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"national league bull durham" Discussed on Lance McAlister

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"national league bull durham" Discussed on Lance McAlister

"Fifty dollars a fourth any. Barry bonds wasn't even playing. Man Twenty years. That's how much again change. Yeah it really is. Hey, I appreciate the stories Harian Steve Thank you. I covered Let's see cubs cubs giants in the playoffs would have been what eighty nine I was. I covered that series. In fact I did a story on the ball hawkers everybody out beyond the Left Field Wall. Who? Who chased the home run balls and there were a group of professionals and I mean professionals. Their lawn chairs, they had their little TV's battery operated TV's attracting worthy balls were being hit. They had their their fish nets everything. It would be a mad scramble for home run balls out beyond the why did a story on that group but I show you the impact of of those super stations on this my memory as you know. Reds Fan. Mine entire life I can give you the cubs teams of that time was Jody Davis. Ketchup I can hear Kerry Harry, Carey Singing Jody Jody Davis Best Catcher. In the National League Bull Durham at first Leeann Durham they had Rhino Ryan Sambergen Second Shawon Dunston. A Zukas. Penguin Ron say at third the outfield would have been sarge Gary Matthews in left Bob Dernier. Center. Part of the daily double with Ryne Sandberg in what Zone Keith Moreland in right probably in those braves teams that was Dale Murphy and can't Oberkfell and Bruce Benedict or Polka robot Glenn Hubbard and Claude L. Washington Chris Shambles. Rick. Mailer. Guys like that. Phil. Niekro Oh and Ireland I know that because of the power of the super stations at that time. I add one more story than back to the phones I had opportunities around our Christmas specials. When I was in Chicago at TV I interviewed Harry met Harriet a try to remember what the name of the hotel was downtown or may have been in the the building he lived in but we met in the lobby and I did an hour long interview with Harry, just me and Harry sitting. Big chairs was hour long and it was going to run Christmas Eve and I'll never forget at the end of the interview Harry looks at me and he he had a beer is bud and he looked at me and he picked up the beer. Leaned towards the camera and he said, and this Bud's for you just classic Harry Carey and the following year for Christmas special. I had a chance He was no longer doing games, but I had a chance to go up to Jack Brick houses condo. And in his living room record an hour long special with Jack Brickhouse on memories of life and Times. It comes baseball and broadcasting adjust man. Legends Legends..

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