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Completely Deflated DOJ (Feat. Renato Mariotti)

Mueller, She Wrote

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Completely Deflated DOJ (Feat. Renato Mariotti)

"Thanks to noon for supporting me. She wrote getting in shape isn't about a number on the scale. NEUM helps you develop a new relationship with food build healthier habits and feel better about yourself sign up for your trial today at Neum Dot Com Slash AG AG and thanks to worthy for supporting. She wrote where he believes. You deserve an easier way to sell your valuable jewelry. GO TO WORTHY DOT COM slash ag to get started that's worthy dot com slash ag and thanks to third love for Supporting Miller. She wrote third nosers a perfect Bra for everyone. So right now they're offering our listeners. Fifteen percents off their first order so go to third DOT COM Slash AG to find yours today. My my name is Renato Mariotti. I'm the host of the on topic podcast. And you're listening to Muller. She wrote so to be clear. Mr Trump has no financial relationships with any Russian oligarchs shooting. He said that's what I that's obviously with our position is. I'm not aware all any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I didn't have not have communication with the Russians to get involved with Putin for have nothing to do with putting out never spoken into him. I don't know anything about him other than he will. Respect me Russia. If you're listening I hope you're able to find the thirty thousand emails else that are missing so it is political. Your Communist know Mr Green. Communism is just a red herring like all members of the oldest profession. I'm a capitalist. Hello and welcome to muller she wrote I'm your host G and I'm really excited for some reason luke. That was just a little over the top. Hello and welcome to Miller she wrote host. AG With James Coburn. We have a big show today including information on the McCabe firing Another dump a muller memo's later in the show we'll be joined by former. US Attorney and host of the on topic. PODCAST cast our good friend Renato Mariotti. He's going to discuss the legality of the firing of Lieutenant Colonel Vitamin and his brother. And perhaps maybe the inspector general could be in trouble to the ICS How are you? I'm great how was your weekend. It was pretty good. I mean some shows that Madhouse Nice. That was fun Steve Martin and Chris Rock Quart to store this weekend. No that's awesome running their Oscars oh cool running their Oscar stuff very cool are they hosting I think so I mean well that's what they I said. Okay in the post like Carmen Morales posted. A bunch of people were like Rawson Jones hosted on the main stage. And then it said that that Steve Martin and Chris Walker run their shit. I think in the belly room cool. I don't know it's just. It's so fantastic magical. It really is any night night any given night. Some shit like that could happen. Could Have Steve Martin and Chris Rock come in and run their Oscar Shit. The other night Chapelle came in and did like three hours. He liked to go with the belly. Room pompton yeah. Okay so the bathroom. Is this little place upstairs. That seats like eighty people and then oh are is a much bigger room in the main room is the a huge one. So when you have like folks like Steve Martin Chris Rock Dave Chapelle doing the belly room. You're like oh that's so intimate and tiny it's like it's like seeing the Beatles at the tavern if memories correct a little bit of sore history the belly room was created so that women could have a spot to go up and do comedy now. It was where all the women's shows were. Yeah yeah to to start and now it's a nice coed space progress. Now we put up there and the main stage see anyway. We do have a lot of news to get to comedy side right there but Before we get to the news we do have a couple of corrections. It's hot oh I made a mistake Okay so from Bernie Van Tieghem and also for Matt Baker You Folks Rock You keep saying these crazy times. Thank you referencing what Mandy said in a recent episode in Canada. You're actually not restricted to government stores for cannabis in Canada. When the federal government announced legalization? They allowed the provinces to establish their individual regulations legislation for this as decentralized as there are many many other things in countries such as healthcare. Some provinces have government stores but many do have private stores cannabis production has regulated to companies meeting requirements and are licensed and each province does allow home growing an online sale. Nice cool online sale. Nice pick up. The News format It's the only source of trump news my PTSD adult brain can take off. Thank you from one. PTSD adult brain to another five producer. Note Amanda says she sorry. Sorry when she gets Canadian wrong she hasn't lived there in a decade is cool on the thank you. I'll tell her. Don't be sorry from Galen Taxi. Love you guys every day you help me get through this crisis. I really appreciate the relief. You bring. Jordan mentioned the national prayer breakfast and we. We talked about this briefly in in Tomorrow morning's episode or tonight if you're a Patriot episode of daily beans but Jordan mentioned the national prayer breakfast was started by president. Eisenhower Hubbard was actually the shadowy Christian political political group the fellowship or the family who really started it from wikipedia which. I'm going to just say right here. Not My favorite source but from wikipedia the Fellowship Schiphol one regular public event each year the national prayer breakfast which is in Washington DC every sitting United States president since Dwight D. Eisenhower's participated in at least one national prayer breakfast during their term Jordan has mentioned this documentary before but folks haven't seen at check it out the family I believe pump ao and bar or members of this organization's. Hope you guys come back to DC. Soon we should I think we're going on. May Twenty. May twenty-first yes. We're going to do a podcast panel nations going to be they're going to host some stuff that's going to be so fun. Yeah but thank you for that correction. That is terrifying. Yes the family is gross. Yes from Lauren Murphy and Christy Campbell during each show. You give me reason to smile or laugh thank you yeah I get to send a correction. She's real excited the World War One museum is in Kansas City Missouri. So my first instincts were correct. It happens to be across the street. From where the chiefs parade ended union station on Wednesday. It's a great museum. I'm glad agile able to get there. I know I loved it. It was so good. And you go down in the basement and check the archives and they have like find your family members records and stuff like that to the went from Sunday to Wednesday four days of marching do. Hey sometimes it takes that long. You have made me more informed person. When it comes to politics it can current events? Thank you. You're welcome from Daniel Rosenberg and Jose. Penelope hello love the show The DNC only eliminated super delegates from the first first ballot so in a contested convention where for example sanders gets forty five percent of the normal delegates. Biden's thirty five or something like that. They would be a second try where the super delegates their seven hundred fifty of them can still be the deciding votes for the establishment. Gopher Biden. Yeah I think they put that rule back in when they realized there could be a contested conventional. Yeah correction but thank you. I'm correction but thank you from L. Mo thank you we've had. We've had a correction from elmo. I think so too. I think I think unless to illness elmo knows off thank you for informative show. Hello your friendly neighborhood archivist. Here I take issue on your analysis of the National Archives because what is happening there is not the choice of the doing the day to day work of the agency as much sympathy as you have for federal workers at places like the Va.. You don't extend that to federal archivist. Yes I did As you said about about other federal