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"nellie kim" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Kid doing those. They just have one of those great. Thanks. You know, everything's going. This think that all of a sudden, you know, usually in charge of the series of the the way that they've been playing I've been murdered anyway. Because you know, the worst thing which consider you have the best team in. Yeah. The team that can just take eighteen seconds off the clock everything they have possession and did a quality shot whenever they want or just one and hurt you. You know, it's the worst nightmare for coach as a coach. How do you look at defending James harden, and he has a step back to the right? He likes to go to the whole to the left. He's great at drawing fouls. How do you did try to get the bottom of his hands? Or I remember when you were coaching lot of times, you would say, let's just let this guy get his points. But not let let him get everyone else involved. And then a decent job at that keeping his assist Koto low. But do you say, hey, if you wanna go for forty go for forty we're not going to pass out to three point shooters. You know, that Spanish he worked for me for a long while done. Did we're we played Charles Berkeley to three on it goes. So we took his pass away from him. Anyway, be to his old night. Well done. Mission accomplished anyway. Yeah, they had the better team. But anyway, we only lost a couple points. We really took to the limit. But he, you know, we couldn't stop him unless they double teamed him, and we didn't want to do that. And it might me the as yeah, we're talking to Don Nelson for Maui. The warriors have the rockets said, of course, without giving Durant. We're here in. I don't think you would do this. We're hearing that they're going bogut to start the game. Would you go that strategy? Or would would you keep it small? All boys. I love bogeyed this but not necessarily in this game. You know, I would say for the next year is if they can get Denver Portland. They're gonna need the bigger players. But for this one I like small lineup personally. Yeah. The problem is they've lost two stars. They don't have much of a bench this year. So it's going to be you can't really rely on the bench. So the starter is gonna have to go forty five forty minutes. I would think. That's for sure. I'm curious what you've seen how much you've seen the box because I think even when the wars are healthy. And if the rockets Vance the bucks are going to be a handful. The only thing coaches are lack of experience but other than that they played the they got into the combo. They got three point shooters they got length. I mean, they they are. I think they're I think they'll get by Toronto or Philadelphia. And then they're going to be a handful for anybody coming out of the west. Yeah, they're really proud of more. They just have such a great spirit there. The same thing. To go. When they started us run as what Milwaukee has gone for right now. Just follow spirit. I really love watching it. So if the butts played the wars in the finals who would you root for? For the warriors. Of course, why? 'cause you're on the warrior, you're on the bait and the you're on in the bay area those people that went to games when I along dead by. That's a great Hanson. Great there. Of that. That's a good one. How's the how's the golf game? You know, I took a fall here about four or five months ago and dislocated my shoulder. Golf swing score went down. Also, it's better for you. Rach elation bad. How's your house your shoulder doing? Not doing very well. But anyway could play logo. Also, you know, I figure out I need you. Well, let's hope not coach. Let's hope you live long enough to need the operation because we certainly we certainly need you ran. And we love it when you're doing doing the show, hopefully, get a chance to catch up with you. Maybe during the finals, we'll call you and see what's going on. Well, I just like to fill the fans that that that injury grant is you can be more serious than you think. I mean, those things really linger on I had one lasted all the way through the summer took almost a year to get older so little holes in in those cafe areas. It can be really troublesome. What took you year 'cause you're sixty two when it happened. After yesterday. Coach. Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it and go back to go back and get some of that Willie money-back. Okay. Well, comas Joey said, hi, well, I take it easy. That might be. You know, we've got a lot of that. That might have been might have been the best. You know, those people are dead sovereign for the warriors. He had four or five one liners in there. If you missed we'll post dot com. Four five one liners in there it I'm telling you man, Willie Nelson, and if Woody Harrelson plan, he smokes, I dunno. I dunno Wilson smokes. But I'm telling they live over Maui. So they probably do between Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson. I wouldn't be afraid of them taking my money. I'd be afraid of them. Taking my Nellie Cushman. Like, dude what come on? You're like one eighty five when you came in here. And now you're to fifty what's your what's in the pouch valley's incredible. So he's doing as harvesting today. Just gave everybody a little peek behind the curtain so with with Nelly. We we like to schedule our guests. So we can promote our guests with Nelly. You just kinda call Nellie. And now, he's like, okay. I'm ready ready. It's like, well, we're not until three they couple years ago. I texted Nellie code. Can you come on with us today goes sure wanted to now? Now, I'm not on for three and a half hours. So I called him three and a half hours later, and he wasn't there. So that's that's just coach he called in. He's in Hawaii. He's in time. Like, so I know be Smith was going to call a couple times. And just see if you can, you know, maybe get lucky and get him. And and we did. Be Smith comedy. Just call basic base called them. Yeah. He he called them to see what's going on. I don't know. They told me that I was going to be on your show. So yeah. I mean, seriously, you gotta kind of thing. I don't know. Five lines in their unbeliev. What's going on? I don't know. Told me are going to be on the show. Just harvesting Nellie Kim. I mean, I'm on the ceremony. I love that. By the way. I I'm telling you what's going on a light on. Oh. He tweeted that the I root for the worst because the people who were around when milwau- when I go to Milwaukee, you're dead. Beautiful. Oh my God. But yeah, that's right. That need surgical heavy dead before them. He didn't give boy he is. He is down on tonight's game. Isn't he? Oh boy. He is. He was he already had the game seven. See? I don't. I don't. I don't. I don't agree with that. I think it's going to be tough. But I don't again, I just I wouldn't put it that. He's been there. Yeah. They know what it takes. It's it's going to be hard. But if you keep it close in it's close in the in the fourth which most is gains. Ben, they tight so you. Yeah. I mean, it could happen. Like, oh my goodness. And then guess what? Steph could always at two three three in a row, so can clay. And then all of a sudden like Pam, oh crap. We could lose this game. So I think it's going to be I think it'll be close like they all have. Everybody's asked me what he thinks wins. And I. I don't know. I think the rockets went tonight and so. Him. What did he know? I don't know, man. Hey, what's going on? Good to see you of know. Nicolette though is the best. Let's.

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