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"nessie enda" Discussed on Daily Racing Form

"Out he's a pretty decent trip sprinter. Yeah. He's a horse who really turned a corner when a moved to the. Barna caught at cloudy Ogunsanya as he went from, you know, he could barely crack ninety speed figure. Suddenly he, he has run under one fifteen in four starts in the new barn. So I don't know what he's found. But he's been fast on now. He's been fast on turf. I was kinda early in the stretch. I look like he was running sideways the hallway through the lane, but he was so much better knees. It, it didn't seem to matter. He was able to hold on a not even hold on one fairly easily in. He was six to five in the race. So nobody was old. But good effort, you don't see many Indiana breads with this kind of speed figures. He may be the fastest one I've ever seen this off the top of my head curious where he shows up next Zeke run on third on earth in Aachen, these one twenties. I got a one six noon on Friday may be part of that was due to running sideways. I'm sure but hopefully they get them straightened out in and he could be a factor. He certainly has the speed to be. Good against anyone. Yeah. He was part of a pretty fast opening quarter mile in this race. So it seemed like just getting a little leg weary lay. It's heat like you were saying he was on the wrong league for the stretch run. He was also wearing those front wraps on the turf which you don't often see intersted races. So not the prettiest mover, not the prettiest horse to watch, but he's pretty fast. And like you said, I'll be interested to see where he goes next. That was all the racing from Pimlico last weekend. We'll touch upon some stakes races took place at other venues as we wrap up the podcast this week, beginning with the Louisville handicap from Churchill Downs. It's a mile and a half race for the older is on the turf some lower level graded stakes worse is in his a slam. Got the job done here, just kind of Lulling this field asleep on the fraud and really never gave him a chance from the quarter pole because it just turned into a sprint to the wire. Yeah, this is I believe the only race. I bet outside of Pimlico in Saturday, and I bet Nessie a horse we had talked about on a previous podcast. And you know, I just think he was up against it with the pace, I think he ran well at I don't regret. The bet went the winner, just had it always own way, we have the fractions all coated in blue. It was a glacial piece for this class, but you know, he won easy enough. Got a one twenty time for MU as figure as the runner up. Nessie Enda fourth-place finish or go, both got one twenty Twenty-one which kinda is because of at slow pace, we're talking about so no regrets on times racist. Don't go your way. But Nestle's the one I'd still want. Have it here. I'm sticking with my thesis on Nessie, which is that it was the turn back distance that really got him to wake up at allowance race at KEMA last time. And maybe he wants to go a little bit short in the mile and a half these days because these mile averages just often turn into these payslip situations in it really does work against like Nessie just going to keep getting in the wrong trips in these sorts of races. Because he's got that one run closing style as for his a slam. He had run deceptively well in his prior start in the elk horn. Quesnel. And that was a much tougher field. And he was one of the horse to survive the pace of that race. So he made sense in this race. He was pretty short price so much, anything clever, the runner up shar rose. I thought he arguably could have won this race. If his writer, Chris Landeros had sort of kept him in that spot just behind his slam on the backstretch whereas instead he gave up position at that point in the race than had to go around towards the top of the stretch. Maybe that cost him the victory all these, though, they ran pretty well. It was just sort of a blanket finish at the end. Yeah. One thing you see what Tisza slam as last three races. Looking at our chart eastward, one twenty one twenty one in one twenty the really consistent horse, but is this shows the strength of the fields in the trips with those figures? He's finished six or thin in I in basically races of similar quality. I won't said the others were a little bit tougher but they was more effector trickier in. He always runs the same race as has to get the rip in may be a week or competition. Yep. For sure. Somewhat weaker spot out. We'll move down to Florida and check out the major state alstreet last weekend. That was the musical romance, which is local prep for the Princess Rooney on that summit of speed, carved out of Florida last winner of the Princess Rooney, some stormy embrace. She won this prep race. Did it price of late in the way she did it last year? She also took down, the, the musical romance, Prentice really double in twenty eighteen but this performance, one of the best of her career she won nineteen time from your speed figure in visually impressive performance to watch anytime you win a seven furlong race. I believe it was by ten Lenz, you're doing some serious running. It was pretty sure it was the best of array of career by a few points as she look good doing admit it was a race. I didn't see you. I wasn't really paying attention the Gulfstream when you put it out in the rundown for today, I had to go and watch it. You know it was super good. I really fast rates. One nineteen not quite Kofi level. I'm not sure he's going to be able to get this kind of trip against better competition, but she really good curious where we're going to go with her. Yeah, I'm sure it's going to be onto the Princess Rooney and she'll probably be pretty Ford in that race, depending on who comes forward. I'm not sure if she's a horse that can take her format side of Florida. We'll see if she's able to do about because this was the best performance of her career both stick with the sprinters on the dirt didn't go to Santa, Anita to see the last Barreiras stakes which is won by Mu-chou Gustavo. This is one of these horses of turning back from triple crown prep races for Bob Baffert. He had been successful sprinting earlier in his career. They got him back to sprinting, which is probably where he's going to be most successful moving forward. And he looked okay. I wasn't all that. Impressed with them to be honest. You only got a one. Oh, wait time for US speed figure it midway. He did it easy. It's on track. We have coded as red as favoring this case, where I'm not sure how actor that is. I'm going to have to go book at 'em again. All the dirt races. There weren't very many of them. I think there were only four maybe five on the card were won by short price horses who went wire-to-wire we do try to take that into account that rating. But when every single where races won by short bridge favorite. You can't eliminate it completely so not really blown away the disappointment. This race was sparky Bill who had tried synthetic last time out thought he'd run a little bit better moving back and he was just a complete no-show much running at all. So I'm just gonna draw kinda ignore this race going forward. I wasn't impressed by anyone in here, even the winter. Yeah. I know what you mean watching the Mason actually Lucho Gustav was. Briefly in deep water at the top of the stretch because he had a bunch of horses ranging up around him. Sparking getting a good trip inside of him before angling out. But I do think his bottom from participate in all of those stamina oriented, route races really kicked it at the end of this race because he was drawing from this fields like he had something left in the tank at the end. I know that Joe tell had asked a little bit to get them there, but he was finishing off this rates pretty well. So we'll say I portraying him as a sprinter in this race. But maybe a mile is fine for him. I wouldn't be surprised to get that distance as well in the future. But like you were saying he's not the fastest horse overall. So I wonder how good he really is. He was beating weaker field in this spot the wrap up the show with to race from Bill on park last weekend. One of which was the only stakes race. I believe it was run this past week at Belmont that was the great three soaring. Softly at seven furlongs for the three year old fillies on the turf and no surprise that Chad Brown. Won the race a bit of supplies. The Chad route one, the long shot and caused an upset you often see. Happen under. No, you see more often than you think with the, the, the other Chad Brown as many people like to say, but she ran. Well, I think it was her first time on turf. If I remember, right a which inserted expect some jumped from Chad Brown. When they moved the earth at the ant on verdict clearly in maybe people were looking at the speed figures that ran as a two year old. But that's the thing to do when horses comeback as rear OJ almost always have them the run faster if the trainer showing some confidence in him. And he clearly was in this spot. We actually gave a better figure to michelina who weren't run a real fast race. First time out, he said a fast paced

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