workers they have two choices there Directed or resign. Keep that in mind. I thought I said that. Well this is definitely Towards me because that was my story but I thought I thought we had that discussion discussion. I thought I made the point that hey you know these are the on the ground people and you have a choice to either. Do what the your bosses tell you or have no job and this is happening all sorts of federal agencies. I'm sorry thought he made that pretty pretty. Yeah I thought we ended that discussion with. Yeah that sucks yeah yeah. I'm sorry that it came off that way Definitely don't blame the archivists. No story was. I think there's a New York Times story that came out and so that was largely from their reporting. I don't know at all what happens exactly in that agency. I don't have any direct ties to it whatsoever so while elmo I promise we don't blame you I also think my interpretation Of everything was that it's the State Department really. It's mostly their issue which equals the trump administration. Yeah I think I think our I think where we landed was. It's coming down from the top. All right well those are corrections. If you have any questions please had two more. She wrote Dot Com click contact select corrections billed as a compliment sandwich. We'll get right eventually. I promise And thank you so much for all your all of your corrections there. Sorry I didn't mean to get like two defensive about my stance on government employees once. I'm like that no we phil. I have been throwing a lot of shades towards national archives over the last two stories that have come out but I don't mean for it to be directed at the folks hardware folks that work there and do not have of any sort of control over what actually happens. There's one for you. elmo is archivists or archivists. Oh yes I think I saw. Someone tweeted that. It's archivists as a I think so ma elmo would know yes amo- would know and we appreciate the archivists archives. Thank you thank you very much for me. Yes Bloomberg Yeah I just I just agreed with you. Yes I know why. Oh `same street reference elmo Oh I'm all his big burden are geared. I'm I'm also very sorry of elmo is not a a name that is supposed to be playful and it is actually a real name in which case it is an awesome name. I think it's L.. Mo- Yes yes a little big bird no ten for the news. I just went right along with that. Yes ending but we do have a lot of news. Tutu's let's jump in with just the the facts all right. So here's some news Erik Prince's back And the Department of Justice has finally reviewing the allegations that he misled Congress and his Russia probe testimony lied. He lied This is a ten month old allegation from house. Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff who said that prince repeatedly lied to lawmakers during the panel's investigation of Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election. Politico got a hold of a letter from assistant attorney. General Boyd Stephen Boyd To Schiff sent February eh forth so it was like five days ago apologizing for the delay in responding to his April Twenty nineteen request that the Department of Justice look into Prince's lying. We're back in April shift sent bar letter. Who had been on the job? Just a couple of months at that point. expressing concern about a series of manifesting substantial falsehoods and cited six a specific instances where prince misled the Hippie First and foremost Hippie House Permanent Select Council on Intelligence Sorry I just run through these acronyms like they're nothing first and foremost That the meeting with Dmitriev nater in the Seychelles took place purely by chance He also said he had no official role with the trump campaign pain And he also said he had no formal communications or contacts with the campaign. All of those have been born out to be lies through email communications and documents and whatnot. We'll keep you posted on this investigation quote unquote provided it even gets the attention. It deserves with bill bar. The helm of the Department of Justice it probably will just get Circular filed and. We have news about B Rad Parcel to Brad Powers Compete. He was he was the one that coordinate Malania named him be read he was the one that coordinated with Cambridge Analytica ran. Trump's online campaign Our friend Robert McGuire. WHO's been on? The podcast. Cast had a nice lunch with him in in DC a while back very very cool guy. he penned a piece for citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington or crew that pro pro trump groups have paid a firm owned by B Rad significantly more than was previously known including a new one point seven million dollar payment for media advocacy services from America. First policies. A pro-trump pack that doesn't have to disclose its donors. I think it's five one four Last year we learned that America first I action another pack for trump A related organization run out of the same office by the same people but dropped nine hundred thousand dollars in Depar- scales firm and a an additional six hundred seventy five thousand dollars to red state which is another scale joint putting to combine payments. Nearly at three point three million as we know by law super PACs must operate independently from the campaigns. They support so this large flow of cash To to the guy who runs the campaign to firms that he owns raises questions about the possibility of illegal coordination. Right like packs aren't supposed to get with the campaign and say we're money came from and help them spend spend it right. They're supposed to be separate. You know totally separate entities and now you've got trump's campaign chair running to companies that have received just threw three point three million the last couple months didn't a similar issue come up when they were the two ads the TV ad McQueen Ackerman. Yes and something else yes like. It was clear that they had coordinated as though we're to believe that par scale. WHO's is who has campaigned? Doesn't coordinate with the trump campaign or that these payments aren't for campaign work right. All in all firms owned by per scale had brought in more than forty million dollars from Republican committees and pro-trump Group since two thousand sixteen when nearly eight million million come from America first packs The to America first groups have raised a combined fifty point four million in two thousand nineteen. Of course the question if any of this amounts to illegal coordination is probably moot according to McGuire since the Federal Election Commission only has three commissioners in his affectively ineffective without a quorum so they can't authorize is an investigation or eleven undefined until trump nominates new commissioners and Mitch. McConnell confirms him in the Senate God good luck with that. I didn't know that's what had to happen for that. Got To get done like we say we just have to vote numbers too big to manipulate. Yeah well that it's gone unfilled this whole time. I was just sitting. You're banging my head against a wall like Y. How fucking hard is it? But now we know it's impossible and Jayne Weintraub chair of the FCC is sitting there ripping her hair out like there's so much illegal shit going on and I can't do anything and you have to get trump to nominate the people and Mitch to to push them through the Senate. I know it sucks. I'm I'm sorry. 