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"Taken not so random walk through hot topics in markets and finance listen to odd lots. A weekly Bloomberg podcast hosted by Joe Weisenthal and Tracy. Alloway auld lots explores everything from how the Seinfeld. TV show can teach you about economics to why the Federal Reserve blundered by letting Lehman Brothers fail the odd lots podcast available every Monday on the Bloomberg terminal. Bloomberg Dot Com. I tunes soundcloud and whatever APP. You used to browse podcasts. Twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg Dot, com on the Bloomberg business APP and at Bloomberg. QUICK TAKE! This is Bloomberg radio now a global news update. Virus Mutating Name Change I'm Mike Moore's not only are more people. Getting the corona virus put, there may be changes in the virus itself which make it easier for more people to get it. Here's correspondent. Jim rupe Dr Anthony Fauci with the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases says there have been dozens of mutations of SARS covy to virus, which causes covid nineteen, but most of those have been insignificant. However now. He says I think the data showing that there's a single mutation that. That actually makes the virus be able to replicate better and maybe have high viral load meaning it may be more contagious now says however, there's no evidence right now that that would indicate this drain would make the infected person sicker, but more people could become infected, which means younger people and more of the more vulnerable are at risk. I'm Jim Roope the Mayor of point. Pleasant Beach New Jersey. Paul Kinney True says that some people act as if all they care about is the.

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TRPR 179  News Review 12 April 2020.

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TRPR 179 News Review 12 April 2020.

"Hi My name is Andrew Trap and welcome to the read report. This is episode one hundred seventy nine one seven nine recorded on the twelfth April twenty twenty this week among other things would be looking at welby corona virus update no doubt no doubt including the six hundred people have died in Iran trying to avoid the Kobe nineteen. What did he do that coat them? The UK confirms plans for Corona Virus Virus contract soy contact tracking APP. What could that mean? How do we get out of lockdown asking the telling us the virus will transform the way we work and travel in the UK? The White House is mulling over Corona virus certifications or certificates of immunity. Really that similar subject to the tracking up and a couple of other bits to what is happening to the climate with everything shut down with faithfully in the middle of the green new deal and Disney introduced his two gay. Dads to duck tale. Show the report. Report is normally posted every weekend. News reviewed the perhaps. The report is to help people in the UK and Europe to think about what the news is telling us on using current affairs. Asking is another side of the story. We're being told particularly action. Questions like are we being played is the mainstream media misleading us or keeping us in the dark by on purpose or by mistake background articles for almost everything we can be found on our show notes at our website the red pill dot reports and you can also make small donations if you want to to the cost of the show there though. We're doing okay really. We could improve things. We could buy some better bits and so on for the show. But we're not doing badly but if you want to country you're very welcome to we gratefully received. It's been encouraging occasionally to have the gift coming in that trigger warning. It says here. The Bible says we should be speaking the truth in love. That doesn't mean we change what we say in terms of changing the truth but we do it out to the fact that we care for people will believe it's important for people to hear the truth. The truth is not always comfortable but it's always liberating the truth will set you free. The Bible says and so if you're the sort of person who finds it offensive to hear well trues like the fact that men can't become women There were only two sexes genders. Well this may not be the right place for you. Anyway there we go. Let's jump straight into a cove in nineteen update. So what can we tell you about covy? Nineteen that you've not heard across the news. Well basically a lot of people are dying from this. The idea. This is just a minor flow. Is You know just doesn't bad considering now Five hundred fifty thousand people in America now appear to have The virus that death toll is now the highest twenty one thousand. Nearly twenty two thousand people already dead in America now well behind Italy and Spain and France. Some of their curve in terms of where they are in time because all of those countries were ahead of them at one point they at the moment only have a three point nine percent death rate and yet they still have twenty one thousand people dead and we know the death rate rises over time because well people who only a week into two weeks into it beginning to get critically ill but most of them haven't yet died who are going to Italy has a terrible rate of twelve point seven percent. That's right but you cares twelve point six. It's it's not a good illness to get now Our death rate is probably a bit exaggerated here because we're not testing people generally Unless they go into hospital