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093  2020 New England FOOLS

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093 2020 New England FOOLS

"I hate the fact that the that the volunteerism in Florida seems to be. I don't want to say it's dying. I just it's not as widespread as it used to be nice. America's founded on volunteer firefighters. Were you will together as one continuing to serve always brotherhood Academy radio PODCASTS DRAIN OFF. Welcome back to the Academy Radio PODCAST. We are here in Wells Maine at the New England fools northeastern fire summit conference. And we're going to record a bunch of podcasts. And hopefully we'll be able to launch them out over the next few weeks to get ahead of schedule but I always mentioned as we do the Canadians the F. Down TO FIGHT FIRE. Volunteer Firefighters podcast. They plug us. We plug them. We want to give them a good mention and give them some love so without tying up too much time. Let's jump into the topic for the first episode recording. Here we have captain Dave Osgood with The York Beach Fire Department with us. And he is here because he is a easy continuous fools follower. He's a og loyal g one of the original guy. Yes yes so what is guys. What is the benefit of the fools because the three of us here pretty much been fallen? These guys around since this started. What two thousand three. The New England fools I think was I was. Yeah what what just happened. You Might Arnold. Sorry they've got down there you go. I meant to turn Hamels Zone Hamels here by the way But he's out somewhere. Maybe grab some lunch. Pc So we're going to cool for school right now so we're GonNa do a quick episode because lunch. The lunch is being served at the line is super long and we don't want to tie up too much. 'cause he's he's over there. Hungary so falls New England fools. We're here we're doing this event We got how many people are speaking this weekend. One to four today right five five five two two five today tomorrow and one last night last night so the benefit of these events. I encourage all you listeners. To find a fool's chapter we had rusty ricker on an episode. It was a good show. We talked a lot about a little bit of. I should say we talked a little bit about fools and the benefit of going to some outside training finding some chapters in your area and joining them and taking advantage of people coming in and speaking. So what is your take on people outside of their department and getting some new training some new faces. What are your thoughts on that? I think partly. It's it's a lot of it is the the networking that we get people. I've met I met firefighters and officers and instructors from all over the country and being able to bring a lot of that stuff back to my own department as well as the area departments when I teach whether it's for your county fire attack school or whatever you bring back this knowledge that that from other places than know that maybe we're not doing it completely different than everybody else but also there are things that we can bring back. It may not work for us. What New York City does but we will bring part of what they do and bring it into our system right and make it work really well for us and just these little nuggets that we get from everybody and and being around like minded people. There's nothing like being in the company of fools it anywhere you go in the country if you get with a bunch of fools. It's going to be the same guys. Where like minded individuals we WANNA BE? They want to learn new things. We WanNA bus each other's balls as much as we can assure us a good time. You know it's just a great great group of people. Yeah it is in. I was reading your post. You posted today A picture of the group out and you labeled it the three percent and it's one hundred percent correct when you say that because it's three percent of the fire service actually coming out and doing these things and trying to better themselves and get a better education and a better training. So we're going to convert people over to let's increase that three percent to you know let's work till T- towards ten let's work towards fifteen. Thank you need to start with five five five percent and then build it up from there. I think you'RE GONNA go from three to ten is probably not realistic. You know everything in the Fire Service Accountability where we started out with pass alarms that we had to turn on now. They're making them come on for us because firefighter proof and accountability with the same thing and trainings going to be the same thing. They say. You can't lead. You can't make a horse drink water but you know if you hold his head underwater long enough. It's going to drink some of it. So that's all right mic guys. Sometimes I'm doing trainings. That interested in but they they're going to get my take on it and they're going to hear what I have to say whether they like it or not we kind of the same way. I'm not trying to be a jerk however I think that it's important to learn new things and whether you like it or not you're going to at least take something away from it. I think it's just great to get a different perspective from people from all around the country. We had a guy speaking earlier this morning before. You got here from From Florida and all the way up from Florida teaching or is he taking it. He was interested. Yeah hitching. He had a nice presentation. And it's just great to see the different perspectives and ultimately we're all