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"neville neville gallivare" Discussed on Blogging the Boys

"Adult discretion is advised but seriously kids of all ages are welcome. Even you grown up. Kit was toss island on spot or wherever you listen to today explained back Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. I love that I mean you mentioned. He's had some big in Dallas and I actually got the chance to watch him for the rest of the game and it was fun and I are I read some recap reports. I think the best way I could have described him was where one writer said. The defenders were just bounced off of him. I could hit at her myself That's just one of the ways. He plays bigger than what he is and needs to work with Roy Meeting and having conversations with him. Obviously he's The quarterbacks coach over at Oklahoma so video to the secondary and he's gotta use his guys in prep guys to play against. Cd In practice. What did he have to say about how he prepared them to face a threat at the wires position like Lamm will be I mean? I think it's pretty well known across college football. The big twelve is the best offensive. Comforts right in Year in and you're out you're seeing the best offenses in the country and a weekend every single Saturday. You're C- Just an explosive offense that can put up the numbers with Watson perceiver playmakers so I think the more that CD that the stronger in the bigger that he got in by the time last year that especially this year as a junior when Roy manning came in and started talking to his guys about going up against CD lamb it. He just talked about how you know. Look what you're seeing. Every single day on a daily basis in practice is not going to be as hard as what? You're seeing on Saturday so you're going up against the very best everyday in practice. It's only GonNa make you better for what you see in a game. And so I think he saw that tremendous Progress especially with a guy like part on Motley who had a tremendous senior season. He was the number one rated cornerback in the big twelve Stats wise this past year. And both Parnell and Roy Manning will both credit be lamb for that growth in part on Motley in him being the best cornerback arguably in the big twelve last year was because of what he had to do against cd-rom every single day in practice. So yeah I mean I think one other thing that I think Roy Meeting said that. Think you also your what a lot of guys say about. Cd LAMB is that he just loves playing football. He loves it in a way that a lot of people don't and that's kind of what separates him in a lot of ways from a lot of different guys is pure love for the game. A lot of people might just do it to do it. Because they're good at it. Maybe they they love the love that CD LAMB has in game. Roy Management around at a lot of guys that love the game but he said the love the CD lamb has it's just not everybody has it. And that's a lot of times what separates him is just his love for Bill. Which again goes back to have been talking about him. Just being demanded doing whatever it takes he just loves playing a game no matter what that means for him however that means he gets to play the game he loves to play it. You know it's so funny you say that because as you continue to talk about how much he loves the bunny. He's obsessed with the game. I can't help but think of some other wide receivers that have played for the cowboys and leads me. Perfectly into my next question may leave and talking about a lot. There's some controversy around what numbers guys in a way. Yeah he's either He's talked about saying sorry. He has said that he wants to attend but Jerry seems to think that he'd make a great eighty eight. Would you trust him to give eight? It's do if he ends up wearing it. Or why do you think he came up with the number ten you know? I don't know about ten because I know two has always been something that he's used to honor his uncle as the chain and so I don't know I I think again I was at. I was with a the simmons that their house when CD's named got called and When they got to face tight. Timing him Yes he was a born in to leave New Orleans but again being a guy that's from Texas just to see his pure joy he knows all about the Dallas cowboys. If you're at Texas Kid. You're from the state of Texas. It's a dream to play for. The cowboys are America's rights just to see his pure joy. I honestly think no matter what number he gets he will he will do its due diligence. He will honor it if it's eighty eight. He's GonNa do his best doing whatever it might be. But I think he's just so happy to put on that uniform. It doesn't matter what number it is. So what was the story about the number two in his uncle so his uncle was really got him into a playing football and he was a Wide Receiver he got drafted. He played in. I'm not sure that the details but he was a pretty he. He played a lot of football. Played a big time college football and kind of got him into play football and being a receiver and working at all of those little details. The work running the routes things like that got him really into it in. His uncle. Tragically passed away. So it's kind of again another one of those behind the scenes type of things that motivate CD. And that's why he wears that to his uncle. War blame a number that had the two so whatever he wore in high school. I think had a two in it and then he had the two So there's there's something about the numbers that he's always warned somehow ties back to his uncle. So it'll be interesting to see. I think again when he came in as a freshman to was taken some of the other numbers that he was looking at so he wore nine but then he went back to two so as a fresh pretty. Were number nine but I think you know whatever is available for him. I think he'll be more than happy to rapid I would imagine just given his track record in what he's done in his fast. It might have something to do to honor who's on hold but I don't know again whatever I think. He'll take whatever number whatever number is given in. He'll love it that's