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Erick Stakelbeck Shares His Thoughts on the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Eric Metaxas Show

02:45 min | Last week

Erick Stakelbeck Shares His Thoughts on the Iran Nuclear Deal

"To us about the Iran nuclear deal because I mean, most people know that it was a nightmare that Obama, I mean, I have to say, if you don't know what to think and you're just looking at the optics as they say, it looks like the radical left in America is anti semitic, is anti Israel, at least anti Israel, and they seem to almost want to help the enemies of Israel. Maybe I'm wrong, but when I look at it, that's what it looks like to me. When you make a deal like president Obama made and you give a 150 $1 billion, it's astonishing. I can't even believe that's true. But it's like, you know, Trump said this is the worst deal in history. And he, to his amazing credit, undid that deal, ended it. And here we are now, two years into Biden and he is talking to the mullahs talking to he wants to put this back on saying, how can this be? I mean, what am I missing? Why would somebody want to go back to that? What do they think they're doing? Eric, there is no rhyme or reason to it. The only thing I can think of is that they want to take this off the list of problems. We don't want the Iran menace looming over us constantly. And if we just give them what we want, then they'll go away and they'll play nice. This echoes obviously Neville Chamberlain, Chamberlain, days of appeasement in the run up to World War II, the rise of Hitler. We have a gathering storm and clearly the leadership not only in the United States, but the west wants no parts of it. They just want it to go away, but it's not going to go away. And I have a hard time Eric figuring out what exactly the United States gets out of this Iran nuclear deal. As you mentioned, hundreds of billions of dollars into the hands of the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism, which by the way, has blood on its hands, American blood on its hands, not only that, Eric, when we talk about this deal, Iran's ballistic missile program, which is the largest in the entire Middle East, it's not even on the table. It's not even mentioned in that deal. And lastly, Iran's sponsorship for terror, Hamas, Hezbollah, around the region, also not even mentioned. By the way, last thing Eric, when we talk about those Iranian ballistic missiles, Iran right now is developing intercontinental or at least trying to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles ICBMs for short. They do exactly what their name says. They're designed to travel across continents across oceans. Those ICBMs are not for Israel, they're not even for Europe, therefore us, therefore

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"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

77WABC Radio

03:14 min | Last month

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"He's delivered. He's got these historians coming in to see him. Who's that other a hole? I can't remember who it is. Looks like sort of an owl. You know, Joe, you're the next FDR. Bigger than FDR. You can do so many things. Spend tax tax borrow borrow. Call women men and men women. You can do it, yo. Whitey is racist. Come on, Joe. You can do this. And he is. Now all of you. Who oppose what he's doing to our country. What he's doing to our culture, what he's doing to our classrooms, what he's doing. Your semi fascists, and this is how they dehumanize you. I've talked about it and talked about it and talked about it. I'll fear a semi fascist, you don't matter. You vote doesn't matter. Your opinion doesn't matter. You don't matter. Just so you remember in 2010 or it might have been 2011. He called the Tea Party terrorists. Terrorists. 27. Tea parties. So we're terrorists. Now maga or anyone who disagrees with him is a semi fascist.. To be honest, he's always been a sick bastard. The way he treated bork and Thomas and many, many in between and since man has no conscious, he has no morals. Raises two kids have become sex addicts and drug addicts. I'm just being honest. And doctor Jill, what's her deal? I'm sorry my too close to the third rail. What is her deal? She knows her husband doesn't have it. She knows her husband doesn't have it. And yet there she stands. Joe, we're done, Joe, shake the hands, Joe. He's not up to this job. But she wants to be in The White House. It's all that matters. We have threats from Iran, what is Biden doing? He's harming them with nuclear weapons. Effectively, you can own a pistol. But if a slime of Nazi regime that threatens to wipe us off the face of the earth gets nuclear weapons, hey, what do you, what do you expect? Makes Neville Chamberlain look like George Patton. I heard a very ugly joke. The other day, a very ugly joke. I don't even like it. And to prove to you how ugly it is. Mister

Joe Whitey bork Tea Party Jill Thomas Biden White House Iran George Patton Neville Chamberlain
"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

77WABC Radio

05:29 min | 4 months ago

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"This is the ministry of truth The Mark Levin show common now 877-381-3811 You know Kevin McCarthy before we get to the economy which is obviously crucial And at the front of everybody's minds This January 6th commission is there not an issue when you have these so called legislators really representing the Speaker of the House and the Democrat party Conducting in essence a parallel criminal investigation gathering information not complying with the statutes that protect potential individuals and criminal cases getting that information and then basically working with the Department of Justice to give them the transcripts and so forth as a way for the Department of Justice to go through the back door Is this not putting aside the politics It's not a shocking change of how procedure for the house or the Congress generally you're a 100% right Look my opinion on this committee has never changed There is no legislative purpose that they have You've got Adam Schiff who is sending out a fundraising email about subpoenaing me before I ever received this subpoena You've got a committee that doesn't allow the minority to appoint anybody Never in Congress has that happened before It's illegitimate from that standpoint alone because it doesn't have the 13 members It's purely to go after their political adversary And you know what's so interesting about this You've got the chairman of it who starts the committee but says there's one person off limit the Speaker of the House They don't want to know what her email says or whether she declined Having the National Guard there The sergeant of arms is gone You can't talk about that Why Why was that capital so ill prepared Why is that capital you want to make sure that you could change and make it safe again You've got the Senate that had a bipartisan committee actually look at it sign this why was the right gear locked in a bus blocks away Why did we deny the police from being trained to be able to do that Why do they have the radios or all the things that you would look at for what happened that day But not this This is devised to be a political operation at the same time to try to get people's attention off gasoline like we've never seen before Crime like we've never seen before A border that not only is unsecure is now bringing fentanyl into America which is the number one killer of Americans between the ages of 18 and 45 This is what they don't want to talk about This is what they don't want to see And when you look at this president I mean I've watched him the other day When historians study this they'll say what was this leadership style It's a mix of Jimmy Carter Neville Chamberlain and mister magoo right It's a common denominator Everybody understands supply and demand The first thing he does on the first day takes American supply of gas out of the equation So the price goes up He admits it a couple of weeks ago that he's happy because he wants the price so high that he thinks people can all go by electric cars What he doesn't quite realize though he takes Americans out of job he makes Putin stronger by supplying and buying from him keep creates inflation that causes the price of everything to go then he goes and spends $2 trillion that the Republicans warn him against that is only passed by Democrats Larry summers the former secretary warns and you'll create inflation ratner now has emitted Yellen now has to apologize but he also creates an incentive for people not to work So what happens when government pays you more not to work People have to be paid more to go to work Well that has to be passed on That's inflation You know what else that does It stops the supply chain That creates greater inflation Every policy these Democrats have done they've mirrored Jimmy Carter They've married Neville Chamberlain by being weak to dictators that have caused a war in this world and their mister magoo to not even know that you had a problem but it came to infant milk And you know you know the problem here he says he didn't even know it was a problem His own FDA is the one stopping the ability to have the plant going If I was president or anybody else the FDA FDA would be in that plant and not leave until they correct whatever problem they need And then let's move to more regulation that creates more inflation Now he's a wrecking ball Sows his party Let me ask you a question I want to move to Ukraine I know you come under a lot of attack from the Putin wing of the Republican Party and the Putin wing of the media and the Putin wing of the Democrat party Which I want nothing to do with quite frankly Russia invaded an ally Ukraine if they had gone through Ukraine as fast as they thought they could They would have moved on to the other Eastern European countries How do we know this Because Putin told us in something he wrote last summer or somebody wrote for him Then we would be drawn into a war So no matter how many times your face is plastered on TV and so for the you know that the vast majority of.