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Ag What do you have to lose. visit noon Dot com slash. Ag To Start Your today. That's Neum N. O.. M. Dot com slash. HP Glad you did OK everybody. Welcome back this is actually kind of good news. I'm sorry I sort sort of bleak before the break but as you know a couple years now on this show in response to trump saying over and over again he wants to be president forever wants a third term thinks it because he was impeached. She deserves another term. Or does that whole thing that he put that twitter thing that he did win them him. Eighty thousand yeah And then he also re tweeted tweeted that he re tweeted himself. Saying this is so great Of that just absolutely weird I this Jessica to me. But he would be long dead before that ear. Oh yeah maybe he's also thinking taking me kept alive. Oh God I hope he's not listening. I guess you more means the vibe of trump should last forever forever. Yeah or his kids and his kids. Oh No oh my God I do think about ads and that is probably what that mean. Yeah that's what I took it to mean gross so for there's all time he's been saying that we've been saying we don't want a president of forever we don't WanNA permanent president. We want a permanent special counsel. We want somebody who's there to continually investigate the administration Russian and future administrations an during the debates this week in New Hampshire the democratic debates Elizabeth. Warren actually floated the idea saying she had a plan to set up a task force in the Department of Justice to investigate not just trump corruption although she will do that if she's elected president but ongoing to investigate administrative executive in congressional corruption and I love this the idea. I hope the other candidates considered as well and like I said in Earlier if it's of note Andrew Yang during that debate said he thought that in the spirit of unity unity we should not investigate or go after trump and his corruption corrupt family. We should move forward as a nation and added that he thinks Americans. Don't care and that really bummed bummed me out. Yeah that was a an unforced error that he didn't need to make no. I personally think the fact that we didn't investigate Nixon and pardoned him and we didn't investigate investigate Bush. That Obama just went forward in the name of unity. I think that's has a lot to do with why we're in the position that we're in now and I think it's very important That whatever candidate Gets elected or nominated has a plan to fight and to go after this and to to hold them accountable because they shouldn't be above the law and if they do then that's just going to mean for future generations. It's just going to be easier and easier to have more corrupt people in here and I'm worried about a smart smart person coming in and trying to be a dictator right. Yeah because right now the lesson that I guess is sort of been demonstrated is you only have to get through a certain small time period it of judgment in even remotely being held accountable. And then you're pretty much just like off free. Yeah Yeah and that's sort of the with this attorney general. All and all of his sycophants that he's put in place and all of the firing of FBI agents who were holding anybody to account I it's it's just gotten gotten it's gotten to a point where he's free and clear now And I think if the next president elected Democrat doesn't hold him to account there will be other new smarter more jerky yeah like fairus nefarious. The people who will come in and try to to do what trump is too stupid to do. Yeah exactly seriously that is terrifying thinking about what this would be like if he was a smart art is like Hitler. Yeah very scary. Yeah So good plan that plan. Hope other candidates look into that also this week senator. Chris Murphy has asked the Government Accountability Office the GAO that those are the ones who came out with the. What did they say? They came the report. Saying that I forget if it was blocking document. We'll wait shit. Oh with the withholding of the eight. Yes it was illegal. It was a violation relation of Impoundment Control Act. And so he's now Chris Murphy. Democratic senator think from Connecticut he's asking The Gao whether trump and bar or improperly or over classifying documents provided to Congress Murphy is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee. I'm sorry I said Senate Finance and the other show Semi Corrections Senate Appropriations Committee Eh Appropriations Committee or you know those are the ones who appropriate the money and that's why it's illegal and against the appointment control act to withhold it if you're the president But so now he's asking the Gao the same organization who said that the Impoundment Control Act was violated by trump when he withheld the aid. He wants to see if if bar. And the justice. Department or trump or the trump administration are improper improperly redacting over classifying things c- he said the classification of Mike Pence's September eighteenth call with presence Alinsky. He poses extraordinary misclassification practices and said that that was the last Straw. He said quote there was absolutely nothing in that document. That should have been classified. Damn we already know. Judge Reggie Walton presiding over the Buzzfeed Muller Memo Foia Case has expressed concern with main justices redaction practices Judge Reggie won't even said I'll go through them one at a time to make sure that they've been redacted properly. Don't fuck with me. And of course we know about the show. I'm paraphrasing. We know about the the placement of Akal readouts in the code word classified Nice System at the White House to reduce the scope and the you know the the the reduced the number of is on the information because it's politically embarrassing content or could be illegal it is against the law to classified documents over To cover crimes or politically embarrassing information To misuse or you know mel appropriate the classification system for your own personal political benefit or to cover up a crime and so- Murphy is asking the Gao. Also if a member of Congress. Chris can question the appropriateness of the classification of a document or documents. Quote right now. The only thing we can do is declassified ourselves which I do not think is a solution. But if this doesn't get better than I do think we need to think about the process by which a third party can weigh in and decide to classify something that's just political embarrassment I disagree with you Murphy you are a check on the executive branch I think you should be able to declassify that Shit Yourself. I don't see that there's a law against it May I send me your tell me what you think about that You everybody like Senate me hit me up Do Go to go to our website go to moisture dot com look and see like the the contact page and let us know if you know if it's illegal for Congress the Intelligence Committee for example Senate Intel or or a house Permit Select Committee on Intelligence. Is it the legal for them to just unilaterally classify something. I wonder if the sleeve it's not classified information right. I mean I imagine it would again or some out to court battle but I could see them declassifying in doj going after them habit at that point so fucking what. Yeah and also I guess just the I'm just thinking of the possible arguments against insted then also the president that that would set potentially for Republicans to do whenever maybe Democrats want to hold something as classified cool. I'm all I'm Kinda cool with it really like you're the congress. You're you're the third party. You're protected by the speech and debate caused by the way you can't be arrested for it. so fuck fuck it like. If if you can't arrest Rand Paul for throwing out the whistle blowers name on on the Senate floor is just going to say that they already started doing that. So like yeah to fucking do it. Yeah what is shitty like. This is such a complete and well established established thought experiment of what happens when her car when our constitution falls into the hands of the wrong person. Yup Very scary wrong people. It is and I'm hoping it holds. Yeah hold you to And of course this week I think last week sabotage with the Bar had replaced Jesse Lou the A USA AH TURNEY US attorney In DC with his sycophant Timothy Shay. Well there's new stuff now bar is saying that if you want to if anyone wants to to investigate a president vice presidential candidate in the two thousand twenty election you have to write and ask permission to the Department of Justice and then you must in return get express written consent from William Barr himself to open not investigation and I just learned today. Lindsey Graham at went on Sunday morning shows and says he spoke with Bill Bar Bar and bill bar has given Lindsey Graham no shit