awesome. Yeah while we talk a lot about CD or super excited about him. But there's another guy that we picked up from your team to that. Were very excited about Neville Gallimore in the third round. Like a mentioned before Visit Defensive. Lineman tackle fills a need. This cowboys team really really really is desperately needed for a minute. We have some some uncertainties on. Who's GONNA actually beat? The starting is in in several positions in so he really comes in in provides some much needed depth in. I Know Meghan specifically loves this guy. Yeah I just so. He's been pretty outspoken about like how excited he is and he's already rapid all the cowboys year in Sweden boys all over his profiles. And you've kind of got me excited about him. Also something desperately needed but could you tell us a little bit about him. I mean Neville so. Cd is a you guys are GonNa love how fans are GonNa love both of those guys with. Cd's a little bit more reserved a little. Bit More I guess maybe not. I wouldn't say shy but just a little bit more reserved in end Neville. Gallimore is the guy that he has the best personality he's Hilarious. He's very outgoing. That's why I cannot wait to see Neville Gallimore Journal McCoy together because Jerrell McCoy is a sooner grew and grew. I think everybody saw his post is videos about outside. And he was when when both of them are brought on but especially for Gala more inevitable guy. That's just really beginning to scratch the surface of what he can do because he he grew up in Canada wasn't necessarily a football guy. He played really every sport and actually went to Canada crap. And there's a fun story behind that. If you guys want me to get into that here at no for a while he he would candidate prep ends up. Becoming the number one recruit out of Canada also becomes the first Canadian to be named a US army high school. All American. He comes to Oklahoma completely raw. He was overweight Had never played this hand in the ground and so you don't break his first year and incomes in and then he starts playing immediately as a REDSHIRT FRESHMAN. I think from the start. It's always been his athleticism and his forty time. Everybody out of the water at the but nobody from Oklahoma. That's been around devil. That were from the start. Were surprised about that at all. He's just from the start. He's been every year you would pull the team. Who would be the most athletic sooner never will be at the top of the list His his -sition coach Calvin told me one time that if they were you know drafting on the picking team to to put together basketball team amongst the football team. Never would be one of the first one picks. It could dunk a basketball at age thirteen so I think the raw athleticism is there. It's always been there. It's just now of beginning to scratch the surface of what it can be with that As a football player and so I think again with your old McCoy Guy who obviously has done it at highest level of this one of the best in the NFL. He'll take him under his wing and help him. Continue to grow with that staff continuing to just you know. Become a very good defensive lineman as opposed to just a very athletic. You know enacting out there on the field so I think he's. You saw the Players Tribune. He's not even close to his ceiling. He played one year under Alex Branch. The new defensive coordinator I think people could see just the disruptive nece and what he could do so I think it's it's just barely beginning description. The surface for Neville Neville Gallivare. It's really cool to that. You mentioned Jeb McCoy. He'll get to learn a lot him to. But you've got a guy like Jim Tomasulo who's GonNa come in and we talk about a man who's who's shown his words I really think he'll take a guy. Like Netherland molds him as an opportunity that you just don't get very often You mentioned forty time. It's four point seven nine man like i. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA say he's a he's especially player on those numbers. But that's I forbid guy. Yeah Yeah it was what the third fastest time by defense environments in year two thousand. Yeah I yeah in in running at that at three or four and he came in again. I mentioned he. He lost thirty pounds even just at the individual junior season to Richard Junior season to this past season. But you know he had lost I think overall I would say over fifty pounds from the star and so yeah I think again figuring out really how to really play the game of football at a high level all the time because it's really again coming from candidate. He didn't have the type of opportunities of a corner and he played soccer. He played basketball and he played You try he ran. Track guilty literally did every sport and then you got noticed by a coach at candidate. Prep and so they offer him a spot. But it's it's expensive right in. This is part of the feature that I did it on his fast year with his family in another guy that his family is extremely extremely important to him and and for this. A big part is right here. Is You know. He has two brothers and he went to his his family. Said look if if you guys get. Let me somehow find a way to help me get to Canada Prep? I know that I can do big things. I know that it can get me places and so you know. His family didn't have the money at the time but his older brother. Gari found a way somehow scraped the money to get him to candidate to go to where he could. You know hold on his football skills a little bit bored and it's Canada football happen so That's what ended up ultimately getting him discovered and and getting him recruited and all these accolades being the talker Canada. And so you know. And he talked about how serious it was for his family. The conversation that were providing this opportunity. But we've got this money that we're giving you to go to this you. You'd better not mess it up. You better take care of business in you. Know he's agents have a plan B added. Just Take Your Business. They said the second grades are falling the second..

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