Department of Justice Kevin McCarthy Mark Levin Adam Schiff Democrat party Congress mister magoo Neville Chamberlain House Jimmy Carter Putin Yellen National Guard Senate Larry summers FDA ratner America
"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on Something Rhymes with Purple

Something Rhymes with Purple

04:30 min | 5 months ago

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on Something Rhymes with Purple

"It's a strange word, and I wonder if you know its origins, it sounds like it could be short for something, but I can't work out what. Many thanks for your fantastic podcast, kind regards Ian, Essex. Oh, it's a nice message. Thank you very much, Ian. Well, what's the answer? Rookie, where's it come from? Susie. Ricky, what Ian says that he wonders if it's short for something. And our best guess is that it is. So the origin is a little bit uncertain, I would say, but the dictionary suggested it's a shortening of recruit. So rookie going back to recruit, but there may also be a link assess so often is because they're so little tendrils coming from other words that sort of, you know, they all kind of merge into this kind of composite picture. It's hard to unpick. But we think it might be linked with The Rock the bird, which also gave us a rook as a verb meaning to swindle at someone, perhaps because the rooks are seen as being sort of slightly unscrupulous. So it might have an association with rocking or swindling someone, perhaps because new recruits were a little bit gullible and sort of easier to cheat. So that's our best guess, but it reminded me of snooker actually, because one very popular theory about the origin of the name of the sport snooker is that it is a use of the term for a newly joined cadet. So we know that neves and Neville Chamberlain called his fellow officers snookers and particularly when they played this game, which was particularly very, very popular amongst officers. And if they were very raw and not particularly good at it at the beginning, the idea is that they were kind of Newbie, if you like. And so if you've been snookered, you have been thoroughly outdone by somebody who's a little bit better. So it reminded me of that, the snooker, the new recruit. And I think it does sound plausible that rookie does somehow play on recruit and just became a slang term from there. Good. If you have got questions for Susie or indeed for me, just get in touch with us. We have purple at something else dot.

Ian Susie Essex Ricky neves Neville Chamberlain
"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on The Big Picture

The Big Picture

03:49 min | 8 months ago

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on The Big Picture

"But yeah, strange movie also we didn't even talk about the two people actually in the movie. It's about, you know, two, I guess, scholars who meet at Oxford, hence the brideshead revisited half of it. And then one winds up working in at 10 Downing Street and one winds up working. I don't know what he's doing in the German command. But their tasked with trading a document to prevent a war or something. Their spycraft, their trade craft, it's awful. It was very stressful. That was the other part of it. To me, I was just kind of like, guys. Anyone who has read any of these books, you are getting caught so fast in both of you are getting arrested. But I had a nice time watching it. It would be cool if one of these movies were on Netflix every two to three months. I would watch all of them. It's a British production. It was released, I believe, theatrically in the UK. In the U.S., it felt like a new version. It felt like a classy version of a dumpy movie. It was like kind of good. It's like not bad. It'll definitely get you through a Thursday night. And I would say it's historical point of view as a little confusing to me as well. I'm glad you pointed that out. I got to the end of the movie and I was like, didn't Neville Chamberlain not intervene? Quick enough. That's the story. That's like what we all know too. I don't really understand why this movie is to devil Chamberlain's son produced this movie, but anyway, there are some interesting spot elements to it..

German command Oxford Netflix UK U.S. Neville Chamberlain Chamberlain
"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on Today, Explained

Today, Explained

05:25 min | 8 months ago

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on Today, Explained

"Often angry constituents. This was a brexiteer, senior member of the party. He had stood for the leadership in the past. This guy stood up at the back of the House of Commons and quoted one of the most famous speeches in British political history by an MP called Leo amory that was aimed at Neville Chamberlain in 1940 when his policy of appeasement had collapsed. So amory says to Chamberlain, in the name of God, girl, and it's of this moment where Chamberlain's authority is performatively gone. Now David Davis had stood up and quoted that speech to Boris Johnson. So I will remind him of a quotation altogether too familiar to him of Leo ei Marie to Neville Chamberlain. You have sat there too long for all the good you have done in the name of God go. And it was a dramatic moment because people weren't expecting it. You weren't expecting that to come from his own benches from people who should be his supporters. You obviously expected the Labor Party opposite him to be pushing at him. But this was a dramatic moment in the same way that amory's was from the conservative benches as well to a conservative prime minister. I must say to the rider in the general, I don't know what he's talking about, but what I can tell him, I don't know what rotation.

Leo amory Neville Chamberlain Chamberlain amory Leo ei Marie House of Commons David Davis Boris Johnson Labor Party
"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on The Red Box Politics Podcast

The Red Box Politics Podcast

01:45 min | 1 year ago

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on The Red Box Politics Podcast

"So many promises have found a solid staff over the as ever since david lloyd george become the first prime minister To stay there as a gift to the nation back in nineteen twenty one thousand nine hundred twenty. Three stanley bolden made the decision to stay on As despite losing majority during a state checkers in nine hundred thirty nine neville chamberlain find himself on the verge of a nervous breakdown while walking in the grounds often use to retreat to ten. The vos in the garden winston churchill. We heard a lot about their nicholas. Soames he probably sacked the cook for not making the soup properly and we'll turn the long gallery into a cinema to watch films like permanently. Apparently hosted children's parties there margaret thatcher. Wants wrote. I do not think anyone stay long at chequers without falling in love with it. She used to spend her christmases. Although famously caught with jimmy savile which we dwell on now james callaghan. Uc also spend christmas there. As did tony. Blair tony blair Famously a diner. Princes of wells there about a month before her death They walk the grounds While discussing relation. Dodie fight before. Tony blair joined prince william for football match on the lawn maybe next to the pathway At nicholas soames learn how to ride his bike and it was in that summer in those some to sit in the grounds of the glass of wine strumming his guitar. And mulling over what to do whether it was The the full of nine eleven the invasion of iraq. And then making the decision on when to These days By only bosh. Johnson struggled to alexei. Because there have been reports that dylan. The dog keeps chewing the furniture. And soiling the carpets which is suppose what at least give them something to talk about over dinner on saturday night so we've got time for on this episode.

stanley bolden david lloyd george neville chamberlain jimmy savile james callaghan Blair tony blair Soames Dodie winston churchill margaret thatcher nicholas soames nicholas Uc Tony blair prince william tony football bosh alexei iraq
"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

The Erick Erickson Show

04:27 min | 1 year ago

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

"This come about is only the very good explanation. He's very keynote. What's that got to do with. It just goes prime ministers very keen on them. Neville chamberlain was very keen on peace. He thinks it's a vote winner. That's mostly what makes him think that well the party had an opinion on it seems all the voters are in favor of bringing back national status. We'll have another opinion pulled on the voters are against bringing back. Nashes become before we. Have you ever been surveyed. Yes we actually my house. I see what happens. Nice eighty comes up you. Obviously you want to create a good impression. You don't want to look in fool deal. Says she starts asking you some questions mr willy. I made about the number of young people without jobs. All you wanted about the rise in crime among teenagers yes lack of discipline and comprehensive schools. Do think young people welcome some authority in leadership in their lives. Yes using to the challenge. Would you be in favor reintroducing nationals..

