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Up Next - a podcast up front - goes live


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Up Next - a podcast up front - goes live

"The latest from our daily newsletter at pod news dot net sell audio than audio sounds. Profitable on next is now live with more than two dozen companies taking part promoting that new show in an old podcast upfront. You can learn more at sounds profitable or start listening now. The feet also includes panels had a look at the trends behind podcast consumption defined the links in our show notes and our newsletter. Today iheartmedia released that a one. Twenty-one results podcasting revenue grew one hundred forty two percent year on year according to the earnings call overall though the company's revenue fell nine point. Five percent year-on-year aussies quarter one. Twenty-one results so weaker results in podcasting says ceo david field. The company formerly known as entercom so overall revenue full by nineteen percent. Here on earp hellofresh manscaping and better help are the brands that people remember the most from podcast ads in quarter one. Twenty-one addison research says in their podcast consumer tracker the former ceo vice uk motto mara has joined premium podcast company novel has director and chief strategy and operating officer net flakes might be working on a portal called n plus which could include podcasts according to reports the podcast academies first annual awards the ambi will be hosted by cameron s. They've announced he'll be streamed live on sunday from seven thirty eastern time clubhouse is now available on android in the us only the android app is missing number of features from the live audio companies ios. Podcast one has signed a first look development deal with picture perfect federation poltrak has published its top publisher data april. It's the five year anniversary. If these numbers which lists participating publishers only total global downloads fell by two percent in comparison to march but then april has three point three fewer days than march. On where brown's brave has added a playlist feature in their irs. Which allows users to save an access audio and video including podcasts. It's a mondays. Oh time for some tanks staff apple podcasts crawler which now exclusively powers new apple podcasts app. He's getting better at visiting feeds to check for new episodes if all feeds or anything to go by rss stats show. That it's now visiting every twenty minutes rather than every hour and a half the costing two point. Oh project is working on an alternative to web saab. Which could fix that appalled. Paying dot cloud is a distributed alternative. That is say developers better suited to podcasting so crawlers can be told to come visit when you publish episode as a get hub repo and pod paying watcher that lets you watch in real time and we are now picking. That service is apple. Podcasts crawler also reporting itself has something else we've seen requests from the same. Ip address calling itself jakarta commons that bug. And if it is how do we re bugs to apple anyway and something that looks like hold facetti but running in the browser might be of interest wave form playlist might be for you to build on oiling to the full source code today. I mean podcast. News teenager therapy a coming of age. Podcast by five teens has been pronounced as the winners the audio impacts awards at the ambitious part. Podcast pot radio show. Chill debates is new from former bbc radio. Dj phil taggart. And i'm sure it's pronounced that way. The spotify show with music has run. Since december starts a new season with guests and a weekly mental musical massage talk. Sic the britney spears stories a new investigative documentary coming july from witness dogs. A unit of sirius. Xm's stitcher and birds are in trouble. The population of breeding birds in the us has declined by nearly a third. Since one thousand nine hundred seventy a new podcast. All about that called brain birds back a podcast that aims to make bird conservation accessible to everyone. The first episode will be on wednesday. May the nineteenth make sure you tweet about it. And that's the latest from our newsletter f. All the links were appalled news nets.

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LoopPraat 42  Live met Michiel Panhuysen

LoopPraat - D Nederlandse Podcast over Hardlopen

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LoopPraat 42 Live met Michiel Panhuysen

"Levi chemical mckenna talk shit who became old neymar dobbin for days on funked Eh control shouted Events that you'll need to fill my ended up new phenomena of tom lehman medo honesty. You know right name. It's opposite podcast. hell of foods you talk obin. The four was all of us in the future feels crack for mentioned in between the landscape valid of interest. I could be with this book montage. Cheyenne only the first to y'all ameican. Phones are leila those guys don't from cost. Up de show. I can look vocal. Haley's fistula lopez dot com so she steam anonymous. That young for air is needed dollars to hellish patiala portland suzanne by the boop darty phone from the barclay on your phone mchugh varsity May start and afford to became An ankle a new january in the il touton store in the vehicle and talking to throughout Low cost hoping hoping kings bay of living leaders those main health that later And not designed saint karen's Organizations he gave an incline dunkin kleiner and a helicopter. Velodrome that easy though conveys sunday lecter. Podcast okay out Low pat Hostile of living higher for short Technique and all this for hillary buca as adults overwhelm my off lopa since four minute of alarm online hoping okay. He'll lebron referral door. Han they required There was a book need at in the barclay is new at the budgeting the Any amount of leg. There is the lockdown. Think even in the Exit need to compare. The older can eat medicare mccollum have abated and they with the Phone and not. It's insured either. They select though look. Bill mensa d- Was my mo now maryalice at the at the D mass grave statement Cap you book net laser and those air act of nathe and tune up to him. Book was percents Intended mayes the soda to be she for this that mexican pasta. Yeah basic income. How do the book into decide if i kept you boo casino of the of been income laser touch glow and it got lebron. Seniors is now the four wake almost more by This mentioned leisure winstone kabuga needle. Asia is an physique exemplar. Also send too much over dude. Administer public air force gave is the new book how does and laid it on later. Embedded europe's fuller and they and booth it and the book lethal bloom. Yeah i know variously fees for your bluey mentioned the the of the debacle kenner. The nonlethal meant the spokane getting the barclay. It's mentioned kamensky. Buchen alasia the evidence and Says i would each commodity of my knock natick michigan. Iffy bucknell needs to monitor. But i took my Added the film on. Barkley book is elected over miami and a an over made marked off lopa of thin and the daycare. He'll have a much from a document deal to met editor in level Now he'll zone a good to coupling for this for eat. It ain't coming over the book over need of the from now. It is my duty. Each met mentor. Mcnew and other agreement may and that this duke. Being the in crowd is michalak and Again the month ebbed put on a compartment amount. This year felt dinkic. Mo nature off My night oakland excuse from Again of now. Skin and fanatic like logo. Airplanes of donald with over and dot. Not much of you've added of a meaner overnight. Low power my over over jarrett at these ohka dave on the air condition to sign the slot. Vail bail laments on. Yeah that's into the link for manziel and abiodun slow to by by natale. Radioprogramas mentioned the data based on an oak of schnapp on built availed dot which have now all by long line for wake dementia look on the path and active hamas. I even the from the present the tourist from your lock to hail at data sheet over put out lines from here to the open Almost more ruled it. Okay because it wasn't bet raver and goes connie till paddock's retail finds doing screen. Blake the number of show and that the the adults that was beautiful. Locum on neighborhood in that side of the obama monte them buzzfeed is that they oversee to detail. Now kick that an apple name dot com also at this needs platoon this this and on safety like in tokyo my cookeville boxing. Mma mentioned and from sorts from vomiting cemil okafor net oak. Phone bella blighted. Need who've alamo do my cup. The men's says i needed the velden a blight of eight the digits ding aqua buddha and The bay mentally the awesome. The baby doll fianc. Tokenistic shelving and the hawks bakers gopal awake at night marking the basic needs. But you know clear. Really michael podcast. Gadio market is go and fuck. Why is lake. Vinik operate in new to eat me ever enough on that. They can have the calm ahead of the research for off and immensity. The daily on the mental over the palm of ohio usa and make only music food estimate in for mantovani. What is built logo but is stopped. And then what you need to A mighty showing us to keep on the these cravey's over what is still too low by this on for him and that isn't it. best extreme. How f on the home keel made the ad hoc needed do lynn of the need amok of this may have for for for the code. Masha idi all the highest in asian. Like they is olen after guy and we high is all is all based in the field. Open alec clues for is israeli clues and the low and Can d- we spoke to on season on sitting. I doubt the signature design hill concert. Matvey over mood i. Should i start from now from from the local community night. And it's been in the bait and and Mongolia in in the bedroom medium today by The devising fill coat is. He's nonstop co to develop net funding the czech republic. Mugabe in stop. You should my disobey mentioned tacoma bacon tacoma. inveigh about book is For this call to say hi. Pratt abe schnell an interview. David is sending night night night. Night will heavy. Oh emeals bernard metaphor she. Fear yarmolenka dot com afloat at the it and it's a middle stupid number. The number that need say. This attack amounts of patina though from brasilia thailand america neyland bell clear Sane men's any potato eighty a year always correct mighty will make down. There's no knicks over and lighter. Dissolve admits here on basic Makasi skinny delemolle doom Hanover knowledge out of japan. Fallen kanda mirror over lopez. Clemen boever needle in book my ochre. Now opio shows gonna laser that you and clements. yeah force batali babble. Nash avon of havoc phenomenon. You take me on. A clinton bent down an elopement and if the market now i don machine oak local glimmers of montefusco global manson types. And my ilab novell didn't go beyond what you dig this and we the image in beijing. I go fine. Beijing can lead to believe. Mike aglow need me three five year. Mattielo burn and think safety the data. Now this the slam will become. In addition to that i know has got to offer hungover relation. You have a hit him over. Clemson dot is jody evader for also life tight for familiar for also left eye to fill not anchor over near ultra-low for bias. That we did needed no apply for doing is submitted at eight. Y'all move back to your roots She'd meow okinawa to talk bill to me and claim event by before embarking oven. Pd l. the lots mckernan. The dick need Ben carson shooter for delay marra fifty gallon matter leap some basically allowing people in an open. The both in this dovetailed voter for mandolin. And my dot co smoke mckinney. And that the that's facing hit him all over and Nad nathan tigers. Still stand in the way of gold and The the the zo out demolish via card the and then vaughn stopped in like wait which moon Made on may solve the clean on that. I'd won't in the odometer lopa and now the mullets roam aguna via. Yeah this dome nap. Nocco greeting clinton in being a break. Show don mclean. Me of kia will compile plunkett. Go and click on the ski and shoot i. She skis happened to them and listening skills like the new skis. New and some the keys is not to skis You need fast. Mara shin thoughts and bovill. I and babe over from bare out the baby out. Oh this looting yeah. They know she goes tomorrow and his offended. Inventory homeless embodies off annoyed april drama continent bears over paul mooney. That'd be nearing now. I go now. Dinka komo clement. Over the over the barclay of social net. Sell coffees this does. How are the barclay in states in and took it and a lament annotated bombs on the bark and this is all in dagan von deanna vets. That knew happier all your heart to your metals May sticks marquee marital Sane heartfelt sida say okay outing for you. Evening is how that google over a only identified as been into bone from the barclay. Any up all the left from all the and put my many dubbed the nine donna. I you might as moi training and so can you yeah. Medina stated high debate the ultimate. The elvis know home guy from the but camel meat. That's gonna be about in the league. Me in the genre and finer rambled off the debate. The l. is stable witnessed about gear and Deal on almost hill is and Of of the minster logo this agai- amazed they'll needless own his own deal and All he'll have more phone. Fault is Dot i looked on and have it looked like on. Osama the dune and not nats dot is well dinkic from google book. bill bought. They kept off the left circle. Samut you can. Even elaine lopa and see you can shaman oper anchor and china lopa open mugniyah that the fm clogged black blake. Mcfall niagara chose. Thinking will always the dutton hill. Fine unveiling is of veiling is may advil taken taste up medically the do you now eight nevil. Okay sam i was you. The happy of to my almost only hours gets off. The unity is achot young show i self in this These in benefit like From don combs. This is a shoulder element Off in in bed clinton happiness me. Do barclay's the end of two far coyote virgin high may at egmont monochrome year forsman year in years of tomato concordia in the trader. Will a little is how had moolah from the barclay center that elena nam in the barclay logo nights elaine into barkley. Now it's almost daily realme also month. Hd again the need to execute is a lot latter an kaushal momentum at with frozen petaluma in the bulls meditative baffled on the lane. My ecstatic informing contacts. And which well doing really helped and marco per five loop ex- ex- dining on on the made the mica it. It can dictate data in an income on the table and above on linda dive. Now that the car may open. Mind this dot marks for how local. I should meant amount. They were doing in In landover yankee the max boon the dome during and after gene and company after james now on a dune bent. Leon minority. Don't there he is. It did by dune and helpful cadore opposite mayor that salmon. Donana believe that you that you got anything at all is like they should need to invent benedek. Elaine ma made the forties for relief. Okay so now. I'm going to low burnt local. Andy i lay in my still financial often to imitate make into opening. Its own. mitchum veg side for mayo oko beneath a machine a jared this machine and deacon on the ankle and the dd scotland's accessible and sit and and the dead. That's that's gonna dinkic. Olma own finished olive of they come up meet. And the yhombi t need belleville who infinitely of need st clair de annoyed and the xbox An intimate fab andy. Okay the notion empathize. You've climax and doak monteiro for the homestay over the barclay and deonna in the bone from the barclay and the yati eloped lots that Now on ak- Equal new conlow. Lopa any kaku today. In five dollars per acre the purveyed glowka end on Com econ waco dinky level leisure. She'll declawed in the more in india and do come at the sparkly. See if not night have over slack over a mental Fauna font lopa Hat have deaton. Actually structure nascent Warburton santa cobblestone door beta my yep discuss act that you knew screen across now to deliver demands and that starting direct i. She hoped deepened in an ultimate railtrack. Mental komen this persona. If you by moore show into hold off your lots to visuals. Hokey kleiber but phoolan devi item omaha. Mojo cuts deep lettuce back into own the villamor optical Silty nansen internet. Going back even worse. Is the film the show. Hey the obeying. I should ethnic current and Ethnic megan's will hill asked need and staying and on the professor fluids and a tight budget. Ethnic megan's mytalk l. do me and inches bofors doctor. And he could do need to stay ebay. Obey the year that light. The mobility and The Vodka make survey lefrak. Vogel may also doot of jacques demon ultra-low but mark have a neat luke. Shine i the poster to olympus dotted. Later and bindu need locus man. Doctor is today now and will fit the work. The machine lamar did well hill at locus. Now the thing mission into india helped them looked mike on duke for mentioned. Come with local seen My daughter's need to make nope. Obama lopa kept logos city night. Taking and cloudy on the do not need log. Maurice now in between is located low per. And w don't enough and if that's cushy hey look. I was the only malaysian tina. That this that they've yeah d- in maine kick into he'll in maine is It's it's it's merely kamarck missy. Onto beta train bent. Who laugh at boone's comb total but ethnic mccart. The article. now is the thinning of detaining matter for weekend not on lamborghini keeler might at the hill air. And on the. Don't have you done. This fills now with them but the pasta kilometers to fill snell in the end. An alpha. Copa is okay. What is your missy. Aisha hillsdale the bucket evil. Local flushing 'em out and desert. I shine the barclay deal name which which yukon for five wholeness is also asked phones already knew think he can hala they'll this year. Yeah vista you're right you nailed a snapped at all. To usual dune all need hill. Dot dot My i she understood. Start gilding. yeah these foot on own forty five to come in a little. I should have picked and even up. Noida viacom no. It's not a high. Doug sagan i share alamogordo as it who pushy yourself on dot com. What secretary for a good length thinking if the build a biker niagara okay austin bedside this clinton happy to vote without the vote without a local diets. do not breakable. Holding on the division footage of talk. Talk talk this an ebay for coma and not sit in dominant. Big div only go mommy at a fleet of flying into the pike lopa even even to go mom they go. I now zhizn do and it sales simple and you go on and on him. They still do. It does olive of my. Yeah well-made number khulna i. She could stop that those need to be doing and here tacoma and they'll do it on the ballooning e yelled at than the balloon to our it is you. That's the that's the new on into some faint of ben. Cavender not open tacoma. Not the geiger. What doing doing how did now. We are doing now at the via doer of alex gets stolpa. Any go from heart stopped and dodsal into sound ben. -tuni- do off on this king. Clinton needs be compared to the mets medically factor me to almost belly it Ulta lopez at belgium at You've still got for miami. We'll do philly. Dur emit claim it lives of angst. I know even though even if only rebound to do more thomas john mccain about the scott inquiry quote of the credits from the also a landlord that she thinks tonight's labor's folic and that is angst the bell to angst spilled emitted lopez billy. That's been he he been bungled he had his. That's make Him out because is kinda annexed and the isn't on the on the how there's almost bill there's an outing dot org lung at mit clamor. In the delicate the doctor the overladen long door with clinton lupu eeking oakland dot com. You can lobe open only and you. Can you can conduct the dalai and come does gaming ekramah of lopa into a liquid state and he's had any adverse eighth of now that become the iranian days and outing gig the article and Now what what made gaza defense and duly on my night. Americans obeys if the unless it's too low dirk later in the middle of my claim a cliff and kill blunk like that would name and it is a gloomy of my belongs to mark and mentality balloons and And hamlet. You belong suge and died. This proclaim all taylor and no stage. Nothing extra lok that possibility look back competitor. It's in the data's hell on lopate on y'all clemen which of folks my non stop on the percentage. Focus on good about a minute. He hoped You've been needs home. Pretend mashes elf on. I shan't been it. Its golden era and beyond clemson's imagine scream and actually Made thousand two I should in a mixed and beautiful fall eight bank that the best also komo am and yeah some medea medea bathing adults in It ended disdained to you. The work were were and died in oakland. yeah and on And may offer slow to the mayor. The mayor died. Camel goals three hill. Boosts that may beijing. She loved a big bill. I she she is doing. A twin tain bent the they actually magante do count down At a dome spilt of to over still still needs me it. It's fine him. On mondays and wiscon- often stumped as yet is what you fulmer folder folder full. You bent kato. it's yeah barclay. Don't talk show melik muscle contracting for by glendale mark click mom. Does you need dotted hill. Can you bucatini in in on their each barkley is The dollar is meant alvin. Akilah on the live she needs. Fd machine consigned on them My gums and barclays oakville Be command eating too. That the deadly meet the hill. I'm jane matt dot is that is after had the blame oma She forty five five going on. Been solve your deeds in the mail after. Look on the issue. Well meditating with moulik and a dedicated to the nats which stage liquor and she now. Okay now what what. The menu musty. Now finish john kelly lots. That doesn't saving the club of to an five minnesota steve. No nothing could teach over an athlete. Feel and oak. Jared for a if at all died out olma only finished our this this The deadly meter design on certain stuck on. I use snail when elope in tonight and Dot told the blame is I should be thing i should. I should thin. Amir's okay over there. Who made those outs finishes ended up to finish on the evening at the that the global dialing five going slow but nonstop identical thoughts thoughts muslim moguls are. Look i should i Yo diets for jacqueline named bill still do account. Content is neat neat to know del. Ident slop i should. I should spell of eight eight up By and If i call saul path i should i can do on that. Ain't with baltimore. Flapper an assault. Now dr nathan olmert fall two interviews engage. You look my need and the on the speed conditions. Belka natal on the swap comedy. Better barkley and start chinaman's here basically screen the tokyo and see they got the mayonnaise silverstein going get clean day and movements not intervene with loafers does dallas on the stand. Start under stocked. Santa mention the needle on shelter. Vehicle deem shower couldn't finish it and the need to the the fanciest of the overcome egg veiled the ida booted Slamming the got a guy. The aim on the meant the deakin goldman diatta counts finish. Mighty medina is the mood of taken on on my own. Oems barak almsick the race. I the mike and anita lane at oak taylor. The ambiance is feared Oprah's only know each year and Kathy at carnegie shia tonic agency knows yeah say give them over ties spoke. I am with the oak facial them vote hasty In your career had makes type of sport you of and geico but later deductible having be invalid hall deep yeah book my book and It's i should. So shes own to sell and the passage of my world. Knee logos john bussey He kept little lober. Padilla who air blanca former alice. Staunton a day of on obt momentum. Physically ill stole the omb okay for the today. Don lopa eat it. A not buena vista development to new from doctors don't basically all the more kabuga and The the involuted here he function near you. Dinka yeah Ucla for sydney impact of believe. Yeah and and that's that's that's that's that offer on the oak year your doctor over four of over late individuals of over now being a the to it. S only overall impact of we start to book their the dax lost Ultra i smart on weekender note Mitchell start from inst- who and four hundred eighty meant machine and the billy. I added label. I'm going to block for finnish uniform. Donna shine nathan mensa mojo which is seen by all only telephone etudes mood. Alternate jain oak dotted. Black hawk has won the evening They label ill tie is snap as he. Admiral guide elma. He'll mathilde base. My who who. Who lung is that. He'll be like Have you taken onto a former been on of The including jared and that's don hold full built. These ads acheivement and healthy over eight league over gary. Romans almost the dive that did him nabil. The of each nathan obama militia cell phone designed the logos and the duly held alec. Gary may d. It's on scenarios name. It's and evacuated. On oak ville onto signed that antica and zeta almost name on self sit and studios Health fac and unfolding ends often to logo michel phone To lock her of beta on almost fact seller may either of data of sailing the due to think that donio cusack may and that's the only tricky it on not open to the venial died to do in mind that we won't do and design and And oak golden off over black news for you on the them until he loved his. I met with all black. And i don't think for now michigan well features helping nonstopping to help defeat implants from the lopa of or amount of each almost greenville. That's to hip new president clinton. Yeah yeah physique. Grades driver all get onto a david my From the onward oak dinkic killed on tours of thinking. I think it's all about you you. It didn't involve Was in a book in paddock. to on this Eat it and eat alive suit and the through to call for a day and how how do you go. Look our book on the of cans of cairns policies. And i guess my eleanor. Minor foster out to the here. Low pat Specify epa both cost All on the podcast episode. We built the zuccarello put out in more. He did know locally owned Innovating apple podcasts voted by beta though the phone the end allows that You interact with lopinto now. and hills east. And it's more out. David meant here and muslim q. L. off and all of living. Okay well thank you.

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Hipertenso Arterial Resistente 2020 - Posicionamento Brasileiro realizado pelo Departamento de Hipertenso Arterial

Curso de Cardiologia do programa de Residência médica do Hospital Rio Doce Linhares -Espírito Santo

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Hipertenso Arterial Resistente 2020 - Posicionamento Brasileiro realizado pelo Departamento de Hipertenso Arterial

"The last migration cash also graduate the program image was the last command for saturday. Saint you make. He's been the bottom audio associated that lucia guild bush on mantas So audio his esteemed as megyn each time without that. Arsov arcana koga sample. May you do whether or not the way to amman result toward his son drunk. I you'll do the initial ruining joining me. Go loose get ban ad. Adding hosea lewis. Says can man if you sell saudi theon sell mateo his stink in addition you the on the audio on this as seem does mythical this but he's you Classes including book lewd system mahindra. Thank you that was the will but our House yes girl on guy you jodi Jazz each would you longer. Some indoors is massive mistake when his ashes later jimmy status quo frequency design jam. They add his his own. Both absorbs pretty muse. Incas defied this book. At lord's y'all fat mitchell Fleet heavily outdoors. Put things in boyd All day that are that jesse almost buys you definitely sound. he's thankful you do will. Super is opus. Psychological through will mice Issues shimada Theo his stage own around akwesasne deadliest in business audio sustained Stage no wonder aloud. Including you know i bid s audio is essential for that data will fan our choice. Dan would you his stage in order. Allowed who all is energy. Pickings us derogatory. I seen his staging no differently. The commotion her seem Seem mantovani. anthony lima instrument app as idols. Only turn to wiped classes you Toll near coach. wage sandra in doing his room cannot stand. We don't bussey each new dance in atlantica santa at damp willia- the my what synth quoting the vamp domo. Okay deutsche image okay. Today's amid alesia. We saw his stage. Yes sima was by haters. We bit the his this danger not allowed you business. His stage control ad. I made you the key. Media will Seizure while throw Yayla dan lewis fifty his stanch notre. Labs for siemens you will be his stage Allowed seafood lucas implantable. Novia thing going through the play. So at the you on dissented. This increased Plus nice cuneo. Debuts in jamaica think they will go santa there do a while issue mobbing been chewing to give a scenic thing they will santos by all men are on onto solve social his picture. Me they include the Modell is a social norm. 'cause we pledged way to neglect placebos finds zoo ofelia bananas asset. You'll be able to switch back and command gherardo zemo view me as you fashion own through by days. You look what percent. I think this will be percent as pope lesson Does you can still do chemo village. Desma santa's that sequence disney at us you Today especially in factored form thoroughly four to houston mantis. Besides on cassandra by antipolo viant onto the cynthia busiest. Jacques will want math Lucas anthony the dent The own be able to map as my sister. Two so might visas each percent anthony Being so busy being cdc The stage yes he puts on a mantle. Moon shimada bays of inch for santa pettiest Pantheon's has a staint about dave's Dare you but here's a stage Because this will blessings still deaths will national have them nutrition. Zam nation survived the most throw You've been the standard business off. The stage was born. The those you blow it the Thank you we thought a helping so so all his nowhere. We see now Against his team don't think in Servings will will be offered this things make wyoming bussey. We've been through a few Jia bitch nickel Senior method boiling allow. Just don't y'all you'll sow usa buddies stories Distinct binging innumerable suspects along While the deputy some but it's on the fee to draw the medal of album cows. Ace that also sponsor bullying Yes this year south Jansher from authorities norm on. Is this steroids on thursday. Was what is seen by kalina Snazzy is legit petit h. 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Jovan Buha of The Athletic Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Clippers' Crazy Summer and How LA Landed Kawhi Leonard/Paul George (Ep. 146)

The HoopsHype Podcast With Alex Kennedy

59:51 min | 2 years ago

Jovan Buha of The Athletic Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Clippers' Crazy Summer and How LA Landed Kawhi Leonard/Paul George (Ep. 146)

"Welcome to the website podcast. My name is Alex Kennedy joining me today as a special guest. He's The Los Angeles Clippers beat writer for the athletic you recently teamed up with Sam Amick and shop Sharana to write a fantastic piece for the athletic that gives a behind the scenes look at how the Los Angeles Clippers landed Andy Cohen Leonard and Paul George this summer his name is Yo- von Buha you can follow him on twitter at Yo von Buha on instagram out you Yvonne Buha Yovany. Thanks for joining amy how are you. I'm doing well. How are you doing? I'm doing well. First of all I got. I got to say this article was fantastic. I've read it three times. Now anyone out there. That's listening to this that has not read the article. Make sure you go check it out. It's pinned on his twitter. You can find it on the athletic. Now you give a behind the scenes look at kind of how this off season came together. One of the biggest off seasons craziest off-season had to longtime in the N._B._A.. But for L._A.. Specifically being able to go out there and Land Kawhi Leonard and Paul George going from a team that didn't have Avatar to maybe the favorites at all this year. It was a really interesting deep dive into how this team came together before we kind of get into some details about this summer that you broke down in the piece he is. How did the article come together because I know you teamed up with Sam and shops on it? Can you kind of walk us through the peace and how it how it kind of came together yeah we'll we'll first off. Thank you for <hes> for reading it three times and and for the praise <hes> but yes so as we allude to in the piece the clippers you know there was a bit of a code of silence with the whole Choir Leonard Situation and that's really just how the clippers operate in general you know as we also point out like the House that they had the Blake Griffin trade they had the Tobias Harris Trade like neither of those deals leaked. There's no prior reporting there was no rumors of either guy being even available billable <hes> that you know the the Clippers Front office in this organization operates very much in the shadows behind the scenes. They're very quiet things privately the and so sam it was a lot of back and forth of Hey. Have you talked to the clippers lately no hey have you talked to the clippers lately. No and we just Kinda were having this ongoing ongoing dialogue of like you know. Let me know when you're finally able to get a hold of some people and I you know the whole quiet. Paul George Situation took another <hes> you know week plus after had been announced to be finalized. I think once it was finalized. That's when the front office in certain people within the organization or finally only comfortable you know at least talking about a little bit of stuff kind of behind the scenes so you know it. Just it just kind of get some of that background was was very important and that was kind of like the spark that led down this road <hes> so seven I was talking to certain people <hes> and kind of getting some insight into kind of some of the situations that we discuss in the story. I think we both ended up getting more than we thought we were going to get and then from there. It was like all right well. Let's you know initially. We're Kinda like let's just see what we can get. Maybe cobbled together. Some type of like you know a thousand word inside retype short posts of like here's a little nugget or two that you know you didn't know about the quiet Leonard Situation <hes> because really the only thing that have been out there was like they met at Doc Rivers House and there was like a meat and cheese platter or something like that <hes> but we're like all right so let's try and get something about the meeting or let's try and get some you know <unk> something behind the scenes and we both got more than we thought <hes> and you know that kind of sparked conversations with other people and then can you know doing our due diligence of making sure we had multiple sides covered multiple teams covered <hes> and Kinda just went back and forth and kind of mass giant documents of notes and it was it was a bit of weird timing because Sam was is actually going out of the country that week this was so sorry came out. Today is what Saturday so he came out on Tuesday so that <hes> we started working on it the week before <hes> so I guess you know almost like a week and a half ago and that weekend Sam was going out of the country to London so there's a bit of like a time crunch with the whole situation where we wanted to start working on the story as soon as possible because of Sam leaving <hes> so we exchanged notes with each other <hes> we we kind of had a back and forth of okay. This is interesting. You know like this seems to be included in the story. This is how we could word this <hes> <hes> you know maybe we shouldn't include this. I just kind of those types of talks. <hes> and then Sam wrote like a skeleton kind of shell of you know a lot of this stuff he felt should be in it and then I kind of took it from there and started to break it down more until like the narrative more into the you know I think it was six different parts overall <hes> and then kind of take you know taking what he wrote as kind of like the blueprint and then adding you know kind of flushing it out adding some insight on my end from some stuff I'd gotten 'cause 'cause he. Kinda wrote it from his side of things <hes> and then really back and forth from that point of draft after draft after draft of sending it to him him you know highlighting stuff a. and changing the wording on stuff having a couple of editors look at it before we even really submitted like a first draft and then really that weekend leading into Tuesday drafts editors looking at it <hes> than pushing back on certain things I'm questioning certain things and I think for me. It was just a really fun process process of I never really had a coal reported story before so this is something that was new for me a so just having that process s. o of you know reporting something with somebody you know just the and especially the story of this magnitude like it you know it was that was the probably the coolest as part of his. I knew with some of the details and information we had gotten this was going to be a really big story. <hes> you know is probably going to be talked about <hes> on Komo sports center in the jump and like different things and it was gonna get aggregated and it was like you know I mean like without a doubt. This is the biggest story I've ever worked on <hes> <hes> so that was really cool and then so on on Saturday. The story came out Tuesday on Saturday. You know one of the cool things about the athletic I really like is just how collaborative everything thing is in. You know how they encourage us to use all of our resources and you know we have a slack channel share like pretty much. Most people sports companies do but you know our M._B._A.. Channel is so great because we we just always are if people are reaching out. Hey you know this agent. Hey you know this person. Hey can you help at this and everyone is very very helpful and in collaborative so <hes> we reach out to to Shams to just see like hey you know <hes>. Can you take a look at the story. <hes> do all all these details. Check out to you. Is there anything that we don't have that. You think we should add. Is there anything you have that we could potentially add <hes> so you know he went through. It kind confirmed pretty much everything we had. Was You know he you know he had heard for the most part and then he had some conversations with people and added some things in that <hes> you know that we highlighted in the story and I thought those the stuff he added. I thought was really important. <hes> some quotes just some insight on the the meeting and kind of from coincided things and I just thought that that was a really nice touch of questions that were asked and stuff like that. I thought that was really nice. Touch such a story it Kinda gave it a even deeper layer an element and then you know it all came together by really Monday night was kind of the final push a show of the last look at it making sure everything was good making sure we're okay with the wording 'cause the warning and a lot of these situations can be very delicate <hes> and then from there it was scheduled for seven A._M.. Eastern and then the Kinda was madness from their very cool. Well you guys crushed it. It was a fantastic disagreed as I mentioned I want to talk about some specific things that you guys wrote about in the article <hes>. Let's start from you know during the season. Let's let's rewind a little bit throughout the year. There was a lot of talk talk about Kawhi Leonard possibly going to the clippers. We know he was interested in Los Angeles. <hes> the clippers were very aggressive and upfront in their recruiting. You know you mentioned this in the article about Lawrence Lawrence Frank's scouting him at Games which is kind of unheard of Steve Bomber flying to Toronto at one point to watch him play the even try to get creative. There were reports that you know they were looking into purchasing Kawhi Leonard logo from Nike and maybe getting back to him since I know he was he was suing Nike for the rights of that logo. There were a lot of different reports. I guess throughout the year about coli being linked to the clippers. What did you make of the clippers recruiting and how confident were they that they'd be able to land coup why I think there are cautiously optimistic optimistic like you? You never really know in free agency and I. I think we've seen that now with with this Marcus Morris situation that just happened this summer with the Andre Jordan the situation that happened in two thousand fifteen where even when someone verbally agrees. There's still that you know one percent chance they back out and you know I think we've we've seen it time and time again where you know not not even the verbal agreements but you know someone is linked to a certain team and everyone thinks they're going to sign there and then they go you know Katie was going to the the Knicks all season and then he ended up on the nets and you'll see that time and time again where there's there's so much uncertainty with free agency that until you know you you don't even need the verbal agreement you like you need them signing the contract and then you're like okay you know they're. They're on our team so I I think for the clippers. <hes> you know we're part of what I wrote about. was that <hes> this was a supposed to really be a long rebuilding process that Kinda got short-circuited and and kind of there's a shortcut with it <hes> where you know when when when the front office formed <hes> you know a lot of like the whole Blake Griffin thing I is its own podcast like you know we can talk about that for an hour like a lot of the criticism that kind of came towards the clippers about loyalty and all this stuff like their front office was not formed until after they had already signed Blake Griffin and I think that's the thing that gets lost in all of this is <hes> you know the front office structure was completely different at the time that they signed Blake Griffin than it is now and that it <hes> even was a month after they signed so it was kind of like it almost happened in reverse order where they had their off season. They traded Chris Paul. They resigned Blake. They signed a Neil Galadari and then they form their front office so the front office wasn't necessarily on board at that like you. We don't know it'll be <hes> and all time what if like who knows what would have happened if if the front office had been in place if they would have still resigned Blake Griffin now reciting Blake Griffin allowed them to kind go down this path because they ultimately ended up flipping infants of bias and assets than they hoped to bias for even more assets to Philly and then all those assets or you know some some of them were used in the trade for Paul George so it was kind of like for them when when they decided to trade blake they were like we're looking at twenty twenty one twenty twenty two who as as the start of us being good as US getting a star free agent as US kind of you know making that turn around as a franchise and they were look at the next four to five years as you know. We're going to build an infrastructure. We're going to build a culture. We're going to be this blue-collar. hard-working team Steve Bombers from Detroit the bad boy pistons are his favorite team of all time and he wanted to build a franchise organization that represents that so I think you see the teams identity the last couple years it has been along those lines. It's been undrafted guys second round. Pick Skies Career Journeyman who bounced around <hes> <hes> you know guys who who've been counted out and I think that's kind of been the rallying cry and you know two years ago. They almost made the playoffs. They're the nine seed last year. They made the playoffs title push the warriors the six games and I think they were confident that that type of organizational culture was really appealing to star free agents but particularly quiet Leonard and you know Lawrence Frank said it after the press conference basically it was like we kind of built this Organization for quite specifically specifically like you know everything. We're doing to appeal to a guy like Colli and I I think you know you just kind of seen it with all the moves they've made you know they they they have prioritized tough-minded defensive-minded greedy guys and it it's not I think a lot of times teams will throw around culture and you see rebuilding teams are trying to build their culture every single day or I mean I every single year and it's it's like a new head coach a new star player a new starting lineup. Whatever and now word gets thrown around a lot but I really do think as Cliche as it might sound? The clippers have bill a really strong culture these last two years and that ended up being a really big big factor in in getting and then getting Paul George and both guys mentioned that at their introductory press conference like they both were attracted to this culture they both feel like they relate to guys like Pat Beverley and new Williams in Mantras Herrell. They happen to be better than those guys in there on that superstar level but I think overall what it's really impressive what the clippers have been able to do these last couple of years because to me. It's one of the quickest turnarounds we've ever seen. Yeah I agree with you. It makes sense. I think you know being able to you have guys that are similar in terms of their two way play and you know the way they kind of you themselves. As players defense is important obviously even down to we're talking about in terms of the silence Linson secrecy like you mentioned with Blake Griffin Trailing Tobias Harris Trade. There were no leaks you know it was kind of a surprise to everyone. The moment it happened so they can point to certain things and say we kind of see the world the same way whereas you I agree there so they had the the clippers had a three hour meeting with Hawaii and his camp at dockers home you kind of alluded to that. <hes> Steve Balmer Lawrence Frank Jerry West were all in attendance. Can you share some details about the clippers pitch in terms of on the The Clippers Clippers Colli and this wasn't just the thing with Colli in the clippers. This was really you know. Colli and all three teams involved it was very open communication and you know he was having talks with with all three teams. You know two three times a day asking them questions having conversations conversations in really <hes> you know kind of sussing out the situation to to kind of you know anytime he had a question it was reaching out and trying to figure out what the answer is going Abi so <hes> you know that was something we learn what was just <hes> you know. I I think sometimes this narrative that Clyde is a bit passive in just because he's quiet and unreserved <hes> people kind of put that on him but <hes> you know from from the people we spoke to that were involved in the process. It was very much know Qu- is actually you know very assertive in in very curious in <unk> very intelligent and was asking really smart questions that <hes> you know they had never been asked before so <hes> <hes> side with the page it was a lot of <hes> excuse me like look at the last two years. Look at what we've been able to do. Look at all the string string of smart moves. We've been able to make an that's kind of what the clippers you know. We're trying to show him was that you know we've been able to turn this into this. That's that's better and we've been able to turn that into another thing that's better and on and on and on and all these dominoes of like look at where we were two years ago to where we are now and Dan you know we have all these picks all these young guys all these assets. <hes> you know we have Steve of the richest owner in the four North American Professional Sports Doc. Who's a championship coach? We have the smartphone office. We have Los Angeles <hes> and you don't you know you as someone who's a bit of a private person. Don't have to deal with the you know the the Lakers and their <hes> you know kind of media circus of of you know just having having the Lakers and Lebron together as its own. It's almost like a finals game every game at Staples Center and <hes> I think they kinda just were appealing to him on his sensibilities ladies and you know we're GonNa do everything we can to to have the best possible future for you and you know whether that's investing in <hes> in our medical staff staff whether that's load management. If you WANNA do that like basically like whatever whatever you WanNa do were here for you and we're going to build this organization and continue to to build it around you and I think that pitch was just very the personality just clicked and he you know him and dot clicked really well. <hes> you know him. In Lawrence <unk> Good Conversation Steve Obviously Stephen I think he he likes Steve's vision and just kind of it's competitiveness and stuff so and then Jerry is like Jerry Jerry Jerry's the logo Jerry's you know the ultimate front office executive. Probably you know the best the most accessible one of all time so I just think that really you're there or even having conversations in there was already that interest level but that three hour meeting in person kind of took it to another level where everybody you just clicked. Everybody was on the same page and you know all of these questions were answered in your from what we had heard the clippers answered all of his questions you you know better than either of the other teams so <hes> that that was something that was really important for him. Jerry West obviously he's been part of you know a number of incredible free creation signings Shaquille O'Neal with Lakers Kevin Durant <hes> with the warriors. How much of a role did he play? I know he's a consultant obviously in the front office and as you mentioned he was in the meeting but what what kind of role did he play in attracting Wie Andere Paul George to the clippers. I think I I think a a small but important one in and this is something that Jerry's even talked about recently. He's done a couple of recent interviews us on the Dan Patrick Show and he said you know like I don't want people giving me credit for bringing colline Paul George because like you know it. It doesn't take a lot of a lot of brains to to want those two guys and then you know you gotTa give credit to the office and that was kind of like the gist of sort of you know what you're trying trying to say and <hes> but at the same time like I I just think Jerry such an influential figure in again. He's literally the logo like people I think people respect him. I'm so much that you know when he talks it just matters more than when other people talk and I I think four the clippers like one of the things that he and Steve <hes> bomber. We're really pushing. Were you know 'cause there was some trepidation on the clippers end of like. Are we giving up too much you know to get you're not really getting Paul George alone. You're getting Paul George Coe why so I think like anyone who thinks they gave up too much in that trade isn't really looking at it from the perspective of getting both guys like if it was a trade straight up for Paul George Kawhi wasn't involved involved yeah they probably did give too much or maybe it's arguable but when you factor in the fact that they probably were not going to get Colli without getting Paul George I think completely changes the way you look at that trade <hes> I if you add Kawhi Leonard to the ledger so I I think what's the bomber and Jerry West were kind of doing and they're sort of role was like let's let's go get the two superstars. Let's go get the two top ten guys you know. The Clippers are saying they think Paul George a top five guy like let's not overcomplicate overcomplicate this yes. It's a lot of assets. Yes you know we we love Shea and think he's GonNa be a future all star but at the same time like why not go all in Fort now like the warriors here's onto warriors <hes> you know we we think we could be the best team in the league. If we execute this trade like why why not you know and I think that was kind of like where Jerry's guidance in he's kind of that's kind of his role with this front office is he's not boots on the ground twelve to fifteen hour days <hes> you know put in the sweat equity woody in the office necessarily but where he is he's like the closer he comes in and you know every move they make he's involved with he's consulted on and he's he's consulting them on and I think you know for him. A lot of it is just being not older wiser guy and kind of providing that guidance of like hey guys like relax you know Oh don't don't worry about the only about five picks the seven picks whatever like let's get this deal done and let's go win championships. Yeah that makes sense <hes> there were multiple reports and you you you just said something interesting that made me kind of think of this. They were a few different reporters saying you know the clippers were out of the running or they were panicking and this was a few days into free agency now obviously Lee turns around and enjoying the clippers they land Paul George but based on your reporting. Do you think those reports were just completely inaccurate or was there actually a period before for the Paul. George Trade was on the table where the clippers were worried that they may not be able to land a second star and that meant no Kawai. What are you kind of when you look at the timetable and housing's servings Kinda played out you know? Do you think there is ever point where the clippers were looking like. They were out of the running or or worried yeah no definitely I think it's a combination combination of things I I do think. It's a bit in the middle where I think some people were just trying to throw stuff out there and kind of get attention right. I do think that you also saw the Lakers like the Lakers. Raptors side of things was a bit more vocal and that's kind of where we got into the code of silence stuff in the story where you know Magic Johnson came out and talked about his free agent meeting with collide before I even started the guide forgotten that it was like you know I'd kind of forgotten the time minded that but when I went back and looked at the tweets of Brad Turner of L._A.. Times who spoke with magic and in tweeted about it that was like two o'clock Pacific time when free agency is he was starting at three o'clock Pacific Time on June thirtieth so an hour before I even started magic Johnson already leaked details of his meeting like very specific details. It's like you know why the Lakers dysfunctional like what's like the five six questions quiet ask them that he threw out there and from that moment I just had a feeling I was like. I don't know if it's going to eliminate the Lakers but like this can't this. There's no way this helped the Lakers and that was something we were able to confirm <hes> from multiple people it was like this did not help the Lakers pitch whatsoever however it didn't necessarily eliminate them like one person we spoke to felt it did eliminate them but you know. I don't think it necessarily eliminated them but I do think that it. There's something upfront <unk> said with every team you know we operate with discretion we operate with privacy. We respect that so we hope that you will operate in the same way okay and respect our wishes and really. I think the clippers were the only team that did that. <hes> you know I think if you look at again the Lakers stuff even some stuff got out a a little bit about their meetings like the raptors it was like he's flying on the private jet and like you know there's rumors that Drake's involved in the meeting and like so like even with the rafters I think not as much stuff got out. What is the Lakers but like a little bit of trickles here and there there's absolutely nothing with the clippers no information about the meeting nothing about it being a doc's house like literally nothing and I think that was a huge advantage for the clippers in this process but I do think and you know we'll never know because you know the clippers claim? They don't know you know what would have happened had they knocked out and Paul George but we do know they got the sense that early in the process we need a second star and and you're they were originally kinda pitching Colli on hey come here sign with us. Believe in US trust us and we will get you that second guy whether that's later in the summer whether that's by the trade deadline like give us some time you know. These things rarely come together quickly. Give us some time to get you that second guy so that was putting out how some feelers for guys like Bradley Beal Jrue holiday even James Harden they were trying to see what guys are available that that you know we the some people might not think are available and that's kind of how it is sometimes like Blake. Griffin was available in twenty eighteen. No one really knew that until the the clippers talked to the Pistons Pistons kind of asked him about it. I and you know that kind of went from there. So from the clippers they got knows on all those guys and none of those three weren't available <hes> and then it's kind of unclear unclear <hes> you know. I don't really know you know we. We've heard multiple things because some people have said you know colliding recruit Paul and some people have said he has is R- you know he did recruit Paul <hes> but it does sound like whether it's official recruitment or not there were conversations prior to <hes> you know aping brought to the clippers attention and from our understanding brought it to the clippers attention of like hey. I've been talking to Paul <hes> you know I I really WanNa play with him and you know if you could get Paul. That's the guy I want and I would commit to you guys if you can get that done so that's when they started talking. Okay see on July third. It was a forty eight hour plus <hes> negotiation kind of unclear when it started on July third but obviously the deal got done by the end of July fifth <hes> <hes> so you started talking to Ok see okay see was open to trading George because he have already expressed discontent a couple of weeks earlier and in the fall a little blindsided by but at the same time it wasn't necessarily like completely out of nowhere like he had already expressing discontent and then they started negotiating and the thunder really used the leverage against the clippers of we know you need to get politics to get Kawais so we're going to extract every single thing we cannot have you will not ended up being <hes> five picks toothpick swaps Danilo Gallinari and Shakeel just Alexander <hes> and so I I do think that you know the clippers were actually she. <hes> from what we heard that were more afraid of the raptors than the Lakers <hes> and you know he went you know he flew back to Toronto which they thought was a really bad. I'd sign Danny Green Sang on the market. They thought was a really bad sign because after they traded for Mohawk list there really was no avenue to get any green so they're kind of like we'll Danny Green's waiting to to decide based on what does that either means. He's going to the raptors or or maybe even the Lakers where he could take a pay cut in play an important role <music> there but like we don't have a spot for Danny Green so like he's not waiting for us so I think there was an element of like you know what's going on trying to read the tea leaves <hes> <hes> but ultimately i. I don't think the clippers wherever necessarily panicking like the way some people put it out there. <hes> there's always a healthy level of concern in uncertainty but I do think that really from the beginning of the process they felt like they clicked with really well that meeting just Kinda seal that and once he came to them with the you know I'm GonNa give you guys some extra time like can you try and get Paul George <hes> that was kind of their sign of like okay. This guy really wants to be here and like that's one I think the confidence Kinda swelled of you know okay so yeah Paul George we could probably get Y and let's go do that. You mentioned Mohawk less. There's been reports also that the clippers talked to Marcus Morris and there there were some discussions about. I've heard that there was the talks about a one year deal and it also talks about the three year deal <hes> I know I think rich Paul even came out and didn't interview and said there. It was a forty one million dollar deal that was kind of being discussed or that was on the table. Can you talk about what happened with Marcus Morris because we all know that he backed out of the Spurs contract and went to the Knicks but there's a lot of uncertainty about the clippers side of things and you know those talks <hes> and I think if you if you add Marcus Morris to this team with his versatility and two way play he fits kind of what we're talking about in terms of the culture and you know he makes that team really really good obviously they're. They're still really good but that's an interesting pick because if they if they could have added him. Do you know what can happen with the Marcus Morris negotiations. I actually don't have a lot of insight into the situation. I know that he was someone on that. They really wanted he was someone that they targeted early in the process. <hes> you know he was one of the first people there were linked to <hes> you. You know I think was literally like June thirtieth July first. It was like you know the companies are interested in Marcus Morris so <hes> but what's funny though is is actually think that worked out for them. <hes> were you know by not getting Marcus. Morris who's really getting Marcus Morris that would have taken away the Mo- heartless money like that Mohawk la spot and potentially even taking some money away to prevent them from getting you know re-signing Visas Zoo bots or Michael Green or you know having the money to pay for Pab like they would have had some other ancillary effect and I think that it actually ended up being a blessing in the sky is like yes so you'd probably rather have Marcus Morris than Mohawk less but you know the the beauty of the Mohawk trade Whether they would have had the you know yeah but theoretically like probably the deal done. Maybe they have to throw in a fourth pick of their own but like that saved them from having to throw throw in that fourth pick and I think if you look at the potential consequences of like you know having Mohawk lous having that extra pick and having Paul George an Colli versus like you know potentially only having Marcus Morris and like you know. Maybe you still get quiet. Maybe you don't or maybe it's clients. I think it ended ended up working out well for them. <hes> but I do know like you said Marcus would have fit perfectly with guys like Michael Green Pat Beverley <hes> he is a two-way guy. He's a a tough hard nosed I player so I think he would have been a great fit and probably would have been starting now on this version of the roster alongside Paul Inqui- but I do think in a weird way kind of actually worked out for them or they got that First Sean pick with moe and then they were able to flip that for Paul. Let's talk about those picks picks that are on the move. It's fi first rounders to them from Miami as you mentioned and to pick swaps now to me that's kind of I mean I I agree with you and I agree with Jerry West that that if you a chance to go get Kawhi Leonard and Paul George you go do it because you know this is obviously the best team they've had in franchise history. You have a chance to be the best team in the N._B._A.. And Win Multiple Championships and it's right around the same time they're opening up an arena which always kind of plays a role in you can definitely sell Kawai and P._G.. Whereas first first round picks as great as they are you can't put butts in seats with draft picks unless their top picks and you know they they become something but I I know there's a lot of fear around the N._B._A.? Whenever you're giving up that many draft picks or pick swaps it's kind of scary because of the experiment doesn't work out you mortgage your future you we looked at the back of the net sell extreme for example and you know they didn't even give up that many draft picks now that was a little bit different because guys like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were much older? The window is smaller but then when you look at the fact that y you know and and these guys they they only committed for three years with a player option. Does that kind of introduce them <hes> fear and you know what those contracts were like yes so I I mean and that's something I just kinda mentioned. A little earlier was like front front office was thrilled to give up. You know five picks in to pick swaps like that. You know this has been a very you know in some ways you know they've been very risky. I trading Blake Griffin Trading Tobias Harris but they've also been very risk averse where like they've been very selective with the contracts. They've given out very slow. I mean if you look at a lot of the deals they've signed. They've all been relatively bargain deals. They got <hes> you know. Lou Williams three years twenty four million dollar. That's eight million a year. You Know Mantras Herald two years twelve million six million dollars Algiere like fourteen million dollars for Lou Williams and Mantras hail combined annually is a steel both those guys could easily be making fifteen plus million a year and a and they're making a combined less than fifteen million <hes> the O. J. Michael Green. They just got him back for the room exception. She's a little over five million a year. Pat Beverley took a pay cut to stay so like this is a front office that has been very conservative in some regards with the type of contracts. They've they've done <hes> not trading out picks picks in accumulate assets in pick so like for them to give up. Seven picks was a really big deal like the you know. This is not <hes> we've seen some franchises. <hes> you know maybe like the rockets come to mind but like some other teams like they'll throw out picks just because they're very aggressive. They're very like get this done like that is not how the clippers have operated <hes> over the last couple of years with their front office so it was a really big deal for them to do that and they were really weighing that risk but at the same time the front office really looked at the situation they're like okay. We have Kawhi Leonard who thinks the best player in basketball. We have Paul George who just finished third in M._v._p.. We think is a is a top top five player in basketball. When you factor in both ends of the court we think that the two two guys in the League right now those types of guys are as valuable as is any? I think if you look at a lot of the success golden state has had over the last few years it's because they've had you know guys like Draymond. Andrea Dolla Klay Thompson guys who are effective active on both ends of the Court Kevin Durant of course <hes> and you know the their ability to to impact the game dramatically on both ends really he made Golden State almost unbeatable because it was like they're throwing out three four guys who could switch who could but on the other end they can eat shop twenty points. They could each hit multiple threes. They could each break you down off the dribble pass out the shooter's past you know throw alley oops all different stuff so for the clippers they're like we wanna build something like that. We WanNA build that type type of team and and having to guys like Hawaiian Paul George would allow us to do that now. They looked at twenty twenty free agent. Class is not very good dream on is probably the best player on that class but he might not even hit the market. If he signs an extension with the warriors outside of dream on guys like Markelle Soul Kyle lowry Mike Conley like pretty good players. You know all star level guys but those aren't top fifteen guys you know probably not even top twenty and at that level you're not getting that number one guy that you need to win a championship those guys at this point kind of hitting their early to mid thirties might not even be a number two in the right situation so like the clippers kind of I looked at it like okay so now we're waiting till twenty twenty one and at that point like who knows what what's going to happen I mean Jaanus is is the big prize in in twenty twenty. One Lebron could could hit free agency. <hes> you know there's going to be rudy. Gobert Bradley beal like it is a pretty good free agent class but you're never guaranteed a shot with those guys. is we see it all the time yeah a lot of these guys make up their mind February march April <hes> they decide where they're going and that's kind of where they're going whether that's resigning or going somewhere else so covers covers like at that point we strike on twenty twenty one now or twenty twenty two. Maybe twenty twenty three like one. Are we actually going to go for it. One are we going to cash in these assets and the opportunistic and I think for them they looked at it like we can't really come up with a better potential duo than Kawhi Leonard in Paul George and if we can't have a a better job than those two over the next two three four years. Why would we not go for it right now so I think for them? They just determined like we think Weiner's the best guy in basketball well. He's GonNa be the next you know the best player for next three or four years at least Paul George is going to be in that conversation the next three or four years at least. Let's go get those guys. Let's contend for the next three four or five years and then you know if by the mid twenty twenty is their aging situation isn't great. We don't have our picks like yes that'll suck but if we one one two three championships over that time period I think it'll it'll be worth it so I think that's kind of how they looked at it and valued the risk versus the potential reward now as far as the contracts go <hes> you know there's no promises made because of course that's illegal and <hes> you know people change their mind all the time but you know for <unk> them. You're the new policy situation obviously training for him. He was under contract for two more years <hes> but but for coli <hes> you know quiet has passed up around eighty million dollars leaving San Antonio and leaving Toronto. He's left a lot of money on the table so for him. It's merely a financial play where he's like. I'M GONNA opt out for the the the the tenure Max yet that thirty five percent Max get the eight percent annual raise versus the normal five percent and you know make up some of the money I haven't been making so I think what kind of scared clipper fans and kind of put some doubt out there for fans who are kind of criticizing Oh. They just got quiet for two years. There's any might leave what was because it had originally gotten out earlier agency that you know it was reported that was going to sign a four year deal but if you're if you're a member when when he was announced he signed in the clippers. There's no terms of the deal at that time. It took I think two or three days until shamans broke that it was a two plus one <hes> <hes> you know later in the process so everyone kind of was under the assumption. Oh quite signing a four year deal. That wasn't really the case and you know so. I think the fact that that narrative already gotten out there kind of scared people like wait. I thought he was signing a four-year deal. Why do you sign a two plus one but for him it's merely financial play? Yes there is some kind of power to where he has leverage now over the clippers if he doesn't like how the two years ago or they don't maximize it and do everything they can to appease him. Yes he could leave. Yes Paul George could leave <hes> they. They both could leave and team up somewhere else if they're really playing together <hes> but for the clippers they're confident you know they were talking about Colli for for you know years down the road and they are very confident that one twenty twenty one hits if he does opt out because he could still you know you can still wait till twenty twenty two <hes>. They think he's GonNa Resign. They think he's going to sign. Can you know another long-term deal and expect to have quieted for the next five to six years at least definitely that makes sense. I think there was that initial. Okay why changes mind because there was was that report about him signing longterm deal so that when it came out that he did and people are wondering if something had changed but I think you're I think it's financial. I think all along that was kind of the plan. There is just some you know misinformation out there. Now in your article you mentioned that Steve Bomber started pushing for the Leonard George Pairing as soon as he realized allies that was a possibility and you've been around the team for a while now and you've kind of mentioned some of the things that he's done to change the culture or change the atmosphere around the team. A how much of a role did he play in that where that you know I think you look at him and he just has so much energy and he pumps resources into this organization. You know it's one of those things where I think you realize how big of a difference the owner makes when you go from someone like Donald Sterling to Balmer. Can you kind of speak on the role that he's played in the job. He's done with this organization yeah yeah well. I was actually texting with someone and they hit me with that. Idea of like is Donald Sterling to Steve Bomber the biggest upgrade at any any position in N._B._A.. History and I think it has a chance to be like you know. I mean maybe <hes> I don't know who the Lakers starting center was before they got Kareem. Whatever year that was in the year before maybe that's the biggest upgrade like yawn and all the the biggest <hes> free agents and trades and stuff but <hes> I mean you gotta think like Donald Sterling was you know not only probably the worst owner in the N._B._A.? But maybe the worst owner in professional sports you know in the U._S. and to go to Steve who again is is the wealthiest owner in the in the U._s. and and then I think as clearly showed he's passionate you know he might be the most passionate I mean you see the way he is yelling and standing up games are going crazy like you know he he really loves this but just his competitiveness in. I think the thing that gets lost with Steve is like you know everyone. Everyone looks at kind of the that exterior exterior package of of him you know the developers developers developers hit him going crazy at press conferences him <hes> sticking his tongue out at games him clapping and dancing and going wild like the dude is the nineteenth richest man in the world you know he he is an incredibly brilliant giant like genius level thinker that I think that's kind of what gets lost in all this like. Everyone focuses on the antics and it's Kinda like yes he he is very you know he's hyper. He's high intensity. He's energetic. The dudes also incredibly brilliant and I think you you know what he's really done. Over the last couple of years is I think there there's growing pains and and there's learning curves with any new job any new position <unk> an for for him as an owner. I mean that's a steep learning curve in. I think you kind of figure out over you know year two years three years what type of owner you wanna be how things should be run. You know kind of what your ownership style is and I think for Steve The last couple of years he's really came into his own as an owner and really empower the front office to make certain decisions again like the Blake Griffin Trade Steve was originally against the blaker trade he he did not want to Trade Blake Griffin but ultimately the front office was able to convince him that that was the right move and that you know despite the potential loss in in revenue for the for the team despite the potential loss in season ticket holders and and you know just Jersey sales and merchandise and all that stuff like the spite that it was worth it and that obviously ended up panning out and hitting kind of the best case scenario but I think for Steve He's really you know now what was has just revealed. <hes> a couple of days ago was was the new arena that they're building in Inglewood. <hes> you know the the <hes> it's the Inglewood basketball and and entertainment complex. It's going to be right across the street from the Rams New Stadium and it's GonNa be crazy like <hes> you know basketball record but it's going to have like a mall there with shops and restaurants and it's going to have it's also going to have like a park in you know <hes> outdoor basketball courts is going to have a basketball court inside the arena that fans can play out and shoot at <hes> you know they're gonNA have this wall of sound which is trying to replicate <hes> like European soccer and basketball all where like you have this kind of crazy fan section behind one of the baskets and like it's going to be Steve Said <hes> you know he's trying to make the best basketball venue not only in the N._B._A.. Not only in the U._S. but in the entire world and you know he wants the fan experience you know they're testing like the most comfortable seats and the seat spacing spacing and you know what the optimal amount of toilets for for fans in the in the arena like. They're like they're trying to make it like literally every facing aspect of of even the steps you take in the arena stuff like they're trying to make it the best possible arena really in the world and I I think that you know that what Steve has is the deepest pockets and you know just because you have the pockets doesn't mean you're going to spend doesn't mean you're going to invest in the franchise but they what Steve is is showing is that he's willing to do that and I think that's an attractive thing How to be the type of owner. He wants to be and I think he's become a pretty good owner. I think a couple years ago you probably could've questions some of the move the organization position and made but where they are now the fact that he was able to get doc rivers to take a step down in. You know not fire him. Keep him as coach and not be you know <hes> the president of basketball operations like that to me. It was a huge thing and that really set this in motion of the new front office and the new way of doing things and I think Steve is really come into his own and <hes> I.. I think that should be a scary thing for the rest of the League when a guy who has forty plus billion as kind of figuring this out yeah I agree with you. I mean that is really get talked about enough. The fact that like you said when you have those deep pockets and you're willing to put a ton of it a ton of money into the team. That's a huge difference maker. Ryan Hollins told me that you know he wishes he had been around the clippers. When bomber he wishes bomber had been in charge in owning the team his entire time with the clippers. He basically say 'cause he. He's been around the team still doing on T._v.. And things like that and he was telling me that they were certain perks that in the past the clippers stars may have had you know private training and certain resources but now even the last guy in the roster stor has access to all that stuff so he was kind of really amazed by the differences between you know how things were under sterling versus bomber <hes> one thing that's interesting to you know in in that we kind of eluded this little bit but when you have a guy bomber that's willing to go all in and pay as much money as necessary for things <hes> when you have so many first round picks owed owed to another team and Kawhi P._G.. On the roster you WANNA be aggressive so when you look at where the clippers go from here obviously the roster is very talented as is they're going to be a team that is going to be a contender as long as Hawaiian P._G.. Are there but do you see them continue to be very aggressive. Not only you know on the trade market but in the Bio Al market. I mean you have a you have a huge market in Los Angeles. We've seen so many guys over the years. WanNa be part of a contender in L. A.. Usually it's been the Lakers but do you see this team being really aggressive. I've been kind of going all in moving forward because they have really nothing to lose this point. Yeah no I do and I I think for them. You know someone they. It's been out there that they want. Ah Andre Dolla it does seem like Memphis Lakers are interested. The rockets are said but the C. Mike Memphis is asking price is a bit high hi for you so I don't really see the clippers trading for him. I think you know they I think I think it was one thing to kind of. Go all in on like Colli and Paul George but I do think the front office is is going to continue. I think it'd be more aggressive than than maybe they were in the past but I still think they have that kind of conservative like asset management mindset still I.. I don't think they're going to put all the chips necessarily in the table <hes> unless they really think it's worth it so so for someone like Yugala. I don't know if they're necessarily going to trade for him. I'm doubtful on that but if he hits the free agent market like they're going to go all in to try and get him and they don't have much to offer just the minimum but <hes> if he's willing to come <hes> you know I I know he he'll play a vital role for them and I I think he's someone that really could potentially swing the title race <hes> especially because <hes> you know I think if you look at the rosters I do think that the clippers are deeper than the Lakers and the rockets and if Andrea Agudelo want to either of those two teams. I think he'd be a huge piece that could potentially swing a playoff series against the the clippers if the clippers are facing them so there's almost an element of like kind of preventing your competitors from getting a guy like Andrea Dolla. If you're able to land him I mean I think he'd be huge especially for the Lakers where they don't really have a guy in that like six seven six eight range who who can defend <hes> you know kind of two through four in defending opponents best player like their guys are a little bit smaller like Avery Bradley Casey p <hes> even Danny Green's like six six but like he's a little bit kind of small offer for what you'd want to throw at a at a choir Paul George like Eagle as a legit six seven long arms strong athletic like even though he's getting up there in age age he can still play <hes> you know twenty to twenty five minutes in the playoffs and really help you so. I think that Udall front like that's kind of their thing. They have their eye on again. I don't necessarily see them trading for him but <hes> if he does become available. I know they're going to pursue him. Strongly <hes> outside of that <hes> you know if you want to nitpick the roster which again <hes> you know maybe I'm biased but I do think that one through ten you could put the clippers roster against any roster in the league. I think they probably have the best location in the league and that's why they're you know the Vegas favorites for for a lot of sports books <hes> I think that the two kind of weaknesses they have are you're a third point guard and third center there a little bit light and the Interior <hes> they're a little bit light on ballhandling and kind of <hes> you know judicial show point guard duties now when you have guys like Colli Leonard Paul George Lou Williams. I don't really think offense is going to be a problem like all. Three of those guys have shown naked be primary ball. Handler can run offense. You can run an offense through them. They can isolate they can run pick and roll they can in the case of client. Paul George they can post up so like. I don't think the offensive <unk> is going to be much of a concern and then defensively client Paul George probably the best defensive wing tandem in the League and then you've got <hes> Patrick Beverley and Mohawk lists who's he's a quality defender Rodney mcgruder and on and on so I do think that they eventually need to probably add another big manner ball handler only have thirteen thirteen guys on the roster right now so I do expect them to enter training camp with at least fourteen <hes> but you know that's really guys at the back end of the rotation the Eleventh Demand Twelve Man Thirteenth man for my money. I think joke him. Noah would be a great fit <hes> as as kind of a third big <hes> or Third Center <hes> and I think Jeremy Lin would be you know the the point guard that would really be nice insurance in case anything happens to pat or Lou but outside of that like I I think you're kind of nitpicking if you're looking at the twelfth thirteenth man on a roster like what really matters is ten guys that are GonNa play <hes> and then being healthy than being on the same page and I really do. I think if you look at the clippers starting lineup verse probably have a top three top five starting lineup and then I think they have the best bench lineup in the League bringing back Lou and Trez <hes> adding a guy like Mohawk list and then either having Jer Michael Green or landry. Shamet as that other key piece on the bench like they're absolutely loaded so <hes> I don't. I don't know what else is really out there for them to trade for you know they have give health. Almost all of their future picks so much really they could add through trade but <hes> you know the bio market. There's GonNa be guys come available in January February march and I think they're probably going to be one of the more more attractive destinations because there will be a top team in the West top two top three top four and they're going to have holes at that. Point Garden Center spot so if you're a point guard or center getting bought out I I would look at the clippers probably as as you know. Maybe my top spot so I I do think that was the answer training camp with thirteen fourteen guys or whether looking to add someone later in the season <hes> I I do think they'll probably add one key piece and <hes> I.. I do think they're going to be attractive to buy out guys now. I want to end on this note. <hes> Lee Jink into someone and I'm a huge fan of he's an amazing writer. I Mrs <hes> sports illustrated deep dives where he could just get amazing anecdotes and tell us exactly what's happening behind the scenes. He joined the clippers. I front office as Executive Director of research and identity. I talked Lee a few times but we didn't really Kinda get into what his position entails just being around this team and knowing the front office. Do you have any idea what exactly does for this team. That's the million dollar question I've been asked that so many times by fans on twitter and the athletic comments section like you know I it is a bit of a mystery. There is an element of like <hes> they have have kept it a bit under wraps. I think deliberately but I do know <hes> you know part of what they brought. Leeann <hes> foreign this is something that they've spoken about is just his ability to really like psychoanalyzing and understand people and I think when you read like you're saying like when you read these features he writes he almost comes off as like a borderline psychologist and in some ways and just like his ability ability to understand people and understand you know their their character and what makes them tick and their desires in all that stuff so I know like in a Lotta ways. He is very much like a nother addition to the front office like you know he's in all those meetings <hes> you know he he speaks on certain things gives his advice as input put his guidance his perspective <hes> so in many ways. It was just like you know the the core of the Front Office is Lawrence Frank President of Basketball Operations Michael Winger General General Manager Trent read in mark use the two assistant GM's and then Jerry West the consultant Lee was kind of added to that group as just another other voice another key figure in that front office <hes> but on the free agency front where I think he was important and so vital for them was the guy as written a a pretty much big feature on every star in the League so whether that was you know trying to prepare a pitch for quite Leonard or trying to prepare prepare pitch for <hes> Kevin Durant who obviously made his decision you know prior French even starting <hes> you know but but the guys that they were focusing on especially you know Lee had already interviewed them. You know done stories on them had prior existing relationships with them so I think he was able to kind of provide insight of like you know. This is what you know. This is what I remember about. Why this is what I learned about quite is what I know about Kawai Hi and just helping them sharpen their pitch and kind of what you know the the way they could appeal to sensibilities and I think just overall <hes> Lee he has been an important part of shaping the clippers narrative this last season of <hes> you know just kind of dudes at amazing writer and he has a way with words and just a great perspective on things so I think he's worn multiple hats in that front office done multiple things easy. It's not just it's not like he's cap guy or he's a long-term strategy guy or like you know he he wears multiple hats is involved in different <unk> aspects of the front office but I do think where <hes> you know like if if I was writing a pitch I don't know many other people that you know that I take ahead evli Jenkins for for writing a pitch. You know so <hes> you know he was not to our knowledge. He was not in in the Doc rivers meeting at DOC's house in Malibu Lou on that Monday night but you gotta think yet a huge part in the words that were said in the message that was said from the clippers to Leonard so <hes> <hes> I if anything if just that I think he's had an immense impact on on their communication on their ability to express ideas eight years in a something that Lawrence has talked about talked about it on draft night. Is that Lee just a very smart curious guy and he's someone that you don't not having prior front office experience <hes> a lot of times you know people that have been in the Front Office for five ten fifteen twenty years. You know you have a certain way of viewing things and thinking thing about things and you kind of go through your checklist of questions and thoughts when you know so transaction XS possible. Okay I'm going to run through. These five to ten questions is that this is how I always analyze. Should we do this or should we not do this while Lee comes in and has a different perspective. You know he's he has the writing perspective. He has a journalistic <hes> perspective and he's. GonNa ask different questions than a normal front office executive would like it would almost be like throwing any of us into a meeting with their office like we would have a different perspective. We would view things differently. We would ask different questions so I think you know lease actually living that on a daily basis and I think you know from that into to. He's been a valuable commodity for office where he's pushed. You know he's pushing back on certain things he's asking wait. Why do you think you know why do you think this would be to this. Could it also lead to this and just kind of testing them and pushing back on certain narratives that you know. I think any front office can probably get stuck in where you have a certain way of doing do things and he's Kinda. Come in been that sort of <hes> you know groundbreaking like you know strategist for other angles on stuff so I I do think there is a lot of overall uncertainty like I couldn't <hes> you know necessarily write a an article fully on like what he's doing but from you know from speaking with him from speaking of the front office from from what has been said publicly like that's Kinda my best <hes> view on it is he someone who's helped a lot with pitching with the messaging with the word choice on certain things and then he's also someone that's really challenged the front office and push back on a lot of the things that that they've thought that you know he's viewed differently and I think having a guy like that in front office is really important and <hes> you know would not surprise me if ten fifteen twenty years from now we start to see more and more media people start to move into the front office <hes> even if it's only temporarily yeah that makes sense and I love Lee. He's the nicest guy in the world use one of those those guys that you know he's always helped really young and up and coming writers in you know his super humble so. I'm happy really I'm glad he's in a good spot and <hes> and contributing contributing here. I just was kind of curious and I think I speak for everyone saying thank you for the people like me that love these behind the scenes in-depth articles things were kind of filling that void in writing this amazing one for the athletic do terrific job you and Sam and <hes> and Shawn's also contributing there <hes> again for anyone has checked it out and make sure you go look on the Catholic again. <hes> it's pinned on twitter at you'll von. Buha the articles fantastic <hes> thanks for coming discussing with me yeah man they drive me on you know obviously been following hoops site for years. I've been following you and your work for years so <hes>. I'm glad we were able to link up on this and talk about it and hopefully we can. We can talk about other stuff. Yeah definitely do it again soon. We can this year's going to be exciting. You'RE GONNA have a lot to write about it in L._A.. So I'll definitely take you up on that. We'll have you back on soon. Thank thank you so much those good. If you guys wanted episodes of the hoop site podcast check us out at Itunes stitcher audio boom anywhere your favorite podcast can be found and until next time thanks for listening.