brain asshole. Mayor Mayor Giuliani a back channel. Dan All to just hand all of his Biden dirt over to bill bar directly. That's happening so if you if bill bars the one who can have give give this permission of course the Biden. There's going to be investigated they'll open investigation into anybody who's doing well in the Democratic primary while also also probably disallowing maybe already current and ongoing investigations certainly new investigations by the FBI. An Essay Y- you seven district Newark any of the US Attorney's offices in to trump and and foreign interference into this campaign to benefit trump It's already happening happening. And so now we've got this extra thermal layer of shit protecting trump from oversight and so with the Giuliani direct bar. Stuff that would be a direct transfer of that you know could have a damaging information as opposed to going through the actual channels of going in the FBI. Hi or some sort of intelligence agency in working its way through the process of vetting that potential investigation. Yeah Yeah Yeah Great Yeah Gross US really really really gross. And there's no I mean I know we would know this right now and I'm sure someone will already out about it but there's no like rules that let's say you're not allowed to do that as the attorney general you you don't just get carte blanche open up whatever investigations you ought to go. It's really hard to investigate the attorney general. Yeah the Attorney General. Yeah but it's it's just interesting to me that that this this this disinformation attention paid. For by the Kremlin paid for by for Tosh is getting a direct line. Yeah to our attorney. General through Giuliani a private citizen. Who isn't working on policy? According to Secolo and trump's own legal defense to Ukraine manner. It's just it's mind boggling that they would take anything that he has to say at all. Seriously it's gross. Yeah Guiliani really has quite the anti not hear a story arc of his life because they do a Broadway musical about him. That seems very appropriate. It's the reverse right. The the you know the things started out all right. I guess just the hero arc but in river yes. Yeah that guy's discussing it's like breaking bad but you're not even that cool no not at all not at all someone. One of the probably biggest deltas of respects or losing thing it that's ever existed in person just like Fi fell so hard we felt so hard. Oh my God I don't know maybe it's because 'cause my parents are like will not my dad but my mom is more centuries on some issues. My conceptions of Giuliani were not that bad when I was a kid no now. They weren't as bad as they should have been right. Yeah but when I found out like some of the shit he really did yes in you know during nine eleven as mayor of New York. Because you know you you're that age you only have what the media presents to you and it was different. It was a different Rudy. Yeah my parents talk about how he like cleaned up the streets and stuff stuff but like obviously that comes with an amazing amount of racism. The part they don't tell you in the news is the whole stop and Frisk. Yeah also so this week. We had our state of the Union which Nancy has renamed the State of trump's mind It was full of errors and lies for example I just learned this morning from the Philadelphia. Alfa enquirer I think local newspaper in in Pennsylvania. The girl who he had awarded a scholarship to Said you can get out of that. Crappy Government Public School Government Government School And and and I've got a full scholarship for you for one of those Nice Charter. Schools turns out. That was already going to a charter school so I guess he's just going to help her out. Just I just keep going. Keep going down that direction. So that was a big lie and using People as props that he also got it just seems so like knocking on your own institutions. 'cause I what it is government school saying saying that in a derogatory way. It's your Shit Dude it's your shit pile and that's like when bar came out and said that the Department of prisons is appalling. It's your fucking absolutely yeah is terrible. We'll fix what do you think your job is. Orange fucking by the way that tweet with his orange faces Jason Jack like yes looks like he's just been eating a giant ass. Oh my God I so many good memes going around about that. It is very amazing. Did you see weekend. Update on us. L. Now it was so good. I'm GONNA watch fire. Also what he lied. He said. During the state of the Union that America became energy independent under him under his watch that is not true. Became Energy Independent. Under Obama's watch there was just a whole ton of it was just a whole shit. Show if you want We we covered it pretty extensively. In Thursday's I think it was Thursdays daily beans after after the state of the Union which was Wednesday right. No the vote was Wednesday. Tuesday was a state of the Union. So Wednesday's daily means we went over all the lies and all the embarrassing things he did like give the medal of freedom to rush limbaugh Usually care with an OP. Ed saying like it was the La Times they came with an op-ed saying that limbaugh is not a bigot. He's a philanthropist through like deserves the award what the Frig is going on with the L. A.. Right it's so much wrong in the last couple of months fuck them not doing a crossword anymore back to the New York Times for me. I can't do Saturday fine We'll be right back with hot notes and we have the interview with Renato Mariotti so stay with US everybody that's ag in this segment of molar. She rose brought to you by worthy. Diamonds are forever. They say but sadly many marriages are not after divorce diamonds. Rafa did not have site. It takes time to fully move on when a marriage ends and letting go looks different to everybody. Many women's choice to sell the rings as a step towards acceptance new beginnings. 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Some calligraphy on it or something like that crypt. This dump includes three hundred pages of notes for Witness Interviews Otherwise S. Three O. Two's you've heard us say that before on a podcast. We'll keep saying it because that's most of the stuff. It seems the three of US involved Cov- a cover interviews with people like jerk. Kushner Andrew. McCabe Sean Spicer Rains priebus Rick Gates Michael Cohen. And Steve Bannon. So there's a lot of very key players players That are included in these. They're still a lot of reductions. However so and guess what all the reductions happened to be on the interviews? The people closest to trump who would have guessed notes on Kushner totaled. Five pages in the document is almost entirely redacted totally redacted and you know what freaks me out too because we've thought I thought personally maybe not. y'All thought that the Kushner interview was dumped in January and it was a thirty one page redacted interview with the name redacted into turns out Kushner's only five pages so now I'm dying in a WHO that thirty one page motherfucker Yeah With the stuff that was released just in this round. It appears to topics our talked about. We're likely Michael Flynn definitely Michael. Flynn and the campaign's efforts to reach out foreign leaders after the election and then then also Talks about the trump tower meeting in December. Two Thousand Sixteen between Kushner. Flynn Kislyak. The reason it's all redacted is because of the law that allows the government to keep secret attorney to keep secret attorney notes and executive branch deliberations from the public. That's according to CNN They're still awaiting unredacted notes on an interview with Kushner they were supposed to get in January but have still not received because the intelligence community was looking over it for what could reviewing yes exactly exactly and so they just have didn't really no one knows when that's actually gonNA come out In in contrast with the memo's of people close to trump the rest of the three O oh twos are almost entirely unredacted. So it's very hard to not look at this dump from the Justice Department. Think that this is just more of the administration