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Greg Warren's Denny's Days, Bootsy Collins Contributes to Music Cares, Val's Hair Metal Friday

Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show

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Greg Warren's Denny's Days, Bootsy Collins Contributes to Music Cares, Val's Hair Metal Friday

"Erg. The best part about Robbie pres. album cover back then. Is he standing? With. His arms folded. His shirt is tucked in two super tight jeans that he has no belt on, and he's got Super Harry arms. It's like a really. Seventies look like remember when the band Orlean. They hug her their their record. They are huggers or the Band Orleans city in album cover, and they were all shirtless, and they all had super hairy chests and beards just so funny, look. It just reminds me. Randy Baumann and the DVD, morning show. And today. We're going to change it up a little and. You're. GonNa do hair bands. Yeah. So, we have a lot of guests, so we want one of time for tunes, but You know. Hair, bands are kind of like a really rich desert. You don't need a lot, you know. Flavoring That's right. What do you got going things up? Here's the channel eleven severe weather center severe weather's central oven. Yeah, we had some strong storms yesterday possibility again today it's seventy two now at DV e president trump says to new supreme court rulings are based on ongoing which hunt and a hoax. talking with reporters yesterday trump called himself both satisfied and unsatisfied one case involved how subpoenas for trump's taxes and financial records. The Supreme Court kicked that case back to lower court's. Ruling said new. York investigators can get trump's records in an ongoing criminal investigation, involving hush money payments to two women who claim to have had affairs with Donald Trump. White House Press Secretary Kaley mcenaney is playing down an apparent rift between president trump and the CDC over re-opening schools. mcenaney told reporters. The two camps are on the same page and said getting back to school is an imperative for the health and wellbeing of. Trump has insisted that schools reopened in the fall despite ongoing concerns about the pandemic CDC director. Robert Redfield told the morning America has agency will continue working with local officials too refined school reopening guidelines for practical use. Governor Tom Wolfe is rolling out a new grant program to help smaller food retailer struggling amid pandemic. Wolf says the program is meant to ensure that everyone has access to fresh food. About ten million dollars in grants is available for retailers that serve customers that live in low to moderate income areas and fifty percent of their sales must be from staple and parishable foods. The Department of Agriculture is accepting applications until August fourteenth. Governor Wolf also extending protections for homeowners from foreclosures and tenants from addictions through August thirty. The order is intended for those who have not received assistance from a housing finance agency program, or not already receiving relief from the federal foreclosure. More at Torian, program. starbucks is requiring all customers to wear face masks in stores starting July. Fifteenth doesn't matter where you live. The new rule outweighs any local or state laws that may not require masks guests who don't WanNa wear a mask and still go through the drive through get curbside pickup or delivery cafe employees have been required to wear masks since April among other safety measures implemented by the company during the pandemic. The world's rarest guerrillas have been spotted in central Africa. The Wildlife Conservation Society released images this week of the rare Cross River gorillas who were photographed with several babies in the dense mountains of southern Nigeria the Cross River Gorillas are a critically endangered subspecies and at last report, only about three hundred were left remaining a statement from the conservation. Society says the new citing is proof. The guerrillas are well protected and reproducing after decades of being targeted by hunters. A Florida. Businessman is trying to do his part to battle Covid nineteen David Terrell owner of aid AB agricultural, spraying company got which you'll of Florida's permission to missed city streets with hydrogen peroxide in an effort to fight the airborne corona virus. He believes his slightly stronger solution could fight against virus particles, especially ones that hit the ground. The city commission did not reach out to any scientists before giving their approval saying they want the city to be a test site for the new innovation. Experts say they don't know if large-scale Sprang of the solution will have any effect, but shouldn't be a health hazard for anyone. Terrell is paying for the fogging himself. In Long, island New York, a group calling themselves wine, fairies have been delivering gift packages to unsuspecting neighbors. The packages included many different things, including wine and other traits, and some of the deliveries are extra special, because the very show up wearing costumes like pandas, superheroes and Turkeys. That seems like a weird one, but. Of course, there's a pink vary involved, too with the wind varies, group has delivered hundreds of packages. Since they started about three months ago, they also started selling t shirts raising thousands of dollars to give to nearby food pantries. Beer sales continue to be strong sales of what they consider a premium beer. The cheap stuff that's up eleven percent over this time last year, imports up fifteen percent craft beer sales up twenty three percent, but the biggie hard sell tres. Sales are up two hundred forty seven percent over last year time. Bills on vacation this week I'm sure that knocked right over the. Precipice Alps Yeah waclaw Willy. Sticks brought man Tommy shop performing one of the band's hits from the seventy s with a youth orchestra, the new social distance version of fooling yourself features all eighty eight members of Cleveland's contemporary. Youth Orchestra, performing separately on split screen with Shah on lead vocals and guitar in the video. Fooling yourself comes from sticks his nineteen seventy seven album the grand illusion he said in the statement that he was blown away while making the video and the fact that everyone in the orchestra is eighteen or younger, and we're going to get that video up. It sounds awesome We're going to get the video up on the morning. Show page at DB. Calm so you can check it out. Finally Ozzy. Osbourne has a new TV show appearing with his wife Sharon and son Jack on a new show for the travel channel that explores paranormal activity. The osbournes want to believe will reportedly center around Jack's belief in the paranormal and his efforts to convince Ozzy and Sharon that it's all true. Shows is going to include episodes on UFO's Poltergeists, strange beasts and haunted dolls I remember one episode of their. Around the World Joe. which I can never remember the name of they went to some museum and there was some dull. That was supposed to be haunted so I don't know if that's the same one, but. Jack released a statement saying he'll make his parents watch the most undeniable footage caught on camera, including a few from his own personal experiences, and that his biggest challenge may be keeping their comments family friendly. which they've never been up to this point, so why start now the Osbournes want to believe debuts on August second. Forecast. Pretty much like yesterday. Hot and humid thunderstorm temperatures in the mid nineties were at seventy two at DV. Bali I believe the name of that. Show that you're looking for. Was Just Jackie nause? Big Show here for you today. Sean call you're reviewing the old guard. Greyhound and the Beach House. Also our Buddy Greg Warren Comedian Greg Warren new special where the field corn grows out now is on. Amazon prime. And Bucci Collins, legendary funk. Bass player for James Brown P funk. I mean you name it? He is one of the founding fathers. Funk seth were bought from the trip from trip. Live sports, also going to join us and talk a little hockey later and today's hair bandaids, so yesterday was. Me Turning over vow to program all yacht rock and it was well received. People really liked it, and there's no accounting for bad taste, but with hairband. Come on, it was fun. I was totally I loved it. HAIRBAND IDOL was the thing we've done in the past. We did power ballad challenge this year now. The only thing I said is that for every one. Of. Every hairband that you play this morning, I wanNA counter with one of our power ballad. Challenge entries so okay. Get started with a hairband. Right now and then I'll queue up power ballad challenge tuned for after that. Let's start with some rat. Oh. Did you already put it in for Joe? Yes rat is enjoying a little bit of a resurgence with that GEICO commercial. So good for them. All right rat kicks US off. It's it's valves. Friday. Yeah Rat! All right rounding around bows picking out some hair band tunes today, great video for that. Remember the video for round and round. They're playing in the attic of some mansion, and then like Milton Berle is. Cross dressing. I don't know why Milton Berle is in that video. He must have been a pain in the ASS. Tide of the ban I think like his nephew managed the bander something. It? Yeah, it was something like that. Warren de Martini Steven Pearson. Robbin crosby wrote that one and Vh One called at the sixty first best hard rock song of all time. I saw Bon. Jovi Open for rat. It was my second concert ever. And I was all excited to go see rat thought Bon Jovi was like a bunch of like. You know they were like a wimpy band. We're like whatever do their chick band? Grade every I was friends with in the eighties hated Bon Jovi Yeah. They were like Duran. Duran me when I was. You know seventh grade and we went and We all had to admit. Where like you know Bon Jovi kind of blue rat off the stage tonight. We'd been around I'd already been to one concert. seasoned. Milton Berle and nephew was rats manager at at the time. Okay, that makes sense are so I wanted to play at least one or two of our hairband. power ballad challenge entries from this year. This was David. Durban's Pittsburgh is my side chick a great Pittsburgh power ballot. Here you go DV. More floods. Really. Remain. She looked. Don Share on space around my heart or A low. Blow at her boy. He Never Jagger with me. You Heard He. slowed. Gene. The! Hearts. Rivers down and never word up. Oil flows freely you need. steelers. Commission. Manny. Fairly. An. Drummer Bob. South. To. Thatcher, Wars. To. Pool. Oh, yeah man. David Durban's. Pittsburgh is my jake. What a great Pittsburgh Power Ballad that is Pittsburgh along side chick. Brilliant Absolute! Yes. Evoking such stark imagery Mike. Sports, coming up after the commercial break. What do you have for us? The college football season is starting to get lopped off piece by piece at least the big ten conference announcing yesterday. Conference Games only if they play it all. Yes this was a disturbing development for those who were clinging to the hope that college football was a a foregone conclusion because it doesn't seem like that's the case now central. Rap through some hockey. Talk for you later this morning as well sports next. DV. Sports all right. Here's Mike presented with your sports on TV what's up. Sports Center brought to you by KIA, and an ominous move made by the big ten conference yesterday, as it relates to the potential for a college football season amid the corona virus, the big ten announcing on Thursday that it will play conference only schedules for its false sports, including football big ten released a statement that cited Excuse me that said that the health safety and Wallace of our student athletes, coaches, game, officials and others associated with our sports programs remain our number. One priority in unprecedented times The conference statement also cited. Playing, conference games, only as an option that gives the big ten quote greatest flexibility to adjust which I'm guessing is. An acknowledgement that. It could get even worse in the fall of it could be second wave whatever they don't WanNa play the Non Conference Games and then have to cancel conference games. If you start earlier in September then you have. Potentially! Some weeks where you can take some time off and then maybe resume maybe right. It's not it's not encouraging or exciting or optimistic. college football fan I would imagine that dollar power. Five conferences are going to. At least think about this. If