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"ned triplets" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"ned triplets" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"You. Have you applauded didn't applaud. I hope your home burns now. I knew where it was. It would only kidding. No seriously i want you to know that Tonight my subjects vary watch. Think i'm blind to begin with mentioned stephen foster who wrote many beautiful tone. Oh i don't remember them because it kind of music throw me. I like jane brown. Bb king but that and you live dead. Steve lift at yourself. Some people aren't built. Billy i wouldn't have seventy six long. Jomon live up a wet butterfly. That's what i do. Support my family. They can forget it. Because i don't have to one ugly wave and ugly daughter. Ugly parents are the cause of kids. You follow ugly kid home and see no semi opened the door. Red mine is just a nice dancer. My goodness if we took over you could pass. But i would tell you some other stuff. My story is very right away. She skipped six to get to a nice one. You ever catch me the nightclub. I'm good nighclub. i swear. I wanted noise behind. You have to be careful who belongs to what group name as guy came home when thought his wife. You know what i mean. It was suspicion she said. I know what you what you never say. Nothing but never worried by me when you go out to you. And he said well listen. He got his going out the door and got his knife out his pocket. Oakland and we start honing chopping it up. Real good she said what are you doing. He said cnn blues ways us under the bed. If ain't nobody. I'm gonna shave another guy who is suspicious. He walked home he was in. He was in a bathroom jaded and he has basin mirror. And you get ready to dick and you look behind him and the bathroom curtain would close so he turned around you. Here's what would you the bathroom guy standing into got a man shot oscar nine hundred voting yet. Slow me down around. We'll get a chance to see me. No more and my brother back in new york. There's three of us ed. Read ned triplets born forty five minutes apart triplets triplets. My dad came hostile. My mother taught the kids land and the three of us. Mother's day mary. You pick one you drown your mother. too swim. Swim was getting a bag full of cats. Dad hated cats to me. I don't hate guests. But i'm not going to kill my family station wagon to black get can happen to you. You'd be back that did canary dog. Everybody i run all cats okay. What color they are. I'm not gonna wreck seven thousand automobile note cat us man and we have figured him down goes over. Twenty eight one dab with nothing left over. I don't hate cats anything in the world. In the world. I hate midgets and oprah i you know. I just don't to wrap get mad with midget game. Cut it and you gotta stab him in top of the hey. Don't ever fight them. Megyn that you've done midget fighting previous nothing. Bugs me kids. Cry san francisco. New york kid cried all the way all the way. Five dollars and fifteen lady looked at me with certain kennett apple sir sits there. I don't know what to do. Show is on. The radio knows miserable. Couples that are married with no kids no children in the house. They don't know what it means to give up so your child can have to do without something. Childless couples don't know what it means to sit out the couch in a big water. peanut watch. television do great jenny fingerprints fouled out with skate breakneck. They don't know what it means to have. Those kids around the house watching little boy grew a little acorn into complete nut. Your daughter all the way through high school and college.

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