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RPG Lessons Learned 095  Hatari Tower (World of Dungeons)

RPG Lessons Learned

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RPG Lessons Learned 095 Hatari Tower (World of Dungeons)

"R._P._G.. Lessons learnt when the game is over when your players are gone. That's lessons learned. We're at R._P._G.. L. podcast on twitter instagram facebook R._P._G.. L. PODCAST AT N._J._I._T.. Dot Com and Chuck Online at R._P._G.. Lessons learned dot com. Hi Welcome to R._P._G.. Lessons learned the show where you can learn from our mistakes with today. Oh my God miracle of miracles wonder of wonders both Loath Mike and Brian on the same episode at the same time with me. Got The band back together we do I remember when it was Brian and Mike and not Mike and Brian so mobile hurt well attendance. Does that yeah <unk> outs life has been insane. You know not this episode. We should do an episode where we just kind of catch up on what's been going on a ketchup fluff said I think after one episode Riyan Brian This will be episode ninety five after turned ninety five episodes where we do pretty good job not having a lot of fluff content. We should have just a whole fluff episode. Yeah we could people like that. I don't want to jump the shark too badly man. We might do it for fun all right on for a change yeah so we're talking about a game that we played literally one week and one day ago that Iran in world of dungeons and I called it Atari Tower and it was not named after the Atari system it was actually named after a John Wayne movie that is terrible <hes> but also great. I have to interject her a quick. I think this might have been the first movie theme based game that none of us Gotha reference for congratulations dusty. Actually I stole the title from that movie but nothing else has taken from that movie <hes> okay. I got this adventure from somewhere and I wasn't going to tell you where Mike and you bringing up. I almost WANNA tell you but I'm so worried it'll ruin it. It'll cheapen in Israel. Think less of me. I would never think less view dusty. We'll see at the end. I might tell you where it came from. We'll see how I feel about it. I this is not a petits thing when trying to like tantalize the audience. I'm honestly not sure I'M GONNA share it all right. Let's let's rate this game. So it was backed the role of dungeons campaign it was those characters that we made for a one-shot <hes> listeners might remember that we played the the frozen game the frozen session where we had Ursula instead of Elsa and all that that was in the system with these characters so we revisited this world we played in person. You guys came over to my house. It was awesome to <hes> get back together for for an in person session and I want to know your your numeric ratings and a quick sentence about how why you rated the session what you rated it. Let's start with Brian. I gave it a five in my mind it. was you know more or less than average game with more or less on average sort of system. I had a couple issues whether it had a lot of a ton of fun <hes> but a couple of issues with it mostly with the system. I you know as many games we played now. <hes> I thinking statistically <hes> it's it's really right in the middle and in that case it's really five so I couldn't scored any higher and I definitely didn't want to score lower Mike so I went with a seven of course being biased towards enjoying world of dungeons and more importantly enjoying my character and these word of dungeon campaigns we've done. I automatically floated to the top but I think what can be from going. A little bit higher was <hes> the the feeling of overwhelming threat in this dungeon right. It felt like everything we touched would suddenly blow up on us if we touched at the wrong way and I think it kept us for making thinking you know a lot of a lot of mistakes that could have been really fun but also resulted in in our deaths. ooh That's interesting so I read the game six I brian my thinking was more or less in line with yours. This session was about average there there. There's a Lotta than better I could've done more more good. I can't think of the right you sound like my seven year old. Yeah where I was going with more <hes> I could've done better I coulda had visuals could have had props I could've pulled something magical chuckle out of my hat <hes> and as it was it was just a pretty good session and being a pretty good session I went with six so we're going to do something different with feedback today. Something that's a pretty normal feedback exercise in the workplace cut knows that Brian Mike can. I have lived through more than enough of these yeah. It's called start. Stop and continue so the rating was for the session. The start stop at continue is for me the G._M.. I'm specifically when running <hes> the session or or this game this campaign gene so a specific start. Stop continue so start things you want to see more of or you want to see that you're not seeing stop things that you you know that you're seeing that need to go away and continue things that you're seeing that you like like let's start with start Brian. What should I start doing? I'm not saying that you didn't do it in this game but I really think you need to start like really being lethal <hes> I mean we've been playing long enough to where <hes> I think sometimes we get complacent with the way that we play and one thing that keep things rashes holy crap. This system is lethal so don't be afraid to kill us. Don't be afraid to you know a lettuce <hes> <hes> you know suffer the pain of loss a little bit <hes> and and you know maybe it might toughness his players. <hes> you know I I think that <hes> you we've grown a lot but we still have a lot of growing left to do and to to really be mature mature about things and <hes> approaching things beings with <hes> with adult mindset in adult not being you know <hes> risque or whatever adult being really mature and everything I would I would say <hes> maybe toughness up a little bit and you know if dis dis with that being said. I really love my character in this campaign so please kill everybody else except Bragman. It's all I gotta say my character almost died like and I was entirely okay with that. I was actually a little sad. I think when my character ended up living got the part where your character died wouldn't it almost dot <hes> I think twice the first time it took the first time character took damage. I mean it started off with to hit points right. I forgot I forgot. We started the session off