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"neato burrito" Discussed on Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth Podcast

14:13 min | 2 months ago

"neato burrito" Discussed on Rooster Teeth Podcast

"Again with that? I've only smoked cigarettes like on camera for stuff not like in real life. We should do a thing where we all smoke a cigarette on the now and get the audience to vote on. Who looks the most natural? Do it while we're choking on it. I know no anyway go off. I had my fire pit. Go off the other day. They result detector. Yeah there yeah that's I think James Williams birthday into we're like a little happy birthday message and I put A. I didn't have a headache but I'd have a cake. So it was a frozen a shepherd's pie and I put a sparkler in it and lit on fire saying happy birthday to him and it. It was like a lot more smoke than I thought it was going to be. A lot of smoke happen was Scott smoke everywhere. Like there's smoke up with my and then like as soon as I cut the video. It like my my alarm went off and then. I was like China why. It's a habit on the off the wall because I took. I took an unplugged trying to give it to somebody. You've got to put you gotta put back a hub. Well it's in the room. Not It's just on the table is okay. Yeah it's supposed to be on the ceiling because that's where it goes okay. I'll put it on the ceiling. It's only been offer a little bit. His birthday was like a week or two ago. Since then. We'll bring a nine other ones. I had an issue an apartment. I lived in a couple of years ago where it was a place that had really tall ceilings and my smoke detector the batteries. I guess we're low and you guys know what happens when that happens like it chirps every few seconds or like every minute or something like that. The problem is I lived in this apartment. I hadn't I didn't own a ladder or like anything to get up there so there was no way that I could change the batteries on this thing because Russia the ceilings were like fucking ten or twelve feet up. Oh yeah so like even if I stood on a chair I'd still be like fucking four or five feet away from a call maintenance. I one point because I I I was like. Oh like maybe it won't bother me that much like I whatever but I should probably have a functional smoke detector so I should probably call maintenance and so it was like it was doing the beeps for like a week because I kept putting off calling maintenance. That's Kris you look tonight. I could do it right now on the show. She threw it now. It's a headed on that back there all right but the public service announcement teaching everyone the safety of smoke detectors heroes injured himself during. This isn't a I like to see over. Neka chief thing because he went to walk his dog and he we had a zoom call. Today and Chris was on the call outside wearing that as a mask during our call like he was about. You like someone just stole Christmas phone and was on our zoom call with us. He's Neyland we're going. What's he doing now? He so so quick. I thought it was else reductions waiting for its chance to strike sees weakness and Chris Right. Now it's going to take him down. Are All your pets weeded out that you guys are home all day care? I guess esters most the time right. Yeah in fact. I don't even see them. I don't know where they are. I've been enjoying spending time with cats. Those one in here just a second ago there I saw yeah I was ziggy. That was in A. Do you have a favorite nuff? I liked him. Sneeze a little prick but I do like him a lot do Chris. Yup. It's backup safety. I Yeah I also snuck in a bathroom break. Nice no one. I never get to go to the bathroom on the PODCAST. Because it's like I don't Wanna get up and like interrupted for. I was already ominous right there. That's that's where you agree. That's where you suggested putting the smokes up. I'M DRINKING THREE LIQUIDS. Gus My next you should bring bring a Webcam into the kitchen and start unclogging the Chris. I want drink at least no no. I got it today and I want to see if a certain number of you could guess why this was sent to me. So it's from Brandon Brandon firm. Heaney some of you know better than others He just texted me the word in all caps with about eight exclamation points. He just texted me pass over her. He explained it later. But why do you guys think that Brandon texted me the word Passover in all caps? 'cause you're Jewish? He just realized it was Passover was he. Congratulating uses something. You congratulate people for so apparently. There's a store that brandon frequently uses called H. Photo which I think is owned by a Jewish right. Yeah nearly hot enough for the weekend so I think he was trying to buy some sort of equipment and he says that like they're open open this whole time during the Kobe. One thousand nine hundred and they've been still doing shipments but Passover comes in there. That's that's business as usual for them. They always closed for that meaning. I went to CAS one year which is like over a weekend and they just don't open that booth on Saturday. It's crazy yeah the panel money either. This is am surprised like other people like hire people to work day for them. Although I guess that's like technically some people are like very strict about the rules. I can you hire someone to job for you on that day like. Is that consider you doing the work like I duNno? It's sticking to their principles. Yeah it's important to them. So Brandon just needed a Jewish person to vent to you. I guess I was like are you. Do you