not following the big tents, footsteps and limit what they're going to try to do. Football this season for Penn state that means the lines will not be hosting Kent State on September the fifth. They won't play at Virginia Tech on September Twelfth, and they won't host San Jose State on September. Nineteenth one of the high profile big ten non conference games that has gone away October third at Lambeau field in Green Bay Wisconsin was gonNA play Notre, Dame. And Ain't happening now now. What's Notre Dame to do? That's a great question. That is a great question. a lot of people are gonNA. Be scrabble and I think once these dominoes continue to fall, or if they continue to fall as they likely might Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith said that he's in favor of playing ten conference games. But the big ten or Kevin, Warren also not optimistic. He went on the big ten network last night and said quote. This is not a fait accompli that we're going to have sports in the fall. We may not have sports in the fall. We may not have a college football season in the big ten. Seems like they're just getting used to the idea. I draw holdout. Yeah I don't know how they're going to pull it off. Yeah and it's. You know some people have been speculating about that as early as? The early weeks of the virus, but I think what they're trying to do is in case there's an opportunity to play. Be prepared to play. In hold out hope until the last possible minute. The ACC. As though there is a lot of of. Progress on a treatment. And one of them. Is this Rim desert here that we've been talking about? which is an antiviral drug which is already proving to be? Pretty effective and it's helping people not die in the hospital. Is it cuts? The rate in which the virus can replicate, you can get better before the virus overtakes you. They've developed now. and. Like a a nasal spray with that, which would be even more effective and they're. They haven't got it completely approve yet. It's getting close. My point is this if that happens? And they're able to mass. Produce it for some reason. The sprays easier to produce them than the pill form. I guess that would be something that knocks this down to a bad like people now call it a bad flu. That is such BS. This attacks more than your respiratory system. For some people it attacks their circulatory system tax their brain, their neurological like their nerve system. It is much more different. It is completely complex Valerie. I'm seeing more and more cases of people who are sick for months, and it's just one thing after the next and ice, I saw that story yesterday about people having long term neurological problems because of that. Yeah! This is not the flu, so if they can knock it down to be something like the flu, you might have football if that drug doesn't or another one comes along, so it's not that. There's no hope now that I think everybody is trying to wait until the last second before they. pull the you know safety on the you know well last resort and then. This doesn't work. We can't do a season and that's just getting up to the line waiting to see this, is it? We don't have we don't have treatment. We don't have vaccine. We can't do this. Little Hope. Probably Little Hope. As to the current status, quo could change, and if you have some time, things could change the ACC announcing yesterday that it is going to delay the start of competition for all fall sports except football until September. The I pit is supposed to host Miami of Ohio. On September, the fifth Randall you mentioned Notre Dame a second ago. their athletic director, Jack Swore Brick at did an interview with ESPN yesterday. His take on what's going on quote? It has grown more pessimistic over the last two weeks, but I'm not to a point to say we shouldn't continue to plan. For the potential to open on time. I just think it's less likely. We have to shift allocations a little bit a little more time on planning the alternatives and a little less time on planning routine. Go forward Notre Dame's already justed schedule. The Irish were supposed to play navy in Dublin Ireland on August twenty ninth. That game has been moved to Navy's marine. Navy Marine. Corps stadium but they don't have a date yet. The probably going to play it Labor Day if they play it or thereabouts, Labor Day weekend, pirates were trying to play an intra squad game yesterday pnc park. They got rained out. Talk about ominous. Ominous developments foreboding. They can't even practice against each other. Downpour so they didn't get to play newsworthy development of the day manager. Derek Shelton's asked about prospect key Brian Hayes yesterday much as it had gone day before with Kiani Keller. Shelton asked if Hayes was on the field yesterday. No, he was not as as been on the field that all since last Friday quote. He has not participated in any of the workouts so those are two guys. Brian Hayes and Cuny Cala who have not done anything. We have not been given a reason why that's the case Blake Central and right handed, pitcher and Socrates Brdo and outfielder consented to allow the pirates to announce that they had tested positive for the Corona Nineteen Virus Bucks Getting Ready for the upcoming sixty game season presumably and Schultz talked about that a lot. Since the pirates reported the PNC park including about how the way pitchers are used in this sixty games sprint might be different depending on the pitcher and particular game situation. Well I don't think you're going to be more hesitant because of the length just because of the fact that we've closely monitored what our guys have done I think one of the really good things that Oscar did throughout the time off. Was the fact that you know and I think we've talked about it numerous times. Times is going into twenty twenty one important too, so we're watching the endings. If they've thrown now. Of course, they're not the high-level high-intensity innings that they would have gotten in a regular major league game so I think that's going to be on an individual basis like I've said before I think you're. You're going to see leverage situations. Maybe happened a little earlier in the game, so you may see guys told because of that, but I think on an individual basis. You're going to see guys treat. Treat, whoever that pitcher is individually, so you can see some guys go to one ten. And you could see other another situations. Guys get to eighty and all of us in the leverage of the game changes, and we're seeing maybe a guy that fits normally in the eighth pitch in the sixth. Boy, letting the guy, let starting pitcher throw one hundred ten pitchers bringing in your best reliever the seventh inning if that's when the Games actually on the line, it's crazy. Talk Radio. They think it over there. Also said. He also said the old. Up might become a thing of the past at least four the sixty game campaign. Yeah I think you are going to see less of that I think you're gonNA. See more matchup situations. You know right from the get go where you're not. You're playing. The guys that you feel are going to attack that starting pitcher the that day. Can't afford reposited opportunity. Now get your sake. Take a day off. In I think what's going to be about, this is I think you could see guys managing like it's the playoffs or the pennant race. There's going to be more emphasis on the little things, and it's not just going to be thrown out there and see what happens because it's only made, and you got a hundred and twenty games left There's GonNa. Be Some intensity to this and I think every game is going to have ramifications in high stakes. High stakes feel to it and I think guys will manage accordingly Gregory Flocco did the zoom thing yesterday he was one of the pirates that that made himself available to the media via zoom after a disastrous season last year and shoulder surgery said he's healthy again and he thinks he can be a star this season, but that doesn't mean he's striving to be the quote unquote guy for the pirates. Nuts different just. Being what are? And you know. I'm not a person like Oh you know like I wanna be. The guy like is more like a team because that's why the cross team. That's why I got the main enough to be altogether and go file together. I'm here to to do my best every day in and I. Obviously Support My team and be there for for them to. Shelton's talking about plunk Oh last night in terms of what he might be capable of, and he thinks people are sleeping on him a little bit apparently. Shelton emphasize the plaza only twenty eight. he is That injuries which have limited what he's been able to do, and he didn't have. A whole lot of experience in the minor leagues before he came up in two thousand and fourteen Shelton said quote. I think he's poised to have a really big year. For what it's worth. Hey. I think they can pull off baseball I really do. Make, you can stay far enough from one another in that game that you can keep it from being that big of a deal. I think they're going to have to wear masks. I really do. Is cranfield downs. I honestly do. That's crazy. Talk on a pitcher throwing one hundred ten pitches. While they say it's airborne indoors now for sure like I think most people kind of suspected that which is why you're supposed to wear masks, but. Outdoor. You should be fine so I don't know if that means like well. If you're in a dome, you know. It's any more likely to spread, but we'll see spouse news. Thinking about I was thinking about that. If you did wear masks, then they wouldn't have to put their gloves in front of their face. When the pitcher and catcher talk on the Mount, they could just talk That's true. Good Point Bowel coming up there. While METALLICA is continuing with their philanthropic ways. We'll talk about that a little bit coming up and the new restrictions that went into effect early this morning in allegheny county. More hairband for you from vow when we return to espouse hairband Friday com? Oh? Yeah. A little hairband love this morning on the DVD morning show vows picking out some of her favorite hairband tunes. What do you got? Well I'm picking out some stuff that you don't hear a lot so I'm not playing any deaf leopard this morning. Had Enough DEF Leppard, and and my life Cinderella. Did you like? Oh Yeah. I mean jam, you know like there. I always thought they were pretty cool. Band. I hated the name. Why? I don't know it's just like a stupid name. I thought like it's not hard sounding name when you're dude. You want to be like I love I love Cinderella. I don't know if it was spelled with an ASS, baby or something. Yeah, boy! They really miss the boat on that one. Yeah. But you know music, great singer Songwriter. The drummer. From Cinderella when Kelly Keggi had heart surgery a couple years ago, the drummer from Cinderella toured with night ranger when they played here goals. l. e. from night ranger when he had surgery okay. So you're not everybody can just real off rattle off? Kelly Kagan know who that is value you know. Everybody has. All the members of night ranger. Tongue so all right their bona fides now. Firms remembered the other guy and Cinderella Jeff Labar the guitar player. It for you not even looking it up on Google. You got it all down. You're going to spend for us here. Spend her Ellis's. Shake me. First Video. I don't even know if I know this song this video where the two girls go down the hallway and they walk away with Jon. Bon Jovi at the end. No. I'm looking at the video right now and it appears that. I. Don't know it looks like every other video so far. Every other hairband. Around. Hair lot of chicks with hair that look like the dudes there in that is weird thing about the hairband movement bowel is that the chicks in the dudes looked exactly alike. Yeah, they shared, make up. I guess the bottom you could say that. Lot of hair lot of prancing around. Yet. The end of this video These chicks groupies at the front and yeah. One of them leaves with Jon Bon Jovi. Why? Jobe in this video. Well the the rue the the. I don't know I. Guess he discovered them maybe. Not Okay that makes sense. I highly recommend checking out the video to shake by Cinderella because of the fashion. The fashion is out of control. Tom Keefer. Jagger, looking. Yes Yeah Yeah. Actually A. Video! All right. Let's spend the tune I see a girl leaving with a guy at the end, and it looked like it might have been Jon Bon Jovi maybe. It's a totally totally. Oh No, it's for the video somebody, save me. That's the one that they leave with. John Mondovi at the end, okay. Here it is house next election on her hairband. Friday shaped me from Cinderella DB. There you go Cinderella. Shake