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"national highway safety committee" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"It's the W. ABC Early News on 77. W. ABC. Now here's Juliet Huddy and Frank Murano. Thank you, George. All right. We have some breaking news. A new cruise ship is making waves. We're going to talk about that at 5 40. But first it is time for on this. Day On this day, September 17th 15 95. The pope recognizes only cat Henry, the fourth as King of France, Henry was a Protestant and pro Catholic forces in France refused to accept anyone but one of their own. Is King. Finally, after four defiant years and a move meant to solidify his rule He converted to Catholicism, supposedly saying Parry is well worth an ass. A few years later, he guaranteed religious liberties to Protestants, ending the wars of religion. He died by the way after being stabbed to death in 16 10 by a religious fanatic. His wife, Marie de Medici, served as regent for their son until the son became king in 16 17. He was Louis the 13th, father of the famed Sun King Louis, the 14th. On this day in 17 87. The Constitution of the United States was signed at the end of the Constitutional convention in Philadelphia. And yes, that's right. It was the largest city at the time with 40,000 residents. Philadelphia was the U. S population was just four million. It's more than 327 million. Now, Do you know who the oldest person to sign it was? I'm going to guess that it was Ben. Frank. You are correct. He was 81. Do you know the youngest person? I am. This is that's a good question. I am going to guess that it was a hand. Yeah. Give me somebody from New Jersey. Oh, that That was it. Stockton? No, no. Uh than was it. You get this? I'm gonna have a heart attack. Um, well, now, the pressure's on Um, Was it Hopkins? No. I'll give you the first Jonathan Dayton, Jonathan Dayton would not have gotten 26 years old. None have gotten Yeah. Um, it has been amended 27 times, by the way. 17 45 on this day seven September 17th 17 45 Think about this. This is what was happening. Bonnie Prince Charlie, Remember? I talked about him yesterday. He brings his jacket bite rebellion to Edinburgh. Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the grandson of James, the second of England. The Bonnie Prince and his dad spent much of their lives trying to regain the English throne. After James, the second was deposed, and he was sent into exile. And so the whole family was in exile. Basically, Um, sadly for the Bonnie Prince and company Despite having a lot of support in Scotland, it wasn't quite enough. The Princess forces were defeated at the infamous battle Love Kolodin. If you watched Atlanta you remember that Afterwards, the prince went on the lam and finally ended up in France. Just like his dad and grandfather. He lived a life of lush this. He's a lush, and he died in Rome of a stroke at the age of 67. On this day in 17 96 to announce his decision not to seek a third term as President George Washington presented his farewell address to Congress in a newspaper article on this day, September 17th 18 49. Harriet Tubman escapes slavery for the first time in Maryland with two of her brothers. On this day in 18 62. Confederate Forces under General Robert E. Lee were crushed by union forces at the Battle of Antietam. In Maryland. At least 22,000 men were killed, wounded or missing. It remains the deadliest one day battle in All of American military history. That was in 18 62 on September 17th. We'll just exactly one year earlier in 61, the first class for escaped slaves was taught. At Fortress, Monroe, Virginia, which is now Hampton University. It was taught by Mary Peak. On this day in 1953. Ernie Banks became the first black baseball player to play for the Chicago Cubs. You know, I was on a private plane with Ernie Banks and Tommy Lasorda and my family. We were friends of the person who owns the jet, and we were all there and my everybody was drinking. Not me. I was a kid, but they start they all started singing. Amazing Grace. And it was the craziest memory and unfortunately I was like 10 years old, So I don't have any video or pictures or anything of it. But it was pretty pretty darn cool on this day September 17th 1972 mash Makes its debut on CBS on this day in 1955 actor James Dean. Filmed a TV commercial for the National Highway Safety Committee, urging Americans to drive safely weird. He would later die in a car accident at the age of 24, just under a month before rebel without a cause premiered in New York. That's I didn't know that's interesting. Well, that's strange. Well on this day 52 years ago, a friend of mine who was my best friend growing up. We want to Canada Hills Middle school, and we went to Briarcliff High School together for a short time until I had to move down to the sea. Christine Trudeau was born. I've lost touch with her. I lost touch with her after college, and if she's out there if you're out there, Christine Trudeau or anybody knows how to get in touch with her. I've tried to find this woman. I can't find her anywhere. So you're giving a birthday shout out to somebody? Yeah, you haven't talked to and years ago she was an important part of my life. She could be Well.

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