Neville chamberlain mr willy
"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on The Charlie Kirk Show

The Charlie Kirk Show

05:20 min | 1 year ago

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on The Charlie Kirk Show

"Breaking bad. They want the lifestyle of being a leader. They want the cars they want the staff. They want the book deal. They want the private jets but they reject the responsibility. They don't actually want to have to ever solve meaningful problems for them. It's not about a citizen government to help the country for them. It's a momentary position to be important so that they can then get their ticket into america's ruling class no matter how bad kabul went. Tony blinken will always be invited to obama's birthday party from this point forward. Tony blinken important. Tony blinken canal write a memoir of how unvaccinated white supremacists twitter bloggers almost threw him off his game while he was trying to get the war afghanistan. And that we should feel sorry for the grateful. Dead loving nirvana listening to tony. Blinken pot-smoking secretary of state man. We should feel sorry for him because he was getting really mean twitter comments while he was trying to mess up. What was happening in. Couple tony blankets and important person in juneau that and since tony blinken is important and his whole the whole government apparatus regime that he represents as such. Why should they ever have to take responsibility for what they've done. The greatest leaders in the last couple hundred years are ones that rejected the prestige. And the trappings of that position and they were willing. That's right willing to do uncomfortable yet. Magnanimous things to save the civilization. Winston churchill is the best example of this winston churchill had a relentless will perseverance that was beyond comprehension. Churchill rally the nation to fight an existential evil and one and saved with it western civilization. Abraham lincoln is another great example of that. Tony blinken is very similar to neville chamberlain neville chamberlain wanted peace so badly that he never wanted confrontation or conflict. Tony blinken taking no questions yesterday. And i'm going to show you this tape here. Tony blinken being the perfect example of what you're dealing with. You wanna see what our colleges are producing. It's that guy. Weak feeble arrogant conceited self righteous narcissistic. But tony blinken knows. He can sleep well at night because he gets to have dinner served to him by masked servants. He's an important person. He drove home in a chauffeured car and he does even know how many americans are left behind. Cut thirty three. He doesn't know how many people are left. He said look. We made extraordinary efforts in every opportunity to depart the country. You know what this is like. This would be like someone giving a press conference saying. Look i know that. I have a problem being an arsonist and i understand that i started the chicago fire but then i picked up a bucket and i put out half. I put some members. I mean i know that i started the chicago fire and i know that i burnt down the whole city but come on i mean i. I helped put it out eventually after all the damage. That's what he saying. Look i know we started tragedy but come on. I don't get any credit for like picking up a bucket of water and throw some water on an open. Flame cut thirty three. We made extraordinary efforts. Give americans every opportunity to depart the country. We believe there are still a small number of americans under two hundred and like closer to one who remained in afghanistan and want to leave. We're trying to determine exactly how many we don't know how many americans there are. We believe there still. A small number of americans were trying to to to determine how many and do you notice how everyone's pointing to one another he's pointing to dod and dod's pointing to state. No-one wants to do what is necessary to govern the country which is to take responsibility. That's hard because you know what happens as soon as you take responsibility. Accountability people can hold you accountable to that. This regime was exposed in the midst of the kabul crisis because it was so chaotic deadly and bloody that all of a sudden they no longer blame the unvaccinated for what was happening in kabul. They always need a foil remember. This is the law of the left. They need a foil. they need someone to point to. They need someone to blame as we summarize what we've just seen in the last couple of weeks and quite honestly a month it's more clear than ever that our leadership class wants the importance of being in charge. But they don't actually want to do the tough stuff and the chinese no this. This is why they're going to exploit this to take taiwan. Look the real. Estate market is really hot right now. People are taking advantage of the.

Tony blinken Blinken Winston churchill neville chamberlain neville ch kabul twitter afghanistan nirvana juneau Abraham lincoln tony Churchill obama chicago america dod taiwan
Tony Blinken Puts a Spin on America’s Successful Surrender to the Taliban

The Charlie Kirk Show

02:18 min | 1 year ago

Tony Blinken Puts a Spin on America’s Successful Surrender to the Taliban

"How do you have a diplomatic mission without an embassy. How do you have a diplomatic mission when you had to close your embassy at a fears that your own citizens would have to be killed where we had to bring the flag down. How exactly does diplomacy work with that. Tony blinken you see. One of the great misnomers is that diplomacy can solve everything when it comes down to diplomacy is only effective when you have a big sword and a stick than the person across the table from you if you're going to rely solely on diplomacy with evil people. I got a book by neville chamberlain to sell you. Cut thirty one. Us military flights and ended in our troops department afghanistan. A new chapter of america's engagement with afghanistan has begun. It's one in which we will lead with our diplomacy. The military missions over a new diplomatic mission has begun the diplomatic mission that we don't have an embassy and we have no way to actually execute it now. Do you notice how they are. Experts not governing but at deflecting and dodging one thing. That blinken is very good. At is changing words get not necessarily always changing definitions but changing the essence of what is being set. A great example is when he was asked the other day. I think we have this tape. We played it earlier. But it's worth playing again when they said well. Did you give this to the taliban he said i didn't give lists. We gave over manifests but isn't a manifesto list. I know but we gave her a manifest. You asked if i gave over lists. We didn't give a list. We call it a manifest. therefore it's not a list play. Take the idea that we shared lists of of americans or others with the taliban is simply wrong. What was share in specific so in specific. Instances when you're trying to get a bus or a group of people through End you need to show a manifest to do that because particularly in cases where people don't have the necessary credentials on the documents on them Then you you'll share names of the list on people who busted. They can be assured that those were people that we're we're looking to bring. Yeah so again. We call manifest ladder listed in list.

Tony Blinken Blinken Afghanistan Neville Chamberlain America Taliban
"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on The Larry Elder Show

The Larry Elder Show

02:30 min | 1 year ago

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on The Larry Elder Show

"Kenneth. I hope you come back and hope you hold on. He was there for while. Let's go to los angeles brand. You got the might. God bless you. Karl thank you. I'm heartbroken and horrified calling you today. I fear america's now being ruled by a madman who will go down in history as biden the barbarian and nightmares from past evil. Rulers are flooding. My mind with the legacies of other demonic leaders like the roman emperors colella or niro as well as king herod pontius pilot as well as the imbecilic prime minister neville chamberlain who green lighted the global horror of adolf hitler's demonic socialist dreams. Yeah you know what this is I gotta tell you brandt. I am i gonna talk tomorrow by dictatorships and how you can spot a dictatorship. This guy is This guy is horrible. i mean did. This guy is in my opinion Dictator like they often spoke that about trump but that wasn't the case with trump i mean trump was cool with the first amendment. I mean he would say some crazy things but he went out and participated in a twitter He reduced taxes lower taxes. Dictators don't do that he went to nra rallies or gave speeches at the nra. You know dictators don't Dictators don't like guns. They're anti gun at least they they want the guns. They don't want the people to to to to to hold guns and then trump deregulated what dictator would do that. So it's asinine to call trump a dictator. But i gotta tell you brian. I'm i'm i'm really concerned of where this country is going with this guy at the him and i think afghanistan proves that he definitely doesn't care for life so why republicans will work with. This guy makes absolutely no sense to me We only have seconds before the break. So i'm going to go to other calls after the break But for now let me. Just get back to the topic at hand. I wanna get kamala harris. But before i do let me just rag on biden real quick or wom- again Another thing that we need to consider is how this guy is handling the corona virus a crisis. This is at this point there. It's an endemic. They're talking about a booster shot. That listen it. It just means that we're going to have to get vaccinated every year just like with the flu. we'll.