protecting itself and no one else. That's gross. Yeah Gary Griss so what do you think do you think I mean I'm trying to figure out how we can get these. Yeah I mean declassified I mean I don't think that a lot of this shit is classified and I don't know I mean it is judge Reggie Walton. WHO's overseeing this case? And he has. He has said in the courtroom. I don't think I will go through individually and yeah I'll go through these line-by-line and make sure that these are redacted. Right appropriately. Well it is being reported that et none of them none of the languages redacted for issues of harm to an ongoing investigation for example like shutdown. Yeah right a seriously but I guess the point just being that. The only reasons that are left are them trying to protect themselves basically Priam. Yeah for like yeah like. They're whatever internal attorney notes and and stuff that the executive branch wants to keep secret. And that's that's that's about all. They think they need to give as reasoning so. I don't no no. I have no idea. I don't know enough about how that sort of. You know appeals process looks really I Imagine Congress is not GonNa be satisfied with that yet or not. Co- well I mean I guess Congress but CNN buzzfeed their attorneys people. That are you know. Having a huge Lee vested interest in getting his unredacted file a motion to have the court review the reductions for appropriateness. That would probably be my next up. This bullshit Totally that makes sense. Yeah Yeah I think Reggie Walton would be inclined to do it I so how much do you know. Does Congress have of the unredacted redacted materials of those three twos none their position than they were getting. What buzzfeed is getting Nadler file? July twenty seventh Coincidentally when we were in Chicago with Rinaldo Mariotti WHO's coming up later in the show Filed to get the muller underlying documents and interviews and they filed for that. And they're still still. It's still in court. That's the one that's going to be heard by. The Supreme Court argued March thirty first with decision out end of June awesome. Thank you so there are truly operating off of the the same information the public has at this point. Yeah maybe Less there's some sort of super secret skiff that somebody people went in to to read. These documents MHM and so they know what's in it but they couldn't take notes or anything but I doubt it. I don't think they would have handed that shit over. Yeah well thank you yes I want to talk about the McCabe documents. So we've got a giant dump of finally the McCabe stuff so if you remember The Department of Justice was trying to get McCabe indicted. They impaneled grand jury for lack of candor to Inspector General and FBI agents and the federal grand jury did not return indictment. They didn't indict and so far was like Kept it open and the judge in this case Said look if the feds was look. You either have to close this case because you didn't return an indictment or you have to drop all of the firing documents that we're asked for in these foia requests the like all the documents surrounding the firing of of McCabe and the DOJ. Oku will you know go do. It will release the documents. We're not gonNA close the investigation for whatever the reason no reason but You know they said that they released documents. And so they've they've that was a while ago and now they're starting to slowly release them so we got this I dump and what we got. Were the three O two's With Lisa page McCabe and Komi So first elise a page page interview. This is two hundred pages of stuff. I'm just going to give you the what I thought stood out to me. Most of this as as listeners emotional you already know you already know from the McCabe interviews Jordan from Lisa page and the Molly fast interview. You know most of what what what is in these What I didn't what I was surprised about was the ongoing ongoing like relentless questioning of all three of these folks to try to get someone to say that McCabe leaked to to the press And just over and over again all three of them saying McCabe can't leak to the press. He's the deputy director of the FBI. He's authorized to talk to depress and they would just over and over. Keep keep probing that especially one specific agent whose name is redacted in these documents. So First Lisa Page told investigators no one had any concerns about McCabe going to the press because he had soul authorization to do so like I said remember. McCabe was being investigated for his lack of candor and speaking to the press about the Clinton email case back in two thousand sixteen and he said he told the Inspector General. I didn't recall doing that. But then he amended his statement to say. Oh I did I. I did that Sorry I forgot I did that. And then trump wanted to put them in jail for that but the grand jury like I said wound indict him so this is the Citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington Foia Case. And that's where we're getting all these documents. So then Lisa Page told investigators there were no discussions in the department about any leak from McCabe to her. You're nor would there have been because Andy had total authority to talk to the press though after all this happened. She said they started changing the policy. That all information to the press had to go through public affairs but that policy hasn't been finalized yet and most certainly wasn't in effect when Andy spoke to the Wall Street Journal page also told investigators combing never it came to her upset about it and they went after her heart about that. Did Mr Komi say anything to you know. Did Mr Axelrod say anything to you. Know did anyone at the FBI express concerns to you know do you have any conversations with senior. FBI managers about the article after it was published. No did you hear any. FBI managers raised concerns about it. No did you hear any department of Justice. Senior managers complain about it no so nobody was trying to figure out who sent this to the press. No I don't think this is really a thing I don't. I'm thinking drew any particular attention by anyone for any reason she said and that goes on for pages just them. No one was concerned. She's like no. Oh no nobody fucking care what he's allowed to talk to the press. He authorized me to talk to the press. I'm allowed to talk to the press we're authorized to talk to the press Zandi fucking McCabe So that goes on for page is pretty ridiculous. Then there's commes interview and it starts with McCabe according to Comi McCabe emailing Komi saying Hey bad news Wall Street Journal's publishing an article that my wife took election money from Hillary Clinton I got an ethics. Okay on this Sorry for adding to the drama and based on that email l.. Komi took McCabe off the decision to get a warrant to look at emails into the Weiner Laptop which according to Comi upset Andy. macomia insisted Saying there could. It'd be a perception of a conflict so I don't want you to be part of this but then Komi walk that back and said actually I think it was Andy who came to me and took himself off the case And then said he'd been thinking about it and he shouldn't be involved in the decision to to to open up a reopened the Clinton investigation into the Weiner Laptop apparently ribic who was one of the original Komo. Five and Lisa page. We're trying to tell Komi not to take off the case because this Komi says by the way because the rank and file saw. Ah Andy McCabe is an elitist blue flame or climber I duNno blue flavor. Means you're part you hit the top light them and if Komi Komi took took him off the case it would undercut Andy's authority down the road to the rank and file F. B. I.. Tony said he didn't care and he didn't have time and his instincts were right. So Rebecca communicated that that to to Andy when it came in when when and then he and then apparent so I guess Komi was like I told him to get off the case. Well no I remember Rebecca and page saying. Don't take the case of me saying I don't care I'm right. And then Rebecca told Andy that he was off the case and Andy came in and said I'm taking myself off the case. It's