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RaDio No Where...

Jay Bird Watching

58:53 min | 5 months ago

RaDio No Where...

"Going on blue jays fans and welcome to another edition of jay bird watching. We are part of the stadium. Seen dot tv network and we are happy to report that spring training has arrived and we are less than one month away from opening day less than a month until blue jays games that matter before we get ahead of ourselves. I can't forget introduced. My fellow co-hosts. I am joined. Of course by mr brennan pentecost mr craig borden gentlemen. Are we doing doing well. Man broadcast broadcast team is actually here. Just saying that's true. That's a good way to say well on that. No craig list right it right I do want to say this before we begin. I do want to say that I'm really really happy that we get to hear the sound of baseball again. Really really happy that we get to hear live baseball and this time. Although spring training last year we were able to hear the crowd because you know covert had not yet happened in the beginning spring training. But it's cool to see crowds there albeit a little. I don't know for me. Unnerving being florida whatnot wearing masks here or not at all unabashed. it is soothing in somewhat coming to see live baseball again it doesn't matter to hear crowd it's just sort of comforting and it's to me a sign that things are turning normalcy. So i think. I speak for all of us when i say hell. Yeah let's get back to baseball. But before we do before we patch during spring training baseball and get into the nitty gritty of it. I'd be remiss if i didn't mention that. We may be nearing the end of hearing those traditional sounds of summer over over the airwaves or rather the radio waves as we all have known it since at least since i was born since all you were born every everyone sports net recently decided to simulcast television broadcasts and the radio broadcast as one so in other words dan shulman and buck martinez will not only be your television. Broadcasters they will also be your radio broadcasters it will be a simultaneous broadcast all those voices that you primarily have heard ben wagner joseph. It'll once upon a time. Mike wilner even though he's not there anymore. You will not really primarily be hearing them anymore at least for this season so brennan being the resonant canadian here. What are your feelings regarding this. I know the fan. Five ninety is quite big. Obviously in canada when it comes to sports is a temporary measure due to the pandemic or is this a legitimate experiment that may become the new norm. Yeah that's a. That's a tough question answer and don't want it to be the ladder of what you described there. That would suck it really. Would i mean. Nobody feel more bad for the ben wagner just began finally got called up to the bigs like what twenty nine was his first full season. Right twenty nine to two thousand eighteen. I'm pretty sure twenty nine. Yeah so he had one full season he goes in and starts doing some spring training games last year and everything gets shot down and you don't hear him at all last year. I'm pretty sure. He came up to toronto for some of the tv stuff that they started to do as a summer went along with hazel and shy. And a in jamie campbell. And all that. But i was really really starting to like ben wagner as radio guy and i know that that sentiment was shared by a lot of different people. I'm pretty sure the three of us or the two of you agree with me on that one. It's it's a shame because you know baseball's the only sport that i truly enjoy listening to on the radio because it's just so easy to picture everything that's happening like whether it's a hit and they say i'll down the left field line down. The right fit line. As i can picture exactly where that is when you're watching hockey or football or even basketball in my mind is just so much harder to picture. What's going on So you can start visualizing game in your head so it kinda in a way feels like you're watching maybe daydreaming. Hopefully you're not driving when you're doing that but regardless Yeah it sucks. 'cause i always love listening to game on the radio Especially day games during workdays where you can put it on in the background. And just listen to it if that's not available anymore beyond this year understand. Rogers may be wanting to recoup some money. Which i truly feel that this might just be a twenty twenty one thing and hopefully if everything is fine money comes into roger's a little bit more than you get the radio people back but yeah that would be devastating if it was forever say i loved watching not only did all are minor league. Baseball players get promoted. Ben wagner got promoted blue jays and got the big league thing and all of a sudden the buffalo boy does good kind of thing right. So i agree that it's weird. That all of a sudden that he is just not part of this conversation and is really odd see. None of this is the legacy thing no other major league. Baseball team has done this until the toronto blue jays. Just did it. So this is a category. I did not want the blue jays ever to be the first thing to do something. So it's just it's it doesn't feel like baseball baseball. You know. And i'm not that old regardless i grow up. I've watched baseball on tv. Ninety nine times out of ten. And i'm thirty six and i still have that ballpark. Where is like okay. Well is there. There's a big difference between listening to announcer. That's you know for td feed and there's a big difference between a person doing in trying to paint a picture because there is no video to it going over the radio. There is a very big difference. And there's going to be a lot loss in that translation that i don't think people realize and you know i guess we're just that much further away from the vince. Gully bob euchre and whatnot days. And obviously jerry howarth and whatnot for the trump blue jays. And i wonder how much of the fact that they couldn't find the perfect replacement for somebody like him is part of this equation to i agree that ben wagner's done a great job and i love listening to him. They like him even when he got brought in. Everybody's like up easier to be the radio guy. Perfect great all over. Oh yeah by the way you get mike wilner now and then it became a two man booth and he didn't have that in buffalo so he had to get that back and forth and whatnot. And it's just really really odd to me that we're getting to that point where you know podcasts. And things like that are picking up as much as they are and okay just nuke the radio feed. That just seems stupid to me. It's like a whole avenue that you just didn't even bother to care about anymore. Yeah it's a little upsetting in. Look i wanna be clear right off the bat. This is nothing at least in mayan. I can't speak for the both of you. But i'm sure you feel the same way dan schulman's fantastic. I can't bingo. He is fantastic when it comes to the television side. The dude is well-versed when it comes to nominally baseball ncwa basketball. He knows his shit when it comes to sports. I'm not gonna knock him but even he has come out and said that doing a television broadcast and radio broadcasts two completely different things when it comes to a television broadcast. You don't have to describe what the viewers already seeing this redundancy there with the radio broadcasts as you guys have already mentioned you sort of have to paint a picture in the new england area. I'm sure you guys don't know the red sox have a a radio. Broadcaster joke leone fantastic super old. School has a super school old school baseball voice. And there's much. Is boston accent ever yet. And there's something super compelling about an comforting like. I said there's nothing. Like and again i hate. The red sox won the only thing in the world that heat. But the jason al. I can always rely going into my car. Starting it up going to the red sox broadcast and listening to that. And having it ray. And i think what separates know brennan. You're sort of alluding to this. The football aspect in the basketball aspect is that there's so much action going on so quickly with those two respective sports whereas with baseball. So much inaction there's time for conversation for illustration there's time to have like little side chats here and there that's going to be sorely missed and i do believe that it's going to become a little bit convoluted if showman and martinez are going to try to compensate for both or just focus on the television right either way. You're going to lose something in one of the broadcast and neither of which are their specialty. So it's very upsetting. I'm hoping that this is just temporary. I really do hope. This is twenty twenty thing we already know. The blue jays aren't happy about it. We talked about it last week but picking up more on that sports net for spring training are only broadcasting simulcasting rather three games three games and none of which were the debut george springer so the sums up. I don't know if this is purely cost cutting but you have to imagine what the hype walking into the season with the amount of revenue that they probably have already generated when it comes to sales alone. They can't be hurting for cash. That bad and i know brennan. You were alluding to this. But i can't see them financially in disarray. Here no no way and they are like if there's any year where they're actually gonna do really really well from a ratings perspective In terms of hockey in some of their other assets this year because all the canadian teams are playing each other and sports. Net is the main hockey network in canada. It's no longer. Cbc it's not tsn is not sports sports net sell. I don't know if this is a. I can't remember how many years ago it was at sports. Net became like de hockey network. I want it definitely no more than three or four years. But i want to say that the raw maybe pressure from the league the nhl maybe to show a show more games kind of correlates with what they're doing cutting back and maybe the pen damage gave it. Even more reason with gave them more reason to cut back. But like i i don't i don't think that's the case i i i don't know like in my mind is no logical reason for it There's nothing better than on a weekend. Where especially in the middle of the summer canadians people in northern united states where summer lasts for four true munson. You get some nice ish. Munson like may and september october. You want to be outside. I spent saturday afternoon or a sunday afternoon. You don't want to be cooped up in your basement and your living room being like a woah. Looks beautiful outside. I wish i could go out there. But i got game to watch. No you can go sit out there. Listen to the radio feed. That's what i would do. If i'm up at the cottage if i want to go for a boat rattle turn up. The radio listened to that I'm just sitting having a beer. All listen to the game instead outside. Enjoy the sun while getting to keep track of what's going on so there's going to be a lot of those missed and baseball while it's great to watch on tv. It's always been radio's always had a very special spot in my heart for for baseball. Because that's the sport. I listened to the most. That's gonna suck that that's still be available but it just won't be the same feeling another thing. Is you know they put all those graphics up on tv. You're going to be too graphic that nobody can see so. I did that point what you were saying. They're being outside enjoying the ball game right anything. There's something to say that you know. I'm sorry to say. I would enjoy listening to vin. Scully describe a dandelions growing in the fucking outfit. Because the guys that articulate with voice. You're not gonna have that kind of thing anymore because like you said that the fact that you have the crutch of you know the everybody can see what you're talking about thing going on with tv. Regardless of the fact that dan and all them full-on have that exact same thing. But if it comes down to money this really. You're talking about your have all the equipment already anyway. It's not like you need to upgrade at. You're really cutting a voice and they're already talking about keeping Ben wagner and everybody on staff what the hell are you really loot now. Where's the money coming back to you. In that thing. I would think the springer jersey sales alone are paying for the frigging radio feed but it just doesn't seem like the the whole picture of it. Something odd is here and like there's gotta be something new coming that we don't have the whole piece of the puzzle to yet or they're really dislike. Fuck it we're done so i can't imagine that they are jay correct. Correct me if i'm wrong. I know we have our our side chats. You know in tech. Didn't you say that the yankees were doing something similar or another team was doing something similar. I was shocked that today for the people are just tuning into this and never watch this or getting into the show with us. I live in rochester. New york and tech of yankee country adam lives in red sox nation and thankfully brennan actually balances out with it actually media actually on this show so but tonight they're the bluejays are playing in primetime right now while we're actually recording this. The new york yankees and their spring training feet is not even being broadcast on the yes network tonight. I allegedly can get it on the radio feed. It's showing up on my Mlb bat thing but earlier. When i went to go click on it. It usually lets you. Just click on it and listen to the yankee radio blue jay radio whoever the hell rate in the app there and we all the channel that game would normally be broadcast on a lot of. It doesn't care about times a day. I clicked on earlier just to see if the yankees trash talking us earlier in the day or whatever it might be and sure enough there was nothing and actually now that i'm scrolling through this. It doesn't even show the yankee feed on the yankee blue jay feet on the radio at all for mlb audio. So some weird. This might be a major league shakeup as far as what. I was kind of alluding to in our text chat earlier and maybe the blue jays were just the ones that you know jumped out in the gun a little too soon because they already had the wilner news he was gone and then they knew they had to tell okay. Well wilner gone. Ben wagner going to be doing anything else so maybe they just had to jump to the front of this a little bit more than ever all these other teams are. This is really weird. And i can tell you right now. I already hate. Listen to michael. K on the frigging. Tv feed now. I'm listen on the radio here in town to kill me now. It's like talk about a wasted opportunity. I know the leafs play tonight so sports. That's probably show in that because it's made week and wednesdays their big hockey night or whatever other than saturday but like how many blue jays fans especially the ones that we follow in twitter and i know that that's maybe a couple thousand that we follow combined but how many tuned into watch semi-in woods. Richardson pitched two innings. Tonight or alex. Now so many. Like i would have if it was on tv. I would have been like guys. We're either record thursday or last night so that we could pay attention to watch the game and the fact that you can't even see it in the yankees aren't even doing. It is mind boggling. I don't want to bury the lead too much when it comes to spring training. Talk but i mean. I have been on record to say that when it comes to spring training games in general i it for me although exciting and i know i hyped it up in the beginning of this show. It is sort of passive viewing for me. I don't really take away a lot. And let's it's something really notable but even with that i'll say things sort of even balance out and you know regress to the mean eventually but for me again. It's something comforting to have the option and when you take it away from me. I'm saying that's not really good. Customer service twenty to fans that are loyal to your team. Now okay maybe you have the numbers in front of you being sports net. That the numbers in front of you when you see look at the juice isn't worth the squeeze when it comes to the ratings and the listenership that we don't get during spring training your bitching about it because it's not there but in all reality probably wouldn't have watched a lot anyway and you being the vast majority of the fan base so in that aspect we're losing money. I could see a business decision when it comes to this and again with kobe compounding those decisions i get it. There's a lot of equipment hall. There's a lot of people. You have to relocate and stuff and i don't know of quarantining still thing in florida probably not but still there. There's a whole lot of steps that you have to take to make this reality. I get it but that does not excuse the fact that you could do this right at the station right. You can borrow other team's broadcast just view in the station and have the announcers or the radio broadcasters being sydell and wagner. Go off that right. You don't have to have your own crew the legality issues when it comes to that but for me. I think we're all sort of saying it. Without saying it. The biggest blow is wagner with this. Because yes he was up and coming yes. He's earned that from buffalo right and y- broadcasting. It's it's an art right and if you take that away. I don't know this is a bad thing for the state of baseball. I know we're going to get to minor league talk but for me. it's disappointing. Hopefully it's something that we can get used to. Hopefully it's something that we can just sort of pick up because you remember last year when the season started we are saying. Oh there's gonna be no crowds. They're putting synthetic noise. This is going to be terrible and then when we heard it we're like it was still baseball still baseball. I didn't think it was going to be as bad as you know. Maybe this it will be the same. Maybe we're underestimating the talents of martinez. And maybe we probably are at the same time. There is something being taken away. And i just don't like it. I'm gonna put it out this a step further. And i don't know i want to see if i can find the recording or not but our friend jesse goldberg strassler who each i think chatted with over the years. He always does a game every year for his radio broadcast that he does it. All school where everything's being relayed to him. And he's making like the would noises and the pop of the glove and everything doing the broadcast. Nobody's gonna ever do any of that anymore. Nobody if we go this direction. You're like i said you're losing some of that. You know that. Clever this to it. The because it's like i said it's one thing to paint a picture as another to have it handed to you. Angry agree closing kastenbaum touchdown. Good no i'm good all right. Well let's get into actual spring training baseball some live baseball albeit games. That don't count all in all it's back right. It's back we we have these sounds of summer. Even though it's just starting to be march the weather. I don't know how it is where you guys are. But here in rhode island. It is just starting to turn. It is getting like incrementally warmer. And i'm just saying oh. I can go outside without a jacket for a little and ten minutes later. Have good t shirts sweatshirt. just put that out there to see. Hey hey blue jays who actually exactly. That's a nice early to nike. That's like kind of when resistant and whatnot on the outside. I'm liking it. Drive it there you go again. There's not a whole lot. You can extrapolate from spring training games. A lot of it is just what we expect Barring any unforeseen circumstances. But specifically what i'd like to focus on other than things that impressed us as george springer looked great in a blue jays uniform even he said it was a little surreal. But he's excited. You want to hear that from your star player So craig let's start with you You can talk about springer if you want you can go into other things so i know you've been paying attention to these games. What stood out to you. And what are you keeping an eye out for. I think i. I'm going to shamelessly self promote our quick hits that i've been trying to every game i possibly can but without a radio feed. I'm sorry to say it's kind of a in the ass. And i'm not going to be that guy that just literally sits here and reads you the newspaper on the morning warning of the show so but i thank you very much of the people have been listening because apparently those have been very very popular so far so we're gonna keep trying to keep doing them. And obviously when the major league season stars we're going to cycle through each of us doing at each day so italy a fun for everybody bought springer perfect gets hit in his in his debut with the blue jays. He loves it one thing. I gotta say about springer as far as you guys know where my stance was on everything in the off season i was like really really get one of those guys that were banging on. You know listening to trash can banging and whatnot and as far as it goes. He has been one hundred percent as advertised class. Act looks like he wants to be main key in contribute to this Locker room wants to win the right way. And you can see him putting the work in thus far and i think that's what's been the most impressive part and he has been preaching blue jays stuff perfectly in every radio media thing. I've seen where he has been. It's not the same thing every time you can tell genuinely coming to his mind while the people are asking questions not just the canned response. So it's been very very fun to see what we can for him. And i'm very excited to see more of him the spring when we can see it would be. But i'm i'm i'm shocked. The only gotten into one game but then then again it is just the weirdness of layer things are in training these these times. I'm going to say though. I am listening to the radio. Feed the other day that was on the pirates radio. Actually which by the way the merits guys actually called a really good game. I was kind of impressed. Sign a very similar to how we dislike goof around the whole broadcast. But i think that's because you know they don't have time to look forward to robbie ray sounded like he was really popping the glove the other day so i'm very excited to see what we're getting out of robbie ray because i think we actually might have fixed them somehow. I really don't know how we did it. He was really baffling. What are going to be everyday starters through two innings the other day for the pirates and he was really pounding the strike zone. That was the thing that impressed me through. Eighteen or twenty pitches or something like that and he threw sixteen or eighteen strikes completely pound and the strikes. Obviously he's not going to do that once. The major league season comes but he said he has never felt his command at that kind of level ever is more or less said is more or less been a long long time since he felt like that after an outing spring. Otherwise so. I think that that's something and then I forget who came in after him but he did really to. The matt wasn't matt mental. Look it up now. I can't remember but either way. It was very impressive to see him doing that. Well in ray. I'm pulling up the other thing right now. Oh it's pearson yeah. He gave up a run in a hit but it sounded like he was really mixing his pitches up. And you can tell. He really wanted the job that he's you know more or less going to be handed to. I think at this point just from lack of options you know. They're gonna truck him out there because he is the highest ceiling guy other than review. But i really was very impressed with the fact that you know the lineup with the weirdness that we've been seeing kirk has gotten a sacked fly rowdy to been looking good. So there's some there's some bright spots in you know what. I find myself doing anatomy. You might appreciate this and other raptors fans when it comes to. George springer is analyzing every single photo and video. I see of them. See how we react kind of like what we were all doing. When the raptors got collide. Leonard like always smiling always happy here all not worry about that as much but i found myself doing that like right before we hopped on bluejays on facebook posted. A picture of lodhi. And you can see george springer smiling laughing in the background of this picture. That was taken them like nice. That's nice to see but yeah. Luckily we have a for another five years after this law unlike kawhi leonard day quite brought the raptors championship anyways Yeah it's it's definitely nice to see george springer starting his spring off. Well craig the lack of games. Has anybody else noticed how randall grischuk hasn't played in a game yet or to oscar hernandez has barely played too. I know today. Somebody said that they have been dealing with minor things but whatever that means there's been this every year though the main usually are like a week behind all the rest of them except for is that might be fighting for a job routier you know or if they just want to get into a game right so yeah it's interesting Who knows what what the real reason is for that whether they're just trying to keep them healthy throughout spring to maybe have somebody swoop in and be like. let's make a deal or whatever it is Be outside springer. Craig mentioned a few of them by one that pitch. I think yesterday and look really good with stephen. Matt's went out through two innings. Gave up a hit and strikeouts three. I was going to touch on robbery as well. Because like you greg. I think he's going to be in for a good season. And i know that we had a segment on ray last week and pose the question. Do you guys. Does he meet match or does he manage surpass or fall short of his twenty nine hundred season with the diamondbacks and we were all pretty favorable entrance of hip. Probably being able to meet it or come close to it. The fact that he started spring so well but pounding zone is starting to make me more optimistic that he could maybe surpass it. Even if by a smidge and that would be huge. That would be absolutely early. Huge for this rotation moving forward so good starts from guys that they are kind of counting on and mats and ray and it'll be swell if matt's continued this throughout spring and kind of ran away with one of those rotation spots to slot in the four five to speak on the taos ker and the great thing I can't really speak when it co or theorized when it comes to great chuck i think would say oscar. Even if he wasn't dealing with minor things. I think human rights field kind of a given. And there's no real need to have them prove it You don't just have a silver slugger come all right. Well you got to prove your your weight on this steve. No he's he's gonna play. I think he's going to be just fine. Gracia little concerning. It's a little curious. But i mean at the end of the day. I don't really care. You really feel about yeah. I don't i don't care if he plays or not when it comes to things that have impressed me. I gotta say and again. I don't want to overreact when it comes to spring training. I don't necessarily mean we have to read. The tea leaves to carefully but anthony k. through some guests to scoreless innings against the yankees jews. Coming out. no i know. He's speaking with bobby and having that new york connection. Maybe he was a little bit more amped up to have a really. Good game against the yankees. Maybe there was some. You know inner inspiration. Because i think that was his team growing up so maybe he just he was super excited. Any that little that little bit. Calm down but you've gotta like what you you've seen from him and again. I know it's just two innings. You can't really pull that into a large sample size. But for me even if he doesn't earn a spot and he clearly is trying to it's encouraging for the depth right. Because you're eventually going to need that. Six or seven starter right. And if he's flip flopping up and down from triple a. Which we're gonna get in a bit. But if he's flipped popping up and down and he's a reliable presence for this blue jays team or can fill the void for knock on desk a long-standing injury. I'm confident and i like what we've seen so two scoreless innings topping almost ninety seven miles per hour with an average of i think like ninety two or they're about that's pretty good and he was hitting his own wealth from the video footage. I was able to gather so anthony came man. Shout out to you bobby. Listening shutout to your bro. I think we're in for a treat when it comes to him. And i do think he's going to start off the year in triple a but it would not surprise me around maybe june july. It would not shock me. He was fifth starter. Something about that. I agree i agree with you. That it's almost like the Who was it in two thousand fifteen. It's almost like the sooner castro story out of like you know twenty fifteen right. They didn't even have a place on the team. We knew where they were talented. But hey by the way guess what. Come up north with us and they ended up dominating the yankees for the first week of frigging this season. Yeah that was fun to watch. I think speaking of best shape of your life candidates right. Obviously bob anthony's done something with his arm. If he's beefed up a little. Bit to the point where i think he was. Matheson was saying he was throwing around ninety seven air in that game. That's ninety yeah. That's a little bit. More than i remember i was more like the ninety three ninety four ballparks of little bit extra velocity makes off speed stuff that he was already doing really well. Carry that much better. You know so that little bit of separation like you said is probably the difference in the world for being probably our eventual fifth starter. That's what i'm saying like don't you to me. It's not outlandish to think that he could eventually beat out. A guy like roark. Fish doesn't seem outlandish. A beat himself though cats. So how is he not gotten into a game yet. They probably know. Does you think if he's got a whole the spot down in the rotation you gotta be out there competing with the rest of the guys. It's not. I wonder what he's telling you. You're with the lack of broadcast to be the best time they won't hear vermont. meanwhile tonight s w aren. alex minnow are on the mound. So far verse. Nine as in the world's fricken lowest-scoring hitting game so far only one hit a piece on each team. And i would love to be watching that right now early. Swr was really good to n no. It's been really good. And i know he was pitching. So that was that's another that's a bonus that we're all missing that we could have if we have broadcasts so yeah. The blue jays have one hand. There's a double by santiago aspinall who's also been looking pretty good just saying before two in the did last year correct shown them more on defense side so far this spring from what i've been hearing on the radio feeds. That's i think. I might be as i hit a double down the last in week of spring training games. That's pretty good stuff. Not everybody can can be put roddy till as is done and has to. rbi's already rod scored two doubles something like that. Another thing that stood out to me. And again i i'd be. I can't go up. Podcast episode without mentioning him. Kevin visual pretty much. Look good at third okay. I don't care what anybody says. The arm looked fine. thrown third. okay. Even i was skeptical. But if he's gonna play some third base sign me the fuck up. I am not scurred of the jail. Go yeah he has very. It's all about footwork right. And i think he actually said it when i was. Did you guys watch the thirty clubs. Three days stuff. The other day. I'll be network. Dive through. Twitter are mlb network and find it. He kevin did an excellent interview where he was talking about the whole move and they had talked to mark his son. Marcus semi right before that and you know what do i do with all these guys around me. I'll i gotta finish somewhere and here. I'm busy oh talk about that. The footwork is been very similar to what he has used. And don and whatnot at second base. It's just on a slightly accelerated thing because obviously the high corner. The ball is getting to you that much quicker but him being a younger guy. He's got good reactions. Be for the most part anyways so the big question. Obviously adam you just pointed out the arm and honestly he looks fine and he had a couple of weird balls in that game to. They had to run in on and whatnot to that. Were on the move one similar to second base but i guess the pro that he's getting a little bit out of that now plays in front of him. He hasn't the worry about you. Know coming back. I or anything like that. So there's some pros and cons but it was very encouraging be interesting to see move forward. Obviously if he can continue that but just how that what that means for. first base. what that means for vlad what that means for d. h. And the four outfielders at the currently have on the on the roster. Because i mean if cavin primarily placed third than vlad vladan rowdy in antioch oscar will cycle through first-base. Latch d. h. With obviously kiosk are being the one in the outfield with three. Other guys sell again like maybe the slow roll to play critic or the slow roll to play t as if trade comes along and i hope it's not the oscar. I really hope. They find a taker for grischuk. Because that can open something up for jonathan davis and by the way the few innings they watched on sunday. Is it just me or this. John davis looks like he's put on some muscle. He looks chat. i remember. It looks like he's the size of alfred who was know as far as that goes alford. Frickin took robbie ray and the only bad bitchy through the other day for four hundred fifteen footers so i. It's encouraging to see that if davis is putting in that kind of work brennan. Yeah i hope he can find a way onto the roster and beat the fourth outfielder because that means grischuk is hopefully the one. That's out the door. You're you're upsetting. All the blue jays moms out there. They love brand. Why do i feel like we're gonna if we knew they knew we were going to be hitting our houses pub pummeled with rand. Paul's sexy randall. This say that manila finished two innings. He gave one hit and struck out. Four batters and this rotation the he space in the everyday yankee lineup right now. The judge hicks stanton torres. Garner gary sanchez. Of a jay. Bruce citing and danny dietrich right. So that's a good lineup. Any day normal regular game season so mote manolas running through those guys. yes i know. It's early spring but that's very encouraging for where he could start this spring with minor league club. Luge legend jay. Bruce yes always oregon napalese right. Yeah jay bruce rumor every season because alexandra tiresome which is hilarious because all those years we could've traded from them. Those were clearly padded glory days at that point right now. He didn't do any teams. I know i know but a topless loved them. All right Speaking of clogged outfield. Let's talk about you. Wanna cesspit us. I remember i was last night. I think the score tweeted it out saying that eleven clubs were in attendance to view a work out for you one assessment us and i re tweeted it saying without looking willing to bet the blue jays are on this list. And my buddy rauner. Yeah conner's monitored to me. It said while looking. I can say you're right. And of course they are because the blue jays are kings of due diligence. Now and then everything everything right. And i don't want to overreact. Of course if there's someone that can make your team better you worry about the positional disarray. Later and you just wanna get better But look outfields clog. We were just talking about it. You players are not even playing in games whether it's due to injury or just the situation d. h. is rather clogged and montoya's notorious last year to not use a traditional h. More often than not he did but now given the fact that there is so much you might have to utilize that position for someone that isn't stereotypically fit for a position. I don't know. I just i don't necessarily see the fit when it comes to cesspits and this may be just due diligence. But i've been wrong before in the jays do sometimes have legitimate interests in players. That are beyond me so brennan. let's start with you. do you think this is legitimate. You think this is just due diligence in. Do you think there is a fit for unisom on this team. The answer all your questions. No yeah and. I don't even know if i need to expand on any of that for all the reasons that you said. There's no fit at this point in his career is only a d. h. He could not play in the outfield. And there's no there's no room that's what it comes down to. I mean unless this due diligence just in case some crazy trade happens and the need to add a bat towards the end of spring training maybe but other than that the way the currently constructed no. I just don't see it is only thirty. Come on on that. i'll put it this way. I think is going to end up being like nelson cruz. Reincarnated like idea finally put them at d. agent is let them fucking mash. Because you all know that suspicious can destroy baseball's to me. This screams oakland as they have him to be the d. h. again. And why not you know. You lost semi in and They didn't wanna pay him what we ended up. Pay 'em they need a little bump in that lineup. So it's going to be somebody like that. That's going to be like okay. This is the difference between having a twenty home. Run guy that can drive in. Probably even maybe if he actually is legitimately healthy maybe thirty. You never know that. Could be the extreme but when people like unwed encarnacion still have job that the d. h. spot. Honestly the major league baseball people made the dumbest idea for megan baseball interesting again by keeping the h. Out of the equation. Because that's two guys right there that we're talking about that would have full time jobs. Easy on any of those teams and honestly. The mets probably wouldn't even parted ways with him if they actually had a t. h. spot so as far as the blue jays aspect goes i Unless something does shake up to the trade where we actually do have more at bats in the d. h. Spot doesn't make any sense because right now i'm sorry to say if it came down to roddy versus beddis. I'm taking rowdy because he's left hand bat and helps us. You know as far as offensive prowess. I think it comes down to the same kind of idea And i really don't know how to slice it. There's just too much stuff already going on so unless somebody gets hurt is gone. Whatever it might be it is what it is. As far as why running those other guys go to could clean up our logjam. I think it's gonna take somebody getting hurt on another team that is going to all of a sudden be desperate for a first baseman outfielder. Happy and the blue jays are sitting and waiting on that. I think i don't see fit for the blue jays. And i don't for all the reasons you guys have said and craig moral agree with the notion that i'd rather have rowdy Taken up those. Da spots ahead of cessnas. And i also know that as we've discussed a lot of that d. h. positional on need on a daily basis is going to be spread out right. It's not just going to be rowdies. Job exclusively they're gonna have them play first base here and there just to spell other people when they need rest health. Spring is probably gonna play some here and there. It's going to happen. Which is a nice thing. I'm having jonathan davis brzeczek. You'll leasing in center field and you won't lose anything defensively so but it was. I just popped into my head about the whole writes d. h. Remember the year. That brad former all of a sudden had is a blue jay. Yes it like thirty. Six home runs batted. Three hundred and had arbi is all sudden. That could be ready to lead this year. You hearing rising i. There's something brewing. It's it's not just because he's just been just came into spring this crushing baseball's you see how hardy hit that ball on that yankee game when we did highlight yeah it was just. He just raked this thing and lying. That hit leg maybe mid chest area high on the wall are just and then the the one he hit the ground rule double spiked into the ground. Right before and bounced over. So those two doubles have been just frigging mashes. So maybe i. I just think that his bat speed or something he actually figured it out last year and it was just enough to get them over that confidence hurdle that he could go off december season like that. But i let them do i. I think that's where the blue jays aratu really wouldn't surprise me as you mentioned craig. Six of these eleven teams are national league team so there's not really d. h. positional depth to them to utilize their fear. And i don't know if there's a i don't think it matters the raise ghetto and he's just gonna matt. I thought you were going to go. Yankees d. h. On me or something like that because just because the yankees they throw money at brett gardner and they're hoping to ask him though. No i think that was just a thank you for your dedication to the yankees lifelong yankee. The he fits that mold. The bluejays are all about a character or so it seems when it comes to your assessment us. I think it was last year that he was literally missing. People didn't know and then he just toys to tell the team. I'm opting out i'm done. Yeah he walked out. I don't think the blue jays are about that life again. I think is just due diligence but the rays were one of these teams that watched them and if the race pay. There's da hostile around with the raise. They'll find a way they had. I think fifty nine different lineups. Last year they'll find a way they'll find day that they'll be the worst hitters on the team that he can play left hand left field or something like that to rely on. Canon of armada catch like god. He's there and if he racks like twenty thirty home runs the. I can hear blue jays fans right now. Why do we sign this guy. We'll there's no rules. Don't room but i can see the rays being a team that scoops up and utilize them. Well yeah yeah. That's so easy to picture. Turn the trump trump into thunderdome. Like with a wwe that dude. That's my fear. So if again no inside knowledge but if this time tomorrow or maybe after we record this podcast we see that the rays assigned you want. Assessment is cheap deal. I don't want to be the ones they. I told you so but i think that's the most likely destination to me. It just fits. It's everything that's going on and he. I'm sure he wants to play for a contending team. What better contender the team. That made it to the world series last year and that needs runs they need reproduction. Rate and not that they can't find it elsewhere but again if a person is gonna make you offensively that much better all you need them to do as rake. Cessnas could be the guy. So you're on the air making greg m singer at the mlb network for the blue jays. Thirty thirty thing the other day. You're ruining his projections of them. Blue jays actually winning the alias. You know that right Yeah that was a that was his bold prediction. They said there's going to be an injury. The yankees won't be able to recover from. The change will be the death of them. They won't be able to fill in the pitching as much as they thought they would be able to was. Their downfall is what he said but the fun part about that wasn't this one. I think actually can happen. Dan police access boba. Fett will hit thirty home runs. All i believe full and sixty two. He does for sure. I can see it. That'd amazing yeah at that point fox espinosa's yeah take 'em raise lies just all right. I want to close this off. I with the final topic. I sent this to you guys last night. Last night being tuesday jeff passan of espn issued a report. That stated that alternate sites are returning for the mlb at least for the first month's first month rather and this will cause the minor league baseball season to be delayed from april. Six until at least a month could be longer but at least one month delay for the minor league baseball a series or sorry season but the the key to this is that they're looking to extend it into september so the minor league baseball season usually ends around labor day here in the. Us it's going to be pushed until mid to late september so that's good news jersey in the minor leagues to make up for lost time. Then i'll be however will one hundred percent be starting on time on april first as we mentioned last week first game of the year yankees versus blue jays which is going to be fun craig. You're the minor league guys this spell trouble for the minor league season in general right so to me. It's just it's really peculiar. The ammo visas like just push it. Push 'em ilb. Whatever it's fine they'll figure play at all this year. Faulk built the taxi squad again for the first month. They're used to it right. Is this the beginning of something more dire for minor league baseball or is this just a necessary evil given the kovin protocols and the weight vaccinations. And hey it's just the brakes and again they're gonna make it up on the long run on the other end of the season so games are not going to be lost. Checks are going to be lost is just a necessary evil or do you think this is the start of something when it comes to the. I don't wanna say misappropriation but taking advantage of a minor league system. yeah. I don't know if anything's going to change because we've already noticed that manfred doesn't give a crap about myrlie league baseball with all the teams that are now unemployed basically in are going to have the reform their own independent leagues and all that kind of stuff and how we've talked about that extensively on this show as far as how more or less there's like no teams like the middle of the country anymore because he just wiped out a bunch of maya leaked small town rookie level teams west. Virginia doesn't have any teams anymore. Things like that so it was kinda like what do you do. So i think the pushing around isn't gonna stop. But i think this actually is something that was born out of something that worked at the major league level and actually could benefit minor league. Irked here like four quadruple. Egg is because now you've some guys that are traveling with the team that are practicing with eighteen back and forth. This is more or less the reason we are even getting the benefit of seeing alejandro kirk right now and a blue jay uniform right guys. He wasn't even on anybody's radar. He would've been twenty twenty league limbo for all the season. It probably would have raked and we probably wouldn't even having this conversation about him. Being a part of this club until maybe this season or next season right now. A little further down the line they. They're getting extended audition for guys. That could be good. Are guys like john davis that are on that tipping point that they are getting the still train with a major league team for another month instead of goofing around here. They're all these other kind of places and not to mention guys. You all should not too well. Whether fucking sucks in the national league for aaa this time of year when they're getting so this is a month that they're not going to have to worry about their own guys that are in triple a. worrying about crappy buffalo weather and getting hurt just because it's two degrees below zero out so i think it's a necessary evil at this point. I don't like too much. But lawn is the teams for triple a. Baseball and minor league systems in general are not losing games because the other catch on this thing. Is my team here in rochester. Rochester was hurting until the washington nationals. All of a sudden it gives the twins wanted out so that being a point here that was all revenue that they would lost if they just pushed it back and didn't make up for those games. I'm still gonna be here in october. Watching games laws. You know you know. There's not anything else. That's drawing my attention. So but that's still that's fine by me if they're going to still make the games because last year not having any baseball here in town is just kind of the weirdest thing on the planet because that was something we did you know every other weekend or random weekday here and there we always used to have a fancy baseball kind of get together in the you know like seats and goof around and yell at each other and drink way too much beer and then had to take uber's home but it was exactly so it's a sense of normalcy a little bit you know they've been saying here in new york if the almir leagues is going to be ten percent attendance which is still better than no attendance for minor league baseball teams to get some revenue in town here. I know the silver family that owns the red wings has got to be super super happy that they're going to be able to sell hot dogs again and i'll let alone any merchandise or anything so i think that as they keep that going. They're not taking things away from the minor league system. I think that this is a better compromise than the no. Sorry screw guys crap that they've been getting up into this point. Yeah yeah you wanna combine the news yesterday with the news. That joe biden said that every american has access to a vaccine by the end night. Lose you guys. I don't think it was a result of that announcement yesterday by the president but same time may have major league baseball. Had no idea that that was gonna be an announcement that dan. We made a good decision because there will be less testing to worry about. Hopefully if everybody getting at least one the helps curb the spread of the virus like crazy. That will help. Save the money quicker than not. Yeah i mean that news. The news in canada. That's likely to come soon is that they are changing their vaccination rolette strategy where they were all. The numbers projecting canadians about half the population being vaccinated by candidate with two vaccines now with studies saying that you can be cut pretty much covered off one vaccine for four months before you need a second one. They've changing that to all right. Let's get everybody one dose as much as possible before then so with both of those developments in both of these countries. It's a good sign for baseball as a whole and if minor league baseball can get back to get back on track visor back the red wings or back any mid minor league baseball team look. I was talking about this with some friends over the weekend. The intense socialization. That's going to happen when everything is back to normal because everybody's just cravings go to a game and sit out and have drinks and go to bars and do whatever minor league baseball could see a little bit of independence boost in some of these ounce because people are going to be like. Hey let's do this because we didn't do it before we miss it or just. It's something to do so i fully on board with them doing it this way and yeah it could keep people like swr and manila around the alternate side a little bit longer and if they impressed or there's an injury maybe they get their debuts a lot quicker than we would have anticipated. I'm hoping that this is just a necessarily unnecessary evil. When it comes to the the vaccination will allow and just the the safety protocols that the game is implementing at least for the start of the season I i don't think there's much to fear. And i know i sort of laid this out. There's a conspiracy against minor league baseball. I don't see that. But i do see that the mlb does sort of take advantage of what little power the minor league baseball system has because they sort of have to bend the knee to the mlb because their king I don't know. I do think that given the fact that there's going to be a bunch of people vaccinated knock on desk hopefully by at least june because you know not to pick apart what you said. Brennan is all very accurate. But i like to hang on things word for word. What presidential people say or people in government say what biden said was there will be a vaccine available for every adult in the. Us and my wife was quick to point out. That doesn't mean every adult will be vaccinated. Right have it available for you and after you make appointments and stuff. You might not be vaccinated until june. For instance fair me healthy jackass in our mid thirties. Are the bomb the line. So that's home saying boy that doesn't mean that with the rate of production that they think they're doing like three million per week or something with johnson and johnson and they're working twenty four hours a day to make these vaccines. It could be even quicker right to have those available so the with the acceleration rate. It could be at the end of april. And people like me and craig craig i rather could be vaccinated by may by the beginning of may. I don't know but having said that if all these things work out according to plan yeah we'll be able to go to minor league baseball games. That would be really fucking cool. Just imagine we could actually do that. Cooperstown trip that we were talking about all right now the us will. It's going to be the total reversal last year. Where canada the border close to keep americans out now. Americans go out the border close to keep the canadians out. Because we're the rollout. I'm so sorry. Join you shared true. That's true it's gonna it's gonna be crazy 'cause you know. I think this is sort of a side chat talking to my buddy. Who's a big disney fan. He's i don't know. I think the halloween season dizzy is going to be crazy. Mike dude you fucking kidding me there going to be people thirsty to go out and just do something. It doesn't matter what it is. I think it's going to be busy everywhere as soon as the places. Allow it to be it because people are going to be dying to just go out. Like i'm just craving giving someone a hug that i hadn't seen literally year and i'm probably going to break down into tears because i haven't seen you or people it doesn't matter so long isn't quite doing it for you. Our i know you're craving a high five. Let me try to for me. It's there's something really really encouraging about this. And if this helps make the minor league baseball system as a whole thrive because people are going to be the college nights to go out to a of a single baseball game whatever. It doesn't matter that's great. That's really good news for based on once things open up for the major league baseball on even in toronto to have people in there for the stands hopefully for postseason run an mba. It's gonna be amazing so hopefully this doesn't spell bad news for the minor league baseball system. I think we are in agreement. That might not necessarily be the case although you gotta give them credit because to me it seems like they're just keeping their head above water. Yeah i would've leaning on their major league clubs a lot more than they were you know few years ago. Yeah all right well. That's all the things. I have lined up in terms of the outline. Craig i don't know of anybody has reached out in terms of questions. Nothing not it's been radio. Silence just like are named today. They must be busy watching a. They can't walk. They must be listening to the own of now. Maybe they're getting paid to escort a run but the yankees scored. Three wearing train. Doesn't matter tomorrow. I'll wake up. The blue jays played last night. It never happened or we can stat pick. Yeah while if it makes you feel better. We're already far enough in that. Most of the regulars are going out and breakfast areas the one that i scored you know. Rbi single natural naturally sued all right. Well that's all the material. I have as i mentioned. We'd like to thank everybody that tuned in as a reminder for at least the interim we're going to be doing this every wednesday during the regular season. I don't wanna get too much ahead. Things will fluctuate as of right now still wednesday nights at seven pm. Eastern time is when you can join us live on video on twitter twitch youtube facebook anywhere you get your video pleasures from. We are there so please join in on the conversation to have have a few questions for us while we happen to answer them. But if you're not watching us live and you're listening to us on the podcast feed. We appreciate that too. Were on apple. Podcasts google podcasts. Spotify anywhere you get your podcast picture on there. Tell your fellow blue hands about us. We'd love to interact with you. We love love. love the interaction. So can't thank you enough for listening on that being said again we are less than one month away from opening day. Guys listening less than girls if you if you believe in manfred which does but if you believe him we are one hundred percent gun to be there. So that being said let's end this we normally do to collapse and ric flair blue jays. Let's go blue jay.

