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"neil mcdonough" Discussed on The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

"Was decide that ships off the coast of Florida in similar fashion. Emily do night. Are you sure absolutely not imagine what the opera would be? If off the coast of California Roll of Florida as close as what U S ships are to to China imagine. Janis had their ships warships doing as they just be very surprised. If they're not how do you know because we know they're not you had to you know because it's I read? They certainly sowed down the off the coast of conduct the same sorts of look when I showed up in a stronger off the coast. Holy Shit See. Remember remember when Australian having wargames on the coast of Queensland and I went there was a Chinese intelligence ship shock that they were actually. I've done it every time. It was a shock to bed. Come from I didn't think it was such a shock. I think they expected this to be from me. Evidence that the Chinese regularly conduct the sign sort of maneuverings off the coast of America. It doesn't happen very surprised if they didn't it doesn't happen but we are tending towards a culture. Where there's good and bad doors lock. It's becoming very black and white and blind. Walt Disney for to be honest but will the last couple of generations of just growing up watching. Tv and movies where there's a definitive lawn between the good guy in the bag. Your truck. You're either one or the other is no gripes. No Inbetween and people have taken that into their personal laws. And it's like well. The good guys was not always does then think I grew up watching Disneyland tune. I I share your feeling about this. I think Disney has healthy influence in popular culture. But when last thing on this before we move on to other issues so this one in the John Menatep log where it says that the commentators on China get away with that lane statements that don't pass the most minimum scrutiny tykwer example Dr Clive Hamilton. Statement commenting on tensions with China and broadcast on. Espn TV. On the fifth of my that quote the United States is not going to you know actually undertake some sort of military action but Beijing. My well do that. Yeah that was a really dumb thing to say. Who's Club Hamilton again? He's he's. He's like in charge of the Australia Institute. And he's written various books like he's leftish intellect saying he's a really remember trump side but he's a real anti China sort of character anyway. That's the sort of stuff that happens in. Spf hold on a minute you talking. You cannot be serious. What do you expect on? Espn what decide again. He said that the United States is not going to unilaterally undertake some sort of military action but Beijing. My world do that. So we saying cheese of America doing it when Neil McDonough did. I think he's got a right to say that. If that's his opinion he can sign. Try to switch it up. To free speech argument he can sign it but SBA should've said will biased on the evidence of history of the last seventy years e. You have no reason to say that. Because if what we've learned from previous conflicts is that if anybody's GONNA start a military conflict from he would probably say in response to that you know to different America in their role as the will. Police have got a for a few bullets. He might wilder and then but in which case it proves that he's wrong if because as the world's police they're out there firing bullets regularly. So you can't say they not going to start something will they wouldn't start something with China because it wouldn't be in their interest to start something which on it would damage. Them's it's adly economically if I started a win China but are you selling military hardware in which case was a good thing. I'm sure there's some businesses within America. Who would because I'd have war with anyone ultimately military equipment but ultimately it wasn't in America's interest to go into the Vietnam Punch on the nose didn't work out well for them nine. It worked well for the arms manufacturer that nobody else. Yeah or sorry weight watcher. If you couldn't work at that same link I think I've got it running. I can't see you China to join but if you have sorry this can't say you. I K free speech. Native axes get into was deep breath. Football's let's start with some ethical principles and some legal principles and then apply them to the practical situations faced with so pre speech ethical. Stuff the harm principle says people should be free to act however they wish unless the actions cause harm to somebody else so this is a central tenant of the political philosophy known as liberalism and was first proposed by English philosopher. John Stuart Mill so and Frito actors wish provided dined. Cool was harm to somebody else. Sounds like a good Bisi starting point. Yep All agreement on that depends on what you call home nothing. That's that's the bit indeed. So the sticking point comes in trying to define what counts is harmful so a lot of people said a pretty low bar is so just some otherwise to think of these things so I've often mentioned in the past about buying a faulty toaster. Something he goes away. Have you ever heard of the case of Donoghue and Stevenson Ron any sort of introductory Lula subject in business course or if you do torts in law school it'll you'll be introduced to the donahue and Stevenson Smile in the bottle? Kayce side snail in a bottle race. Sounds like a drink bottle. Yeah yeah so up until this case if you were injured by somebody the needed to be some sort of contractual relationship so but