rolling your character yeah because Brian you hadn't played in our previous two sessions in campaign. Nope Bosso Mike and Nathan I level to I guess at this point. I'd love a one and my character you know my character was that the glass last cannon and certainly certainly fragile so we rolled your hip points and you had two hip points Yup. I think I think a lot of that came down to when when we <hes> the three of us win when Nathan Chris and I originally wrote her characters for road of Dungeons. I think we took a different approach to it to win. Brian did right so we took like a good half hour forty five minutes to create our characters and the super simple you know super simple three page system. We still took like half an hour easily to to think about what we were doing and putting it together and I think Brian kind of made more arrest approach because it was so simple and didn't really have a chance to kind of think about what would work for for optimizing his character now that I said that kind of out loud I'm kind of saying we took the opportunity to cheeser characters up. where bright had that opportunity? I think it hurt. I don't know that I had the opportunity to optimize so much. I think it optimize as far as like this the attributes and I rolled <hes> I mean I can't help that. Make your truly to hit points. It's just the way it worked out true. Well I mean you could have done like armor and stuff which he didn't had a shield and they had light armor of Data Shield at the end of the game though 'cause I gave you a shield. Oh yeah yeah that's right yeah yeah so like I said I think they're they're maybe with a little more investment of time. It wouldn't have been as glass cannon and you might have been able to make a little more more rounded character. That would have been less likely to die so D- feel when easy on you in the session Brian took to bring you back to life I mean I mean it wasn't so much. I don't feel that you went to easy easy. I feel that in generally in most games you do <hes> I feel in this one. I mean unless I'm wrong. I mean you didn't pull you punches. My character just happened to die or happened to go down but the mechanics were such that a hill potion away from you know being resuscitated so I don't think you an easy on me but maybe maybe you did and it just didn't realize it so fun fact and I just reviewed the rules to make certain there's no real death undying dying rules here. There's no real rule about what happens when your hip went to get reduced zero. Are you in conscious or are you dead. How long can you be down? There's just a very brief paragraph with just a one two three four sentences. Instances about how to roll your hit die and how to read roll your hit die when you're when you rest or when you or attended by a healer and that's it so we could have said zero hit points you. You're simply dead. I didn't WanNA play that way. I don't even feel like I thought that's more old school than old school so I you weren't down for long. You're down very briefly in someone invested a he'll potion to get you back up yeah and I mean again not a lot of rules around this so us at that point. It's kind of transparent to get my I play the system no sure and trying to resist your feedback. I'm just trying to I really think at through yeah. No I honestly as we are going to pre show. We're sort of talking through ideas ideas of what we WANNA do for start stopping you continue and I didn't have a stop by do now so we'll get to that kind of excited to share that <hes> but yeah I think we're all trying to figure this out as we go because we're used to like these systems with like this framework framework that provides for usually not everything but most things this doesn't have that yeah oh no zero points. Let how do the work. Let's turn to the death dying chapter or the death undying page of rules. This has nothing. He tried to eat figured out. Okay good feedback Mike which I start doing yeah I'm still blank on start was opened by the time we got here. I could come up with something for start but I'm still struggling with that. So maybe we pass ask for now and I'll see if I have something by the episode Stop Brian. What should I stopped doing playing world of dungeons them? I you know we've talked about before I like Nick Games. I'd like systems that you know Kinda heavy unrolls and there's a lot of <hes> structure to and we can refer to the death dying page or we can refer to the you know <hes> the <hes>. Oh what what what is it the grappling page in all of that. We don't have it with this so it. This is really really improvisational way more improvisational than I'm used to not that improvisational isn't nice but I like having rules to adjudicate things by and I like having a system where I can you know understand black and white you know let me like in the margins or as you as G._M.. And US the players you know like the grey the lines we can we can play with that. You know in the margins but like there's certain things I think renewed like God going back to work like you know <hes> white lines bright lines <hes> you know sometimes we need bright lines in this doesn't really have any so <hes> I don't know how comfortable and with that honestly so maybe this is an opportunity for us to make a world of dungeons death and dying role right. Put it just in the regular rules of the two D six role where if you go down to zero hip points us you get a role. If you roll tenor higher your backup with one hit point. If you roll medium you're not dead but you get to try and if he roll the low then that's all she I love that idea. I think what we should do the way that I wanNA work this system out to make it to work that way. Let's just take the DEFOR Eero Book and he's that I forgot the D._N._C.. For rules there were a lot of Sir Yeah exactly interesting and Brian this. You've consistently said this. You WanNA simulation. You don't want an abstraction. The more abstract the rules are the less you like it and I mean we had a protracted conversation around would you when you rolling castles and Crusades character around justified to me dusty. Why am I hit points double? When I go to level yeah I did? I Yeah I just didn't make sense and this that doesn't happen in fourth addition to your point in fourth addition edition you start off God. I've forgotten hypocrite fourth edition so someone out there is GonNa crucify me but you start off with a I think a flat number plus your constitution score. Not Your modifier your score so if you have a con of eighteen you're adding eighteen to whatever the basic points