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"new england north hampton new hampshire" Discussed on WGN Radio

"O'Hare, we have forty three and forty seven at both midway and Chicago's lakefront and today are far flung forecast. Takes us out to New England north Hampton New Hampshire. Population four thousand three hundred and one thousand three hundred one one don't forget that. The latest addition latest the newest addition to north Hampton New Hampshire as you might expect a New England town this goes back quite a ways it was first settled in sixteen thirty nine. It goes back that far on time ago day long long time ago, but we mentioned north Hampton today because it is the birthplace of a man named. Henry Dearborn is named for Henry Dearborn. Henry dearborn. Michigan. You're in the right track. Brian in the automobile in history. Well, no, not really, but the name is appropriate. Henry Dearborn was one of our first secretaries of what they called war. It's now Defense Secretary on the cabinet. Okay. And one place in particular here in Chicago was named for him four Dearborn which I was telling Andy. Dawned on me when I was putting this together this morning that the original fort Dearborn the Ford Dearborn site is steps away from where we are right now at Michigan in Wacker drive. Correct. So one of the stars on the Chicago slag. Got an asset CRA. I thought it would be nice to mention this in light of our bicentennial for the state of Illinois, which actually the actual birth date of Illinois statehood is tomorrow two hundred years December third. Wow. And we don't look a day over three hundred and eighty. Well, last the last few years, we're looking our age but Henry Dearborn born in north Hampton, New Hampshire. And yes, exactly you mentioned Dearborn. Michigan. How about Dearborn station here in Chicago Dearborn street all nave Dearborn park all named for Henry Dearborn and north Hampton New Hampshire dealing with weather pretty much like we're having rain forty five degrees in New England. There's our far-flung forecast for today. A little bit of Chicago in Illinois history tied in as well, you give us everything. Dave. It's like a whole service. It is. It's very full service. We get weather. We get knowledge we get some history. Get everything wrapped up in one. That's what we shoot for. Your aim is true as Elvis Costello. It's just like having an apple shot off my head last month that tree time. Did you do that? Well. I watched the real deal. I wanna hold Isaac Newton who actually pulled the pulled the train did. But it was that it was at a picture of me. I was not sure how would it have an airline is cheap. Yeah. Big acne, scar in my left cheek now as a result, the seventeen is not the he's not the catnaps ever dean. He's certain he's better than I could be with a Boeing close. Did come close. Yeah. This is a big camp. One of those giant compound bows. Oh, no, no. But the the people that were shooting the bows and arrows before he remains count. Those guys did have some of those, you know, the fifty added. Oh, it's amazing. The size of the man. They were splitting arrows that were in the bullseyes. Yeah. Really? Oh, yeah. I thought that was just in the robinhood Cortana recite live. It's real don't kid yourself injury. Dean does seem to have a proclivity for wanting to shoot things off of her or hit his co workers pictures of them. I don't know if you saw the when we had the snow. He was throwing snowballs at pictures of the of the morning show team. Does he have interests? Choice of word proclivity. Yeah. Little kernel of fury. I think down deep in DC. Anger. Yeah. I don't know. How will exceed? No, david. You know? And that's everybody's got it. So you just I I I don't know about the arrows. That seems like it might be excessive. Just a picture. He's not lining you guys up. I didn't know what was going to happen. And a half hour before he came over to the he said, aren't you curious? I like you Dave just goes with the flow. Nervous. They call one for the team. Yeah. But how how big a one do you have to have? Got an arrow to the face that seems above and beyond. I'll get up early and drive to a remote. I'll do you know. Maybe I'll I'll try some food that came in that might be a little unusual aero is where I draw the line. But I did now I do remember years ago when we were doing sports night, I offered to sit we had been talking to an FBI agent. And they have this thing at their range where they'll sit somebody down and shoot the sniper will shoot something off their head. And I was like, oh, I'll try that. You know, a well trained military sniper. He should be able to take something off my dome. Thankfully that never had never came to pepper material. That's something you try once. Well, I tell you if you're lucky. You're either successful your alleged not a good ledger memory your cautionary tale. That's that's more. What what you had to do you need to wrap things up? All. Say all I need to do is see if I can get back to the page. I was on. I'm David one and the WGN radio newsroom, and these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN. There you go. All right. Well, that I I didn't wanna leave the I didn't want to leave that putting the bow on wrapping things up officially we had to tell everybody where we were sure. Because people sometimes they tune in. And they forget forget. Yeah. Like, hey. Where's that TOTO? Song you promised us. We didn't promise. You TOTO song. Oh. It's not the morning. I was looking at all the line. Love isn't always on tyrod. Or you know that. I know you do. Oh, boy that flashed me back there. What happened? Love isn't always on time. I feel young again. Wow. I'm sorry. How old is that? Don't do it. But. Requires the the buzzer. But I yeah. Wait and see if Dave can hit the post coming back. We go full circle. Do you have total? It's got some good panel on. Yeah. I do. Of course, he does have a Tomba's on Tom wants to play the forty year rule buzzer that we violated. Zero zero buzzer. You can't go back more than forty five. Talk about nineteen sixty two. I get hit in the face with this. Wow. There's a lot of hitting on this program. Dean said, hey, can you fill in for me on Sunday? He never mentioned hitting. He didn't. Maybe he figured I'm not gonna come in swing. But he didn't tell me that you guys may actually, you know. This weekend. Yeah. Just come after me. Now that song more than four songs not more than forty. No. No, no, no, no..

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