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"national inc" Discussed on Good Seats Still Available

"So i'm guessing bolden then is is starting to recognize that you know we got to be more control of our own destiny so to speak and if we can't sort of sort of get over the current process then perhaps maybe we should. We should perhaps take our marbles and go elsewhere with them right. So i i guess. How would you describe the team in the negro national league in those early years. And then the i guess what. It was the buildup to a more dedicated eastern league that they jumped to or help create and nineteen. Twenty-three i mean i'm guessing that bolden saw that foster had put something together. I mean ear. National inc was flawed. Don't get me wrong But the early years of the ingraham. We're probably some of the best run. Negro leagues ever as far as the number of games played the attention to the schedule and statistics and things like bad and they did relatively well. I mean the twenties fairly strong twenties fairly strong period financially for negro league baseball so i think bowling probably saw that. There's there is more money to be made and something else was happening to which we can touch on. His semi professional baseball was slowly starting to fade as far as it being able to pay Hildale had made its money as we talked earlier by playing all white teams during the week. He's white semi pro teams and they could make a decent amount of money doing that but by the early twenties they're starting to die off. There's many complex reasons for why it was having people say radio was part of the reason why these local teams start stayed So i think bolden probably said okay. We can't totally survive on the way we were before with with the reliance on these wight semi pros have to replace that with more games played against professional teams in league situation. So i think that's what pushed him to form the eastern colored league at the end of nineteen twenty to nineteen twenty three season and some your listeners might find it interesting the the choice of words you know you have the negro national league and the eastern colored league..

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