colella king herod pontius nra neville chamberlain biden niro Kenneth Karl adolf hitler brandt los angeles america twitter brian kamala harris afghanistan flu
RIP to America's Prestige

Dennis Prager Podcasts

01:27 min | 1 year ago

RIP to America's Prestige

"Walter. Russell made in the wall. Street journal begins his column. You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose this honor and you will have war. Winston churchill's words to neville chamberlain following the munich agreement echo grimly across washington. This week as the by administration reckons with the consequences of the worst handled foreign policy crisis since the bay of pigs and the most devastating blow to american prestige. Since the fall of saigon american prestige is very important not for ego reasons but because american prestige is the guardian of liberty in the world. Joe biden believe three things about afghanistan. I that he could stage dignified an orderly withdrawal from america's longest war. By the way you know we had. I believe twenty five hundred soldiers. We had no no not one soldier died then one american military person this past year. What what was the necessity of leaving. Everything that is happening is was completely predicted predictable. I predicted it. That's in print. And i'm i'm not a prophet. I'm just not a leftist

Street Journal Neville Chamberlain Winston Churchill Walter Russell Munich Washington Joe Biden Afghanistan America
"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

The Erick Erickson Show

02:47 min | 1 year ago

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

"Eric three at checkout. You know. I just those on phones. You're gonna be patient with me. Because i got i gotta say this. This is important. If you listen to me a lot. You will hear me say something. A lot events changed things last week. The american media was doubling down on trying to tie. Every republican to january six january six was supposedly worse than nine eleven. This week becomes really hard to say. All republicans are culpable for january. Sixth because using that logic all democrats are culpable for handing the taliban Afghanistan and putting a terror regime back in charge that thousands of americans died to ensure they would no longer be there. Whether you think we should have been there as long or not. The fact of the matter is we went there. Because the taliban allowed al qaeda safe haven to prepare plan and fund the september eleventh attack on the united states that left thousands of americans. Dead and buildings crumbled. The media has tried to tie january six to nine eleven as as just as bad if not worse. Yes some members of the media. Matthew dowd i believe from abc. I think he's we're the ones who said it was worse than nine eleven really and now the people who believe that have put the taliban back in charge right before the anniversary. The twentieth anniversary of nine eleven events change things. Joe biden's polling was already falling and now it's falling. Even further events change things. The outlook for the midterms was already dire for the democrats. Evens changed events could still change. Republicans could have terrible nominees. You can have the continued. Divide in places like georgia and arizona over republican nominees. because of the november election. Evens changed things there too but events changed things neville chamberlain came home. Promised peace in our times. And then hitler spread across europe in world. War two started. Joe biden said the taliban could never take over and sweep into afghanistan light. They're now doing neville chamberlain has finally been replaced in the annals of history with someone worse to quote barack obama never understood underestimate joe's ability to f- things up that's an actual quote for barack obama. He proves prophetic. Joe biden fs up world security and our national security is in jeopardy now..

taliban Matthew dowd Eric Evens Joe biden al qaeda Afghanistan neville chamberlain abc united states georgia arizona europe afghanistan barack obama joe
"neville  chamberlain" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

TalkRadio 630 KHOW

07:09 min | 1 year ago

"neville chamberlain" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

"Influential. Since its founding. 200 plus years. First stop and think about just the founding of this country in the American Revolution. That showed the rest of the world. To the extent that the news could travel slowly but nonetheless, travel That a small group of dedicated Patriots Had said. We've had enough of living under tyranny of living under a monarchy. Most of the world. Has And to a certain degree still does. Live in the darkness of tyranny. You think about the asshole countries around the world? Even those that aren't asshole countries. They're still asshole Countries in the sense that places like China. They may have, you know, gorgeous cities and gleaming sparkling cities and wonderful, beautiful countryside, But the people Are still controlled by the Communists. It's the one communist country. But I haven't been to that. I still want to visit. But Russia Russia is is in this very first of all. Do you understand that Russia The gross domestic product of Russia is nowhere near either the United States or China. I forget there was somebody in fact, the gross domestic product, Russia might be the equal equivalent of. Maybe I don't know California, Texas or something. Don't don't hold me to that. But it's not. Everybody has this idea that Russia is this incredibly economic power, and it's really not. And even though they claim Since Yeltsin and the others and Gorbachev that they that they live in some sort of form of democracy, but they don't they do not. So if the founding of this country The message was sent around the world that Oh, my gosh, These people are pushing back against The king. Against the monarchy. They're going to establish what they claim to be. Self governance. And we did. And we have And that has led When we when we adhere to the Constitution When we adhere to the rule of law. When our elected officials Are are faithful to The principles of Free market capitalism. When they're when they when they truly believe in individual liberty and freedom. This country flourishes. And it enables us to show to what do you What do you think? Look, Let me put it this way. If all the people that That Kamala Harris. Says that she cares about that are coming here and that she wants to go deal with the root cause of why they're coming to the United States that that statement shows. Literally. How stupid That vice president is Because if socialism if a socialist country Was as much of a utopia as as the Obama's in the Harris is and the Bidens and all of these dumb asses in Congress. Think that it is Why are they coming here? Why don't they go to Venezuela? Why don't they go to Argentina? Why don't they go to Brazil? Why don't they go south? Where are they coming here? They're coming here because we are indeed the the last great hope of of civilization. And we are destroying it. We are utterly destroying it, and we're allowing that to happen. So here's the president. So let me let me back how I'm going to finish my whole train of thought on on why we are and have been and should still be the most powerful nation on earth. So as the revolution they recognize holy cow. They're going to this experiment and everybody thought we would fail that eventually we would fall back into a monarchy. You know, In fact, they even wanted to me, You know? What are we going to call the president? What are we gonna call this guy That's going to head up the executive branch King? No, no. Let's just call him, Mr President. So we started sending signals that you know, we actually mean what we see. And that's always been the basic tenets of America's role in the world. We mean what we say. I don't know That's true anymore, particularly when you got and I'm sorry, but she's the most recent example. But I'm sure don't don't listen. I'm sure that Sometime in the next 24 hours will have plenty of examples of stupid statements made by Joe Biden at the G seven. But right now we've got we've got Camilla Harris. So we're going to use her as as our As our backboard. So when we say that what we say we mean Kamala Harris. Goes down there and she says, Don't come. Nobody believes that. Because her boss is saying come The Democrats are saying, come and if they really meant don't come First guilt, Donald Trump said. Don't come And then he backed that up. With a policy that said, No, no, no, no, no. You're not going to cross that river. If you want to make application for asylum, If you want to somehow make application to legally come into this country, you remain in Mexico. Because that borders our border and you can't cross until you meet the qualifications for either asylum or for some sort of visa to come into the country. And guess what? They started. They they start coming because they knew that we meant what we said. We're We never would. Neville Chamberlain went to see Hitler in Berlin. During World War two and went back and told The British government that he's pretty pretty good guy. I think you know if we can probably get along with him. In the background. Roosevelt and Churchill and Stalin. We're having all these discussions about, you know. It's not truth making moves everywhere. And so When we got drawn into World War two Because of Pearl Harbor. Can I just say we may have been drawn in any way? But if you want to find the silver lining in.