here to do the same thing and the perspectives are a little bit different. But they're they're they're the same in a way like you were saying it's like you could take something different. We could take something new from these people but at the same time. It's all raps into being in the fire service and and being the same thing but it's we can sit here and train and train and train on our fight apartments in have our own guys training and you're seeing the same face every week right. Yeah we do. We do in our own department. Sure that can get stale. And I'm sure does that put to take the opportunity to meet these new people to network and to get that. Different perspective is going to be really valuable for you and for your fire department and the rest of your members so the fools. You know another thing that we've talked about in the past. Is that you handsome. Devil you that we could. I could stand in front of my own department and talk about swiss-born till the cows come home and everybody just shakes ahead. And they're like. Yeah whatever you have one of these guys come in from somewhere else. And Talk About Munoz and the guys. They give the exact same message. And everybody's going to hang all over every word he says because it's not coming from me right they've heard me gripe about it and beat on it for years and they hear from someone else and it's like it's almost like their their personal biases or the user open because it's an outside person and sometimes that's frustrating. I guess it's you know that's the way firefighters are against seeing it and other other places where we've gone to other departments training teaching whatever and we've given the same exact message and the host is like. I try to tell them the same thing. They wouldn't listen to any of it when you guys come in and Delon that they were like they were like it was like the first time they'd ever heard it. I don't know no you're right. You're right house at lunch. Line looking shorter shorter okay. We won't keep you much longer. And I think what we can do to is is Aron. Heller actually suggested this because he's here this weekend when we do these shows we'll just do short snippets right and we can even if you do a long show. That's great and what we can do is we can kind of. I can edit it so it's all ended up being one long one. So what are they feeding people in their by sandwiches sandwich? Amaze- yeah yeah I saw some roast beef and I think last year. That's what they did to is pretty good dousing. Yeah so as thanks for coming on real quick with your point of view on outside training and again I would encourage everybody. If they see a fool's event and not only up about any outside training that they can get to. Whether it's you know for our area we have your county town school school which is which is good. There's a lot of good classes. They have seacoast chiefs. They do some really really good classes down there and Dover every year so you know whether you're a firefighter a chief officer. It doesn't really matter get everybody else's perspective get some of that information and bring it home to your guys maybe like maybe we don't get to use it exactly how they use it in. New York or Boston or or wherever but we can tailor that stuff to work within our own departments and there's always a better way of doing things. It doesn't matter how much you learn. This always a better way for sure or newer way or something right. We don't do that. We're just. We're just getting stale. Anybody see the clip on the Internet the other day the Guy Like knee Preston. Hose Line while he was putting his mask on. And and and doing like a transitional attack. You hit it in the window here. If you ever had an opportunity to take Erin fields forward class. It's worth every every muscle that you wind up getting it is really. It's you can just barely walk by the end of the three days Just because you move so much line and flowed so much water in different ways that we don't usually do but if you have the opportunity to take that as by fire one of the best glasses partake in the thirty three years. I've been doing this a long time by shed. Okay all right great. Let's go. We'll get another guest on little later on. Paul what do you think eat something? Let's eat something cool feed me. Thanks so here we are. It's recording. Now we'll see now here's Here we are at the fools conference Are you a little bit more relaxed now rusty a lot more relaxed this? It's so it's clear salen from we're beyond it's all downhill from here right. Three-quarters away down the hill right. Good turn out. Great turnout best turnout we've ever had. What are the numbers? Do you think Counting while Danny was speaking there. Were one hundred eleven people in the room. No kidding with vendors students and vendors and other instructors sitting there one hundred eleven people in the room which is probably twenty over. One of our best is the best with the exception of the Tampa event that we did last November The best that we ever did was Aaron. And we've done up in Vermont Cystic fibrosis okay. Fundraiser approximately ninety ninety. Two people in the room for that so this is head and shoulders above that. That's awesome next year. We'll be bigger. I don't know if that room will handle bigger. Figure it out. You could move the vendor tables somewhere you know now. There's plenty of them. Yeah so all right. So welcome back to the show rusty. No thank you for having US and And we also have Aaron Heller on