think it's my fault for didn't he takes them Passover. Hr US good shit. Yeah they're really good. But if you ever want anything on a Saturday during Passover your shit on lock my friend. I'm sorry this sort of podcast is brought to you by us. Last LAP PREMIERS ON RECEIVE DOT COM on April Twentieth. In a world where laughter's forbidden and one smile can spell certain doom funhouse achievement. Hunter are sending their top comedians into the ultimate comic showdown trapped together and armed with only a Duffel bag of props and their own wit. The TUNDRAS compete to make each other laugh. I there's no escaping from the sabotage subterfuge and let's face it slapstick. Host Geoff Ramsey mixture dot one goes unnoticed as competitors are eliminated one by one until only the funniest remains he who laughs last winds cash and bragging rights. So we'll break. I will get the last laugh part. Social Experiment Part Game Show. Watch less laugh April twentieth on Rooster Teeth Dot Com exclusively for first members So I get to see his last. Get it see joke. If you like that kind of joke you might like to show. I feel like a now might be a good time to thank all of our first members for supporting the stream normally. Rt TV is behind a paywall But of course with everything going on we have opened up to everyone to watch so Thanks to everyone who is a first member who help support Oliver content and support things like RTD and enables us to make an open shirt with everyone. So thanks for remember seller pretty awesome. We we appreciate it. Thank you guys. You're the best or Gavin. Go snaking. Nlp It's not an ad reading turn huge associated work from home for a couple of weeks and everything falls apart. People are getting into the bathroom and get drinks. It's not like it's not like this. Podcast is a surprise. It's been for years. It's helping us. We have a table with beer and let me read. You know as threatening over Webcam all three of us we will leave the podcast right now and will not be able to do anything about it. He'll have to carry on his own. He read you can. You're you're going to hear me to start talking about crazy conspiracy theories Chris. Don't you leave Chris? We have our own podcast redoing ways. Everyone come back Ling. It's so Blackhawks down just coming out. This Thursday April sixteenth. Finally we've been working on that for a long time and I'm excited that feeling to be able to find the chance to listen to it. Impact people can already search for blackbox down on over whatever APP to use to get podcasts and subscribe to it now and then get a trailer and get the first episode. As soon as it's out this Thursday and they can follow blackbox down on twitter. Blackbox down pod on twitter and instagram on supplemental material on On that social media platforms for the episodes. It's and it's really. We'll have a lincoln description. I don't know at someone who goes into every episode. WanNa record it. Not Knowing what is going to happen every time. I just have what look I looked right into the Webcam for that because it felt more dramatic but it yeah it. It's it's just bizarre. The best time to be launching new podcast is like right now. Although I guess commuting so like rats that's overall consumption is down The commute industry industry-wide pockets consumption stock the commute. Maybe people listening at work as well. What about France or like site? I don't know I think our site I think. No I don't know I don't want to say anything that's wrong. I think about it but I don't know for certain I think a lot of it's up especially obviously the live streams because like we've been doing livestream all day every day for free there so there's definitely more traffic there which is really cool because then more people get to like learn about. Richardson learn about like the content. We make because it's free for all so I think it's pretty fun pretty Neato Burrito saying something it's not a. There's not a saying similar to that right with hotdogs or hamburgers. Hey wouldn't it be like I don't know it just seemed like you could say that's cool? Burger yeah but like something like that. There's like Hot Dang like Oh if you say oh you could kill two birds with one stone. We're like why don't they make a saying like that? But with different animal to well they could. Yeah I mean like like that's hellacious hotdog. That's not a good one like Chris. Cool as a cucumber. That's cool. I like that. Yeah you aren't hotdog. Say you're killing me hot. The Classic Thing Ham Burger He's writing. I just opened the chat and Eric's been saying hotdog dot dot dot next point. I thought he was just amazed. Chris said hot dog. I didn't realize that he meant hot. Dog Dog I'm not sure I don't feel like I say hot dog enough like for work to express myself. We should start talking. Like we're from like the fifties again like start saying nifty and like hot DA. Not Not but under the racist stuff from the fifties. I also WANNA mention a brand new shirt. That's coming out. I believe on Friday. There's like a bunch of new Ruby. Merchants in the style of popular anime. Guests could get this one so drug Mosey Dragon Ball Hell. Yeah I believe so if I know Miami I do not. I'll take your word for that. That's Friday so I'm super excited. I feel like I missed out like I was born too early and I missed all the Dragon. Ball Z stuff. I think by the time they got popular. I was like in college or something like for some reason. I just missed it. And.

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