already sick and we know that out of those you'd go into hospital the death rate quite high but there are a great many who don't go into hospital recovered with minus symptoms and we're not really seeing them in the statistics. Here what could we tell you? Well we need to be impressed. We need to be protecting ourselves. Elderly People True News to talk about the fact that you need to hide away indoors while the indignation passes there's some bits that are of interest but barely six hundred people have been killed in Iran and three thousand people left hospitalized after attempting a cure. You sort of read on the Internet for Corona Virus. They drank neat alcohol now. We know historically drinking strong alcohol. Things like sort of the bruise that used to be sort of moonshine and so on could cost you serious problems while neat alcohol commercial alcohol. Wood alcohol is sometimes. I think it's called is pretty deadly. It's not going to cure the virus because he gets into your stomach not into sales as it were gives you serious problems of alcohol poisoning but won't get rid of the virus. It's good to use the outside. Wash your hands with alcohol. Wipro with Alcohol Gel. Don't drink it Christian institutue reporting that more than half of UK adults are very worried about. Covert nineteen polling shows that levels of anxiety have been consistently high since the lockdown with around twin around the twenty third March. Nearly one in four describe themselves as being the most worried they've ever been now. We need we as the church needs to be careful about this. The temptation is to say to people. Hey don't worry. Many people die excetera roar. It's okay it's GonNa be alright but actually that's not. Our Job is entrepreneur comfort people into a lost eternity. Our job is to say well. You should be worried because tens of thousands of people worldwide in the UK. Now ten thousand people have died prematurely as it were and being ushered into eternity and into a great many of them into our lost. Turn ity the grim reaper as we sometimes describe has reaped a great many and if you are not in Christ well. There's no second chances we need to be preaching the Gospel where we can to these people and people who are worried. The Comfort we can offer is if you are in Christ. Death sting is is is taken out as it were not. You can't die but if you do die you go. Where are we now Easter time? I don't like that term resurrection Sunday a few days ago. Good Friday or some people say still or Wednesday. Jesus died there were two thieves won on the cross. Who called out. Remember me when you get to Yuqing them. And Jesus today you will be with me in paradise a few die of Corona virus today. And you're in Christ. Well today you will be with Christ in paradise and we'll be awaiting the return and the resurrection of the body to come. Uk could firms plans for corona virus. Contact tracing APP. The ups confirmed plans for an APP. That will warn users if they have recently been in close proximity to someone suspected of having been infected by the corona virus. The Health Secretary Hancock announced the move and the government daily pandemic press briefing. He said the and it just was working closely with other world leading tech companies. Sorry with the world's leading companies on the initiative but one expert who has advised? The effort has raised doubts about it. The BBC has learned that Nha sex health providers digital innovations unit. We'll test a pre release version of the software with families at a secure location in the north of England. Next Week Cup of tea on the face of things of this seems a very good idea if you can know who has been in contact with. Who and you know if if I don't know Steve for want of a random name finds the has cove in nineteen and by some mainstay well over the last three or four days. How many days? They consider that he might have been infectious met with sue and Burton tracy and JE my mirror. Whoever we can contact them and say well you need to be in self-isolation for one out all sounds very good idea and may will be very useful in getting us out of the lockdown but emergency situations Response to emergency situations often a never really put back in the box. When Pandora's box is opened and all manner of evil come out is a job to them back the Patriot Act. America Was A response to nine. Eleven but it still enforce today the TSA another's and homeland to pump homeland security zone still wielding emergency palace over the American population and much of the world's population. If you go to America today once you let the government gain a power to access track and trace of every person in the nation you may never be able to revoke that on wall under some governments. That may be out no problem. Not all governments are perhaps so easy going while some police forces may be safe with that kind of power. Not all police forces are the same little police the same. We've seen this with the sort of random objects of police doing things like policing non essential in brackets aisles. In TESCO's well go out and cash proper thieves. If you're in TESCO's we're allowed to buy whatever we wanted if you happen to walk down the AISLE AND PICK UP A. I don't know what might you pick? I picked up some socks the other day when I was out shopping. Emergency essential items. Probably not but I've got some socks. The beginning of the holy needs put in the basket. Well some she's the police would