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"Took office And in three months before I got there that was one tenth what was being created is 60 to 60,000 I suppose a 600,000 jobs a month In total the job creation in the first 8 months of my administration is nearly 5 million jobs Jobs up wages up unemployment down That's progress Yes And it's a tribute to the hard work and resilience of the American people Thank you Thank you potus Yeah a friend of Brooklyn dad defiance said good news the unemployment or his drop from 6.3% in January since President Biden started to 4.8 today Dems need to do a better job of celebrating success Yes We will talk to John eras about that Yeah I think it was Eric bowler that said there's approval reading his bounce back up to like 50 Yeah But all you heard in the news is that Biden's approval rating plummets blah blah blah right over and over Democrats in disarray Yeah the representative Ted lieu said since potus took office the economy has added nearly 5 million jobs unemployment claims are down 60% Today's jobs numbers confirm that the economic recovery hinges on containing the spread of coronavirus We need the build back better plan Yes Ron klain said the unemployment rate is now down to 4.8% in just 8 months We've created two times more jobs under producing his first 9 months than any administration in history Yeah Let me repeat that We've created twice as many jobs under protest in his first 9 months than any administration in history Do you hear that headline anywhere How many Or mainstream media discuss that Did you say twice as many stuff I did I did I say let me repeat that Have I mentioned that I'll die mad about what happened to Hillary Okay let's just move on I do not want to own this house after you You are gonna be like the poltergeist I will haunt everybody forever Steffi gist in the house All right listen let's check in with the blessed fortunate shall we On this Monday Paula poundstone Uh oh Really had a rough weekend Don't travel less fortunate She said she tweeted I'm going to stay up all night with my blender press to my ear in case the Stephanie Miller showed decides to go on early weekends or rough It's a specific time Paul we can't just decide to start early I'm sorry about that And I'm sorry if you have a blender indentation In your ear As long as she doesn't stick her out here in the blender because that could in terrible It's just me I feel like she might Okay that was today's yesterday's tweet was it's hard to get through the weekend without the Stephanie Miller show a concern friend suggests that I take up a hobby I started listening to last week Stephanie Miller showed that's it That's my hobby I think that's as good a solution as any Paul She's living in last week now I think that's Let's see Oh was this Friday's I'm so lonely because I listen to the Stephanie Miller show so much I've started to answer the phone line like are you there Hold on I think the phones are down Hello I think I did it wrong Kevin Everyone hangs up on me and I don't even know anyone named Kevin Listen patagon stone had a rough weekend That one hurts us a little that's a little close to home Okay some stuff I have to like I think did I read that hear that somewhere that didn't happen Did it And then Travis magically I come down and it is on my computer that Trump did ask his top intelligence official to explore conspiracy theory that Chinese thermostats were changing Yes Boats Wait well what Georgia Yeah The Chinese thermostats were changing Was it hot and then cold Did you see It's not just that we're living in the stupid It's just we're living in a level of crazy that I don't okay Oh no because this is hard he's doing it too Yet another new book reports that Trump asked his top intelligence official to investigate an absurd conspiracy theory that Chinese thermostats chains boats So this would be different than the Italian satellites that I did your space ladies Yes different In the 2020 election he was said to be intrigued by the theory which was presented to him by Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark The aforementioned treasonous insurrectionists that he almost installed is acting attorney general because that guy Clark believed that wireless thermostats made in China for Google by a company called nest labs might have been used to manipulate voting machines in Georgia Do you think that the Italians were calling can someone make a Venn diagram of that That's I'm going to and then the idea was nuts but it intrigued Trump who asked director of national intelligence John ratliff to look into it I've got how this works All right yes That's called the ghost of Hugo Chavez and said squeezy squeezy it's cold inside Can you turn the heat up on the Google nest And I forgot about this So wait was it what was it in Venezuela that was the machines from Venezuela Yes Well no They're affected by the Italian satellites where the control by the Chinese thermostats The machines were made for Chavez the Chavez election Correct In Venezuela So the ghost of Hugo Chavez they said scuzzy can you turn up the heat It's cold and China And that made the votes For China Okay All right Because nest I told you this Do we need to listen to him talk about the cake Yes we do Chris you tweeted about it Just 90 minutes of whining This is what it's going to be Seriously And there are people who fall into camps now that he is definitely running and I just I find it hard to believe he won't be dead or in prison but okay Based on that last clip that we played of him And you're out of your heart of your cold Yeah I mean he was still talking about 45,000 people being in Afghanistan There's like less than a hundred now Okay I don't know what He's got dementia You know when it's a Sur story it's a bull Right Yeah When he says something to me sir Yeah And then it's always a giant made up story Okay Sure thanks to the future You shouldn't go back to the past I've been doing this stuff for a long time now Not as long as it's most of us for a long time And I'm telling you the single biggest issue as bad as the border is it's horrible It's horrible What they're doing They're destroying our country As bad as that is the single biggest issue the issue that gets the most the most pull the most respect the biggest cheers Is talking about the election fraud of 2020 presidential election You know who else got the biggest cheers at the biggest rallies I don't know Do you want to get a burger Yes all I am I'm hungry I'm hungry Can we go or at least Holiday Someone.

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