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"national institute allergy infectious diseases" Discussed on 10 10 WINS

"Afternoon I'm Mario ball scans we are here at ten ten wins awaiting a press conference a press Valerie Vale but only with the president regarding the corona virus pandemic to be sure and stand by to that and there is a grim forecasts on the impact of the pandemic on the nation from the country's most infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci National Institute allergy infectious diseases director and we will listen in and find out more about his forecast the White House rose garden president trump about to give an update on the federal response to the corona virus pandemic earlier today meeting with supply chain distributors in the cabinet room to discuss the response to covert nineteen asking hospitals to stop porting ventilators we do have a problem according we have some health care workers some hospitals frankly individualized models and hospital chains we have that morning appointment including ventilators we have to release those red letters there are one hundred thirty six thousand confirm coronavirus cases in the U. S. but Dr Anthony Fauci telling CNN that number could go much higher looking at what we're seeing now you know I would say between one hundred and two hundred thousand cases and in New York City the epicenter of the U. S. corona virus outbreak six hundred seventy eight people have now died of covert nineteen with one hundred sixty one of them in just the last twenty four hours and nearly five thousand members of that city's police department are out sick I'm Dave Packer ABC news and keep it locked here on ten ten wins and ten ten wins dot com for the latest coverage on the corona virus pandemic Wednesday's time five thirty one traffic.

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