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Episode 247: Darrell Keith Rich Part 2

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

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Episode 247: Darrell Keith Rich Part 2

"Hungering for something new this summer hellofresh has got your back with pre measured ingredients and easy to follow directions. Your new favorite meal can be prepared and under thirty minutes get up to fourteen free meals including free shipping when you use code morbid fourteen at hellofresh dot com slash morbid fourteen. Hey weirdos i happen to be ash. And i just happened to be elena in this just happens to be more abs betas. It's morbid more jobs for those in the know more. Yeah i also realized that my new favorite like introduction is that i happen to be. I think i don't know i just i just happened to be i just i just be. I woke up one day. And i just happened to be ash. I mean literally though. Yeah i came out the woman. I just happened to be ash. I yeah i mean. Everybody can relate to that feeling i feel as well. You just come out. Us are just be just as master. It just will be a musty number. Steve hi we're here. If you happen to. Just listen to part one of this. Then you know what's going on. We've been sick. The kids have been sick ashkar puke in her hands. It's been a real a real experience in this house and that's why these are coming at you like boom boom. Just one after the way ash. Sounds like this. I didn't just take up smoking. Virginia slims the buck. She didn't. I can confirm but yeah honestly it kind of works out for everybody because you guys get part one and to not even like a day apart just like here you go. Here's the whole story. So you know here we are next week. It's going to be better. Actually i have some really great ship for next week. Oh i do too actually. I'm excited about it. Let's high five across her. Because thank you all right. We virtual high five weeks. It's just a cash monetize cash cab five. That's a good show. I love that show. I forget that guy's name. But i love him. That guy damn. I forget his name to welcome to the cash cab. I'm i know someone at least someone's listening right now. Like his name is definitely like med. Except the most annoying thing everybody before we jump into this. I promise. I'm not gonna go too far into this. But i do it all the time. Listening to podcasts. I'll be like it's this when someone's pondering it on air and i'm always like and nine times out of ten people. Don't google it while you're listening so they don't ever give you that satisfaction of like this is the person's name. Oh fuck me. We're going to you. What is it ben bailey. Do you not remember that bb like myself. You know good old ben. We know who he is. So there you go. You got that satisfaction me ben bailey for those of you yelling at your speaker right. Now thank you. you're welcome thank you. We heard you know. Thank you because we heard you. We heard you appreciate it just in a constant state of you're welcome. You're gonna make that my bio constant state of you. That's a good place on so much dayquil now that we've taken you to like a fun. Whimsical place like let's just hammer throw you right down onto the ground. Trunch bowl style. So let's do this. Go boom daryl keith. Rich is a real fucker and we haven't even gotten to the worst of it. Yeah and it's been really bad jafar so it's going to get worse. I just want to warn you. There's more rape there is more salt. There is more murder and there's one murder that his his last murder that will haunt me forever is one of those ted bundy. Things rarely his last murder. He was just out of fucking control. He kinda yeah in. it's just the. Yeah the brutality. In that one is like true in his victim. I think is what really will will get you so last we talked to you guys you all. Hello thank you for gathering again. You're told you the story you're welcome. We told you. The story of the murder of patricia and pam more We also told you about the murder of a net edwards both horrific. He beat both of them to death. After raping them and pam moore was seventeen years old and she was left in the. I go dump and just covered in trash so terrible. Yeah now that was on august. Fourth nineteen seventy eight. Four days later he was ready to kill again he doesn't have any cooling off period like nine ever. He's rage like he's just rampaging through. He's like a richard ramirez kind of thing where he just goes like this. No end in sight in. It's just we're gonna go except he actually has like a victim profile. I guess right So august eighth. Nineteen seventy eight. He drove sixty miles away because again. He doesn't like this this imaginary heat on him that he feels this happening. Because if you listen to part one he has this weird thing where he likes to tell people that the police are questioning him when they heard not. They don't even know who he is right like. They have no idea who he exists. Nothing that's really weird. But he decided. I can't keep doing these things in the same spots. I'm going to drive sixty miles away to chico. So he there. He met a woman named linda. Diane slave slavic. She was twenty six years old. She was from oroville. She was married to paul slavic and they had a nine year. Old son no She worked for butte county welfare department and was described as loyal. Kind fun to be around. She's beautiful her husband. Said she was amazing. Wife and mother like just all around a great person year old a nine year old son. Yeah she went to madison beer garden. And yes it's beer or excuse me bear. I said i said it backwards. My mind immediately says beer. yes. And that's why i was like yes. It's bear garden. Which i thought i kept reading it wrong ahead to look it up like three times. It's madison bear garden with her friend. Sarah it's just like this local pub. Though like college students sung out at it was like a cool place to go so sara ended up leaving for a bit and by the way. This was like linda's like naito like she was like. I'm going out and paul was like have so much fun right like this was just. She didn't do this often. She was just like. I'm going to go out and have fun so sarah. Her friend ended up leaving a bit with some two dudes that she knew i guess and she ended up coming back and when she came back. I think like forty five minutes leader. Linda was gone okay to immediately was like that doesn't make sense in patrons at the bar said they saw her with a man with dark hair and a dark beard. Who would later be identified as darryl rich Her friend. Sarah was like this is strange but maybe she league knew someone and got a ride back to oroville. I'm like that's all. I can think of because she was like steffi leading. Go home with anyone married with a child so darryl rich later explained that linda got in the car with him the way that he was able to get her in his car was to offer her. Some marijuana okay. And whatever it's the seventy i mean. She was going on and when they were in the car he asked her to have sex with him and she said no and the way he said it was he asked her to make love to him okay and she was like no thank you right and he went ballistic because he can't handle rejection so he punched her in the head as hard as he could and drove away with her in the car. He drove her to where he lived in cottonwood which was an hour away so drove her unconscious an hour away. The last story he told was because he did tell a couple of like little changes in his stories. The last one he told was that he took her to his house and he raped her. Oh my god now. After that he said he put her back in the car and drove her naked. To the i go dump again in through her on a pile of trash and raped her violently there and after doing this he dragged her to where pam moore's body was and forced her to look at it. Oh my god. Now pam more had been in the dump for four days decomposing under trash To in the dump for four days and this was a time they are having a record heat wave in the area with temps over a hundred degrees for like days at a time as soon as she saw this she obviously freaked out started sobbing and begging him. Please don't kill me. And he said this leader himself when he said it. He mocked her voice. Are you fucking. Yeah me now. Once he got what you know his pleasure out of showing her his latest victim he pulled out a gun and shot her in the neck. Oh she didn't die in screamed grabbing her neck and when he screamed he leveled the gun in front of her face and shot her in the mouth as she screamed. Oh my god. She was dead immediately at severed or spinal cord. He buried her in a little bit of trash. Right next to pam like not right next door. I think it was like a feet away right now. Her husband woke up the next morning. Paul and was immediately panicking because she would never not come home in. He immediately called his mother her mother. Excuse me his mother-in-law twyla in they informed. Police and sarah said she thought she had got a ride home so she just never checked on that which i was like. We say it all the time like this. She didn't do anything wrong. Just make sure you check right. That's all right. Dogs can be a real mystery. Embark is here to help you. Unlock the code. I be near dog knows all about your late night amazon purchases. So shouldn't you know your dog a little bit better. I think you should from breed traits to genetic risk factors for health conditions. Embark provides the best resources to help you. And your best taylor care for your dog. Specific needs this was developed by. 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He is still seeing this. Laurie girl like he. He's free of darlene in free to do what he wants but he's still seeing this fifteen year old. I wonder do you think she knew his age. Yeah he she did okay and he starts to make weird comments to laurie That are like off handed but a round about women in general and about women around town and how they dress how it's they're like inviting trouble. Oh yeah we're all just like walking around. Yeah they're just asking for and he was like commenting on the recent media reports of these rapes and he was like well. Like what do they expect. Literally go fuck yourself. He was also telling two friends around this time that it was easy to rape a girl if you wanted to. Why is that information that you tell anyone and he was annoyed because he said women around there dressed in ways to intentionally tease and fuck with dudes and he said what you do is you. Just grab them by the hair and you make sure to throw them under the floorboard of your car or put their head in your lap. So that they can't see where you're going when you bring them somewhere and he said peel out from wherever you are because it will force the door to close by itself okay. And he's telling friends this and they're like calling somebody. I don't i don't like i don't need to do that information. You'll need to shout like i'm not planning to that. So that's that's nice for you. Thanks but no thing. No one's calling anybody. Everybody's just like that's weird. That's weird daryl. Plant save ever had a friend that offered up that information now. This is the last murder. And i want to just give a trigger warning. This involves a child's in. It is not this like pretty bad. I'm going to go over it as well as i can. Without being too graphic because there's just no recent to august thirteenth some not that was august eighth right august thirteenth. He's with lori and they're supposed to go out to a movie on like a date and they get in a fight and you know he's pissed lawry's like fuck don't bring me out dumb. And so he dropped her off and when he drops her off he starts driving and he's angry and he notices a young girl walking down the road and he's looking to hurt someone at this point and he knew this girl he knew her somewhat. He worked with her mother. Oh my this was eleven year old. A nut selects eleven years old. A net land celic's eleven years old. I told you he was a monster. Yeah fuck this. Net lived with her mother. Sharon and her mother's boyfriend david tidwell. She was entering the seventh grade. That fall she was a softball player. She was sweet and kind girl like everyone said she was just like she was and she was going to do things lutely shattered. Fucking life out of her exactly now that evening. Her mother was gone for the night to visit her other daughter. She had like an older daughter. Okay she was visiting her. She was going to be coming home later like like. I think like early morning so she was going to be staying with david. Her brother her up. Excuse me her her mother's boyfriend and his brothers john and buddy were at the house as well okay. So her uncle's essentially step uncle's around nine pm. A net asks david if she could walk to the market to go get milk and bread and snack and like some sodas and stuff. Yeah and. He was like reluctant at first because he was like. I don't know like it's late. That seems dangerous again. it's the seventies remember. But he allowed her to because it wasn't far away he says oh side and he said as long as you promised to come right back. Don't make any stops so net made it to the store. She bought some items and she bought. Like i think like two tubs of margarine or something for the house and like little turnby health. Yeah like little sodas. Milk she about a couple of other things. She had them in bags. Yeah and she was on her way back home and darryl rich pulled up and asked if she needed a ride to know now she recognized him because he worked with her mother and her her technical laker later stepfather way would have been her stepfather right but he said later. He didn't recognize her at first. He did he definitely he definitely. He knew who she was like. He definitely did like he literally. Go fuck himself. He's dead now so he can argue yourself wherever he is but he definitely knew who she was and so she again recognizes him so she was like okay. Yeah sure daryl. I know who that is right. And so she gets in now she he she when they get towards her house. She's like that's it and he just keeps driving. Oh my god that makes me stomach. Her settling nightmares of that all that. Oh yes little. Oh yeah it's har- this is a nightmare so he brings her to his home and now he is told several stories about what happened there. But we definitely know happen with that. He brutally raped her. Oh my god an eleven year old an eleven year old and he said quote. I just couldn't stop myself. No you speaking about definitely dot exta goggles. I couldn't stop myself new york and you know what you're fucking animal right. You're fucking animal and you deserve what you get right because you are not a human being if you cannot stop yourself from raping someone right. You're an animal. no absolutely. that's it so after. He raped her several times. Very brutally it is in that book just warning you. There's more graphic and dispersion. He drove her to the johns creek bridge which was thirty miles away. He made her get out of the car. She was naked wearing only underwear at this point. This this poor baby said he didn't have a plan but he suddenly just picked her up and threw her over the side of the bridge. She fell one hundred and five feet. Oh onto rocks below. Oh my god what is even worse. Dr she was alive when that happened. And she hit the ground alive and she managed to crawl a little ways and curl up in the fetal position. All my god yami bones. Did she break. Oh i will let you know. So that evening david tidwell and his brothers had actually fallen asleep because they assumed she'd come home right again the seventies different her mother arrived early in the morning thinking she was asleep in her room and i guess she i think she got like a phone call the next morning from a friend of hers so she went to wake her up okay and that's when she discovered that she wasn't in bed and they found that she hadn't been in bed that morning voter was driving below that bridge and noticed a small crumpled form on the side of the water go it was a net and she was found curled up in only her underwear. Her autopsy later showed that her wounds bled so she was alive. Oh my gosh shasta county. Deputy coroner leo gatos performed the autopsy and said that she was definitely brutally raped. There were large abrasions on her back buttocks shoulders and lower legs. There was a deep bite mark on her thigh. That later matched to daryl renshaw and there was a three laceration on the side of the skull above the ear that was so deep. The skull was exposed. Oh my goodness her left leg. Had a compound fracture. Her right leg was broken. Her pelvis was broken in her. Right wrist was broken. One of her legs was so badly broken that it was almost detached from her body. And i can't imagine what she went through. She had numerous internal injuries as well including a ruptured spleen and liver or cause of death was shock and hemorrhage due to multiple traumatic wounds from that height in the impact set. The process of dying does that who throws somebody a hundred defeat to their child after you brutally raped this child and you work with her mother and i i. It's beyond anything i can. Even when i got to this one. I was like like a sweet little and also like. How did i not know about this. This is like so unreal. Now i don't know if it's because like the night. Stalker came a few years. After the very shortly after this californian really like dominated everything somebody that's just got pushed into the background to like. Holy shit the brutality of this eleven year old girl just eleven years old like i know he keeps saying that but i just passed it so august twentieth he was hanging out with a neighbor named carl in carl was a big dirt bike rider. Okay and he asked carl he was like. Do you wanna go dirt by bike riding with me like twenty miles away in the i go dump no. I don't really want to do that. So he's trying to get karl to the dump where he just murdered and dumped two bodies right. Carl was like nah so darryl himself. According to karl said that he went himself was like so he was like okay. I'm going to go by myself. And he was like okay. He's acquired have fun by herself. And he's like that's fucking weird but like okay and he said he came back a little while later not too long after and he was upset and he told carl that he found a dead body at the i online langone but he said he didn't want to be the one to report it to police so he brought carl back to car was like what are you talking about. So he brought carl with him to the dump and showed him the body of linda. Slavic home my now. According to court documents quote there were no tire marks where defending claim to have driven and defending could not have traveled the distance from his friend's house to the i go down and back in the time. The no gone right. But carl was horrified rightly and they got police out there and darryl was there the whole time while. They're discovering the spotty that he is placed there to you. Think that at this point he wanted to get caught kind of like. Do you think he was bringing carl there to be like i did. I think so. I wonder why lady do that. The police while they were there. They spotted pam. Moore's body not far away And they also found teeth scattered everywhere in victims clothings near the body. The redding record searchlight newspaper They reported on it and they said quote two bodies found in rural area and it said the first body was discovered by a motorcyclist riding on a dirt road near gas point road dump about eighteen miles north west of here the cyclist daryl rich road back to cottonwood and summoned a friend who contacted sheriff's deputies symphony. Meanwhile they had no idea that they're reporting on the actual murderer finding the bodies. Now linda slavic was identified pretty quickly because she was wearing the glatt her glasses which were able to be identified as hers and other items around and also dental records. Her autopsy showed a gunshot wound to the front of the neck. The second shot had severed her spinal cord and kilter instantly. The cause of death was the killing shot dope and mouth shah. The shot went through the mouth. When it opened struck the first and second cervical and was deflected into the cranial vaults. So she died of shock and hemorrhage god now pam moore's autopsy which by the way she was just called victim number two for a little while because she was not identified She was It showed that she had several broken and fractured teeth from a brutal beating to the face and head. Her high owed blown was broken as well. The right side of her skull was literally crushed. Crushed in like an eggshell with a five inch long wound caused by a rock. It was such a brutal beating that many bones in her face broke out. No her cause of death was shock and hemorrhage due to blunt force trauma and the row. The report said that there was unbelievable. Amount of force used to cause these kinds of wound and they said they thought iraq was used in that the victim was lying on the ground when beaten there was also evidence that she had been strangled manually before being beaten to though yeah so he leaked tortured her. Yeah absolutely it's unreal so august twenty second. Darryl was questioned at home by detective. Frank brewer. He was only questioned because he worked with susan. Celic's for years. A net nets alex's mom he wasn't a person of interest they were literally just getting information from people who knew a nets mother right. That's all they were doing. They were just trying to see like if they he was not a person of interest. There are hundreds of companies out there claiming to compare auto and home insurance rates. But there's only one who actually does it get a better insurance with gabby and i know it. 'cause i done it gabby. Is the one true comparison platform with fast verifiable quotes not ballpark guessot. 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There's no obligation go to gabby dot com slash morbid. That's g. a. b. i. dot com. Slash morbid gabby dot com slash work. He told them he had gone to her house a few times. He knew david tidwell and his brothers and that he had met a net a bunch of times. Thank god what a fucking piece of shit. They asked him to come in for a polygraph because during the conversation about where he was the night of nets murder he with chris he changed his. Yeah he was with. Chris he where he likes his story twice and same conversation so they were like. Let's have you come in now. They were concerned a little bit because also that type of bike that street bike motorcycle that he used to go to the dump to discover. The body was also not one that you would use off road is like. There's no reason that he would bring that to a dump their starting to put this together and they also talked to people around him and they said that he was kind of like a neat freak and he kept that bike pristine and he never would have taken it into dump bright. It just wouldn't have been a thing so they're already starting to be like what's happening. He didn't take it into exactly and the fact that there was no tire tracks and then he was like. I don't know what happened. That makes so august twenty third the next day. He took the polygraph. The results suggested he was lying about not having any involvement in annette's murder or the women are. Excuse me the women at the dump i okay. He was questioned casually by brewer and wouldn't let anything out but asked to leave twice and was not allowed to leave which did cause a little bit of an issue for them later when he because he wasn't under arrest right and but he also like would be like. I would like to leave. And they're like no you still talk to us and he was like okay right so it's not like they were like technically holding him against definitely weren't but they easily used it later and trial to be like he was. They didn't follow the miranda rights. And all these. So i mean. It doesn't matter though because he liked killed four people. Yeah hindsight like it's like yeah. We don't really care so he was finally allowed to leave but before he actually left. He said to brewer quote. I've got something to tell you. But not now link do and they were like what are you going to call it. And he gave his card to him and he was like you need to call us within twenty four hours in. You need to give us an alibi for the night of net says murder or we're arresting you right and so he's like okay bye now once again. As he leaves this polygraph he comes across his friend gayle the one he was trying to get to give him an alibi for july fourth when he killed an edwards and gail with was with his girlfriend shelly now he explained about he like randomly was like yeah. I just took a polygraph. And i failed it. Okay asked him point blank about the women. At the i go. Dump was like. It's a little weird dude like. Did you murder them like did you do this. And he said he just was. I did and gil was like what and he was like quote. I did it for seven thousand dollars in the hells angels paid me dude. And he said about linda slavic she had snitched on some guys in their group about something to do with drugs and they had gotten put in jail. And they wanted her snuffed so they said they would pay me seven thousand dollars to do it. I did it kind of to be a hero. I met the girl at a bar and chico. The madison bear garden. I'd been following her for a couple of days. I danced with her and asked her if she wanted to go outside and smoke a joint just to get our outside. After i got her outside. I took my car to cottonwood what you know like literally. None of that is true now. He told everything including like. I said using a higher pitched voice to mimic her while he said she laid on the ground in pleaded. Please don't do it. police don't kill me on. And then he said he threw the gun not used in the river now. Gill asked about the second body and his answer was she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. What the now shelley. The girlfriend said. He was not remorseful while talking about this said quote. Once you've killed you can always kill again. It just doesn't bother me. And when he left. They called the police immediately. Obviously they're like okay fun story by no darryl always a kick when he comes by see again later and leftovers shoe shoe. Here's a doggy bag by. Then they were just like ring ring. Hello imagine having that conversation with somebody like face to face and being like okay. So now i have to get him out of my house. I can call the police. I would be terrified. I'd be like okay. I want in this known so the same night and this is wild. This night is wild for him. Oh god so. He just did that. He just admitted that to gail and shelly just went on. I did it that same night around nine pm. He is just left the polygraph test by the way when straight together and shelly admitted everything now at nine pm he ran into friends. Tony baldwin and robert severe at a sports bar. He literally just offered up like that. Lie detector test. I failed it now. I need an alibi and they're like they really do. I don't like i don't want to hear about and he showed them. He also showed them a gun. Said the cops have been following me and if they try to take me like they're not going to take me alive i'll just shoot it out with them and they're like dude. We're just at a sports bar. We're just like trying to link and wind down our work. So robert was like. Yeah i gotta go and started to leave right and darryl suddenly says. Hey i'll level with you guys. I snuff to that girl out for seven thousand dollars was. Did you use drunk. They said that he had a bottle with him. The sole but and everybody said he didn't act drunk. And i think that's because he was like an alcoholic so i think he just could put on like not like shaking or anything but literally robert says i'm going to go by. Let me go so leave. And he was like a level with your bro. I murdered someone like law. Robert wasn't asking like robert dole didn't want to know and then darryl just rides off on his motorcycle just throws that out. There rides off on his motorcycle. Well robert in. Tony called the police as well so now. The police have gotten calls from four. Different people. like gale shelly. Toady everyone in the two hours ten thirty pm knee went to superior molding where he was working at the time with susan celic's on anti ran into two co workers who he also told everything to yep their names. Were kenneth simmons and randy. I couldn't find a last name. Radio also called the police he just said like well. This is the last time. I'll see you guys for a while. I guess we'll see what the inside of san quentin looks like. I just flunked a polygraph test. And they were like okay. Feel like he was like excited about it. Yeah he's just like. Let me tell every like proud of himself. I think so too. He then told another coworker right. After that guy named edward turner that he failed a polygraph and edward was like will. You don't have to really worry about it if you really didn't do it. You'll be able to prove that you didn't do it. And he goes. But i did do it. He then repeated the whole. Like i did it for seven thousand dollars. Where did that come from. You just made it up. And then he just left so we just don't three more people than leaves so tonight. He's told twelve people so this same. It's getting more wild not done those ten thirty now that same night after this he goes to see david tidwell a net sell x.'s. Stepfather no yes and they know each other right worked together. He's worked with susan for years. He said the same kind of shit to him that he liked failed. The polygraph tests now. He's just talking about the. I go dumped right women right at this point which now we know our pam more inland a slave but at the time they were just like oh victims in the dump and his brothers i think buddy and his other brother there were with him at the time. So he's talking to them and he's admitting to buddy that he raped and killed the two girls at the i go down. Oh my god so buddy was like what about a net and was literally like did you have something to do with. The nets dislike murder and he was like. Oh my god no like absolutely swore up and down. Oh no. I would never do awhile knowing that. He did talking to her uncle's and her stepfather. That's so fucked now. The police are obviously putting this together. Now they've had witnesses. Who described daryl. Exactly as being the guy who was seen with linda at the madison bear garden that night. She went missing In the night she was literally dumped like trash they also found out that he rented a motel room in chico. That night and it was right near the bar. There was also towels that were matched to that motel that were underneath her found underneath there and they also spoke to kelly. M who was the fifteen year olds. He raped and abducted while riding home from her cousin's house. Her bike she positively identified. Daryl richards the man who raped her goodness now. They arrested daryl rich. Obviously that night that same exact night they went on a rampage telling literally everything about it. They went to or lock bar where he was apparently sitting at the bar. Just like sad wayne depressed and it was in reading. He was not taken to jail right away because the guard in the jail in reading said he heard inmates say that when the person responsible for a net sexist murder came into their jail they would take care of it right away i would send him directly so it was like. Why didn't you just send him there right. While you buy relay that information so he was taken fifty five miles away to another county now. Slowly they began to put those rapes and assaults together with the murders. He told his lawyer quote in this so spooky because now he's starting to open up a whole thing but he's acting he's trying to pull the insane thing but later we find out he's very same. He told his lawyer quote. I woke up in the middle of the night and had a nightmare and felt that there was a girl standing next to my bed. It scared me so much. I got up and turn on the lights in the house and slept on the couch. I should have stopped what i did a long time ago. It was no great detective work. That caught me. I was gonna turn myself in any way and it's like no. You're the worst. That was his way of turning himself in. Oh yeah absolutely. It was like the coward's way right. It was only now at this point. Around august twenty fourth that they were finally able to identify pam. More as the second body. In the. I go down. They use the far northern california forensic dental team and use dental records to do it. They still hadn't fully connected him to net a net celik because she's so young and like doesn't match victim vile now. They had an inkling that he could have been the guy because they know that he's capable of but they just couldn't pin it on him yet so during one or two searches of his home. During this time they found the items that annette had bought at the market. that night. good So this was huge like not huge because like he could have just bought those items like technically you know lay within the grand scheme of things. You're like yeah. He definitely did it. Of course that's circumstantial to anybody else. Hold up in gord. This is not so they put him daryl and not live lineup and they had kellie 'em come in. She was the one who identified him as the one who raped her and they wanted to have this in person instead of a photo because they wanted to make sure they had the guy so they had her come in for a live photo or another photo and alive lineup. Share in the had the men in the lineup. Say the words because you know how that help safety yes. Sometimes they had them all. Say you have nice tits and keep your head down. They had them say that to a fifteen year. Old girl who has been dealing with the trauma biak raped. She's behind two way glass like they just say it. But they're like making relived. That's fun it's like they it's it is it's like could they have just had like the one thing i think it's because she in her report said these are two things that i remember him saying to me. Yeah so those are the things that are going to trigger but should missouri sleek and as soon as they got to daryl kitchen. As soon as he said it she screamed. Oh my god. It's him literally was like holy shit. I'm getting traumatized all over. So they were like yeah well. That's a positive identification. So once back in jail he asked to speak to lieutenant. I think his name is like off. Eeo f f. e. off f- yourself. I don't know the with e off. It's probably wrong and someone will yell at me. I won't see it though once back in jail. He asked to speak at all. Look what people anymore so sorry. I can't like i can't laugh. I won't make you laugh anymore. Oh that was so funny. Though all so once back in jail he asked to speak to lieutenant e off who's working the case. His lawyers were pissed. Did not want him doing this. We're like don't do that up. Like what are you doing. But he was like no sign. He insisted on it so once we were together. He said he had killed molested net. Celic's early. He said he didn't know what he was gonna. He didn't know he was going to do it when he picked her up. He didn't remember throwing her off. The brill. you would just like you our d- you fucking coward like just you do remember admit it just admit it fully like what the fuck so. He said he didn't remember it then. He said quote. I made a list for the ones i've done. I haven't done ones. That aren't on this list. Do you wanna see the list. So then they were like yes and he gave them the list in the former victims and that selects pam more linda slavic and annette edwards were on that list they all had small crosses drawn next to him them yup then there were the many surviving victims of his brutal rapes and assaults their names and with no crosses so to indicate that they were alive is a fine jewelry. Bread founded by women for women pieces range from classic to statement two completely original or eight makes the jewelry. 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It's actually from oray and they're right. You literally never ever have to take it off when you shower for fifteen percent off your first or eight purchase go to or rate new york dot com slash morbid fifteen and use promo code morbid. Fifteen for fifteen percent off your first or rate purchase. Go to a u. r. a. t. e. new york dot com slash morbid fifteen and use promo code morbid fifteen. He was formerly charged with four counts of murder and committing lewd acts with someone. Under the age of fourteen there were also fourteen charges relating to rape and assault and kidnapping so the death penalty was on the table for the net. Salix one good He pled not guilty to all in later changed that to not guilty by reason of insanity. Oh you're his lawyers used a lot of like the somewhat shady and like kind of loose tactics that some of the cops used along the way while talking to him but they didn't get far with it but they really tried. You're gonna do what you have to do to catch someone of course and it made the trial go on forever. It dragged it out for a long time. Strating enduringly exactly during this time. They exhumed nets alex's body as well because they took castings of the bite mark. Oh and they did the ted bundy where they had casts done of his teeth matched it and they were a match at is so fucked and he would later say. I don't remember biting anyone. But i guess i might have no you do you. Don't remember fighting an eleven year old girl while you are raping your you piece of absolute garbage just disgusting. Like i hate this dude. He did attempt to hang himself in jail. But he didn't succeed and left a note saying mom darlene rich russell schwartz ben lambert. Whoever those are his lawyers to god. Mom i love you. I hope that you'll be able to understand. Why did this darlene. I love you more than anything in this world. You deserve someone a lot better than i mr schwartz. His lawyer thanks ben. I didn't kill anyone that i hadn't said that i did. I'm telling you the truth. Whoever i hate myself god help me. Let's hope fucking theatrical. I can it was. It was presented in court as like look. He admitted it again. He was going to admit it even when he killed himself to determine whether he was saying when he committed the crimes he was obviously given a lot of psychological exams and therapy in prison. Dr alfred french was the lead psychiatrist at one. Point in. t- gave daryl rohrschack test which is the ink blot tests and seeing like movies and stuff and when he looked at this like block having this blotch having he said quote. It looks like somebody took a knife and cut into somebody's layers of skin. Yeah which i think is to psychiatrists like scribble scribble like okay right. Not a really good way to know that. You're not okay that you're like saying right from wrong. So dr french concluded at the end of this whole thing. This time with daryl. He said quote in my opinion. Daryl rich is simply an immature impulsive individual and that his chronological age really has not much to do with the matter. Aside from his physical strength he has an unsolicited. Unsolicited is d- aggressive reaction of childhood. And or adolescence. I find no evidence of psychosis in my clinical interviews with mister rich and then he said this young man with his chaotic life history has moved to the extremes of rape and murder with a fairly straightforward logical progression. Yeah he was like he's saying fuck. He knows exactly what he's he's just using his childhood trauma that's all know. When he took the stand later this doctor. He said daryl had an explosive personality as well and he said this he said quote a person with an explosive personality is one that blows his top or loses his cool from time to time. They are cautious and often selfish. Who typically would not form real close bonds with other people which is right on the money in april nineteen seventy-nine. Dr malcolm wilson was a neurologist. Who was ordered to give darryl brain scan. 'cause they wanted to see if that car accident or any of his other headed. Tv is had given him a. You know any anything that would maybe logically say that he was impaired now. The results were no damage that would cause him to be able to not tell the difference between now. The trial didn't begin until two years after the murders It was on september. Fifth nineteen eighty. All of the survivors took the stand at one point and told their stories at one point. Carl the neighbor who darryl had been like. Hey buddy when it comes to the dump with me. He said he suspected daryl of these things a while ago and he said a lot of people did and he said when he initially told him. Like i just found a body at the dump and he wanted him to come. He said he thought he was pretty sure he was going to murder him. Oh he was like. I went there fully like i need to be prepared. But he was also like. I didn't want to leave some poor person at the dump way. I felt like i had to go report it but like i thought he was going to kill me and he also pointed out like everyone else had that there was simply no way he could have gone to the dump found the bodies and come back in time he had. It just wasn't possible. David's brother john David tidwell his brother. John took the stand at one point and was like furious. Visibly couldn't control his anger. Of course at one point he looked at the jury and yelled she was only eleven years old. Like just giving that. I know right i got like a full bog bud there but i always like hate when they're like when they get like admonished for they get like yelled at for that. It's like it's i know of law. I understand that. I understand that emotions run high and that emotions can sway things like fauci. She was only eleven years old and he fucking admitted to it. Right and not under duress. He did it himself right like many times. It just makes me so angry. Now dr bruce kaldor was the court appointed psychiatrists that also evaluated daryl imprison and he took the stand and said in no uncertain terms that he said he knows what he did. He knows why he did them. He was saying and he said what darryl had told him about pam more he said. I asked her if she wanted to make love. She pushed my hand away. I got very mad impulse her down in the car then. I drove her over the gas point road area and beat her to death with iraq. Like that's god just like so really just and it's literally i asked her to make love. She said no. Push my hand away. So i got pissed i raped her and i fucking beat her to death like what the fuck. Yeah yeah. he also said that he beat her so savagely that he bent his own ring on his finger. Literally don't give a fuck what you're rang on your finger about a net edwards. He told dr kaldor. He said he got pissed when she refused his offer for a ride twice so he said i grabbed her and beat her to death but it was like someone had control over what i was doing well in here. You got mad that she wouldn't take a ride with you. But what were you intending to do in the first exactly you weren't in china. Just ride her somewhere. You're going to rape her. No matter what fuck right all dope pretend like you got mad because of something that they did because somebody a couple of people did get in the car with you and you raped and murdered the right so like fuck off. Muddling now about linda sleepiq. He said they did dance and talk a bit of the bar patrons in the bar did say that they saw him her dance with him once and talk with him at a table whenever and then she went to his car to smoke some weed and he said quote. I asked her there if she wanted to make love. He is so disgusting. He's literally gross. He's so disgusting. Because also it's like even if you're not daryl rich if someone gets you in a car and says do you wanna make love. I don't know you're only reaction is to going to vomit all over them or get the fuck away for like no. I don't know you know who the fuck are you like. Are you kidding me. So he said she said no so. I hit her in the mouth and gave her a bloody lip. I drove her to my home. I and then out to where that other girl's body was. I showed her the body and then i shot her to death. Oh my god just like so cal. And then he said she had no choice but to go with me after. I hit her in the face. I can't and then he tries to pull this whole like i'm doing. I don't know what the happen. I wasn't there and it's like you knew exactly what you were doing right. You can recount this to the t- exactly now about next celic's he said. I took her to my home. But i can't remember what i did there. I took her to that bridge in threw her. It was like i was asleep. I even knew i did. I even knew. I didn't kill her right away. I knew what i was doing was wrong. And i wanted to stop it because if you wanted to stop it then you now a net celic's i imagine it's because she's eleven that he never would give what he actually did. Yeah i mean they can tell from topsy but they he was very he that one he was like hush hush about and i think it was because she was eleven and he knew that he probably knew he getting nj erskine prison now. The doctor described him as having quote severe masculine insecurity and said that he was a selfish childlike man. An end to tell like hell. Yeah he is. He's a fucking in so one hundred percent one of the orig- so they actually used at one point amat all which is sodium ama- tall and it's also known as truth. Serum one of the truth serums now truth serum is like a very controversial. They're not like you know what i mean. But they did it and especially back then they were doing it. So that it was done by dr david axelrod of sacramento and they interviewed him while he was under the influence of this and he said i didn't know what to say about all this. I knew that. If i did some would say why did you do it. So i reported it to the sheriff's department. I wondered if i didn't report it talking about the murders. Would they go on. And on. And i didn't want to go on. So that's what he was saying about doing. All this and why he had reported the body. I do of believe that. And he said quote i wanted to have. Someone helped me stop what was happening. I knew that people couldn't go on dying. I couldn't go on hurting people and he also did add that he had raped annette edwards while she was dying. He admitted that under truth serum just there he went where he. He's raped her while she was dying. Yeah so he went down there. He threw her off the ac bridge. Oh no annette edwards. Oh sorry there are two a net. So it's confusing. Words is the older one. Okay so just as an aside. Truth serum like i said is controversial especially sodium amital. It's barbituate like a downer. Yeah and apparently it was primarily used at first to help soldiers during world war two and it was just like a method of combine like combating the anxiety that comes with like what they used to call shell shock. Ptsd the drug is very addictive and lethal if used into high of dosage and when they used it for treating soldiers it would essentially slow their heart rates down and with only like a small dose and it would make them more relaxed more less anxious right and then they would talk about their feelings or experiences more easily so does get people talking because you get more relaxed and more like Also they found out later that some people that this was used on actually developed false memories after the whole thing was oh. I'm not saying that happened here. It's just that can't happen. So december fourth. And i mean we don't need the truth. Serum we know told the really say anything that we needed december fourth. Darryl was given permission to get married in prison. Why do they do that. Her name was loretta summers. She was twenty four and a hairstylist. And they met during the trial. And she's a fucking monster to fucker. Mike dude rapes and murders an throws an eleven year. Old girl off a brand is admitted. It like a million times him like quality in you honestly. She should be arrested as well. 'cause i question who she is like. If you know that a man has literally raped and murdered a child is officially or you should not be allowed near children again. Made me so angry december fifth. They had closing arguments. And the prosecution said daryl riches a predator who systematically hunted for victims. He was a marauder who went out and sought people he preplanned everything and went out and hunted these women. And girls daryl. Riches and egocentric self-centered individual who never grew up he prays on others and always gets things his own way. He has absolutely no care for other people's feelings. And i think that has been born out again and again at trial. The defense psychologists and psychiatrists patronized him and believed everything we t- told them with hellofresh fresh premeasured ingredients and mouth-watering seasonal recipes delivered right adela skip trips to the grocery store and count on hellofresh to make home cooking. Easy fun and affordable. And that's why it's america's number one meal. Kit hellofresh cuts out stressful meal planning and grocery store chips so you can enjoy cooking and get dinner on the table and just about thirty minutes or less or if you wanna try their quick and easy meals there fifteen to twenty minute dinners their breakfast on the go and more easy options like that for your perfect lifestyle. You should do that. Hellofresh offers the flexibility. You need to easily customize your order on the op within minutes easily. Change your delivery day food preferences plan size or skip a week whenever you need me. Andrew love hellofresh. We were making the pineapple case d. as the other day and holy guacamole. Those things are so good. I had some for lunch the next day. And then i was like oh we should pick that next week again because it's so good go to hellofresh dot com slash morbid fourteen and use code morbid fourteen for up to fourteen free meals. Pull us for shipping again that tele fresh dot com slash morbid fourteen and use code morbid fourteen for up to fourteen meals plus free shipping and he held up a picture of a net selects after this in like i think she was like a softball uniform like like a really cute picture of her and he said quote. When i see this picture. I almost want a ball. I have a daughter who is one year older than that. And i look at the smile and in my mind that is life itself. This girl had a right to go to high school to senior prom to have children raise children and even have grandchildren and live a full life. I love when they hit like that. Because you like buck. Yeah the defense concentrated basically all they had to say it was like he has personality disorders like they were like excuse to murder doesn't mean he's insane so could try and they also were like well you know personality disorders can make you do bad things. And it's like like rape and murder people trials no okay so the jury was like no so the jury said they believed they came back. They said they he was saying at the time of the murders and the assaults and they found darrow guilty of a lot of things for the survivors including assault with great bodily injury forced oral copulation kidnapping forcible rape rape with the threat of great and immediate bodily harm enforceable sodomy. Wow he was also found guilty for the dead victims. He was found guilty of first degree murder for a net edwards guilty of second degree murder for pam more guilty of first degree murder for linda slavic and guilty for a net celic's for first degree murder and there was a special circumstance on her murder which was willful deliberate and premeditated and committed during the commission of a lewd act upon a child under the age of fourteen gone. The last conviction was the death penalty one. It brought doubts penalty onto the table now. Apparently loretta summers his like wife to be. There was in the courtroom where the victims families are being disrespectful and when this was read out she wrote oh my god they did it. Of course. i'm not kidding. I would murder her courtroom. If i was susan's like a nets mother like any of these people's family members. Yeah that's unreal like. Are you kidding me loretta. The she got it together with her clear. Get it together so go fuck yourself at the judge said quote to even the most hardened i the crimes were almost unimaginably brutal savage attacks on defenseless young women all sexually ravaged the jerry. I was deadlocked on a decision of whether to impose the death penalty or not but they reconvened. They voted to send him to death for the murders of a net selects and linda slavic and they voted for life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of a net edwardson pam. More good he was sent to san quentin prison so he was correct and of course he had appeals that were all denied and in march two thousand. He had his last clemency hearing Linda sleeve ex-father. Wally was there. he said. Quote to me. The only person that can give forgiveness is the primary party or god and linda's not here to give forgiveness boom sharon nett sell ex's mother and her stepfather. David and sharon sister linda were there. So that's aunt burton pam. Moore's brother was there. He was only seven when she was killed and several other of the rape survivors. Were there burton's pam morris. Brothers said quote. The punishment is too far too late and far too lenient. I think they should take him to that. Dump and use a rock a can't blame them. linda a nets are An aunt sorry spoke. Because susan literally couldn't she was like i can't talk about this and she said this broke my heart. She said quote. My sister sees her baby being abducted sodomized raped and tortured until she was thrown from a bridge while still alive. We've been unjustly sentenced to twenty two years of hell. Please please put all of us out of our much prolonged misery. Ya who david tidwell. Her stepfather said quote. Were wasting time. Just kill him. He better pray this not a life after death. If there is he'd better hide. I love it. I can't imagine the anger they have. I can't imagine one of the survivors said that she still hadn't been able to fully reconcile what had happened to her. And she said it was affecting her marriage now and she said quote. We are never alone. Daryl rich is always there between us. Which like that's tear my whole body just like it's because it must be here's no intimate moment. What's been taken from you. And if and and i get it that he still around so you just feel like. He's there his execution. After that last clemency hearing was set to go forward they good. Didn't want to hear anything about him. But then they found out his plans for after death what he wanted to be buried next to his mother a grave that would be a hundred feet away from the grave of a net. Celic's are you kidding me. So luckily after a lot of uproar and people literally trying to get legislation put into place at this time preventing murders from being buried next to their victims Darryl said that he would be buried in a different cemetery in his mother was exhumed and moved to that location as well. I feel like she wouldn't even wanna be next. Anyone no probably not March fourteenth two thousand execution day. Good he was put to death by lethal injection. He was forty five years old in the last thing he said was peace. Are you fucking getting me He said peace. He said after destroying. How many people's worlds. He's kept peace. Yep awesome literally. I hope he he is one of the worst one of the worst piece after you did what you did to. How many like little girls and women to exit the world. Eighteen year olds fourteen year olds. Seventeen year olds women an eleven year others mothers wives daughters friends sister coworkers. like faulk. Wet the like darrell. Rich is fucking. I hope is if there's an afterlife. I hope he's having hope he's he's having a time. Yeah so yes. That is the story of darryl creek. Keith rich. I don't know how it i didn't know all about that but damn i don't know either. Now you guys have to know it too so thank you for that. But i've you know especially like all of them. I it just those especially those for murder victims. It's just like they were literally just walking minding their own business that anybody puts themselves in a position to have that happen. But it's like there's walking home no right you know and no like david. Tidwell like was reluctant to let her go To the market i know about is i feel awful like that imagine. Nobody should have to live with that. But wow that was a doozy and half. Yeah so you're welcome everybody. Well now it's time for me to go take some nyquil. Yeah i think we're gonna throw you like a spooky roads next or something just to like es this a little bit. So my spooky roads is of is a bummer. To separate three a bummer. Spooky roads but spooky roads. It's called spooky roses. I think it has a fun theme song. I'm pretty sure so. That'll lighten it up for like five minutes. Yeah we'll give you a little bit of but you know you come for you come here. It's called morbid. I don't know what to tell you. We open keep listening than we do. Hope you feared but not so weird that when you get executed for doing such horrible things you say peace. 'cause i'm really fucking fuck off daryl rich.

