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NBA 2020 Predictions

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NBA 2020 Predictions

"About My tween twenty bold predictions now. This isn't just for the regular season. This is for the off season. This is the beginning of next season to these addiction that I think that potentially could happen. I'm going to say them here today. And maybe you can agree with me some. You may think this crazy in some you might agree with. We'll have to see my first pro. Prediction is that both L. A.. Neither one of the LA teams will not make the Western Conference finals. I think a team will beat them or since the clippers. Don't take care too much about seeding in the Lakers. Stay the number one seed if the clippers land four or five. They'll play the clippers in the second row. They'll play Lakers around. which would men? 'cause obviously semifinals matchup US and other Western Conference finals match. But I also feel like there may be a team that could upset me maybe Houston is probably the most likely that could upset one of the LA teams and. I think that they're going to keep them from making the the the Western Conference finals. I know a lot of people were expecting that to happen. A lot of people are wanting to happen. I'm sure it will be great for the Lee but I really think that that's something in my opinion that I think is going to happen. That's one of my first. Bold predictions of the twenty twenty season in further on my eh prediction is that the Golden State Warriors will form another super team. Now I don't know if there's going to be with Jaanus. It could be a cry towns because Golden State is monitoring situation but Golden State clearly knows. Listen with the way the League is if we want to be on topic how can we need to get an update US another super team together and I think that they're definitely trying very hard to get another another star player in there now. I do like that. Probably means that's the end of Draymond Green. But I think that's what they're aiming for taming to get their aiming to get another star in there to see to come back with clay and to come back with Steph potentially really they can make you trade for star because they if they do get a top three lottery pig. deathly do not be surprised. If they try to make a trade with that pick honestly they honestly could have just picked up an amazing asset for them because they could use that as trade bait in. That's good trait rate. You know maybe the team star is disgruntled. Maybe you never know. I mean this isn't somebody would think about like the sons have another bad year. We'll we'll give you our top pick and another guy. And we want Devon Booker. Obviously Yona how that work I mean you know. They're kind of doing the right now. And the end of the Russell even yeah no. We Really Devon Booker may be a better player Neanderthal Russell. But that's definitely a prediction I think could potentially happen. I think that the warriors warriors will form another super team. But it's not going to be as top heavy instrument of Kevin Durant who like the second best player in the League. That's why think if they got Jaanus it would be stacked because of state Stephan Klay can play like they play and then they completely put a better supporting cast around. Then you could say okay. Yeah this team is going to be very tough to beat. Even laker teams have a team. They may be looking up to but it will have to see because if they get any towns houses. This is a great player but we don't view him as view when Kevin Durant was there which means even though it would be very top heavy west conference. But that's when also and my pro predictions one of my other pro predictions. Are I think that revenue from the C.. BA will increase which will lead to more players undeserving of big major contracts. Getting big major contracts. I'm going to say any names. But it's like okay. Well I'll say this because I don't know if he's GonNa get it but there are people who are sometimes wonder now dre walgreens supposed to be a free agent this offseason offseason Draymond Green. We know he's not a guy who's going to score points we can do live. And he's a great gadget player. I would say but some people wonder. Would somebody pay draymond green the Max would they give draymond green that Max deal. That is something they definitely wonder about and like a question. Like why would you give you Max. If if there's more money to be spent draymond green could potentially ask for Max and if you like laundry a month you might give them close to it. I mean we already have players now. who try to sign that? First Max deal then take a shorter deal. Just didn't end up getting of that. Ten Year supermax dill. But you know it's one of those those things where I think that this will lead to more players being signed overpaid and I mean you obviously can see more cat room. It can lead the teams being in very weird financial situations with cap every team six Performing up to expectation and then you played a lot of guys a lot of money who may have never actually deserve the money in the first place so. I think that that's going to be something that's going to be interesting another addiction I have is. I think that James Harden will make it to the NBA Finals Cheer. I know that's pretty big. That basically means you're saying he's GonNa beat one or both La Teams. I think James Harden. This would be the best year for him to do it. I think right now this I flew. This is his best year do it. So I'M GONNA go ahead mcnabb. Oh predicts names hard. It's GonNa make the finals. These the rockets are GonNa make the finals. This may be shocking to you. But that's how I feel. I feel like that. Jr potentially do it. I feel like if he was able to average at least thirty in the playoffs and Russell could give him about twenty twenty three. That's fifty three between the two players and they have some good supporting cast. You can't forget about. PJ Tucker can't forget about Erik. Gordon Clink Appel. You definitely feel like they have all the potential attention in the world so potentially be a top team and so I would not be surprised if they end up being the top team they think they can be and making it to the NBA NBA finals. This year in basically just creating just such a great agree moment for the city Houston also another prediction. I think Diane if he comes back as soon as they say he come back. We'll still win rookie of the year. I think Zaylon has all the talents. Be A star of Zion. Comes back in balls out in just twenty points a game in gives you a lot of highlight plays. I think he will be able to squeeze out winning rookie year only only playing half of the year again. That's a pretty bold prediction but as I've anybody can do a Zairean can all takes his cause. Remember even the Luca one owned by a lot last year. You trae young exciting second half which made it interesting and don't be. We don't feel like John Moran is doing with Luca Danni last year so it's not as far fetched is not as it's not like oh it's completely impossible for Luca played so well and then trae young play well in the New Year but he's still play. Okay well it's like John Mirant is playing. Maybe the best right now. But he's not playing at local level from last year so of Zion can have maybe a trae young like surge in the second half of the season. I think he'll go ahead and win the rookie year. But it all depends on when he gets back. 'cause I do if he didn't get back to maybe mid February with that he wouldn't. It's only two months left in the season. At that point. He has to probably get back to move in the next two weeks and then just start going on a tear from game one because dial is full practice recently so he's clearly about to get there. Obviously you've seen him take jumpers you've seen him dunk Donc so I definitely things I on can win the rookie year if he gets back in time and my last bowl prediction is that the Atlanta Hawks will add a star player. This off season. I don't know who but I feel. They're gonNA add some but I feel like some of the issues they've had I flipped. They're going to add a star. Because I feel like you need to especially to make trae WANNA stay there because rotations rumblings that he might and I wanna stay. That may be something that you may want to do. If Your Hawks Front office you need to add some talent in their yep some good young talent but you're going to you know how it is as league view in a win you're gonNA have to give up that good young talent for solidified star. Obviously I feel like trays untouchable. But maybe Kevin Heard. Or maybe you D Andre One hundred maybe a cam reddish maybe push them shelby John Collins and I think they're gonNA make a trade for a proven star in this league and we'll have to see whoever that star is how far the Atlanta Hawks may potentially get because of it but that's it for me thank you for listening listening to the GMC football basketball podcast on the GMC podcast network. If you please remember to subscribe was that really helps us and also ride review and also Father Wilson's social media instagram twitter and

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