Joe Biden Donald Trump Churchill Hitler Mexico Stalin Congress Venezuela Berlin Neville Chamberlain Brazil China Argentina Gorbachev United States Roosevelt Kamala Harris Camilla Harris California American Revolution
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"This job. I should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is gonna drag out and eventually I do believe he will win if we don't give inch What am I supposed to do now? With that information? Are we going to be discussing this in the same conversation? Trump likes to say that elections that don't go his way. A rig. Yeah, that's what he says. I'm not just agreeing with you. As a matter of fact, I think it would be hard for people to disagree with the concept. Of course, that's how Trump works. People need to understand, at least for me. I voted for the policies II. The man is completely inconsequential, right? Hillary is a criminal. Period. I didn't vote for her because the policies are dreck. Now dreck is the Yiddish word for exactly what you think Drac would mean. Right? Just just so we're clear. I voted for Trump in 2020 and involved with Joe Biden. Because his policies Joe Biden are miserable. You completely fell in with the progressive wing. You have no backbone and no spine. You are the Neville Chamberlain of your time. Why would I ever vote for you? I'm better off with policies that reduce taxation. I'm better off of policies that reduce regulation. I'm better off with policies that engage China in an aggressive footing as we need to I'm better off with policies that bring about judges to the bench around the country that actually adjudicate and don't legislate from the bench. Again. I will tell you that the one thing I like about President Trump, and the One thing that we are seeing proving itself out right now is that Trump has taught Republicans howto fight. Because Democrats know howto fight And this is blowing the mind of Democrats four years later. The guy won't take your crap and you've lost your head about it. Now I know some people are going to say, Well, Tony, you don't like the guy so I don't like the guy. The guy doesn't bother me. His personality to me is completely and totally inconsequential. And people are like how how could you.

President Trump Joe Biden Hillary Neville Chamberlain Drac Tony China
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"Federal government. Um, some some of George Washington's well revolutionary soldiers couldn't pay the taxes they went in the storm to the tax office is so George Washington he's retired. Now the war's over, he had to put together an army to go suppressing insurrection, and that's when the 13 states realized We need a federal government to put down two to assure domestic tranquility in the first line of the competition to assure domestic tranquility and you look at these videos. Trump ought to be doing this all over the country. I'll also tell you because, you know, I've been married down on Trump for betraying his supporters. Um, the Democrat has tied itself so closely to end people to domestic terrorists to absolute disorder, criminality, mental illness in the streets. Um, I now think I think he's gonna win. I did not think so. Um, it's all in my book. Resistance is futile. Trump will do something stupid and humiliating. And then the Democrats on DH, Beefy and the media come back so we can talk. That will be much crazier than math and okay, I'm back. Then I'll tell you some began. First of all. We've been friends with Andy No long before he got a national following because he was a local guy. He's a He's a local guy, and he's come into my studio back before the China virus and all that, Um and and he's a great guy, and and you're right. He's Asian. He's gay, and he's not conservative. He just approaches stories. Away reporters onto which is I look at the story, and I'm not going to let my personal politics bleed into it. But I'll tell you how crazy it's gotten Since you brought in Portland. There's a mayor's election going on right now. And the election would have been decided in May if one candidate got 50% plus one vote, and there was a whole slew of them running. Ted Wheeler is this nit wit Harvard and Stanford educated, but he's running against a woman and who has position herself. She came very close to beating him. Right. It was neck and neck right, literally took days to determine because it was right down to 50 50 So they run off in November. She has unabashedly called herself the Antifa mayoral candidate. Now this is how crazy it is. So the choice on the ballot is either the guy who has been the Neville Chamberlain to Antifa and BLM or somebody who's just out and out. I will be the Antifa mayor, and that's your choice is it's not a good menu. Well, not only that ad, and I hope for Landers and people in other cities start paying attention to that to this, Um, your D A is a George Soros guy? Oh, Michael Schmidt, The Social Justice warrior. All these all these poor police, you know, get beaten and hospitalized. Fire commercial fireworks thrown anthem. Um, to arrest lunatics. Thugs on the street and I mean, immediately got put back on the street. There's absolutely no punishment. There are no consequences. Don't act like you're being tough guys. You skinny little antifa Torp. You know there are new no consequences. They're better start being consequence. Can I tell you Can I reassure you and I talked to a member of the president's staff today on the air and one of the senior advisers. You know they got all kinds of titles. But I said, Can you please make sure these are federal charges so they'll be brought by the U. S attorney and tried in federal court and not dismissed by the Social justice warrior Mike Schmidt. And he said, Yeah, that's exactly what we're planning. So these folks, we're gonna be looking at federal arson charges and federal assault charges and the rest of that. I think we're going to get some justice had this But this guy Mike Schmidt, he actually takes office in a week. He starts on the first of August. His predecessor is Justus, Namby Pamby, Rod, underdog and and Schmidt. So two months ago was telling reporters they'd say, Where are you going to prosecute these people? And when all this started and he said he started explained, Well, you know you can't. It's really hard to prosecute people for First Amendment free speech, and I thought Assaulting a police officer is a form of expression. Setting fire to a federal courthouse is a form of expression that's going to be a reach. I mean, and you've gone to law school. You couldn't even make that argument work, Could you No, but you can do what he wants, Peter, But this is what is happening in jurisdictions across America. Your.

Um Michael Schmidt Trump Federal government George Washington Ted Wheeler Antifa George Soros Portland China Andy BLM Neville Chamberlain Stanford arson Landers
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"One of them. American story told by diverse group of men and women of different colors scream. So that was late 2016. And Ethan, That sounds like something that the left to rally behind, right? Yeah. Well, now it's 2020 and people want to cancel Hamilton and its creator, Lin Manuel Miranda, because in this woke society we live in. Hamilton shows the founding fathers in a way. That doesn't include them being slave owners. There's not enough slave owner talking Hamilton despite the fact that the story of a bunch of white people is being told by black people and they've turned the founding of this nation into a rap battle that's not woke enough. And people on social media now have a problem with Hamilton and Lin Manuel Miranda, I wonder if there will ever be a moment when neo liberals understand or come to understand that cultural mark CSIS are not their friends, because no matter how much they capitulate, no matter how much they appease, it is never enough. And Neville Chamberlain demonstrated to the world that appeasement is a strategy, which rarely pays off. I'm gonna read you. Some tweets of some people responding to Hamilton being on Disney. Plus here, quote, are you all ready to talk about how problematic Hamilton is? Lin Manuel Miranda created a piece of work that used hip hop, a genre created by black people to tell the story of colonizers and slave owners. There's another one. Hamilton is deeply problematic in concept, and so is Lin Manuel Miranda to some degree Ajumma Baraka, a self described international human rights activist tweeted this quote. Lend. Manuel Miranda is a Puerto Rican. Uncle Tom, who insisted of fighting for independence makes fuel good revisionism CZ for white liberals. He is pathetic. So now Hamilton isn't woke enough for 2020. Ethan again. Nothing's enough. And I'm glad that Ajamu Baraka is a self described international human rights activist because I've certainly never heard of them and with peddling race rhetoric, like calling people in Uncle Tom, I don't want to. I love it. When they eat their own. The mob will come for you eventually. They will. And this is why you never apologize to these people. You don't lift a pinkie finger and attempts to apologize to anybody. That in this social justice mob because Hamilton the musical they spoke up when the pulse nightclub shooting happened. They spoke up when George Floyd's situation happened. They gave Mike Pence a lecture when he went and saw their play about equal rights. You heard it. But now they're not woke enough for 2020. Fantastic You can't make this stuff up. All right, Coming up. Next. Brace yourselves. Ladies and gentlemen, mandatory masks. They're coming this Thursday and the latest Sarona numbers and nd one of the hospitalizations look like What about I see you beds and ventilators. What's the infection rate? We'll get into the numbers that matter. Next. Let's say you just bought a house. Bad.