what happened in this case was that Mrs Donoghue Drank. Gingy did smile on it And she sued joy nine silently after she drunk but first half that she didn't fit the rest of the bodily out they did style and she'd already consumed bottle and failed ill and went home so she sued the manufacturer. She did not have a contractual relationship with the bottle from the shopkeeper who had bought the bottle from the manufacturer here so shopkeeper saying why proud didn't do anything wrong like I just couldn't see inside the bottle dark glassy county. Expect me to check in exactly and that was where I basically said. What's Felicio able and career of this tour of negligence so bicycle you must take reasonable kid or avoid emissions which you can reasonably foresee would be likely to injure your neighbour so who is your neighbor. The answer is persons who are so closely and directly affected by my act that I ought reasonably to have them in contemplation as long as effected went on directing my mind to the matters Blah Blah Blah. Basically if you're manufacturing soft drink and you'll warehouses enough to have smiles around and the price is such that it's now could get into a bottle. You could foresee that somebody would drink it and therefore if you can foresee that sort of harm could happen and you're going to be liable even if you don't have a contract that's donahue versus team so so we've expanded that thing where we've got consumer loads so we cy when we're gonNA wipe until somebody drinks the smile in the bottle if we see a shoddy autumn as a matter of sort of consume will stop you from selling that item so you brought into the country some a toy. It's obvious that small pods can break off check kid. We're not gonNA white for some poor kid to suffer We're GONNA stop you even before the end. So that's sort of at sort of consumer laws of coming so with the healing. Church was selling the bleach all in the bottle. Right say the therapeutic goods saturation said. We're GONNA find you one hundred and fifty thousand dollars without even whitened for somebody to drink that bleach can goes. It's clear to us that this likely. It's going to happen so we accept and I think libertarian. Oh would accept that all my sensei fire like you don't have any issues with ask society controlling people's actions in that regard consumer protection is fine. Yeah so that's manufactured products. What did they are advice? Woods which case of MLC in Everett which basically decided you can have negligent misrepresentation on financial advice. Some some report was prepared about the financial viability of the company. And somebody else got hold of that. Report relied on end. Liverpool G by suffered financial loss sued the person who produced so basically similar principle if you produce a document of financial advice which is wrong knowing that somebody might use that Voss than you could be liable but if you're an epidemiologist and you produce a report that's horribly wrong and shoulders and we'll get onto medical advice in the second part of the leader. Stay with me on the here so you can be sued for bad voss right and that makes sense as well bad advice. Siamese Mike a bad bottle ginger beer you can be sued for so we have consumer laws on advice. So we're not have liked the therapeutic goods thing because you can't really you can't look at a container full of advice and got will let containers shit or like just doesn't work that way. So what we have is more like consumer laws on advises. So we CY. If you want to give this sort of advice way gunness DOPP your regulate you so financial advice. I couldn't on this forum side. Somebody heavily regulated WESTPAC shares. A great deal and you'd be mad not to decide something like that that's financial advice about securities and the law says can't do it But we can say. Don't drink boy to get rid of cavenaugh name we can confidently cited you. I'm leading up to. So the point is we are you happy with the regulation of financial advice stops shoddy people from giving it and that we say no people with this certificate and this training and and even as a lawyer with a law degree you have to have a law degree? Plus you've got to be registered as a legal practitioner of pied the Insurance. And then we'll let you give legal advice. Xilai these are all impositions on freedom of speech that we've decided off area because of the potential That could come down the track right talking to Detroit in. I said so. What's the what's the restriction on medical advice and didn't seem as much like its life that You can't call yourself a medical practitioner unless you have got the appropriate registration and you use that. In order to charge Medicare and Mike Money through the Medicare system but essentially a tight. Legal advice from podcast. He listened done medical advice. Can we give medical legal advice from either but it seems to me that it's it's loose in that people can sign medical things same stand. It doesn't like you know I recommend you drink this bleach. And it's not regulated in the sideline that we've regulated financial advis all regulated voice. What's more important consequence could be just as bad even worse. Yeah side what would you think of a proposal that if we've regulated these other forms of advice should we be regulating medical advice DECI? Absolutely yeah but pull you would cy. I would say you tell me what I would say back on onset of something to add like I think cam if if a medical practitioner like to be a registered medical practitioner. You have to have some sort of Lawson's.

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