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"new york alamar" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"Happen, whether Dr forts who were miss Ramirez, and people are specifically named who were in the room when it happened. Can you don't interview those people that to me is outrageous that the FBI would not interview those people all of those people were not interviewed this wholly unacceptable? They weren't to be three other people that for Ramirez Ramirez story, which you can drive a truck through the holes in the story and Cory booker's not voting for him. Anyway, here's the latest Senator Jeff flake is still weighing on whether he should vote for or against Cavanaugh. It's a joke. He's a conservative judge he proved himself the nobody. He just said Jeff flake said yesterday, I read the material does nothing to corroborate any of these stories. Now, we find out that the steady friend was felt pressured to change her story and support doctor Ford, and Jeff flake is still considering on what to do on this key boat. We know that. Collins will vote to advance to tomorrow, but we'll say at three o'clock what you will do tomorrow. So Blake hasn't decided mccaskey hasn't decided mansion hasn't decided let's go to Walter listening online in Georgia. Walter. Good. What's your name? Good. Listen, I wanna make the point that out. Having heard anybody else make about day, positively found someone in that really had something happened to them. But it didn't happen by cabin. Because the reason why she hasn't given any dates times or places is because even one of those things can point somebody else half, the co-op, maybe. Who lived there at that time and find out if any parties win on gay can find. Found who took her there. They were finding that person. You're right. And they said, well, there's zero it in on July first, and they and Ford got bad. I didn't say it was July first. Well, what do you want him to do? He's looking at his calendar. The investigators want to move forward. They want to verify the story. Now, she says I have I wanted to sit down and give my therapists notes over to you and give out the documentation over to the FBI. But they didn't call gave sworn testimony. Will you holding back where you're inaccurate? You can only get yourself in trouble. If you sit down with the FBI again, that's a good theory welter, but it's just a theory. Lenny listen, WJ NC in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Lenny, hey, Brian. I wanted to shout out to New York Alamar. Okay. Go bulldogs. But so my thing is with a K crews and you talked about it with Colonel Allen west. And it's like he's on existed scare the, you know way in his opinion during a and it's kind of sad. You know, you only have a couple of guys, you know, weighing in on this. I know it's like Lindsey Graham gra- Grassley Cornyn just leadership, but they're pretty strong voices. So the vote is going to start in about two minutes. We don't know what Blake mansion and Murkowski will do we know Collins will vote to go ahead and tomorrow's vote chill announced at three o'clock today..

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