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"Closure of most businesses during the pandemic has been especially challenging for people who are homeless a nurse in Puyallup has been volunteering to help them for weeks now but she's just been blocked from that city sanctioned encampments here's como's Carlene Johnson with more of the parking lot of the New Hope research center in Puyallup is now the city's sanctioned camp on the parking lot does have sinks and toilets some people have been able to shower in weeks course local churches where they've been able to do that are closed and they can't get warm inside a library those are also shut down the nurse and Papp off Wallace's spent the last several weeks checking up on the sixty people who live there in this crisis a lot of them have not had access to food water sanitation they are very confused about what's going on with Coleman and last Friday the city said she can't go anymore it's about social distancing with other volunteers also kept out for the nurses and giving up she tells the Tacoma news Tribune she still offering rides to treatment and doctor appointments waiting just off site for the homeless who come to trust her to walk out for a ride especially since transit has cut back so much on schedules Carly Johnson come on news six weeks of isolation and social does since you have left you feeling anxious or depressed YouTube psychologists say you are not alone and now they want to hear from you in hopes of helping others here's como score one Hey we're social creatures we humans isolation is bound to feel weird says uta professor Jonathan cantor if you are one of those people who is just fueling this really strongly we're sort of waking up every morning and feeling more anxious and overwhelmed and you can't quite put.

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