points are for that Racer Class I forget which so you can have a starting character with like twenty thirty points and then when you go up when you go up a level you don't get that many more hip points. It doesn't double. It's a it's a more significant percentage from first level the second level it's always the steepest percentage climb but <hes> to your point in year versus in that you played starting character set a fair number of points and you certainly gain some second level but you didn't double them yeah. I guess maybe the way that I'm playing this. I didn't play my character level one character and I really should in that's on me <hes> but <hes> you know <hes> I think this is a great system to like something like this not necessarily the system but something like this would be great to play with somebody who is <hes> just getting started. Maybe a younger player but not like you know my kids. I think <hes> but I yeah I think for like the I think for somebody who is a really seasoned tabletop player. This is probably not enough as as amateur into my role playing comforts and my role playing career I want I fall in love more and more with with rules light systems. I want to liberals like systems more and more now having said that they're the couple issues with the system couple some issues with some other rule slight systems that can have recently tried or supposedly rules light systems and I have issues with issues a fate. I've issues with lots of systems that are supposed to be rules light but <hes> I don't know Brian. Maybe I'm there with you and in fact here's what I want WanNa do and I want to do it very soon. I WANNA play a fourth edition game. We talked to last year. I have bought more fourth edition. They're more fourth addition books in what you had well. I picked up some appetite. Goodman Goodman Games aims used book from a used bookstore called from here to their from there to hear it was a fourth addition <hes> supplement about travel and it's got some good adventure Senate and someone was selling off their four e collection and I had never picked up Marshall Powers Arcane powers hours that you know all that I picked all those up so I've got more fourth addition books than I ever have. In fact I now have extra copies of here is the Fallen Kingdoms and here is the forgotten realms so I've got some extra copies of the players books books <hes> we should play some fourth edition. I now owned the keep on the shadow fell which I missed because I started playing forty late when that adventure had fallen out of favour for being to lethal I think playing a super lethal you know I I through third level dungeon crawl with dungeon tiles and Somany's Hana Map who but we say that Brian We've played bef R._p._G.. We played a fortress of the Iron Duke and I really don't think you enjoyed it is all man fortress of the iron do so that was so how that was what twenty fourteen two thousand fifteen no that was earlier this year reference was I did. I play that game. Didn't you don't think so. Mike was either for that. I think so I see it's like you were her. I'll have to get back and listen to the episode but I wasn't on the episode and I didn't remember the game so <hes> but it's it's been awhile since I listened to that I remember editing the episode and listening to it but I I wasn't on that episode. I don't believe <hes> you know though a suit as soon as you say we have to go back and try for e again the only thing I can think about his <hes> man I had to print out a ton of cards and spell grids and blast radio hi <hes> fourth dude. I just gave away. I don't even told you guys this remember. When I back that repair miniatures kickstarter actually those to kick starters all those bones many all those bones many they've been in a sitting in a tub in my garage? Sh like you know a six hundred thousand minutes whatever it was they've been sitting in a tub in my garage for years since two thousand fourteen so five years <hes> for a long time and I finally gave Malla Joey at work so it's funny you should mention that when I was cleaning out the Corolla for trade-in I actually found those two bones Minnie's I bought in Connecticut like years and years ago so if we need a beholder and I can't even remember what the other one is but if we need like to many's I've got like two monsters of a car for like six years what I didn't get rid over my boxes in boxes in boxes in boxes of Pathfinder Ponds so when we play for E we're going to use pathfinder ponds to play on the grid but I really think Brian you're. You're going to be taken aback by how much you don't like forty but I wanna try it. I WanNa give you that chance to see what you think. I I appreciate that and I went back and I that was the game that we abandoned isn't it. It is the game yes so I was is in that <hes> yeah. I don't know that as a group where you're feeling it <hes> but you guys I think you guys abandoned without me. <hes> I think I I wasn't able to make the follow up game and you guys decided just not the play anymore. If I remember right that's when you decided to move to the the <hes> the frozen game yeah I think that is what kicked off our dungeons gas so like I like I. It was okay but I think you guys were feeling it not feeling it as much as I a little less than I was feeling it all. All right so Brian Stop is stop playing rules light systems <hes> Mike. What's your stop <hes>? I just had <hes> there. There's a couple of frustration points at this game right and I think it Kinda came to the fact that we didn't have characters with skills to overcome the specific obstacle rights specifically. I'm thinking about there is one point where we encountered adore. It was locked and we knew enough that there was like this deadly poison needle inside the loch where if we messed best with incorrectly we would die right so we we tried strength. We couldn't strengthen the door. We didn't have anybody who could lock pick to lock pick the door. We didn't have a good enough climbing ability to like climb the scales of the wall or we didn't even have equipment whip count to climb and scale into a window every time we thought about going back to town for supplies. There was like a threat that the guy is we hired would betray us so we we kinda got stuck right and it got a little frustrating that we got to that point point where basically it just turned into our wizard had to blow spell slots to physically destroy the door with lightning and I don't know for lost not the door the sorry the luck the lucky he destroyed the lock with lightning that that felt a little