the show. Welcome Aaron thank you and I've been wanting to talk to you for quite a bit because You you have a training right. I do I. I own on training insensitive training and you're newly promoted fire. Chief I am congratulations. Thank you very much. I was promoted on February first. So how about your Quick Synopsis On Your Fire Service Background. My Fire Service background is long and varied. I started as a junior member in one thousand nine hundred four in a little place called Julius Town New Jersey Join their because my sister actually went to the academy. She married into a Fire Department family. I had never really. I thought the Fire Department look cool. Seemed cool when they brought the trucks to the school when I was a little kid. But that's my goal was to be pro baseball player. They go and not to be a fireman and so I joined there Went through the academy as junior member because back then the child labor laws apparently didn't apply and and suggestions and I joined new Egypt Volunteer Fire Company in nineteen eighty seven. Which was a town that I lived in. Grew up in where my family still lives and rose all the way through the ranks. There I was chief there for six years I got on the job in one thousand nine hundred ninety in Hamilton which is just outside of threaten And I've been there ever since ever since. Yes I'm coming up on my third finishing my thirtieth year there next month. Wow and good stuff. Yeah yes now your top guy. That's what they tell me at least for a little while great so how. `Bout the how. `Bout the Fire Training Company. You got on scene. I ever get it wrong. On-scene fire training right. Yeah on training associates We've been around for a long time. We we. We've got sixteen years officially in business but We were doing a little bit before we actually formed the LLC We've been all over the world. We've we've taught in a lot of different places. We've taught in several different countries territories We just did a month in American Samoa. Last year really We were teaching Surface water rescue to the airport. Fire Department there So Yeah we've we've we. We've got varied group. It's really really cool. Because instructor wise we have guys from all over the country All levels of training all levels of their experience large fire departments. You know big cities like Boston and New York to small towns so we I think what we offer as a diversity that not every training group can offer. I would agree. That sounds like that big city too small town I mean. That's that's pretty good right there. So how'd you meet up with this guy over here you know? It's it's all fools fools has been what brought my career to what it is brought my so I guess I would call it my fire service enlightenment to what it is. Yep I met guys through fools and it just kept growing Do and and I think ninety seven ninety eight fools we form New Jersey Chapter Jersey Fools in ninety nine and it just kept growing and we met at a fool's event somewhere I couldn't even tell you where honestly twenty I had this conversation with somebody last night. How did you get hooked up? I'm like I don't know I honestly don't I mean clearly? We didn't hook up but well. Yeah sorry maybe that wasn't a good tonight. As far as nick knows judge good but now yeah it's funny because the New England guys and US just clicked and we've been super tight ever since and we've we've done so many things together and back when Jersey Fools we were doing our thing Quite a bit we were having insurance issues. We called Rusty New England came down. It became a Jersey fools. New England fools thing so we had insurance and that really led to the joint training big time and it and it's only gained wheels ever since and just keeps rolling. Yeah I think you've turned into a familiar face around the New England fools Events now you know I think anyone that's in the fire. Service should join up with a local full chapter. And I've been saying this on the podcast a few times. Now since we had rusty on the show at it's it's important because the outside training you get those different faces you get the different perspectives. So I've said it before I said the last time when I was on the show is the fire services a big bright beautiful world. Yep Get out and see get out and see it. Don't you stay in your little? Microcosm of an area of my dad taught me in. His granddad taught him and added out of that. Now get out and see what's out there. We've got guys in this class this weekend. From all six states Pennsylvania New York and New Jersey which is incredible for a little local fire conference on the coast of Maine in March? And I and I can tell you. I'm here completely as a student. Not really representing on scene. I mean you know my department paid for me to come at the time before I was promoted. My chief saw the need absolutely approved me to come up. They paid the bill and I'm sitting in the front row taking notes just like everybody else. Because there's so much to learn from these guys just you know what we heard from. Brooke last night and her motivation of not motivating. It's impressive. That's impressive. I was supposed to get up and go work out with her tonight warning. And you know what my biggest concern was. When I'm laying there thinking I gotta get in the gym. She's GonNa kick my hat. She probably could she definitely. Yeah but but learning from these learning from these people. I mean learn what Danny just just presented about rapid intervention in his own