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'AOC and the Collapse of Oil  Just Bernie in a Dress' | 4/21/20

Pat Gray Unleashed

1:34:16 hr | 1 year ago

'AOC and the Collapse of Oil Just Bernie in a Dress' | 4/21/20

"Great is here on the Fleas Radio Network sponsored by express. Vpn You have a right to privacy protected at express VPN dot com slash unleashed. Welcome another fun day in quarantine and we are here to make the apocalypse fun. And I think we're doing just that. Maybe the apocalypse will kinda pull up and the next couple of weeks for everybody and that'd be nice. It would be nice. Yeah it really would just about every person I've talked to or have come in contact with has said. Can we please for the love of Heaven? Stop like this stop. I don't know anybody who says are you know it's a really good thing that we're all being shut in our homes. I'm glad I'm glad we're all staying home right now. At Georgia and Tennessee joined the ranks of states. Kind of opening like Georgia's going to be even more open than Texas by really into this week so well. Gac is like ours is weakened open retail. If you do a drive up service wait as dumb and what? So if I drive up. I can get clothing at the curb. The trade on in the parking lot. Yeah and ask the attendant as that how that works has this look is this. New thing is to tighten the arm. Or what do you think? Okay go in and get me the different sides no no not that color the other s not GonNa Work. Come on. That can't work that's not know. And what ARE THEY GONNA? Bring your furniture out. You bring you couch out to the curb sitting this if you like it. I wonder if state parks were just crazy crowded in Texas yesterday when they opened up because the weather was perfect here at least in North Texas Beautiful. Yeah and State Parks Open So I wonder if maybe that was the place to be. I don't know maybe somebody will tell us if they went to a state park yesterday. I actually didn't go to a state park yesterday. You did not. I did not no. I did not go to state yesterday. Just kind of weird because most days. I'll do that. You know when they're open and they were open yesterday. But I didn't get there Mr Chance. Yeah shoot well. Maybe he goes out checking out at the curbside furniture stores today. Yeah maybe you can go to the State Park right right. That's what I figured yesterday. Then you'll go to the clothing store tomorrow. So is George allowing people to go into stores. I forget what it was. I I read the article but yeah it's got to go back and look I don't WanNa miss speak here but I don't want you to either. Be Terrible if you've misspoke. It wouldn't be the first person that I wouldn't know would not all be pissed off at you so so on Friday that to happen on Friday. Let's see here. You can reopen the Tennessee's like this to pop up ad pop up the okay. Let's see some bowling alley. Look at Jim. Bowling alleys open up gyms hair salons bowling alleys tattoo parlors among the businesses allowed to open on Friday you parlors and look that yesterday Movie theaters could resume selling tickets. I don't know if that means you're loud in you. Assume so right wow okay. Restaurants Limited to takeout orders could return to limited Dinan Service. Wow See Georgia limited. Dinan Service. That's going to happen here. I think next week in Texas aware helping up in but you have to stay really far apart so I guess the restaurants are going to have to make some changes in how far the tables are apart and all that crap so I am going to have to pay off my bet with you Stu Jeffey. Yeah sounds like it. You just have to sit before visit like this long banquet table arrest. Jeff you'll go. I don't think Jeff we can ask him tomorrow but I don't think he'd Li I don't think he's leaving the house. So wait a minute Jeffy. Is You just asked you just said I don't know anybody that says. Hey I love as well as the exception that he loves it. But he's certainly biting Bhai He's sitting on a couch watching Netflix. I think he loves. He loves it and he will come in so yeah. I guess he loves it. So more states are opening but Jeffey. Ob on lockdown until forever and it may well be that some of the movie theaters are opening. You say in Georgia. They said they could sell tickets. I assume that means they're opening not would think so. Yeah I mean because you can technically buy tickets and come for show later but The number one movie in America last week made seventeen hundred and ten dollars one thousand seven hundred and ten dollars and it opened in one theater in Florida and it was a drive through a drive in a drive in movie theater. That amazing that tells you where we are right now and like the week before wasn't the The high price Eleven hundred something yeah So the economy's improving we're up from eleven hundred grossing picture to seven so. The movie industry's getting right back on their feet really quickly. They're up six hundred dollars week over week so pretty amazing taking somebody who's not doing well and that's the oil industry. Geez Something that's never happened in. The oil market happened yesterday. Negative prices for oil contracts couple of graphics from Yes So we we get the report middle afternoon zero dollars. Oil is at zero dollars per barrel. And so that's the price that that broke and then before long Another PAT head notice that it was down to it actually bottomed out at negative thirty eight dollars. Fifty four does that mean. Does that mean the company has to pay you money? Thirty eight dollars a barrel to take them oil off their hands. What does that mean? No so and in fact that is going to rebound contracts are tied to specific delivery dates toward the end of contract six expiration date. The price typically converges with the physical price of oil as the final buyers of these contracts are entities like refineries are airlines that are going to take actual delivery of the oil. The contract fell more than one hundred percent is for May delivery and it expires today with the virus pandemic leading to an unprecedented demand loss and with storage tanks quickly filling up. There's no demand for this oil contract. Expiring Oil Should probably be over twenty dollars a barrel in just a couple of days when the new contract start backup. Yeah foof or was it. I forget which Pat had said this a perfect fit said seriously. I want to buy oil right now today and then sell it at a thousand times hired a few months. Yeah so yeah so. Hopefully this is a short lived thing but I mean twenty bucks. A barrel is still dirt. Cheap it's bad for Texas very bad for Texas but it's good for me because she so giddy when people are suffering freaking idiot man. She's eighty you absolutely love to see the oil prices. No no I actually. Don't this along with record. Low interest rates means. It's the right time for a worker led mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet moron. She's such an absolute moron. Wow and so. She got some push back on twitter. Lots OF PEOPLE RESPONDING TO HER INSANITY. So you got a you. Got The congressman there. North of Kelley Armstrong says this is not an ideological air exercise. Afc People's jobs are evaporating lives are being ruined in real time. North Dakota companies that have taken decades to build have been destroyed an hour's any public official that loves to see this does not deserve to hold office for sure. The green new deal was never about the environment. It's about winning elections and that is fine. As far as it goes openly celebrating the economic destruction of families and communities because it fits a political narrative is unacceptable and unbecoming of a member of Congress from Washington Times reporter Bet Makoviac bubblegum idiot cheers bubblegum. Media cheers the loss of millions of Energy Industry. Jobs and destruction of 401K's and pensions. What a truly vile person. Ao. Cia's yes stephen. Miller tweeted to Nancy Pelosi. Mom She saying the quiet part out loud again. That's the quite part. That's cheering against the oil industry and everybody's 401K. That's that's the part you keep quiet. Sh she doesn't care. No nope Emmy and this is what this what we said. The green new deal would be about right If you want jobs to be destroyed and economies to collapse well Stephen Miller continued. You'll need thousands of people dead. And millions of people unemployed to enact your vision near you can just basically what we've been saying. Oh yeah there you go. Yeah exactly great us. Oh some really good news. I need that maybe the biggest news you'll hear all day. Oh Wow so. It's good news and it's big news. Yes in good. Big News will hit me like this. Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Ganz reached an agreement to form a unity government in Israel. I yeah it only took four elections three elections and then the threat of a fourth. I mean that's that's good. Three inconclusive elections held within the span of a year Israeli political rivals. Netanyahu against broke a persistent political deadlock deadlock an announced yesterday. They reached agreement to form a unity government. That will keep Netanyahu in office until October. Twenty five twenty one while so hold on. We just hit peak good news for the day at six ten am and it was about Israeli elections. Yes it's very possible. That is no. Thank you for noticing. Okay but I mean that's good that we don't. We know that at least until October of twenty twenty one. We're not gonNA come in here and print up a story about Israelis Headed back to the polls right right good news some interesting news from North Korea to Apparently they're leader. Kim Jong UN is in grave danger. Healthwise he I guess the intelligence agencies in Washington have been trying to monitor. What's going on there? Because he hasn't shown up for a lot of celebrations. He normally attend like his grandfather's birthday. Which is like. It's almost a religious holiday in North Korea because it considered him God. And you really have to be there. And he wasn't Kim Jong UN couldn't couldn't attend because he was too sick. Apparently he add some kind of heart. Surgery and North Korea is absolutely the place you want. Your heart surgery done right isn't it? I've heard that they are. The North Korean surgeons are. The fight is to minus old. Yeah Yeah you don't want you don't WanNa go anywhere else. Pyongyang's man everybody wants to it. As soon as they hear heart trouble there booking a flight Pyongyang immediately so yeah so he's in good hands. I'm sure I'm sure he's in really good. Hands is that the place that I've heard is the heart surgery open heart surgery capital of the world of the world. Yes yeah okay. So he's apparently really sick. He had heart surgery and he's I don't know some say he's he's recovering pretty well other say as in really bad shape. What are those sources as doing? Well is that the same sources. It said that His Dad got eighteen holes in one and found a unicorn or something people. Yeah he he on an eighteen hole. Golf Course He. He golfed in eighteen. Kim Jong Il was Kim Jong Un. He called he got a what in eighteen eighteen. Thank you my goodness and I know a slow start. So yeah it's interesting. Who takes over his sister if he they say okay. What you'd be weird girls can't run countries right three. Come on Dick euless. Do they think it's a baking class? What a what did they think is going on there? Yeah they're they're making nuclear-tipped missiles right over there and what they're saying yeah. Apparently sister takes over. If he's incapacity here she's not nice. No none of the families nice good point. There are not any one of them. Nice so yeah. You're if you're looking for a nice leader of North Korea. You have to wait awhile boy. That would be interesting. Dynamic trump in sis are having to negotiate. Yeah wouldn't great. Just just relax triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three now by now. That dry dog food has to have all the life cooked out of it in order to last on shelves for two to three years dry dog. Food Manufacturers sterilize food when they make it so it kills all of the stuff that would be alive in your pets food that you want in there like the probiotics and enzymes vitamins healthy micro bacteria. It's all gone that's why you're GonNa Love Rough Greens vitus mark first of all. It's not dog food it. It's a dog supplement. Really healthy and it puts back into your dog's food all the live nutrients necessary for really good Doggie health. Your dogs in a love this stuff they they just. I mean they can't get enough of. It might always has a little green mustache after eating because of the rough. Greens adorable. So no matter. What your feed your dog whether it's the most expensive stuff on the market or something bargain-basement. This will make your dog food better. Take the rough. Greens fourteen day jumpstart challenge today for just fourteen ninety five. You'll see the difference in your dog and fourteen days or less. If you want to see your dog thrive again just go to rough. Greens dot com slash blaze. That's are you F- F- Greens dot com slash globe late at grays on waste so on the On the Corona Virus Task Force are almost every single Republican senator except Mitt Romney. He's not there and so the president was asked about that yesterday. Why Hey. Why isn't Mitt Romney? What do you hold us up against Mitt Romney? What a stupid question. Of course he is of course. He does not like Mitt Romney. I despise Mitt. Romney would be my guess. But here's here's the exchange. Iq didn't go the Salt Lake Tribune. Thanks her on Thursday. The White Paper Wrestled Task Force Review Opening America included every Republican senator but never possessed show that you. Serve your still holding a grudge against. I had fifty two Republican senators. He was governor. You don't want as well. I just don't think I'm not a fan of Mitt Romney. I don't really want his advice completely. Fan Advice and he didn't say. Yeah. He's all in the grudge and right next question I mean he that is amazing brutal honesty. I want to see that again because he did say yes. I'm holding a grudge or did I misunderstand that. Let's go back. He didn't go. I'm at the Salt Lake Tribune. Okay thanks are on Thursday at the White House. The mastic wrestle taskforce reopening America included every Republican senator. But they're is you're still holding a grudge against You know I had fifty to love it. Man Doesn't want as I just don't think I'm not a fan of it from me. I don't really want us to be brutally honest from start to finish. He didn't say any other politician would have said No. Look we've only got room for fifty two Republican senators. They would have made some flimsy stupid. Excuse everybody would have known. It was a complete lie. Yeah we just. We had fifty three chairs in the room. He just flat out told the truth there. Does that mean? You're still holding a grudge against Mitt Romney. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah I am I am. I'm still holding a grudge. Yeah Yeah I hate his guts. As a matter of fact you know. He did vote for impeachment on one of the counts. You know that right so yeah not a fan. Don't want advice. Don't want to be in the same room with him interesting. That's something else is really who does that. Yeah only Donald Trump I mean only donald trump. It's just it's that's troutman. Yeah it is Whatever you like Mitt Romney or not. Donald trump in a nutshell and It's kind of refreshing really. Yeah yeah there's a fine line between petty and refreshing that falls on the side of refreshing. I think for some reason I. I don't Hate Mitt Romney Fun. I think he made a. I think he made an honest judgment that came from you. Know his principles and so Otherwise he would've voted Yes on both counts. But he didn't he didn't I I think he reached stupid conclusion there by doing that because there was no evidence on what he voted for And he thought there was so I think he's dead wrong on that but I respect him for making that really difficult decision because he knew he knew that wasn't going to be popular. He knew he was going to get it from both sides because the left isn't getting embrace him and the right is GonNa hate him now and he did it so mean good for him. Also the Salt Lake Tribune is a piece of garbage newspaper. Okay all right noted a lot like many newspapers. I mean plug in the name of ninety five percents of newspapers out there. She could blink chronicle piece of garbage Dallas morning news piece of garbage at the same time. Okay Yeah Yeah you're right I guess game. I understand how works. Yeah that's interesting Ivan. Number people can call or we. Can they go it anytime? Where's it never? Oh I'm so sorry. Sorry but this is what it's like to be a pad you know a listener to the show and just in your daily life. You can have a normal conversation with phrases because we're all infected with weird thing with pet head. Nineteen did that come in one thousand nine now. That was probably like pad head eighteen or maybe even seventeen. We've been doing that for a long time. And we all suffer from had eighteen infected writing the net sell even save the number s saying oh by the way As long as we're talking about pat heads just remembered something remember how we had Jennifer knocks on last week from the Sandbar. Yeah Thailand Georgia and she had taken three thousand seven hundred and fourteen. I think three seven four one off the walls anyhow a listener to this show matched that what's donation on their venom. Oh she reached out to tell me that So did they really. Yeah so donations cool. Somebody did the three seven four one as well. That is amazing. Great Audience Italian. Thank you I mean that guys or something else. That's incredible that's incredible so thank you so much and her employees. I'm sure Thank you as well. 'cause that's going to provide them each with another six hundred dollars to get him through another few weeks of Georgia now opening right stated rage. That's right maybe got him through so maybe she can open her business backup. Yeah be great because a lot of of states like Texas. They're still not doing restaurants and bars and I don't know that might be next week or the week after. Yes Oh so. What was it? This week you try on clothes out in the parking lot right herb. Or maybe at home. How's that work at home? Are they going to bring clothing to your no? You can't do this at home. I don't know how weird thing. Yeah I'm hoping we're we're well on our way here in Texas. I gotTa show you something really fun though. This is could quite possibly make your day because this is this better news than Israel done voting for a year and a half well. It's different induced okay. It's it's a dad who has during this corentin taken on something upon himself to I guess liven up the day for his kids and the dedication he has to this bit. It's unbelievable I mean. He sells out every time for it. He's he is all in every single time and what's his character's name data sore data source check this out every time the kids say data or he goes into data sor mode. Hey data store and his wife is none too happy about it. She doesn't like this. Okay like this. You said to take your protein shake look at that. His wife is not a fan. He's pouring protein powder shake stuff all over his face. He's digging into a watermelon like all like a dinosaur would okay. So here's the girls again. He's in the kitchen making something taking the trash out all this crazy. He's GONNA tear into the garbage now. The wife is not into this other trash all over the driveway. You can tell this. Yeah this is nothing. Faked real stock pissed now. The kids love it in the modest mad at the girls for basically flipping the switch. You need to stop this and always making these cutting a cake. Now it's later. It's going to get dangerous with that knife right. The girls they know what's up. Don't even start keys and drums. Any sort of this guess he. The lockdown has done different things to different people. Talk Buddy. She's laughing but upset she's laughing. You just call Ono House. Amy's Pizza Coffee Table a nice house to. It's no wonder he's always in such a good. No No. He's got his hand pat. Yeah all right. Data sort is Seriously this is amazing. And at what point? Do you have him committed? Because she's probably about ready to make that call seriously like she's got an attorney on speed dial. At this point my wife would be so mad. If I'm making messes all over the house. Even if I'm cleaning them up she's still. I mean. Look at all over the kitchen floor. You're totally cleaning it up and shouldn't have to look at fault it was the dinosaur and now it's snowing. I WanNa be there very old. They're getting ready for a family picture and now he's just sliding all over the snow Imagine the three stooges. He's kind of Now he's running into the neighbors humor. I mean pretty. Crafty dinosaur can open a gate. Data's keeps going on. Now he's GonNa join onto the lake. We know that it just snowed and by the way there is a lake in their backyard. Uh-huh again again. You can yeah. Is that right. Yeah I would do that a few times but then I'd be like okay. We can't do your box really pissed. You're talking about the dad. I was talking about the dedication of the wife. Putting up with this stuff I mean the dad to be all in every time the girl say that yeah is incredible to me. When does that end though? When the lockdown in that means doing it still don't don't know a lot of us on the Internet on the socials there with that video clip. We'll we'll tweet that out originated on. Tick Tock Right. Yeah I think so. I thought those were really short clips. Yeah but I think somebody Compiled them made made the video there that we just enjoyed. I mean the one with the garbage. He's taking the garbage out to the garbage cans outside and then they say the data store thing any starts digging into the garbage with his mouth. I mean there's garbage everywhere over the driveway in the walkway. That's nuts. You just created. I don't know half an hour of work for yourself. Plus the shower afterward. I mean I hope the room you have at. The Mental Hospital has a window right. But I mean that's funny every now and then but that was a little farther than most of us would triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three MORE PACKER UNLEASH COMING. Up and prey consults an attorney. I call up. Cardinal Tobin Cardinal Joe Tobin in Newark. Okay so have you consulted with Cardinal Joe Tobin yet this morning on. He doesn't get up early enough. That's the problem. Well keep in mind. It's an hour later. Where Cardinal Joe is? I should've known that so. Yeah Yeah you need to call him and just check your day's activities with them. Make sure they're okay. He's got to be a busy all man with everybody calling them to check on things. They're in everything absolutely tobin Let's see we got some Tweets here at unleashed Liberty Square tweets. Good morning prisoners. It's Tuesday just in case you've lost track of time too because a lot of people have. I think you're not going to work. You're not really on a schedule. Like normal everything seems so weird. Forget what day it is sometimes and we are in fact all prisoners. So congratulations on that. Be Deposed tweets. Hey if you can make that kind of money. Seventeen hundred and ten dollars by the way for the number one movie last week. If you can make that money with drive in movies I may put up a bedsheet in my yard ensure old home movies once North Carolina. Opens backup. Yeah Good Luck. You make some extra cash air. Nancy let him eat ice cream. Pelosi okay if Tattoo parlors are open. Then you're officially open just saying that's true. Yeah that's about as intimate as you can get this side of sex. It's pretty intimate. But the whole data processing thing that went through from Metro Florida's not officially opened. But I can tell you for the past week. There's been more and more cars on the roads in the deep South here too. I think don't you? Oh Yeah. I've seen noticed yesterday it was It was Jeffreys eighteen spoons. I would love her to stand before a group of oil rig workers and tell them that you absolutely love to see. This saw what I ate she is. She loves to see the oil industry agonizing un-american. Idiot buffoon communist could come up with me. I'll stop you when when you get. Something should probably accurate pretty soon. It'll be something that shouldn't be set on the on the air so I'll be the one to make that I think are builders. Va tweets. I love who pays your salary bid but that trump but what trump does with the press asking them who they work for an awesome. Yeah it is. I love that too because he does that Pretty much every time. Now doesn't he if he's if it's not somebody he asks to Give Him a question all the time. He definitely stops him in. Who who you with. If he doesn't recognize you trade tickle me thirty tweets talking about North Korea's Kim Jong UN sister taking over a woman leader. Who's GonNa make my sandwich do? My laundry was watching the kids. All good cloudy North Korea's GonNa have to figure this up before they just hand her. The reigns of the country saying Judy in Pennsylvania misses all tongue in cheek. We don't really oh it is. Yeah it's it's not okay. Yeah sure. Yeah it's funny story. It's time we're sticking to it. It's not real judy. It's not real wink wink. It's not Real Jeffey. Suffocating BELLYBUTTON tweets. Someone told Jeffy not to go try on clothing in the parking lot. No one needs to see that Appalachian American. So does the desert clip count as an animal video. No but does the Cow We can do the calendar dog. All right that Keith count as an animal video for the Week Okay. All right so let's see let's see video my niece and me if you don't do this real quick our police what we got here. We're chasing the tile out so my backyard what in the world don vice town. Oh my dog is doing the cow. Oh my goodness I are in the DP. Deep in downtown dog is Biden chaplains down swelling to one. We got to longest dog number. One is going again. Okay oh my goodness the cows under the don more. Oh getting onto our. We can't get stuck in the poll in the deep in the head. What IN THE WORLD. Listen about all my goodness. We've got a cowboy cowboy only got a lasso. Oh my goodness no. Oh to cowboys. Goodness Cow China get out. He's in the shallow Lasso. Always doing out there. The Cowboys Lasso. Goodness Barsha world is not a cow pulling the OPPO coming out. The dog in the poll number twos chasing the cow always trying to lasso to Cao Cao just dragging it man in the world. Oh my toes William Horsley just really Don Com. I tell is having a hard time. What in the world is this? Dow Cal one minute shorts Lasso Alabama. I'm mixing that into my lexicon. The Hail Alabama. That was some weird stuff. Was that set up. No that was a security camera in the backyard. Akao gets away from the heard the cowboys chase it down with the dogs that that's their job. Sudden Cowboy writes in with the Lasso. Yeah the calendar. How that's that's weird. So the dogs led the way because it's their job to keep everybody in order in the heard and so it looks like Oh why are these two doug cow hard time? Oh no it fell into the pool all this stuff but then you realize the cows actually in kind of smart he got away from the herd but then the cowboys come and save the day and you got to swim and I wonder man he was he was. He was dog tired after that because he couldn't even get out of the pool is just like Jagger. See what you did. I'M GONNA chill out right here. Yeah all right. I think that absolutely qualifies as an animal. Plenty of animals doing animal things and it was great last thing I wanted. My Pool is a cow right. I don't want to cow in there. No triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three ninety. Three PAT unleashed on twitter. If you live in New York you'll You'LL WANNA know that. Mayor Bill De Blasio just cancelled all public events through June. Since when does the mayor have the power to cancel all events? I mean maybe city events that go through your office. That you have purview over. But does the mayor of a city at just have the power to say nope? You're not doing anything anywhere so hands again. I haven't looked into this. I don't know if you know the answer either. But does this mean no Yankees or mets baseball games. No no nicks. You know bill events. Yeah it would have to mean that. Well that site's cruise up a possibility of baseball. Well Not New York. They're not playing. Did you know there's another plan now? I think you and I were just talking about this off air for the show like wave. Texas opened up. Why don't they play Games here? Talking about Amazon is Florida. Dallas Dallas the new stadium. That hasn't even been played in by the. Nobody's been in it. 'cause it just got built just got finished. It was supposed to open up for the this year. And obviously it hasn't and they have an empty ranger stadium. Right next door right. Yes they could use very true. Astrodome I don't know where they stand but I know that they've been talking about doing renovations down there this year. I don't know if already started or what that looks like. They have been trying to figure out what to do with Astrodome. Since about two thousand two thousand one. There were all kinds of plans for some of them. Pretty cool actually. Some developer wanted to make a gigantic indoor mall with a massive. I think the biggest swimming pool in the world would have been part of that. I mean they had all kinds of really cool ideas and of course none of them. Silk to fruition. Let's think about this. Let's take the spring training facilities out of it in Arizona in Florida. And you've got to indoor stadiums in the state of Florida that are Major League Baseball stadiums between Tampa and Miami. You've got The Astro Stadium. You've got the astrodome in theory. You've got the New Ranger Stadium. The Arlington Leftover Stadium. Reliant you could really play baseball in there. Oh Yeah I guess you could do little cowboy state and you play minute maid park and you could play cowboys. Jerry's Jerry's not letting them play in there. Okay so we're eight. We've got the DIAMONDBACK stadium. We got nine stadiums. That's eight teams. And they're talking about doing double header. Tommy teams eighteen teams. And so they're talking about doing double headers so you'd play like it'd be like the cubs and braves would be noon and then the Yankees and tigers would be at eight PM so anyhow we with this. Let's go America. Let's do it but the Blasi. Oh Man so what? He's he's putting the cash on everything. Yeah Yeah Despite the fact that he doesn't have that kind of power he's taking it anyway and by the way if you see something suspicious yeah or you think is violating our social distancing rules. Yeah you need. You need to take a photo of it and get it immediately to build of laws you at three one one six nine two. That's right yeah Garcia head tweeted out yesterday. I haven't been able to verify this but she said that she posted the thing that said it. Looks like They've shut down the line up there because they were getting too many people flipping off. The camera is just inexcusable. Thinning and pictures of they're drunk so So there you go. Apparently that's The New York snitch number where people were supposed to text pictures and addresses of people not following. The rules was shut down as great. Yeah that's fantastic. You know it's another good idea for New York. They might consider what if you were to train all kinds of youth in what they should be looking for people that are following the rules and who they can call and their parents are doing something that they see is wrong. There's a number that they could call on their parents or their neighbor. Let's take a picture and and because get all the youth to do. Let's just assume that the number is shutdown. You WanNa make sure to keep sending these tips in a three one one six nine two and what do you think a good name for this group would be maybe the Blahsy blahsy? Yeah Yeah. Let's do that. Can the youth groups of New York would be great? They could just start. You know because a lot of people don't see what's going on inside other people's homes but the kids do and you could get them to report their parents then that'd be great. One Group of States is going one direction with this lockdown and another group is going the opposite direction and that is the difference between red and blue states right now all right. Let me tell you about Omega L. If you are in pain. There's a really good chance it's caused by inflammation whether that inflammation is coming from arthritis or whatever the case may be it's likely the root cause of back and neck shoulder leg pain. Inflammation is why you suffer with Achey painful joints and muscles and it's left untreated. The inflammation can cause permanent. Damage to really sucks pain. Relievers in topical creams. Don't treat the problem. They mask it. Sometimes they don't help at all. 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Call eight hundred eight four four four eight eight hundred eight four four forty eight eighty eight or go to Omega xl dot com slash Patrick Gray. So president trump said he plans to sign an executive order temporarily suspending immigration into the. Us Makes Sense in light of this situation. I think so We'll it Democrats course not. They'll be yelling and screaming and kicking and biting over this. He said he's doing so to protect American jobs. As the virus has taken a sharp toll on the economy in a tweet last night he said he was signing the executive order in light of the attack from the invisible enemy reference. Obviously to the virus as well as the need to protect the jobs of our great. American citizens didn't provide any other details but to me. That's just a prudent step. Yeah why wouldn't you do that? You're got a pet had dead body blog. Who said it looks like? He's just implementing the Bill. Maher plan member because Bill Maher said. Oh didn't go far enough when he Walked people coming in from China Right. So there. You Go Bill Maher now an advisor to president trump on immigration. Yeah that's awesome also but I mean this is a common sense thing. This is the thing where we said You know before the sunset on nine eleven o one. We should have sealed our borders. Yeah Okay yes I mean. And that's where we're at again so. I don't know how long this is going to last and I was just talking about illegal immigration. He's talking about. Let's shut down because now jobs are in short supply right now. Yeah this is a common sense thing. Twenty two million jobs in counting in four weeks three weeks three or four weeks four weeks. Yeah really bad. So so. What's what's the unemployment number going to be when we find out what late next week. I think I part of me. We'll find out what April job. Numbers are and what the unemployment rate is going to be fifteen percent twenty percent. I don't know we're going to be close to those numbers for sure but I will say that that one. That isn't necessarily helping In the grander scheme of things. There are some people who just like Lindsey Graham warned who are finding it more beneficial collect these unemployment benefits then to go back to their jobs right and so while that's not the overall thing. Obviously people have lost their jobs. There are some situations where people are making more money for now. Taking that stimulus check not the stimulus. Check that every taxpayer. Gets the unemployment stimulus check instead of going back to work? Yeah well when you're giving them more money than they make work give incentivize them not to work right. And what was it said to that? Oh No is she thought it was a good thing that the government is paying. The mortis was Bernie. Yeah Okay but still. I knew it was one of those. Socially she's Bernie and address the pantsuit triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also at PAT unleashed on twitter. Coming up can dogs sniff. Out The corona virus and do gyp blitz make more make men more vulnerable to the corona virus than women who to vote and others coming up here in a few minutes. I'm Pat Gray unleashed. Is this bad. Great thank you for being here with us. Cripple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and at PAT unleashed on twitter. Just a quick reminder. Have you checked yet your day's activities with Cardinal Job Tobin? 'cause you may have forgotten. I don't want you to forget that important step when you're starting your day. Did you consult an attorney? I've called up Cardinal Tobin Newark. Yeah Governor Murphy in New Jersey. Does it all the time so I hope you're doing it as well We got some tweets here and George Crocker concerning the data sore Yep. I'm sure that the lawyer is sore is actually making a house call. She's going to be The wife at least you're GONNA be independently. Wealthy Yep Republic Mike tweets. There's one hundred ten percent chance. My Wife's my wife's spin kicks then divorces me if I did that to the garbage outside but so worth it. Kevin Davis I consider this lockdown a preview of life under the green new deal. No no kidding from Petty Officer America To Answer Your Question Pat yes Mayor has the power to cancel all public events. Oh even all over the country. Whoa as long as he consults and receives permission to do so by Cardinal Joe Tobin from Newark New Jersey again no no cheap imitations or substitutes for Cardinal Joe Tobin this is the Newark New Jersey Cardinal. Joe Tobin were talking about and don't be fooled by imitation more bishops. Now I understand there's one in des Moines Iowa who's pretending to be the really Joe Tobin yet leads me off. It pisses me off. So is that is that the equate brand. Yes yes Nerik yes all right. We have some great news though because we can finally not worry about this virus anymore. There is now a cure. No Way Yeah it's been found by this guy. Cova nineteen has provided an opportunity for people. Now this tweet calls him religious huckster. Oh that's offensive. Oh look at this guy and He clearly shows us. He's found the cure then Iranian and wasn't one hundred introduce the best cure against corona and kidney disease curious he okay any standing next to a camel lung lung disease. Asthma is here. Look at the camel. Okay we're looking at the camera. And even the corona has totally messed up the world okay. He doesn't look happy. That camel someone told IMAM SADIQUE IN DIV. I can't breathe though no good. I have to sit down shortness of breath. Okay clearly corona right through right imam SEDIBA use the camel urine and so he did and he was cured. Well done Mo- Java has camels got hey in its neck For I don't know that I want to trust then. Magenta POURED HIM SOME CAMEL. Urine from that camera and he says thank you so much yum. I WANNA classy Campbell. Oh no no no not McCaffrey. Oh my God willing. You have two days three times a day for three days. You drink that three times a day. You'll be cured of whatever things making you heard the camels laughing at him in the background there too. They were like no way. You really did that and notice that that Campbell was like what are you doing here? And then after after he down to that Campbell P. He had some credit with him on this show. We always failed to warn people to put their breakfast down. Yeah Oh yeah. Put Your breakfast down before we mean. Okay what are you doing? Spoiler alert put your breakfast now. Or are you gonNA throw it on? That's that's incredible. So there's another great cure. I mean. We heard about vinegar which was nice. There were a couple of other things I like. One was motor oil. I think you drink that four or five times. I was out that day. Were you the Mona Royal Dale Down? Just drink it like is it like and the good thing is is. It doesn't have to be ten. W Forty Three. I was GONNA ask you. What CASA DI or tend to be thirty the you also have to combine it now see I want a one. Step here with With power steering fluid by the way Judy leaves do not do not drink motor oil in conjunction with power stack away from the garage door. Anything else by the way you know. These states are opening up Texas announced. Some you know and then we said that Georgia Tennessee Apparently South Carolina. I'll ask are getting in on the act as well just learned so good looking at. There's progress y'all. It's between the states opening up and drink in the camel P. We got the light at the end of the tunnel. You know it's going to be. Republican led states. That do this and so California New York you know. They're going to be lagging way behind Massachusetts. Who has a terrible problem Michigan? I mean she didn't even want you to be able to wonder from your bedroom to the bathroom without her permission. So I don't know what's going to happen in Michigan. I don't know when that state's GonNa ever open up. She's out of control. Wait a minute wait. A minute. Does Cardinal Tobin trump governor whitmer. Of course yeah. Yeah of course so if you check your activities like if you call. Cardinal Joe Tobin of Newark New Jersey and say Hey Cardinal Tobin. I was thinking about going from the living room where I'm watching. Tv to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. And then I was going to go back and sit in the living room again. Is that okay? And then depending on what he says. Okay you follow his advice. All right also do testicles Jim Blitz if you will make men more vulnerable to the corona virus. Apparently men are getting in much larger numbers than women. For some reason. They don't really know why. But maybe this is it and minorities get it more than whites which nobody knows why plus they have a much higher death rate very weird so a pilot study that tracked the clearance of the virus from patients in Mumbai. India offered more evidence. That men are indeed harder hit. It had offered theoretical explanation for that disparity because of the cells that the viruses most drawn to those cells service the front door for the corona virus because they express a protein called Whatever converting ends enzyme to which is the virus just happens to bind with in both men and women these ace to proteins or receptors are plentiful in the lungs the gastrointestinal tract tract and the heart. Not surprisingly all of those tissues are vulnerable to attack from the virus but also giblet tissues pump out a receptors at a high rate ovarian. Tissue does not so. There's one logical explanation for why plus men are pigs and I think the corona just coronavirus just hates hates picks and meant. Well Yeah. They're saying that that the the virus or whatever can just reside down there. Yeah just lives there in your in your giblets and then springs to life eventually. Now I don't know if this is connected to what we just talked about. The dogs may also be able to sniff out the connected. All right due to the urgent need of corona virus testing preparations to intensively trained dogs to detect the syptomatic carriers of the virus started and could be ready in six weeks very early stages according to the Department of Disease Control we know diseases have odors including respiratory diseases such as influenza and that those orders are in fact quite distinct the very very good chance that Cova nineteen has a specific order odor. And if it does. I'm really confident that the dogs will be able to learn that and smelling detected. That'S NASTY. Scroll icky breakfast story so just looking back every visitor to my house. Ever as apparently been a carrier of growth virus based on my plugs interactions with them. Yes which is disconcerting. Do they do that too? All your visitors that poison where you're about to take a foot all right triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety three missed it yesterday. On on the socials. I put Keith away. Quarantine Games finally decimated takes him to promote the youtube page. Four Games to two. It's all over and we concluded the Games this time with a field goal kicking competition. Here's my last. Here's here's one of Keith. My last chance to tie the game here. He's going Oh right. I WANNA think avery making a out there for us. Yes so it didn't even go airborne kicked around. I re tweeted his tweet this morning. If you want to save that somewhere gun three inches off the ground there yeah okay. Now I will say that I I was able to follow up with a nice punt over the crossbar. There the goalpost today so I want series won. You won series to Should we do? Should we try to piece together? One more series like the Tiebreaker series. Ought to do something else. You'RE GONNA go. Should we punt the ball today? What do you want to do today the show so hard to decide? You're like how do I want to kick your butt? Yeah I don't know maybe we run out of idea. Yeah we'll figure it out. Okay triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three three also. Pat unleashed twitter. There's a Harvard professor. Who wants to ban homeschooling in a an essay for Harvard magazine Professor of Law and Director of Harvard Laws Child Advocacy Legal Clinic claims. Homeschooling is a threat to children's rights. A method of promoting white supremacy what ended drain on Democratic Society. Even goes so far as to suggest a national presumptive ban on the practice the they're doing a summit this weekend or not yeah June eighteenth through nineteenth and will probably be online but the summit brings together a number of experts from across the country and across the spectrum to discuss the problems educational deprivation and child maltreatment that too often occur under the guise of home schooling too often occur under the guise of homeschooling kind of specious nonspecific. Charges that what maltreatment too often occurs. And surely there's no maltreatment it ever happens in public schools right. There's no maltreatment from teachers or from other students bullying situations none of that social pressure. Professor Elizabeth Bartlett is leading the charge against those who actively resist public schools and she believes the generation. Currently being home-schooled is an eventual if not active breeding ground for racism sexism and isolationism my goodness based on what? Well many homeschool precisely because Keith. They want to isolate their children from ideas and values central to public education and to OUR DEMOCRACY. Just a quick side note here. We're not a democracy and school is not the place to learn values. The home is to say I mean yeah guilty isolate my kids away from the public school values. Actually that is one of the racing. You reasons. We'll be many promote racial segregation and female subservience many questions science. That's really interesting because Nope nope no questioning. Science used to be encouraged now scientists so insecure that they can't handle any questioning at all. Just accept always say blindly or your Luddite. Except the consensus shut up. Don't you dare ask anything about what I'm telling you goes onto say. Many are determined to keep their children from exposure to views that might enable autonomous choice about their future lives. It's completely untrue. The place where children are kept from exposure to contrasting points of view. That's public school. That's public school will only teach evolution. I'll tell you this. When we home schooled we taught both we taught evolution and intelligent design. And then we let our kids noodle it out. That's the difference between Home School and Public School in the film school. You have discussions with your kids. You openly talk about the different competing theories over at the public schools the little indoctrination centers the government runs. You are told this is how it is. The scientists settled whether we're talking about evolution or we're talking about global warming. Yeah if we're talking about global warming. There's only one opinion right. There's consensus man. Caused climate. Change is destroying the planet. The discussions over there is consensus. Now it's clear. None of that is true though and in our home school we taught them both. We taught about climate change and then we taught them about the fact that you know what the models though have all been wrong every single one of them. We told them the truth and it goes beyond that. It's not just brainwashing. Your kids into believing one idea but then it's a step further if you go home to your parents and they disagree with this. Well you know better you're GonNa have to educate your parents and we saw it with the Al Gore. Remember when when when he was talking to students and he's like your parents they don't know this stuff. Yeah Yeah exactly. And and they're not just brainwashing your kids but then they're also in in in an idea but then they're also convincing them that you as the parent are stupid and you guys need to be educated as well. And that's that's that's exactly where we are. And homeschool is the opportunity to actually sit down and have opened into discussions as opposed to just have data filled in wrong data by the way just pumped into your kids heads full mush and send them home to indoctrinate the parents or make the parents feel foolish. Yeah I was looking for that. Doug Gore Clip. Where he talked about he was talking to the kids and telling them that they don't they know more things than their parents. No yeah that's what I mean. This is unbelievable anyway. This harvard professor goes on homeschooling. Not only violates children's right to a meaningful education and the right to be protected from potential child abuse but may keep them from contributing positively to a democratic society. Wow I mean in her mind. The state is the all powerful all knowing arbiter of all things that are meaningful also. Let's not forget there. The protector of our children. They're protecting the children from who the parents that's crazy. I'm telling you this is the kind of story. These are the kinds of quotes. Were you will hear. And you'll laugh him off and you'll think oh my gosh that crazy harvard professor but before you know it these ideas are going to be made mainstream and then before you realize it. You're going to have people that respect friends. People you just come into close contact with on a regular basis and at some point in the conversation. They're going to say so. Yeah don't a lot of White supremacists homeschool and before. You know this this idea this kind of line of thinking about homeschooling being a dangerous ground to raise children with and to educate children is going to become a real problem. And you're GONNA start seeing if if ideas like this start to be allowed to go. Unchallenged states are GONNA clamp down she continues. We haven't essentially unregulated regimen in the area of homeschooling although every state has basic educational standards. She believes that if you look at the legal regimen coverings homeschooling. There are very few requirements. The parents do anything and yet. Here's the thing home schoolers in every single study I've ever seen outperform public school students by a lot without question and they also perform private school students as well. But surely you don't mean that parents who love and care for their children infinitely more than anybody in the Public School does. They can actually do a better job than the government. Yes that is actually what I do. Mean and stop calling me Shirley So how shocking is it? The big brother not being intimately involved in some aspect of our lives that left people that leaves people to their own devices to personal responsibility to parental responsibility. How is it that those people the government can actually prepare their children for life? Just I mean this is incredible. I'm I'M GONNA actually. Let's tweet APP. The APP had unleash. Look for this soon as I can get this going. It's a map showing just all the states. And just you know the different Regulations as they would apply to your state. And I think it's a good resource so you can know that maybe during this lockdown. I'm sure your kids are probably driving you. Nuts as you've been forced to homeschool but maybe you've gotten a routine and maybe you want to continue this in the fall. It's very dependent on where you live. And then she gets to the worst of all she argues. It's possible that these home schoolers one of the reasons they are actually doing. This is religious. Oh No to me that. Please don't say that surveys of homeschool show. A majority of families are driven by conservative Christian beliefs. And of course these are extremely religious. Ideologue who questioned science promote female subservience and white supremacy? Look we home school. Our kids for twenty three years and then we ran of private school that we own for five more in twenty eight years a homeschooling and being around the parents of home schools home schoolers. Not once did I ever run into anybody who is even close to a white supremacist. Not once not ever and heaven forbid we actually teach religion in the home of our homes of our kids because ever since what nineteen sixty three when the supreme court ruled that God was supposedly not supposed to be part of education? Our Society has done. Nothing but skyrocket right. We've we've become a much better people. I mean it's disintegrated since then everybody knows it so many home schoolers interject religion into what? They're teaching. I mean this is amazing. So yes it'll be great when we got in order to prevent homeschooling from being banned. Because of people like this you need to know what's going on so we'll tweet that you can check it out for yourself. Triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety three had gray Al Gore. Glib we were mentioning are speaking to a group of Hanke was six to a teenage years There's had some gigantic children's camp near something like that. Maybe it was. Maybe they weren't as young as six but there was all kinds of students there and he's telling him there are thing that you know that your parents don't it. There was a study done by Dr Mouth. Laskey AUNT DR. Methyl laskey said there are times. There are thirteen times in thumb. Three where thumb children no more than Parents to be. Maybe you could make that statement. I Dunno wow. That's dangerous stuff. Just the indoctrination unbelievable so this. Harvard professor saying this Homeschool homeschooling should be banned. Really dangerous rhetoric really horrific. I mean those who homeschool absolutely love. Homeschooling they're consumed by it. They understand it. They get it. Nobody wants better for their kids than the parents do. Thank you so. The parents are going to make sure and they do that. Their kids are getting a really solid education. Your kids are number in the public school. Still Care about your. Your kids are some do a vessel to receive federal funding. Yes I mean. There are great teachers and there are teachers who really honestly care and we probably have some listening to us and we appreciate the job you do if your teacher. You're not making enough money but at the end of the day that there's I'm sorry but you're not ever going to be able to convince me that a teacher. That has my kids for a few hours more about them than you one semester of their life right cares more about my kid's future than nope. It just doesn't happen so just dismiss these people who continually harp on homeschooling is. Oh your kids are going to grow up weird. They're not going to get enough education where they're not getting enough. Education is in the public schools. Where you don't even teach them American history anymore. Yeah I guess. It didn't work to call our kids. Antisocial and Albino so now we've got a call him what little white supremacists in the making. Yup I'm great welcome. Thanks for being here. Isn't tweets. Pat Unleashed Sherry tweets. Not There are still people that haven't got any money from unemployment me being one. It's been four weeks. I call every day still can't get through cheese. That's horrible see. I how many states were affected. New Jersey was one of them. There were several states that we're using this old computer code that no one knew the language of anymore and they had. I hire people to work with those old machines. What are these states doing that? They have like decades old software running these things. I I don't know I don't know equis limits ten look even the middle. East has a cardinal tobin they consult with camel p. Yeah the guy who Show him again Mr Campbell. B Campbell. If you're having breakfast you might want to put it aside and gets out of his car. Yeah that's what selling Camel Peo- by Nice four-door it's because it's a cure for this disease. Which is huge still. I don't I don't care for this camel with with the strongest beard. He just doesn't seem to take personal. Pride snobby won't even look at the guy would have done Europe. You're talking about my p Alan. Now you've got my attention as the camel so somebody told her mom they can't breathe and the MOM says yeah. You know you need to do cut drink camel P so they did and they were fine and completely cured bar and so now. They've poured skysufer warm. The camel isn't the camel slowly. Look like you know. That's been looking his face but he's not pleased with. It was about three times a day for three days. And then you're cured. Camel accepts as his own. Now I don't know. President trump will start promoting Campbell p today. But he should. There's the cure right there. The press isn't GonNa go after him. Well no because this came from the Middle East thank you because it came from Iran. So now it's okay. That's how they operate Imam approved in. What are you GonNa do when a kid tested? Mother approved Oxfam's Electric Razor tweets so we mixed camel P. and motor. Oil will kind of Elixir of life. Would we be witnessed to get out? Because you drink that you become a Superhero Fountain of Youth For sure Marquee tweets with no idea of when kids can go back to school. I guess that dope from Harvard picked a bad time to wage war on homeschooling. Right is a stupid time to do it. The St Forty two since when did conservative Christian become code for White Supremacy? They just slip that one and while we weren't looking with a whole bunch of others as a matter of fact we have this video of teacher who's been Handling remote learning with an original song. Oh cool yeah Got This for Trey callaway. Thank you know and the music teacher and I found that one of the best ways that I can process the whole transition to online learning and teaching to write a song. Okay so I wrote a song like to share that with you guys now. Everybody is feeling that it has to communicate online these days. That was really good. Didn't see that coming digital I ask. Nobody does no good snow. No she said that up. Well also we've got a video of about vacation time here from. Oh Alex Yeah. Somebody sent this over a strong favourite for a quarantine a war years. The guy on vacation as it were looking at. Oh look at look at that. He's looking out the windows jet over a Caribbean island. GotTa he's on the plane. Drink in looks good wait. He's got his passport there. On a little tray back there right and it's drier. Well done man really good. Wow goodstuff Mary creative. That's one thing that people to be creative with their downtime. Yeah and that's good stuff out there. Yeah then we got frank. Caliendo told you we'd we'd get to this and sure enough. We're getting to it. It's amazing but Frank Kellyanne. No announced some nuns playing basketball. Who is he's MARV Albert? Yeah he's marv Albert Charles Barkley and shack doing play by play for the nuns. Welcome back to the NBA on TNT and the Soviet monastery where the annual LUMP STRADDLING KANSAS. Taking place on the insight. Gas Sister Maria by Sister Paula. She puts another shot up and she's unable to connect but rebound finding its way back to sister. Paula rolling up a truly turn water into wine with a spectacular display of faith hustle. Marv Albert along with Charles Barkley and the czar of the mobile straighter Shaquille O'Neal Charles. I'm not good allow Mar- There's been a lot of slapping play today because of social listen and some of that is because they are nuts. God visiting I agree with the first half statement but in the second. Half when you got into the metaphysical just doesn't play with me. Can't this is all about the game? And what's in front of you so good? That was brilliant. Brilliant Kellyanne though. He is awesome. Frank just helping to bake the apocalypse fun so great then we have this This meme just shows a couple of stories. One from a dog One article from a dog and a cat and these are like op eds. There's something that they're writing about the About the lockdown and the dog writes why not work from home forever because the dog wants to be with people obviously The cat writes the op-ed America needs to get back to work. It's true loving loyal wonderful dogs. As American. The Dog Rights as America debates Returned to work. It's important not to rush. We need to balance the economy against the extremely valid concerns about public health and protecting lives. It's really will what well written for a Dog. You know and walks. We need to think about all of the walks and ball. We need to also think about ball. A cat writes okay. Enough is enough American. American business has taken a historic plunge over the past month. It's time to consider a practical plan for protecting public health while also allowing for a return to work. I mean that's perfect is perfect and yeah I will say that. Our dogs have gotten more walks in the past month than they probably all of the previous year. You know. I've seen more of my neighbors in the last four weeks than I've seen in the last eight years because everybody's outside that's all you can do. You can walk around and so everybody's out. Yeah walking around me too. But it hasn't gotten to the point where I motivated learn. People's names though is that I've seen them out. Say How you doing. Everybody's name is Hey Hey frankly. I've seen taken out your garbage too. Yeah Yeah how about that? Data sort guy down the block. What a bank right right. Who Am I kidding? I don't live in data shores neighborhood. It's got a nice house so You give it another month. Maybe I'll bother to learn your name when we're on the walk. That would be really extreme right. We can't have that governor Abbot. Let's go weekend all right. Let me take sixty seconds and tell you about Tommy. John Man. Is it comfortable underwear and t shirts and this t shirt? I'm wearing right now soft fantastic. It's Tommy John Fabulous. I mean. Don't feel great the Tommy John Underwear so good so comfortable. It doesn't ride up a the J- they've created these in a way where it fits a man's body and now a woman's as well nice. Yeah I'm GonNa tell you. I absolutely love Tommy. John and they sent us a couple of samples when we started advertising for them And since then I have gone to the website and but plenty yeah or because I love them. Yes they're also offering all customers twenty five percent off right now site-wide so treat yourself an upgrade to a few pairs of Tommy John Underwear. It's the softest most breathable fabric. You've ever worn again. It doesn't right up you'RE NOT GONNA get a snuggie from this this underwear Tommy. John Com slash unleashed. Get Twenty. Five percents off your order. Tommy John Dot com slash unleashed for twenty five percent off. Okay well At first we had to worry about toilet paper shortages and really kind of still do I. I haven't seen toilet paper in a store in a long time. Have you had to have you guys been able to buy it? Yes I've seen it places a couple times. Yeah now the big worry is frozen pizza. Not this hits you right where he cannot stand okay. Americans have already suffered. Of course the paper shortage the toilet paper shortage the the bottled water shortages now. We may have to endure a lack of frozen pizza theme combine that with a projected shortage of beer and soda and you're looking at a total meltdown of us. Society can't handle this joke. I I'm actually not joking serious. We reported frozen pizza sales across the US or up more than ninety percent a year ago. Listen to these numbers. Some brands are seeing an increase of two hundred percent. Since the start of the pandemic Newman's own presidency. Oh best called the surge unprecedented and told Ad Week that is twenty five years in the business. I've never seen a spike like this across the country does Newman's own sell pizza to another big into salad dressing. I didn't know they had pizza. the out the outlet noted that across Los Angeles Grocery stores had been reporting shortages. Some frozen food delivery drivers had to add locks to their trailers for fear of frantic shoppers. Looking for pizza in their trucks. So they saw me is what is what. They're yeah. They got some data from I R. I research that showed American. Spent two hundred and seventy five million on frozen pizza for the first four weeks ending April fifth an increase of ninety two percent from the same time last year. Wow Wow that's just. Another unforeseen side effect of the stink and pandemic right. I mean if you plan properly. You don't get caught flat-footed when the global pandemic in the lockdown it's don't you eat frozen pizza. Virtually every day for lunch. I mean a lot. Sure at virtually it's virtually. Yes so is four times out of five. That qualify virtually every. Yeah so yeah I've been prepared and I have noticed that the The freezing units at at my local grocer's freezer As we used to call it They have been bear at times. But at least what I'm going for there's There's always at least one box available so I've been able to K- keep the supply stocks. I'm happy about that. Yes I don't want that we don't you? Don't want angry Keith. Roman around here you know. We don't know Also this is fascinating. We are getting back to some of the stories that We used to get pissed off by but now we're just we're craving goes it's better than the pandemic stuff. Oh No what story. Land Lakes butter. Yeah Yeah let's go back to these days right now. Land Lakes butter will no longer feature the American Indian butter maiden on its packaging. The new look package arrived in stores this month. After the company announced the change earlier this year it comes ahead of the brands. One hundred and first anniversary was announced in February with Land Lakes explaining we recognized. We need pack packaging that reflects the foundation in heart of our company culture. What does that mean? I don't know it means we've been doing this for a hundred years and now society so crazy. Okay we're GONNA take the native American off the package so Elizabeth Warren Luster gig s shoot some products including stick. Butter will also include photos of real land lake farmers instead and Co op members and copy. That says since nineteen twenty one and proud to be farmer owned as a farmer owned co OP. We stand together to bring you the very best in dairy. Oh yeah a bunch of dairy farmers thin around that's going to become iconic like the Landau Legs Lady. Yeah didn't explicitly state the reason for removing but we all know the reason they remove the American and her name was my or my are Mia. She's been on the packaging for a hundred years it. Well almost one hundred. It was painted in Nineteen Twenty eight and later updated to show just her face. The original design has long been criticized for being racist. North Dakota Representative Ruth Buffalo. Wh- What Ruth Buffalo Cool Told THE GRAND FORKS HERALD. The image of my goes hand in hand with human and sex trafficking. Wait what are women and girls all right Representative Buffalo? I don't think so okay. How does an image of the face of an Indian woman just smiling on the on the Front? How does that represent sex trafficking there? She is right there if you haven't seen land leg butter. I don't know if they have this back east. It's all over the country I think so. I think we've we'd had landed lake butter a lot so there she is and that represents sex trafficking. Don't you do not see that I don't say there my goodness Wow okay maybe. We don't want to go back. Yeah let's talk about the latest cove in nineteen death numbers Spec here or the fact that the NFL draft is coming up Thursday night after tomorrow and apparently they ran a test about a random test from the homes of all of these people because going to be doing it from home and it didn't go. Well yeah check my keith math on this but what are we. We're about Sixty sixty hours or so until the bengals have to pick. But they did a They did a test run yesterday for two rounds and right out of the gate with that I pick. There was a long delay. Some sort of problem and apparently was on the League's end so it wasn't like an individual team with difficulties. It was with the league somewhere in their connection. Yeah so so. A lot of the Issues were they talked about how? Gm's were just sitting there an awkward silence waiting like window. I go help me. Someone talked to me. Right and people. Not Muting microphones such as you probably have learned with with your zoom calls with your office so this could be interesting. You could hear like the cowboys and packers spinning a trade. Because Jerry Jones forgot to mute his microphone on his computer during the real thing that I'd like to hear the behind the scenes stuff so it's GonNa be interesting. It's going to have a new element. coming up Thursday night and nobody's hosting it right. Is Anybody from the NFL network. Commentating this or you know like they usually have. I'm sure they'll have the rich Eisen doing that. And they'll have to guide us through and explain. I would think so. I hope so and I really hope. It's not thirty two boxes on the screen. But I don't know I have no idea what to expect. I just knew it's going to be entertaining for more than one reason. it's football. It's football related and it's happening right now. We don't have to wait. It's football and its technical issues and they didn't delay it which I love. I love the fact that they're going ahead with it. I can't believe it but I'm really grateful to the NFL for doing this. Because it gives you hope for the season it. It shows that they plan to go ahead with it because the people that are drafting. Some of them will be starting. Yeah you would think and don't forget on or around may ninth. They're going to release the NFL schedule and built into that are contingency plans in case they have to delay. My theory is okay. You're six division games will be your last six games. Just in case they keep having to delay it. So we'll see. One of the stories is the big quarterback from Alabama to take. Take a Vilo. Better you than me on that one. He he's really talented and he's probably might be the best quarterback in the draft but he's a little bit short and he had that massive hip injury so do take a chance on him because they can't bring him in and do a a health workup on him. They can't check him. I do a physical. Because they can't bring them in. So do you take the chance without even looking sight unseen you just you bring them in and have a first round draft pick or a second round. Pick and use it on him. I don't know that's going to be interesting to see if they that he's those hip. Problems are tough to overcome member tight end. Dennis Pitta. Yeah it was actually from Byu but he played for the Ravens. He was an all star. He was the lead receiver of all tight ends when he was playing and he broke his hip once came back from. It broke it again. Took him a year came back from Brogan third time when he was getting ready to go back for the season and in in a practice without being touched it broke and that was it. It was all my fantasy. Football League has the Dennis Pitta rule whereas if you protect player in they get injured during Training Camp. You can go back and protect someone else from your previous roster. Also it's all it's named. It's an honor of his hip. Yes he was dynamic. Yeah he was excellent really good and so Sadly his season is career was cut short. And you're talking about risking well not able to walk when nobody. Yeah that and I'm talking about the team that would invest in him. Yes obviously with these rookie. Reports to risk a risk. Right you know you're you're risking hundreds of thousands of dollars in a season paycheck anyhow so There are so many variables that have been affected. That you just don't even think about because this pandemic big thank you to China. Oh can we can. We show the picture Inside the lab there where they were putting the samples into the freezer in China. You know the place that we have most likely think for where we're at now the seal someone pointed out on the Internet. The seal is not so tight there around the freezing unit where they're storing these virus samples you've got you've got a greater seal around the freezer at your house compared to the lab. Where more than likely this all started. Why are you so racist? Why would you say started in China? Why why why would you do that? Because that's where it started Tom. So that's the only reason you're saying I'm GONNA fish for another one here can't do it. No no be because that's word started from All all right if you WANNA stick to that. Go ahead yeah. We're not baseball games this afternoon. Because of that lab in China really sad. You're you're now surrounded by your kids. Twenty four seven three sixty five because of that lab in China yeah our government has added trillions of dollars worth of debt because of that lab in China. Yeah entire executive going on a strike. Oh absolutely yeah. Also tomorrow's Earth Day. We're doing what are we going to be celebrating like? You can't believe we're going to celebrate. We'RE GOING TO BE SCOLDED BY WALKING PHOENIX. Al Gore Stacey Abrams moby. Everybody's getting together to scold US more Jane Fonda so. This should be exciting. It's GonNa be kind of like the thing they did over the weekend with the Corona Virus presentation. They're going to do the same thing tomorrow for Earth Day. I can't wait. Gosh talk about making your eyes bleed. You can count on that doing it. So does that mean. We're going to have some more Al Gore video fresh Al Gore. I certainly the more Al Gore talking about Dr Math Wealth