frustrating to me right. It's like we we simply. Don't have the tools to do the specific thing we need to do so we're having to use tools that we might not normally use. I you know we never prepare the door. It's always the door it is burn it. We always want want to power our way through it but we are never prepared for the door. I take that more on his players. We just that basic thing that element that we have to deal with every single single day dozens or hundreds of times we don't think about it. It's we shouldn't Bush be prepared to handle doors when we started game in reality. Most doors are not super structurally sound objects right. It's a fortress that we're breaking into. They usually are maybe not you can weaken hinges. You can weaken mortar around you know stones at the hinges are connected to it's a door. Were should not be a party defeating moment rate the you shouldn't ever come up against door like up nope well. We're all WS we can't figure out how to either brute force the story down or take off the hinges or something like that right. There's there's no door. Hinges shouldn't be a you know open from the outside ever so if it's like an old S. busted fortress the hinges are absolutely going to be exposed all right so let me <hes> let me catch up the audience audience for for where we are in the adventure right you get the adventure. The adventure is hey. There's this wizards tower on the town that appears in disappears and it's appeared and the the majors in town are hiring people to go. Try to get books out this tower. You guys go there you <hes> first of all there's the wall and you've got to figure out your way past the wall. You guys figure out the wall the walls of expire oil you figure out that there's optical there's a couple of optical illusions that are not real allusions just optical illusions like in labyrinth breath and you figure out how to work your way to inside the wall inside the wall. You find all these statues that are super realistic like all statue Cindy and of course you're less. They're they're petrified. People petrified adventurers the people who never came back from this dungeon. I as the town was so fond kind of telling everyone people don't come back so the people that figured out the wall there now stuck in the courtyard of the tower as statues you kill the caucus rice that had been statue wing everyone and at that point and here's what I loved about the door at at that point you have made it the furthest of anyone that's ever tried this everyone else who even makes it into the wall get killed by the by by the stone chicken by the Magic Evil Chicken that turns people into stone so you've made it the farthest and this is the first ever game where you guys hired hirelings. It's our first time dealing with hirelings and you use the hirelings to get passed a major puzzle for me. which is how do you find this tower and I start cuisine you guys in hanging on the tower and you're like well? I hired the expert. He can just take us there. He's from town and I was like Oh shit. You're right. I forgot about that so you had just gimmick me out of a major puzzle. Now you've made it. The farthest and I loved loved. You guys didn't have the equipment. You're like how to town and I'm like okay. MIC wisdom role in one of you succeeded and I was like if you hadn't succeeded I was going to let you go back to town and I was going to have those two guides. Sell the secret of the spiral the wall and tell everyone that killed the caucus rice and now anyone can get there but you succeeded in your wisdom role and I had you figure out that would happen so now if you go back to town. That's the consequence that you draw if you try to stay you you don't have adequate equipment for the door. It is a fortress so that hinges are not on the outside because wizards aren't stupid. The Wizards I rule was that people are stupid but wizards aren't stupid so the hinges are on the inside. It's a stout door. It's made to be the front door of a fort. <hes> I felt good about it being tough to get into having said that Mike I do accept your feedback that it got frustrated and what I should done was let you Bashar head against a few things and that should have said okay. You know what you have a hammer or you have a hatchet. You have a camping hatchet <hes>. If you want to just say I invest eight hours or four hours or have many hours in hatching my way through the door while leaving the lock alone then I should've which let you get past. I think that maybe would've solved it but I will ask you. What's your ideal path? You're what should I have ideally said. Honestly I think that would have taken care of it and that's normally how you handle in the past rate win when we're out of tools but it's an obvious solution and we know that eventually with enough time force will be able to force our way through it usually in the past that does get a hand wave which some people say is right. Some people say is wrong but I just know that that's how we've handled in the past so I think that was kind of my expectation in in this game and when that didn't happen at got a little more frustrating and largely agree with you I mean the basic premise of that hand waving. Is that the world around us as much more fragile then we'd really like to think of it as I mean standing in in the room that I'm in right now I could exit this room through a sheet rock wall if I wanted to and it wouldn't take that long it would take surprisingly little time but convention and not one to hire contractor is what keeps us from doing that. I just had a visit of you busting through your bedroom wall cool eight. Oh yeah that was that was randy savage. What does the kool-aid say? Oh Yeah. Is it just less randy. Savage like Yeah Oh interesting the Kool aid man randy savage are now forever linked in my mind kindred spirits. That's good feedback. I I should give puzzle puzzle a few minutes and then all right. Let's get past it because it's frustrating okay tariff. That's a good stop. Let's talk about continues Brian. What should I continue doing? What do you like? I what I really liked about this. Is there several things that we didn't do and and they will forever be mysteries and I love that <hes> if I know that you're not going to tell me what I should have done or how he could approach something differently or what would have happened. I'm less inclined to who you know. Just skip through it so I am more inclined to you know savor the moments. Maybe you know to <hes> romantic way of putting it but I'm more likely clea to go through the effort to experience <hes> you know whatever you put in for novice and <hes> you know there's certain things that we knowingly skipped because we didn't WanNa die. Certain things you mean like a lot of things a lot of things yes so most of the Dungeon Man Mosey of the Dungeon. Let's see what all you skipped on the first floor there was the pulsating blue or skip you skip that <hes> you went upstairs and there were the <hes> the wooden creations since that were bustling about that you encountered in the you ask for directions and then you were even you note out of trying to figure out what they were or dealing with them any any more than that there was the floor above that when you thought the Dungeon Tat or the the the tower for the first time looked at a window for the first time and you saw not the outside of the tower but you saw <hes> as if you were on the ground floor and not the third floor you saw out onto a swamp where you could have climbed out the window and very comfortably hop down onto a swamp floor and walked out into a swamp and you didn't do that <hes> you went up another floor and you were looking out the window onto into basically space into a formless void with stars and Asteroids Rocks Spinning in place suspended in weightlessness and <hes> or with with no were very limited microgravity and you didn't engage with that you saw that horrible creature that was very towed like humanoid like you didn't engage with that window didn't engage with that content then you go upstairs and boom. Here's The library so you find the librarian the fifth floor you deal with with with you at that point you re engage with content so the. The orb the columns the swamp and the void four major things that you didn't engage with Fiqh think about it rationally the right. We were not equipped to deal with a door. What makes us think I think we're equipped to deal with inter dimensional swamps in space frogs so mike you you mentioned this feeling of dread and it's funny because Brian's like I didn't feel any danger and Mike was like I felt like everything was dangerous? Oh yes absolutely what did you say I didn't feel uh-huh any danger. I fellow we we. We talked about that. We're I just need to say that Mike wouldn't when you had that feeling of dread is all the mysteries and all the weird stuff in this wizards tower which would be terrifying thing to go through in reality wizard. A Real Wizards Tower is that we gave you that sense of dread all the stuff absolutely and I was totally playing up to my character in that too right. I am a simplistic Dullard. I see rock. I Smash Mash it. I follow orders. I don't even know if my character would be able to comprehend the vastness of space much less how it could be contained in a tower window and there is a space frog hopping from planet to planet in contained window space rate so when I was having those reactions I was kind of doing two things I always like saying. Oh No we as a party or not equipped to handle this and oh no my characters brain has no idea what's happening and he is mortally terrified Hammy sort of doing the same thing like my character I play my characters bright but not like over we so and definitely not wise so my character is smart enough to try to keep keep himself alive but and <hes> and you know to know like hey. This is crazy but also like I'm GonNa know about because if I can get past this without dying. I'm going to fair enough all right so good continues to continue you still don't know anything thing about the the columns the orb the swamp or the void now and I love that I love that I don't know so keep telling you keep telling you what you missed yeah because it's kind of like there's so much stuff in the world that that you can't experience it all and it's kind of like it's it's like the song strangers in the night kind of like that so <hes> just you know just always wonder but <hes> I will have the memory of not knowing and if you had told us is like hit the end I would probably forgotten about it so here's what was going on with that swamp yeah I agree and I think it also creates a lot of interesting opportunities to maybe tie stuff back together the future so you know if we do wind up playing this this campaign against prize which is you can always be like. Hey remember that space frog yeah here. He is deal with them now or hey you're in a swamp and you come across a window floating in the middle of the swamp them exactly by the way that wouldn't happen. <hes> okay so mike you have to continues down here. I think my I continue Kinda ties into just what we're talking about right so continuing threatening us with the unknown and making us make those gambles for the possibility of greater rewards or renown <hes> I think what was striking about this session was that it felt a lot like the tomb of horrors except we did not have the option of additional lives and I know it's been awhile since we're talking about the tomb of horrors beret wheat we we dissected that right. We sliced it up and carved it into every little tiny detail in wound up not losing you know a life over three sessions but this reminded me a lot about that. It's just like obvious danger obvious apparel and are you gonNa make the gamble of maybe making some really stupid moves for the potential success and whereas your line for that for that success. I really liked that. I like that. You're drawing us in things. That are Kinda obvious obvious but maybe you can win. Maybe you die. I I do like that Alec. Realistically your characters treated it. Yeah like ooh. This is fascinating but we're not here for this and kept saying like to break the plan of the window like absolutely not I remember. Are you saying that Mike Absolutely not yeah yeah. I'm like I'm like catty corner like up against the wall. If I may be lean over I can look at it but now all right so keep making you gamble. Keep threatening you with the unknown. What's your other continue? <hes> the other continues something we <hes> we did a previous <hes> Sasha than we did in this. I should have the same campaign where we started out. The game of everybody takes slip a paper right down one thing that's true or one thing that happened to the other player in between sessions oceans past that paper we pass all around so by the time you get your paperback. It's got a couple of things that someone else has said or created four or about your character and then you choose which one to keep Brian what you think of that. Well usually stuff like that. I'm not crazy about so. It's almost kind of like that forced corporate training where you have to. You