me. TV vows plants. hairband tunes today I. Don't know if I remember that tune so much. It didn't even really sound familiar. It's it's bad ass. I like it. I know the big Cinderella hits. Which is what? I can't remember that there's like two huge it. Is a ballad power ballad. You've got till it's gone. Yeah, that's the one. I'm thinking of all right well. We'll let you spend some more later this morning, but a lot of guests coming up for you to. Greg Warren our buddy. It's GonNa. Give us a shout later this morning. His new comedy special where the field corn grows is out now on Amazon prime. We've got Buzi Collins on the show. Funk. Founding Father Buzi Collins from James Brown to P funk. And Delight. This dude is done at all seth. Rowbotham Chip Life Sports, talk and a little bit Nhl Hockey for you at the nine o'clock hour vows news coming up next what he got. Well we're GONNA talk a little bit about how the pandemic saved animals and also metallica continuing their philanthropic ways. We'll talk about what they're doing for people. And you know if you missed yesterday's show or any show yesterday shows great has vowed did. All, yacht. Yesterday, we did a lot yacht rock man. You can listen to the entire show. Start to finish at a iheartradio DOT COM by downloading the iheartradio APP. GOING TO DVD DOT com. It's be morning. Show podcast. It's available start to finish every single day anywhere you get podcast. You can find it actually. That's brought to you by Boorda's in Boorda's the DVD morning show Pittsburgh. Did. You know there's a hotdog season. I didn't know I didn't know either. Way. There's when you can harvest. You don't WanNa. Pull them off the tree until they're right. According to the national hot dog and Sausage Council. That's. Shovel Must be fun to work for them. Hotdogs Season Begins Memorial Day and Labor, day. Didn't know that at all. It's not love hotdogs. I'M NOT GONNA have a hot dog until Memorial Day. I'm I'll tell you that right now, hotdog! You can't take a nice young Gal out hotdog picking. Off Season they're not in bloom. Every September you take the kids to the hot dog patch. I'll get to pick out their own hotdog. Belvin and the DV morning show. Bobbing hotdog, not a national pastime Sean Collier. Going to give you. Some movie reviews coming up here in just a little bit vows got your news now. WHAT'S UP Valerie? Here's a channel. Eleven severe weather's Harbaugh and severe weather center eleven. Did. It storm bad at your house last night, low athletic. Downtown was much worse than what I got. I know downtown Pittsburgh. Power pretty good. Oh no kidding. It's yeah, we yeah. We lost power and poured here for a while so. Seventy five degrees now at DV modified restrictions go into effect today, hear in allegany county a new two week order went into effect this morning, still no indoor dining or alcohol, consumption inside bars, restaurants, or other establishments in allegany county. This is according to a press release from the county health. Department takeout still allowed delivery allowed. Outdoor dining is allowed, but occupancy limits are in place. If you eat out doors at a restaurant, you are allowed to have alcohol, but there's three drink maximum. Outdoor dining must end at eleven pm. You can still get takeout booze. Gatherings Limited to twenty five people indoors fifty people out doors. Religious gatherings are exempt from that rule, not sure why, but the rules just for allegany county and that's for the next two weeks. The religious thing sense I don't understand why that would be any different than anywhere else i. get the need to show now eater. I. Think God understands if you do it from home. And it's not like you can't at home. Just about every church I know of is offering online services like local churches and if they're not, there's probably some other church that you can watch. Restaurant! Over so bad through all of this I I just feel terrible. There have been some people who've been follow all the rules, and it seems like there are a few people who were like screw it. We're not enforcing masks and we don't care and. Everybody can have nice things. Yeah, right? After a four day delay Kennywood is opening for the season today. The park was supposed to have friends and family day Monday, but instead postponed due to restrictions on gatherings over twenty five people season pass holders in those who scheduled their visit for today can keep their plans. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for pass holders only. The State Attorney General's Office is ordering a Pittsburgh hardware store to repay customers who paid for face masks during the pandemic Josh Shapiro's office accused vote hardware on the south side of hiking prices on masks in late April. They have to repay about one thousand dollars total to anyone who files a consumer complaint form, and has their receipt from twenty second or twenty third the price gouging. Act States that an increase over twenty percent is considered to be price-gouging. The head of the World Health. Organizations as a pandemic is accelerating, as the number of worldwide cases has doubled in the past six weeks, the US leading that surge. Poses the nation set a record with nearly sixty three thousand new cases reported on Wednesday Florida Texas, Arizona and California are the current hotbeds officials in some states say they are running out of hospital beds, and again running out of personal protective equipment for frontline workers that happened right at the beginning of the pandemic Republican. Officials are considering considering moving their nominating convention next month to an outdoor venue in Jacksonville because of the spike their. covid nineteen hitting airport screeners, more people start to travel again more than a thousand TSA. Employees have tested positive and most security officers. Their Union in part blames on lack of social distancing TSA officers are required to wear masks, sometimes face shields and change their regularly. A new study, though is showing how beneficial though stay at home orders were during the pandemic researchers looked at the forty two states in Washington DC who all put in shelter in place orders in March and early April they found those directives possibly prevented up to three hundred seventy thousand corona virus deaths by the middle of May. That study concluded the stay at home orders were effective in reducing daily growth rates of deaths and hospitalizations from the illness. And a new report suggesting the pandemic has been a temporary relief for wildlife study from the University of California Davis, look at the decline in traffic came from stay at home, orders in California Idaho and main found the number of crashes, involving bigger mammals also went down in those three states, researchers think it could amount to as many as thirteen thousand fewer large mammals killed on roads. The study also concluded other states likely saw reduce collisions with wildlife and smaller animals benefited from less traffic to so. Now. We might be overrun by animals that. Were Killed in traffic accidents. And they can breed more disease well. It's good val because all of those animals can feed on our carcasses. Right yeah. The African American bird watcher, who is behind the viral video that showed a white woman threatening to call police in central park is reportedly not cooperating with the Manhattan d. a Christian Cooper says Amy Cooper. No relation has suffered enough. After she saw her reputation destroyed, and eventually lost her job, it was back in May when the man asked her simply deletion dog, and the Ramble, a section of the park popular with birdwatchers. That woman is now facing charges. I totally agree with that man that I mean that was smart on that Guy's part just kind of like. Look Pretty Great. Destroy. Yeah like don't need to add insult to injury. You don't need a parking ticket on top of your car being wrecked. SCRABBLE is removing racial and ethnic slurs from its official word. List for tournaments which I don't know if you're like me, but I was like what words do they have in their? The they're removing like. Why are they in there? In the first place? The North American scrabble Players Association, said it reads reached the decision after conducting a poll of its membership. CEO John Chu said the passionate responses told him they wanted the game to be more inclusive. It was not unanimous. However, Chu said some members threatened to leave the group. If one single word was removed games maker has brought has already announced. Those words should not be played in tournaments. I'm wondering. What were they slurs or just? Abbreviations, or because there are some words that I was using all the time I went out about a month long. scrabble run there and you know I I'd never used the medicines. I knew that they worked. Get a triple. They won't even give you the list though that's that's a little bit dubious. Statue of Milania trump in her home. Country of Slovenia is nothing more than a pile of ashes after locals torched it on the fourth of July, an American artists commissioned the wooden sculpture last year. Local artists use a chainsaw to sculpt the first lady wearing a blue dress. Similar to the one she wore for the president's inauguration. Culprits at the and Milania statue ablaze on Independence Day, and the charred aftermath has since been removed. Police are investigating. I think that is A. Sign of respect in their country though I think that's. Completely different. Yes. Actress Cameron Diaz is launching an organic Wine Company Diaz Entrepreneur Catherine. Power released two kinds of wind for their brand. Abilene was white wine. The other is Arosa. A said, struggling to find organic vegan wine. That's free of additives is what drove them to start working on Avalon in twenty eighteen? Finally, Metallica giving out another round of grants to organizations, doing corona virus relief work in the US, the all within my hands foundation, giving out two hundred ninety five thousand dollars to five organizations, four of them receive money from the foundation back in the spring, feeding America crew nation, the United States Bartenders Guild, foundation and direct relief they've all or they have also added musicares to the second wave of grants band. Thanks fans for their donations during metallica Mondays and say in a statement. We are truly overwhelmed by the generosity of fans and friends around the world as many continue to face unimaginable challenges in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Forecast today. And Humid Day temperatures in the mid nineties might see. A thunderstorm was well at Seventy Three D. V.. Michael I've your sports coming up at the bottom of the hour and hopefully not a sign of things to come the big ten. Mike seems to be indicating. It's less and less likely we're going to see college football resemble anything like it's looked like in the past. Yeah they're down to conference games only and at least a couple of high profile conference members aren't guaranteeing that. This is the end of the cancellations non-conference portion of big ten schedules. Well and I don't know if at any time ever in the meaning of big time donors board of directors. What have you at Notre Dame that anybody ever raised their hand, said Hey, guys. It's cool that we're independent. But what if there's a pandemic and everyone went? Oh, shut up, Charlie like. They are now twisting in the wind. Right I mean they're? They're gonNA. Have a tough time if they can't find a schedule of tapes now I'm sure there's going to be plenty out there. Who will take the money? A Plane Notre Dame, but. Might not find themselves a lot of high profile. Matchups if the big ten is not allow them play. I think the bigger issue for Notre. Dame is going to be if other conferences follow suit and do what the big ten did and play conference games. Only Notre Dame's actually lucky this year. The Irish are only or were only gonNA play Wisconsin from the big ten so right now it's all really about yeah, usually they play Michigan Michigan state purdue. Yeah, you know two or three big ten games at least only one this year, but what if the ACC does the same thing and so forth? How many times you play, army and navy. I guess we'll find out. And so I thought I read. The ACC was leaning that way. It woke. Up at a lot of them are leaning that way I mean. The big ten wanted sufficiently, said conference games only, but I think that doors now been opened and I think conferences are are going to go through it. You know somebody had to be I nobody wanted I. But now that somebody has become the first one to do