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128 - Serial Killer Pedro "Monster of the Andes" Lopez

Timesuck with Dan Cummins

1:47:28 hr | 2 years ago

128 - Serial Killer Pedro "Monster of the Andes" Lopez

"It's hard to imagine a worst human being then federal Alonzo Lopez tardy even think of him as being a human being the monster of the Andes is one of the most prolific serial killers child, rapists and child murderers in history. The worst of the worst when he was captured for trying to lure a local street vendors young daughter away from her family in Ecuador in one thousand nine hundred local authorities suspected him for the murder of four other girls whose bodies they just recently uncovered police were blown away we confess not only those murders. But the murders of a total of a hundred and ten little girls in Ecuador loan. He'd also been busy and Peru and Colombia the number was so outrageous authorities thought he was lying. But when Pedro lead them to the bodies of fifty three girls, they certainly believed him then and the one hundred ten victims may just be the tip of the iceberg. All in all thirty suspect. Pedro Lopez of killing over three hundred and fifty girls between his native Colombia, Peru and Ecuador in the mid to late seventies. After he was convicted. Of the murder of fifty seven girls in Ecuador in nineteen Eighty-three. He was given the maximum sentence allowed for any crime in that country sixteen years in prison. Yep. Confessed to one hundred and ten murders. Led police to fifty three gravesites found guilty in court, a fifty seven murders all the killings aid recovered bodies for and he was sentenced to only sixteen years, and then he'd be released two years early for good behavior. And after he's released who be immediately detained again deported to Colombia and imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for additional crimes. They're only to again, be set free after just a few years. This time set free for good Petra Alonzo Lopez whereabouts have been unknown since nineteen ninety eight he may still be alive. He may still be killing Colombian. Authorities have suspected him of additional murders since two thousand two who is this monster. Why does he do what he does? How does someone becomes so cold so vicious house able to kill so many children before getting caught? Why was he ever allowed to be freed and sixteen years? That's it. What's the story behind Ecuador's? Criminal Justice system. We traveled to South America today. Revisit Columbia for the first time since we talked about Pablo Escobar Pablo and petro were born a year apart actually and both grew up in extreme poverty in Colombia and both chose to exploit the broken criminal Justice system of Colombia and northwestern South America in general in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies for their own selfish ends, but in very very different ways as bad as Pablo Escobar was and he was a very bad, dude. Petra was in my opinion, so much worse. If I had to pick either him or Pedro to babysit my kids. I'm sure as hell gonna go with Escobar. You could argue the Pablo at least tried to help the four tried to help some people even if he it cocaine epidemic led to cows deaths and destroyed lives petro caused only pain. It's a bummer Escobar. Never met Petra Lopez in the nineteen seventies. I'd like to think he would have had him tortured. And killed federal murdered little girls from the same impoverished neighborhoods Pablo at least tried to help in his own misguided ways. So get ready for a dark true crime suck today. Another example of why certain sexually violent people may need to be put on an island. We talked about last week or perhaps just from moved from the planet entirely work can wait. It's time for time sec. Happy Monday time suckers who Ray for Monday hip, hooray hooray, but time such a jolly good for time to the good times. When we talk about super talk show like we do today. I don't know something like that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks to our space lizard, supporting the show via patriot for allowing this show to continue for coming out to support the happy murder tour stand up shows as well. Meet more and more spaces on the road had a blast and Philly got some more cool gifts to adorn the walls of the suck dungeon as well. And thanks for all the brave courageous messages from the victims of sexual abuse past week. Holy shit. Glad the episode helped reinforce the message that it is not your fault when you are victimized. Fuck those assholes who took advantage of an abused. You may rot in-in rods. Hellish pothole forever and ever. Amen. Love you beautiful meat sacks. You know, they might have touched your body. But they couldn't fuck with your soul. Some powerful messages in today's time sucker updates regarding all of this at the end of today's show. Today's time suck is brought to you by by a nice sponsored by something. Very positive by. Marvelous light time sucker curious member and author Paul Frank Spencer as written a book called marvel. Light a book about light is man is understood it for three thousand years. What does the study of light to the various lens of modern physics classical philosophy? Various world religions tell us that light is at the core of our universe that it is the center of our reality in marvelous light the reader will encounter questions such as does Einsteinian relativity, give evidence of heaven was played at one of the many philosophers to affirm that light expresses the necessity of divine source for the universe was string theories understanding of existence preempted by the Judeo Christian and Hindu creation source. Marvelous light illustrates how some of history's most respected academic voices. Actually harmonize with many of history's most respected. Theologians? Marvelous light by Paul Frank Spencer is available for purchase at all online retailers and can be ordered through your local bookstore. For more information, go to by grace for glory, lit dot com. B Y G R AC F O r. G L O R Y L I T dot com. Lincoln today's episode description really impressive merging of theology philosophy and science. So check it out. Thanks to all the new listeners to have been hopping over time suck. If you're confused by some of the references. Check out the character section of the time. So opera web a website. I need to add some new character bios. But a lot of them are on their don't wanna go to heaven inside jokes. But if I didn't have any well, what kind of community with is be kind of fun clubhouse this be and this is a community. Now, the cult of the curious guessing hoping to blast and Salt Lake City this past weekend all four stand up shows sold out in advance as I record this. The live anthill kids cult podcast was packing out. So hopefully that ended up being a really good time. More dates coming up fast going to beat the star dome and Birmingham Alabama this week tomorrow. If you listened to this episode when it first drops, Tuesday, February twenty six Atlanta sold out on the twenty seventh try to get more dates than Landon next time on through sorry about that. Going to be in Nashville the twenty eighth March. First March second great club there. Zanies Thursday through Saturday going to be in Huntsville, Alabama stand up live on March third come on out, aerospace, employees, then I'm off on a free cruise with Queen suck going to be on the mediocre time with Tom and Dan cruise March seven to the eleventh love having friends who by me, they -cation. That's that's pretty sweet pretty lucky, and then no more shows until Naples Florida on March twenty eighth they'll be in a family vacation later March to it's been a long time coming and the Miami improv Saturday March thirtieth sneaking into college show on the twenty ninth. But that's show is closed to the public. Then queens suck Lindy's hometown. Cleveland, Ohio, April four through six love. Pickwick frolic, hilarious and Cleveland. Another live hills kids, and he'll kids suck there on the sixth Des Moines. Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco coming up real quick more dates, Dan comes dot TV so many laughs and fun to be had so many other time suckers spaces to meet and got another funky product in the time sucks. Store. Now Thomas pennant, and a space was your Penan college sports team styles why because why not because penance refund and you know, and they're full of joy. And if you don't if you hate penance, I guess, maybe hate fun. These pendants are hand-stitched nine inches by twenty seven inches in size Mineta one hundred percent American made wool felt also made out of seven hundred percent, see chicken underbelly skin. So it's waterproof magical capable of both laying eggs and short flights. The times of penance is he'll Nimrod blue white yellow and red spaces repented says space lizards make sense green white yellow and red. So let your suck flag fly mates acts now onto a topic. The kind of jumps out from last week's topic last week we talked about what should be done divided sex offenders pedals in particular, you will not find a more violent child sexual predator than petro Alonzo Lopez. Little bit of context. Lay down before we dive into today's time line not a lot today. But important to take a look at what life was like in Colombia Ecuador and Peru Petro's killing grounds when Pedro was raping and murdering at an unprecedented rate. Hopefully, he's not still doing that. Now, it is possible. All let's start by revisiting levion. Shia. You remember that from the Pablo Escobar suck been quite a while since out of that tail? Let's revisit it. Let's revisit the chaos that enveloped northwestern South America around an after the birth of Hedera Lopez because Violencia certainly affected the childhood of one of the world's worst serial killers. A great deal. The Violencia was a civil war in Colombia the lasted from nineteen forty eight the year. Pedalo Pez was born nineteen fifty between the Colombian conservative party, the Colombian liberal party and various communist factions that began to appear in the jungles of Colombia in the mid twentieth. Century, communism, triple m and bojangles do not care for it praise. Jingles James Ingram may he rest in peace. Also doesn't care for it. Remember, he was also a fight of communism. I've actually gotten a few emails telling me, I shouldn't be so harsh on communism. I disagree communism. Socialism's ugly. Big brother has has never ever worked for any length of time on a national level like not ever despite the various evils of capitalism capitalist nations have consistently provided a higher quality of life for the average person. Then communist nations, you keep forgetting the communism never ever. Were you keep forgetting humans need incentive to do their best? Keep forgetting the commie litas abuse it pow you keep forgetting. The wealthiest. Neil shared bump bump bump bump, never distributed by the state bump bump, oh who fucking doesn't. Michael McDonald, communism, Perry me, kind of all right? Actually, it only works in theory. Why does communism's consistently fail? Sounds great in theory, especially for the economically pressed, right? Everybody works for the state and the state takes care of everybody have array. Why can't the ultimate share with the poor? Why can't things be more fair? Well, for starters governmental content doesn't recognize certain basic human troops were competitive species. Most of us anyway, many of us have in Bishen and all men are not created equal. That's was a work without with communist that. That's not true that notion of like everybody, should you know, how this equal kind of situation be are created equal. That's some child is bullshit that sounded like a cool thing to say sounds fun. All men who created equal. No meets acts or not equal hate that type of thinking. It's not logical. Lebron James had a much better at much of becoming a professional athlete when he was born than I did. For example. I come from gene pool of slow on athletic men with chronically bad backs and hips. I feel lucky that I made it to forty without a limp or an addiction to payments. Does everyone run at the same speed. Nope. Jump equally. Nope. Some people could train their whole lives jump higher and barely ever get off the ground. Someone else could same heights could never work out dunk, a basketball, and jeans were created very unequally inequality doesn't end with. Physical attributes some people are smarter than other people. That's okay, everyone has different talents. We should nourish whatever talents. Those may be an almost everyone. I've ever known works. Harder uses their natural talents more effectively if they're given incentive. Yeah. You think we'd have the same caliber professional athletes that we do today if they're all paid exactly the same Huck? No, Steph Curry's LeBron James the world are not going to be hiring the best nutritious and trainers to continually improve their games around some communist situation. People like Alon must Bill Gates. They're not going to work as hard as they have to create the technology. They they have created if they were paid the same. Whether they worked forty hours or eighty hours rights. I sure as hell wouldn't spend the hours in this podcast that I do the zero financial incentives to do my best out phone it. The fuck end a lot of weeks. Right. If I got paid the same for stopping at five pm instead of staying up till two or three or four AM. Sometimes why why why did he keep working or why would they work as hard or work with as much passion? I don't know about you. But I live primarily on hope hope that if I work extra hard. I can prove my lot in life dual. Who do cool things to help others, even when it doesn't happen. It's fun to dream about the possibility of it happening rights fun is fun to think like, oh, man. Maybe some that could buy this truck, maybe someday can have this boat or I can start this charity or I could travel the world do this or that. Because you know, I was I was careful with my money. And I was able to save it in a capitalist system communism. It takes that away. It removes hope it's the fucking death of hope now, I know this is not an episode about comedy. I just wanted to explain why shit on it so much and so many episodes. I am in favour of certain socialist elements, by the way, like a basic level of free healthcare free higher education for anyone who tests into college. And we do have like I've said before certain socialism or elements of socialism already in this country as much as some people don't like to think. So I'd love to see a mix of socialist and capitalist elements. You know, you know, continue to progress in in healthcare and higher education where you could have free tuition to state schools for citizens who qualify to get in keep higher education accessible to the poor and middle-class pry. Colleges for those who can afford it. Sure have added a basic health care for citizens private doctors and hospitals for those who can afford that. Again. Sure. Have at it. There has to be some way to work all that out. Now, I'm really done. Now, I'm really done for reels back to Columbia civil war in Colombia began with the April ninth nineteen forty eight assassination of the popular politician hoard. Hey guy, tan a liberal party candidate for the election, November of nineteen forty nine. And this kicked off lavar Linda Columbia was caught in the middle of the Cold War between the United States and Russia at the time. Lot of speculation that both countries were tampering with this election. Russia one of the communist friendly Colombian leader, the US wanted anything, but commie guidance murder provoked rioting lasted for hours and killed some five thousand people one of those five thousand deaths would affect Petro's childhood a great deal Lavalin. She has estimated to have cost the lives of at least two hundred thousand people overall lavar took place between the paramilitary forces of the Columbia liberal party, the Columbia conservative party. Which organized is armed self-defence groups and his guerrilla military units. Both also fought against the paramilitary forces of the Colombian communist party, the conflict has millions to abandon their homes and property a lack of public order and civil authority prevented victims from lane charges against perpetrators. It was chaos. There was already pervasive, poverty and Colombia, and this just made things worse families were torn apart. Authorities weren't available to protect you. There was no stability. And it was this chaos and violence. The Lopez was born into reminds me a little bit of Andrei Chica, teals origin, the butcher of Rostov. If you'll recall was born in the wake of the whole of damore Ukrainian for to kill by starvation that Stalin created famine in Soviet Ukraine in nineteen thirty to nineteen thirty three killed millions of Ukrainians also known as the terror famine and famine genocide in Ukraine, sometimes referred to as the great famine or the Ukrainian genocide and she can Taylor was born in nineteen thirty six when. Starvations still occurred in the Ukraine in the wake of in the more, the poverty and violence of that disaster helped shape his childhood just like the Violencia helped shape Pedder Lopez. And then a levion Shia. Transition directly into what's been titled the Colombian conflict, the Colombian conflict began in the late fifties really getting going in nineteen sixty four and it's been a never ending series of conflicts between various Colombian governments numerous paramilitary groups crime syndicates far-left guerrilla fighters in groups such as the revolutionary forces of Colombia in the National Liberation Army. It continued in some form to this day with a little flare up here and a little gunfight there. Two hundred and twenty thousand people died in this conflict between nineteen fifty eight in two thousand thirteen most of them civilians over one hundred seventy seven thousand civilians and more than five million civilians were forced from their homes between nine hundred ninety five and two thousand two in the wake of these conflicts generating the world's second largest. Population of internally displaced persons. Lot of crazy shit's going on Columbia for a long time. A lot of why Pedro Lopez was able to get away with what he did is because of continual government, instability, people were killed all the time in Columbia when Petra was growing up life was cheap murders were routinely not investigated by you know, corrupt police force. They were often in the pockets of some drug cartel or some paramilitary regime, or, you know, following the orders of some corrupt leader. There has been a lot of fighting there for a long time. And of course, in times of war who suffers the most the poor their lives are always valued. At least and things were similarly chaotic in nearby, Peru and Ecuador the other two nations. Pedro would use his his sick hunting grounds. There were bloody political battles horrendous economic inequality territorial disputes the maximum sentencing law in Ecuador of only sixteen years the Petra would receive for his crimes was actually born out of this chaos out of some political chaos. Us. Now law was passed specifically to keep presence who've been put in jail due to political coups from being executed or permanently imprisoned on some trumped up charges handed out by the the new government in order to prevent more politicians for being wrongfully thrown in prison forever or executed. They got rid of capital punishment and reduced maximum sentencing while much of extra Ecuador actually has been really or had really low murder rates for years now, the jungles of the border areas between Ecuador and Colombia where Pedro at hunt an Ecuador, and Peru has been fraught with violence and corruption for well over a century, the whole area is chaotic chaotic and remains so to this day a territorial dispute between Ecuador and Peru lasted from eighteen twenty one to nineteen ninety eight. Yeah. Went out for a hundred and seventy seven years damn near two centuries. The longest running international armed conflict in the history of the western hemisphere. When South American colonies gained independence from Spain. Peru. You didn't like how the map looked Q over one hundred seventy five years of battle hard to have affective law and order in an area would no one can even agree who the area belongs to. There are also a lot of different indigenous people living in Colombia Ecuador and Peru, many different tribes. Pedro Lopez would target, you know, the children of these these tribes specifically oftentimes, and and he's tribes have been allowed for the most part, especially in the Amazon jungle or or up in the remote mountainous regions of the Andes to basically govern themselves in Ecuador where Lopez would I be caught from herder almost a quarter of the population is indigenous divided among sixteen national nationalities across the Pacific coast, the Andes and the Amazon region and the police for the most part just leave them alone. There just let them handle their own law enforcement. It's crazy rights to think that that's how parts of the world are still ran my dad. My dad actually worked in Papua New Guinea on a remote construction site out in a remote. And I know this is South Pacific. This is not. South america. But but it just reminded me of how a nation can just let kind of indigenous people to govern themselves and how that happens to this day. He said the tribes they're still handle things themselves a member of tribe. A would be killed by tribe e council be held sometimes retribution killing would take place. My dad worked as a construction supervisor basically on the jungle and some of his employees were members of these tribes. And my dad he actually almost got killed by one of them hid bounce off the island for awhile at bounce out to Austria or should cooled off for a while. Because the local tribe member wanted him dead. They were looking for him knowing my hothead dad, I feel like he probably brought that shit on himself. If you think I can be a hot head. Oh boy. I'm a much diluted form of the original rage machine. Papa comes also working in favor of Pedro, not getting caught especially when you've -ducted indigenous kids is racist class system in many parts of South America, leftover from Spanish colonialism, the governments of many of these nations historically just haven't been having given shit about lives of indigenous people, the sex trafficking of indigenous people from these nations is still a major problem. Poor tribal youth leaving their mountain or jungle villages in search of a better life. Search searches some food for their bellies stumbled into Colombian Peruvian and Ecuadorian cities with zero job skills. Looking for jobs the end of beg on the streets. Many fall into or are physically forced into prostitution child prostitution life for them as brutal and this this all make things easier. Vermont's two like Pedro to do what he did easier to snatch girl from impoverished remote village at the police don't patrol or take a poor girl from a city centre knowing the police won't investigate because there's no money in it for them. They have plenty of other problems to deal with already. Okay now. I now I think I've given enough context the state has been set for the creation of a sociopathic monster. All let's get right into the life of Pedro Alonzo Lopez monster of the Andes with today's time so tied line, right? After a word from today's sponsor today's time suck is brought to you by the political action committee shadow Chica for president in two thousand twenty. That's right. The ghost of Russian serial killer Andrei Chica, Teela has thrown his hat in the proverbial political ring for the two thousand twenty US presidential race what this deal. So I'm not American citizen saw not live. So how shuttle Shinnecock vault for shadow Chica till onto twenty. 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Now, it's time for the time line of a man who does not ever get to have accustom suit or custom chain. China's unless the. There customize is to maybe make them out of fucking nails. And then hammer them in to his piece of shit meets XQ scare the time. Petra lopez. Wrap on those boats soldier when Martin down a time summertime lie. Pedro Alonzo Lopez born on October eighth nineteen forty eight and Santa Isabel Columbia little mountain town of around six thousand people today nestled up in the Andes and the totally department of Columbia departments in Colombia like states in America are provinces in Canada. It's about one hundred miles through one hundred sixty kilometers from the city of Medine home of Pablo's old Medellin drug cartel. I can't find any population stats percent is bell from nineteen forty eight based on how many people were in the area overall back then compared to now guessing some around a thousand people in Petra was born very small town Petra was the seventh of thirteen children born to Colombian prostitute who seems to have worked as a prostitute since she was a child herself his father mcardle, raise was a member of the Columbia conservative party. And he was killed in the initial writing of levion Shia when Lopez his mother a Bonilla Lopez duck dick Costanza who is not raised. His wife was just three months pregnant with Pedro she later say in an interview regard. In his father's death. I thought it was going to lose him from the shock. But I could feel him inside of me. He was of strong blood. Now, this of course is the death. I talked about earlier that would affect Pedro's childhood since his dad was a customer of his mom and not actually in a relationship with their. There's a good chance Pedder would have grown up without a father, regardless. However with his dad, you know, being killed before he's even born zero chance he's going to have a father in his life in Colombia prostitution still legal in certain areas. And I know that because I do Gould is prostitution legal in Colombia, adding to the horror of my recent internet search history, and my search history has been very rough recently between all of my pedophile googling for last week's topic. And now again this week I have to be either on some sort of watch list, if I wasn't already or I'm being more closely monitored in just the last two weeks between the pedophile island suck. And this. Pedro Lopez suck bugles stuff. Like how many kids are sex traffic in Colombia? Can you cure? Pedophilia. Is it easy to get away with child prostitution and Columbia? Sex offenders can they get out of jail easily child prostitution in South America. How pervasive is it? Which countries how the sexiest kids what is the best way to lure the sexiest kids into your van? Is it illegal to pay cash for a van then cover your license plate and duct tape? Then hang upside. It'll playground with handcuffs and chloroform and clown suit. I'm kidding about this lesser to them so fucked up. No. But it feels like I'm probably on the same list as anyone who has made those searches anyway, prostitution still legal and Colombian certain zones, and is common due to widespread, poverty, technically, it's only legal in certain neighborhoods or owns like I said, but only in designated brothels were sex workers are required undergo regular STD checks. But that is that's just what's on the books in reality is widespread around the nation and in and out of these owns and child prostitution so common that Columbia has become a popular destination spot for sex tourists looking for underage sex workers a Carol Deroy a spokesman for the UN. Children's fund UNICEF United Nations. International Children's emergency fund said many child prostitutes were as young as nine years old. And the clients were often middle aged foreigners fucking gross. He also said these children were often addicted to drugs, but who knows if we can trust what would Karel or Carl says name says about anything since he does work for the UN. So he's obviously illuminated puppet. It isn't Saint how many people actually believe the UN's actually part of the alumni just so you know, if there's any random Purves listening to this suck just because you're US citizen and you head to Columbia to have sex with someone underage you can still get in trouble with the US, you can still go to United States prison. Many other nations have similar laws for their citizens. Sadly, not enough of these sick, FOX who travelled other nations to have sex exploited children are caught international. Sex trafficking is a huge problem. But they do get caught from time to time. So so leave kids everywhere loan dirty purpose. Sorry, you got delta bad Boehner card, but if you can't control your urges cut your fucking dick off store yourself off cliff. The US Justice department formed the child exploitation and obscenity section CEO S in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven to help protect children both domestically abroad CEO attorneys work with the high technology investigative unit of the Justice department, the FBI immigration and customs enforcement homeland security investigations United States attorneys offices around the country as well as with foreign governor. And law enforcement personnel to investigate and prosecute cases arising under federal statutes prohibiting the extra territorial sexual exploitation of children, and if any of you listeners work with or for the CEO s huge salute to you man, thank you for doing very important work in fighting the good fight Sony. We got young Lopez. Born to a prostitute dad was a customer who died in levion. Shia. The family was extremely impoverished. Despite all that when he was a little tiny guy petrol seem to be a good kid. Lopez mother recalled young Pedro having dreams of being a teacher when he was a little fellow saying he liked to help the other children and with his notebook. He helped the other children. Learn their vows well become an teacher would never happen for Pedro. Now, really he he would teach them kids some crimes later that will find out about in a bit. He teach some other kids how to die. And that was about it petrol hated what is mother did for work. Not surprisingly he would later say all the children slept on a big bed behind. Drawn curtain while our mother did her business with men now without going into a big expiration of the moral implications of prostitution, some people think it's actually not always psychologically, damaging or exploitive many think it is a lot of different sociological theories regarding it be there being necessary horrible. I think we can all agree that hearing men pay your mother for sex, and then user like a piece of meat is probably, you know, less than ideal. Probably not as good as a stable home with firm boundaries. And no early exposure to explicit sexuality. I doubt anyone on any side of the prostitution argument thinks Petro's childhood exposure to prostate prostitution was healthy. I mean, can you imagine some random dude having sex with your mom in the same room that you sleep in only curtain separating the sexual encounters and your ability to see it? You would hear everything you'd probably smell everything the some childhood that would be how weird when you hit puberty, right? China's sneak in some masturbation while simultaneously trying. Drown out the sound of someone having sex was mother. My god. Oh, okay. You know, what that music means? We heard a lot now when we start talking about prostitution. By Bob level, by the positition, you know, my contribution trying to create a space for sexual disrepute a kids at the same room as mama getting zoom zoom. No, you got separated. Consummate propagate when you conjugate appropriate. You do you feel me you catch thrown down kipah kid? He's waving them titties, unless mope new beach. Let's put them in a teddy less. You wanted to burn the bees teasha flower round. For the wings in read was even residents. Sorry had a hard time snapping out of that for a second. That was that was residents suck pimp chicken Joe is with saying even Pimm such himself. Things is terrible choice to make sexual business and parenting in a manner to mix them in a manner. Pedro Lopez was exposed to it and new listener chicken. Joe I showed up and suck on a one the Candyman episode if you're curious, okay. In addition. I've never I've never like I got a little rhyme in there. And I wanted to stay in it for a while as having fun with that one. Okay. In addition to his mother exposing the sexuality in an early age. Pedder would also later say there's mother was violent woman and that when he wasn't listened to have sex. She was beaten him just like with Ed Kemper. We have another killer with mommy issues moulder during Pedrick stories, really get much Zappala roundup. Loser. Poor at on stick. That's said Kemper Petra would later say that woman was violent. She would punish me with such violence. Okay. When when Petra was five in nineteen fifty four his mother moved their family to nearby L Espanola a little city also in the Tolima department of Columbia that now has about sixty thousand people known mostly for really good tamales and randomly for the manufacturer of musical instruments. Like, the Tamboura a drum as far as I can tell in SPN yell. They do not make air banjos, which brings us to our next sponsor criminal lot in right now time suck is brought to you once again by Andrew holes internationally, famous a whole air banjo. Kademi the academy's North American factory quarterlane, Idaho is now giving tours. So you can see exactly how air banjos are mate. Experienced craftsman use artesian air much of it flown in from either northern New Zealand or the Quebec province of Canada regions known. For exceptionally musical air. Did you know that the air banjo is the perfect instrument to turn traditional Colombian salsa music? You know into something much more into you can use it to put a put a Frago into LA fiesta, check this out. Thank thank thank don't. Thank god. Thinking don't thank. The fact. Put tough the thing things that don't. The different thing. What the tech your thank? The finding by combined. God damn it. Oh, just all episode. All episode. Of course, done a sponsor. That's another inside. Joe God started back in the drunk as fuck accident of New Orleans suck episode. I think around there one hundred anyway, it's not the whole does not going to be this chaotic promise when I just when I heard that was known for making musical instruments. I just I had air banjo. I'm sorry. No not. Okay. So no Pedro Lopez. I don't know why that pumps show so much that that might happen again late in the show. I can't making promises it's not planned. But I'm I'm feeling my soul right now. Petra Lopez mother when she she did not work tamales instruments and has been she did continue to work as a prostitute. And for the record it took everything inside of me to not make a skin flute joke right there. I wanted to say that she did kind of get into music polishing skin flutes by didn't. But I did just say it now. So I kind of did nine hundred eighty seven when Lopez eight years old something happen that caused him to leave home and have to fend for himself. Exact. What happened is disputed? There's his version there was this mother's version scheme. According to his mother eight-year-old Lopez ran away from home one day, and she searched desperately until nightfall that night. I cried and cried. And I couldn't find him. She said adding that she turned to a fortune teller for help finding her boy a has that ever worked, by the way has a fortune teller ever helped anyone find a missing person even one time. One time has that happened very skeptical of fortunetellers, according to Lopez his mom caught him fondling his young younger sisters breasts and victim from the family home. He said my mother threw me out when I was eight atrophy commie, touchy my sister's breasts. He took me to the edge of town. But I found my way home again the next day. She took me on a bus and left me off more than two hundred miles from home. I was abandoned based on what he'd already witness in his childhood and who'd become later. I doubt for a second that his mom caught him a lesson sister. I'm guessing when you grow up in the household that he did sexual boundaries and norms of what is sexy? Etc. Going to get a we bit confusing. I mean, you're hearing your mom have sex tonight. You know, you end up learning about what it is far younger than his healthy. It has to be looked at various casual you're laying in bed with numerous other siblings. All impoverished, all I'm guessing on educated living, some poor ragged little Columbian mountain town and country full of corruption hard to get a good read in that environment. And what's okay. And what's not okay in general? And what if you know like we learned as possible last week what if you're born predisposed to pedophilia, and then you start acting out sexually when you're eight s not good. That's not good at all, you know. And then there's no support system around you doesn't bode well for your future. Whether he was banished or he ran away. Lopez made his way to bogus. Aw, Columbia's capital city big crowded city of about ten million people in the metro area today about one point five million people back when Pedro lived among other children who made up the lowest rung of the social ladder in that city, petrol started smoking basuco a form of a low grade. Cocaine that probably isn't good for any mental development. I mean, my God, you know, he's already having a lot of trouble is on the streets about now. He's smoking basuco. I found a right of about Bogota's ongoing basuco problem. I didn't I don't remember hearing about this in any previous sucks. I found it in one thousand nine hundred seventy Chicago Tribune article, titled Columbia has its own crack crisis. And this is the basuco problem. How is described it is a potent toxic mixture of cocaine brick dust Jesus cocaine brick dust chalk and even volcanic ash with residues of lead. So furic acid editor chloroform kerosene or gasoline. My God drug addicts call it basuco because it is the crude extract or base from the coca leaf like crack sold United States. It is smokable cocaine. Unlike crack, it's it's unrefined an unpaid making it one of the most toxic drugs around it is readily available on the street, and is very cheap less than a dog. Dollar for enough to make one cigarette if injected it can cause sudden death. Wow, man, lower than crack that's saying something when someone's like, you won't you won't go smoke, some crack well easy. They're high roller. Again, I can't afford crack crack smoke the shit out of some basuco, though, bazooka was legal. I wonder what the commercials would be like you're tired of the high price of crack. Tired of literally sucking dead for crack. Introducing Bush suco less than a dollar high with just the change you can find under your couch cushions you can smoke some basuco and melt your fucking face off. And it's kind of safe basuco is nearly as safe as bath salts and not quite as safe as helping gasoline. But suco when you're tired of hearing. We sound like that a Doctor Khumalo rebate Gonzales, former scientific director of Bogota's clinical toxicology described how brutal basuco is saying. It's the most grave drug problem in the world crack is like chewing gum by comparison because crack has the effect of pure cocaine with no residual effect bazooka has a little cocaine and a lot of toxic substances. And that's what pedal Lopez was smoking. When he should have a third grader. Speaking about Bogota's street, kid, evidently, Colombian criminal psychologist, Alexandra d'eylau Torah your meal would later say most of the kids left our house because they were abused. The only place they could end up on the streets because they had no other options. Like other street kids Lopez stole clothing and food from dumpsters. Joined a gang of other means a name given to the throwaway kids who lived on the streets bogus. Aw to have protection during the night as they slept. He learned how to fight with knives and belts for territory, food and shelter. My God smoking a suco and then find with belts and knives. When he's like eight nine years old when I was at third grade, I was still getting teary eyed if someone said Iran funny at recess which I did I had a funny gate. My legs kicked out weird to the sites. I didn't know how to handle Mike Damon sometimes kicking me in the shins really wanted him to to stop was my best defense. Just stop it. Please. These comedians would have eaten me alive. They still exist in both. Guitar today. I found I found picture these kids on the streets and slums they lived in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine article written by women working for the Irish women's political association. Here's what Catherine Riley had to say about the good means in nineteen seventy nine. She said in Bogota one sees the sickening contrast of the ultimate and opulence next door to the most desperate poverty. I speak of the slum dwellings on the slopes of the Andes restoration, which sprawl down the hillsides overlooking the city's northern shopping center, these dwellings, our dwellings are made from stolen bricks cardboard sheets of plastic pieces of wood and disuse petrol drums anything that substitutes for four walls at any moment. The bulldozer can come sent at a whim by a local land owner or government official when the rains come. They are more often than not washed away the children as young as six years old are sent out to the streets by their mother or father or whatever where they compete with the Volkers in their daily quest for food among the city's refuse bins. Ill clad in their torn shirts and pants often with no shoes sometime. Straw slippers. They form. Packs sleeping on quiet, streets, doorways and local parks and under bridges. It is a well-known. Fact, they can strip car down to the chest in five minutes flat. They're fast on their feet so fast, the police seldom catch them more often than not the police turn a blind eye girls of thirteen become prostitutes. Their faces reflecting the hopelessness of their lives even children earning pound per week down. The treacherous coal mines are considered lucky by comparison to walk on the streets of Bogota wearing a wristwatch is not just hazardous. It's crazy. The means would pull it off your arm. And if it didn't come your wrist would be at stake, the same fate applies to handbags or any kind of jewelry things were by all accounts. I came across even worse for the means back in the sixties patriots affiliation. With one of these gangs wouldn't be able to protect him from violent sexual assault shortly after shortly after he arrived in Bogota when he was begging for money on the street an older man seemingly took pity on him and offered him warm meals and a warm place to stay Petra went with the man. Who didn't take him to a home? But instead took him to an abandoned building where he repeatedly sodomized and tortured young Pedro until he's satisfied. Whatever dark urges possess them to do that. And then just tossed him back onto the street years later Petra would speak of this incident saying there, I was found by a man who took me into an abandoned building and rate me over and over again, I decided then to do the same to as many young girls as possible being a child. I lost my innocence. I've always wanted to punish those responsible will weird statement to make I always find it like these monsters trying to rationalize their terrible behavior that they don't do very logical job what they say might somehow make sense to them. But, but it makes no sense to anyone else on any kind of logic level. Let me get this straight an older man raped you. So you want to punish those responsible which would be if it was going to be anybody older pedophiliac men, but then you decide to rape Lou girls. Like, how does that pay the old men back to some little girls higher the old man to rape you? Like like, he was clearly just using what happened is excuse to rationalize the shit. He had done when he was interviewed to give that statement, which I'm guessing he always probably wanted to do and wanted to do before that old man did that because that's why he was kicked out of his house in the first place, you know, probably probably easier to to do these kind of happiness acts. I guess if you're able to rationalize it at some fucking bent form of justified revenge in late nineteen sixty when Lopez turned twelve four years after living on the streets of Columbia and older American. Couple took him in gave him a room food and a chance to attend local school for orphans which should have been the start of a new life just turned into more of the same. Lopez was sexually assaulted again. This time by teacher at the school. The couple sent Pedro to who had a thing for young boys unwilling to endure anymore sexual torture at the hands of his elders. Lopez stole enough money from the school to fund an escape and made it back to the streets of bogus. Aw. I I should add that these tales early childhood rape, come only from petrels later confessions. So we're trusting him to be honest about these encounters bay. Based on what he confessed to later. I don't think he was lying. He doesn't seem to be that guy. I'm guessing the second rape further motivated him to hurt more young girls. Right. That's that's the second old man who helped me I will have. My revenge girls will pay. What don't you mean? Men. The men will pay rights. No, don't you. See it's the girls who are behind it all girls higher the men to hurt the boys. It's always been that way. It's so obvious when you smoke the basuco, I wonder if his anger towards girls stem from that early instead of molesting sister. That's what I think maybe he felt that he hadn't gotten caught he wouldn't have had to fend for himself on the streets. Maybe he blamed her for that. In some way, you know, rationalized his all his behavior is being sisters fault. Somehow in early nineteen sixty one twelve year old Lopez returns home to bogus. Aw. He's he's been fending for himself since he was eight hadn't gone to school for any length of time since he was eight didn't have any job skills. Still aren't even a teenager, his brains fucked up from basuco since Columbia's welfare system doesn't provide resources. That are really re readily accessible to young people. I return to begging for food soon, his reputation than is one of the most talented car thieves in the city if you keep track now has spent his first eight years sleeping in crowded beds in poor little Columbian towns listened to his mama Sex's random customers start them less than one of sisters. Now, he's lived on the streets of Bogota where he's been sodomized by two different men harshly man. Heart doesn't excuse anything. He would later do because plenty of other kids who had similar childhoods didn't go on to do what he did. But still man rough life. I I think the reason there is far. Oh, sorry. I think there is far more interest gives me can remind notes far more interested in a murderer like Bundy. Then there isn't a monster like Lopez because like with Bundy or with Dahmer as well, they had pretty normal childhoods, no crazy abuse. No, extreme, poverty, you know, they were molested or raped even Gary green river killer Ridgway had a normal childhood by comparison. You know, sure, mama ridge. Away. Probably a little carried away with cleaning that bed wetter Zwane, making sure he had a real clean wing. But but way, less tragic of childhood Lopez like you read Lopez's story, and while it doesn't excuse anything. He do I it just makes his crimes more understandable in a way. Like, I think like the fascination with like Bundy is like why would someone who had seemingly fairly normal childhood. Just fucking snap so hard and become so twisted. I think it's harder to process mentally. But you read Lopez a story like well. Okay. Yeah. I mean don't agree with anything. He did. But jeez surprised more people become monsters who grew up like him. Just you know, the environment. He grew up in just consistently plays. No real value on human life for the innocence of children for the next six years. Lopez would continue to steal cars and scrape a living off the street if you raped her killed anyone during this period. We don't know about it Petra was paid well by the local chop shops. He was finally able to live out his dream of being a teacher of some sort teaching other kids to steal cars, which I'm sure actually did help them go hungry. Sadly, teaching other kids. To steal cars is probably the most noble thing petro ever did in his life. That's how you know. You've led a really dark life when some of the did you ever do anything. Good. Yes. I teach kids to steal cars. He helped children. Learn how to note because by police officers as sort of Geneen mentor for time sort of streets of Bogota camp, counselor Iki to Carthy if is just the right amount of basuco. Eventually Lopez confrontation cars nineteen sixty seven at the age of eighteen. He's arrested sentenced to two years in prison, and he's immediately raped again. Two days in his sans. Lopez was gang raped by several other older inmates. Third time this guy's been ripe. Now this time by multiple assailants, and these rapes would lead to his first known murders. And the only murders where the victims were not little girls petro knew if he didn't retaliate that more rapes would inevitably follow. So he took revenge on to those who are the most brutal killing them in the weeks that followed with a makeshift knife. He'd made an axe that were, you know, deemed. Or the he'd made four for acts that were mostly deemed self-defense asked about a later. He said I don't deny that killed two in there. But the warden said don't worry about it. But the more the word must have cared a little bit because he did get two years attitudes sense. I guess one for each of these killings. He swore. He would never again be seen as a victim by this point. It feels like he's just pretty much destined to become a madman nineteen seventy-one. Twenty two year old Lopez is released from prison. He's already a monster. He he's no longer just some car thief. He's the monster the Andes he caved into the rage felt from being abandoned by his mother and for being sexually assaulted numerous times. And he allowed that range combined with whatever twisted sexual attraction towards young girls to transform it into an unprecedented kind of rapist pedophile killing monster. He blamed his mother for most of his problems, if you hadn't kicked him out, you know, he he wouldn't have been raped if she hadn't been a prostitute would have been sexualize so young as she had him in abusive. You wouldn't feel so much rage inside. According to former FBI profile, Robert Ressler, serial killers, very. Often have obsessions with some of some kind with their mothers, a love hate relationship in popular language. These moms usually aren't candidates for mother of the year, although the aren't necessarily abusive either the common thread seems to be the sexual element mothers who are very seductive who had many sex partners of which the son was aware. Of course, the children of prostitutes are more likely to be exposed to this type of behavior. So yes, so there's numerous early childhood environmental situations, you know, gave this guy much higher odds to become what he was going to become than than the average person. Sometime in nineteen seventy-one nineteen seventy-two Lopez set off on his quest just to kill as many kids as he could. He never stated that that was his kind of mission statement explicitly. But it appears that's exactly what he did. He clearly had to been fantasizing about sexual violence with children for a while. He's in prison for whatever reason because when he got out got right to it. Like we learned last week in the pedophile island suck. We don't know. Exactly. Why people are attracted to what they're attracted to. But Lopez was omitted -ly attracted. Girls one time when asked like, you know, why why you know, little girls he said something to the effect of you know, why eat old chicken when you can eat young chick. I mean, it is fucking beyond messed up. He wanted to kill him. He wanted to rape them. You wanted to control them and decide their fate going forward. Pedro now basis life around access to little girls in a way, unlike any of the other killers, we've covered almost a somewhat similar to Richard Ramirez. But his motive Rhonda would become remarkably consistent. Same exact type of victim. Always young girl, always kidnapping, rape and strangulation. He made no attempt to lead a double life. He had no desire for normal life, quote, unquote, like many of the serial killers, we've discovered we've covered already, you know, like he wasn't a good dad when he wasn't killing women and children like BT K didn't have a family at home that he provided for Chikatilo didn't have a relationship with his mother like Ed Kemper or Alexander push. Go wasn't trying to publicly be seen as a good, dude. Like Ted Bundy didn't have non killing career aspirations like Charles Manson wanted to be music. Or John Wayne gay see who wanted to be a bigwig in this community wasn't blatantly mentally ill. Like Jeffrey Dahmer, you know, wanting to build that skull alter have sex ambiance or Ed geene with his nipple belts and skin suits Lopez. Just wanted to kill lots and lots of little girls room again. Reminiscent of Richard Ramirez. The nights Docker, you know, just just living off on pure evil. It weird loner. Ramirez just wanted to kind of eat, candy, steal rape and kill. And I guess Lopez wanted to rape kill and just smoke basuco loop. Lopez knew we could steal in hostile to keep food. His belly. He didn't need a job to ride for a stable life because he didn't care about getting married or starting a family didn't care about having friends so nineteen seventy one or seventy two sets out for Peru. The country he thought he would have the best chance of getting away with his crimes in Pedro later admitted that during the next few years he spent in Peru. He stalked and murdered anywhere from tens to over one hundred young girls from various native, tribes and city centers across the region. He confessed different numbers two different people. He also confessed targeting young indigenous girls because they were the easiest to lead away from their parents. In addition to the indigenous girls also chose to punish the poorest of kids victims other victims of you know, the streets other street kids, just like he was kids who worked in open air markets by themselves with gangs or with their parents. He'd later say I went after my victims by walking among the markets searching for a girl with a certain look on her face. A look of innocence and beauty. She would be a good girl working with her mother. I follow them sometimes for two or three days waiting for when she was left alone. I would give her a trinket like a hand mirror. Then take her to the edge of town route promise a trinket for her mother this trick was affective especially since poor hungry. Children would be easily lured by gifts and the promise of more. He would show himself by helping the children would trust him criminal psychologist, Dr der MIO would later say, Dr Who later study him as doctor would also say, then he would take them somewhere where if they would scream they would not be hurt, and he would repeat that pattern over and over and over again, the parents of the girls he took usually between the ages of eight and twelve often had no idea it was gonna happen to them. Some of their their bodies have never been found to took years for other bodies to be found. They just vanished. I told her to go sell some things to buy a bus ticket to come home said mar in day, the mother of one missing girl who never made it home other parents believe their beloved girls have been kidnapped into the sex trade, which actually sadly would've been a better fate, desperate. Parents ran advertisements in local