just all weird like didn't you take any contemporaneous notes homey and so companies that over and over the and the deputy director have the authority to speak to the press. He did say that. Over and over this combined with Lisa page assertion of the same policy be very hard for the grand jury to indict McCabe for lacking candor about a leak to the press it would be nearly impossible to prove corrupt intent when he has the authority to speak to the Wall Street Journal meaning if bar wants to charge him with lying to the FBI about speed the press. Does it make sense. He would lie about speaking to the press. uh-huh if he has the authority to speak to the press note which makes sense and Jive with his story of I forgot and then I went back in and said Oh no no no. I did authorize. So then we have McCain's interview which we know for a we know all about everything that he says from his public statements from his from his book? interviews interviews in his book talks to what's and everything after that and everything he's told us is confirmed by what is in the interview. There's nothing in the interview that's different from what he has said bad publicly. So that's I thought that was interesting and then I want to do some good candor. I don't think he likes Kendra. It's awesome candor. Candor is magnificent my friend and I wanted to share with you an email. I got from McCabe. He says so. Good to hear from you. been thinking of Y'all as well hard to game out exactly what will happen with. DC Bar has to put someone in there this is the US attorney you in DC bars to put someone in there and we don't really know much about Shea except that he's tight with bar which is bad. It's certainly possible that he has been given an assignment to you. Get McCabe but we'll have to wait and see the impending acquittal of our president is pretty troubling totally predictable but yet another depressing indicator of what we have become as a country. Now we love to sit through hearing X. Number of Republicans saying hearing X. Number of Republicans saying they think he was wrong but it was not impeachable and Portis will continue to be even more emboldened By this process disaster on that happy note were marching along George learned he will be going to do next year. That's a son and Maggie is loving high school. Jill is always working harder than ever. She's getting her NBA all. Well Tell Ya. I hope you're happy. Despite our national disgrace be good to yourself. Find the funny and everything worked for November. When we have a chance to fix this mess we will? We'll get through this time because we're better than this best. Andy McCabe very cool. I said I could share that with you guys. I wanted to And so that's sort of where we're at right now that that bar has removed lue. She's the US attorney in DC I think we might see the. We could see the indictment of Andy McCabe Kateb yet. Also keep your eyes on page and struck as their lawsuits are working their way through the courts and they're looking at Komi again he's Kinda just sort of a jerk so I still don't think anything illegal we'll see we'll see you know I'm open to evidence. Yeah we jerk call me okay. Yeah so there's just a lot of shit going on we don't do not only do. We have bar replacing. Jessie Liu. But Bahr's daughter works in the Treasury injury over and Fincen which overseas money laundering investigations. One of his other relatives works in the Department of Justice he got benched. Caskey from Kirkland and Ellis there Stephen Boyd who's also giant piece of shit and on top of all that trump is fired. Lieutenant Colonel Veneman his twin brother. Gordon Sunland We go over that story detailed the daily beans And so this is getting more and more dangerous as the days and weeks pass it's imperative we vote vote them all out in November especially now that the trump administration is openly talking about rewarding. J. Secular with this is a cream court nomination so that we can't let that happen so no fuck register. Vote do your thing. Yes let our. BG Retire Yes. The lady retire already ready for sabotage. Yep All right. So the government's motion in the Flynn case is due to Sullivan noon Wednesday and and that might shed a little more light on how the Justice Department might move forward and whether or not they're going to just roll over and accept the sentencing for from Sullivan or perhaps bring charges. That Flynn escaped escaped by cooperating. Now that he's trying to withdraw his guilty plea all good information to keep in mind as we play the fantasy and Diamond League. No it is. It's GonNa be a Dick Think it's GONNA be okay. Just calm down so watching the super bowl on Fox. I kept hearing over here so if that happened when to you as well. You're welcome I get to go first. Fancy Indictment League this week. I'm so because as we have a completely deflated. Doj It's it's GonNa be all good guys. I'm going to McCabe League sad no lying for the win. I'm doing Tom Barrack. Case guys a Dick Trump inaugural Trump work T.. Org Torg I'm I'M GONNA go with James Lane Maxwell I remember when we used to put like Ivanka. Jared DJ on all week to remember like misplaced hope December. Twenty seventeen and my Kushner could go down this week. I think it's Kushner office because acute product of a lot of momentum I I guess Okay I will do a Pecker pecker really holding out all right Dylan Howard in that case is game for Romance. Okay I will do superseding partners. Good one all go. I have one left. Flynn no hope. Yeah hope I think that makes sense. I will do superseding Freeman Freeman Parnasse. IMPRO- men show all right. That's how we play fantasy Indictment League If you WANNA play along Go to our clue social media groups or or a patron patriotic and you can pick there and The point structures all listed there and everything Super Sorry about are just completely Compromise Department of Justice. We probably would have a lot more points at this point. If if we didn't have it that way we will be right back with the interview have you from the incomparable host of the on topic podcast inform. US Attorney Renato Mariotti. Stick around for that. We'll be right back. Hey everybody it's ag in this episode of Moore she wrote is brought to you by third. I Love I am obsessed with third love I have. That's all I wear now for my bras during the day. I have a better way Because I used to walk around with the straps digging not not fitting itchiness but I found about love so they designed the most comfortable brive ever worn tailored to perfectly fit my individual body shape. I was able to find my perfect fit in just a couple minutes. Taking their online fit finder quiz third love uses data for millions of women who have taken the quiz to take into account. Both cups is and brush shaped to find the perfect Bra for you. 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All their gently used bras to people in need So far third lovers don't do fifteen million dollars broads supporting charities and local San Francisco the bay area and across the United States. So that's really wonderful. And thirdly knows there's a perfect brought for everyone so right now they're offering our listeners. Fifteen percents off your order go to third DOT COM slash ag to find the perfect fitting Bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third love DOT COM Slash AG for fifteen percent off today. You'll be glad you did so joining us today for the interviews former. US Attorney Attorney and host of the on topic podcast. Please welcome back Renato Mariotti Renato. Welcome back molar. She wrote thank you good to be on the show how are you. We haven't spoken in. It feels like forever but I think it was not that long ago. No doubt no. I'll tell you in today's world a week or two can just I feel like an entire lifetime so I been busy practicing law and doing my own podcast. And and all sorts of other things are definitely keeping busy good and if you have the if our listeners have not listened to the topic podcasts you really should check that out. It's it's really really very informative and we really appreciate appreciate all the work that