be stopping you doing that because there's not well. Some people are interpreting regulations inappropriate. We see things like street preaching and so on and Well we need very careful cautious that these sorts of powers can be misused the BBC ask. How do we get out of this lock down? We can't just lift the lockdown if you know numbers improve the moment the UK estimate so that something like four percent of the population may have had a now be immune to cove in nineteen sixty three million who stella vulnerable if we say well. It's been three weeks four weeks numbers are getting better. Hey everybody back to work. Well we will end up with another spike and then locked down another spike. And how do we get out of this? What is very difficult to know if we raise the lockdown. We're like to have they say here another explosive outbreak it's inevitable. The fundamentals of the virus have not changed. Join the three weeks. We've been locked down. It still spread quite easily between people. They say one person passes it on. Average two three people and that They are infectious before they know they are and we'll pass it onto three more people which is now nine people and three more was that twenty seven people it goes on causing the infection down as we have by social isolation and I don't like the tem social isolation released we should be keeping up social contact. It's physical isolation. We should be talking more about Well you know it's quite easy if you get inside human. Cut The the infection rates dramatically. But they'll be people who still have the virus and don't know they have Who have it as symptomatically as they say? If you release the population back onto the streets we will see another spike it has. The virus hasn't changed. Our immunity hasn't changed. Our health methods of treating haven't changed. We are not really much better at testing people as a little better at testing people. We don't have a medicine. That mitigates is disease. Mu Don't have an inoculation against it. An immunization against it. It's difficult to know how we will get out of this lock down and I think we're likely to be in it for a long time yet. How Professor Ferguson has suggested that We could begin to lift the lockdown by the end of May while we're still at eight process in other words that six weeks of seven weeks to go yet and I think it's unlikely that we will be in a position to re release the lockdown even then though there may be a little easing allowed So where do we go with this? It may be that we will not end up with a vaccine quickly enough to deal with this Say the BBC. We may have to fall back on the court calling herd immunity This would happen when as many people have been infected A one so many people have been infected and they say up to seventy percent but I hear eighteen ninety-five percent maybe needed. The virus can no longer. Course larch outbreaks We may well have to go through a period where people are infected. A few people go to hospital. A few people are infected a few. We're going to hospital while the hospitals can manage those numbers keeping it down to those numbers a manageable for so long that eighty to ninety five percent of the population would have had and come out of survived. The disease effective drugs that could mitigate the effects of the virus would be dramatically helpful if they could Well people people have mild symptoms. Don't need any but if they if there was a medication that could ease Those who go from coughing into Lung problems into needing artificial respiration needing to be on a ventilator. If we could eat that we could stop that. That would make a major difference to how we can deal with us if we could treat it as a home based disease. Yes you might be pretty ill. But you're not good. I need hospitalization. That'd make a major difference to how we can get out of this lockdown. But it seems that that's a way of vaccination. What do you think vaccination do? Let me know other vaccines that are acceptable ahead of you. A while ago. When I was thinking of going to India in the end the trip didn't come off but I had to have yellow fever and some other bits and bits and bobs. I'm very concerned about children's vaccinations. I think there's some real problems with those America's about vaccinations are the based on aborted fetus. Sales aborted children. What are your views on facts nation to get in touch through well Andrew out the red pill dot report will get you there or go to the red pill dot reported. Leave a comment on today's show notes and I'll see that too. You can use. And the a claiming that the corona virus lockdown and the events that we have been experiencing over the last few weeks are going to radically transform the way we work and live and move in the UK They say that they predict that. There will be a permanent reduction in demand for travel because people have learned the convenience and quite saying that of working from home and using technology to be able to get their work done without long commutes and while some people are quite desperate to get back to the office. Many people are saying well. I love the convenience of being able to work from I Dunno spam. I drove more the like for those who have a luxury doing that. Many people of course living ray difficult crowded situations have nothing like that opportunity to work from home but yeah. I sang that. Well things are going to be very different and world news. Yes cracking throws