case. And I've been teaching rapid intervention for a long time and what he said absolutely qualified and quantified a lot of things. We've been teaching for for the last twenty five years right right so it's it's just fantastic to be surrounded by this level of people rusty. You've got to go. I don't WANNA I don't want one and just to add to that I mean if you look around the room this rumor no no no with everybody but in that student pool there are at least eight of our instructor cadre teach us all the time every time and they're running their in their paid students to learn from the guys and girls that we brought in this weekend would never stop learning kind of theory. You can't miss me. There's other groups out there doing the same thing. Yeah no because they're too cool. Yeah you can never make get your ego that high where you think that you can't learn something exactly. There's all of us in this room in. That room are always open. Should always be open. And it's like we talked with Dave Osgood not too long ago. And he mentioned that the three presenters Geno LAS sane at this one and the cool thing to me was you got guys in that room you got you got pat. O'connor you got Dave Gallagher. You got guys who have fought a lot of fires in their lives who have trained all over the country who get it right and you've got eighteen year old kids that are sitting there having conversations with them at the break. That's pretty cool. Yeah you know. It's it's definitely cool to see that interaction and and that's something that happens fools fools events more so than other events and because it is so inclusive and it is so accepting of all of us. I mean when you look at that fools mantra. They don't care if you wear white helmet. You wear a pro be shield. They don't care if you're you know thirty forty years on the job or four months your fool you believe in the same things that mantra carries on and to me. That's very very important and the and one thing. That really is important to me and something that I hold close with the fools the fact that there is no difference between volunteer and career nondenominational. We like to say right. And and that's a big thing with our podcast. Here is is seventy five percent of our audiences volunteers because we try to promote the recruitment retention. And all that leadership over Blah Blah Blah. And you come to these events and there's no there's no division now know what I mean. No one cares raw here doing the same thing and the thing with our events in our Instructor Pool. Our instructor cadre and the people that tend to come around to our things. We don't care where you work right. You wouldn't know where any of these guys work safe affect. It might say someone that helmet on the back of their coach. You're not going to know that. So many guys work in the city. Hartford the city of Boston because it doesn't matter because they also for the most part started somewhere else. They started whether they were in the service and volunteer just off base or the volunteer in their hometown or they started out as a volunteer comment somewhere and now they're sitting guy which is fantastic. You're living the dream but it does not come back to. It does not come back into right. They never forgot where he never forgot. Got Listen you know I like I said I joined Julius Town Volunteer Fire Company. If they're I don't know how many runs they run if they run one hundred runs a year right now. It's probably a lot and it's absolutely. There's not even a single traffic light in that town. Oh Wow it's a it's a one horse town for sure but it's important to me that every time I do a podcast or somebody asks me to give a speech and they want you to talk a little bit about where you came from. You don't forget where we all came from. Somebody somewhere yeah. It's it's rusty and I are both parrot heads. Were both Jimmy Buffett fans right. Yeah he sings great song. Nobody from nowhere absolutely and that's everybody started that way. Anybody the big leagues you. You know I'm at the Wire Boston. I'm from Trenton New Jersey on Philly. It's all bullshit. They all started somewhere and they were appropriate. Who didn't put their gear on one day. Yeah and now they're superstars which great but that doesn't ever give the reason big-league somebody else because that kid looking up is the one that we can influence to be the next really superstar. Firefighter great absolutely all right. Well the bar open yet. It could it. Could it be? I know the bar that has a twelve pack of PBR. In. My Room is overhead. De-selection whiskey behind the table. Here all right cool guys. I don't WanNa keep you much longer because we get food coming. It's coming soon and you get beer coming and we're going to maybe talk some more people and this up Celso Brotherhood some fellowship so awesome. Maybe I can get Hamel Hamilton. Come sit with US I know. He's he's often. Paul left He's doing he's doing the other thing we're doing tonight and York so but thanks guys. I appreciate it all right. We're back and we another guy on the show. It's Chris Lawsuit. Locie sorry has told me that closely St Lucie County Florida Fire Department right absolutely and You presented earlier today at the fools event and You're with on-scene on-scene training. What how? How did he wasn't training associates? Yes it's funny because Aaron corrected me ought to and your thing today was it really really caught my attention because it really goes along with what we do on this