newspapers often offering rewards for information on their missing girls. The ads never turned up, anything helpful. Pedro Lopez was very very good at being very very bad. It wasn't until after countless women and young girls had been murdered that now twenty nine year old Lopez was caught in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight by tribe of I- Akot Indians as he attempted to kidnap a nine year old tribal girl the tribe members stripped him and tortured him for hours. Some reports say they beat him others say the actually flayed some of his skin off all reports say they buried him up to his neck in the ground and poured syrup on his head. So that giant South American ants would sting and eat him a lot. Live a punishment. They deemed suitable for his crime. This appointment guys would actually care on people in the mounds approve the Hombre Sinoe aunts groped three inches in length have manuals that allow them to nod their way through actual human bone. They usually have no interest in eating humans. They prefer sugar who doesn't love sugar, but they will eat flesh. If it's easily accessible to them the bodies of wild boars spider monkeys the occasional human event found stripped to their bones in the jungle the Hombre Sinoe answer venomous, and with enough bites that can paralyze you how you like to go out that way man, hundreds of giant aggressive and just walk around your face walking into your mouth, you're screaming eating their way into your head to the soft tissue of your your canal summit. You southwestern American suckers probably already know about these critters. There was an article just last week about Hombre Sinoe shown up in south west, Texas and in Arizona, six months ago. An elderly woman was found eaten alive. She. She's eaten alive and her nursing home in a in a room in Brownsville, Texas, nursing home. My god. The ants had completely eaten her entire fucking head off. Not a trace remains at torso in a rocking chair. Entomologists originally thought she might have been killed by team of Roanoke. Rick Lewis spiders, but then they realize that she was actually fake killed by new fake creature. I just made up in this fake aunt fake attacks story to give you more real nightmares. There's no such thing as Ambrus. You know, it's I know I know I got some of you. I know that your skin crawling right now got to hope some of you were starting to worry about little ants eaten are willing to your head. Any who I really did? Bury Pedro Lopez up to his neck poor syrup on him. And the actually did intend to have an aunt of some kind of eventually sting him to death, or at least torture him for a while until they decided to finish him off themselves or let him die of dehydration or exposure. You know, whatever, unfortunately, the plan was interrupted Lopez would a parish there and many other young South American girls would have never died, but a female missionary convinced the tribe to turn Lopez into the police rather than go ahead with their plan to lynching. And unfortunately, the police chose not to believe the ICU witnesses and they let petro go deported him to nearby Columbia rather than stay in Columbia. He just bounced over to Ecuador where he again thought it would be easier to get away with murder once he made Ecuador Lopez started killing many three girls a week. Sometimes. Ounce back into equity Columbia just kind of pop back over to the border and the jungle to take a few digital victims for Lopez watching his young victims die after he violated them with sexually more pleasurable than the physical release of raping. Then he talked about this later in a prison interview incredibly casually like you just talking about his favorite memory playing football or something he said, there is a wonderful moment a divine moment when I had this guy so fucked up, it's unbelievable. He says, there's a wonderful moment divine moment, when I have my hands around a young girl throats, I look into her eyes. I see a certain light spark suddenly go out only those who kill know what? I mean, the moment of death is enthralling an exciting just smiling as he says that man just truly did not give a single fuck about taking human life meant nothing to him. Never spoke of feelings of remorse or guilt about any of the killings. Just talked about how much he loved it. Just you know, openly admitted he truly enjoyed it. Complete sociopath, zero empathy got fourteen years, right? Wow. Talk about that later, my some criminals. I call who have studied Lopez speculate that since he felt never felt a sense of powers child due to repeated violations from authority figures that he killed his victims in order to take some control back in his life. He was no longer the victim. No longer the play. He was the predator. He decided who felt pay now. Right. He took painting flipped it. Some also think he was symbolically killing his mother over and over again violently a racing. One woman after. Another from the world girls who had never get to grow up and be the mother he had Colombian criminal psychiatrist Dr Maria Helena to heal said of Lopez one of the reasons he said he killed him was because they were poor. Maybe he tried to stamp out the weakness this allowed him to feel stronger bigger. There was a moment for him to be big men echoes of she could till their Lopez relish killing his victims. So that he would so much. He would wait until daylight to choke them to death, even if he had kidnapped them in the evening the night before because he wanted to watch the life leave their bodies. He's like it's like he's a fucking character of evil. He'd also forced them to endure night of terror before they died that morning. He later said at sign a first light. I would get excited I forced the girl into sex and put my hands around her throat when the sun rose, I would strangle her it was only good if I could see her eyes. I never killed anyone at night. It would have been wasted in the dark the cell the composure the people at the prison had to have had two notches. In a moment of weakness. Pull out a gun mid quote like that and just shoot his Falk Indica dick off and just let him die in some prison cell, while death was usually quick some girls didn't immediately die and he was forced to continue strangling them after they regained consciousness. It took them between five and fifty minutes today. He added sometimes I had to kill them all over again. They never screamed because they didn't expect anything would happen. They were innocent. He lived for these kills. He he was like dude obsessed with hunting, but he hunted kids, and he wasn't done with them when they were dead either. After he killed his victims. Lopez would play with their bodies, but not sexually not usually. Anyway, he would play with them like like a kid plays with dolls he'd host imaginary tea parties sit in the single mass grave with several bodies of his young victims propped up around him. He told pretend conversations with them saying my little friends like to have company. So maybe he's a little bit crazy like game. I often put three or four girls in a single hole and talk to them. It was like having a party. But after a while because they could move I got bored and went looking for new girls. Dear God, man. This guy this guy. Ed camper had gained would have had the most evil fucked up social club in history. Excuse me. Just Pedro Lopez talking to the dead bodies. Ed gained wearing their skin. Ed, Giverny Zappa lls, doing all kinds of horrible stuff with their heads. Police did notice missing persons reports were piling up, but like many brokenhearted parents they believed the young girls have been the victims of sex trafficking, and they failed to investigate the disappearances, sadly, girls disappeared from villages and families homes. All the time one victim was selling newspapers when she encountered Lopez he lured away from the market raped her strangled her covered her with newspapers to hide from passer by sometime in nineteen Seventy-nine. Lopez snatched the daughter of a prominent Baker Ecuador, which did draw some attention not only to herb action. But to the other missing girls as well, but not enough to lead investigators to opus eventually the baker's daughter's body was found severely decomposed in an abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of town. It wasn't until April of. One thousand nine hundred eighty when a flash flood in embattled Ecuador on earth remains of four missing girls that police began to consider that something extra sinister was going on closer to home while the bodies were so decomposed. It was impossible to determine their exact causes of death. It was clear that the young girls bodies had been buried in order to hide evidence of foul play. Then a few days after the flood a woman named karleena put sauce strange man attempt to kidnap or twelve year old daughter Marie while she and her daughter where the local market she screamed causing shoppers to surround Lopez and pin him to the ground before he could flee with this girl. Lopez was rescued by police officers and arrested while proclaiming that he was a good person. And then you had a clean heart. Don't arrest me. I have clean heart while in detention. Lopez was subjected to a standard interrogation until he told the policeman that he was not Ecuadorian, but a Colombian drifter a police Lieutenant then beat him and accused him of being part of a gang of girls from Umberto the officer threatened to kill him. If he didn't confess but Lopez remains Tyler. I love this other. They won't give them a sense of more than sixteen years, but they will possibly beat them to death during an interrogation, and then a man named captain Pastore Cordova Dino was able to gain Lopez's trust sources seem to be split. As far as how there's two different versions of the story. Some sources say that captain Cordova entered the room, total of policemen to leave the signing to carry interrogate the suspect himself with the more friendly approach that he then offered Lopez food and cigarettes asked him about his health and feelings before requested information about the gang of doctors low-pay shrug said he knew nothing about a gang when the captain told him there was he was under a lot of pressure from the families of the missing girls defined whoever abducted them Lopez told him that he did. No where one little girl's body was in a cabin outside of town. The police went to the cabin found the new dead body of Ivanova Yakult line on an old mattress local missing girl after finding this girl Kotova as Lopez. How many other girls may be out there? Lopez looked upwards and said over two hundred and Ecuador's some tens impro- and. Many more in Columbia. And then supposedly the president of Ecuador was informed. And he ordered that Lopez should be taken to the places where he left the bodies until all the victims and Ecuador had been recovered as one story, another maybe a little more popular indefinitely. I think cooler story about how captain with you know, got him to confess is the captain. We know went undercover as a fellow inmate and shared a cell with Lopez for about month gaining Lopez. Trust was able to get a confession as well. As details about the sites victims buried each story. Lopez with Telugu Dina would be more gruesome than the last each revealing bone chilling acts of inhuman degradation, eventually the season officer could no longer, you know, just stand it and just blew his own covers couldn't take any more stories. He also apparently got tired of wearing the Pender was going to strangle him in his sleep. Like Pedro had strangled young girls or maybe stabbed him with Schiff like you'd stab those inmates who had raped him years earlier Gudino again. Yeah state. It was pedal. Lopez net sell for about a month for free himself by the time. Revealed himself. Pedro had gleefully informed. The undercover officer that he'd been traveling to Ecuador Peru and Colombia for the past several years and by his own count raped and killed over three hundred young girls Hedera Lopez or as he came to be on the monitor of the Andes proclaimed proudly that he had raped murdered over one hundred and ten young girls and Ecuador at least one hundred Peru and put many more than one hundred quote unquote, in Columbia in the ground going on to state that he only really enjoyed killing the girls in Ecuador claiming their trustee nature made them more appealing as opposed to the stranger wary little girls in Colombian Pru in his own worlds in his own words. I like the girls and Ecuador they are more gentle entrusting more innocent. They are not suspicious of strangers like Colombian girls. And then and then Lopez relished the media attention that came with his confessions. He started to talk to reporters about his own childhood. But the many ways society had failed him playing that blame game references own tragic past, you know, just you know, coldly declared Yoda conditions had created him at one point. Specifically pinpointed the moment he decided to become serial killer saying I lost my innocence at eight so I decided to do the same thing to as many young girls as I could. Okay, doesn't really fit in with what he was saying about want revenge on the men who attacked him earlier. Maybe this particular excuse is truth. Right. Maybe this is the reason he killed those girls. He lost his innocence when he was eight and it didn't feel fair for others. Keep there's I don't know. It sounds like bullshit to me though. 'cause he wasn't like killing like, boys. Right. I think I think he just was wanted to somehow sound like he had a reason for his horrific obsession just to rape and kill young girls. Pedro used all of his murders to go on sort of an extended field trip with authorities. You offer to take them out to the grave sites to prove the truth of his claims, initially, they were hesitant, but local police that this is the, you know, the the second version of the story this has end, but the local police decided to allow Lopez to guide them to the grave sites to provide families with closure and then over the span of six weeks. Lopez led the police. Eleven Ecuadorian provinces at each revealing yet another gruesome collection of bodies for zone safety the police required. Lopez to dress as a police officer when he accompanied them to the grave sites. There was a guard place on either side of him both for his protection and to thwart any attempt at escape. First gravesite was just on the border of Umberto. He described the girl as a new that newspaper seller. We talked earlier told him he buried her under a specific bridge to their surprise the police found a complete skeleton as described at the base of the bridge. The medical examiner was unable to determine any specifics of the crime from the body other than a corroded, arm and leg evidence of torture. He'd inflicted on the young child. Never said exactly what he did. However, the police soon gained the the clarity they sought after one of the victim's family. Members was brought to the site recognized the clothes hanging off the bones. Skeleton confirmed what Lopez told them the bones belong to the young girl that he mentioned and Lopez has claims were shockingly accurate, and so then they trusted him to lead them to more bodies, which he did roughly two months after a ten this girl. Lopez chose the wrong victim. Oh, yeah. When he was actually in his in his await sorry. I think that was some kind of some some leftover notes there. Pedroza Lopez printer Lopez his trip down memory lane would lean investigators to over fifty three gravesites at each gravesite. Lopez would display the exact same amount of amusement satisfaction as if each grave marked victory and his name his pride was sickening. And yet the police had little choice but to follow him around and encourage him to take them to the next site. They desperately needed the information that only Lopez himself could give them. So they continue to supply him with cigarettes and alcohol in exchange for more information. Lopez began to develop a friendship with the captain. He initially confessed to it'd be and referred to the Katherine his father. Finally, when the police began to realize that Lopez was now only leading them to older compromise gravesides, and then it'd be harder and harder to identify any actual victims. They decided to bring him back to police headquarters where he was charged with fifty seven counts of murder fifty three from the gravesites he'd lead them to. And then the four corpses discovered in those floods we mentioned earlier was Lopez his own detailed confessions that would lead him to being charged with one hundred ten murders Victor, less Connell at the time. The head of the Umberto jail told reporters that in his in his personal opinion, the tally of three hundred girls the Lopez claimed to have murdered was likely a low estimate, I know these numbers kind of bounce around let because he would say different things different people. So they hover around the same area. Sometimes three hundred fifty Puerto Lopez only confessed to over Petra Petra Lopez openly confessed over three hundred murders called himself worse than animal and yet he showed no. Line of regret in his actions of words, his voice was calm steady. And unemotional why did he confess to so many murders? Police had no evidence for was it just for the notoriety. I I don't think so despite very little formal education smoking that basuco pity was not an idiot. He knew how Ecuador Justice system worked and he knew how to manipulate it. Ecuador had and still has some interesting sentencing laws as we talked about earlier, no matter the nature, a number of murders, the maximum conviction. When Petra was caught with sixteen years didn't matter if he killed five people or five hundred sixteen years, the longest sense to court could hand down to you by confessing to all of his crimes after his initial arrest. Even ones the police had no evidence for Lopez was ensuring that he couldn't be tried again for future murders in Ecuador. He wanted to avoid double jeopardy if he didn't confess to everything then when he was released after the initial sixteen years he could be rearrested in thrown back. You know for sixteen years for like another murder, and he just was making sure he could avoid that possibly. And then there's you know, there's not there's not much to peddle story for the next fourteen years for the next fourteen years. He's just in an Ecuadorian prison. Some say he was placed in solitary for the entire nation of stay behind bars. Some say he was not fourteen years after cents on August thirty first nineteen ninety four he set free his behavior in jail had been so exemplary that the monster of the Andes at his sentence reduced by two years for good behavior. A news crew recorded him leaving the prison man fewer member of that crew. Would would you follow him would you be tempted to pull a Dexter and just snuff him? The fuck out would you at least think about doing that? I wonder how many years somebody would have gotten for killing him. No one did Lopez was given a bottle of water. So new shoes a shirt and pants small amount of pesos and a package of food. Then he was just that loose. He was still only forty five years old still very physically healthy a man with a lot of experience killing kids know social ties to the outside world. Luckily ecuadorian. Did detain them about an hour after released they discovered our Lopez. Discover the superintendent the province had ordered him back into custody claiming that he was now an illegal immigrant was pretty funny to me didn't have the proper documentation. The only logical step therefore was to hand him over to Columbia authorities and hope was at once on Colombian soil Petra Lopez will be forced to face the harsher laws of his native country where he could be given much differ punishments but about an hour after his rival back into Columbia. Lopez was arrested charged with a twenty year old murder a floor Sanchez quickly processed and sent it to Lima for prosecution. A Sanchez's body had been founded identified by her mother the pattern and methodology of this twenty year old murder fit Lopez's previous methodology, perfectly along with other evidence gathered by police they had everything they needed to secure a conviction, but Lopez's sneaky little fucker. He was able to benefit from a another shitty. Criminal Justice system and nineteen ninety-five. He was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial on grounds of insanity and incarcerated in the psychiatric wing of prison. Bogus. Aw. Where he was diagnosed as a sociopath when with an antisocial personality disorder. I do believe that. He also started blaming Jorges. Hey, Patino, an alternate personality for the murders. He taken complete. Credit for back in Ecuador. Now. It's now it's not him. Now. It's out dammit horray while we fucking all this bad stuff. I'm just trying to you know, smoke a little basuco live good life said whore. He made him do everything convince psychiatrists. This was true. I don't believe it's true. At all three years later. Lopez was declared sane on evaluation by the prison psychiatrist probably 'cause he wasn't insane. In the first place. I wonder if that prison psychiatrist bogus. Aw, had just moved there from California. Maybe he was the same guy who declared serial killer ad campaign after that psychopath killed his grandparents felt like nine thousand nine hundred federal was released in Colombia on the condition that he attended monthly sessions with the judge and continued to receive psychiatric treatment he would do neither. Instead, he visited his now elderly mother the Nilda mmediately after his release asked her what she was going to give him. What are you gonna get first? Inheritance? She told Pedro that she was a very poor woman. I've seen interviews in. She looks extremely impoverished living in extreme poverty. She told him her only possessions in the whole world were a chair and a bed. So he took those Tucker chair took her bed place them on the street with a little for sale sign told her that have known would buy them that day. He was gonna set on fire. A woman did buy them gave Pedro the money, then he left walked back into the countryside. He'd once littered with the bodies of little girls, and no one has been able to locate him since he could easily change his name could have changed his look for what it's worth his superstitious mother Bonilla thinks he is still alive. You know, she hasn't felt anything. She believes would signifies passing. He'd be seventy years old right now, if he is still alive law enforcement also thinks he may still be alive, or at least was back in two thousand two and Tober of two thousand to INTERPOL the international criminal police organization in international organization that facilitates international police cooperation released a statement saying they suspected Lopez in another challenge death. They think he is killed again and espionage or Espinel Columbia, and that will take out of today's times. I've timeline right? After a word from today's fi. Final sponsor another new one time soak is brought to you today by quip one of the most important things we do for our health everyday is brushing teeth yet. Most of us don't do it. Properly. Quip is better electric toothbrush. Created by Dennis and designers quip was designed to make brushing your teeth more simple, affordable and even enjoyable with sensitive, sonic vibrations. It's gentle on your sensitive Gump's. I like that. Because my dentist told me the last two times I've been brushing way too, hard and take him. My frustration out a Montgomery, apparently, and it makes your gums receipt. If you do that if you brush too hard, it can get you can ruin your own gums, the built in to minutae repulses every thirty seconds to remind you switch sides and guide you to a full and even clean a better yet. 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So Pedro Lopez Gary scary, dude, man, he's still out there. The mother of Maria Panetta, the Ecuadorian girl who was lucky enough to escape capture and help locate the helped lead the initial arrest of Lopez from order has some thoughts about that. She says it will be a kindness to the world for someone to murder this fiend the monster of the Andes moat last long on the outside. Maybe this is why we haven't heard of more missing girls, perhaps someone even the police in Colombia Ecuador have already killed him. If they have I hope they made himself or oh me too Maria me to hope. She's right INTERPOL might be wrong about that two thousand to murder. You know, there haven't been a slew of other bodies fitting his old MO. So who knows maybe he got caught by tribe, maybe fucked with the wrong villagers, again, maybe those Hombres Sinoe ants are real maybe some I AKU Indians buried him in the dirt up to his neck again for trying to take another girl knows aggressive answer Chopard into his ear slowly Berlin knew his brain. Maybe he was still alive when they took the first chunks of his buttock all ruined. Dr. Mind, you know, back to the colony maybe took him days diet a little bit of a little bit of payback for all the the harm. He costs. You know, thinking about him getting eaten my ants makes you want to celebrate a little bit. Mike. Thank thank thank. Thank. Thank. Thank bent. Bent Benton thing. The aiden. Different. And get into thinking. Yeah. For we're gonna final thoughts on Lopez. Let's see dinner and thinks because why not on today's idiots of the internet. The internet. I just heard a bunch of footsteps upstairs, by the way for my upstairs neighbors here, the suck dungeon in the in the business. Just imagine what they're thinking today just weird screams than once in a while just some like pluck and noises and rebus. For today's comments looked under a video titled pedal. Lopez serial killer files, number six uploaded by rob Geoghegan on January fifteen thousand fifteen eight hundred sixteen thousand views user, one hundred points in do over shows, a lack of understanding when it comes to the diversity of Hispanic cultures. When he when they post his name is so Mexican it is unreal. And then a vivid is candor posts would should've gotten more than one like when she post. He's not Mexican though exactly he's Colombian you silly goose, you know, let's kind of, you know, entirely different nation. Similar to talking about like like how American and Australians name is. While talking about how he thinks federal became a psychopath user. Fred sounds like one himself with his use of the word harlot. This guy posts if it wasn't for his unsympathetic mother, the dumb harlot who abandoned him to the streets at age eight he wouldn't have had a psychological disorder that made him a serial killer. His mother the cruel harlot is the first to blame for making her child suffer that severe abuse that led him to become a psychopathic with a fucker you talking about Fred, you don't know anything about psychology. A cruel dumb harlot who uses who says harlot psychopath. I picture Fred, you know, writing this as he has a prostitute tied up in the basement just next to him not so hot now. Is it Harnett local couldn't keep their legs. Close hearts. You dumb cruel. It. He wanted to towns with the devil. Now towns, I kill you got all it. Now. The neighbors are really fucking scared upstairs. Fillet Fred doesn't understand how hard life could be for a woman in third world impoverished economy, maybe never had access to birth control. Maybe she was forced into prostitution when she was very young. What about all the fathers wherever they why did they stick around if she's the cause of all this? Why didn't his siblings also turn into murderers? Choose a terrible mom. Why didn't she abandoned all of her kids? Maybe Petra was a bad seed, maybe had a lot of evil-natured him. Maybe he was born evil. Deus ex machina. Probably pronounced down announced YouTube name leaves the comment that enrages another user posting I actually feel only pity for this, man. He was raped him a lesson wherever he went and often saw no Justice being done against the perpetrators. Had he grown up in the right environments. He may have never developed into the monster that he became which I disagree with you may have never turned into that. I don't have pity only feel pity though for what he did needed as Merrick GRA Vena, Merrick arena, not lend this shit slide. Holy shit. Are they not let it slide? They post do ex machina. This is the worst comment I have ever seen. What the fuck are you talking about? Oh, poor guy. He was Melissa's. What does it matter? He did worse things to three hundred little girls. Holy shit. Maybe you are as degenerate as he is. That's why you feel pity for him. I would gladly beat the shit out a few and more happily torture. The fuck out of that monster. I love that Merrick also gets included in the beating. Kills monta and beat for posting it user yourself forester, makes a nice Napoleon dynamite callback posting how about we don't vote for Pedro either get that one, and you don't user Eric XL posts. It would be okay. If he had just been released after twenty years, but this guy promised that he would continue if he ever got out and no-one kept an eye on him after release first off. I will say Eric rob Gavin seems to have gotten several facts wrong in his presentation of Lopez peasants video Lopez did not serve twenty years. He's fourteen years. Also, not sure where he found information that Petra said he would just keep doing it. I don't I didn't find that any my research. He promised to keep doing it. And how does Eric think it would be okay? Let this guy after twenty as long as as long as he promised to not do it anymore. Like, you could trust the word of someone who's admitted to killing hundreds of kids like, that's that's their system. Now, you admit to killing over three hundred kids, right? And you know, that's fucked up right east. I do I was killed fused before. But now, you get it. Good. Okay. So you promise you I can do it again. I will do it again piggy. Promise. I'll never do it. Again, cross your heart. And hope today is I did I never do. What are you gonna do? When you get out. I want to get the job. I want to be good personnel. Keep to myself I a smoke, but so call I cannot afford the crack, but they can get onto bazooka was need to not kiss. But still cool. I think that's enough for today. The internet. Our last Lopez thought sorry, my voice sounded different today, by the way, had a hell of a head cold skin over maisy, what one can rationalize isn't it? When this piece of shit talked about what he don't investigate with the prestigious no zero shame, no remorse is proud of his kills spoke killing girls. If he was some noted baseball player talking about his favorite home runs. Love the attention big grandma to laughs act act like a celebrity when in award instead of a criminal rested for murder. He he also claimed he was helping his victims said he was strangling them. So they would go to heaven and not suffer in this world. He also wants said, I am like a God, I give life, and I can take it away. And he said, I'm the man of the century. No one will ever forget me. Yeah. You won't be forgotten federal but being forgotten his way better than being remembered for being one of the worst piece of shits of all time. I've never understood people who seem to think that any attention at all is better than no attention you ever been to a bookstore never checked out net. Flicks ever walked through a beautiful park, swam of scenic beach, there's a lot of things to do in life that are fantastic than ever you noticed remembered but super fun and enjoyable and worthwhile. I don't care how. Gonna be remembered when I'm dead, not really I hope I can influence others to do some good things with their lives. But I'm not gonna really care because I won't be here. Don't worry about reading. You know, how you gonna be remembered or if you're going to be remembered long? If you're worried about how your value now when you're live where about doing something meaningful not something memorable. You know, if it ends up being meaningful and memorable fucking great bonus. Now, let's take a few looks at the memorable. And also extremely despicable deeds of a man, I hope someday has his life violently taken. If it hasn't happened already in today's top five takeaways. Time away. Number one, petrol Lonzo Lopez was born on October eighth nineteen forty eight in the little village of Santa Isabel Columbia. He'd be kicked out of his home for molesting sister. When he was eight spent the majority of childhood living on the streets of Bogota, fighting it a gang of other kids stealing cars smoke. Some of that Oba suco number two Petra Lopez will be raped three different times growing up by the age of eighteen once by a stranger who promised him food and shelter once by teacher once by prison inmates after being thrown in jail for stealing cars. He would kill two of them. The only man he is known to have ever murdered number three nine hundred eighty Pedro confessed to killing a hundred and ten girls Ecuador. He led police to fifty three different bodies after his arrest. He sends to sixteen years in prison serves fourteen number four immediately after released from Ecuadorian prison, petro was tried again for murder this time of Colombia where he's declared mentally incompetent to stand trial on grounds of insanity. And incarcerated in the psychiatric wing of a prison in bogus. Aw, where he would be declared sane and released three years later in nineteen ninety eight. And he may still be alive and free today. Number five, new info in two thousand twelve in tuna the capital of the Colombian department of bojenka a girl with killed in the way, petro had killed so many other girls. Details of the murder were similar enough to Pedro's crimes that the Colombian weekly news show Cronica's RCN hinted that petro Alonzo Lopez may be responsible is he still out there. Hopefully proof proof of his death. Come soon until then who knows time. By away. Petr? Lopez has been sucked another dirty dirty deed bag a D bag. Now, the dirty dirty dirtbag to throw into that. You know, fuck that meet sack pile. Unbelievable how people can rationalize the most heinous of acts. Just so, you know, bojangles down in South America right now looking for that son of a bitch and hoping about his dick off, and then bury him up to his neck in an ant hill. Thank you to the time suck team. Thanks to Queen of the suck. Lindsey comments high priestess of the harmony village camp. Jesse garden of grammar donor, Reverend Dr Joe paisley time, suck high priest Alex Dugan. The guys at Bill, sir, meeting them just met them today. Well, I mean say is every this change your brain axes apparel. Thanks to this episode's, researchers to Lilly twins, Sarah and Rebecca REBA, the hammers of knowledge, I got to meet them and meet the parents and Philadelphia after one of my shows last week such great family. They're so good. Couple young curious meets acts with great futures ahead of them though. Pretty confident about that. Now have you joined the cult of the curious private Facebook group. One over seven thousand times suckers in that group now on Facebook and well over fifteen hundred discord members in the discord group linked to the discord chatroom messaging app, right on the time suck up links to the private Facebook group and the discord challen today's episode description next week, we're gonna be talking about the Unabomber. Finally, all hail the space lizards for vote in that top again been waiting to suck Ted for about two years. Now going to be a fascinating suck. I'm sure the Unibond is the nickname given to American domestic terrorists Theodore John Kaczynski, aka Ted Kaczynski who conducted the seventeen year series of attacks using mail bombs to target, epidemics, business executives and others. The uniform were bombing campaign which killed three people and injured twenty three started in the late nineteen seventies. Continued until Kinski was caught nine nineteen ninety six following a nationwide manhunt led by the FBI his capture marked the end of the FBI's longest and most expensive man hunt and judging from the sound of his name he may be polish. So. Probably a lot of slander coming to our polish monster meet sex time. Now for today's time sucker updates. In times. Important update about pedophile island coming in from time soccer co Murray, saying Hello master sucker. Listen to the pedophile island, suck notice something that wasn't accurate when you were talking about Earl Shriners assault on a seven-year-old boy said he was left for dead into and did die. He actually lived through that horrific. Ordeal. Actually went to the same elementary school is Ryan the boy he assaulted, and I live down the street from the wooded area where this took place while I did not know him. Well, but do remember seeing him come back to school after my God? According to my research died in a vehicular accident two dozen five just wanted to let you know since his hit so close to home. I remember being a third grade boy who's afraid to go anywhere alone for months sorry for long message on long at all. And thank you for the info and keep on sucking hail Nimrod Costa curious member called Murray. Thank you for that. I remember being confused by the wording in that. And I felt like it was a coin toss. And I couldn't get to like the exact verification I wanted. It was written to me in a way that suggested that he died, but I guess maybe I just read into left in the woods to die. Not did. I so thank you very much. It's great correction update regarding the private priva- today. Shen that's a tough word from my brain regarding the privatization of prisons by private prison employees in time sucker, Jake who writes in and I was talking about that that pedophile island wise, you know, I was concerned about privatizing prisons. Jake rights hail suck master sackful of meet. The kingdom comes I saw redone. That's a good one. Forgive us. This day our sucker updates and those who may trigger. Oh, man. Okay. Enough of that first off I would prefer it. If you didn't use my last name. Yep. Take the and this is on the podcast. I wanted to address your concerns about the private prison industry holding. These types of civil commitment centers first off, I do work for private prison company, and how the luxury of being paid to travel to our various cities all across US I've been in both government, run and privately operated facilities. I've also worked for both sectors. I say this because you to show you where any bias might come from. But I've been corrections for quite a long time. And I've attempted. To remain objective as possible. My first question is if you okay with the government holding people outside of the prison sentence. Why? Then does it become not, okay? When the private industry is being paid to do the same my concern there. I can't address my thought there is prophets. My concern is that it becomes a conflict of interests. If when prophet is on the line, if it is profitable to hold people, you know, in in the prison more profitable than letting them go to me that creates a dangerous conflict of interest where it is in the best interest of the committee to not let these people out. But I might also on misunderstand. How the committees are run and the committees that decide if they're going to be out on might not have any private influence. But that's that's why that's where my concern comes from doesn't not raise the same question of constitutional constitutionality. It does man. And right now, my sinuses. So full of cold the even harder for my mouth. That's I'm struggling extra. I can assure you would you not go. And watch the government agencies which contract us consistently. Visit an audit our procedures, and we audit ourselves and our processes on a nearly endless basis. It is actually in our best interest to do better than the government agencies contract with us can if we don't do better. Why would they pay us? We report everything that happens in our facilities some of our clients government agencies. Tell us we report too much, but that it is because of the scrutiny we are under at all times. When I worked for one of our clients, I witnessed several occasions of cruelty neglect and outright abuse that was covered up because of someone's tenure, but with the private industry I've seen people in high ranking positions with fifteen plus years with the company being fired because because they failed to report an incident this is because our liability is so much higher in the private industry. And we have everything to lose. If we do not maintain our clientele in our professionalism. Are there some incidents that are bad? Of course, there are we deal with the same challenges our government counterparts do. But the spotlight will fall on us at least three times more because we are in the private industry. We are just people trying to make a living with a company who can pay us better and provide better benefits than our government. Counterparts. That's all I will go into I will gladly provide more info for you. If you ever have questions, thank you for reading. I've already bought tickets Indianapolis show in September. Can't wait to see live keep on sucking P J PS may bring pootie and juju back every once in a while. I will I they come back. They're still in. They're still in the in Sacre, man. Thank you. That was that was that was a very well worded update. Jake a lot of information. Yeah. I guess I wasn't thinking about the oversights that the that the private sector would have didn't realize that there were more stringent than public. So I guess as long as we keep those laws in place. Then then I don't have a problem, you know, as long as scrutinise the same sounds like even better. So thank you pronunciation update coming in from Kim alone, Kim rights. Again. With the mispronouncing the word penitentiary, it does not have a unit you have pronounced it as Penetentiary. Oh, every time. I've heard you say it I've sent this in before. Please stop LL in one suck. You said it so many times that I thought maybe it was me saying it wrong. So I listened to. Listen to pronunciation guide. I'm not wrong. Seeing Lanta Hillman rookie on slugging. Thank you Kim penitentiary. And it's been attention. I got now I gotta look it. I gotta look up some phonetic spilling on this one. Thank you for sending that time suck Bill. Wicks a hilarious. Message regarding last week's episode Bill wrote Dan twelve minutes into the pedophile suck. And I'm definitely not ready to dish out some vigilante Justice. I would assuredly not welcome your help in tracking down and castrating pedophile than stapling. They're assholes to their foreheads still attached. I'm all certainly would not seek your assistance and dropping these pieces of shit bounding gagged into some exceptionally rapi. Big dick only prison. All of these things are legal and frowned upon by lizard, overlords. Who definitely aren't rated R messages, keep sake that fucking great Bill. Thank you, man. They send that in got some you last week with my horrific Pat, say Jack character assassination based nothing true whatsoever. I need to probably never do something like that against terrible. But sucker air grant wrote in Saint God damnit, Dan. I started googling Pat say Jack immediately. You got me a normally take pride and now getting sucked but holy shit. Good move doing it right off the bat keep on sucking. I I try to keep guys off balance. I know that one I felt a little guilty about it was so terrible. And now for some powerful messages from those affected by sexual abuse. Pedophile island message from Tim time sucker Kerry leaving last name out on purpose who wrote in with the fantastic subject line of Pat, say Jack hooked up with your mom's. Friend paula. Nice. Callback care, right. Hey, dan. Of course, subject line is nonsense. Just trying to get your attention. My apologies. Now needed those difficult to get through due to con. Stant crying and pausing to become physically ill. I wanna thank you for tackling the too often avoided subject of pedophilia. It is a God damn epidemic. And most people seem to be looking the other way, my wife, and I found out a year and a half ago that my father had been oh, man. This is so brutal out that my father had been molesting our oldest daughter since two thousand fourteen when she was only eleven years old since our daughter came forward. Five other women have come to us saying that he abused them to some as far back as the mid nineteen sixties as our as a protective, father, four girls. You can imagine how this has caused how hard this has caused me to be on myself, not being the most mentally stable fell in the first place. I have been to some very dark places on this journey a fan of the Rudo Osho. I only found time suck in your stand up in December your comedies been a vital escape for me. In times. I wasn't sure it could go on you may think I'm being ridiculous. But I truly believe you say my life, and I can't thank you enough. Carry carry me. I can't imagine cannot imagine how tough that would be my. I mean, my God the double whammy of the victim and perpetrator. Both being very close family members. Man. Thanks for thanks for, you know, protecting protecting your daughter, you know, for for doing the right thing, and and stand by her, and and making sure that, you know, your dad is prosecuted that cannot be easy. Hope you're getting some good therapy. Whole family is and sorry. You had to have somebody like that in the tree, man. But no reflection on you. Absolutely. None. Thanks for being great meet sack and great dad time sucker, Katie has sent a powerful message regarding overcoming the guilt of being victimized got a lot of these messages. And thank you everyone for sending these in choosing to reduce one, Katie rights. How your fiery hatred of sexual predators helped me come forward with my abuse a subject line? Hey, Dan of a wonder, right? You about this for a long time. And after the pedophile island episode. I felt like it was a good time to tell you. How much you've helped me overcome years of manipulation and come forward with my own sexual abuse. It may sound weird. But stay with me. My story is that I was sexually abused by my sister's husband on three different occasions between the ages. A fourteen and sixteen. It wasn't just touching the man manipulated. The fuck out of me, and it had a continued. He would have raped me. I have no doubt in my mind. I did not come forward with it until I was twenty one. My brother reported to police for me. That's a whole other story my family's fucked up, and it was such a difficult decision for me to press charges and the day. He was arrested was the worst day of my life because I felt so guilty me for ruining his life. I honestly felt so sorry for him that I almost dropped the charges all of that. Because of how deeply I was manipulated. Okay. Now for the part where I explain how you help him before the police were involved. I honestly just didn't realize the scope of the situation. And I didn't think it was worth making a big deal about it. And I felt like it was my fault at the time. There were several sucks where you were able to express how you feel about predators. The way you spoke about them and didn't hold back. Help the wheels start turning. I started realizing how messed up my situation was and how I needed to do something about it and fight for myself after I press charges. I specifically remember you're angry rant about David Koresh. And it was what? Made me realize how manipulated I'd been. And it was like a light bulb went off in my brain. It made me snap out of it. And realize that my abuser is a sick fuck and deserves to rot in jail that there is no redemption from that. And that those people deserve a hell of a lot more than a slap on the wrist. It helped me so much to hear normal person's viewpoint on predators on how normal. I am. But I'm glad I hope I I was I was it was like I finally had the right voice in the back of my head telling me how it really is. I don't know if any of this makes sense it does. But I just wanted you to know that sharing you're passionate hatred of injustice and scumbags helped someone finally break the cycle of nip Yele shin gain, an accurate perspective would happen to them. I honestly think there needs to be more angry rhetoric about predators. Because to talk about them. Any other way is doing a great disservice to their victims. But that's just one person's opinion. When that I agree with thanks for being an angry bastard. I hope it makes you happy to know that it positively affected at least one person. Sorry. This is a bit long winded so excited to see you in Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend. This'll be this past week. Yeah. And I will beat your Saturday early show where pumped to see perform for a second time. Thank you. Your times are Katie PS after charges were press. Six other women came forward two or three of them are cousins he is currently awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to four counts of child sex abuse. I'm blanking on the exact charge and one count of lewd act with a minor. Each is a felony charge of one to fifteen years in prison. I'm told the judge overseeing the case in Utah does not put up with that shit. So we're hoping you pass it down a harsh sentence. Hell Nimrod me too me too. I hope he is kept away from other potential victims for the rest of his life. Because somebody who does that like he does as we learned probably not gonna stop. And we've get another one other perspective on all of this. Actually, you know, what we're going to do two more two more updates. Sorry. I scroll head there. This was from Rebecca Jade, Rebecca rights. I was referred to time. So by an ex-boyfriend and for a long time refused to listen to you because they didn't wanna prove him. Right. I'm glad I got drunk one night unless you anyway, because that mother fucker was right. You're hilar-. Darkest faulk. I love it. Anyway, the point island, I've always had a fascination in all things macabre. And maybe that's why I'm so good at my job, I registered sex offenders. Wow. Not glenn. It's not glamorous, obviously. But somebody's gotta do it. I tried to get as many locked up as I can. Because frankly, there is no cure and fuck those guys for hurting kids. Well, listen, you go through the stats about sex offenders my blood began to boil now because you said anything wrong because the truth is so much more terrifying than anybody realizes, even when sex abuse crimes are reported is fairly common for the charges to be pled down to a lesser offense. For example, a locally known predator. Here has been charged multiple times with aggravated sexual assault of child. All but one of the charges have been dismissed, and it was pled down to injury to a child, which means he does not have to register as a sex offender. I think it's because of the laziness of the attorneys not wanting to go to court with a difficult case. But to be fair, I don't have any stats to back that up one time and attorney told me he dismissed charge on one of my fenders for failing to register because he was just confused. This offender was actually recorded telling me to go fuck myself because he didn't want to register anymore shortly after he was released. He then tried to kidnap a teenager from a convenience store surprise surprise the courts dismissed that as well. God damn it. And he is out there roaming, the streets again. Well, now, you got my blood boiling that's fucked up. This is just one of the many many stories. I have I mean shit look at all the white guys. Let off on serious charges because the judges don't wanna ruin the perverts life knowing full well to pervert and question completely altered the life of all of his or her victims. But I digress. I think the moral of the story is keep an eye on your kids and trust. Nobody as you stated most sexual offenses were committed by someone, you know, stranger danger, just as not as prevalent, as you would think most importantly, talked your children, monitor social media and their phones as this is now the common way to groom child. Good point trust your child when they don't want to be around. Somebody also something not everyone is aware of the national sex offender public websites and S O PW this will link you to your state's registry, and you can. Do a search by name or location and see all registered sex offenders in your area. The NSO POW also offers resources on education prevention, which is just so so important sorry. I'm telling you things you already. No, no, this is important to share. I just wanted people to do everything they can to keep their kids safe, hopefully bojangles in his infinite wisdom can rip the testicle off each motherfucker. Who was raped anyone things for everyone thing you do keep on truckin hail Nimr. Thank you. Rebecca, awesome, info. Yes. The problem is much deeper than people are aware of most people and yes use the registry. Lindsey, and I keep checking perverts in our area. We use it. Sadly, there are several around. The suck dungeon due to the dungeon being located near some transitional housing. And yes, I have often fantasized about the possibility of getting away with murdering them which Lindsey does not care for because she's afraid of me going to prison for that. I you know, if I could just figure out how to confidently get away with it. I might very much enjoy going full Dexter on those mother fuckers. And finally an important update from Anthony McAndrew that is leading us to our. Next charity donation, he writes, dear master, sucker. I listened time suck every week. I just finished this week suck on pedophile island wanted to tell you about a group called bikers against child abuse. They are a group of all in tears that are bikers who protect protect children that are victims of abuse. I am sending the link to their website. It might be something where saying in an update to give people in need resource, keep sucking. Yes. Thanks, anthony. I've seen these guys actually a local chapter was part of a fourth of July parade this last summer here in court. Elaine, Reverend Dr Joe motherfucking paisley also interviewed some local members of this organization when he was working at rock ninety four and a half in Spokane FM station there and says they would help transport sexually abused kids to court and show up in the courtroom and mean mug the abuser. Let him know we see you motherfucker. We know who you are. We know what you've done. I love the intimidation factor. Their mission statement is bikers against child abuse is a nonprofit tax exempt organization that provides that exists to provide aid comfort. Safety and support for children who have been sexually physically and emotionally abused. We are dedicated to the principle that one of the basic rights of childhood is to be safe and protected and when the child's family environment have failed them we stand ready to provide it to them bikers against child abuse is a strong organization of dedicated individuals who are willing to sacrifice any and all in order to protect and secure a child's basic right to a happy childhood, and it looks like based on current patriot. Subscriptions, we're going to be able to donate over sixteen hundred dollars to them this next month and March to help them do what they do. Faulk dirty. Purves hail Nimrod. Everyone else may loose a FINA finals, purse and torture them nimrods butthole in life after this. Thanks time. Suckers nine need. We all. Did. That's all for today. Meet saxon. Joy, those pennants don't wander into the mountains and killing girls this week. If you do I hope those Hombre Sinoe answer real eat fuck and head off fraud of you not getting eaten by ants. Stick around after this little outgrow for some joy for moment. If you want and after that, you know, keep on sucking. Thank. Gordon? Joe? Thank Nick thing appointment. Olympic lifting think to thank. Thank thickening thing. Think.