this. I haven't got much to cover this week in many ways and I don't intend Tracking things out just for the sake of it world news now. I've only got one article here under that. Which is the White? House's mulling over corona virus certificate of immunity now not totally the same as we have from the U K where they're talking about tracking APP. We've had Bill Gates talking about this and here we have an article. A White House is considering a certificate of immunity. Dr Antony a fork a member of the president. Trump's corona virus task force said on Friday that certificates of immunity for Americans have been discussed during White House meetings according to a report. The head of the Fussy the head of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases hit on CNN. That the idea that people carry certificates to prove they have tested positive for. Antibodies might rackets half some merit under certain circumstances. It's one of those things that we talk about when we want to make sure that we know who the vulnerable people are an are not. He said adding that antibody test will be available soon. The idea basically I think is that you will be allowed. Are you house if you have one of these certificates and you may only be able to get one of these tickets if you take the vaccine. You may only be able to take vaccine if you're prepared. Also to have a digital marker inserted in your body is one of the things that I believe is sort of along with what Bill Gates was talking about as well as the vaccine they they also embed some method of identification into your body. Now we're probably not yet at the beasts system but we get into a place where a while ago you couldn't have imagined a situation where you would only be able to buy or sell with a mark of the beast but Technology is moving more and more towards the position where you can see that without this certificate and this certificate. Tony valid defeats alongside an injected marker in your body so we know who you Wa that you are associated with certificates and only then. Will you be allowed out to the shops in some situation? Whereby as a Christian you'LL BE A. I'm sorry I can't take that because this or that now we're not there but just be aware that we are. It appears moving towards the situation where that's becoming more and more possible plausible. We've known it's coming for thousands of years but we've not been able to see a situation where yeah that's that's quite likely it. Well now. We're getting towards that situation and church. News Christian minister humiliated by hotel. Hotel over marriage. Event takes legal action. A Christian minister is being suing. A Belfast. Hotel offered ordered him to hold a public meeting. In support of traditional marriage. Hotel stuff interrupted. The event attended by more than fifty members of the public and told Reverend Harry culture to finish immediately in fact in the was given five minutes to wrap the meeting up. Reverend Carter told the Christian Institute who are supporting him in this case that the instant left him feeling humiliated and he is now taking legal action for unlawful discrimination and breach of contract. The Minister Hired Hotel. The hotel's grand ballroom for its marriage matters event in October last year. He said the hotel staff work closely involved with the setting up the meeting and did not express any concerns about the meeting or its content but partway through the meeting. During the second. Half the meaty. I believe there were allegedly complaints. Made and the hotel staff said you were to stop this immediately because people were upset the content of the meeting. Well what about the we've set about the meeting being stopped of course Christian hurt doesn't Matter Christian. Being offended doesn't matter only. Lgbt people being offended matters in this situation here we see the biblical viewpoint is now an object of discrimination. One that we're expected to swallow the church is going to be facing more and more discrimination along these lines. I don't know what's happening with this case. I suspect nothing much until Corona viruses over. But here we go. How about this Martin? Luther King's niece no platform D- For being inherently religious. This is from Christianity Dot. Org Legal Action has been launched. After Martin Luther King's niece was barred from speaking at an event for being inherently religious. Full Rich. We read. She's a Christian and therefore her views are Tokyo Nicholas. Never be heard by anybody. A Al Vera King have been invited to speak on civil rights and abortion by a pro life group at Georgia Institute of Technology but the University refused to fund the event in case of US offended other students or students pay towards the Fund. Which is supposed to be available for or university societies? Well let's have some ideas firstly. We should never be looking to the ungodly to fund our meetings our message if you want to run a Christian meeting paper. We've never run our outreach. Ministry Bible matters as a charity. We've always wanted. This is a business because we don't want to be involved in charitable status. We pay the money if we make any profit and we never do because we don't intend by we'll matches via profit making business. We will pay our taxes on it and we will be free from government restrictions having said that if a university says that something is available to everybody then it should be available to everybody if they