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"Welcome back to the hotel dialogue is underway on this may first and repeated on may eighth victory in Europe day with doctor learn as we talk about Winston Churchill the victory in Europe seventy five years ago how it was achieved and how it might inform how we respond to the present crisis that America finds itself in and we are in a crisis there is no denying that we are in a a terrible economic calamity and a medical calamity and we have to think very seriously about how we talk you know doctor in in reading about Churchill in in the introduction to all the collections of the documents that you're prepared volume seventeen through twenty two I've been reading the prefaces I'm overwhelmed by the amount of talking that went on during the war but Churchill was often filled with sorrow and tears but often a bill yet and sometimes angry and scaling but usually happy and dancing about I mean he was an emotional fellow I think president trump is an emotional thought yeah what I what I think you know about trump they say the White House is in chaos and you know I got some students were Knesset going there I think can you take me around showed me the chaos trump is very defensible talk about Churchill because he had a greatest what what it was like you know we the year I've been talking about it offline but in this Larson book there's a really great explanation of a story that's well known this young man chuckled build work for Neville Chamberlain was it one of its parliament wonders for parliamentary private secretaries that means that the guys use their members but they stood around and did the work brown did work well Coldwell kept a diary anyone supposed to it's a crime and he later published the diary and thank god for it thank god he didn't but he didn't get out early the well after the war but thank god he can't do it because he was a chamberlain guy and he just thought this is gonna be chaos I don't see how we can keep on with this man.

Winston Churchill Europe America trump White House Knesset Neville Chamberlain Coldwell president Larson brown
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"Know Neville chamberlain's encounters with Hitler a so deeply political I'm not connected to Neville chamberlain's position in politics at home to his motivations which I'm nothing to do with what he makes of Adolf Hitler as a fellow human that's a very strong statement nothing to do on the country if you read never champ for example his letters to his sister which are a profound which all historians of Nevil chamberlain take this very seriously that's when he kind of unburdened his heart about his he talks very much about his personal mission ship with Hitler it really mattered to him that that he felt the Hitler took him seriously that Hitler was someone who he felt he could have a real conversation with me there is a very strong I mean what you're saying about how there are many other factors at play here is absolutely the case I'd I never pretended I and you know doing justice to this story in the same way that someone who is devoting a whole book to the history devil James and would but in this significant respect there is a threat in that story we strongly resembles the threat in the body made up story and it's reading countless other stories I tell well it depends how strong the threat is because what you do I know all of your books is pull threads together but if they truly not strong enough what you have is a is a is a compelling narrative which actually impose itself on facts which don't quite tally up and that is what some of your critics to conclude about your what you have that in the end story is king and data and facts that don't fit your story line out rather conveniently put to one side what would be a good example of that well let's stick with the book you've just written let's talk about the way you weave into this narrative about the the the miss can ship the misconceptions that people bring to the table what I find it very confusing set of circumstances around racial interactions involving the police Allen's individuals signature story of the book yeah it's a very important one and it seems to me and I may be misreading what you're saying but when you described for example the encounter between a young small African where American woman in Texas and the police officer who stops a for fairly minor traffic offense and it escalates and in the end she is locked up for three days and tragically she then hangs himself you seem to be saying that that can fit your paradigm about about encounters between people and to me you therefore seem to be dismissing the notion that it can be seen in terms of of racial tensions and and all of this happened in the recent past between black people in the police in America no I would I would respectfully differ with that what I say very clearly in the book is that race obviously plays a role but I am choosing not to dwell on that particular perspective for number reservists I'm sorry to trouble that is an extraordinarily self confident thing to do given how much this matters to black people who through the black lives matter movement and many other I have just said the city is about on it well America's race problem I never sang on a minute it's kind of not sure that's true actually finally enough it is many some of the warmest comments at a bit about this book have been from black activists and those involved in this issue because they have become frustrated as I have with the degree to which the interpretation of these incidents in a strictly racial lens has led people to dismiss them to say what can you do the cop was a racist to shrug and go on with their lives we have a history in the United States of these kinds of incidents going back hundreds of years and nothing ever happens and one of the reasons nothing ever happens is we persist in viewing them simply as personal encounters gone awry and what I said and what I have what this book begins by saying as I have become frustrated with that way of looking at these problems and I would like to give a structural interpretation of what went wrong that talks about this case on a much deeper and I think more profound level you would be astonished at how many people who are deeply involved in this case and these kinds of cases have welcome that kind of approach they are as I had been had become profoundly disillusioned with the level of inaction and apathy that has greeted these kinds of problematic encounters in the past this book is part and I'm not the only one it is a part of a general movement among those who take races in the American context very seriously someone's been writing about it my entire career I'm just and when you say you had a positive feedback because Sandra bland is the one we are at the heart of this yes you the one who hang themselves tragically after being picked up by the police for this traffic violation of her family have you spoken to them about the the the way her story features in in your book about this sort of paradigm for human behavior I haven't talked to her family directly now but you know I'm name dropping here but who is the earliest and most enthusiastic proponent of this book Oprah Winfrey you have to remember the context that I come from I that I'm coming at this I am first of all someone for whom racial issues I'm I'm biracial these are deeply William and just of my mother's Pacific your mother's from Jamaica yeah yeah but as with Indian so for twenty five years I've been deeply immersed in writing about the role of race in American society and so it's not a the decision to focus this book on these broader structural questions of how does law enforcement work how do our minds work a week when we can find someone who isn't either closer these are not whimsical a trivial decisions that I've made they arise out of a a career of thinking deeply about these issues and as I said before a deep frustration with how limited our conversation has been about these kinds of encounters let let me come at this question of how important the the narrative the story telling is to you because you know you're very has from the beginning of the since you've been extremely honest saying I'm a journalist that is what I am I tell stories I was very struck by something you told an interviewer back in two thousand eight which I just happen to see in the course of researching you said you were honest would you prefer that in the end your ideas be interesting all rights and your response was fascinating your snorted and said interesting of course I don't even know why you're asking me the question if I was president of the U. S. I'd rather be right than interesting but as it is I'm a journalist and walk journalist would rather be right than interesting well you can understand the spirit in which I'm saying that but I mean well no I think it's really it's it's important what you have just said that well my job I will let these let me be let me rephrase that perhaps even it's provocative way what I mean is my job is to challenge my readers my job is not simply to peddle the conventional wisdom to them if all I'm doing is telling you something that you believe you already know that I have a compass number one of the convention was right well I'm not so sure that that you can send you can boil it down like that even if it is even if there isn't a conventional wisdom out there that we believe at this moment to be right it is always useful to look at and a familiar issue to an unfamiliar lands I believe very strongly it is the job of journalists to perform that function in society so if we had been talking about encounters between African Americans and police officers for two generations entirely in terms of the personal racism of the police officer it is profoundly useful for someone to come along and say stop here's another way to look at this problem that might be more fruitful and social that is a role as a journalist I take very seriously and I if I wanted to do nothing more than to repurpose the conventional wisdom I would have a good deal fewer critics I would probably sell more books and I would be accomplishing a good deal less well you're right not a problem selling books they still it's more by the shed load out and he is just something that I I suspect you weren't light but I'm just putting it out there in this desire of yours to tell interesting stories and to do it in a sense take on and challenge conventional wisdom I just wonder if I'm saying this because Stephen King care who I'm sure you know who also writes pretty popular books that yeah look at some economics and culture he's called you a kind of populist in your writing and I want to win the you see in the age of Donald Trump and all of the questions that are being honest about what truth really is and whether things that you don't like inconvenient truth that you can dismiss is fake news whether there's an element in your writing that I'd times you you have been tempted to adopt a populist stands which puts more importance on the flow of the narrative than it does on the randomness of the difficulty in complexity of data so I mean first of all it's a funny thing for Steven Pinker to say since some of his positions are so far outside the mainstream that there there they will seem a little embarrassing and with respect what does not get involved in yeah and stuff but that there is an interesting question that I don't know I I can't think of a can you think of a good example of what you might call a populous position that I've taken I can't I can't actually I thought not long ago you were saying at the beginning of the interview you were saying that I was my position was blindingly obvious but now you're taking tack using taking some college and so is my prerogative to test you from from positional my going back I'm I going back and forth between between positions far outside the mainstream and just really restating the obvious you've written five selling books and at times banjo peddling live pretty really other times maybe you'll have many sizes which is on your side well I think that this is not a compliment yeah I think I think change over time because you know you've been doing this for quite a long time now you started out writing for The New Yorker I think in the mid nineties and who you are in twenty nineteen you've written I think is this the fifth or sixth book six of six book yeah in that time as you have focused so intensely on human behavior is why people individuals and societies behave in the ways they do have you changed involved I mean certain ideas have remains central to my writing from the beginning I have always been what I would term and environmentalists that is to say I believe very strongly in the in the role of context and situation an environment in explaining behavior and motivation I am not someone who thinks that are our personalities and our decisions are all all come from within our kind of are indifferent to the world around us that's been a very consistent theme on the other hand there's been I've I think I've made quite a change quite dramatically in how I approach certain kinds of complex issues for example the difference in the way I talk about law enforcement from my first book the telling point to this one is quite dramatic I mean I've I've probably made almost a brief moment of time is specifically in what sense well I used to be very focused and in raptures by the positive effects of aggressive policing I am now the opposite I am now so far more concerned about the side effects of aggressive policing and that represents quite a substantial shift in my thinking in this of the come the complexity with which I've interest mean that Malcolm Gladwell has become perhaps more smaller liberal third will have now gone from populace to liberal this is just on the question have you some people of see here you were raised yeah many were not but you raise that gene calendar in the in a Mennonite religious community of fans when necessarily particular religious other thing actually very religious hi I'm people look for a morality in in the way you look at society and individuals do you feel like you're a moral personal judgmental person not but I do I do think that there is this there is a strong moral theme in a lot of my writing and I do think it is fair to say that I am much more of a small L. liberal now that I would have been in my use but that's not not a typical in it as people age eleven people go that way some people the recycle hasn't mellowed would become more extreme as you but that's a different program all together we unfortunate run out of time on this one but Malcolm Gladwell it has been a pleasure having on how to thank you very much about it.