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WKPWP - All Out PPV Roundtable Preview & Predictions w/Keller, Krol, Chambers plus Tony Khan Media Conference

The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

2:49:17 hr | 11 months ago

WKPWP - All Out PPV Roundtable Preview & Predictions w/Keller, Krol, Chambers plus Tony Khan Media Conference

"We're now on patriotic. That's right. You can support us and get benefits at Patriae, dot com slash P W, torch VIP. That's Patriot dot com slash pw torch. VIP We have three tiers, four dollars, ninety nine cents, six dollars and ninety nine cents and nine dollars and ninety nine cents. The first here gives you all the way Keller progressing podcasts and post shows and the people you Torch Day the casts with the ads and plugs removed that. Membership Tier also includes the VIP after shows that on occasion we put on extended versions for VIP members at the Keller Shows and daily casts and it's compatible with the apple podcast APP and any other third party podcast APP out there, or you can stream the shows directly from your Patriot APP or the Patriot website, or you can upgrade to tier two for two extra dollars a month and add the Wade Keller Hotline to the Mexa daily podcast. Just for VIP members who support us or you can upgrade to tier three and get all the way killer podcast and post shows and daily cast with ads employs removed and the VP after shows and the way hotlines plus all the other VIP exclusive podcasts and a pdf and all text version of the weekly Pro Wrestling Torch weekly newsletter, and a twenty years ago Pro Wrestling Torch weekly newsletter every week full details on how to support US and. Get so much in return with three different tiered options at Patriotair Dot com slash pw torch the Ip you can still support us directly on our website and get the full VIP benefits for nine hundred, nine a month by going to w torch dot com slash KGO VIP that has not changed. This is just an additional option for those of you who are familiar with and like supporting creators on Patriot. That's Patriot, dot com slash pw, torch VIP. Now pw torch and spreaker bring you the wade. Kello pro wrestling podcast. All right. Guys coming up on Saturday night eighty ws marquee purview all out there second edition although in some ways third tradition in terms of this holiday weekend featuring a signature show from from this core group. And we've got a a number match with the whole show here preview it. I want to begin just kind of with both of your thoughts on if this feels big enough in terms of the matches that they are presenting and the hype build if it feels worthy of sort of their wrestlemainia or if they came up a little short in that regard and certainly. They might have had a different show if not for the pandemic. And I will throw I to progress and torch former processing torch columnist Eric Kroll, who if you've been listening to us, it's been doing a variety of AWA related podcast with us this year Eric could have you back. I'll introduce you I throw you I with that question. No thanks for having me. So a Nin. The top of the car. The May. To me pay per views are sort of sold on main events usually. They used to be in wwe mostly because they paid so little attention to the UNDERCARD. And it doesn't matter anymore because in wwe because everyone's on the network, but you know. If, you sense that it doesn't feel as big. It isn't there wrestlemainia. It's because Jay is headlining against. Moxley for the title. I. Don't know that many people think they are going to go to 'EM J. F. early. So that might be where it doesn't feel like quite the big stakes. Card that even say revolution was revolution had the dream match-up of the bucks. February for I. Know Twenty Twenty Long Year for everybody and February. You had geometrical Moxley on top for the title and the tag title match was a dream match. Everyone was looking forward to seeing problems. One of the best tag team matches ever history rustling American wrestling anyway. and. This time jared goes against Orange Cassidy who they're trying to elevate the tag titles are. FDR versus Kenny and page in a somewhat muddled storyline, and if you're a casual fan your like, FDR. Those job guys wwe. So it it may be doesn't have the. Top. Card. Star power that the some of the previous warns of Ad But I think it's still going to be a pretty good show I'm optimistic. Art. In the second person of the Round Table today is Joshua Chambers. He contributes to w torch dot com, the eighty w dynamite primers getting you ready for the show with the lineup and some shoulder content updates, and also his analysis of what he's looking for to and what he thinks that the show Joshua. Welcome to your podcast debut here on the way killer processing podcast. Thank you I'm pumped to be here. Yeah. I think I mostly agree with Eric the it doesn't feel There's nothing on the car that feels Super Special to me I think obviously, you have a massive star in Jon Moxley and I think that MG F is on his way to being that massive draw excellent you know main main event opponent but I don't know that they've quite gotten him there yet and honestly I think part of that might be with the lack of live crowds you know the feedback that that you're able to see and used to sort of feel that out is only online and in wrestling Internet People are notoriously the worst. So I'm not sure that they've elevated him just yet to get people excited I. do think that the the tag match is going to be excellent and because I think FDR are one of if not the best tag team in wrestling, and then you also have on the other side Kenny Omega who may be the best rest of their lives and I think that's going to be an excellent excellent match and I. Hope it's a chance for FDR to finally break out of that jobbers, at WWe, box. That they might be in for the for the casual fans other than that though I mean I'm not excited the battle rows I think are are are messy and mostly boring and you know nothing else on the the card really is you know, oh, excuse me I'm sorry the most mayhem match I am legitimately excited for I'm legitimately pump for that I'm a huge. Fan. of his for a long time and I think that's GonNa be the. Fun. But I think for the casual fan watching that it might be maybe maybe a little too weird. But I'm I. AM excited but it doesn't feel it doesn't feel special the way I think it should feel special. Yeah I. Think some of that's pandemic related calendar related. Not. Having access to pock, for instance, maybe delaying storyline developments based on those Georgia tapings and kind of waiting it out to see we really want to run some big angles and big matches without fans in attendance, and so I give them a largely pass when it comes to the normal judgment, we would give a marquee. Annual Super Show. But this feels like a bee show lineup for eight W to me even and we'll get to the match. The specific match by match more in depth analysis. But even even the women's title match I. Think they came up with something late in the game, pull the rabbit out of the hat without a Rosa but it's not it's not the culmination of something. That feels like Oh yeah this this is something we've been looking forward to for a long time and then not having you know, as you said, Eric, the muddled storyline with F. T. R., Meghan page kind of midstream where everyone's just kinda not sure if this is being booked well or not or where it's headed and it's not the culmination of anything and then as you said, I'm jeff being relatively weak co headline champion. So all of that or not challenge to the champion so. Play yet Jericho their top star and pass pay per views in a comedy match not not a bad comedy match. But when you say it's a top three match and the other two aren't particularly strong. All out doesn't look on paper like I think. Probably Tony Kahn and everybody would have imagined. This show would had things gone a little differently. All right. So let's pause for a moment here. Set The table formerly introduce ourselves. This is the Wade Keller pro wrestling podcast, a special Thursday pay per view preview edition of the program. We're focus of course on aws all out pay per view coming up this Saturday night former progressing towards columnist Eric, Crow and current P W Torch Contributor Joshua Chambers joins me for this round table discussion we're going to march through this entire show the entire lineup in a somewhat random order. We'll close with our analysis of of Moxley and I'm Jay off though. And then after that, we're going to bring you the Tony Kahn Media Conference Call That torch columnist and Co host of the flagship with me this week Sean Redican was part of asking a question of Tony Kahn during the media QNA that runs just over an hour. So we got a lot of content coming your way to get you ready for Saturday nights pay per view I, our analysis of the show, our predictions comments, and then you can hear Tony Kahn had to say to media questions regarding all out in aws at large. So we'll get right back to that I do want to mention that there will be live. Post show hosted by Greg, parks, not on the usual page at the usual Wade Keller show site. But on the torch daily cast page, there will be a link to that live post show. So Greg Parks on the torch day the cast feed there'll be a link to that on PW TORCH DOT COM in my awol out report on Saturday night. So if you can join parks live Saturday night, you can call into the show and contributor just listening. Just look for that link also posted at pw torch on twitter could be a late night show starting at seven could go for hours so it could be a late start. Greg parks will be there either way with that instant feedback within five minutes give or take of the pay per view actually concluding and I assume almost everybody knows listening to this. But we do have our read feed Wade Keller progressing Poe show that I just mentioned if you don't subscribe to that whatever podcast APP using to hear the show just search Wade Keller and look for the red. Logo it looks just like the Blue Logo for this show, but it's red in its as post show instead of podcast on the logo and that will include a long two plus our. Aws. Post show that I recorded last night with Zach Hagedorn pw torch columnist, and you can get hold of their dose of Awa Analysis and that also includes rapport shows and smackdown Poe shows you're missing out on a lot if you're not subscribing downloading that feet every week. So just search Wade Keller on your podcast APP and look for the red logo in addition to this the blue go show that you're listening to. Now you can also find links to our free podcasts on our website Pete W torch, dot com, the right side bar on your desktop view or in the podcast. On our mobile site. All right. So let's let's get to it. We'll get back to our conversation now. I'm rich band hosted the deep dive with Richmond a weekly part of the POW. Torch Daily Cast Lennox pictures. Search. Pov Torching Apple podcasts or your podcast dances subscribe every Saturday at six PM eastern I dive in with guest for an hour and anything in the world of wrestling or wrestling related want to hear about the influence of historical figures like big kettering Latte we Gotcha when I hear about how crazy the marine movies got we are on it no topic is too big or too small. So if you want to dive in with US call in live or listen on demand and see the entire POW towards daily cast schedule at POW towards daily CAST DOT COM. Let's. Let's move into some of the the. Match, by match specifics here want to begin with Matt Hardy and Sami Guevarra. Judge, they added. A stipulation that hardy loses he must leave a W. It's being called a broken rules match I thought the video last night on. Awa Dynamite was tremendous I. WanNa see eight of you. Put more into their into their show more pizazz more post production work not to overwhelm the show with. A short to the point while produce video with music I think shakes up the pace of the show and gives it a kind of a sheen and a gloss, and I thought that was really good and it made me more excited for the match that said adding that that the stipulation already leave a w a sort of an afterthought or something thrown in late without a real rationale that I picked up on. FEELS RANDOM, and I don't think stipulation that somebody of hearty stature mutt really anyone but especially hardy stature. If you lose a match, he has to leave the company I don't think that should be thrown out there some sort of like. Well, we want to add a little something extra to give it a little extra juice. So op digestion, what's your take on this match the video I mentioned and the stipulation Totally agree with you about the the video package I think those have been steadily improving and I think is exactly the sort of thing that they should be focusing on while while we're in the pandemic and the entering stuff isn't as as exciting for the stipulation I hate it. I think that I hate I always hate this sort of stuff because it either a signals to us that there's no way. Matt Hardy's GonNa lose because of course, he's not going to leave a W. or He does lose and he leaves Awa and we know that's not forever right like when was the last time? It's been forever that someone has done a loser leave town situation like it's never is never happened and I think the idea that someone like hardy would put that on the at someone like Sammy Goovar and I think they have you know they've built their few fine and and it's a good enough. You'd. But I mean how many wins in Aws Sammy Kovar have right like why would he I just I hate the stipulation and I think sort of along the lines of you have feels random it feels It feels, Kinda. Kinda thrown together the last second. Eric? Overdue. Same topic. So they booked themselves into a corner here because the proper finish for this at this point met hardy's career. The proper finish is absolutely to put Sam me over. But if that happens as you point out, hardy is gone and you end up with wwe style going back on your steps and the steps need nothing. Type thing and a e W has build themselves as the company WHO's not going to do that I mean cody. lost. His November pay per view challenge for the title against Jericho and Mj fs threw in the towel seems like six years ago but it was only November. In cody has not gotten a title shot since and you know this was wwe, they probably would have already gone back on the stiff. Man. Hardy going over Sami I that seems to be the finish as Thank you guys both indicated that as well. But man, that's a that's a that's stupid. That's short sighted. The bill has been physically brutal I. Be Too much for a match of this calibre on the car too I. Mean that's a philosophical thing. But do you WanNa have that much blood and table breaking and all that cool stuff in the video? Do you spend that kind of You can't do that for every match do you want to actually do that for a match that involves Matt Hardy and a guy who at this point is Chris Jericho's sidekick entertaining thoroughly entertaining talented sidekick. Sidekick character shouldn't you save that for I think Mike the Moxie I'm Jeff Angle at the end of last night show has more if we didn't watch Matt Hardy and Sami Guevarra at the have that level of brawling and bleeding and philosophically pacing that those kinds of angles and applying them to money matches to me is is smarter and it doesn't seem like aws necessarily things that stuff through or agrees with what I just said. and. If if Matt Harvey does go over Sami, like how what do they have to do for for you guys like what are they have to do to build Sammy into a legitimate contender legitimate threat to anyone because they`ve Spent the last you know year and a half, just jogging him to just feeding into faces and just still being smug still being you know the most punctual guy in wrestling for sure he's doing a great great job with that. But like I, don't know like how long it's GonNa take for them. If he doesn't beat Matt Hardy to keep to Halloween, can you keep doing that and what are they going to do to rehabilitate sort of that? That image that I have in my head of him? Yeah. What do you think of that air is damage being done that takes years to do Their You could in the match itself. You could have Sammy take ninety percent of the match and Matt Win on a fluke like Sammy jumps out of the table math gets out of the way and like cradles them or whatever like the flu satisfying. Lash pit. Yeah. That's the wwe way of doing things. We're GONNA put you over, but we're not really gonNA put you over. You could what what, what does Tony Khandu and is booking when he wants to rehabilitate someone he takes them off TV, and puts them on dark for a few months or few weeks and has them when squash matches they can pad their won loss record I i. don't know that anybody buys that but because most people don't probably don't watch dark. And I mean you would have to start giving him wins if Matt Hardy winds what's the ceiling you've got? You've got Moxley as a face champion I guess if somehow they were to switch the belts, he would be in line for A. Title SHOT WITH MGM but. What he can shale in Asia for the TV title or the F. T. W. title off of this win I I don't know kind of kind of lame I think though the these aid you pay per views have tended to follow a formula. This is the fifth normal one. They had those freebies year ago over the summer before they got their weekly TV. This is the garbage match in the. Paper View formula in February was Debbie Allen in Sami, which I think Derby Ellen von maybe and This is filling that role on kind of early card Guida, high spot, Phil Garbage match. Wilson. Yeah. I'm looking forward to it. But I you know I I. Just placement of this match on the card and and is it worth burning out? So to speak the crowd so to speak. The audience on pay per view burning them out with just an all out stipulation match Sean Rattigan asked Tony Kahn earlier we're going to be playing the media conference call after this discussion we're having. So. Everyone can hear Tony's answer to it but. Sean. Radical. Join me on the flagship this week on the show. As Tony, about how many gimmick matches are on the show and if you have too many matches, it takes some of the some of the novelty away. Once you get to the the matches where you want the most passionate emotion to be and Sean was one get that just because of the lack of crowd to Tony Address that. But. Is there with a a battle royal most mayhem match The loser must leave the. Battles in general. Is there too much of that or do you look and say, no, it's kind of balanced out because you know moxie Jeff is pretty straightforward. The take match could just looks like it's going to be straightforward tag match and even express young bucks. Straightforward is, is this a well-balanced show as far as that goes and thus Hardy Sammy? Actually is is kind of good to break up undercard monotony. Erica three. I mean I think Tony Kahn has been booking for what a little not not even a year and a half yet I'm sure he has fantasy bookings from for his entire life. Guaranteed that. Back in the day, but he hasn't been that long and he was writing letters to the and torch newsletter Eric when you were a columnist well, not quite it was a little. He came he was a kid after your time is a columnist but. He was he actually had published letters in the torch newsletter with his ideas on wrestling i. mean he has been a passionate fan for a long time. in so. So he also has, there's a lot of cooks in the kitchen, right? I mean in a lot of guys who are smart in who have definite thoughts on how wrestling should be and I mean. There's somebody booking the women's division I. Think it's Kenny and. brandon I don't know I don't know who specifically but you know the supposedly the bucks are booking the tag division in Cody and Tony are booking the the men's division. So there's a lot of cooks in that kitchen. They've all got their points of view I think. I guess if I were spinning this I, I'm curious to actually hear what Tony Kahn had to say about it. I would say it's kind of a smorgasbord of a riot shows. You don't like the straight up wrestling. You might like the blood and guts part of it. If you if you don't, if you don't like the blood and guts part of it, maybe you like the battle royal or the by in match, which apparently is A. Cinematic pre-tape pre filmed match with Rick. Baker. And Big Swale. Some women's title matches well, that might be okay in the ring kind of a smorgasbord something for everyone approach. Joshua, your thoughts. yeah I definitely agree with that that last part is it does feel very three ring circus this time around and I'm thinking back and like is has it always been this for for a w and I think this this feels a little bit more that than usual and I don't know if it's because of the I don't I don't even know how limited I guess their their roster is right now during the pandemic, but it does. It does feel like a little bit of something for everyone but nothing over there's no overall. Cohesion that was kind of criticism of TNA Joshua. So give them what about everything we got opening exhibition division match with a bunch of hot spots, people like that, and then we'll give you a good old fashioned take team match out of the. Glory years of the Eighties and then territory, and then we're going to give you a no rules, e CW hardcore style match, and then we'll do a three way it was like. The idea of. Giving, a little bit of something to everybody was actually appoint criticism for TNA because it gave off a sense of know who they were. They were trying to be a little something for everybody and when you're a little something for everybody, you end up being kind of a below average buffet instead of really good meal super serving a particular audience not sure that's right. Formula I'm not saying aws that bad by any means, but it is when you go that direction, you start saying booking wise we want to be a little something for everyone that tells me you don't really believe strongly in anything and you're just going to kind of throw darts a handful of all at once at the dartboard. Instead of having a certain vision and a precision to your booking, and that worries me a little bit nothing it can't work, but it worries me and I think it's harder to manage. Well, and I think it also is a little bit of not being super comfortable with the strength of their their storytelling either because I I would like I'm looking through this I'm like how many of these stories have been going on for for very long at all right like Chris and Orange Cassidy is the longest running the feud on this card is, is there anything that goes past? You know you know five weeks six weeks? Yoga point. There is I baked. Yeah. You're right. I don't think. So title Saga has been playing out for months and months. Right? I'm surprised at a three way with the bucks. Sure. Sure. Sure. But with the bucks not in it I mean FDR relatively new I, mean I. I I'm not sure about does cassidy Jericho predate. Act FDR's arrival. I actually don't even have in my head a clear calendar on that. And they think it's natural. You You've got the they have their four P per views a year, and then they had that two week fight for the fallen that they put on TV or fighter fast I. There were those three weeks where they had the. That sort of super cards and then you it's some of those views naturally run their course and then you start new ones to build the next pay per view i. think that's to me. That's sort of what rustling has always been kind of ego from big show a big show and eight W doesn't do monthly pay per views. So you don't always get the sort of re matches right away that you would get other promotions monthly pay per views. Yeah. Good Point. I talk back to you I don't know if you've finished your thoughts when I think. About it for me on that. All right. Well, let let's go next match. So I guess official predictions. I is. It seems like a safe bet hardy winds but I could also see throw this out there semi Var winning and this causes. Matt. Hardy to reinvent himself and comeback as something other than Matt Hardy and some otherworldly character because they didn't put a ton of hype into the stipulation I. Don't feel like it would be considered like this big rip off to do that. Compared to if it was like a main event match and it was really selling pay per vice based on, I can't believe someone's GonNa. Loosen. Up to leave So I'll just throw that out there as a way to maybe mitigate a little bit the obviousness that of course Matt's going GonNa Win Joshua. I think I'M GONNA go ahead and consider it until Eric brought it up by they may go with with a hearty fluke victory and that yeah. The bums me out. Eric Era, your official call. I I mean just. Assuming, they don't put their finger on the scale and I think w because they. Have a lot of people in their promotion including Tony Kahn who I like them, I like a W.. So I'M NOT GONNA call him self righteous but the sort of wwe fans on live on the Internet to. Rip? On a w people like new Japan as better than everything would rip on. Any W. If hardy loses and then comes back as a Matt Hardy Gimmick number three, hundred, eighty, two. Back side so. I just going to. Go. With the ABBESS Hardee's not leavings under contract so he will somehow win. Yeah I think so too. Hardy wins but I. Had that asterisk there he he could lose and still not leave. Aloha torch faithful this Kelly wells host of twit talks and x t every Thursday you can hear me and my game of Idiots Tom Style share thoughts from the live tapings and torch recap limbered as well as a rotating cast of guests cover the matches and events in INEX-. T live on USA network search torching apple podcasts or your podcast APP to subscribe or listen on demand and the entire PW torch daily cast schedule at torch daily tasks dot com. Cheers. roku crash of. Uric. On. Sammy barred three years. Where do you think he should and will be on the car? I, think Josh made some good points about how they're. If if he's still in the same spot where he's just being fed to get baby faces over and their way to Nina events in title matches. That's bad for him. I don't I don't know how old he is, but I don't. Pushing thirty? No, no I think it's twenty, six, twenty, six or Darby twenty-six. Let me let me look. You might be twenty three. Yeah I mean. It's Always twenty. He turned twenty seven. So I was I would have been right a month month and a half now. So I mean. It's kind of like you don't WanNa. Wait too long. You can only to to the earlier point, you can only do so many high-profile jobs before you get tainted with the get when the big one brush. I think Sammy as a ton of upside assume he doesn't put his foot in his mouth again by saying something stupid and getting suspended for a month and you. You know you see in a few years in. The top, the top mix seems to have high upside with his work rate, his ability to talk and. Natural ability for me to hate his guts because he's such a smarmy little jerk. Yep officially moving onto the next match. Let's talk about Ukraine Shida defending. against. Rosa. Not, a lot of hype going into this other than the last couple of weeks but I think it was a good a good last-second almost like a trade heading into the playoffs or something you know to strengthen your team. This has a chance to be the sleeper best match of the night I, think. We'll see it's hard to know obviously hard to know for sure without a lot of. Data between these two but. I'm happy. This is on the show again, it doesn't feel wrestlemainia caliber because there's not a big back but having a champion vs Awa champion Eric of feels like something pro wrestling illustrated would've been writing about back in the mid eighties when we're reading wrestling magazines, fans and fantasizing about. Eric Thirty first your thoughts on on this match what you think of the quality and the build and all that. The the W women's division has you know is an easy target. It's fish in a barrel to make fun of it at this point due to. The. Lack of quality experienced workers. Some of that's due to the pandemic in. Nobody. Wants to come to the united. States given how Many cases there Ben. Relative to Japan so you know the match I. Yeah I. It's fine at least they got a thought that they got thunder Rosa match a last night or Wednesday night on dynamite Jim Ross of course, stepped in it by saying boy is as women's match. We've ever had right like a couple of times he stepped at it, which was hilarious. He was just you know providing all the critics of the division. We're where's she defend? It feels like, I haven't seen her on TV in any kind of meaningful match for forever I'm sure it's like it's been a few weeks. Maybe it's been a month she appeared on like that contract signing but they didn't shoot an angle there at least the match will be pretty good How do they get around the champion versus champion thing? I would assume that She goes over because the. Term Promotion Choose the women's Champ I don't know if the end up I don't think it's a title unification. Match, right. No they have. Eight titles. So thought arose could become. Thunder to belts I guess I don't know. If If William Corrigan, Billy Corgan as I've known him as a Chicago for most of my life but he knows, William Corrigan I think he if he goes. If he you know I assume they've worked out a Finnish when they negotiated this match it because. What you would do back in the old days to a double count out or a cheap ending. And that is not a sixty minute draw which I doubt we'll get here. But who knows yeah or maybe maybe honestly maybe it's a thirty minute time limit I didn't go to a draw. Oh no that would be so bad. So I guess another way around it is Shida here's in the NWEA whenever they get their television backup I feel like they have a weekly pay per views coming I, pay per views or something in the coming weeks. And she goes there and returned the favor and does the job for thunder road but you know it it'll be they're not excited or overly excited about it. I'm more excited at I think about the about you know nwea people coming into this match. I think I. Think she is is I think easily the best women's wrestler on the roster as far as entering ability goes but that's not unfortunately saying. A ton. Dot a lot of people shouted at you. How could you say that? What about Blake? Yeah I can feel the twitter mentions already I think it should be a fine that thunder Rosa did a lot of fun stuff I only knew her through power or nothing else besides that and I loved everything they did. So. Yeah. I mean the match should be fine. But. If they WANNA bring more nwea people I would be all for it. I used to love the the inner promotion stuff when I was younger, you know it's like the avengers getting together. Yeah It's on the card. I wish they had a few more weeks. To tell an actual story, maybe tell you know have a little fun with the negotiations with Corgan or It's it's more than just as saying you know I beat everybody it's an open challenge go further than that have. Some pomp and circumstance to the announcement and say, we've got a big. You know if this is a very big paper you for us. We have a very big announcement. Rather than. A contender within this some feathers among those who who are in this company. Feel we've got something really special for all out may become a tradition we brought brought in another champion from another organization and just played up more than they did the video was good but it did it just felt. Almost literally phoned in terms of how they did it so. But on the right side it, I think it's a sleeper to be the best match of the night and I don't see any reason why they should restrain them in terms of time or or the way the matches designed to come across. Let them at the best match they can because the women's division. Is, is a weak point in aws reputation. So if they can get a buzz going that they just delivered potential women's match of the year on American soil. You know that's that's a good a good thing. All right. So We'll move onto the next match is this official picks, but I think we. Know that hard to hard to choose Joshua do you have I guess I will I, mean what's your? What's your official pick for how this ends up? Oh I. Just I can't imagine she to losing here. Searching for more great pro wrestling talk. Then join me Jason Powell hosted the free weekly pro wrestling boom podcast each week you'll hear the latest news and analysis for me and my team at pro wrestling dot net along with other wrestling media members plus the pro wrestling boom podcast features long-form interviews with notable names in the pro wrestling industry subscribe I, team stitcher downcast, and all your favorite secondary apps or visit us directly P W boom dot com. Once again, that's PW DOT COM. Okay so drastic express Jawbone Lucia source against the Young Bucks Matt, Nick Jackson. They won their four take match last night, and therefore sort of a random thing. Are Out there among a lot of random stiffs, but the winning team has to face each other at. All out I, guess there's some ranking ramifications here. If you win one match, then you win another against your partners then you move up in the ranking. So there's some sort of sports field is unconventional as it is the books turning down a celebration which ask express afterwards it's kind of blowing them off and leaving the ring coming across a little he'll ish. It's been kind of hard to read the bucks lately and where they're going with them. And your thoughts on on this match and the build up to. Think, the bill to feels a little hasty I You know there's no real. Big Bill to it I think we're GONNA get a lot of Jim Ross. Saying you know the young bucks are considered to be the best in the world and We'll get some fun Lucia source stuff with jungle boy which I love. But I mean, I don't know there's not much here for me to get excited for I think. How do you feel about just how the on bucks are coming across lately in reaction to hangman page and their demeanor even at the end of last night's match setting up this match. It doesn't quite. Follow logically for me I think it. It feels like they're reacting little bit to a thing that. has been slow brewing right? I mean it's I don't know they. They're they're real upset and it just feels like it came out of nowhere. Eric. Ordeal. Well, the bucks got screwed by. Hangman. Hey I think they have every reason to be to be mad this this match who? This is the well, we got to get the bucks on the pay per view. and. It maybe it opens. The show is kind of a high spot fast get the crowd. All energetic. And I think it has a chance to be really good. I. Mean Juggle Boy's Great Lucia sources. Can play with the bucks well, and has the size advantage but can do the moves I mean I. I. Mean I think if the bucks are community, Jerk doesn't this seem like a good good opponents for them and they go over strong Yeah I, mean. Where I assume, all of this is headed is the S. T. R. as I said on previous preview guests and nothing that has happened since has proven the wrong I think it's FDR wins the bell. And then we finally November pay per view, get the Bucks F tr match that If you are on twitter or the Internet wrestling community, you know about have been salivating for the street Metra five years or whatever it is, and if you are just a regular fan, you still are wondering why are these the FTSE job? W E why are they? Why are they being pushed so hard? So yeah. The bucks go over my worry is that it's not a pre-tape matches Soroush since his injury. He's sometimes he can. There's some daylight in his work. As snug as you might want it to be I think. Jungle boy is fantastic and I'm I'm looking forward to this match is kind of a high energy get into the car type deal So hopefully, they'll put on early maybe I. Yeah. I see a big candidate going on on first. Jesuit. Your your thoughts. On what the finish if there's any chance of different fish? Yeah I think definitely completely agree I think the the bucks go over then I think we're building towards or FDR and I think Yeah. I think that'll be a really great match and hopefully you know will spin off You Know Omega Versus Page and love to see that. Yeah. I think definitely books going over to face FDR the next the next paper view. Yeah. It's like you guys I mean, don't don't don't delay gratification forever to the point that it gets a little ridiculous. Let's get to it and move on. Okay. Let's let's talk about the The other big tag team match here that speaking of FDR and transitioned into that off Kenny Omega and Adam paycheck page defending the. Titles against FDR cash, wheeler decks would. Totally, Blanchard of course in their corner Just what your thoughts on on the the story line and your reaction to the Omega Page Promo with FDR and totally last night to to build this up. I've had a little trouble making sense of it or even feeling confident in predicting what they're trying to do, and if they're doing it successfully and where it's headed, but I'm open to it all falling into place perhaps as soon as Saturday night with some resolution, I'm openly rooting for some resolution here with so much ambiguity amongst the all these characters and their lights is so kind of your thoughts on the match and the. So the bill. Weird. Was it Omega with the line about smelling tully Blanchard's depends from? Somebody. Who writes Ms Morrison Boy. It was it was weird waiting for the screen and do a photoshop. Here's photoshop humor leftover from Randy Orton second. It. Yeah. The bill is weird honestly I'm I think this match is going to be tremendous. I. Think that FDR like I said before is one of if not the best tag teams in the business and I. Think Megan Pager both very talented and I think it has all the ingredients to be really really great match and I'm excited about that I am excited I really hope FDR goes over to be honest because I. I the Omega page. Friction and the the page friction with the elite I'm tired of it. And I've been saying, let's let's let's get over. Let's get it over with. Let's let's play this through for a while now. So hopefully, you know that's the the start of that story line resolving itself. Eric over to you. Got, all the matches on the card I, the most spots about this one I gotta say. Last night the thing sell shopping like people miss their cue or they're waiting for people to act like. It was like if you were watching a high school play and they're kind attentive and. Your Line Asshole And when it is taped, they have the the shows are better than they can smooth everything out, and that's sort of become my working theory on how Awa works. There are a lot better than they are live. So to the match itself. As that, the F. T. R. Kenny page the buck sort of triangle that they think this is all way way more over than it actually is I'm sure they think they're great job on this, and this is just brilliant six levels of chess that you can understand. It but it's been confusing I, mean we all follow the pro product week to week in. We're a little confused. We're not anybody who are the faces in this situation who knows You know. Page Last night, we had like was painted red eye makeup on. It was like Zombie hanging cage as opposed with, which is you know he's he's been broken up emotionally hasn't slept in a week because of the what he did to the bucks his betrayal, he's been thinking about it, and then of course, you have Zombie Kenny Omega which weighed youth and on for. For months maybe even year that Kenny's got a phoning it in in a W. So far. The. Versus. F. Tr zombies for, different reasons. You know. On being the elite, they keep doing the hinting that Kenny is going back to the cleaner gimmick. The I think this week's bt show ended with Kenny. Looking in to he was in a car and he was looking into the rear view mirror and he put his sunglasses the the old terminator. Kenny Omega of. Sunglasses. And so that's where he seems to be had. Explain what a cleaner gimmick would entail for Kenny Omega for the uninitiated different than what they've come. So I mean, this is what he was in new Japan and it was before I started following new Japan religiously. But I got the sense he was in bullet club and he was a he'll the litter literal terminator I it was kind of a the look was the leather jacket and sunglasses like Arnold Schwarzenegger back in. The movie in the early eighties. And and he was the the yet clear. He was took care business clean things up. I'm sure I'm going to get roasted for those who have longer knowledge of. but you know I mean I think. The place to my point to of aws to stop assuming. Prior, knowledge of everything. You. said they probably they're doing a great job six levels of chess. It's like their numbers were great. Last night they did over nine hundred thousand viewers live in same night viewers. They're doing well, but there's a second million fans they should chasing and I don't know if the second million fans are going to be. Feel welcome with a product. It feels like you need a secret password to get in the club and then you've got to catch up on shoulder content worth five years of new Japan and being the shelter content I mean. Tip Hat to your longtime fans but I think also want to start from scratch in terms of in Cody's push this. No you shouldn't have to watch anything but dynamite to know everything that you need to know to be into our storylines and matches. While they're failing on that score for sure I mean I know some of the things I know because I I watched dark and I watch being the elite every week. My my last thought would be. The what might tie together and I think it's too late to save the whole thing. but is a video package that just sort of explained all this stuff. They're really good at these video packages and Or the, it's possible there good at the video packages that cody is involved with. Works at. but. You know cut. Otherwise. This is just a few because Kenny Omega, likes to drink milk instead of the air and you know I think it'll be clarity going forward because on Saturday what's going to happen is the FBI will win the belts. Kenyan. Page will break up as a team I assume this will continue OMEGAS. Cleaner or or he'll turn if even if it's not cleaner gimmick. Whatever it's going to be You know he's he was mean to Marco's stunt all summer and you know that kind of thing. And and page. Better hope there's a vaccine pretty soon. So he can get back to live crowds where he's doing his stone Cold Austin Light Gimmick that's was over huge huge baby face popularity when there were crowds and aircraft vaccines week before the election. It'll be an announcement. They have. They are telling states to prepare so yeah. And in and and then we have a straightforward one on one FDR versus box, and can they hold that off to whenever the November pay per view is I don't know. It'll be a good match. is nothing else? H-. Patron by popular demand, you can now support us directly through patriotic go to patriotdepot dot com slash P W torch V. I we have three tiers including an entry level tier one that takes the ads and plugs away you can have the VIP versions of the Weight Keller progressing podcast Weedkiller purposing Poe shows and the Peterloo torch daily cast that's fourteen podcasts per week but with the ads in plugs edited out plus. Get the VIP after shows don't be left out anymore from those for just four dollars. Ninety nine cents at. Patriotair. Dot Com slash P torch the IP. We also have a second tier in third tier where you can upgrade to get other VIP content including VIP podcast and the people you torch newsletter the current ones and twenty years ago version. So go check it out patriae on dot com slash pw. Torch VIP. Yeah Yeah Joshua, your thoughts? Yeah totally agree I. Thank you for the summing up the being the elite stuff. stopped trying to keep up with that a while ago and I think it's it's hard. It's frustrating because as a person that does really enjoy the product and I, follow it and what's going on in some way behind the scenes I mean it feels like I shouldn't need that catch up. but it is what it is and the I agree that at the very least will get a a very good match and I don't know that anything could happen to make the storyline a satisfactory wrap up. I'll you know they`re Are. So obsessed with the ratings war in the minute by minute that they're they seem loathe to have a lot of video packages because people flipped the channel over to the other show and there's no match going on but you can easily solve for that right you can sum up. They're walking to the ring. The ring entrance. Here's what happened to eat is weaker. Here's what happened on dark if it's an angle that happened on dark to to set up in. They just won't do it, and as a result, we get this sort of. You way talking about Kinky the second million viewers because you need to you need a guy to. Of its quirks inside jokes, to keep. Yeah. I also think there's value in okay. We run a video package. You know who's leaving us the people who love us because they already know this story and they'll be back Awa ran had moved around. Loss haven't haven't been on Wednesday for weeks. They come back to Wednesday do the biggest rating they've done and I don't have any looked chart however many months their fans who are their fans are not going to suddenly not watch because there's a video package. The video package is actually I think of value because the people who are going to stick around and watch it or. The, who want that clarification they want the backstory and you can win them over and then convert them to be did become more vested in the characters in the story lines because they understand that more and you have the power in a video package to emphasize the points, you want to clear up any muddled storylines or chapters that maybe didn't hit like you expected they would and. Invested in your by rates, go up for the pay per view. So I don't like play long ball. You know don't don't worry about whether the next pitches, a strike or a ball only look at the totality of the game and the Pitch Count in and whatever I don't know how it can extend the baseball analogy intelligently from there but. It's a game it's not a pitch and so make everything makes sense and I think you won't. You won't be feel. So desperate that you'll lose someone for two minutes while you're on a video package tax t because the ratings matter, but they don't matter as much. You. Do More harm than good when you when you're micro obsessed about every week minute by minute. This, a company where where Chris, Jericho has changed his gimmick. God. Tony Kahn the owner and head booker is on twitter some weeks debating with fans and other people about the ratings and what they mean. We will you know we won total viewers? We won the demo. It only met right I mean. We're. A very spry individual and maybe he figures out some point. If I want to get that second million viewers I like I like the way you phrase that earlier. That's what I gotta do. They're not there yet. No. No they're not. But I just I want it all sorted out. I want to. He'll Kenny I, want the old hangman page who make me feel sad and depressed. And I want FDR clear-cut heels not the ones who I'm watching it a segment where they're meant to be heels and I'm not along going boy Kenny Omega was sure prick towards tully with at ageism. Joke wasn't witty and it just. It doesn't fit anything. At all about tolleys, he's not old and decrepit. He doesn't come across. It's just like what so I just want to like I'm supposed to like and make I want them to make me feel happy and a domestic about the world and. And I want the heels to be people want to see, get punched like Sammy Davar FDR to be more along the lines of people I want to get punched not people who I agree with because I take rope should be held before there's an official tag and I think hand slapping tag should be required not slapping someone on the back but that's a losing battle for me but I'm old school in that way. But I just like let's get the heels enrolls where I don't like them and and make the baby faces likeable and do some you know get Kenny engaged so that I feel like I should invest in him because he's just felt disengaged he's just seemed like a flake who's cashing paychecks for years so I do I want to transition into I want all these guys transition into places it's young Jeffrey. Maybe, you should be managing the FDR because you have these old school beliefs on tag wrestling I don't need to. Share their beliefs I can sit back and enjoy it enjoy them preach. The value of. That battle has been won with them, I I, do a good job preaching it, and entirely totally can tell them to that. Anyway Joshua. Oh I was just GonNa one totally on board with the outlook that you have to have rules that heels can break I heard it described as think that's the perfect way to describe it but Kenny Omega. Retired. Is that what's happening with him being the W is this item she knocking talking about how he just likes Living Orlando like is that what's happening here because like he coming into it was as far as wrestling has we're concerned was the hottest wrestler on the planet by a mile and I can't get people who haven't watched any in new Japan stuff. I can't get them to believe me and I don't know what's happening I mean if you told People Oh, you gotta watch because Kenya is fantastic and they've watched everything he'd be like well. Yeah, I mean there's a couple of cool spots and a couple of matches that were pretty good. You Know Indiana couple showcase matches. Before and after dynamite existed but this has been a dry stretch overall relative to expectations he should be at his age especially you can't wait. A centerpiece attraction that defines why you should watch dynamite and it's felt like gay retirement tour for Kenny Eric I mean not a good grade for for. This hurts me so much. This just hurts me so much. It hurts because it's true, right? Yes. He was so awesome in new. Japan I mean, he was in the best you know the the highest star rated match one of my favorite matches of all time certainly modern matches. Like a while when he finally won the belt in two out of three falls against Okada. Star so Stars maybe eight and a half and and. You know as a as a Kennedy Watcher I've noticed. He must have some sensitivity to it because it seems like every couple months he's got this guy at sports illustrated I. Think it's sports illustrated who likes to just write these over the top glowing. Store columns, pieces, however you WANNA. Characterize them about Kenny in which he waxes poetically, and the Kennedy provides all of these philosophical quotes about this higher level stuff that he's doing and maybe he'll be the best tag team wrestler and you know and it's it's just Kenny Kenny PR spin machine people tend to react with Ireland's on it are discerning readers because it's so obviously. Spin job designed to kind of rehabilitate Kenny so he must have some sensitivity to it but man. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Let's go to the dominating Kenny Omega. If it's going to happen in Awa, which is I'm sure your mega would say. Man You guys come down. We haven't even been had a weekly TV show for a year. We'll get there but know the problem is when you have the weekly TV show and you burn through so many storylines matches it it. It feels like it's longer than a year. Yeah. All right. So official predictions for all of us FDR wins in Kenya Patriots Up, and we finally kind of move on from this. Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. Every Sunday night catch wrestling night in. America on PW Torch Daily. CAST DOT. com hosted by me PW torch columnist Greg Parks each week. I'll welcome a CO host from the torch family to discuss the big shows and pro wrestling to your calls and emails. You can listen live most weeks beginning at eight PM Eastern on Sunday nights with a wwe or impacts pay per view we go on the Air At the conclusion of that pay per view, you can listen live course. The full show is available for download on demand anytime shortly after it airs visit P W, Torch daily cast dot COM and click the livestream linked to find the next scheduled live show link search pw torch an apple podcasts or your podcast APP to subscribe wrestling night in America every Sunday pw torch daily cast dot com. Okay. So let's let's shift to another match. Here we'll go to Dr Quarter Brodie, Lee Colt Cabana Evil Grayson against Matt Cardona Scorpio Sky, and the natural nightmares Dustin Rhodes and Cutie Marshall with Alli Joshua your thoughts on this do we do we get a cody appearance? It's it's. About, a w all out not feeling wrestlemainia caliber. Part of it is cody is the biggest star of the last year you could argue. You can make the case for Moxley, and Jericho absolutely also, but man Cody Ben the heart sold. Absolutely TNT. Yeah. So it just feels empty with him not there. So Does this lead into. Brody make a cody, make an appearance against brody or or is this just sort of a matching they get to the other stuff on dynamite afterwards. Well, yeah let me talk about I guess cody I I think this if he's going to make an appearance I, think this is definitely the time because I think you're right. I. Didn't even going back to the first to all in. You know that moment when he won the nwea championship was was the emotional core of that right like as the real wonderful beautiful moment, and then who's been hands down the most over baby face for the entire run. So it is weird that he's not involved and I understand he's selling whatever overall in this match I, hate it because eight-man Mantech T. matches are my second favorite type of match the first. Least Favorites I've of match would definitely be a three way tag match because they're always a cluster there's too many people and it's just devolves into nonsense, and even here we have a night person in alley. So so I hate it I love everyone involved this every everyone in this match I love but the eight man tag match format I just absolutely hate and with dark order, there's probably going to be thirty two others that come out and I just not a fan. Eric your thoughts on this. And then cody's absence to it's part of the conversation. Yeah I don't I don't have a ton of notes on this match I. Think this is the Friends of cody. Match. Dark order versus cody. It's the don't forget about cody as he's off acting if that's what he's doing right if he's filming that TV show with. Stephen Mel Heels I don't know if that's what he's doing. If shooting a movie, I mean, the good news would be a silver lining would be that cody doesn't appear. We don't have to see that horrible neck Tattoo. We? there. But I think coat isn't cody pretty morton part of the backstage and sitting in what used to be. Gorilla position and and kind of running things into the trains run on time which he seems to have a skill for and my other note on this match was mid. Yeah I think. I think when I was watching the road to this week. I thought Keesey marshalls, Promo, I. Don't know if he. was very weird. It was very intense, but it was mostly like, Oh people you know people call me cody's lackey or whatever, and like that might be true but you don't understand the pressure that comes with that and like all centered around cody who's not even involved in the match up and it just so for him to not appear that would be real weird. But if he does appear think would also take away from everyone else in this situation. Regarding that Promo who was cody's father again I it's slipping my mind I. Did the same thing in the AIDS if yeah. Dusty Rhodes wasn't on the screen yet to be talking about dusty Rhodes. Yep Yep. All right. So moving on here, we'll talk about the twenty one man casino. Battle. Royal. Not. GonNa list. But somebody's GonNa win presumably and get a future Awa world title match. I could also see the brawl just going on forever and they just cut away to something else. Like last night. So Eric Your your thoughts on the hype last night for this Some big name talkers. In, some big behemoth wrestlers and Lance Archer and Brian Cage and teasing they're going to do there. You've got Jake Hager in the mix and then just athletic guys like. The Luther Bros.. wildcards like Shawn Spears. Darby. Ellen your thoughts on on the hype last night for this and then who you think should or ought to win and I'll complicate in compound my question which the expect any surprise appearances by anyone because they haven't announced twenty one man. Yeah. So The the better I've nicknames for half the mattress on the show. Actually this is the Hilo Battle Royal. Golf. On TV last night besides like Darby and maybe was with Scorpio. Was that see you out there. I. Mean it was turns and Chuck Taylor. Okay. Yeah. The best maybe maybe Austin gun we don't really know what he's up to. In I would have to. Go back and look at the tape I swear to God at some point what are the announcers said? Oh there goes Sir Panico and I'm a white. Guy From dark that's that's the level we're talking about here. Now I loved that I the all out the all. Whatever the, what was the first piece of you all in a couple of years ago in in suburban Chicago. I was their lives They had that battle hire. You were you were there it was fun. I couldn't remember which which was all out which ones all Lynn it's all it's all a mishmash. That was I had I thought that was a lot of fun. It was a well thought out well, Book Battle Royal The hype for this has been kind of throw away. They tried Wednesday but it just kind of sucked. Kingston got lost during the middle of his promo because. Jay Cortez or both of them interrupted him and Jake with his in Fort. Black with the accusing him of being drunk thing. Yeah. And it's Men I would have preferred instead of all this Michigan the starks versus Derby match on pay per view I'd love to see that starts trying to get revenge for taking a skateboard thumb deck skateboard the back that would be great i. think this is just the get everyone at Wrestlemainia. Oils just to get everyone on the card match. I will answer your other questions. I will pick a winner I will. Go out here. Suming that? No, there are no big. Surprises in debuts and I think Tony Kahn if I if I read it correctly. Didn't wasn't specifically talking about the royal, but you know there's lots of keep. There's lots of surprises and we keep a small circle with that and there's more surprises ahead of you in the coming weeks they tend to they tend to debut somebody right on each view and it's you know Brian Cage I think in the the May one debuted in that was some kind of ladder match. To get a title shot that ended up being in the fight for the fall in or fighter fast which ever one which. Aired on July. Assuming that there's no huge person debut and I guess if we were going to try and figure out who at this point go to the list of everybody wwe released back ring when they were cutting costs when they didn't need to putting people out of work in the middle of the pandemic. You might remember that. Lance Archer. My pick to win. He is high in the rankings. His only loss has been to cody for in the TV TNT tournament finals earlier this year and he has been protected in you know seems to be. The he would be next may be logical TV opponent midway between now and November for Moxley so. So Joshua over to you. Your thought on On this match. Yeah overall. It's you know whatever I agree I think it's the just everyone on screen match I mean there are I think three spots still open for surprises so that that's fun. I. Think. People would put money on rousseff being one of guys. Would be one of my picks I would love to see nick all this. But I don't know how realistic that is but like looking at the list of people who are announced I mean. Most of them have had most of them are either joggers or have had shots and lost right at a title, and so that's not super exciting and it's also this also bugs me where I think this is a perfect opportunity to make this. The winner receives a teen championship shot. Right. As if they tell us, you know the ratings, the rankings matter the rain. He's very thing we're doing. We're doing sports feel. But then like every other week, there's a way to circumvent being in. The top five to get a title shot right in or there's a match that jumbles up who the top five is, what the rankings are, and this feels like another one of those and I don't know why you have. You have a mid card title why not have all of these mid card guys get a shot at that so that that annoys me as far as I don't I don't know who will win, but I would love to see a Pentagon, junior singles run. But that was that was my pick A. Last night's Poe show talking about this I I like that as not someone you're ready to make headline pay per view with, but you build up for something on TV. Without spending a car that feels too big to spend in these in this type of circumstance. Yeah absolutely. And so yeah, overall not pumped but I mean I'm always I'm always excited for debuts and would be thrilled to see to see rousseff. And Yeah that's that's where I'm at. Yeah I. Agree. I applaud Josh for knowing that there are eighteen people already announced. Major props there we go. Any any dark horse candidates for your in terms of surprises. Just, who who would you like to see your who you throw the responsibility Yeah I think Josh made a good point about a lot of the people who might be favorites have. Cage Darby have. had sort of had their run up. In their their sort of slandering or. Less laundry but they're you know they're waiting for the next big thing. I would. Pentagon in Phoenix have been to the most underutilized wrestlers in the. Company and either one of you know penthouse especially deserves. I, you get somebody to talk or you just translate. You just put some titles when he's talking and God guy can work. He's great. Phoenix's amazing. As well, they're both author so great and they just. Other than that, I, pay per view A year ago all out. One I. Guess. They just have not done enough part of that is due to the pandemic but even before they were just. They were just floundering. I thought we were going to get the start is something with the. Death Triangle, the the. They were going to be with pock and then the I am. Gets that's gone. So I yeah I don't. Done candidate would be whoever debuts right I guess. Right, and is pock stuck overseas is that what's happening? Not Yeah you know that he could get back in after again. Cove infested Florida. Yeah. I. Don't know what it says about And Hello Jack Evans, that they're not even in this. AWRO and they're just taking. So when we're talking about filling in spots, I mean keep saving to not listed for this. No. Peter Avalon Brennan. Cutler I mean, there's there's some aws dark. Mainstays who. I just WanNa to lower expectations they could end up being You know one or two of the final three spots that haven't been announced yet to. It they added the dark there. I don't know if they're just not airing on Monday they aired aired want their airing on Friday i. don't know that any matches have been announced, but maybe that's their solution to get some other dudes on the card. Yeah. Yeah. They can have like a mini battle royale to determine who gets the. Last. Open, Spot. On a pre show I'm not suggesting that. I'm just saying they might do that. Let me be clear. We'll wait you would know because you're busy to watch w dark but finally Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon had their break-up Peter avalon attacked them after their latest tag team lost this week. So I'm I'm looking forward to the singles match when one of them will get off night and get their I w actually. It's been going on for so long. It's a guilty pleasure I. Guess. All right great. Let's move to Bert. Baker. Big Swells speaking of not paper. I've tried to do this as random as possible like if you haven't noticed match order because. It's building biggest smaller small to biggest whatever's little too formulaic for me today at least. So yeah for big Swale. With reba rebel with Baker. Erich, your thoughts on what they did to build this up and all this time spent on Bert Bakker on TV, and it's to the nail pre show match. I believe I heard or read somewhere credible that It's a cinematic match possibly. Bakers Office Dental Office and the reason for that is because British still not a hundred percent. So that's true. I guess that explains it. The good news is they will get to tape this match ahead of time at edit out all of the botch spots of I'm going to guess up which there would be many if it were a traditional match. I. Hope it's better than the two on one match that swell had a win to get here. I Don dynamite last week I don't see how it could be any worse that was that was just a disaster, the the the rebel panel before versus big swath match I never saw a fake pizza delivery used to attack someone rustling that was the setup angle. So Props on that I assume Brit wins by cheating because even though. You would like to see swale get her A. Get her just desserts prefigure gator come up in. Britain is coming back and I presumed they're going to push her to the Moon in the women's division because they just don't have a lot going on there. Brit will be entertaining if nothing else she is a walking riots and she turned heel. I don't know what a tooth and nail match is. Maybe they've explained it and I just. I just don't know. In then mine I don't even want to know. mean. I get the you know the play on words but I don't know that I want to know what the stipulations are. These are I don't want my they're both torture like your torture someone through the nerves in your teeth it's going to be we're going to drill your drill your teeth without without Novacaine, and then like Shelvin file up your fingernails, it's like it sounds like some sort of torture Mitch designed. As some word play for a fun gimmick match. So I'm a little worried about we're GONNA see in the cinematic battler I. Guess I guess the biggest question I had this? The heck is this on the by this is the by is always people Reagan the in for being bad and think they have been pretty bad over the year over the you know the five paper per views we have to go on and. This does not make me want to buy the pay per view right? It's not getting me to hit the the it's IT'S Insignificant decision to Spend Fifty Bucks as opposed to ten bucks The network subscription so. How is this drawing people in and sealing the deal I do not know for the life of me why this gimmick matches the thing you'd put on the by in show. Yeah Josh what you thought. That's my big takeaway. One hundred percent is they've got to figure out what they're doing their pre shows right? Because it's yeah. You put the put this on in I'm changing the channel right? This is. I don't know as far as far as the winner goes I happen to think I think big will is GonNa get her comeuppance because I think this is the lowest possible stakes that wrestling match could have and brick take win loss here, and it's not gonNA matter even a little bit. I think these are two women whose work is not. The not the the the cleanest Brits great carried by her character work, which is, which is wonderful. And big soul has a great look but just the entering work is. Leaves a lot to be desired. So if it is a pre taped cinematic match that will I agree definitely boost the quality but I don't know why would be on the buying and not thrown somewhere in the middle of the. Paper. If they're if they're set on doing it. Yeah. Wrestling fans are you that person that works in a pro wrestling reference to every aspect of your life? Well, we're those kind of people to, but we do. So with mixed martial arts, I'm Robert via hosts, hosts of enemy talked for pro wrestling advanced every Monday. On pw torches daily cast lineup not only do we cover every you of C. and Bella tour event we provide context that only a wrestling fan would really understand I mean we're the type. Of People that if you ask us about how much of a mess middleweight title situation is were likely to reference. WCW. In the early nineties, think of us as a podcast for casual MMA fence done by hardcore notes, and you could find us by searching pw torch Apple podcasts or any popular podcast Abbott and were always available on demand at peak w torch CASS dot com where you can check out the entire lineup of the PD daily cast. All right. Let's let's move to two of the top matches here. Too of because maybe somewhat have the take tuttle match bigger but. Chris Jericho Orange Cassidy, most the mayhem match I think it's genius. You'd Chris, Jericho with a bubbly and orange cassidy with his name and not end up with a gimmick match. Eric did you chuckled? Did you roll your eyes? What was your reaction to the stipulation? The play on words in the actual. Idea of a VAT of of orange juice. In bubbly. Ringside is one of the ways to end this match. Well, when I I I didn't it I'm like what the heck is. This crap sounds stupid and I started thinking about it. Well, what's the motivation here and in a normal match? This is the blow off match the rubber match third one in the series was like well, if it's a normal wrestling match, Jericho's already job to a one C, even though it was kind of a Fluke Fluke Pin. This is a this that this is a perfect stipulation because it's a great way Jericho to lose the feud and he doesn't have to do a job right here. He did a job orange cassidy one seat doesn't probably doesn't want to lay down for him again. And it elevates Orange Cassidy 'cause he won the feud and Orange Cassidy needs to be elevated a they are building him and so that that was my reaction to the step the build itself has been good. You know we had that that. Again I can't remember this. This has been going on for what six weeks it's been an I six week seven week however long it's been program. we had that Kerry segment or the ring orange dumps the gallons of orange juice on them. And there were beat downs weren't took his lumps. The heels beat him down. There was a brawl and the show I believe last week. And then they had the the you know another segment last night I mean at this point you a fan want to see Chris Jericho slaving in that stupid bet of orange juice and. In the bubbly and it's GonNa be a great visual in Jericho presumably will ham it up. It's the only finish that makes sense. Nobody wants to see Orange Cassidy. Thrown a new event. You know he doesn't he's not going to overreact to it. He's like a react at all because guess not reacts anything and. You know you want to pay to see that what do I wanna pay to see I WANNA pay to see maximum gas I wanna pay to see Chris Jericho flailing in this Vat I know wait for you this fifty dollar pay per view will be a tax write off for me. It's not Fifty dollars out of my pocket I'm happy to pay it. All right. Joshua, your thought. Completely. Agree. I'm paying to see MIMOSA mayhem and. Omega Page F. T. are those are the team matches for me I'm a huge fan of I've been a huge fan of Chris Jericho forever and a big fan of Orange Cassidy, is consistently the only The only wrestler that non wrestling fans bring up to me. Would when we're talking about like he is he's over and so entertaining and I think if you're listening and you haven't seen his match against. Gentlemen. Jervis from Russell Circus, go check it out. He is the peak of comedy wrestling for me I love him. And I think this I totally agree that as soon as I heard the stipulation for this one I said that's genius just the name of it but then also I had that visual of Chris. Jericho in the vet flailing around being Chris Jericho and I'm pumped. This is it's so fun to me and wrestling is not a swan as it should be and this is this is great. A personal note about Orange Cassidy. So Eight has fortunately for me. I live on the Chicago area and W has made Chicago kind of home base a bunch of their paper juice have been from Chicago or the and. There was that Conrad Thompson Convention. What was it called Super Cast? was that the name of it? At, a hotel and there were bunch of meet and greets in I am not the type of person who's GonNa post pictures of with Rustler's on social media that is not my brand. I did pay ten dollars I gotta decide gotTa half-off thing to I wanted to ask Orange Cassidy a question, and I was happy to pay my ten dollars to do it and I said look man, your super entertaining gimmick is super. This postmodern thing is unique. I. You know the at the time, the concerns where you're going to be on television weekly and it's getting old real fast unless it evolves a little bit and he didn't give up he didn't give up the ghost on on drums character but he said, yeah, the the general gist of it not verbatim quotes was yeah. I I understand that. We have a plan I'm really excited about it. I. Think it's GonNa work out and man if he wasn't right. Yeah. Yeah and the idea that he's more catlike than slop like in that just lay around. But then I didn't know where he just darts across the roof. If you've ever lived with the cat, that's what