say that is available to everybody but Christians are not allowed to run pro-life Events Christian allowed to speak at events now in other saying that will. Christians are not people because they're not part of everybody here. We are nearly sixty years after the August. Twenty Eighth Martin Luther King. I have a dream speech and discrimination is still strong around the world but here in the USA is speaking in our world news here back. During the time of the civil war the Democrats were pro slavery today. They are liberal. I would argue that. They were the Anti Slavery Party though starkly. They weren't but they're still the party of discrimination now aimed at the church then aimed at those who sought freedom for the slaves again. Probably the church. And there's all that Let's have a look just one little bit here and then we'll go onto another subject. You can read more if you want to the show notes. California State University denied the pro-life Group. Five hundred dollars to host a speaker yet that very same year. Two thousand sixteen seventeen. They gave a total of three hundred thousand dollars to gender to the gender equality center and the L. G. T. Chew a pride center so some idea of the discrimination. That's going on on one tiny bit of science news. As a couple of bits I was GONNA put. I was going to put up by the BBC. Forests across Britain could actually be detrimental to the C. O Two situation in the world. But we'll leave that when a site a little bit complicated but here we are Several weeks into effectively a trial run of the a green new deal type vision. The world is now as Ratto wants it. There are no planes flying. Almost no planes. There are a few votes few votes on our oceans Oil is not being bought sold or used as it was. There are no cars very few cars on the road. Few trains running We are in the green new deal and yet. Co Two reached an all time high this week. Four hundred and eighteen an all time high for recent times back in the past in historic times has been much higher but in fact in Ice Ages in the past is being very much higher but for Modern Times Co two atmospheric C of to reach an all time high of four hundred and eighteen parts per million The the Two weeks no aircraft two weeks of no traffic two weeks of a few lorries or trains has made no difference whatsoever to atmospheric C. O two. There are lots of has made a difference. There are lots of rivers and seas and places that are transformed going out for a walk. Here I see it as much more wildlife on the FRY. The cost about relaxed. See much more road kill but just for now that is well not so much. Not so much in the way of Traffic on roads and let lots more wildlife out on them. And lastly I lost piece of news for this week. Last news article this week Disney introduces and this is in a slippery slope. For Sexual Liberalisation Section Disney introduces two gay DADS as characters on Duck Tales. Show whatever that might be the. Lgbt agenda is being dismantled disseminated disseminated through the mass media much more frequently as Disney is happy to do the agendas bidding as children are being groomed and doctrine. Aided by this community indoctrinated I've got here into perversion by this community. The latest example is a phenomena of this phenomenon comes on the Disney Channel Program Duck Tales. A character on the show violet was revealed as having two gay dads on the season. Three premiere of the program according to the pro algae T- propaganda milk mill. Pink News Duck tells executive Frank Angola's Referenced Violence Two gay DADS in a Tumbler Post last year. As with all of the characters he says we had a lot of conversations about who violet was and what her background was came up with this fund the notion of to over to to a story of TD blow to very enthusiastic. A overly supportive. Dads who love being dad's he wrote in two thousand eighteen. Well what funded is what fun. It is to tell children that you can have two dads in that having to is just right that affectively telling the boys having sex with another man is well. It's okay no that's not quite that what they're going to be telling them but is the underlying story that will come into the lives of the boys having a boyfriend. A boy who has boyfriend seeking to have a husband. That's just great. Might ask how to dads get a girl. As daughter doesn't seem to happen to me. Well I guess they must have adopted or something We don't really have a story built around them. But when the time comes to an episode focusing on Shui and Violet in a particular situation it makes sense that they would be. He added He used the LGBT new speak in his blog. Post to indicate that he is part of the child focused movements. I'm well aware of the Queer representation through parents and background characters tripe is an issue that we've sort of stumbled backwards into a lot of hatred. Normativity sorry Hetero normative romances in the show. He wrote meaning that a lot of the children or carriages. This show have moms and dads had tre normative. That's a bad thing. We need to stop this and start having some more diverse city in our show He mentioned that there are specific hoops. You have to jump through to make changes to established Disney characters. And then he added. That's really no excuse. We really have not gone done enough enough relevant. Lgbtq plus rep whatever that means We do have some themes and ideas coming up that address. The relevant lgbtq plus