podcast. You're teaching you're thing called leading from the backseat. This correct is so What's what's a little bit about that word that come from well. It started I've been I've been taking classes for for years and years and years and I've taken tactics classes I've taken pump operator classes. I've taken company officer classes but I never saw classes that catered to or I. I shouldn't say catered to but Pertain to informal leadership and and Senior Man. Type leadership. So you know. This isn't anything that I invented. It's it's just something you know. I've I've noticed throughout the years. I've learned from senior guys on the job that I do want to be like and senior guys on that. I don't WANNA be. Yeah so it's Kinda culmination of both of those things and just taking one man's thoughts you know jot down and getting the word out. I like it because it really promotes what we'd like to promote is anybody can be leader. Absolute don't have to have a title or rank right leader absolutely no and and people aren't and people say this year a born leader but people really in my opinion aren't born to lead. It's it's something you have to learn I in anyone can do. Absolutely I do believe that It's something you know You do learn and it's you know here's the thing is you don't have to be the guy with the most years on the department to be a leader you know you don't is sometimes the guy with with the most years on is you know For lack of a better word maybe not the most motivated person out there. Yeah so you need somebody with Moxy you know you need somebody that can can can create enthusiasm and you know has an idea of what's going on. You just reminded me of something kind of off topic while you're up here in Maine. Pickup Moxy Moxy. You know what I've had oxy have you had. I have have all right. Okay but no you're right. There are your senior guys can be good leaders and they may not be but even your brand new person coming in can lead based on their own skills and their by staying in their lane like for example we tell our guys on the Department of your brand new you pick up the pick up the brush and start washing the truck and lead that way. Yeah it takes one person to start a revolution. If you you know and then I'll come in the firehouse and just like you said I'll grab a brush in the next thing. I know I've got every every guy on the cruise out there because nobody wants to see one guy out there working. Yeah sure or you know you come in the firehouse start doing dawning doffing drills with your mask. And what have you and the next thing? You know there's five guys out there and you've made it a competition because we're all type A. personalities. You know if I see you doing it in thirty seconds. I'm GonNa do twenty nine. Yeah definitely definitely. It's a competition breath. So where does empowerment come into play when it comes to Informal leadership? Where do you think that comes into play empowerment? That's a good question as far as informal leadership again. I think you can be empowered. It's like I say I listen to the to the newer guys. I've got twenty three years. You know I've been doing this. But like when a when a new guy goes to a conference and he comes back and he's got some new techniques I like to empower that particular person Okay because they. They're excited and they they they wanNA show what they know and it could be something that. I've never seen that just works better for whatever you know. I I liked to empower people as far as empowerment for informal leadership. I think anybody can can embody that empowerment and and spread the word and you know. Make training better in in. What have you right so I'm not? I don't know if that really no that totally makes sense. No that that definitely answers the question. Where so you're down in Florida? Yes or no right and your career down there and you said twenty three years yes and you mentioned in your in your lecture that there's some volunteer departments in Florida. That are hurting. They don't which I think is a definite trend around the United States. What is what is unique about Florida? Do you think that that where that's happened Well stained Florida. We do have some volunteer departments up in the panhandle up in central Florida southeast Florida. Which is where I'm from really. I can think of reserves that are in addition to career departments there but for as far as only Volunteer only can only think of one department down in Broward County. But I think I I don't know Florida's is getting so crowded and What used to be like seasonal. These people are living here now. The year round they're typically holder typically so Florida's a huge fire based ems service. Yes and I think they've just started to realize you know We're already providing the EMS. Yep You know. Let's get these guys Dual certified and we'll have the fire protection that's there as well I hate the fact that the that the volunteerism in Florida seems to be. I don't WanNa say it's dying. It's just it's not as widespread as it used to be and I. I hate that because you know what? America's founded on volunteer firefighters. It's absolutely true. You know so. I mean small town. Usa Barber Dentist. Everybody because the bell went off and they didn't matter if you had half a haircut exactly so Florida's definitely unique state I spent. I live down there I lived. I used to live down there in When I was in high school where altamonte springs. Okay I was an explorer on the altamont springs fire