know share something about you. It's you never wanNA share anything this really interesting. It's usually just you know you. Just try to get through it because you I just want to get done the training you get back to work but in this case it's kind of like I- offloaded something that I didn't want to do to somebody else so is able to <hes>. I you know Mike it's my character. I'm some I I have some level of investment in this character and I don't know that I necessarily want to create the backstory from my character. I don't want to be you know right now. In this moment you know stuck with something that I come up with but but if somebody else comes up with it and I just I have basically option one option to that just makes it easier on me and in that respect. I thought it was great. I love it for two reasons one is I think it's always so much easier to do. Someone else's work than it is your work work. You're emotionally tied up even even literally at work and we don't often or maybe we've never talked about this but Mike used to actually report to me at work for real like professionally you Mike. Do you remember when I when we we do staff meetings. We do all kinds of like crazy activities that were very work related. It wasn't like stupid activities that we didn't do anything with it was it was very much based on Hey. Let's find money. Let's go find process. Let's go find work yeah. Do you remember the time I had you all do each other's work vaguely. I think idea remember that yeah where you had someone else right requirements and someone else tried to do some stuff and access yep and my theory was with that was sometimes your work can be really tough to start your emotionally tied up in it. You're invested in it you of hangups about it. You dread it. You know I it's it's really tough to be enthusiastic about your work and even start it in. There can be a huge barrier to getting started but it's really easy to do someone else's work. It's really easy to be more detached and more cerebral and not emotionally invested. It's why people you know for years can give you personal advice that you know you should listen to but you just can't like hey man. You really should dump that chick or Hey lady. That dude's not for you. He's a jerk like your friends around. You can see that but you can't see it because you're too tied up in it. <hes> doing having everyone else do things for your character. I think helps your character developing away. That may not be obvious to you because you're too emotionally invested in experiencing life as your character character versus plotting life fear care. Let's reason number one. I like it reason number two like it when I play in Martin's game and we come back to the table after weeks away from the able to to pick up these characters again I have this insane desire that I have to suppress press every single session to have optimized all of our time away from the table like hey. It's been like three Martin Open session with it's been about three or four months and I want to stop and say I got a job and now I have a lot more gold. You know I want to optimize mayes that downtime. You know what I'm saying and if this this doesn't let you optimize it other people tell you what what happened. Other people and you can't optimize the downtime and if I started if Martin started our sessions that way where we have an optimized downtime but things did happen in the downtime it makes the characters feel more real and it takes away that temptation to optimize the downtown so I love doing that if says I'm gonNA keep doing that for sure now that you've said that out loud however the next time we do this we are all absolutely going to right pro optimization of downtime things for each other characters. I guarantee yes. It's true so mike what happened to Brian's character. Since the last adventure he found a plus five though he became came the empire of the world and subjugated everyone in his wrath it turns out he's the Avatar of living God who would a guest and it was like a week things I should not have said okay. That's it for the stop. Continue <hes> good feedback guys any last words at all about the session. I'm I'm a little said that Brian doesn't like world of Dungeons. It's okay. It's not my favorite though I the fact that the G._M.. Doesn't roll like attacks and stuff that that bothers me. I love that I really like that. I put that as a good on our strengths that we'll talk about here in a minute I love I love.

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ATC137: Tidbits and Top 5 AIO Multi-Part Episodes of the Last Decade

Audio Theatre Central | Exploring Family Friendly Audio Drama

38:20 min | 2 d ago

ATC137: Tidbits and Top 5 AIO Multi-Part Episodes of the Last Decade

"And now Audio Theatre Central I'm Jon Winokur most folks around here call me with. My name is Vinnie Jones and new. I'm Dave Arnold your host for focus on the Family Radio Theater. Hello welcomed Audio Theatre Central. This is the show that's all about family friendly audio drama I'm Jaydee. And this is episode one, hundred and thirty seven. Unfortunately there is no Roy in no Andrew and no guest hosts today. you know we just wrapped up the Senecas a a short time ago, and our schedules were just so tight trying to get together again to record, we typically try to record the episode that will follow the cynic awards broadcast before. And it just didn't happen this year. We got a late start because of everything that was going on in the world schedules were just too tight and. You know it just didn't happen so. You've got me today, but you will hear Royan Andrew a little later on in a segment that we recorded several weeks ago and it is our picks for the top five multi part A. O. Episodes from the last decade. I'll tell you a little bit more about that in a few minutes, but you will hear from Roy Andrew Little later on they're just not here with me right now. And also Andrew is expecting a child right now. So the last I heard he is at the hospital waiting for that baby come. So we didn't expect him to be here. Well. We've got some feedback from Louis and I've got a bunch of audio drama tidbits that I wanted to share with you and. We're going to go through those here in a minute, and then we're GonNa get to that. episode discussion here in a little while. So. Let's jump into audio drama tidbits. Well first on the list today is holding esther now. For those who have been following the show very closely. You've heard US talk about that show and you've seen his post about it on the website. But. It hasn't been