narratives. But there's always opportunity from a lot more I want to. I want to cop out and cookie for saying Look at this. One thing we're doing he wrote Goal is confirmed that there will base similar propaganda in children's programming on the Disney channel in the years to come as the LGBT agenda tries to law precocious kids into their way of life. And so here. We are in the midst of a covert epidemic which could be considered the biblical plague and Disney is saying. Hey let's do more of what brings God's wrath on a nation so here we are at the end of the show and he thirty five thirty six minutes in not a lot happening in the world. Well not a lot this past my way. I've been very busy with all sorts of Work here I run two jobs to manage the family and both of them are actually still employ me and keeping me busy. I'm having a whale of a time but I haven't got a Lotta time for the report value presnya support. You're helping that. Do Send me things you think. We should be covering Andrew at the red pill report. Best place to send those so the back end of the show here. I want to thank you for being here accession. I hope the information's being informative and helpful but really want to say we. In the middle of a pandemic thousands upon tens of thousands of people are dying in most countries this week tens of thousands each day probably worldwide will pass from this life to the next people are worried and I don't want to say don't worry I wanna say well you know if you if you think this is all there is. You should be worried because it could be coming to an end for you but worse the Bible says the man is distant wants to die and after that face the judgement if your life does not stand up to God standards. Let's just say in the Ten Commandments. Says DO NOT LIE. Stilton commit adultery. Jesus expands those. Do not hate your brother do not lustful thoughts etc while you know if you don't meet those standards than judgements not going to be a fit place for you to be. But you don't have to be in that position I'M NOT GONNA go for lots of Bible verses were stick with the same one Romans. Thirty eight thirty nine from persuaded that neither death nor life and death we can say cove in nineteen neither covert nineteen no life so not dying but facing the persecution of troubles it come away. No Rangel's no principles no power or any other thing present things to eat the height nor depth or any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ Jesus our Lord if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior if you recognize that when he died on the cross Here we already don't like that term resurrection Sunday and whatever you want to go Friday. Good Fridays and other great term. Because it wasn't very good in many ways but the message was good that came out of the actions the camera it was good when Jesus on that cross it was dark for three hours during the daytime it Israel. It's not dark in the daytime darkness on the face of the earth. And at that point I believe that for a period of time got pulled out his anger upon Jesus for our sins the end of it he said it is finished a T. I paid the price for your sins. Should you wish me to pay for them? He paid the price raw since he died on the cross in our place. And if you know as your Lord and Savior the neither Kovic. No living off topic ovid living through the lockdown or tying. Join the lockdown will separate you from the love of God again. We said this before but some thirty one fifteen times in my hand it should we die. Should we live? It's in God's hands. We do not need to fear cove in nineteen and for those who want to know more about how to become how. Jesus is your Lord and Savior. We're really just need to get on. Your knees. Don't need to do that. That's inconvenient because you've got physical problems but God. I know I've done things wrong. I know I need to be forgiven. Jesus to pay for my sins become my Lord and Savior doesn't Communist. Just you just give you a free raffle ticket or a Free. Get Out of jail free card as it will let you might get a monopoly. He comes in his Lord and Savior. You know to make him lord of Your Life but if you want to know more the back of the show notes there is a link to finding God's way a four study guide that I put together. It's just really just throw a few Bible verses looking at making the world perfect without cancer without sin without you know diseases and Kobe. Nineteen whatever and with purpose for mankind. You're not just an evolved lumper space dust. That has no hope of future you made with the purpose about ninety percent of UK. Teenagers believe their life is purposely. Some meaningless will have read the Bible. The second one took spent how things went wrong. How do we get cancer in the world? How do we get sin in the world? How do we get trouble? Well things got messed up got made it go but he got messed up and the second to the last two studies. Sorry what Jesus did on the Cross how he dealt with your sin last one how you get into your life. Because it's a gift is offered is not forced on me. Jesus doesn't want people in Heaven. You don't want to be there so you are. God bless you. Thank you for being here with me. I hope spin a helpful. Shout voice is cracking up a bit by letting knows 'cause I'm eating some cheesy cuevas. Not Because I've got nothing don't you God bless you? Hopefully you back here same time next week.

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