it. Okay, that's the way to go and then okay. Yeah it's going to be difficult if if everybody else follow suit all right. We'll talk more about that at the bottom of the hour. Sean Collier joining us right now. With a few reviews Sean Good Morning. How are you? Doing all right, how are you? Hanging in there body. What did you watch this week? Well I I never thought we'd get to this point, but I think that we as a nation are not being fair to Tom Hanks. Also, you may, you may while you may have heard last week. The Tom Hanks America's dad is a little disappointed in us because there are still people not wearing masks, which you know, your decision on that matter should not necessarily come down to. I wasn't GonNa, but forrest gump told me to. What if that's it or takes fine every time you walk into, get go without a mask. You make what he the cowboy from Toy story cry. How's that? Yes, there you go! But beyond that he put a lot into this new movie greyhound, which to clarify right up front has nothing to do with either dog, racing or low cost bus travel. That is not what it's about. Does it have to do with a drink and that is what's a greyhound isn't a gin and in orange juice or something like that. I don't know a greyhound. I know the Godfather. The Godfather. The Godfather isn't the Godfather. Vodka and I WANNA. Say like Amaretto. Vodka and grapefruit juices, a greyhound or GIN in grapefruit juice. Grapefruit seems to be the common denominator there. We should really know all of this I. Know We've had nothing to do, but combined simple ingredients our homes. On! Greyhound is a World War Two movie. Tom Hanks plays the captain of a naval destroyer that is leading a convoy of ships from the US to England. The movie takes place over a period of days where they're deepen the Atlantic without allied air cover, and they're under attack by the U boats. It's a very tense movie. It's a very visually impressive movie. It's the kind of thing that normally you would wanna see like on a big screen, so it's kind of a shame that it is coming out today on Apple TV plus the one streaming service. We all already forgot about. even in the president this movie. Even doing this press Tom Hanks, who also wrote the screenplay? He wrote the screenplay for Greyhound. His said he's disappointed that it went to apple. Because it's a very impressive looking thing, it's less impressive if you're watching it on your IPAD, and it is pretty good other than that it's it's very much an action kind of a movie. Almost all of the dialogue is like Navy jargon that will put some people off, but it's tight. It's quick to well under ninety minutes, Tom Hanks's great in it. I think it would have. have been a popular kind of sleeper. Summer hit as such I. Don't know how many people are going to find it I think if you have an iphone, you already get the apple service and it's cheap to get a month of Apple TV plus anyway, which is worth it? If you just watch this and the Beastie boys documentary from a few months ago, if nothing else, watch it because Tom Hanks is having a rough couple of months watching this movie is like giving Tom Hanks a hug. Go Give Tom Hanks Hug. That's worth it right there. So what? What's the old guard all about? The speaking of stars probably did not realize they were making a movie for streaming. The Old Guard is an action movie with Charlie's Iran. It's a based on the graphic novel about a team of immortal soldiers who fight as good guy mercenaries throughout history and I like this one, too. It's different than a lot of the comic book adaptations. It's more personal. It spends a lot of time with its characters, and as a great cast. Charlie's is great. She's paired with a young actress named Kiki Lane. Who was one of the leads in if? If beale street could talk. She's great. They're great together. The only real problem is that it's it's clearly designed to set up a big franchise. I don't know if that's going to happen. It's good, but it's not so impressive that you know i. need to know more especially coming out as Netflix movie I'm sure a lot of people are going to see it on Netflix this weekend, but not nearly as many as those that use Netflix's to watch like the game show. The floor is lava. By the way have you seen? The floor is lava. I have not I. Don't WanNa like it. It's Oh that's entertainment I can watch. People overestimate how good they are at jumping, and then smack their dumb faces off of stuff all day. That's show. All right now. Reconsider Yeah, but the old guard is definitely worth a watch this weekend I. Just don't think you're getting. You know the next iron man, and finally the best of the bunch. This weekend is a horror movie. It's called the Beach House about a couple hiding out at their dads. Seaside cottage and something strange comes out of the ocean. I liked it because I like you know weird. Little horror movies with a small scale in a small cast I also liked it because it serves us a good reminder that we need. The ocean is terrifying and gross. People are rushing back to the beaches. The beaches in a normal year. The ocean is full of gooky monsters. That might kill you. That's how I feel. I it's an understandable viewpoint, no doubt about it all right so to recap breach House very good horror movie. Not No. Real big name actors in it and a lot of times. That's how they're the best. It's easier to suspend this belief if you haven't seen these actors in anything else second. The old guard. Charlie's Y- probably not going to get it done. It is on Netflix and it'll seem like you're watching a real important big movie. This is me. This is me summarizing your Your reviews It'll probably seem like this impressive movie, but not ultimately all that entertaining right like a just a a meal. That's full of calories, but not all that nutritious. A lot of that's a lot of the NETFLIX's stuff. Yeah, you can watch this and it'll fill is in your brain. Then you'll move onto something else. They've captured that market absolutely. And Greyhound, the one thing you said about it than interested me well under ninety minutes. Oh, the credits roll I. Think at eighty one. That's that's what I. Really liked about it. There's there's one scene of set up like where he flashbacks flashes back to talking with his fiance played by Elizabeth, Shue by the way good to see her I love her up other than that. The entire thing is over the course of a number of hours on. On the boat with no frills is just one problem to the next it's it's really you know fun to I. Mean Fun is fun is relative when we're getting bombed by U boats, but it's nice to see a movie that just moves from one thing to the next rapidly like that and you're in and out in less than an hour and a half. I'm looking for I want to watch that one. The navy aspect of it too That's something. My old man WanNa love. Don't want to check that out. The new Tom Hanks Sean Call. You're always a pleasure. Thanks, man, appreciate your time. Thank you have a week up. All Right? We'll see when we come back Mike. Scott, your sports in bad news for the big ten football. That's coming up when we return here on DVD DOT com. D. E. Sports. All right here's Mike. Pursue with your sports now on the DVD morning show Mike. What's the word? Sports are brought to you by Dohrmann appliance. If you were really looking forward to attending that, September The v Kent State at Penn State game up and Happy Valley is our colleague? Mark Mad might say I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you. At game is not going to be played the. Big Ten conference announcing yesterday that Conference Games, only for all of its fall sports including football. the big ten making that announcement yesterday, and citing the health safety and Wallace of our student, athletes, coaches, game, officials, and others associated with our sports, programs and campuses as remaining the conferences number one priority. That's what has. Led to this decision? The big ten, also trying to give itself some wiggle room in the event that. Football season starts in September, but then it has to stop in October for X. number of weeks they're trying to stay flexible and at least get a conference season in, but there's not a lot of optimism that all they have to do is eliminate non conference play, and then football can go on as We all have come to know it the big ten. Ten Conference Commissioner Kevin Warn was on the big ten network last night and said quote. This is not a fate accompli that we're going to have sports in the fall. We may not have sports in the fall. We may not have a college football season in the big ten. Then there was this from Ohio. State Athletic Director Gene Smith quote. I'm really concerned. I'm very concerned. In Our last conversation, whenever that was I was cautiously optimistic. I'm not even there now when you look at the behavior of our country, and you consider that in May. We were on a downward trajectory with our cases. He's talking about the corona virus. Now where if not the worst in the world one of the worst in the world of concern, we may not be able to play. So that's uplifting. All right first off. You know if we get like ninety five percent of people to wear masks a whole lot better chance that you'd see sports in the fall, and we're running out of the window for which to implement that. Plan, I don't think that's GONNA end up happening. The other thing is and I've said this many times on the show before, but I like reiterating eight because I think it gives people. A little bit of comfort is weird, and as cold comfort as it might be. We have always been bad at this. It is not a new thing is many things that are bad about this society tearing each other apart right now? Not. Wanting to conform to the strict standards necessary to combat pandemic is a centuries old problem. Societies have always had an issue with it. There are countries who are doing a great job, and and got more people on board, but even there there are people who will resist and not believe and think different than the scientists in the experts are telling them to, so it gives me a little bit of Weird Comfort to know like Oh okay. That isn't just a byproduct of the environment of today. We have always stunk at at battling a pandemic now that being said. We should have less of an excuse to do it now. Because more information is being shared amongst experts around the world. Everyone is battling this one together. So. Listen to the people who are experts at this and not your eighth grade. Gym Teacher! Summarize read this thing on. Read it and It said that this is all BS and you're gonNA swallow too much. Co Two, and then you know what happens. You become summarized the. The USA good at World War bad pandemics. Yeah but I'd like to look at it as a world war. You know that would be the way to look at it except that we're all fighting the same thing. Like you might see the same thing in terms of what the other major conferences do in the wake of the big ten's decision, stay tuned on that one. The ACC has delayed the start of competition for all sports except football until at least September, the I pit is supposed to host Miami of Ohio on September fifth. That's really going to disappoint Ben Rothlisberger if they don't play that game and Notre Dame was supposed to play Wisconsin. That's not gonNA. Happen Now because of the big ten's decision, but the Irish via athletic director. Jack Swore Brooke. Speaking to espn yesterday that the Irish. Confident in fact, quite the opposite swab quote, it has grown more pessimistic over the past two weeks, but I'm not to a point to say we shouldn't continue to plan. For the potential to open on time, I just think it's less likely. Notre Dame by the way is going to be in a hell of a fix if All the other power conferences even the small conferences. Smaller conferences decide to go. Conference only Your F.. Independence, our liberty Byu Army Notre. Dame New Mexico state and you mass. So everybody else would send. A conference decides to play in the conference. Get to see Notre, dame, against armies Byu, Liberty New Mexico state and you match right. I don't know if we can have America if we don't have Notre Dame football. Yeah we can. It's these are also temporary. It's not forever. You might not have it right now. But I'm hopeful that things will turn around I'm hopeful that a treatment pops up in the next month. That knocks this down into something. That's a lot more manageable until there's not and then when there's not then I'll deal with it, because all I guy right now is the hope until we get right up to the edge of having to make the decision, it's the same major league baseball. It's the same