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"neil ryan klesko" Discussed on Fantasy Focus Baseball

"Slate slater austin slater of the giants nico gudermes got six or seven steals now the choice so bad they play them every day. It's more like a utility guy but he my bet to thirty this season but nego could end up with like twelve homers and twenty two steals. That'd be pretty valuable for a lot of people even on. Espn standard is your middle infielder. You can make a case for nico good room. So i would take him over. Slater and robbie grossman doesn't have a whole lot of power. But in points league those walks add up so do robbie grossman and appoint league which is espn standard. But in a rolling out. So much. I don't think he's really. That really fast feels basis. Because he's smart now like the year lance berkman did but i don't think he's you know he's not mild straw. Let's put it that way now. Straws bad very well said on grossman. Because i forget who is having this conversation with. I just don't see it. So many people were big on robbie grossman this preseason but it is the points leagues where i think you're extracting the maximum value. I keep mentioning. Tim castro sprint speed. The guy's amazing for that and they are finding spots to play him. If you just need steals that's what you're after. I don't have an issue with him. He knows how to get on base mainly because he kinda leans into pitches gets hit by pitch twenty times a year. We talk about tyler. O.'neil previously on the show. I still think he's very underrated in terms of the speed scores for you as well. There's nothing i mean among available hitters there nothing that that steals basis as bad. I mean don't more. Is this close to losing his job. Like if you have to accept that. It's you know most of these players especially when you're adding right now are going to hurt you somewhere else. Hi what's next bertrand's steals. Were so much fun. I was so that to pull. Neil ryan klesko. Remember that year. I remember that twenty twenty steel. Yeah i love it when guys like. That's how you find. Those are the league winners. Twenty live thought you had four. I've got the limit. Eric is gonna love more than anyone else in. History manny machado. Excuse me he's good. We know about him. You're the stolen base year. Remember that you were on that. Well he was a guy who we knew could steal basis and then he just didn't do it probably about the injury he went from like two to twenty and he hasn't done that since because i said i thought he could and he's not done it since that was one of the year after he stole twenty he still zero zero one. What we basically tells you that song basis for most for nine years polenta these guys is just i feel like stealing bases and that's it i could prove to you that i can steal basis by the kalmyk. If you look at his scouting grades unsure. He has top shelf speed. I think it's more smarts in the bates basements. And what. I worry a little bit about is that it's sometimes a learning curve for those players at the majors so little careful on a gaudy stolen projection. I think the most important thing is where where they battle. One lefty power hitter and its seager could make the case about counties not hitting sega's third fourth whatever you wanna do seattle. I mean haniger off guy probably not bataille francis and hitting like. I don't know where bats in the lineup where were maximizes value. You want higher. I wanna back second because he can still basis still knock in runs. New american league's d. h. So like lamps extended even if it's like know torrens batting ninth but the point is the number to lineup spot. People is where you put your best hitter in sim and fantasy whatever. It is real managers. That's where they go. Yeah and they don't do it some do some do. Some guy did that with a player can tell martini marietta. This really lucky crazy season. I don't know what kind of morons like that you know. Fifty seven homers yellow second and that same similarly again. Because i want him batting the most and you had a huge year with them want it. Mvp anyway. That's why i want to see county batting second. But i doubt that's what happens. You're mike knows you guys generally aim for the best player in it specific deal are you willing to seemingly pay to get the top guy and a two for one sort of thing. Absolutely look i don't care about overpaying. As i just mentioned inch and a half hour ago i i need what i need for my team and so it kind of depends but i mean let me make sure i get this correct Yes i'm willing to overpay to get the guy i need whether it's needed to strike out guy peralta or i need a closer or i need a guy for the future. I've our pay plenty of times. 'cause i don't care how it looks i care on my team does so if your goal is to win a trade. It's the wrong all tristan. You do a better job in trading than i do but like you're willing to overpay when you need to aren't you like i know we're pays also like go couple different ways like i look at a tree okay. There was a trade. I don't think this guy listen to this show. There was one of our leagues yesterday. Where i texted you and davey right away. I'm like oh my god that was all right. Let's say it's a dynasty league it said but it could easily be fantasy. Mookie betts was traded for jared county josh young and three high draft picks up for re draft picks for the other team there but the draft picks remember were thirty teams so most meaningful. But it's like it's a plastic related draft. Yes i could make the case for that trade being overpay and underpay celtics great. That's fair yes bogeys. Great now but the point is like he just wanted him. 'cause you're gonna save team seattle. You'd like you can. That's an overpay. That's okay because county kim. John could be really really good. Yeah and what. They're not right now. It was a huge homer trade. But i agree with you. You could make the case very easily for either side of those. And i do think you should aggressively overpay. I will say that you should do it more. So the smaller the talent pool in your league in other words. If it's a shallow mixed you should be more. Aggressive in overpaying because the level of replacement is much higher. You can get guys to fill in the cracks of the back of your mind. I want to maximize roster spot. I possibly can the other thing too. Is you mentioned that similar. Got so on the keeper league. Play the twelve team where we carry over twelve major league players a year. We've gotten stale on trades like this that everybody throws out the. I'm looking for a two for one or three for one where i'm giving up the extra bodies. But they are not making the calculation that they should be overpaying. Be giving up guys. Who if you're grading on his scouting scale twenty to eighty. If you're trying to get the eighty grade player you should be giving up two guys who grades sixty five. You should not be giving up to players. Who grade fifty. It's not just Let's give you a big pile of my garbage for your one great player. You know it. You know what i'm talking about i know talking about. I want to ask you a follow up question to stop and yesterday because one guy on our league was not very pleased that that trade does a fantasy owner or simone or anything manager does he have an obligation to send the league in email or post somewhere. Saying i am making mookie. Betts available offers considered or. She's just do whatever he wants. Where do you stand on that. I do not think that there's an obligation to do that. I think it's wise to do that. I also think it's unwise to do it if you're trying to get everybody to beef up the prices. You should not use people against each other to negotiate. I look the people who believe you. Should i don't but if it was me and i was trading a player like mochi bets. I would say. I'm strongly considered signatory making a trade. You wanna get an offer in san juan. my way. that's the best way you get value. And that's the way you should put it. But he wanted to tell you don't no but in hit no. I don't think there's an obligation. I do agree. It's wise but in this case he wanted county nick because he's a mariners fan so it worked out and it might work out just fine. We'll know for two years. But i.

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