Neville chamberlain Adolf Hitler
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"For what's right with America we're back on the Sean Hannity show. all right the president saying looks like a ran behind the Saudi oil attack do does not war want war with Iran but the US is prepared. the images that we're now getting out of Saudi Arabia after this drone strike over the weekend on the oil facilities is pretty massive very bold remember all of this every bit of it is because of the president's successful sanctions on Iran squeezing their economy dry and the idea that that there are people still don't take this regime as the eat as evil as they are seriously should shock everybody down doesn't surprise me because you know the the appeasement peace in our time ideology philosophy has been around forever I mean we just does look at. we'll get Neville Chamberlain versus Churchill. now we've got to move on to something else that you know this this shouldn't surprise you it's more fake news but it's serious fake news and you know it should shock people. it not there's nothing that can shock us anymore in terms of the corrupt news media in this country. it just isn't even possible. so we have this whole scandals involving justice Cavanaugh and The New York Times you know and all the New York times ends up doing is further humiliating themselves is weeks after the New York times executive editor dean dean back had instructed his staff to go after president trump hammer and you know all over my covering as many wild eyed baseless allegations is they can find it looks like you know they take in the directive and now it's fired back big time over there so we've we devoted an entire newsroom to one story and we're proud of you but but it ran into some challenges obstacles and that you have the obstacle was they lied the obstacle was they were wrong the obstacle was that they missed the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in history because they have their agenda branded divine in the New York Post wrote a great piece today and you know and if you look at the political side of this The Washington Post in this dovetails nicely into the whole cabin all media why they now plan to identify three people that they wanted demonized as villains for the twenty twenty election one is the president obviously to justice cabin all three Mitch McConnell and they will be the three villains defining the three branches of government for the twenty twenty campaign now each of them why it matters according to the New York Post they are white men they will argue symbolizing Republican corruption and rule bending Nancy Pelosi is told advisors that it is hard to move the public mood on trouble loan urge your caucus to crank up anti McConnell attacks and of course trying to peach cabin on I will why is capital back in the news why is this matter why is the New York times going after this point they're ready lost you gotta remember there's always an agenda here what is the agenda just like climate change was never about climate change even a sees chief of staff of the times and another to do a climate change it has everything to do with the socialist agenda. and similarly this isn't about Cavanaugh this is about Democrats wanting to now control the judiciary and even stacked the bench if they ever get power back and add as many justices they need so that they can get the outcomes they want and what they want our judicial activists on the court and they want people that will legislate from the bench and site even far in law as a means of justifying whatever they are justified that would otherwise be unconstitutional in other words what Democrats can never ever get done at the ballot box what they can never ever ever get done in terms of legislation passed they want the courts to dictate they want the courts to take over they want the courts to legislate they don't want the courts they don't want constitutionalist they don't want three branches of government they want they want basically every thing every every single agenda item passed through the courts and that's how that's been their plan for a long time. you know what happened with Kavanaugh's not an accident you know that they just can't let it go and as the New York times and and this piece by Maranda divina thing nailed it this smear is buried in the eleventh paragraph New York times writers they're writing a book is a doctor from their upcoming book the education of Brett Kavanaugh they named their alleged witness to an alleged incident as mark Max tire Washington lawyer former Yale classmate of capital described as a respected thought leader on federal government management but walls who appears to be the same person that was then president bill Clinton's on his legal team during the Lewinsky scandal how convenient and ninety eight working for the law firm Williams and Connolly anyway the piece goes on that he. allegedly claims that he saw Mr Kavanaugh with his pants down at a drunken dorm party worries friends pushed his **** into the hand of a female student when capital was a freshman at Yale the New York times goes on to explain how spire notified senators notified the FBI about this account but the FBI didn't investigate and that he is now Mr Steiner declined to discuss it publicly now we corroborated the story with two officials who have communicated with sire okay now the problem with the New York times authors the New York times piece is the actual truth and veracity of what they're claiming and what they're reporting in their book the alleged victim in this case does not remember any such incident it also won't talk about it that would be journalistic malpractice I agree with the vine so no corroboration no evidence no victim no witness only here save one person. and the paper of record the media mob what I call my mom I say mom on purpose because they act like a mop manufactured crisis lies a hoax conspiracy theories every second minute hour of every twenty four hour day this is what they do they want to slander smear but smart's there's no there's no wind they won't cross if it means Nicholas sand man wearing a maggot hat and running wild with something that was provably false with about five seconds worth of due diligence they could have found out all that fifteen second snippet that they kept playing over and over again was taken out of context that Nicholas Sandman did everything he could possibly do was a sixteen year old kid to prevent you know the the black Hebrew Israelites that were taunting those kids with racial epithets etcetera and Nathan Phillips the the protester who walked up to him not the opposite banging the drum right in his face and he just smiled and handled it better than I could have handled it you know that but let's call of a racist was doing for a week and a half even when we know the truth and it does say a man well is not as life never going to be the same but it's gonna be rich as hell. he now has Lynn what is attorney Lin wood represented Richard Jewell lane would is taking this case out of a passion for what they did to this kid and how reckless you talk about reckless disregard smear libel this merch meant character assassination and they never made a phone call to even track a single thing about the story and they stay locked into it no matter what evidence was coming out. anyway you look at this New York times this is only the latest you know claiming their fresh allegation about Cavanaugh echoes previously uncorroborated thirty five year old claims by other. well at the time in a but yet you know the case at Dever Ramirez for example but she admitted to The New Yorker which broke the story last year that her memory was hazy he had been drinking heavily during another dorm party at which cabin all allegedly thrust his private parts interface and caused her to touch it without her consent she wasn't even certain it was Cavanagh and you have the let's see our Mike eleven nadie jul the sweat sweat neck yeah they lined up in the halls first they would they would literally spike the punch and the girls would pass out then they would take turns gang raping them and happened almost every other weekend. then one question well. now that I think about it I never saw Brett Kavanaugh spike anything but I saw near a punch bowl once and I never saw give anybody anything to drink but I saw him with the red solo Cup no he wasn't wind up in the hall after all but he was in a hole at some point during a party. this is not it you know they destroyed the sky. and as the other point of this is is not turned out to be the best justice that I really wanted. a little disappointed in Brett Kavanaugh very frankly. there's never any evidence that any of these allegations were true that didn't stop them. you know we have all of these instances of The New York Times fake news and this is what they now do and you have all the presidential candidates zero Beto Bozo Robert Francis it looks like capital lied under oath Julian Castro not only calls for impeachment calls Cavanaugh sexual predator. I don't know all dance Gregg Jarrett at the top of the hour but I got to tell you something you know I I've accepted in my thirty one years in the public eye the people going to slander besmirch use character assassination because I don't like my political points of view but the standard is so high if you're a public figure that you know unless you can show that they they had intense. unless you can show an absence of malice of any kind the standard so high you can barely win maybe in this case you can I don't know I think that standard is way too high and should be adjusted. I got over there a conspiracy TV M. S. N. B. C. there that they're saying well Kavanaugh's the fifth guy in a in a gang rape oh okay maybe they need to be sued again is there gonna end up paying Nicholas Sandman a fortune in my opinion or clover chart capital confirmation process was a shave it all rushing to judgment. whatever happened to due process or the presumption of innocence even Michael I have an ID. I gave him the presumption of innocence when the allegation of him and his girlfriend came up in the turned out three separate investigations clear the guy. but in all I'll say the same thing you know about anybody. you know but if it if the accuser doesn't recall the alleged incident and in the New York times now has to make a major revision to their bomb shell. concerning a resurfaced allegations of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh hours after every twenty twenty presidential candidate virtually cited the original article as a reason to impeach nominal because that they want to impeach cabin on they want to stack the court they want judges that will legislate from the bench. this smear does not hold up whole whole up in anyway it doesn't. it is a clear miss it is it is malpractice but it is part of an ugly pattern and it's not just the New York times you know look at the latest turn berry hopes of of Roswell Rachel man now an MSNBC but now in addition he's got this money losing golf resort in Scotland that was about to lose the money losing airport that service I mean the golf. the bottom line is Roswell Rachel got it wrong again. two and a half years lies conspiracies and she's the pace of MSNBC she is it.