thing for hockey, and it's the same thing for the NFL when I see this happening in college football. It makes you wonder. What's the difference between college football in the NFL while the college. Okay, the you know thousands upon thousands of students, also convening there and the possibility of the disease. Of the virus spreading and doing much more harm and the likelihood of it. Filtering into the athletic program is greater now with all of. The. Measures that Major League Baseball has taken. To try and stop the virus from getting in there, and infiltrating the bubbles and stuff, they're having trouble. NBA's having some issues. It's still gonNA get through once in a while, and you have to be able to create an environment. Where you can contain quickly, I'm not sure. College allows for that professional football might. Might College definitely does not that's. That's problematic. Is College football, not being able to go does not mean professional football won't. Correct I would agree with you on that. Yeah, hockey is poised to Crank it up again as well a face three looming still haven't had. Official Verification Bob Mackenzie of tsn DOT CA. says. The vote is ongoing. We might know something as early as tonight in terms of the ratification of hockey's plan Training Camp could open Monday the penguins coaches are ready for it per the Headman Mike Sullivan He and his staff were not involved in face to. They weren't participants. But, that doesn't mean they haven't been invested all along. We. We've done a lot as a coaching staff. We've been preparing for this for quite some time. Now we we tried to think through all the potential scenarios and try to prepare for each one of them, and as we've gotten more detail in direction and clarity from the League We've gone back as a staff and and and try to Try to just add more detail to our planning process so You know we we've been. We've. We've been very involved in in the planning of the informal state processing face to even though we have limited participation in it We've spent a Lotta time on on this training camp that that we're about to embark on and in prioritize. You know what our objectives are, and how we're going to go about that process, so we. We've been preparing all along here. We you know as a coaching staff. We have two to three webex. Every week you know, we've stayed engaged as a coaching staff and and I feel really good about where we're at so You know th. This is an I think. Our Roller MS process this training camp coming up. It's going to be. Critically important to given our team an opportunity to compete and have success, and and we're trying to do everything within our power to make sure we're ready to that. Sullivan from about a week ago, he did Zoom with the media and I could tell he was fired up and ready to go, because almost all of his answers were longer than a minute in length when he gets on a roll and really briggs that you can tell, he's fired up about something Of course, the viruses are on the rise, and it appears to be heading in the wrong direction, but Mike Sullivan said that even though nobody knows how long NHL is going to be able to continue, assuming it's able to move into face three. He's concerned about today and not tomorrow. Well we had discussions with our players on you know just exercising common sense and keeping circles, tight and and making sure that you know you wearing masks in the appropriate places and you know you're not exposing yourself to unnecessary risk and just utilizing commonsense and. It's It's to everyone's. Benefit, whether it be our players or the public in general, so you know we've had those discussions with our players I think our medical staff which is led by Dr vs has done a terrific job at providing fax and information to all of us to try to guide us through this through this time of uncertainty in although we're GONNA, we're all trying to We're all trying to navigate through this treatise, uncertain time, and and and it we're fortunate to have the people that we have associated with our organization that that can guide us and help us in the in the circumstance. Just take it day by day and do the right thing, and we may get on the other side of this thing yet. ESPN reporting. It has. Gained access to the NFL's protocols for potential. Startup of training camps and the regular season and one of the things that the NFL has banned in reaction to the krona. Virus is the postgame exchanging of jerseys among players. Believe it or not. you know I know that that seems silly. Given that they're going to be knocking each other's brains out. But not. Very much though. It helps to create an atmosphere of zero unnecessary risks so that they think twice, and it all seems like really give me a break. I'm not saying it's not annoying but I understand why they're doing all that man they wanted to. They want to have the. Perception in the air of caution prevail. Well I. Guess That's one theory. I think some of this. You guys were talking about the religious exception a little while ago. That makes no sense. I think some people. Are are grasping at straws and reaction to this. and. They're doing something. I don't know why they're doing it, but they're just. They're grasping and. I'd like to see a little more thinking through the whole thing I guess is what I'm trying to go with this. If you'RE GONNA play. Not Allowing them to exchange jerseys is annoying, but it doesn't affect the game in any way shape or form the amount of things that they're telling them. They can't do in baseball. There's more egregious things in baseball than there are in football so far in terms of like. Nonsensical. Why can't you do that? Like the? The? Fifty people maximum in and outdoor gathering would if they would've called a church service with a baseball. Very religious experience for some people so come. And Watch the pirates beat the snot out of the brewers. They beat the snot out of the birth. A, our buddy, Gregg! She's a brand new comedy special It is airing on Amazon prime streaming now we're. GonNa Talk to Greg when we come back here on. Our Buddy Gregg Warren with us right now. Here on the DVD morning show a brand new special on Amazon prime streaming where the field corn grows the One and only Greg Warren Greg I'm clapping for you all by myself buddy. Thanks Buddy. It's good to see you crazy man. I know it's great to see you too I now full disclosure. I just sent a greg. Old voicemail a buddy of mine during a drunken escapade. It was just it was just hilarious. A. Pizza delivery guy. Calling my girlfriend to say hey, I'm here with your pizza, but there's some guy in my car. Because my buddy thought it was his uber. I mean I it's one of those moments like and it was a couple years ago, so it was like. This newfound thing and you know it's a story we've talked about, but now there's audio proof to go with it. And I know you can appreciate how that's just like pure gold like to have the actual audio proof to go along with these stories all that guy I'll never live it down, but if you listen to a man like it's one of those things where you can hear four seconds. What's going on? And I'm like I, know exactly I can see what's happening I. Know Those guys I don't know that. I've got fifty of those guys. and I've been that guy and it just instantly, and there's like hardly any words spoken by him. Yeah, exactly who he is and. Yeah, it's Was it was beautiful. It's so fun. It's fun to listen to somebody a while. You're sober in their drunk moment, and like you said we have all been there and been that guy, but like. Isn't it funny? How uniform that Drunk Guy Archetype is that we all go? One of my buddies. That is yeah, and it's. It's never you know the. The person that plays you know the Hollywood. The guy that plays the drunk is usually it's it's not that always overplay right that guy. It's always like this just nothing effortless, indignant and awful bear impatient usually. Yeah Yeah. No, that's an. Malarkey come on, let's go yeah. Inpatient is a thing with my brother. My little brother, one time we went, we got real, drunk and twenties or something we went to. The Denny's where everybody goes to and we're We're waiting. You know there's a lot of people that are drunk. There and my brother at some point in the middle of the restaurant starts going. Hey. Poor, awful. Person working at their awful I worked at that. Denny's that we were at and I'm like I'm I'm a terrible person. Yeah I never thought about impatience is thing that drunk people have oh I mean if you've ever seen a drunk guy at a steelers game, who is waiting for? A. Have I went to one. Yeah, you got me tickets. I think when there let's go. The impatience of Drunkard, hilariously predictable, but I know, and then you just juxtaposed that with like people that are waiting in a Russian breadline. Eight hours for real consequence type stuff you know. This guy just wants his thirtieth. Well now yeah, people are waiting in corona virus testing lines for nine hours in their car. In one hundred degree, heat and Phoenix and I was in one where really? I've been tested a couple times now. Why Tested Multiple Times 'cause you in like? Did you symptomatic or I was in hot zone, so you got such a disaster that I? Don't I don't know whether I'm symptomatic for. You know leukemia or Virus. Now I can feel and I was I was in a couple of hot zones, so the first time I got. I went down to Mississippi. and. You know I was at my brother's. My brother has a place down there and I was staying with him and So I go to this place, and their Gimme the the go up knows with the swab. And then they go another four inches. You know and. And then I'm like okay. That wasn't great unpleasant there. Okay now we're going to do the other nostril I'm like we're watch what why don't we? have. Right side Corona, virus or something So the guy tells me he's like. He goes. Yeah. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get you. If you're positive, you'll hear in twenty four to forty eight hours and I'm just like I. Don't want to be positive. When obviously an and my brother, he's down. I'm basing Lewis Mississippi. Nobody down there take seriously. They have people at their house. Old People his in laws over there some around them and I just I'm just I'm just like just don't get a phone call from the Mississippi Area Code. And you're right so I leave my phone in my bedroom there and I go back I got three phone calls from the same Mississippi, area code and I mike now. This is bad and they just leave. A MESSAGE SAYS MR Warren. Please call us. And so I call the number back, and it goes right to voicemail, and it's like this is medical. Leave a message well. That was a place I got the test. So Mike, Obviously, I'm screwed here and I'm like I gotta go out and tell these people. I probably gave everybody krona virus. There's an old guy there. You know what I'm just going to get my stuff and leave without telling anybody. Coward's way out here and a and then I go outside. I'm like panicking and I see just just out of the corner. My I see my brother with like a stupid grin on his face back you. Son of a bitch. He pranked me man he got. He got got his buddy to call me in. Mississippi number and leaving a message, and then his buddy changed his outgoing voicemail. Do that is unbelievable Oh yeah, so I'm. I'm convinced I I, you know and then. They're all laughing at me. All these Mississippi hillbillies just like Yakking it up this guy. Yankee thinks he's got the imaginary disease the. This fake. We flew exactly yeah. And that was around all those yokels, and I did my buddy down there. One of my buddies from college has a bar right by my brother's House incidentally Oh. That's great. Yeah. He wanted me to show so I. Do a show and I'm like. Hey, dude, you know just I want to do the show, but just I don't WanNa. Promote like something irresponsible. He's like we'll do it outside. We'll keep people far away from each other. It's not a big deal now. They're all packed in. Shaken high five and I can't get away for their. Take a picture with me. I'm like. I go back to say Lewis and I'm like. I gotta ask you this. Your Buddy told you. Oh, don't worry about it. It'll be outside and he put people inside. We outside. It was tons of ripple though. There were packed in and I didn't realize they're all GONNA. Come up and want a high five. Yeah, I, I. I would have to literally turn around just spread like I'm not touching any of you so. Folks. We got the hug and greet with with gray going back as they did they. There's people don't want to have their kid aching. My kid get his picture taken with you. Kids. Did there's a pandemic