easily accessible to the public. And so we get an update from Cindy Findlay, who is the executive producer? Over, at River Cross who was producing this this wonderful fantastic show as you may have heard, this show holding esther received several nominations in this year sinica awards. A, but they've also produced another show called Joe Bridge which todd steed referenced in the interview that we did with him. Several months ago. So this show is also going to becoming now. Cindy let me know that they are in the process of doing a refresh of their whole website getting everything set up so that they can get these audio dramas out and available to the public. So that is supposed to be coming sometime mid August. So in just a few weeks, you should be able to get those programs and we will definitely be sure to let you know when those become available and. At this point, it doesn't look like they're going to be charging for them they're going to ask for. and you know our stance here at ATC would strongly encourage you to do. So if you are able because these are extremely high quality, very well made productions and just just a great ministry what the what they're doing with these shows over at river. Cross. So. Holding Esther Andrew. Bonar. Bridge. Coming. Very soon. Next. Up is lifeline audio dramas. Now, I heard about these several months ago and they were still in the works at the time and I've been following the little tidbits that have been able to find about this new. New Production and finally got some concrete information just recently and definitely want to let you know about these. Now these are produced by a voice of God Recordings Inc and. They are. Not just easily accessible again. Similar to what's going on with Holy Esther. Although, you can go and get them to day if you want to go through several steps now. Right, now it seems like they are only available through the voice of God recordings Mobile App. So, there is a link in the show notes to. Page, where you can get the link for the IRS Ambi entry version of the APP, and then there'll be a list of steps that you have to go through to find them. They're kind of buried in the content on this. APP. We have reached out to them to try to see if we can't help them categorize them some way that might make it easier to find maybe even put him on the website directly instead of just on the APP. So I'm not exactly sure how all of the back end of this apple works, but hopefully, they'll be more easily accessible. Soon, we will definitely keep you updated on that if that were to change. But in the meantime, if you want to check these out, they have three released as of today. They're short audio dramas and we're going to go through the list of them. The first one is called the Covenant in the sky and it is about twenty four minutes long. And as you can probably guess from the title, it is about the story of Noah the biblical story, and so it does not deviate from scripture. You know it it's very. It's very accurate retelling although there are a couple of. Characters in here that are not named in scripture, but it's a it's a pretty straight retailing and it was very well done. I listen to actually to all three of these and they have so far and. I really liked them. The production value was very good. The acting was really good. So that is the first one cabinet in the sky. And then there's one called can anyone see God and this one is about fifteen minutes long almost just shy a few seconds and This is not a biblical story. This is a an original modern day tail. and. I don't want to give away too much but it is about a young boy who has lost his father and he's wanting to know it's possible that he can see God and so obviously, they are very religious in nature the lifeline audio dramas but I really really liked this one a lot it's it's not a you know like I said, it's about fifteen minutes long. So there's not a whole lot of time to develop a huge plot. It's really just A. Following the this little boy over the course of a few days it seems like. He's just trying to come to terms with losing his father. And it's it's quite a quite a poignant little story and I really enjoyed it and the acting for main character. Timmy was very, very good. I. Was quite impressed and it's It seemed obvious to me that the actor was a child and I always like that when you have children playing children, characters, it just a just a lens that little more. Genuineness and authenticity to the story and I really liked that. And then the other one is called the infidel and one thing I did notice about this one is that even though the artwork and listing in the APP calls it the infidel, the announcer in the audio itself says, it's called the infidel and the apple tree. There's two different titles. Apparently, this one is almost twenty minutes long. And this is also not a biblical story. So this one seems to be set an. This is not modern days I don't know exactly what year this story is set. Because it has an encounter with the evangelist William Brenham and Even, though the voice of God recordings webpage says that they are not affiliated with any denomination and it, they're not supported by any governing church body. These do seem to be affiliated some way with the followers, of William Brandon. There I mean, the the stories reference him, and so there's there's some connection even though they may not be officially affiliated with that they voice of God recordings. INC says that they are an interdenominational ministry so just so you are aware of that but. Again I really was impressed with the quality of these and I really WanNa hear more from them. They have another one that is. finished and is called the king's son I know nothing about that particular production but it is supposed to be posted up very soon. So again. There's a link in the show notes if you want to go check this out. You'll have to download the APP and then followed the directions there to locate the. audio drama productions that are kind of buried in all the content there in the APP. Now. There are several other little short snippets that are retailing's of fun stories. They're sort of pseudo audio, drama Most of them are just like a narrator then maybe another character but there are sound effects and stuff. So those were fun to I listened to one about an old prospector which was only about four five minutes long. So, there is other content in their but their main. Productions. That are part of the lifeline audio dramas. Series right now there are only those three with that fourth one titled the King's Son. Coming