you're doing on that. So thank you for that and I wanted to have The reason I have you here today as I wanted to legal expert To Talk to us about the bombshell news. That's come out over the weekend about the removal of Lieutenant Colonel Vitamin and his brother From the National Security Council so and then of course Gordon Somboon from as ambassador of the E U I think they just dissolve that position has trump actually broken any laws here. Let's pretend he's not above the law as he actually broken any laws here. You have a great question you know it obviously stinks to high heaven. Which is why my initial the actions tweet out that this looks a lot like witness Retaliation which it is. I think you know we saw Donald Trump junior tweeted out essentially that You know I think he said something makeshift smoked out everyone. That trump needed to fire that sort of thing. So I think it's clear that the intent of this is to retaliate against people. The WHO are witnesses against trump and I also think that the another part of the intent is essentially to discourage other people coming forward in the future so is it. Does it break the law. Well let's start on the criminal side of things because that's what I think. People are really focused on. Is this sort of witness tampering. So one problem problem with any kind of bringing kind of criminal claim for for this being a good form of witness tampering is that it's not clear that an impeachment Eastman proceeding is a quote legal. You know is it a legal proceeding for purposes of any of the staff federal statute so in other words. You know with clear that a let's say a you know a court case would be a grand jury investigation would be but you know is impeachment and impeachment. In Kore- I is it A is proceeding for purposes of the statute. I don't you know that is an open question. No one knows for sure but let's just assume that it is another problem is of course all the testimony already occurred in other words the proceedings. Over whatever it is you you know the fee Peterman proceedings over. And it's clear that he's not trying to influence any future testimony in that proceeding right. So that's why. I'm sure that his advice from his lawyers was to wait until the impeachment was done to do it Because now the AL it will be one thing if in the middle of impeachment. Corey fired Someone you know you're just missed on land or or demoted Vin meant Or transfer vitamin HE KENO cheap purposely waited until after You know it was over To do that so I think the argument here you know really would be the You know that he's trying to you. Know essentially her witnesses. You know her. He's trying to discourage witnesses from coming forward. It's some future wrongdoing or some you know or or something like that but of course we don't know what that would be future proceeding would be. It's very It's very the Speculative so I don't I don't see this as something that would be a prosecutor and actually charged as a practical matter. I mean do so. I think that there might be a clever person out there. Who could try to shoehorn it into something? I guess I I. It doesn't appear like it's obviously wanted to me in another other issue. I should just mention Vin. Men didn't lose his job he's just moved to a new post within the army and Thon Linden Ambassador and they're sort of routinely team we you know they serve at the pleasure of the president and so forth so it's it's not clear It's not clear to me You know wh you know whether whether or not there's any I it doesn't seem to me I would say that there's any criminal case now on the civil side It's possible I don't see some heavy any kind of claim it's possible that Vin might claim that he was That he was to adverse action was taken against him for unemployment matter for some sort of improper reason. But you know I. I'm not one thing. I'm not an expert. In terms of armies CODA justice. Does he have a civil claim. Claimed he may but I don't think you know it's not clear what the impact would be in his career. What damages would be to him? and Asi- aside from that. I I mean whether or not this deepen technically a demotion or an adverse action. Anyway he was set to leave the NFC and six month anyway. Yeah and truth be told Generally when you're doing a civil suit for an adverse action the remedy is to get your job back and is that really attendance. Tenable situation for Vin. My I would be more like his brother. Probably has a really solid claim. You know civilly speaking thing because what his what does his brother have to do with it. and then so you're thinking son's going to sue for his million dollars back. Yeah right I I yeah I don't. I don't think that someone is that he writes that brother to it's sort of like you know the president is not firing you for. It's not like you. So you'd being in the these guys aren't you know cer- Vin men and his brother aren't whistle blowers for purposes of any statute or regulation Russian They're you know Vin Minute somebody who came forward once there was already an inquiry. His brother of course is just totally unrelated to that you know typically speaking Certainly employers can fire people for all in many in most states or any reason whatsoever. Certainly my state you know I. I can't answer. I don't know enough about the fact of the situation or all. The potential applicable laws did know for sure whether they have a civil claim But I it's there's no obvious. Obvious claim the doubter. And now what about this have been men sunland environments brother aside Lieutenant Colonel Brother Side I mean we because we know trump has a long history of firing those who oppose him going back to Comi and Jim Baker and Andy McCabe what we call it. The Komi Five Ben Tae there were a ton of people at the FBI who were investigating in trump Russia. Who got moved or put in? HR set behind a plant somewhere But now there's reporting that trump got his eyes on firing the Inspector General Enroll Atkinson. And that's I think maybe of greater concern than these sort of other removes. What do you what do you make of that? I mean the the concern. I'm concerned about all of them. Concern with the other moves. I agree with you that the the other moves are essentially him sending a message each to future people. Anybody opposes me. There's consequences right now. Here is essentially all the All the Inspector General Did was follow the law. Aw and protect the whistle blower who came forward. And you know this is. He's he's somebody who's not any sort of partisan or anything like that he wasn't you know going out of his way to her trump. He was just doing what his duty was. And essentially. What trump's thing is you if you protect whistleblower? I'm going to take get action against you and I want people in there who aren't gonNA protect whistleblowers. I mean that is in fact the message. So the Senate Certainly should have something to say about that if he ever wants to if he does that it wants to replace that position but I once again I don't I don't see a way in which doing that You know his violate the lar- statue in other words. The unstated message may be that he wants people who are loyal to him or that he wants people to Who Don't enforce the law? I that would be an abuse of power. But we've we've seen I mean I think trump could do pretty much anything and removed from office for abusing his power. So I don't Wanna I don't like to give people false hope that something's going to happen to trump affects gate. And I don't WanNa do that. Yeah what has happened before so why it would happen. But there's last year of his presidency. I'm not sure why anyone would would think that I mean it's it's it's certainly justifies a little bit of outrage and it's completely corrupt erupt and totally horrible but again if something is going to happen or not I'm with you probably not I. Fear that our only recourse here is to talk about it. Widely shine shined light on it. Vote in November. But if we get the White House and the Senate hold the House or do you think that maybe any of these laws ause could be changed to maybe strengthen them do you see that as a