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"national federation fishermen" Discussed on Remainiacs - the Brexit Podcast

Remainiacs - the Brexit Podcast

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"national federation fishermen" Discussed on Remainiacs - the Brexit Podcast

"You. It seems more than yes i think. Say trying to nightmarish world or any criticism that you can make a fist to be met with Well this is why you lost the referendum and twenty six pound. anyway one thing conflicts. I think we have been talking wherever we've done the how the deal going. Basically putting a naming particular into a kind of nightmarish groundhog day of the mind. Um we've we've talked. You said he's three areas right so there was like fish and a level playing field and stayed and governance and i think therefore that listeners who have not read the agreement some lazy people Like myself might want to know. Just very briefly. What happened on those three things because we had week after week after week of not. But we can't deal because we cannot budge on these three things so can. Can i get the two of you between you to kind of explain briefly. What happened on each of those issues. So i'll with you in and just go level playfield state-aid what was decided. Who won the. I mean there are no. There's definitely no winner here to tell you how this works. State is when you're subsidizing your industries in a way to some fat competition with others on what he was trying to stop with that with the environment and labour was written basically being able to go around the world and go tire free access to single-market corporations come here. We're gonna cut with these regulations. You can pay you can pay for coal. You can whatever but you still get near it without having to abide by those regulations. That's what without trying to stop was trying to say we can do whatever we want with average check with you. God's debiting position for the eu was pretty and they stepped down from it rather quickly arguably it was just a sort of tough apron. Base could say you're gonna buy buy completely by e you law as it updates on aiding environment of blah and come under the jurisdiction of the european court of justice of government oversee. Wasn't going to accept that you ks responses. We're gonna do nothing apart from the standard. Wto stuff on subsidies which which are actually not dissimilar to what you end up with but much lighter much milder and say we're not going to accept any any anything about having our domestic enforcement. Oh blah blah where they ended up was with e you has been since about surveyed true basically early summer with ease had. We're going to. They tacitly said we're not going to ask you to be part of european law. But we all going to insist on his domestic enforcement and trey shin process concrete arbitration process where we can impose tariffs on you in other parts of on this treaty. A true that it's one of the other the parts of trade but nevertheless the you basically got what it wanted at that point so once you do something that the other side considers a breach that sounds aid. So you're subsidizing you know on an hi-tech industries where of britain silicon valley is then that point that you can go on we're gonna impose tariffs on u In retaliation for that then just as quick as the tariffs you got the mediation process of where. These tire sparrow north. They agree that's fair than they kerryon. If not then then you try and work it out another way and that's about it. You get a secondary level of this which is cooled rebalancing and that's where off in period of time if one side has been significant divergences. That's quite significant divergences. They can do rebalancing measures in entire in other words if there's been too many breaches you get. Well okay fine. So what clearly debate different courses. We're gonna we're gonna reform tariffs or you can actually spend the agreement trade and again transport and don't underestimate. What what that means we transport you know. That's the aviation agreement. That's the thing that is keeping those pains gains again. Then you see if they start go too far on one way that kind of sort of no deal threat right bean and no deal sort of comes into the picture again and bludgeon you with this. Sorry that was quite an winded. But that's a pretty accurate summation of of how it ended up. Alex t one covenants fish. Well governance was always part of a level playing field. To be honest. it wasn't a separate issue was basically how you money to compliance with bits of agreement where you had alignment but i tweeted. I three years ago. that you can constitute a tribunal together goalie bob it. It doesn't really matter the point. Is there going to be some sort of extendable day but a win on the british side is that the prima facials essence the the first assessment of whether you breaching those rules will be a domestic one for both the eu and the uk. So a win on fish. I think y- you look at the reaction of the fishing industry. People like andrew locker. Who's gonna german of the national federation fisherman's organization. He's saying he's angry disappointed and betrayed. We sort of knew that was going to happen with. Tried to warn people but people would listen I mean you case started from a position saying no. We'll keep allow fish. Went to eighty percent of our face went sixty percent of all fish and have ended up with twenty five percent more over five years at which point. We'll talk about it again. So data i think is a significant loss. But i think more than that if you take a sort of if you take a slightly more holistic view i think the e you come away from this main objective intact which was to find the way to save safeguards integrity of the single market and more than that to make it clear the direct huge benefits to.

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