department good from Jesus. It was in the nineties so basically middle school last year of Middle School through high school and then the day after high school graduation. And we're back home. He made so but in that department is headed absorbed since I left it absorbed into the seminal county. Fire Department doesn't exist anymore. Demille'S GETTING HUGE. It is the The explorer programs down there were huge back in the night. I don't know if it's still like that now. Still is it is. It is a matter of fact Jenny who who came up here with me she's She's an adviser for the explorer. Post for Saint Louis Account. No kidding yeah yeah I traveled the state with our post going. All the fire. Matic's competition Jacksonville County. We plantation all that back back. We just hosted one not too long ago. Yeah and I wish that we do fire. Musters up here. They're a little smaller a little smaller than than actual fire matters. Like the events there will be Razi. Know what I mean. We just do like a wet hose of Andrea. Who's even climb here. But I love it but I think that the explorer programs down there definitely created some really good firefighters. I you know I I couldn't agree with you more. You know some of the guys that I was explorers with it. You know they're getting promoted they're on Landau there on similar county one of our guys one of the guys just got promoted to battalion chief and Bruin County. Yes so it's so cool to see that you know. Look up through so my My best friends He he's he's an author for us. He he started down. He was an explorer from the time. He's like fourteen or fifteen whenever you could start whatever. Yeah I think it's fourteen He started explorer down in sunrise. Okay and You know he was ARD visor for alone. And we're starting to see a lot of our our our explorer kids if you will you know. Yep They're coming about and make they are. They're they're good farming because they have a solid base. And that's exactly what it takes you and you talked about the generations in your presentation. I think having that explore program might kind of fix that gap. I agree because they're more. They're exposed to the older guys more live lying on the older guys because they're under eighteen and they have to. They need that supervision absolutely and they're coming in ride with US and they're seeing the whole gamut. Yeah good better indifferent. That was what was cool being a teenager living in Florida because I was a product of divorce family so my father was up here in Maine and my mother was down there so my father being on the Fire Department appeared volunteer department. I would I would come up here like in the summer and we had an explorer program here that I would you know. Hang but they couldn't ride calls. It couldn't go so here. I am a full-time city department right going to calls medical actually doing medical stuff as a teenager and explorer easy stuff. Blood pressure's yeah like that. They would let us. Do you come up there. Like they've never ridden on a call to go. Yeah you know it's like it's like it benefit and I think that really creates a strong phiathep. The they've got juniors and some Germans like juniors is like the same idea but doesn't fall under the boy scouts of America. I think that's how that works. But yeah so that's my little background on Florida's definitely know the culture is definitely different down down there than it is here it is the Lino. It's cool though to travel and see same job saint same same circus different clowns right but it. The culture is different. It is so awesome. Smell the food. I think he's ready so I don't WanNa keep you too much longer but before we do end this. I want to make sure that the listeners can know where to find you. So how can they find you because you had a really good presentation and pretty much facebook Chris? Lucy L. O. S. E. HIT ME UP I don't have an instagram. Do you know it's at my. My daughter tells me around how old's your daughter nineteen okay. She says facebook's guys get hurt. It is but you know what I'll tell you where were the under-priced attention is right. Now for social media. And you're gonNA laugh but your daughter's going to agree with me. Tick Tock Tick Tock Yeah. I'm hearing a lot about it. I mean anything. There are get her to show you how to run talk and then you start searching for firefighters and it's loaded. Nah loaded with firefighter. When after telling you and and and the viewership and begin you exposed. There's no algorithm on it. Okay you know what I mean so I'm down for about it and you know this sound silly but I like to tell people that took too close to all right cool. Let's get some dinner. Yeah right I appreciate it sure. Thanks Eric you guys. I hope that was some good content for you. We were happy to be able to record with a handful of people at the New England fools northeastern fire summit. So that's what we're going to end this episode. We did you know. Obviously throw a few of them together into one long episode for so as always time is valuable and you guys took your time out of your day to listen to our podcast and you take your time on your day to share our content. We really appreciate that. So thank you everybody. We'll talk next friends. Please join the movement by sharing this podcast and sharing our social media accounts and visiting US at Brotherhood Academy Radio DOT COM Promo Code Academy radio. Podcast is brought to you by salty hook media.

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