as something that's feasible without actually because you know sometimes laws can go overboard. I do you see that as something that could. That's that's feasible. Yeah I certainly. Certainly you could strengthen for example protections for people who are witnesses against abuses in the executive branch beat you know you could certainly enhance whistleblower protections sections you know clearly there's inadequacies to the whistle blower statute which is which Republicans Grandpa in others have exploited Donald trump junior and so forth of exploited. But but also you know there are also a new statute that there could be enacted. I mean one lawmaker. It asked my advice about a statute that would criminalize. It is seeking seeking foreign. Help In you know foreign an influence or interference election more broadly. You know it's possible. There's there's issues there's constitutional issues. Crafty hits you like that but it's possible to come up with debt you today. Could you make it more difficult to very least for for people to June. Gauging that sort of activity because it's kind of just the polar opposite of what Muller Dead When Muller refused to come out and say trump committed a crime because muller was afraid of tainting future prosecutions but here we have a president who has absolutely no fear of tainting future witnesses. That might come forward against him so where we a little too. A lot of people say Muller was a little too conservative about that but again you oh no. It's it's how loyal you are to the rule of law and what you're willing to do and not do in order to corrupt future witnesses or prosecutions. Yeah I have to say our legal system is not really set up to deal with a president coo is is essentially going to maximally do whatever possible to increase his own personal power to weaken institutions that could potentially serve as a check on him and I think the reality is the all of us now between now and November. Have to do whatever we can to organize into mobilize and get votes out. Because the legal system there's just not equipped to handle that and speaking of weakening institutions. Before I let you go I was wondering what you thought about. Bill bars new rule that any investigation by the department the Justice into a presidential or vice presidential candidate for president must submit that in writing to him and get express written consent from Bill Bar in order to go forward. Does that actually. Isn't that already a rule. Why would he need to come out and say say this? Well I don't it's it's not exactly a rural It is certainly the practice of the Justice Department. I think look as a practical matter. Any sort of investigation that would That would touch on. The candidacy of a candidate for president would go Ordinarily through the attorney the Attorney General would be aware of that that In real time they would be. You know they're certainly. They would go up the chain of command at the Justice Department. It obviously a concern because trump is shown that he is going going to do it again. I mean it's very hard to see that he's not going to try to you. Know have foreign interference in our election again. Invite that in so the issue here. Is You know now bars. You know bar of course himself. Is You know sure. Looks like a a person who's going out of his way to do everything possible to you. help trump and his loyalty to trump and not to the constitution and given that essentially what he's saying is put it in. You need to have my written authorization station for doing anything that touches a political campaign and I think what it is suggest is on the margin in what I mean by on. The Mars is the economics of what I mean is on the sort of borderline cases of well this person's kind of affiliated with the campaign but they're not like the candidate or anyone really important I think all of that is probably GonNa get funneled through bar out of the pundits of caution. He is getting by requiring. Written Authorisation essentially means that there can be uh-huh question. You can't just be that you slipped it into a conversation or briefing and that's enough but you've got to. You have to get him to in writing this. This is authorized and you know give who bar is. I think You know it means that the you know the only investigations were being very well. The of trump's trump's political opponents. Yeah I can. I can definitely see that happening. Considering I thought we'd have reporting from the New York Times at the FBI hadn't announced a formal investigation into foreign foreign interference in two thousand twenty but they were certainly looking at it whether it was a full blown investigation or not and now I'm assuming maybe those kinds of things things probably wouldn't be allowed to go forward. Well you know hey chins up right. I don't know what else to say other than all right five for nothing but thank you for clarifying as always though I mean this this. It's important that we have these conversations about what's happened and what can be done about it if nothing we should know and then what we can do as the electorate going forward to try to help ensure that this doesn't happen open with future president so formulas attorney host of on topic the podcast. Check it out. If you have not Renato Mariotti thank you for coming on muller she wrote. Thank you very much all right everybody. That's our show. Thank you so much Any final thoughts on your end over there love or not take coming on again. He so great. He's so good we. We have so many thankful for the network of very intelligence knowledgeable career based individuals that we've been able to like foster. You're on here. Who got very very lucky in the in that we have such a great team around us? And that's why I look forward to going to DC in New York so so often is because we can run into and make plans and see all right all the folks that we've had on the show. It's just very cool that these folks live incredibly professional lives and end. We are an independent podcast and they support journalism. And I know we struggle sometimes with calling ourselves journalists but you know curatorial journalism and any support that and it's really cool that we get the same experts that are on CNN that you get to here in a very organic setting very cool. That's it's sometimes weird like sometimes I'd like I'm what like I. I talked to how many former US attorneys this week. Yeah they're really generous with your time and appreciate it We do thank you so much We're we're not an all of our previous guests. It's been really really except for Rob Goldstone. You're weird Oh my God. God's I forgot about that should also Michael Glavin Ati everyone else Thank you so much for your support and you guys you listeners. y'All thank you you for your support HEAD TO PATRIOTS DOT COM Slash Miller. She wrote help us out Support Women podcasting. We're GONNA get our video link-up in here soon you'll be able to see are faces on Patriots at any level. Any he level that you subscribe to the podcast at and where we're GONNA get into mugs out to you. We had a little snafu with our Outsourced Printing Company. 'cause run by Dude Dude. You're making stuff up. Robots robots Yeah it's probably and we just had a tough time with that we're fixing it we're GonNa send you some extra extra stuff hang in there and we'll make sure that it happens and thank you all so much for for your support it's been absolutely unwavering and astounding and humbling blink. And I see I can't thank you enough so thank you so much. Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. I've been G Jordan Coburn and this is muller she wrote Muller she wrote is executive produced and directed by AG. Join Coburn with engineering and editing. By Mackenzie Mazzola Azzam starbucks industries are marketing manager. Production and social media direction is by Amanda Reader Fact Checking a research by AG Jordan Coburn and Amanda Reader and our knowledgeable listeners. Our web design and branding or by Joel reader with moxy design studios and our website is militia wrote Dot Com.

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