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"ned mason plumlee" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Real quick. We gave you the sound throughout the morning. Aaron judges just fine. He did Homer of James Paxton yesterday as to Giancarlo Stanton. So those two getting their swings in order here with opening night about a week away in Paxton will start Game two of that opening. Siri's against the Nationals. Also deejay LeMay you expected back sometime this week for the Yanks, apparently all recovered from Corona Virus. Jacob deGrom's day to day his memory with the back stiffness came back clean. And they will kind of monitor him his status for opening day TBD. Apparently the Yankees and the Mets are both going to take advantage of some sort of system that MLB put in place. They're gonna pipe in the crowd noise and also the walk up music. So even though these stadiums going be empty to start, you're gonna have some sort of ambiance or environment there at the stadium for these two teams, and I guess the Mets did a bit of a dress rehearsal yesterday they had music in between his bats and some crowd shatter. That was her during their inter squad yesterday at Citi Field, so we'll see how that looks and sounds on TV team. He'll sound quite underway, right weird there, but I think on TV will be perfect. It's interesting, they said, is the base runners in certain cases headed towards home plate. The fake crowd roared. So I guess it's not just kind of Ah, a level crowd noise in the background. They actually have the ability to You know, raise it and drop it down, depending on what's going on. I guess there's somebody who's in charge of that. It has like a Fader just sits there and watches the game and hits the buttons. They need someone that's gone like Eddie's presence. Exactly got the fuel for the game. They know of your chair. And where Bowen were keeping quiet. Not easy. I wouldn't think no, definitely does not sound easy. And the Mets we know we're gonna have the Ah, the cardboard cut outs of the fans in the stands as well. The Season ticket holders that could pay for that so little quirks that we're going to have to take a look at once season gets going here. Jamal Crawford cleared from quarantine He got through his six days down there in Orlando. He cannot join the Nets for practice inside the bubble. Four year olds felt pretty comfortable entering the unique environment over my family. My wife like you have to go do this, my son the same way. Obviously, the NBA all the proper measures. Protocols have been unbelievable. And he admits he chose the Nets partially because of his ties to both Kevin Durant and Kyrie, Irving, Kevin and higher, Probably two of my closest friends and most of my clothes experiences, believes I watched him in many ways. Play, obviously because I was playing with the Nets decimated by injury and the positive covert 19 tests. Garrett Temple happy to welcome a proven veteran presence, one of the best sex ever play the game. Provide a scoring punch provide a voice in the locker room has been around for a long time understands how to win games. Just a great guys will, though. Keep things like a couple of things Net related. I read this morning They were kind of interested Joe Side their owner. Recently did a fireside chat with season ticket holders on Zoom and I guess he sent each of the people who took part in that zoom fireside chat bottles of wine, so we'll have to find out if Evan was on the receiving end of one of those if he was part of that, Chan, so he sent cabernet sauvignon from Frank Family vineyards, so I don't know how many people they had on the zoom, but I mean, how many season ticket holders you think they have? It's got to be in the thousands. So if they have wine, that's that's kind of you know, with thirsty with thirsty is all held. What is here? He's gotta be worth what He's got and those in the billions billions. But I mean he's talk about Evan is that he's a couple 1,000,000,000 on then this was all still very random. Former Ned Mason Plumlee, whose now I think with the Nuggets, he's part of the A Rod Joo. I mean, I know they've They've got some star studded names. I just I mean, how much money do we think Mason Plumlee has but then comes back to we talked about the other day these they're not putting in billions of dollars. But why Even they're inconsequential names that are just part of it. Be that as it may, if, if the idea for a Rod and J Lo is to rhyme assume it's to raise more funds to put towards the ultimate the overall bid, correct. To a certain extent. Yeah. I mean, I just wondered how they let's not the bulk of the investment writes I wonder how they land on a guy like Mason Plumlee. No offence is their friends through an agent. Who knows? Yeah, I got three. A couple 1,000,000 bucks. It all helps. I was just curious makes for a good story. Shin was there. Yeah, I guess so. I guess I just I work $12 billion. Not bad. Not bad, right? J lot of millionaires that's in the Steve Cohen range. He's what 13 I think something like something like that at 13 6 something and Joe size got like this. Really unassuming Twitter account. He's got 22,000 followers. He just he posts like videos of his kids playing soccer and He's worth 15. Whatever you just said. $12 billion. It's just amazing to me, regular guy. Man of the people. Yeah, regular guy with a few of the kids playing soccer in college with the 22,000 Twitter followers and these Ah, 12 billionaire, Okay? Must be nice. Yeah, Here's a non corny doc Rivers bite for you. We know not everyone is fully embracing the bubble environment or the restart in general Count rivers is being pumped up about it. I don't know. I think it's really cool. You have a chance to come out of this and play games and then you know, go to the playoffs. I think it's awesome. It's kind of similar. We heard from Johannes yesterday. And you know the idea of being it helps when you're One of the legit contenders in one of the better teams in the league, where you feel like you've got college a chance to go down there and actually won a championship. Steve Balmer was what Microsoft The owner of the Clippers. Yeah, so he's worth $73 billion he's over 100 billion less than based on this basis thing amazes me. The numbers are just astronomical. Trillionaire man hard to comprehend. You may be the world's first. Truly Yeah, he probably will be a couple more from Rob Gronkowski with Tiki and Tierney on CBS. Fortune Radio. Yes, loaded..

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