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"nathaniel jeffrey" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"It's yes. Coming out not true. Unless a whole lot of other books that were written about King, Arthur, have been lost. I personally do think he's making his shit up just based on campfire tales because Gildas original account of this battle, the battle of Badin did in fact survive Jeffrey knew about this book. And in that book, we know the Gildas didn't mention Arthur. And if anyone should have mentioned him, it should have been gilded to me that is enough to prove that, like, now this guy, this guy didn't actually exist in zone time now, the Jeffries given Arthur, far, more historical legitimacy than he deserves the twelfth century proceeds to write a bunch of historical accounts about the guy that would become the basis for a lot of our thirty and legends bunch of short stories about Arthur Merlin, all sorts of people who probably never existed, doing this, or that, and what he lacks in his historical accuracy. He makes up for in great imagination Jeffrey with his inspired writing turns Arthur from an interesting, bad s briefly mentioned by a few other authors into an inspiring legendary mythical figure that we still talk about to this day with Jeffrey Arthur's given armor and a helmet. A gold adorned with a sign of the virgin. Mary, his weapons. Become the powerful lands known as Ron the mighty sword caliber, n-, caliber, and sounds pretty mighty. I like that work and compasses the word burn pretty bad ass. Makes me think of some sort of fiery weapon used to kill white. Walkers game of thrones, but Ron. Like RO in, like fucking like wrong. Like your friend, Ron. This is my powerful. Lance ron. She doesn't hold up. Maybe maybe that names animal more powerful back then. I don't feel like Ron translates to the present very well as the all inspiring moniker. Some powerful death weapon Steinbeck do not make me attack. Hugh, with Ron, if Ron does not frighten you. Maybe I should grab my Mace, Gary, perhaps, I shall pick up my double X, do not make me take my double ax into battle noth- Haniel. Well, these saves gonna tax with aks, Nathaniel Jeffrey, also changes the name of the battle of bad and hill to the battle of the bath, and he gives Arthur specific personal enemy to fight in his battle awesome. Nice story building here. He's doing the Saxon leader. Children name change later tales to certify the Saxons, and Jeffrey story have taken an oath to Arthur's tributaries and just as quickly have broken it, the great battle is transformed from a defensive stand spoken of by Gildas bead, and then into an offensive campaign for the very welfare of authors country, and his personal data for the glory of England. Although Arthur, loses significant of men in the battle of the bath, you wins the day, personally, killing four hundred seventy sex swine and he drives children from the field for seventy what a.

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