man? So I go up to. I go home to Saint. Louis and I'M GONNA. Be Around my dad, so I gotta get tested again and I. Did that thing what you're talking about? I waited in line. There was like one hundred and fifty people in line and. And, they come out and they go. Hey, if you're here for the rapid test, which you get the results in Ryan minutes. If you're here for that, were out of them so hundred people take off. And I'm like I might as well stick it out. Nobody else is gonNA. have it so. I'm like you know. Let's just start. I wait in line are they sent me to my car two hours later I get in. I go in there and they're like well. What do you want you want which kind of test you want. I'm like while they said you're out of the rapid tests or like. Oh No, we're not out of the rapid. We just say that. Both fell I the both because they said the rapid actually is not that accurate, it's it can be a false negative, so gimme both of them, so they do the rapid which rapid they only go like a couple of inches up, and then they do the other one, and she does the big Swab, and I'm like. Are you going to do the other nostril? She's like no. We only do one nostril. Mike well the. Guy Two hundred Mississippi. Just, having fun, I don't know. Well we have a training program right now. This is this is our corona virus testing trainee for the day. He's got a swab the left nostril. I hope you don't mind. swampers. Inconsistencies in this testing is what I'm telling you Randall. Here's our we are. In, the richest country in the world, intriguing, the pandemic part of our a strategy to lower the wait time to get your test is to lie to people and say you're out of tests. Dash she's like well. We didn't really know how many we had, so we figured we'd better thin it out. I think you guys should have a better count on it really. Match if you had a business if you're here for hamburgers, were out of them. We're out of nobody he's got. Tell them we're out of and we don't WanNa. Make a mad man. We're not really out of it. We didn't WANNA. Make that many. So people that stayed. We have amber -GARS! Greg's special right now congratulations by the way this is getting rave reviews where the field cord grows on Amazon, and it's always nice to see I. Love Seeing all the comments from all over the country supporting you when you put out a special like this because it just you know it's just nice to see that. Are So well respected by all of these. You know outstanding comics across the country. There is a couple of terrible comics that. I wasn't impressed by. Auburn! Man, I don't WanNA sound like Saccharin any, but. there. Were you really realize that you know people commish? Get a bad rap for sniping at each other. Sometimes with man. It's like Oh. Man, these guys. They completely have your back like. Comics some that I know well some that I don't know well like that. was that was Kinda cool, but isn't that the funny familial sort of dynamic between comedians that like you fight with your brother and everything? But when something's important you're there, so is much. Bickering and Gossiping that might go on amongst comics when it gets down to brass tacks. They know how how how important it is to have that support and it was just I thought that was really cool that when it came out, it was like every time I open up twitter. Somebody else retweeting it. As guys. Kinda cool man. It's. So far it's to a pretty good start from from what I'm hearing to deal. Jeff Bezos give you call you know. Basil has not man. I'm hoping I mean yeah, the guy could just just peel off a little bit and help me out here. It's yeah. I, mean you know you get? I got a ton of really a lot a lot about farming, and I've gotten a lot of great Emails about from farmer, saying they like it messages. We'll stop going to get tested if you're not symptomatic. Don't go wasted test. You're fine now. Stay out of like you know. Dive bars in Mississippi and Juke joints that your that your buddies run. I've got a man. I'm going to clean it up. I did not I didn't do the right things for a while, Greg, his new special right now make sure you check it out on Amazon where the field corn grows also for those people who love the the part of the podcast there of crosswords, the crossword puzzle podcast. Yeah? Dot Spit that out to eloquently my apologies this well I. Don't think there's going to be a lot of people upset. For, the seventy that are avid, crossword. Puzzle. A honestly it's it's pretty. It's getting pretty good. It's my buddy. Brandon air very funny comic and it's it's mostly just jokes, but it is around us attempting to solve the New York Times crossword puzzle every week. All Right Greg Warren. We'll do. Don't be a stranger. Now that you stopped going to all the hot spots in the country make sure we get you on the show a little more often for crying man I. Miss You guys, please please tell everybody I said hi and. Soon as whenever this. Whenever things get back to semi normal. Um First order businesses get back to Pittsburgh Bam. So Greg Warren check about where the field corn grows. It's on Amazon streaming now. Thanks Buddy! Thanks Berg. SPANISH PORN-STAR NACHO Vidal. WHO likes to advertise? His aromatic candles shaped like male genitalia on twitter. Has Been Arrested on manslaughter charges. Following a man's death during a mystic ritual, in which he inhaled, psychedelic toad venom. Didn't know that was the thing I've known. It's a thing, but people used to lick toads to like trip high. Liquor Chon McDowell for sure as the toad right, I mean I'm fairly positive. All the people I know he would be the first one I would, bank. Has told looking experience. We used to like toads. Back in high school I saw molly hatchet on four to. Randy Bellman and the V. E. Morning Show. It's seven minutes after nine at DNA here is the channel eleven severe weather center, Harbaugh and Severe Weather Center Eleven. It seventy nine degrees at DV. The news is brought to us by window nation on Val Porter. A man is facing charges in Mount Lebanon after threatening to blow up a state office building. The suspect also said on social media. He was going to get gunned down by the police. The man's Mercedes was spotted on Washington road near Woodhaven drive in Mount Lebanon last night. He was taken into custody without incident. There were reportedly several weapons and items used to make improvised explosive devices found in his car. President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen back in custody for violating the terms of his Kobe, related. Release Cohen was photographed dining out in Manhattan earlier this month. He was allowed to leave a federal prison in May. Because of concerns over the corona virus outbreak, he was supposed to serve out his sentence at home. Not Out gallivanting about so that's what got him in trouble. And the Justice Department calling for president trump's longtime ally. Roger Stone to go to prison next week. Stone is asking a judge to delay his reporting to a Georgia prison. Because of the pandemic, the DOJ argued the decision for stone to report on Tuesday is reasonable soon scheduled to serve three years in prison for attempting to cover up his efforts to reach out to wikileaks to help the trump campaign during the two thousand sixteen election. It's tough to argue. Both kids should go back to school and teachers should have to go back to school amidst a pandemic but Roger. Stone's shouldn't have to go to jail. Right. Tough to get that one through treasury secretary. Steven MNUCHIN supports taxpayers getting another corona Myra stimulus check. He told, CNBC yesterday he's working to get the measure passed by Congress Mnuchin also said the Treasury plans to review all paycheck protection loans to see if they meet the criteria for forgiveness and that anymore unemployment benefits would cap to be capped at one hundred percent or less of la La, salary. Well, you know that's a good idea for him to support that. Since it was revealed that his exclusive country club got millions of dollars in covert relief funds. Donna how deep looking into that! Investigation Yeah. They Assamese like how did that happen? Again he looks exactly like the Nazi. Whose face caught on fire in raiders of the lost Ark. Some state and local. Officials around the US are worried. The pandemic could create chaos on election day. Their concerns include not having money to equip polling places, so voters and poll workers feel safe and not having money to send voters forms to request absentee ballots. Others worry about not having money for machines to speed up at t ballots pandemic has crippled state and local budgets as tax revenue has tanked election officials are asking Congress to help it so far Democrats and Republicans don't agree on election funding for state and local governments. A talented Washington printing its own money to deal with a pandemic economic crisis, Tonino, a town of less than two thousand people located about sixty miles from Seattle is making twenty five dollar wooden bills superimposed superimposed on the image is the image of a bat with a Latin phrase meaning. We have it under control. Anyone with a documented loss of income, as a result of the pandemic is eligible for up to three hundred dollars a month of the local currency to use it local businesses on the town's main street. And it's GonNa. Be Hot and steamy this weekend. If you WANNA. Refreshing refreshing beverage, if you're looking for something new anheuser-busch rolling out a new fall flavor of Bush light. It's called Bush Light Apple. And it is hitting stores now in a thirty pack. So. It's at flavored beer or if it's hard CIDER, but. There's a new option for you. We'll value the apple queen from Franklin, so you should be the spokesperson for right now. Do I not have this on on tap already? This is should be your endorsement you should. You should be like the The frost missed froth in schlager of the apple beer. From the old days, the old. The Froth sloggers. A I, think it was was it reached? CORTEX radio show is somebody before him I am somebody like? From way back in the day it might have been like O'Brien and Gary. I don't know. It was like old school Pittsburgh radio thing that bled over into iron city, actually making the beer, and for people who had older brothers that collected beer cans, because that was the thing for a long time collecting beer cans and I'm still not sure why that was a thing, but it was and old frosting. Schlager I think is what it was called, Mike wasn't that it. Was it, but the collecting beer cans was cooled and you do that. There are all different he's. Dead but I don't know why we did I. Collected Zippo lighters to I had a million ZIPPO laters. CHOPPED ME! Take is a very young age. I had a ton of beer cans I used to pick them up off the street, which really made by parents proud. All frothing Slavs, not slasher robbing slosh and it had a rubenesque woman. In a bathing suit with a like a sash. She was miss old, frothing slash. That was the cover or the the the label on the CAN. I slow and. Surprises me. I do not I have no idea what you're talking about. California. Mom is showing women how to get pregnant at home with a few simple steps and I guess is if you don't have anybody to help you Dan. Each. Post this? This really reminds me of the stripper. Who taught us how to have a baby? SEMANTICS Warren. Of Newport beach posted a video on Tiktok advising hopeful. Mom's on a do it yourself. Moran says Wannabe Mom should make sure they have the necessary income. Find a sperm donor. Have it shipped to them? Wait for their ovulation cycle and use a sin syringe to. Base their Turkey I. Guess to to put it delicately more in recommends viewers than keep their legs elevated for thirty minutes and then. Really told us. That's right. She says you should then use a menstrual disc before taking a pregnancy test two weeks later. The video has eight million views. Medical experts those say at home insemination nations. which isn't that usually what you get anyway, can lead to risks and legal rights around it in the US are complicated at best. So I'm not sure how safe that would be just having some random donor. Send you their seed spry best to use the professionals have that done. Yeah I mean I wouldn't even trust that they gave you the rundown of the seed. You're getting and it was like you know Brad Pitt that you are actually getting Brad Pitt. Like. That's one of those things, and it's not like you could check. Now. No. You can't run it under a microscope and go man on this the what I ordered. We are in lockdown, but you know you did the need to go to those lengths right now to have a kid. I know I don't think