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"ned claudia" Discussed on Unspooled

"Wait, like, it's not like the old dirty Harry version of many think everyone wants to see it. I think people thought like all grand jury. No, he's gonna go and to it. It's like it's like the dude bro version of we talked about with like Karen Kasama who director destroyer, and what Lynne Ramsay did in like you never really here. It's like adding a little bit of like a dramatic weight to it is, but it's like through his eyes and everything that we know of Clinton's. But I don't know. It's interesting that he I think is calling out the bullshit of of Hollywood like everything after his movies rejection of traditional Hollywood, it's true. And I will say like I one hundred percent do not feel. I'll guilty about taking the piss out of his films, but I do respect his discipline air and to me those are two separate channels of appreciation or criticism for what he does. I wonder how much of his de glamorization of the west comes from the fact that he was one of those people who was on John Wayne Speedo, we're John Wayne was like when he made win a Clinton aide, high plains drifter, John Wayne wrote him letter, and he was like that isn't what the west was about that isn't our American people who settled this country at I wonder if like there's a touch of clinics for being like, you can't tell me about America, you weren't even there either. Like, we're both just making this up. Well, and you know, what's great about Clint Eastwood is he subverts the tropes of the western right away in the beginning by creating the more violent western like, so John Wayne is doing these films where you can't show, you know, people getting shot on camera. He goes to Italy to work with Leoni Leoni doesn't know these rules. So he's showing bloody showing people get shot point blank range and Clint Eastwood's like I knew these rules, and I just didn't tell him because I thought it'd be more fun. So. Here. He is first subverting it in a way that we heard from John Wayne last week, you know, violence if it's not dignified. It's not good. So first of all he blows up the western just by like introducing violence, and then that character kind of carries over into Harry. And then he kinda wraps it all up at the end. You know, he kind of reinvents the western twice yell at I think would really surprise Sergio Leoni himself. It'd be like Leoni said this about Clint Eastwood he said that he has to expressions with or without ahead. That he would go forth in reshape the Jonah and reshape Dijon Ronan shape. The genera you I was playing his game. When I was rerouted and some of this movie. I was like, oh, I could imagine Kiana is giving this exact same line delivery for most of everything that Clint Eastwood does in the film, you know, because he doesn't tend to put any sort of emotion into his words, you just kind of corrects the volume a little bit, right? But that's also sort of who he is like, I mean, this is John wick again, we talk about the, you know, these these movies that are doing very well for us, the take ins and John wicks are plays on traditional western things in it. I would argue, you know, without the karate. There's a lot of similarities between John wick and William money, you know, to a certain degree. I just went to a guy who's living in this house. I'm done. I'm so done that I've buried my guns under something. Dad? Why? Yeah. No. I mean, don't I mean, there's a lot of there's a lot of stuff that you can see a direct line to to. But if you will forgive me, I do just want to play like at least a snippet of Clinton monologue to refresh ourselves as to how he gives lines in. Fame Ned Claudia. She's straight me up cleared me, drinking, whiskey and all. Just because we're going on this kill in that domain..

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