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GameStop Stock Soars as Reddit Investors Take On Wall Street Bets

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07:17 min | 2 years ago

GameStop Stock Soars as Reddit Investors Take On Wall Street Bets

"Stop the video game retailer. Stock has rallied over six hundred eighty percent this month and in the last couple of days the stocks volatility has pretty much everyone talking. So what's going on. First of all game stop is for the average mall going consumer dying brand a relic of simpler times when we used to have to physically go to the store and wait in line for the newest call of duty or for the latest harry potter book. So it's no surprise. That game stop has been a target for wall street shortsellers its demise has been foregone conclusion. So short and game stop. That is betting that game stop would continue to. Depreciate could have been a good bet except short-selling is risky and your losses if you lose that bad or basically limitless since there's no cap on how valuable the company has bet against could become so even riskier if stock you've shorted starts going up. You can essentially cut your losses without getting too in the weeds market mechanics here. When a lot of short seller's designed to cut their losses on a shorted stock. That's now suddenly going up it triggers. What's called a short squeeze. Demand goes up. Supply goes down. Price goes up more shortsellers. Try to cut their losses. It's a vicious cycle and one that can result in massive losses for their shortsellers and giant prophets for those who've invested in the stock on the way up which is when a popular reddit. Forum called wall street bets figured out that game stop was the most shorted stock in the us markets. It wasn't hard to convince reddit users in the forum to buy up enough stock in game. Stop to trigger that short squeeze making retail investors of bundle and sticking it to the wall street big guys in the process. This was all encouraged in many ways by high profile investors with a hefty social media presence. Jamaa only petia tweeted that he'd bet on the stock increasing himself cameron winkle voss of the winkle vi- suggested he might go along on the stock and must only tweeted that he was aware of the situation just aware of the situation in game. Stop took off again. In after hours. Trading and to wall street bets credit. The plan worked amid game. Stops rally shortsellers on wall. Street have accumulated over five billion dollars in losses year to date and that includes nine hundred million loss on monday and one point six billion lost on friday. As you're about to hear hedge fund. Melvin capital took an enormous loss on the bet so much so that rumors of bankruptcy were swirling on that wall street. Bet sub reddit. But the founder of melvin told our own andrew ross sorkin. The rumors aren't true. Here's andrew now some breaking news this morning on this game stop story. We've been reporting all morning. Having talked to gay. Plock into runs. Melvin capital gay. Plotkin saying that. Melvin capital has been out closed out its position in the stock force. That company was Firm i should say with short looks like lost a ton of money but short that company up through Before the end of the close yesterday but Gabe saying that They got out yesterday afternoon. Of course the question is what happens now. Game stop a game. Stop shares Melvin capital had to take in an additional close to three billion dollars in new capital citadel. Coming to the rescue along with point seventy two. This is a remarkable saga With game stop so many of these investors no really no longer really investing on the fundamentals of what's happening against up but more just continue to push up the stock and we've seen so many folks like you on musk. Go take to twitter about it. Chihua- polly fanning the flames. So there's a lot of fan fan. Flame fanning taking place right now big questions about regulators where they are what they should be doing a lot of criticism and critique online as saying that if you think manipulation what do you think wall street is doing everyday to us the retail investors so. There's a sort of a pop psychology dynamic at play. And i think we're all we're all learning and try and understand what it means but also what it means in the future for the ability of retail investors to get together on places like read it and other places Form an army of sorts and try to push up The stocks in in certain cases like this. So i'm at a loss for words. Joe i really am where are the regulators and is this just the beginning situation. We all do have a lot to say on this but you you obviously have a lot to san. That's interesting but obviously the plane with the calls. And you're you're seeing calls that are one hundred dollars out of the money going for nineteen dollars and things that you've got markups going from two billion to twenty five billion. Obviously everything you're saying we understand. This is this is a game obviously and these guys. When i put five dollars on a ncaa game that. I don't care that much about that's the same as jemaah putting a couple of hundred grand on some calls or lan or any of the guys were talking about this. I think it's kind of responsible. The kind of laughing about it laughing all the way to the bank. But you know there are market makers that have to take. How'd you like to be short some of these calls. Can you imagine being short some of these calls. Especially if you're not covering i mean you can lose. You can lose ten times your money. Unlike a regular investment where only lose one hundred percent. I mean this this this makes this makes bitcoin look like t-bills if you think there's speculation and crypto when you when you look at something like and now they're looking for the next mark right they'll find another game stop once they're done with game stop but in the meantime there's gonna be blood all over understand why i understand why elon musk is doing it. He hates the shorts. They've you know he's right. Thinks it's a game where he's playing a game to understand he's playing the game too. I don't understand why tomatoes doing this. I don't understand why the winkle loss guys doing this. I mean this is i. It's nothing about me. Said too much money it and if you if you think people look unkindly at the wealthy at this point like wait till you see what happens with with the retail investor who gets sucked into thing and gets caught in the trap with who can't afford to lose the money like these guys are doing. I'll tell you the thing there. There really is a merry band of retail investors. Out there both already but increasingly and this is what i think even more concerning i spent a lotta time night reporting this out but also spending time on the in some of these rooms there are places people are going out into encrypted rooms onto telegram onto signal where they where they effectively are planning their next raid. Where they're trying to look to say. Okay where can we do. You know who can we take down next. In this case it was capital that they were seeking to take down. That's why i think the news today that they're out maybe potentially a turning point. I don't know. I don't. I don't know what turns this stock back into some kind of a normal

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