you do, but you know it's. There's a youtube video for a how to for everything out there, Val. Yeah! The Rolling Stones have released a rare track from the seventies called Criss Cross. A video for the track is out now as part of a reissue for the stones, nineteen seventy-three album goats head soup, which is being released as a box set featuring rarities, outtakes alternative mixes, the reissue will also include a new stereo mix of the original album. Alive show from the goats head soup tour and three unreleased rolling stone stone songs from the Mid Seventies. The unreleased tracks include criss cross all the rage and Scarlett featuring guitar work from Jimmy page. The goats head soup box comes out September fourth. Love that out either favorites, big fan can't wait to hear the remix and all the outtakes and the the the cuts that didn't make it. I never understood how that one wasn't bigger I. Love that record. Eddie vedder of Pearl Jam taking part in an online campaign for AOL as research, and showed off his surfing and his batting skills, and he was challenged by his friend, Theo Epstein President of baseball operations for the cubs challenged him to do the trick shot for Snowy Challenge and donate to the AL S Fund set by the Calgary flames, flames. The team's assistant GM. Chris Snow was recently diagnosed with Al s actually last year in a series of videos posted on Pearl. Jam's Twitter Account Eddie, accepts, the challenge asks that his Band Mate Jeff. Do it next, and then he hits a baseball thrown to him while he's surfing. which is pretty impressive, and if you go on Pearl Jam's twitter account, you can see the video and Sean Casey also tweeting a critique of Eddie's effort so. It's pretty cool. It's pretty impressive it is. It's very impressive. Jerry Cantrell of Alice in chains, the subject of the latest episode of Gibson's Youtube series icons can check that video out in the morning show page, a D. Dot, com and finally Arrowsmith. Fiftieth Anniversary show at Fenway Park in their hometown of Boston was set to be September eighteenth of this year. It has been postponed to September fourteenth of next year. So I guess they'll be celebrating their fifty first anniversary. Forecast today. Day pretty much like yesterday. Hot Humid mid-nineties chance of a thunderstorm at seventy eight a D. V. E.. Southward off from trips. Sports joining us right now on the DVD morning. Show what's up, Seth, how are? Ruin Guide yourself. Hanging in there hanging in there, but really hopeful that we're going to get hockey and baseball back and you know college football is looking bleaker, but so far so good for hockey, and with the the phase, three and four being released and. the Date for them to report to the bubble already set. The bubble is intriguing to me for for hockey players I think they are more uniquely set up to deal with this unique circumstance of having debt play remotely than any other athlete, just by virtue of how they come up in the in their minor league system in juniors because they've they're always kind of sequestered when they're young and staying in strange places and seemingly cloistered together. From a young age, so it it seems like it might be a nate for hockey players. But what possible pitfalls do you see happening as a result of putting all these players in the same bubble in the same area while they're competing against each other? He's GonNa Create a very strange environment I mean you know it's GonNa be Weird as some of the details of the protocol. The the NHL NHL PA released. The the penguins for instance are going to get their own floor hotel and they'll be on floor fourteen. Right in the Philadelphia Flyers. Washington capitals could have four fifteen or sixteen. So it's it's GonNa. Be Strange particularly when you still have Kinda the qualifying round with you know the twelve teams in each city. You, have these teams all stacked up with one another? So it's GonNa be great, very almost artificial environment where yeah, yeah. These students are hate each other in their duke out the win the playoff series, but they are in the hotel bar or they are the hotel full so yeah I. Mean there's nothing new in the life of hockey. Players are Canadian hockey player to kind of go on these long road trips and Being, the hotel for the weekend will be the weekend. Here's going to be about two plus months. But. I, mean it's it's. It's a very strange environment. Put it mildly. Seth let's cut to the chase. What are the odds Tom? Wilson hit somebody over the head with a pool cue, and would that be a major or a double minor. I don't know if there's going to be pool halls in within the bubble of at least in Toronto is looking at the. Hotels district curiosity It's GONNA BE PRETTY high in Marriott's. That I believe you're gonna be imposing. The two hotels for the Toronto. Sign of you'll run into a pool halls. maybe A. Couple concierge break things Gasol Hotel lobby, but Not It's. It's GONNA be weird interested from from the standpoint. You have no fans there in the building and it's going to be very quiet. but you're talking to that. Some of the penguins last month or two and Mike Stahl than even a handful of times here a lot of things going to take maybe a shift or two. Maybe a period for these guys to Kinda, get locked in and realize we're playing hockey. We're GONNA. They're going to go as hard as they normally go. Even if they don't have eighteen thousand fans in the buildings, you know, scream their heads off so. You might see a little bit of awkwardness. Maybe the first shift first period, but the once they these guys can kind of locked in and they're going to go at it. Yeah I. Think One of the Toronto hotels the Royal York, at least according to Bob Mckenzie. I'm not sure if the players will be allowed to go across the street to that sausage guy that with the cart, neo umbrella. That is so popular there. They? They probably will adjust. Anything? Concerning about the potentially goofy times. Four o'clock game five something S. Not Really I mean I. It's actually pretty intriguing to me, right? I would think most hockey fans I mean. You'RE GONNA have? You know games I think staggered for like your noon. Foreign Eight, I think it was and that's in each locale so with the other one being evidence, so you're gonNA have started burt basically every two hours, and then someone's going to be like The instability basketball tournament in springtime were me. You could theoretically be watching. All Day long you know probably not being very productive in your job your life, but your hockey fans. It's it's going to be pretty intriguing I'm mainly concerned like you was the game like you've given starts noon and he goes five overtimes What does that do for other games rest today in your venue. Do you have to kind of put those aims off for the next day, but? I assume that's something that. They plan for and whatnot, but It's very just intriguing just on the surface in terms of what this might be for television viewer. Well speaking of the surface. How about playing three games on the same mice in the middle of the summertime? Yeah. That's going to be a huge practical challenging. It's probably you know. One of the many reasons, they opted handed off. The weather's not going to be as. Humid in August, TORONTO editon would be say. Pittsburgh Arizona Vegas what have you but I? It's A. It's certainly going to be a challenge that the agile has to Kinda Basin. I I guess the good thing is. This is the only thing going on these buildings. It's not like you know say what's Angeles working the? Normal timetable Los Angeles Lakers are also playing a. Alternating in said new massive square garden where. You have something going on there every other night. It seems like but. I I guess the One blessing. You know kind of sequestering everyone in quarantine everyone. Is that the thing going launch hockey? So That makes a little bit easier on the on the people that have made the ice, but yeah I mean three games one day in doing that for. Three or four weeks at the very least that's GonNa. Be a considerable challenge for other people have made any is about both venues. So. They haven't played since early March assuming they get through this actually awarded Stanley Cup. Is this a legitimate Stanley Cup right up there in equal to any other or is this? An award at the end of tournament that is done to try to ease the economic damage in provide some much-needed entertainment and normalcy in in a bad time. It's probably both I mean. This isn't the only time the show's has awarded a Stanley Cup under. You know unique circumstances and they've. They've given it out two seasons when Navy only played forty eight games during the regular season due to work stoppages. you know when the Patriots won? The Stanley Cup in Nineteen ninety-two. Does anyone really remember that there was a twelve day strike, but by the players a? Stanley Cup until June night. You're earlier members at so. This is very unique. Obviously This is very unique. History of our time, regardless of sports politics, Lagat but. I, it's going to be very strange seeing them win the Stanley Cup whoever? The the early days of October. I don't think I'd say five ten years going to sit there and say oh. The Penguins, the blues, the brewers are already there the the asterik champions or whatever but. It's very strange, but I don't think it makes it any less legitimate in terms of who would ultimately win the Stanley Cup. Jeff! Did you ever see the movie taps? I did, not know. All right, it's A. It's a movie about a Military Academy Tom Cruise Sean Penn.. I'd say that. That's right near the end of that movie. After that. The students have basically Just Said they're not leaving even though they wanted to close the school down as being funded and the the national. Guard comes in and they finally said Hey. We're done with. The standoff were coming in and we're going to get you guys. This is your last chance right now. Step across the line and you're going to be safe and there's GonNa be no punishment. And then nobody moves, and then finally one kid takes a step forward, and then another kid takes a step forward, and then they get emboldened by it, and then a whole bunch of them go cryan apparent since I. Thank God this is over I, didn't want really I. I got pressured into being here for a long time. The NHL is allowing players up to seventy two hours before the puck drops on the first game, the right to opt out. Penalty free. Do you anticipate? Anybody step across the line and then other people going. You know now that you mention it I don't feel so great about it either. Well I mean I. Don't know if they can get the equipment. George C. Scott the kind of pressure them in this, but. You might you might have a few guys. Come out of this just based on family, reasons and things like that media carry price I, I you know the Montreal who famously Oh kind of at the center of whether or not they should be doing a twelve team playoff or not, but he's been pretty open as far as being lukewarm. This whole idea is his family over British Columbia. He's been trading here in Montreal few weeks. He's going to be stuck in. TORONTO. WLI At least for three games I suppose but I mean. There's some people Edmundo vinick Minnesota wild. Another hunter he's been proven as far as being sequestered from his family I. Think a member. His family's health concerns that he's pretty open about two so Yeah, you might have a few players to step forwards. Hey, I got a family situation. Right I got a personal situation whatever it might be that step out, but. I would suspect the vast majority of the The players involved in this and I would say maybe ninety eight ninety nine percent of the are going to go through with this assuming nothing kind of bottoms out here the way we see maybe some other sports. Seth raw triple sports. Thanks so much for your time this morning. Man, we appreciate it. Anytime guys I appreciate the invite ticker. We'll see Mike Scott. Report when we come back here on the morning, show on for details. Sports. Mike pursue your sports right now. On the DVD morning. Show with going on. Let's pick it up this hour where we just left off with seth roar. Ball and keep the hockey talk going specifically. The Penguins and the impending opening a training camp which still waiting. On the official ratification of the NHL's. Protocol and planned for phase three, which is training camps, opening on Monday face four, which is the resumption of the season and the four year extension for the collective bargaining agreement The penguins are scheduled to play the. Montreal Canadians in best of five. Qualifying round