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"navin credit" Discussed on WPRO 630AM

"Selffocused im your i am your leader you know follow me you know this kind of rhetoric that i dunno just seems to be part of a movie play rather than you know a practical approach to training lift a campaign off the ground people react to ideas people react to things that they can touch taste and feel and i think specifically allan fung talking about a goal of reducing the state sales tax to a specific number is a smart idea course i'm going to ask the simple question up front when i get a chance to speak with him which is how the hell you pay for it because we all would like to see adjustments in the cost of doing business boy also would like to see the roads maintained and school buildings not falling apart and when you contrast this with the story out of east greenwich today where a ceiling fell while the kids were in the building that's that's something that you got to address don't you think so we'll talk to you about that as we go and a whole lot more at four three eight wpro in the meantime i should tell you the navin credit navigate credit unions new and improved money management tool is an even better way to track your finances and meet your goals i've had a chance to kind of fiddle around with this money management tab on their website navigation c u dot org and it is fascinating lee cool if you wanna see your whole financial world as small as it might be or as big as it might be all carved out into easy to see graphics where you actually can evaluate the weight of your financial moves you know what you actually spend money on versus what you think you're spending money on your entire net worth managed every single day every little nuance and aspect of your checking and savings and investment accounts are all in one easy to find plate place bill pay on an automatic basis things that happened just kind of on their own.

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