. The fucking Plato was there. I'm usually really good. I would never do that okay but you did okay so I have to. I have to go back out into this little airport with nothing. So what am I going to do. Go to the county go. Can I get my my suitcase back. Now upped or you're on the plane. Four and a half ounces of liquid is all you get a seven hundred fifty milliliter. I didn't try to sneak the bottle through. I forgot it. was there okay uh-huh telling you the rules I. Why didn't you put it in your suitcase and let it because I forgot it was in my backpack. You're not listening to the PODCAST I am. I get up and listen to it. What do you do with that okay so I I started thinking like what can I do. I had like three minutes gaselee. I had threats from me. I three minutes to drink this forty eight dollars bottle of wine which was fifty two dollars after tax so I can't put it back in my bag. Nobody else's traveling with us. The dazzled check their bad yet. So I go to the Avis counter. I said Hey I'm looking for a Good Samaritan. I need help or what's what's the problem. I have this bottle of wine. I can't take it on the plane. I have no way to put it. I don't live here. Is there any way you could tell me. If there's someplace I could ship it it like. Is there any place here that ships. Can you help me. He says well we have a Fedex account. I'd probably ship it for you. We have blank Fedex labels. I said Oh great. Here's tell you what what you fill out the Fedex label and I'll pack it up and I'll ship it for you like wow. What a nice guy the Mid West. They're nice out in the mid. West in New York to guys like yeah. I'll take care before you and drink it good so he says I'll ship it for you so I look at the check boxes options and it's like overnight one hundred and thirty dollars the smell the prices and then it says three day air air but three to great no problem three day air to my house gene bucks no so I'm like I don't care how much it costs point three day Eric..

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