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"naval hospital philadelphia" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"I personally would not but i think a lot of people would have an issue for any type of political or social issues and as far as your stance on you being a of former military personnel and not having a problem with him taking stance a and i had a caller on a couple of moments ago of a believe his name is my michael in sarasota i may be wrong soap group forgive me if i have the wrong caller who did serve in the military and said he was offended by i've made this comment time and time again colin kaepernick has repeatedly said that his actions of last year in no way shape or form were meant to be disrespectful to the military or anyone that's either served or is currently lee serving in our armed forces and i believe him i i believe them at his word i also believe that those members of the military like myself who may have encountered the police like i did back in 1992 when i was stationed naval hospital philadelphia when i was approached by police would a group of friends who are all african american at believe had i not screw doubt that we're in the navy that we would have been injured in next sitting rod you know what i administered it that also uh rob involved with my ptsd what i'm suffer from right now because of that incident that occurred to me in philadelphia as well as some other things that i saw on the battlefield on the board ship thank you fared much where he thought dealer thank you for your service at camp walk in your shoes because i've never served in the military and i'm not african american aid so i can't really comment on what you've experienced what i am saying is you know.

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