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"neil hollandsworth" Discussed on H-Hour: A Sniper's Podcast

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"neil hollandsworth" Discussed on H-Hour: A Sniper's Podcast

"Have a shop on their on our website. A new default trump actually where they sell this trauma kits individual first aid kit stuff that you would like to. You would need do need when you walk in these kind of these kind of environments they. There is a discount code and give you which is h. h. o. u. all h our hr without the hyphen page. And i'll get you ten percent check out and you also when you buy stuff from them. The trauma packs. You get free up hockey. I've gotcha got one of the studio pretty funky odd docker with website on all social media. Search the easy peasy on my guest. Today is neil hollandsworth near as ex royal army medical corps. Then out to become a spouse is also serve which she is serving now and when he left she was still serving. He became basically housewife. Like a stay at home husband and in the process he set up explore coffees. He's the founder and director of explorer copies. He's a good guy this is. Hr podcast miami's ukiah guest. Today is neil home's.

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