they do they like what happened and why did you just do that and? They see a spot on the wall or a bug or A thought in their head who else what it is and yeah like the idea that they've added like you know the Zombie movie where zombies could run really fast as a twist. So, which one was that they go? To twenty four days later, something like that. So yeah. So it's a it's a twist. I. Don't know if that was kind of part of his plan or or just a necessary component of functioning as a wrestler national TV but things have worked out well for him I mean. To go from the sidekick to amid car tag team to the mid card tag team being your sidekick in your essentially co headlining. A major pay per view against Chris Jericho, who is either their top aide star or? Right there. Certainly name value in legacy and all that and the TV time and I think they like crowd this to be over big. Awa fancier discerning in certain ways. But they will lap up certain things that are on. This is on brand for what? I. Aws fans want in the mix of their wrestling, which is good in their mind and I agree good smart comedy and Jericho and Cassidy have been a lot of fun playing off of each other. I've I've enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to what they do I mean it is it. Is a little off the Hook Kevin have you know a five star main event match or whatever? You know the demands that that have? Followed him around since Hecker, smokey days when he? Could take team. He gets to enter this other phase of his career, but he's so talented. He's I think he's GonNa pull it off and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Anything else air match. Eric Are you muted now? You're muted now you're on. Their. Joshua anything else. Yeah. Just real quick I want to inoculate you against some. Fan comments later with two quick corrections it's twenty eight days later on them on the movie in Conrad's Convenient Chin is star cast. Oh okay. Good. From the Department of Corrections thank. You. Of course. Yes. In Two thousand twelve and exte- transitioned into the developmental system and ultimately the brand UC today on the torch VIP podcast annex exte- eight years back. We'll be taking a weekly look at this page in. Early, history. Join Kelly Wells and me Tom style from WT talks next every Saturday as we go eight years back to the day to track teas rising talents. Why did or didn't work out exclusively for W TORCH VIP members. Parts of will wrap up I. Think we've got everything but the main event. And John. Jeff. We tipped our hand a little bit earlier. About the MGM is a he'll challenger. To Jon Moxley on a marquee show like all out I have contended and I think it's Played Out the way that I expected that Angie. I've just seeming a not short of being ready to be taken seriously as a threat to Moxley on a storyline level on a Meta level. As a performer even. Super talented. It was just two years ago I went to in India, show the night before all in and Psalm perform and he for the first time in he was great and it's like, wow in but I don't know that. I think he's super valuable part of Awa. But it just doesn't feel like even with a record he's had they showed us that he was vicious and we weren't quite sure. Is he the sidekick to a bad ass? WHO's a mouthpiece in annoying and sells or is he the bad ass who has a bodyguard and he kicks ass and and as a threat to the very best wrestlers in the company Judge, where were you when this started and and where are you now in terms of has helped her to Jeff has he has he earned his way into the spa was a late surge last night. Yeah. Kind of talk about the aspect of him as the Challenger. I am a huge believer in. The upcoming trajectory, of M., F., as a he'll I think he is So super talented I don't think he's there yet You know we talked a little bit at the top of the show. Don't think he's built up into a credible challenger for. For for Moxley and I don't think that's completely his full. Any part of it is the sort of the bill and treatment that Moxley's been given is he is super powered in right now but I do think I I agree with you know everyone every commentator that is going to be an absolute superstar and I just don't think I don't think it's there yet. I Eric Sandia. They protected him J s you know I don't. Think he's eaten a pin in Awa yet yeah certainly not the singles match. He is old school through and through he is in eighties. Throwback clearly looks to the eighties for his inspiration and his promos and probably the nineties and two thousands to. But. He's eighty throwback guy in the ring I. There's nothing. He's he's a decent worker. I mean I thought his match with jungle boy was very enjoyable and very good but he's not He's not a consistent four, five star Guy Right. He's maybe a consistent three three and a half four star at the at the high end type of guy depending on he's in there with and so Moore punching and kicking and sort of old school cocky. He'll row Roddy Piper asked which it seems to be who is patterned after a lot of ways. He'll You know. Maybe it's because ideal with politics dealt with politicians for most of my twenty, six year journalism career but I can't roll my eyes the whole. Campaign, Gimmick that he was doing, it had its moments but you know it was those people just existed as props to DEB njs pick on them for various things and it it did built heat. But it was kind of this abrupt shift out of nowhere and I wonder if the M J F took on cody and didn't wasn't didn't have you know had wardlow but he didn't have. All this other. Brass band type stuff going on and entourage of would have been more effective in this build people you know. Your average person doesn't really feel like dealing with politics. Right they're not huge fans politicians so Might might have been off putting and the and then so let's get to. Moxley. He sort of in his promos he's like. He's like, Paul, was with brock listener he doesn't quite say that's not a. Prediction it's a spoiler, but he says what? He's GonNa do and then he goes out and. It's it's great. I mean, I guess maybe the can't use the paradigm shift. So maybe that creates a little mystery, but then he gives like. Not. Thinking about wasting. Show self-awareness to take in the paradigm shift away it's it's meant to sort of send a message of. Well, there's an excuse is a Meta thing. There's an excuse if Moxley loses and then he'll get a rematch and he'll get to use a paradigm shift in win but I don't think that's enough and I think it also just sort of it could have backfired in the sense that that stipulation made it seem like I'm jeff isn't actually at Max's level and needed to finagle his way into getting an unfair advantage you know to start which might have played into the perception of Jeff is not at Moxley's level yet and actually reinforced it more than offset. Yeah. That was the risk. I'm sure the intent that they had was to to build. He'll heat on him. Right? He took away Moxley's move because he outmaneuver. Him or whatever at the end of the day though this is the pay per view main event and it's it's one of a couple of matches probably. Matches that you're going to hit the button, hit that pay button and take fifty dollars out of your eye credits or however it is. You'RE GONNA. Watch it I. Liked njs finally did the class you know like this neckbrace Gimmick. So many weeks with it, and then he finally they find dated off, right did the beatdown savage beat down with blood of mocks and now you WanNa see Marx, get revenge do is a Fan WanNa see 'em j his butt kicked. Yes i. do he busted him open and mocks needs to get his revenge man I wanna see the he'll get his get his come up and and. That's very basic basic works. That you know that's a sign of a having the right guy on top and slotted right and confident is Moxley cutting a straightforward promo, you're not trying to talk for twelve minutes in the ring. You're not adding a bunch of extra stuff. You're not having writers come up with a ton of extra jokes or facebook thing. I'm sorry photoshop things for you. You're just going out. There and just I mean what Moxley did works in any era when you're over when you know who you are in the fans like you, you just lined up the hills and it's just what you said. Eric Lineup who fans want to see the baby's face, and even if you think the baby is going to win, you still want to be there to see it because. You know whether it's because he wants to Bobby Heenan? Whoever is managing Hogan or or or if you think there's a threat to Hogan but you still want to win it worked for Hogan it worked for Bruno on and on I mean. So this is a winning formula. And just let him up in that that gets to my next question for both of you which is. Beyond this and we'll wrap up with this point. Should Moxley not only retain the title but just keep the title you know like? Wind up the heels and that should be the focus of aws should be building up of conveyor belt of heels for Moxley every one to three months to knock down, and then you set the next pinup in you you build them up and then you knock him down and keep it simple because sometimes if I feel like he was making things more complicated six layers chess as you put it three tic-tac-toe whatever just keep it simple and let us like the rest of you've hired and who are slotted well in our in their prime and if they're baby face, let us cheer them kicking the of the he'll who we wanted to get punched in the face and humiliated. When you do it well so i. I yeah, I would absolutely be okay with that I'm a big fan of long title reigns and I think that the constant changes. All the wwe does nothing but damage not championship, and also my interest in the championship matches. So if that's what they WANNA do they just WanNa, do the conveyor belt a heels that moxley knocks down. That's that's okay with me. And Erica longtime bring for boxing or do you think they should fresh it up sooner with cody or Kenny or man page or someone else? I mean. So we're still in the pandemic. There aren't big crowds and it's a lot easier to go ahead and. Do an upset or order to reset and go to different direction when you have the ws six man, which is the crowds in the reaction and the just the molten heat you get week to week or did pre pandemic who knows it? That's when it's going back to the other way. So why not just stick with Moxley and and write it until ride that study hand the thing that makes sense third the Awa on top at least starting with Jericho and then transitioning February they're not swerving the the smart barks like wwe they don't feel they have to get one over in swerve at sake swerving and it's very gratuitous frustrating. As a fan So yes, sure. Light up another he'll is that is that you know they've done that to great effect with Moxley already. Do you know in Cody Lance Archer right? They bring in a new big monster in. Cody. You're Moxley. Has Slade the dragon they did with Brian Cage they could do it. You know rousseff debuts and wins the battle royal. They've got a that that six weeks from this pay per view and six weeks before the next pay-per-view November, you've got that sort of mid term big show Papa rating opponent lineup or whoever whoever was I guess you could do that was so yeah I I think that's the way to go as you suggest with. All right so Just overall prediction we all agree Moxley's beating I'm jeff and that's what they should do Joshua. Absolutely an. A Monday Yup are cool anything else that you want to bring up about the show that I didn't bring up Eric I. They seem to be building like a whole last night. They had this complicated graphic. That was hard to follow it like kind of like when they're doing the NCAA tournament and there's all these different games on different stations and they do graphics, you're trying to figure out what's going on, but they seem to have this whole series of there's dark on Friday, and then there's the something on TNT preview the show. Then there's two different red carpet ceremonies ones on youtube and ones on TNT or I think. It was all confusing and hard to follow, but they seem to be trying to. Create the idea that this is a big event through that kind of thing. So I'm interested to see how all that comes together and how it all works there. Video packages are are really great and Anyone's GonNa. BE TUNING IN TNT necessarily at four thirty or whatever. It is five thirty eastern on a Saturday to watch it but. Maybe, they'll get a few more or less second buys I do wonder does. Will Tony Kahn make a decision on whether to stay with Mosley's championed depending on what the by rate is right we're fully in the pandemic some people aren't going to be able to afford the fifty dollars and You can't you know all all on the other hand I. Guess you see a little bit of a bump because people can't gather in groups as much as the. Bars. So I don't know maybe gets a bump from that but Tony Kahn that Kinda Guy Hey mocks we're down to seventy five thousand buys we're going to go as you know, we know that you're dropping the title of the next show although that that's more on 'em j. off in Jericho in a cassidy in a Gimmick Matt you can. You can pick and choose who you blame. They would need some further evidence that that it was Moxie for that to be justified but they're looking for an excuse that would be it, right? Yeah. Yeah. Just throw that out there looking at. And Josh winning closing from you. Yeah I. Think you know just talking with you guys has gotten me more hype. than. Specifically Eric bringing up you know Mgm in Ring Style I think watching how that interacts with Moxley's much harder hitting. Style I think might elevate MGM. Anticipating and I'm I'm looking forward to that and I. Don't think that they changed the booking based on the buyer eight I. I. would hope that they don't and Yeah I. Think. I think this is going to be a real passable pay per view I. Don't think I will feel ripped off. All right thanks guys so much for the conversation Cool Do. Introduce you Joshua to the podcast audience. We'll have to do this again. Yeah. Thanks great being here and Eric Overall the right off comments I'll. I'll invite you too. Thanks, Wade. I'll take her guys. So now we're GONNA move to the media conference. Call US noted in our introduction earlier this is Tony Cahn talking to wrestling media earlier today POW torch columnist, Sean radical who you heard on Tuesdays flagship show. I hope we talked about a large swath of issues in professional wrestling, wwe wwl new Japan, and otherwise. He was with me on Tuesday, he also joined the conference call and took part in it. So I enjoy this a free willing conversation with wrestling media and Tony Kahn talking about eighty w all out. Here we go. Thank you for joining us this Saturday night aws broadcast second edition of all out of Daly's placing MCA in Jacksonville. Florida. which shaving edge be one of the biggest shows of the year we had three world championship titles online. Twenty one man Casino Battle Royale is well some wildly entertaining match ups across the Board is lots of cover today We have about forty five minutes or so let's dispense with opening remarks and Tony's ready to go. So when you go at school right away to the lines and Robin appeared on the line to Kennedy McIntosh inside the Robes Try It. He has gone. Very well, Kenny great to hear from you. Thank you thanks. Really, appreciate what obey excited all this Saturday I wanted to ask you maybe it's a controversial question. Know the and Kris tschetter had said he would walk. We can. He didn't really think the the F. T. W. Bail meant not much day W so far. As, to your comments and obviously there's three males single titles and what would you expect coming up with their w say to get a more. That w title be treated totally differently than the other titles I'm really glad you asked that Kenny I'm working on a pilot, and it's a different kind of a project than the way you see in wrestling titles defended traditionally and it's very different from obviously how we use the world heavyweight title and the title. So they ain't heavy world title and the TNT Title I've. been treated very, very important titles and I I really really feel great about both those belt in their champions and Twu. You know title and Brian Cage I feel good about you. But we haven't totally established a yet and to be honest our plans for the F. D. W. Title There's a lot in store and I'm excited about it. So I'm glad you asked. Thanks Kenny. Thanks Kenny net sell. I'M GONNA call on Bill Pritchard from Russell their. Tony How are you? I'm well-built banked man. It's great to hear from you. So I wanted to get your opinion on the response to the tooth and nail match so far I know some people online where less than thrilled that it's going to be on the buying. So you have any common just to reassure fans or make them realize that this is an opportunity for them and for more people to see the all out Abe review and it's not really a demotion. That's absolutely true. I've always felt that way and we put from the first pay per view did nothing we put some of our biggest stars including hangman and Mj F on the Buyin and the idea of it the reason it's called the buy and it's because we try and put exciting south on this I. You know our the show so that people will pay to see the whole show I love wrestling fans have often said the wrestling is. My favorite economy and it is a strange elastic economy is the only place in the world where you'll have people complaining about getting something for free than they don't have to fifty dollars for and I think that's great because like the prestigious quarterly reviews, it shows how important I think we made getting on the main card but at the same time, this is a great important match bras I'm not I. Think you'll feel a lot more Brit and big. And I'm excited about this. This isn't going to be a traditional wrestling match. The pay per view is going to be very, very wrestling heavy not as story heavy I'm sure we'll talk more on this call about it, but those offically like last night, the second hour was more story based up to get you ready for the pay per view you know similar to what we did. For Revolution We had a very wrestling heavy purse our in Kansas City with Kenny Omega and pack in iron man match and the second hour was more story stop and Chris. Jericho and Jon Moxley did the way in last night it was great wrestling in the first hour and. In the second hour to thought. particularly. Thunder Road Censoring D.. But with Britain soil There's GonNa be be a ton of great wrestling on this card. Their match is going to be a cinematic frankly, and it's GonNa be Great. We're going to have a live crowd there and We thought for the live crowd given the kind of match they're going to have in the situation that this isn't the. The Britain Soul Cana will have great wrestling matches I. think this will be a little bit different, but it's also going to be a lot of fun and it's going to be free for everybody to check out and I think all the great wrestling everybody's GonNa get on the pay per view we'll be worth the money. But it's a great question I. Don't think it affects the status of the magic more about the tone of the match frankly and and also the fact that it's good place man, it's a good advertisement for broad W We. Think. It's going to be a great match and it's going to be going out to a big audience. Right thanks. Thanks Bill LET'S CIRCLE TO CALL ON CONGRESS PC from. Comic. Book Connery there. Connor your line. A. Good. Yemen. Awesome. Hey Tony thank you for doing this. Really appreciate it. Gap. In the past few weeks we have seen NWEA power footage on dynamite. We've heard Billy Corgan Voice, and obviously we've seen Sun Arosa more than a few times and she's got this big match on Saturday. What is the working relationship between a e W and NWEA as it stands right now? The working relationship between a is the extent of the good personal relationship between billy, Corgan and. I've had a good relationship with billy for years long before I got into the wrestling business frankly I'm good friends with criminal engaged. I really believe in Chris Work and I. Think you know the Concussion Legacy Foundation does great work precious come in at my request and spoken to all day W, talent and We have a good relationship with the Concussion Legacy Foundation and Chris my good friend and He introduced me to bill years ago and I went to one abilities billion concerts. He's a very nice guy and I have a lot of respect for billions of musician the. End of you as got great history, they aren't really operating right now I think we're very very different companies in a very different place and I think the end of your way it sounds like they're going to get back to running and I wish billie the best stuff be doing and I thought this would be a good opportunity for them and for us because under roses great and I thought she would be a great challenge for Shida. So it's one of those situations where I thought it would make sense for both sides, which is why I propose it and he agreed and that's why we're doing it. Thanks. How? Good. Question Connor I, and sorry. I didn't mean to. So that's the that's it connor and I I've asked billy about this. I'm not sure what what the future would hold for it, but obviously if thunder Rosa wins the title there could be a lot more and Thunder Rosa and Cheetahs going to be one of the great matches on the card I think under Rosa her first match on dynamite was hit last night and. I'm really excited for the match and so billion I've got a good relationship. If Thunder wins the title you could see obviously more stuff between us but I don't have any plans to you than anybody else from the NWEA although some of our star wrestlers have been there you know with. Eddie Kingston Ricky Starkman Cochabamba. So good. It's a good question, but besides thunder rose or not really talking about using anybody else from there. But again, Thunder Rosa by the weekend could be our champion and it's quite possible. So I would stay tuned on that. Thanks Tony and thanks conor We we asked We invite everyone to submit questions also online, and we have a number of them twenty lake to read when now to you from Darren Paul twits a freelancer and his question is unlike other wrestling companies aws managed to keep people surprise most of the surprise appearances been kept secret even when pre tate, there's a lot of work go into that or is it that people don't get hired less really know or a really show trustworthiness I think it's a bit of both we work really hard at it. We keep a small circle. We're a small company at the family business, a small company, and we're startup and we'd grown so quickly worldwide but frankly even though we're the second biggest wrestling company in the world we're not the biggest machine we're not the biggest. The there's not so many people that spoiled surprise because I think the more people that are in on it the more likely it is, and we really benefit that we got a lot of great trustworthy people in our front office and I keep things very close to the vest. Frankly. But the people I do talk to I, really trust and the people we bring in have been really trustworthy. So I think it's been a really positive thing for us and we've we've tried to keep these. Surprises the surprise, and frankly we have a lot more ahead for you in the coming weeks. Adam excited about things, things that are coming. So I really respect the Java our team done and the rare times things have come out I don't think they were from people in our core organization It's funny Chris I think at one point eluded Jerko alluded to somebody he thought mentioned something. Show and I think he was right and I don't think that was a person that works here But generally when we've tried to keep surprises, we've kept him in the family and we have we have a great family here. And task. Thanks for that. Darren. In Two thousand twelve and exte- transitioned into developmental system, and ultimately the brand. You see today on the torch VIP podcast, INEX- T eight years back we'll be taking a weekly look at this page in annexed east early history. Join Kelly Wells and me Tom Style from P WT talks annex t every Saturday as we go eight years back to the day to track exte- rising talents and why they did or didn't work out exclusively for W TORTURE VIP members. Wines back up and and go to. Nick housman wrestling. Inc. Nikki. I am hearing. Hi. Tony, thank you so much for taking the time today. How's the weather in Chicago sorry for asking that and we've seen everyone's time all add that time back on the end like football match. The northbound yesterday, and it was a beautiful eighty, two degrees I watched the turtles in the DACHSHUND. It was really it was. Up in their buddy, it was wonderful. It's been a while I haven't been home up there in a long time. Since Revolution, revolution. Back we'll go to a hair salon and a bar it'll be wonderful. What's. Up. Tony my question is pretty straightforward I know you love when you get to ask about free agents. It's like your favorite thing, but there's a big one out there right now brock listener have you talked to brock? Do you have interest in brock? All. The speculation that he could possibly find his way into a W. I can't comment on that at the time neck but I've enjoyed brock's work for many years He's a great fighter in a great rattler I, don't think people talk enough about what a great worker brock leather and and one of the great work and big men. I've ever seen one of the great athletes in the history, the wrestling business and I have so much respect for him but Yeah. I couldn't comment on that neck but I appreciate you asking. Thanks neck Question came into the online Tony for you from John. Corrigan, from the wrestling. Estate. With all the highs and lows of. Tenure so far what has been the biggest lesson you've learned as ahead of pro wrestling. Company. It's a great question laugh as he's a really good example. Honestly, there's Times. Where The red light goes on and it's seven, fifty, nine, fifty, nine and a eight o'clock show clicks on and you should have realized something sooner. But literally, it doesn't occur to you until you're there and the chair and that was me laugh I and there's times where it's going to be like that then and frankly. I know at night. There was a there was a lotta great wrestling in the first hour and I put a lot of responsibility on thunder Rosa and Serena to have this strong wrestling match and the second hour and I thought they nailed it and they were put in a showcase position in the semi final and they nailed it and but I kind of knew we were putting lot on. Them and thankfully they hit a home run breast but in the first hour like I said in, Kansas? City in the first hour last night in the go home shows, my philosophy has been put a lot of wrestling. They're put a lot of stories off in the second half now in Kansas City some of the stories you got in the second half, the way and with Jericho and Moxley with. This big crowd and Kansas City they loved it. You've got the Orange Cassidy's coming out and challenging pack in the show would make that matches a lot of fun stuff last night Frankly I understood that like if people wanna see a lotta wrestling in the show forty, eight weeks a year. That's all I think about his wrestling wrestling wrestling. Four Times a year when we have these huge huge pay-per-view cards, they that week become the priority goal shows I treat them differently. Highs and lows and the lessons. I've learned every week I learned a new US and the pandemic has been lesson afterlife, and after lesson I try to learn things and not do them again, and if I make a mistake twice that I'm definitely try not to make it three times The highs and lows Julie the same thing it's just like learning and and trying to put together good shows. I have a feeling that this weekend is going to be one of the great highs I look back at revolution is probably a high point for us and then I just think like that day was a perfect day for me I had met with a lot of people I've been with orange cassidy impact talking separately a very late talking about things that I wanted to see tomorrow and I'd been with John McCain Chris Jericho very very late separately talking about things that were going to happen without and I ended up getting very. Little Sleep we played early in the morning of Fulham One When I say we've I mean follow him form this match I didn't get a lot of sleep and then when over straight to the arena and we had revolution and made the best thing we've ever done it was just the perfect day I would call the ultimate high for it was. Also, the culmination of learning a lot elections since then the wrestling business has changed dramatically last year, we were the number one company and attendance per show in the world of wrestling and this year. It's not really about trying to put fans into arenas. The the Fossey the businesses changed completely in the last six months and I feel like we've tried to roll with. The punches this weekend is going to be one of the is this weekend I can't tell you how excited I am for Saturday I held back in the second hour last night too much maybe because I wanted you to really anticipate the wrestling on this show because the main card on Saturday Belda bell is going to be the best wrestling you've seen since the pandemic furthermore. I hate that it's come to this I. Hate this what we have to do by views analogy privately and publicly and I'm sorry to give a long answer, the highs and lows. There's a lot of answers to pining lows and a lot of things I can talk about and I'll say this like the pandemic has been the the the best example of this there've been such highs and lows in the pandemic. Trying to do great things to come back and do double or nothing, and do that. I thought double or nothing was like the bastion of ingenuity to be able to sit back and it's like, okay you know with what we have how can do a great pay per view I thought and I'm sorry. I. Just be honest. We were both operating in the pandemic I tested everybody coming in. This might be the pull out quote of the press conference but I'M GonNa. Say I thought double or nothing kick the crap Outta. WRESTLEMAINIA. It was a much better pay per view We were both operating under difficult circumstances. I think ours we were fortunate. It was a little bit later in the pandemic and we had implemented testing and we're doing testing at that time. But when we did nothing, we were still the only ones doing testing. So it wasn't like it. You know we we had a good testing plan at that point. And well, we came out with and did that point at the to set up a bubble and do that pay per view I was so proud of it. We've come a long way and double or nothing if you were. If you. WanNa see a show with wrestling band in a packed arena. I can't give that to you right now. But what what what I can give you and I've talked a lot about in the last week or two has been. A drive in movie theater I know everybody wants to go back to the movies and goes me at least I. DO I used to go to the movies all the time since I was a kid and and you know it's one of my releases and I haven't obviously been able to go to the cinema and a really long time but the drive in movie is A. Way To, go with your friends and family and feel safe and do the same thing used to do before, which is go see a new movie together and and you know in a kind of a captive experience where everyone is not going to be in their phones and and paying attention to the movie on the big screen and I I can't offer you that cinema but I. Drive in movie, and that's how I feel about what we're doing the live events and it's one of the great high for me and two feet allied crowd Chris Jericho described it as one of the great highs of his thirty years storybook career last week having that crowd back we're going go we're gonNA. We're. GonNa go and. We've got a lot of unallocated space we didn't use, but we didn't want to stretch the security personnel, the people stabbed dailies, blades, and the aid of your team to have done such an amazing job on this and and we're going to go a little bit closer to fifteen percent for all out, and again, I compared to the drive in movie theater I. Think this is ninety nine. Over ninety nine percent safer than the experience of packing people into an arena. I think that is the only way to do why that wrestling shows right now is outdoor Socially distant feeding pods, fans and protective mass and having people around not to not to be a jerk about it but just to remind people, Hey, please don't get out of your pod and go hang out with the people in the other pods and please keep your masks don when you're not shipping drank or eating your pretzel or you know so we've we've had that and this weekend will be I. Believe one of the all-time highs in the company when you look at the card which you know I think now we can hope we spend more time talking about and I rather than me giving you this long winded answer I just. I'm really excited for it. I think Saturday all out It's going to be a lot different than all out last year but I wouldn't have it any other way for situation or in the people I'm with please if you ever like aws show checkout all out this weekend because I think it will be. Our strongest Banks for putting up with that. Sorry. Now, through Patriae, you can get the weight keller pro wrestling Poe shows Wade Keller progressing podcasts and the POW torch daily casts with the ads plugs removed and VIP after shows by supporting us on patron with a tier one membership for just four dollars ninety nine cents per month you can also upgrade to get additional bonus content including VIP podcasts and the people in your torch newsletters through patriotic checkout details that patriotic dot com slash P W torch VIP that's Patriae on dot com slash pw torch V. I. P.. Go back to the live lines. John Oliver from spectrum sports. John or are you there Yes, I am Tony Thank you for taking the call I appreciate. piggybacking off of what you said about the Kobe particles at what point did you guys decide that you were going to let fans in and what was the process like in determining what the L. Protocols look like? Came up with this idea of I wanted to do. Anything I could. To to start looking at Safeway eventually when we've got, you know first of all first and foremost with the testing plan, we shut the company down in April until we could come up with a way to make it safe to do shows the rustlers again. So we did that and my my number one priority at am be our wrestler health and safety and fan health and safety. So we came in and it's like I to wrestling show. We need to make sure we can do this and keep the wrestlers. And the crew and staff save. So implemented a testing plan and we returned at the beginning of May with alive show and and have been doing this. Would you know testing and had great results which really shows that the people have been doing the right things and social distancing because we've had I think you know people have come in and we've had very very few positive cases and we do rigorous testing Once we got that implemented I, started to look at how we could utilize our outdoor space. To safely have some kind of live event experience and we'd been we'd been putting tested people. You know fans at ringside but they weren't really fans they were wrestlers crew staff, but it added a sense a normal see you probably heard me say if I now that I got this idea from watching the tonight show and they had the crew in the studio and I, would you know going back during the first week in the pandemic looking at how shows were handling it? That was the most greatest thing? I've seen and. then. How can I kind of? Take that and replicate it. How can we do this? Well, daily plays has three levels and is a really big outdoor space Eventually we had had, you know the staff kind of spaced out in the bowl and I started to wonder about the top two balls there. There's not a bad seat in the house as far as the stuff with allocated I mean we you know there's great views and it's You know my first thought was. Is it for Egress for getting people into the building temperature testing all the the things you need to do the the things I never thought of that are marketing staff put together like the pickup of the You know when people have ordered items online for. You know shop w they're able to pick them up which I never even thought of how we get through that or the concession lines and the creative thought and ingenuity that our team put into it We've spent the last several months working on it, and then we did kind of soft open. We invited some staff and some sponsors and local friend to come and sit up there and You know the temperature has all the stuff we're doing. Now for them is kind of off open we slowly started to. Hire more security personnel then a week before we went live with fans we had done again kind of a soft open. We'd brought insecurity and I think you saw some of those videos maybe some you guys had posted online a what we were doing before. We actually started selling tickets just to kind of get ready to train security personnel to remind people to stand there pods and and keep your mass on or You know not too many people going into the bathrooms at once and It's it's been. A process that you know it felt slow because everyone was anxious to have the fans back but I think it was right to be cautious and and now we got a process that has worked really well, we think and hopefully for all out. You'll pay off with this with his great crowd of you know, seven hundred people and fifty people it. However, it comes out exactly. It's going to be the hottest biggest crowd ruffling a long time and the most important thing is that it'll be safe crowd. Thanks are asking about it. Thanks John. Con Jim Barcelona from the my in Miami Herald. AGEM. Okay. All right. Good. Okay. Now you can hear me great eight. Thank you so much. y'All I'm curious because you mentioned thunder Rosa and Serena Deep I'm wondering about Serena Deeb and women's division in general and might we be seeing more serene on the show and just yet a great women's Tag Team Cup tournament that was just amazing. What are your thoughts division these days and also about Serena and bank you. Don't sure thank you Well, we've been bringing in more talent some of our best wrestlers in the division including our first champion Rio have been trapped outside the US because of the pandemic Yukitaka Sake also, one of our top wrestlers and so not having them we've been looking to bring in more talent and Thunder Rosa challenging sheet up for the championship. And and now thunder Rosa being positioned here with a chance to be a top wrestler and maybe even the base of our women's division, and then you've got a three hundred who many of us are familiar with from a work in the straight. Edge. Society for WWE and I hadn't seen Serena in a long time. I. Heard she had been looking really. Good. In the ring and she came in and I thought she was really impressive and she got frankly rave reviews and love to have Serena back and again fundraiser versus Shida were very excited about on Saturday at all out and that's why we've been looking to expand and bring more talent in the women's Tag Team Cup we brought in more talent K.. Conti An- Anna. J were good team and now the dark orders been recruiting take on the and we think could be interesting to see where that goes. So yeah because of the pandemic we thought we had some very good women wrestlers that were really important part of the division and with them not being here. Hopefully, they'll be back soon and that's why we've. Looked to bring in some new talent I think have really done well especially in recent weeks. Thanks for joining US Jim Nets. Stab is amy. Jim If I can provoke gyms is real quick Jim if it's okay, you know again i. am really proud of them. I'm proud of under oath answering because we put them in a big position in the semi be the strongest wrestling match in the second hour and they did it and they hit a home run where the other matches are more. You're setting up stories for all out because all out like I said, even you know four weeks a year I believe quarterly pay per views will really frankly you know beat the audience over the head over this especially in the second hour with all out. But it's for a reason because I want you to know that this Saturday we're going to do something really really special I'm it. I'm so excited about it, but I'm really proud of a thunder Serena because they they hit a home run in the second hour. Thanks for asking you about that because I thought they were they were great. Okay I'm amy made for me calling you emmy year. Are you there? Yes Hi. Can you hear me yeah? So this question is for Tony. What's it like being a wrestling fan who's now in charge of one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world? Are you still a fan? Has it changed your relationship with wrestling at all as you've worked through the last year and a half? Yet it changed my relationship wrestling immensely It's one of my favorite things in the world I learned so much on the job and that's what I was talking about last night you sit down in the chair and you realize things sometimes you you'd pay things differently or do things differently I've been through some of the most hectic situations in my life but it's one of my favorite things and I am so happy to be have surreal moments all the time like. Any time I do a podcast or anything with Tony Shivani you know I look over and I think it's ridiculous. The you know Tony Shivani who I've been listening to you my wife I worked closely with You know whether it's producing him on the show or on this podcast or in post production Tony does all this great work it makes me so happy when I think back to Tony Shivani, telling the story you know I've listened to his podcast before was Awa before I knew I was starting aws and He talk about how you know he had her debts in the wrestling business in one of his great regrets was leaving the WWF. And he had this job that was a pretty good job and he left it to go back to WCW, you re thought he made a mistake and parts of the job you really like he really liked working at coliseum video you liked being producer and you doing the announcing but I don't think. I think the most organized he'd ever seen the operation in terms of production in terms of producing the announcers and what they were looking for was probably the WWF and I don't think they had as much structure in WCW I. Hope in strive to be somewhere in between where we're not overproducing the announcers but I do feel like I've got a really good working beat with all the announcers and I bring. Tony specifically because throughout the year he's been with us and even through the darkest days of. The pandemic through the shutdown. When we ran about your tape shows in April and got altogether in a marathon. Tony was such a workhorse in post production, and so I I bring him up not exclusively I had these experiences all the time as I said in guerrilla with Demoing Winco and Jerry Lynn working through the matches, but I also don't really have any time to think about it because it's so hectic and crazy. But every day you know I share you know an office and a meetings base with. Chris Jericho or hardy, pretty surreal and think that Chris Jericho Mao. Hardy. are going to be in very, very prominent matches on all out. makes me really smile but I also can't really be biased or think of it that way and so yeah, it's it's crazy I'm really really excited for this weekend and and things like all out and. Shows like all out are what gets me going I'm also really excited for this whole week because I know that the the dynamite after all out is going to be really really good. I can't tell you guys everything about it yet because you're going to have to see the pay per view and see what happens on the pay per view and And you know there'll be some fun surprised this whole next week I'm really really excited about and as that's as a fan and also as what I do professionally that this is one of my great love is my great love Thanks for asking. Tony. Ask a question on behalf for ballots McCarthy from talksport who wrote in. Alex's question is how is picking up new talent like MTR effected the long term booking they've often or off spoken about have you enjoyed the challenge of pivoting? I have have it been crazy like when we've added people do have to change plans and at the same time, there's some people that come in and they make it very easy for you to change your plans and when you get top talent FDR, who are one of the best teams if not, the best tag team in the world they fit in your plans like you know it's like you'd fits like a glove when you want to have the tag team division in the world, you can't go wrong when you signed. Arguably. The best tag team, the world and pair pair them in a division with a lot of the other candidates. The best tag team in the world including Kenny hang in including the box I thought Kenny and hangman in the box set the standard for American tag team wrestling this year and Prevail. Going back, pretty pretty long time with their match it revolution and FDR versus Kenyan hangman now BAFTA try and said that reach at Bar, and I'm excited to see if they can live up to it but I also think there's a great chance they can and as far as bringing other new people in pivoting I really. Appreciate you asking this because. I never thought we'd be in a situation was kind of a dream situation in terms of being able to like hone your craft being in Atlanta with. You know less than thirty percent of your roster and trying to put together shows and having to make sense and not knowing whether you're doing for shows five, show their six or how long it's going to be the you need to stretch these tapes and all the things you need to think of to get through that that we got through the month of April is like you know if ever you can pivot around and make it work and piece together show and then come out stronger and and do really well in May and and I was so worried about double or nothing. And how we were going to do double or nothing and make it a great show and we did. So if ever there, then you know questions about how to get people in and pivot your ideas when you sign new people or people are the flipside frankly man is it that much harder when people aren't there you know by going to fight for the fall and when we had some changes to fighter fast wasn't exactly as we were originally thinking of doing it but it worked out incredibly well, I thought under the circumstances and all the shows did really good numbers So Yeah it's it's fun but it's a lot easier when you have to pivot 'cause you sign great new talent like FDR opposing when you have to pivot because you know people aren't available pandemic. So I think we're we've had unique experiences that have helped us helped us do it there's an expression I saw somebody us on twitter. This is very anecdotal and I hope. I hope it's it's OK somebody used the expression. The Kovin Push I was like man that is a harsh expression, but it is frankly a thing that in the pandemic when based on availability, there are people that have really stepped up and that that's what they got and there are people that made the most of it not just not just in of you also in wb any places that have been wrestling now new Japan's backup and you push people got and we're seeing people trying to be creative and do the best they can with what the got. I thought double or nothing with a hand we rebel and what what we had to build it up, and then coming back may six, and then we'd already Kinda put in the first layer of the house and foundation setting up cody vers, Lance Archer and the TNT tournament, and then implementing other stories and reintegrating some of the people you only seen on video packages or promos for like the past five or six weeks That was a challenge donate double nothing. So anyway for all out and point being now that we have this great roster, I thought was hard to get you that Card to me when you look at the matches on this, I think. Having live fans. A chance to be a really really special pay per view and It wasn't. As daunting attached to get this car together in a lot of ways. All right. Thanks Johnny. Go back to the lines now Sean Rattigan from pwi torch. Johnny there. Yeah Hi? Tony. How are you? I'm really I'm a great sean at great to hear from you. Good to talk to you Adequate question. What is your thought process behind putting together the card for all out this year I know earlier you talked a little bit of putting on. Cinematic experience fans. Because of the pandemic and what's going on for people watching at home, but a lot of stipulation matches up and down the card did the pandemic influence, any of that thought process? There are stipulation on the buying, and that's one of the reasons why I I think having the Senate v cinematic because it's not really the show is not going to be cinematic I think the live event experience this is going to be it's not going to be a packed or arena full of fans, but there's bands here safely distance in and it's going to be a live show with end and putting the cinematic match on the pre show because that's the you know the reasons we needed to do it and it was the tone and the situation, and frankly this is brick way. Is Not like a work injury. It's not like J. F. Neck like. CAD. And broken nose So with fractured her leg and her nose injury like gave her some some time off, and this is the first time bridge come back and done anything physical last night when she attacked all with the first time Donna physical wrestling. Activity in a long time and I'm really excited for this match but there's a lot of reasons why I think it's the right reason to do it cinematic frankly, and for the people asking I. think that's why for the wrestling show, there are some stipulation match but also just a lot of great wrestling and I think when you look at it bell to Bell even though there's there's going to be obviously Mimosa Ma'am I think it'll be a great match, Chris Cassidy have had a few great straight wrestling matches on television now and really great example of of chain wrestling and and and the art of the comeback. This'll be the most fans they worked in front of, and this is going to be a great match Malady and Sammy is the broken rolled Beckley at the last man standing user leave town match that applies to map and Madden Sammy had had great viewed. There's a great story that Jammie Want Matt Out of AWS. Mad Been Aws he's mostly tormented him and vice versa. So FANNIES UNORIGINAL INDIRA really wrestled the first ever singles match W he wrestle the first ever match on dynamite and you know he's wrestling now in our first last man standing match he was in her first tables, match and This is going to be a lot of fun and if you look at the rest of the card, you gotTa Casino Battle Royale which also Involving, a lot of people on the card, but I think will be frankly a great example of how far the roster's comes since our first show because I think this casino battle royale now that we have been depth of roster, we'll see a lot more time and it. You'll see the roster's come a long long long way who's in this one versus where we were with the first 'cause you know a royal, we had some great people in it with Mj F. and hangman establish some new talent like Orange Cassidy in it and There were a lot of people who? Probably were not the level rate that are going to be in this one, and then I'd like to just go down the rest of the car because I feel like, Sean there's so much good bell to bell wrestling, and for a person just wants to see great wrestling matches when you look at young bucks versus draft express who to. Top teams and they're both in the top five and I. Think we really believe in tag team wrestling and it's like a title eliminator and you have your boxing because they're both highly ranked in the winner of the match will be better positioned for championship match with the winner of hangman and Kenny Rogers Deduct Tiahrt. Another great wrestling match that we'd be thankful have a chance to steal the show sheet. Evers is under Rosa very excited for this as a bell to bell wrestling match again and then of course, Moxley present J. F. will be i. think a really really strong. Leslie match on this car and I think you know when you look at that That that has a chance to really be a great chance to establish whether it's going to be John's run of dominance or whether it's going to be that Max is the future of this company and frankly I think it's both I think John did such a great run as champion by also think Max is arguably the future of this company and I'm really excited for everybody to see what we're GonNa do here and our been how this match is. GonNa go I'm really excited for both of them because I think as far as like a big fight. Feel that has it to me I'm I'm really excited for their match and I think I'm really excited to see. How people come out of this with the show there's also the eight man tag and I'd be remiss if I didn't say that I thought how Brodie Lee won the championship wars are very, very, very strong moment for us and got a big response and shocked a lot of people the dark order again like like what? I. Said with the Battle Royale I think as an organization is a is a group. He'll. They've come very far from where they were last year and Brodie Lee has a chance to be a great GMT champion. I? Think the TNT championship means more in our company than. Other titles out of the world title in other wrestling companies. If that makes sense, there's a reason they're TNC champion. We have been meteorology ship that's means so much to us. It's our prime source of revenue is our prime stories of exposure other than these huge quarterly reviews that we build to like all out and berries great champ for us and this you know this match he's got, which is a lot of moving parts in the situation that the the baby-faced group with does not came out to support cody and then a couple of cody's friends, Scorpio. Sky? and Mac, Cardona. An outsider you know showing up I think that has a chance to be a great match to, and anytime I can see Dustin Rhodes wrestling on pay per view I. I'm always happy to see that since I was a small kid and Cochabamba and the dark order it's been a great story. So I think there's a lotta great wrestling on the show nothing. I'm more excited about than Nj apertures Moxley for the championship but really all the championship matches and that eight man tag in bucks versus Draft Express I. Think they're all. Strong wrestling matches without really the reliance on the stipulations you're talking about Sean although there are a few magic on the car that that have them I. Think you'll see there's going to be a lotta great rustling men. Thanks. So he got time for a few more I got. If, you'd like to hear this show without ads and plugs interrupting. There's one thing you can do right now to make that happen and that has become a POW torch VIP member. He got about a dozen other podcasts the week that I host that our VIP exclusive and you'll get the way Taylor Po shows and podcast during the week with the ads and plugs removed all on a separate feed exclusively for VIP members plus tons of other podcasts that are VIP exclusive to our full archives of podcasts dating back to two thousand four, which includes post pay-per-view roundtables dating back to two thousand. Four, also, access to our full archives, thousands of podcasts over fifteen hundred back issues of pro wrestling torch weekly newsletter that started it all add score website and more checkup full details at W. Torch VIP, Info Dot Com that's W. Torch VIP Info Dot Com to get full details and then jumped sign up form it's mobile friendly desktop friendly in two minutes you can be a VIP member show support for us and we'll give you a lot of return including a streamlined listening experience on your iphone or android device with the ADS unplug removed go check it out VW torch. VIP INFO DOT COM. Next line. Here. Is Mike Johnson from PW insider. Mike. And Mike. How are you? Tony, good to talk to you sir. Ron You brought up the relationship with TNT one or media. What's the status of the second eighty W series coming to? Is it still going to be envisioned as W dark the way it was mentioned a while though I lee and how has the relationship between the two sides changed if at all with all the shuffling within Warner media. Tried to thanks for asking Mike, it's great and I'm glad you asked It's funny because I have I speak to them a lot and and they've actually had attached to him from top executives at Warner because we talk so much about promoting the show and about idea actually tactic while on this call you guys and It's a great relationship and like I said, it is the Whitewater of our company. Your media partnership and Kevin at the time. When he was saying dark, that was not accurate we were not going to bring dark is the third hour and and we communicated that but it was a miscommunication I think Kevin Misunderstood, some of the material dark was doing very very well and I think he's doing very very, well dark actually risen since this conversation we had with Kevin. But that we would do a totally different third hour and keep dark on Youtube, and that is still the plan and that show will be launched. In the next year I don't have an exact date, I can promise you. It will be the next year but I don't know exactly when and there's a lot of work that's go into it. That still needs to be done in terms of market testing You know there's a lot a lot goes into launching a show and before it will go on network television we'll. We'll have to do all that work and I think frankly. As far as going in and doing that market research and putting together a launch plan, the pandemic sidetrack is on that and made it more difficult and as far as people developing new shows and working on them. A lot of shows have been slowed down. We've been really fortunate that w dynamite has been on through the pandemic and done really really well, and has consistently been around the in around the top ten shows and that was our goal and their goal for us and I. Don't know exactly when but as things are starting to hopefully get more and more normal and his hopefully the country keeps. Trending in a better direction hopefully in terms of going back. To work. We'll be will be definitely watching the show soon, I don't know the exact date them. And then as far as a relationship to your question which. You asked yet. I'm very fortunate that I that I met Kevin I'm glad you give me a chance to say this and that on the call can address it because without. Kevin. Will Not be aid of you quite possibly and I served and I'll say that because even when we got to a point where we didn't have a deal and I wasn't sure the show is going to be on TNT I gotten far enough down the road where I knew I was going to do this. It was a crazy process sometimes I see people say and. It's not a bad thing. It's like as a really important part of our brand and is selling point for what I'm doing this weekend and this is bidding timing that was the two year anniversary of all in now but it's the one year anniversary of all out All in was a hugely important show for the wrestling business I was going to start a wrestling company before all in. All, if I've seen people say that there wouldn't be a w without all in there probably would be w with at all in but I don't know if it would have been the same success was or how would have gone off Jon Moxley had one of the great quotes. When he described meeting me and how it went and how it could have gone and he was like, you know I didn't know him and like you know could he totally screwed it up? Yes. Like that would like this it was like a could have really gotten screwed up but it didn't You know for our relationship Kevin was the guy that for me, he opened a lot of doors when I went to all in. I wanted to see how it went but I knew we'd be doing a lot of our. We'd be adding doing a lot of things and I knew the guys had drawing power and as far as. The show I wanted to see a good show but whether it was good or bad, there's going to be a w and For Kevin. I had gone to Kevin in April. On effectively, a win like those moments again, it just it. Hopefully, it inspires people because like the worst thing people can say to you if you have a dream is no and I know I was in a unique position and bay effectively like born on third base, really and This was my I'm sorry if I was the cliche being bill expression but a tally feel I'm very grateful for the position I was in and then I was able to actively get home on it by going to Kevin and and making an aggressive move telling him I wanted to start a wrestling company and that if he if he was going to be bidding on meteorites wrestling, he should talk to me and I think I even though he knew credibility in the world of sports and we're friends he thought maybe this was completely crazy idea but he humored it but it wasn't like Kevin Jackson Green lighted the show I spent. Almost a year, we'll actually over a year by the time we really got there, but but almost a year before I even had any commitment from them I mean, he put me in at the ground level with all the marketing and media people, and then we got to a point. Where I wasn't sure that the show is going to be on TNT but I've gotten so far down the road before I actually had a deal with them that I needed to do this. I knew now that it was going to be a viable business I by December I got. So into the weeds on this that there were a couple of different business model than I found people were interested in it wasn't just you know whether I signed with TNT. Or not I was going to have a chance to do this and make it a viable business and I'd already you know talk to Chris and talk to people and and I knew that I could do this. So You know for me going back all in is like Bogota. Great great achievement, wrestling great show. But to me like coming in a year later with all out to be in the same building into due to be where I came to their show as their friend and as a fan, and then to be there working together and putting the show together a w it was felt really cool and Kelly we'd come full circle I was I was happy I was proud of. Cody. Own Box and also I just WanNa to say because Mike brought it up. I'm really grateful for Kevin I don't think. It Kevin by gone up to Kevin I never would've had the guts to start this company and the guys might have found another personal work with and it could have been a totally different thing but I don't think anybody would have made eight figure. You know tens of millions of dollars commitment into starting a business that we've made and I don't know what the returns would have been but I think we've had great returns and I don't think I'd be without Kevin Riley and I don't think aws be that Kevin Reilly or any of us. So I'm really grateful to him and. You know it now I think We've got these great relationship and we're a chance to do something really really special I never dreamed in my wildest dreams all the years that I wrote dynamite notebooks and dreamed of starting wrestling company that we would be on TNT because in my wildest dreams I, never been that we never you know. If the wing would be back on TNT. It's dumping out of fantasy for me and again like when I talked about how happy I am to be at work with the people I work with to be on the channel I am into work with these people. It's such an honor and were media the dream partner for me been A. Dream partnership, and because of them, we have a chance. You know we did all out last year and it was a big success We have a chance for this show to be a great success and a bigger success because the exposure they've given us over the past year with dynamite and you know to our new new media botches the new team. Just. Starting to get to know them and They have a vision and I really believe we fit into that vision. I believe that wrestling is some of the strongest streaming content in the world. I believe there are a lot of people who consume rustling and I believe that we are a really strong cable property and that's how we got. We got here. We've built dynamite up into a top ten show consistently Wednesday night I'm constantly thinking about it, retooling it, kicking myself, beating myself up to try and make dynamite better and I really believe that we all put our heads together that We can make dynamite the best wrestling show in the world if it's not already in your. Opinion I think we're working are working hard. But I. DO think that Warner Media I can't say enough about the ship and I hope that as the company Awa grows and as we get more and more established, we do more and more things together. You guys asked me about the GW title earlier and I said I there's things I wanNA do differently. With the CW, different presentation thankfully, nobody followed up and and try to get to elaborate more details. But but that thing one example of different things we're trying to do with Warner media and you'll see a lot more projects in addition to dynamite flagship show and in a windy night at our our flagship product you'll see a lot more different kinds. Of. Shows in addition to the third hour wrestling things that aren't necessarily your classic wrestling show blauser went dynamite to feel like your wrestling show, and if there's four times a year going into these pay per views where I don't put wrestling, wrestling, wrestling wrestling on, please know that the other forty eight weeks of year it is the number one concern and And then for frankly I hear you is on these go home maybe maybe I should put more wrestling on the go home and and and not be story driven in the second hour and and I the worst thing. I could do not listen to what you guys say in the fans say because they're always right. That's why over the over the holidays a bang, my head and we all banged her head against the wall so much to come back. So strong at the beginning of the year to make sure twenty twenty was a great year That's feel about every week now and with all out. The car in front of you guys I'm really proud of it. I think about about standpoint you'll see something that's GonNa make you smile this weekend I've been waiting for this for a long time to do dynamite in front of fans the last couple of weeks he's been really special and open it up a little bit more and have a few more fans but be able to look myself in the mirror and know that we're doing it safely and we haven't Rick Anybody's safety whether it's the the fans themselves or the crew and the wrestlers to do it to get that reaction to get those pops and the dramatic feel and and. Go we've all been missing I'm just so excited for it and I thank you guys are sitting through bit call with me and I. A Gym I do we have any other ones either just been so great. I was GONNA end with one more question we are at the top of the hour we aren't a time limit but prone costume. We normally spend the wheel and and and get one world call in and when we're questioning, we've done that. So we have time for one more. And the winner is Louis Gang or from wrestled talk to Louis. You're there we got time to jam you in your real quick. Hi Tony hit from Russell. Thank you so much time Tony. Hey. Thank you. Oversee you guys have done some great walk with all our in the build. If you look at the card now and we know obviously you guys plan quite farmed advance. How much has changed? From what you guys or from what you saw the all out would look like. A lot of it is the same the. Biggest Change Day I honestly, it's mostly what I expected There've been a couple changes. I originally had Britain swollen, the main card and Being. Sure that Br. Bradley wrestled a long time and I think they're cinematic match is going to be great but that was one thing that I changed and then also they're you know most of it really had been the plan all summer. I think when you look at that we wanted to do 'em J. F. Challenging Moxley for the championship that we believed you know Kenny and hangman had this great ron has championed the now we've got a arguably the toughest challenge we'd ever put in front of them the number one. Contenders being FDR that you know Matt and Sammy the culmination of their story and Christopher's Orange Cassidy i. think that Some Challenges International Challenges Change things up and Thunder Rosa was genuity Kenny throw it out there and like I said, I have a good relationship with billy and when he lifting names and Kenny said Thunder Rosen, I'll bill it's a great idea I'd love to do that, and so I booked and that was a change some of the names and the Casino Battle Royale to be some people if I had my ways that everybody could be here that be a little different but generally, the vast majority of those people are the people I would put in honestly a lot of it's been good man. There's been people that have come in through the pandemic like for great examples would be die that have gotten signed out of the open challenge. Ricky starts and Eddie Kingston Ricky starts came in I didn't plan for this Cody had a list of names. They suggested they were good names, and at the the the rookie starts week restarts was by far my favorite name on the list even though I'd never seen him in person and and had briefly met him once in taxes but never really spent that much time with him. We've gotten to know him and had never seen him. Work in person he blew me away and it match with cody and I really wanted ricky to be here and not only that. But while Ricky was in the ringling cody I, knew what I wanted ricky to do and I had already turned the gears in my head about ricky being with has in about ricky working with Darby and John Mosley and before he had even gotten back there and I thought that was a home run that he had in cody hit with him in what kind of a tryout match and ricky hit a home run. So that was something I hadn't planned for for Ricky and now ricky's a huge part of aws and. Part of Battle Royale but I didn't expect that necessarily months ago and also Eddie. Kingston. Another one I've been a fan of Eddie Kingston a long time and I really enjoy he i. think he's a great wrestler Integrate Promo and. Thought he could come in and fit in here but it just hadn't I don't know I. I'd never had that one idea quick where it was like that's what we need to do with Kingston cody had list of guys again he thinks that's my favorite. That's what I want and booked it and Eddie Kingston hit a home run again I in idea ready. Kingston I thought with You know pack being gone There was a great opportunity Eddie Kingston, we had done this eight man tag that was kind of a match I thought not kind of it was a great match I thought with FDR box at fighter fast against. Phoenix Penta and butcher in the blade, and we had a fun story going there and and it's no secret. We Really Miss Pack of the company. I really Miss Pack I think we all do and. You know last year when Moxley was unavailable on all out pack stepped up for us and You know it's unfortunate. He's not here. But now we have all these other guys on the crew to step up and So you know with with Eddie I think he can be a mouthpiece for the loser brothers but also we see a lot of moving parts under his leadership with Phoenix and butcher and. Blade, and Eddie coming in again when did the match and did a great job and a nail the Promo and reception daddy was so good I thought. Okay. Well, I, think Eddie would be great for this. So we pivoted himself. Now, all five of those guys are you know in the Casino Royale and they're a big part of the story so some things have changed their but the the main stuff on the. A lot of it was what we've always wanted to do and bucks for Drastic Express I. Think we felt like could be a great match on the card again to the top teams and both in the top five and to set up a great challenger whether you know either team would be a great opponent for Kenyan hangman or FDR after the title match. So it's a great question man and A lot of the same. But but not all of it is what I would have said months ago. But the the. N. J. F. and Moxley and Kenyan Hangman Rosetti are certainly I would've told you a while ago and and Christmas is Orangemen's Amy I think If that makes sense. All right tony well, everybody was join us. Thank you very much. We're definitely at the end of our time. On behalf of everyone at. Tony and everyone at all restaurant thousand. Thanks for taking the time to join us and your continued interest nee w as as we said the. Commitment to the Wing Industry for granted and be assured it's appreciated especially this year, very unusual eventful year. So we'll be distributing an audio copy of of the Conference Tony. Very shortly. So be looking for that. Again. Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy all archway on. Saturday night the entire all weekend. Thanks very much. Thank you. Sir. 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