series. Here's what the head coach. Mike Sullivan thinks about that match up. Well they're. They're really good team. You know they're fast. They've got a great counterattack game. They have good structure. They have solid goaltending Defensive Team and so we expect We expect the hard fought battle. It's GonNa be a scenario where we know we're going to have to fight for our scoring chances. We're going to have to have an element of patients associated with our game so that we don't force plays that aren't there and turned into a high risk team so We know it's going to be a hard-fought dial. Know there's a lot of parody in this lead to such a fine line between winning and losing. You know the difference between the you know. The top five teams in the middle of the pack teams is not that significant. That's just the reality of of the League in today's game. Every night there's a hard fought battle regardless who your opponent is, and and that's what we expect. We have a lot of respect for Montreal and the players that they have the coaching staff that they have This is a well coached group and we're going to have to be at our very best. You wouldn't expect him to say anything less in advance of a series, but. Acknowledging the parody that does exist in the NHL. He a point about that. If not for a swoon temporary swoon, right before. Play was paused by the NHL, the penguins could have easily been a top four qualifier and been playing in the round robin, instead of the I'll find round and Canadians if the season had played out to its conclusion might not have made the playoffs so. It's a pretty good match up for the penguins. Montreal did beat Pittsburgh four to one back on December the tenth, but that was then and a lot has happened since. I'm trying to remember December tenth. well. What what I can't tell you is is that? my guess. Is that on December tenth of Montreal played better than we did. And that's why they won We are going through the process as a coaching staff right now at at. Pretty shouting Montreal and looking at. Their most recent games, and and watching some of our games. That we played against them. you know as a coaching staff. We're always cautious to go back to far. In the season, because you know personnel, changes, and subtle subtleties to their their tactics change, and so we try to. We try to stay with with most recent, and and that's the process that we've gone through, but but what I can tell you is is that Montreal is a real good team their biggest strength in my opinion is they're. They're structure, their team, speed, counterattacking and and obviously. Obviously. There's a real good goaltending, so we know it's going to be hard for series. We're going to have to be prepared to be at our very best and and you know there are certain things that that will point out to our players tendencies that that Montreal may have and and so We'll make sure that our players are well prepared for what we're about to face in the series. But we've got a lot of respect for Montreal and how good their? Pirates tried to play intra. Squad game at PNC park yesterday spring, training, two point Oh continued, but rain had other ideas to intra squad game got washed out. Manager Derek Shelton last night in his daily Zoom session. Confirmed that the prospect Brian Hayes not on the field yesterday, and has not been on the field, a participating in a workout since Spring Training two point zero commenced a week ago today, Hayes falls into the same category as Ki Kiani Kella the presumed closer. Those guys have not yet worked out. No reason given the parts have announced a too positive test for the coronavirus. Right Hander Blake Cedar. Island and outfielder Socrates Brio big ten conference announced yesterday that it's going to go conference only for all of its false sports that includes football. The conference in a statement cited unprecedented times as the reason for making that decision, Penn state was supposed to play Kent State on September the fifth. Visit Virginia Tech on September the twelfth and host. San Jose state on September the nineteenth. Those games have been wiped from the schedule. The, big ten. If it play it all is going to go conference. Only work everything. Another reason that this move is being made according to the big ten the flexibility allows in the potential event that football starts, but has to stop for whatever reason in the fall I would anticipate other conferences. The following suit see if that happens in the next few days or next week, and here's the trickle down effect on that Randy. This is These figures obtained by USA Today Sports the mid American conference specifically central Michigan Bowling Green Ball, state, and northern. Illinois, those four schools each had to game scheduled against big ten teams. Bowling Green was going to make a combined. Combined two point two million for playing Ohio State and Illinois Central. Michigan was going to make two point one five million for playing Nebraska and northwestern. You take that Kinda payday out of the athletic budgets of a mid American conference, school and things are going to change that. Yeah Ball state just kept put another two million on Visa Card and move on like nothing happened Central Michigan is one of the schools that has already dropped. Sports Stanford announced this week that it was dropping eleven sports, no college basketball and no college football. Is Not something you can just work around. It changes the game. Well like I. Said says something happens in the next month or so to make it a whole lot easier for them to be able to pull this off. I would love to see college football. It is distinctly different from professional football in that they are. At a college! With with tens of thousands of other people. NFL doesn't have to yeah so the. NFL doesn't have to contend with that same Obstacle but I'm going to remain hopeful. Right up until they tell me in eight happened. You know. The other part of that is I think I could watch a pro football game. Let's say the steelers figure out. They can have twenty thousand people in there. You know something wall below capacity. I'm fine with that college and you need the Big Stadium. You need the band. You need the colored pageantry, don't you? I mean I'll still if they play empty stadiums, I'll still watch that too, but. Yeah well remotely be the same thing emotionally I mean he just something about that the colors and the music and All that all that stuff that we associate with college football. In a fight song out! Mike if you're starving, someone gives you a hot dog. You don't go. No, mustard. No thanks. You're getting crushed. But I won't enjoy it. As well not as much not as much well. Being satiated is more important than enjoying all of it at this point, so let's just hope we are Watching football in a couple of months. The baseball stuff seems to be going okay so far right? I mean there are some people who are coming down with Covid, but like not huge numbers right now a couple here a couple of their after an initial like you know, the initial testing revealed eight people at a time and stuff like that and hasn't been too bad as it. Context for it, but I was anticipating that would be positive tests. I'm going to be ridiculous. Assume there wouldn't be and I was assuming there would be some. Opt outs, but it seems like it's reasonable manageable representative so far. Okay when we come back from the break foul porter. Gets to hairband us into the weekend. We had a lot of guests today, so we weren't able to get as many hair bands on as we wanted to. Today yesterday. Value Dot rocked the whole morning. And today we were going hairband which we only basically got to do. In the six o'clock hour, so we'll do one more on the way out here. Quick break, we'll come dot com. To the morning show. Yesterday. In a bid to talk about anything, other than the current state of. We turned the show over to vows yacht rock expertise and she curated an entire morning. Of Yacht rock gems. Today. Response. She should do hairband Oh. Yeah, people love the rock stuff. L. Loved it. So today we were going to do hair bands, but we had so many guests. We didn't have a chance to really get to too many hair bands. We did a few of them in the six o'clock hour, so let's close with one today. Bow Gimme a good party role into the weekend hairband song. Hardy Song all right. How many? Something I don't WanNa valid to end the show on Friday now. All right so I was like wow. This is a better song from. That's a bad year that we have good hair. Kevin dubrow hair was terrible. You can't call them a hairband. But. Carlos Vase Oh had pretty good hair. Rudy says Oh had long hair. It was like coming like draping down, but they didn't ease it up. You know. All right well. How about some poison? This is a good song for the weekend to get us into the weekend. Perfect. All right poison. From vow, it's her hairband offering for you on DVD. The morning, show, poison nothing, but a good time that was the first single off of open up and say in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight, and my fa-, Bio, the besides for that are living for the minute and look, but you can't touch which are too great titles for hairband songs. which living for the minute? Yeah? Which is a? Philosophy that came back to bite a lot of right in the ass to be quite frankly. Did Not consider some of their lifestyle choices. At that time we're going to not pay dividends in the long run, but my favorite thing about this is the music video. For nothing but a good time. Is this restaurant employee washing dishes, and as boss comes in and tells them to turn off that rock and roll because that was the thing back then is that? Everyone in the eighties was convinced that parents hated rock and roll and I. Don't think they cared anymore, but we had to keep that Relationship Alive. It seemed yeah, if we didn't have that, Miss. It didn't seem as. Cool, so the manager tells that Damn Rock and roll and says you're being paid to wash dishes not to listen to that crap, and he says you move at two speeds slow and stop. Then the manager leaves and the dishwashers like screw this and he kicks open a door. That's next to the dishwashing basin, and it's a concert hall where poison as just tearing up the play. Just a big party does out and they rock out. A good time, and when the song is over, the manager returns discovering. Much to his surprise, all the dishes are washed. So, magically the power of enjoying a little rock and roll. Cleaned all the dishes. SPIC and span we'll get that. I do not remember that video at all. It's so stupid. Like why would you remember it's wire? And then get this guys. How many drugs do you have to do to think that was a good idea for video? And at the end? All of the dishes are clean. Yeah, that's awesome, clean dishes! F- yeah. High Fives Pant. added. We're all about clean dishes. Just watch it again or do you have this emblazoned in your memory? Nothing, but a good time in lots of clean cutlery. That's what we love. Sex, drugs and clean salad bowls. CC Deville had some of the best hair. Wary Guy. Absolutely, that's other guys. Had long hair, but his was really teased up. Special thanks to the legend Buzi Collins. Who is on the show earlier? He's got a new single out issue. Go check it out stars. We got leaked for you at D.. E. DOT COM benefiting music, musician, relief Covid nineteen really fun. And also thanks throw from TRIB. Live and thanks to. who else Oh great Warren who? was very off color today, and but he's got a hilarious. Streaming stand up special on Amazon right now where the field corn grows. It's not bleeped. Warning for you guys and then also. to Sean Collier for telling us about the new movies that are out I. Really Interested in that Tom Hanks movie. I think that's the pretty interesting Greyhound and it's only like eighty one minutes. He said, which is like half a movie these days, so that's perfect. Yeah and the old guard he said was okay. That's the Shirley's there on one on net flicks and the beach. House, with a bunch of no name actors. He was a great horror flick. So thanks Sean for that. Don't forget anything you missed on the show. You can catch with the DB morning show podcast with the iheartradio APP available DV. Dot Com or wherever you get your podcast. That's brought to you. I board US in Boorda's. Go? To go happy with Mike you're you're off next week. I am. Bill will be back. Mike will be off and Michele's coming up next with the electric launch. have a great weekend, everybody. I'm finished. You stay classy Pittsburgh. Don't touch your face.

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