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"nell rahmael" Discussed on The Sean Salisbury Show

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"nell rahmael" Discussed on The Sean Salisbury Show

"It makes a world of difference I had mine on again yesterday and guess what my likes feel terrible today but my feet don't they feel fantastic. That's just because I do too much on the leg day but my feet again feel great for my run because I had those new balance shoes on my feet and I? Want you guys to experience it as well. It's not just about those running shoes. They do have those awesome look in lifestyle shoes as well. They're going to put you into the perfect fit no matter what you're doing, and you're going to walk out of there and say I am never going to the store and buy my shoes off the shelf again. Uh so get into the two locations uptown and the woodland's the uptown one is the spot for me. It's just over here in the Galleria area off of post oak that woolens location just off Kirk up there for you people on the north side. So getting their today goes through those fit specialist at. New Balanced Greater Houston. Bill. Inch longtime friend. This is the Sean Salisbury show. Their. Tremendous. Who Does he's really good. He does a good job at the line of scrimmage controlling the line of scrimmage getting Gaza jump off sides. Oh, he does a good job of recognizing the defense. Knowing where he needs to go with the ball and he's got weapons around him that he uses you know he'll use the stable rang back at they have usually they have a big tiny end. That's he likes goes to they got good receivers you know, and so with all those weapons just like I mentioned with with our guy if he can spread the ball around, you have to cover them one to to a degree are choose who you're going to double and he's experienced. So he can figure out what the double is and then you can go somewhere else with the ball. That's Romeo coronel talking about Aaron Rodgers and boy is he ever? There's no better Hard Count Snap Count Guy and? At it seems like every game at some point he gets you to jump off sides and then while. Man We jumped outside she'll continue the plan throw touchdown. He's best heart a thousand times times against the bears on national TV. It's like there's Aaron taking advantage somebody's the. Defensive. Back flat-footed after their offsides, he plays it out. It gets a big player, throws a touchdown and everybody's like what what, what he is the Best Snap Count Guy in league. So you can count on at some point third and four him using it and extending drive because of Aaron, rodgers moves seeing the Texans defensive line do it Yep a couple of times this year at least this is the best and if you're and going in, you know this. So you could also be a little hesitant which means you get off the ball errands the ability to change up his snap count and not use the same cadence voice inflection. All the time is been masterful for him. To Call Romeo Cornell would like Rahmael doesn't intricate. Male Nice changeup pitch sometimes like that. It's more formal Rahmael Cornell. About know how does that fit now with that last name? Romania CRA Nell Rahmael What do you think? Work it doesn't not with Cornell. It doesn't. Get the maybe with a different last name. Chronology. Just too hard to go what if his name was? Watson. AOL. Johnson better right. Better but not still..

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