New York times Brett Kavanaugh MSNBC Gregg Jarrett president Sean Hannity America Nicholas Sandman US Iran M. S. N. B. C. rape Roswell Rachel Michael assault Scotland thirty five year thirty one years twenty four hour fifteen second
Will Theresa May succeed with Brexit Deal?

The Guardian UK: Politics Weekly

03:25 min | 4 years ago

Will Theresa May succeed with Brexit Deal?

"I mean, remember David Cameron brought back his renegotiation it blew off on the launch Padam, and they never got off the ground because it set that powerful small relatively small very powerful machine. Just turn their foreign destroyed. It was the same move the hammering out of checkers literally at Chequers that weekends presented it that same machine shredded it over the weekend. And then you had Bros. Johnson. Dave Davis resigning and check is never. Really recovered said the question is why would it be different this time? Why wait Theresa May come back with the deal, and suddenly they'll be old Neville Chamberlain will be evoked all over the place and the deal gets threaded again by the same people because that's what they do. Right. They shred deals. They're all on to that question. One is the stakes definitely higher. Jeremy Corbyn waiting in the wings, not actually of happy prospects for all. But the most fundamentalist extreme Tory MP's, I wouldn't underestimate the importance of the fact that the press will be quite in such a deal shredded mood this time the Daily Mail now under different stewardship even the of the telegraph having some sense of responsibility to the nation to not literally advocate, no deal scenario. They will be wind in the prime minister sales but rule number one you've got to be able to count, and you've gotta get to three hundred ten or more, and it's not going to be easy to conclude with very unfair quick fire rains, your gut instinct, and what happens next will Theresa May get to deal with Russ. Cels will she get deal parliament? And will she survive not? Yes. Or no answers. Yes. I think she'll get a deal. But I think it will be as vague as some of the year one essays that cross my desk at university. Secondly, I think that she will win the vote, but not necessarily on the first outing and Thirdly, I think my. Last time. I made a prediction I ended up eating book on television. I think she will vibe until the new year whether she can pull off this big cabinet reshuffle. The domestic agenda is back may ISM exists because none of us. I think would ever say the mayor's currently exists. What is my ISM then she may loss longer than we currently and -ticipant, but but might but the other half of me says I think she's still actually he's rumble. I don't enough to eat. Stephen. Yeah. I think she'll get there will be a deal in Brussels. I think ultimately will pass parliament again, maybe maybe not the first time of asking addicting that maize on on borrowed time because I'm not sure that she is the person to ask the question Ruffo. Pose kind of what we talk about next. I'm not sure that she has a convincing vision for the next election. And yeah, I'm pretty terribly boring. But I kind of agree. I think there's very possible that you that there's a vote on the withdrawal agreement that fails. And then the the pound loses twenty plus percent of its value. And then everyone so the changes their trousers and invites the deal through. But what I disagree? I think they actually less easy to do to put off in a March, April twenty nine hundred if look up the movement that goes hurry, we've done Brexit. Now. Let's ditch the prime minister. I think if she gets that far she gets quite a bit further as well. When she's actually she's one thing. She's she's bad at lots of things in politics. She's good at surviving. And actually, I wouldn't be surprised if she's still. Prime minister twenty twenty

Cels Prime Minister Theresa May Chequers Jeremy Corbyn David Cameron Russ Johnson Dave Davis Neville Chamberlain Stephen Brussels