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"nee charlie" Discussed on The Friend Zone

"Speaking of music just kind of staying on their brandy versus Monica on says. Amid the to me of. Is Yes we call. You Black. So whose team are you on Dustin I think Monica's team clearly clearly. Is What it is like this and like that. I'm team Brandy just because I just love brandy man. I understand you WANNA give. Third Fourth and Fifth and seven and seventy. I'd genuinely love her voice like said about her album I didn't care what she was singing about our just happy to hear her. Meant that. You so us you stay true to your word I was happy. Tinto's. Away from her, you know what? I'm saying she is the vocal terms and conditions. She is we skip it, but we have to see it. You have to recognize it. You know what I'm saying. So but but no one's going to take away from her talent Brandy Brandy is a world undeniable incredible one of a kind talent and she was a pop star Darling Teen Star on television show barbies, play you name it. You cannot take that away from her. I think that you know it's hard. It's been so much life this happened you know in between that time and now and And it's hard. You know it's a kind of. Bad and you know and re and and and resurrection. There is there you know it's just buried. So but but with Monica. What I'm saying person who industry dialing well liked by or accept masterpiece but that's a new that that just happens. You know what Dan we ain't there. Yet we get. Out It damn. YUCK versus pre show over here. What is it? But yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait for the arguments, the drinks, the food I'm going to have a little situation. I think some socially distant. People over to the house. It's a whole moment I've been waiting ever see how many times have. We said if you really WANNA get is shaking okay here why why would you not have brandy and Monica is the ultimate battle and Denver I. Believe it was Denver tweeted that shutout to just Denver on twitter my boy from La. But I think Denver tweeted like Brandy is going to be the first one to throw a little bit subtle shade. During the battle whatever it's going to be Brandy Monica being, nice you. Brandy going to be sitting up there just a Kaftan and you know. Then Break Times jingling you hear. Sorry. Why and Monica is GonNa look. Designer Shit. You know saying fashion plate she is she's been looking so good lately I mean she looks so good. Have you seen him pictures posting? I did see them I don't. Come single and a angel of hers. So I just you know I'm just here for for Monica to take what's rightfully her she got the most hits by number. Let's be clear most billboard number ones between her and Brady. Monica got three. Now you know that Bill Boyd Hits does. Not Mean. Is. More talented. I never said that because I recognized both their talent but billboard his don't mean nothing until you enter a literal competition fema songs in your catalog song by Song. So that's why it's okay to put that to the floor. For consumption because this is where that data is relevant to you. Man I love. I Love Brandy I. Love Brandy have I ever? So much it makes me cry but you know. I. Am looking forward to Monica. Sorry you know I love Brian Love. Monica to I'm not even GONNA act like she was a huge of. How old are we were album job? Do you know cursing in fucking? Okay so we could wear relate to express. Man The white shoes everybody keeps reposting on twitter. Monica Tinto's down. I'm going to ask GONNA say go. Talk. Would ooh okay. So I missed it. accused. Keep. It all the way real because when we first started I was going to be know higher my oh, well, play referee I love them just as the. Dow Make my finger hovering over the end. Zoom Welfare you might have to end me down. No. All ongoing say. I am going to say is. It don't matter what record brandy touches she can do it on her arm everyone's which time and I'm only saying that because slow clout only saying that because. Monica has worked and this isn't even a bad thing but Monica work with so many people, right like so many people we love she does the record with missy. You know what I'm saying like like they're just she did the Wrexham key Chicago there. So many people that she works with brandy usually fly solo and she can she has a solid discography of like solo records and I'm not taking anything away I just love the fact that brand me as an artist can always delivered by. I wonder why I wonder why? Me and. That's the difference between the two artists. Thank you very much. I can appreciate. That's what you need to know. I can appreciate way to fight with you in the comments Dustin can't wait. I very much appreciate. The fact that Brandy has really set up here signed her ass off on pretty much any and every song he's been on whether it's high or low, and you know Monica does her thing. Monica has so many cuts like I. Love Monica don't get it twisty. So what are you saying I'm saying what are what are you saying? It's going. To be rocket I'm GONNA be rocker. I'm GONNA be rocker. Okay. That's. That's fine. We over here everybody know what it is. I love. I love them both but clearly, I'm saying I'm I'm Monica House. So you know they'll have fun. I would be so gone over. Monica. Thank you very much. I'll, be kicking. Wrong and and like Kerry, said, we'll be playing that somebody's GonNa tweet West song go up against angel in disguise and carry said Angel in mind the one that they played on the radio so. This is one of them things. You know what? I'm saying, Kerri Kasem on its team Monica do t Monica or day, baby? This. Kerry Kerry Kerry Corner Baby, it's carry twitter's you can find. And that's where you see your team go team. Team Glauca Monica Guy Better kids are I'm told. Like. Oh My. Kids personalities. Come on come Oh isn't that better go Look I love kids innocent and nothing to kid but I, believe Bradey eighteen, so we really can get own. Right I'm really just I. It's totally jokes. I just wanted to know it was really hard for me to choose brandy because I do love me some Monica like get it twisted like I. Love me some set it off. You know I love me all. There's anyone that doesn't. Yeah. When I think of like singing like I just think of brandy like I think of an win friend made that declaration. Brandy Song that's not important here. No. I WanNa know what's Your Bandy Song is put that on everything. Yes. I and is a beautiful song. This is in my my favorite but I always think about India singing. Levin count me out. Like this, and then I hate that you even sit there friend because I'm not trying to even call India. But like every time I think of a brand new song think of India doing and it's just her from practicing. Influences on all like I said the majority. An amazing nobody sounds like hurting me I love Indian. Right but she on style I mean you know I. Just I love her sound. Do you not think it's original brandy? She inspired a whole lot of people that you know chase them runs and do you know I'd rather listen to Charles and I'm just gonNa tell the truth. Real. Quick. Speaking. If Charlie Wilson came out with a girl group of singing ask Girls Charlie's angels. Was Somebody tell that. that. would be cute char or arrest around to go up against the oil. G.. Three Oh beaches, Nee Charlie angels you might say. By the Chinese restaurant group you know we're his home girls at from high school. He still keep in touch with that can. Hold up now that you're saying three older. Have you seen that live baby challenge on twitter please tambi obscene. No the. Breakdown No. So someone took a picture of baby. Oh, and ask Mama. Picture black and white, and the Puerto like nineteen. Seventies. And then the challenge was you add text your Mama that picture and be like Momma you remember from school. The Mamas Avenue. What Oh, boy say he was like my mom would just be LIOTTA's. Diane I do not. And I think it was the Mama? Was I kid Shawnee? NISHA RE? So it became like, oh jealous, and then literally two days later little baby was like tell Ya Mama's to stop putting. A.

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