Very. Soon. All. Right. So that's lifeline audio dramas. Next up. The adventures not a C team is back in the studio or they were a few days ago. They had another recording session and they were at least partially back in Salami Studios in north Hollywood recording a six episodes that were written by Abigail Geiger who is the newest addition to the writing team? She is the writers apprentice. And then some were written by Bob who's Marshall Younger and Phil Lawlor now, Nathan who Chris Deal and look no we're in the studio they're insult studios they had all the actors isolated and in eyesore eyesore booths. So they're still able to record our back in Salami studios now so we're going to get more new. I O episodes. I'm really curious to hear how the ones that were recorded. Remotely, come out and how they sound. I mean I'm imagining that they're gonNA sound just great. We probably won't even be able to tell. but it really hope they'll let us know which ones those were just just for the curious people who are nerds like me. Now, as I said, Nathan Chris and Luke were in the studio and Phil Lollar was coming in remotely. Via. Zoom. So he could hear all the actors and the crew members there as well. I don't know exactly what capacity he was serving for this session but he was. Involved in it as well. Now, we do know that one of the episodes is titled. Search for a sunflower, and do the opening scene is in honorees art gallery, and it will have Connie and penny in that episode. We also know that detective poolhouse will be back in an episode as portrayed by Phil Proctor. And Wilson, knocks at least hopefully. We know that Gregory Jabbar was in the studio and he is singing Christmas carols. So we're going to have a Christmas episode at some point. Hopefully, it's this year. We don't know though and that the episode is a tendency titled. The Christmas? Bells. So he's going to be singing that. Christmas Carol based on the longfellow poem. So I'm hoping that it's him in the role of Wilson Knox because I really do like that character and I would like to hear more from him. I think there's a lot that they could do with Wilson Oxy, just such a great character. but you know who knows maybe he's in, it's an story something along the lines of the. The Crane retelling that they did a while back and and You know everybody's playing different characters. So who knows I'm hoping that it's Gregory Gibara as Wilson Knox. but regardless, I think that's an interesting thing that they're going to be doing a Christmas episode and that particular one rb of that particular Carol is one of my favorites and so I'm really interested to see what they do with it. Now according to the Daily News, there is another episode that was recorded on July twenty ninth and they're saying it. It's titled Hurricane Perkins It was written by Marsha younger, and we'll have a bridget ancarlo perkins in the episode as well. So lots of new AIDS stuff coming very soon and you know. You know us here. We're always excited about. I can't wait to see what these episodes come out to be and. Since that one search for a sunflower is opening in on raise art gallery. I'm really hoping we're going to hear from Jacques again because it's been a while. So that would be really fun. All right. If you missed it on the blog post at a little while ago about a new show called pirate ears from a new producer called. Future productions now, they have been producing this surreal short-form audio drama for a little while now, there are six episodes available in the feed as of this recording, and there is a link in the show notes that post which has all the details about what they're doing, what's to come, but I'm really excited about what they're doing and. You know they. They've just burst on the scene with really high quality, great acting production values, music all of it is really really well done, and so their first series is called pirate tears and here is the summary. For that show enjoy humor adventure and drama in this Fund miniseries starring two swashbuckling pirates as they venture to find hidden treasure. What they'll find will be worth more than either of them imagined. As. I said six episodes of that are available in the feed right now and it's really good stuff. They are short episodes for five minutes each and So it's easy to get all caught up on those. Lincoln in the show notes again to the post on our blog, which has all of the details about what they have got coming this show is. Probably. Going to run for a couple of seasons and they have some other stuff that's going to be coming out. A Christmas episode coming this holiday season as well So which will be a standalone production not related to a of tears. So eternal future productions dot com. If you WANNA, go check that out or hit the link in the show notes for the post which has more detail. About what they're doing Are. Definitely one to watch eternal future productions some really really good stuff and I'm really excited about what they've got. Out Right. So a while ago, we recorded an episode of the. Audio theatre central backstage show, which is for our backstage pass holders. And we talked about our picks for the top ten. Single Episode Ai Oh stories of the last decade. So what we think are the best ten episodes from the last decade and that episode is live in backstage now so. If you want to hear that. You've got to go join backstage and we would really appreciate it if you would. It really helps support what we do here, and it would be a huge help to us. But. We also recorded a segment where we went over the top five multi part episodes of the last decade. So we went over our picks for what we think are the top five best multi-party of. The Years Two thousand ten to twenty nineteen. It also included club episodes. It wasn't just a publicly released albums. So without any further ado, I'm going to play that recording for you. So you can hear what we think, and then we'll be back after the segment with some feedback. No The top five multi part episodes ago. Let's go ahead and just list them go through why we chose them at the same time. Then we'll do the ranking again. Sure. So. I think this one was one of your top favorites exactly android. Older why goodness android Andrew? League insults him further the labyrinth parts one, two and three. This is of course, the episode where Jason finishes up the Green Conspiracy. story. and. There's so much about it to love takes place in London. It's a spy type episode It's Jason in his normal role sort of usual role I guess I should say it's Jason. having a lot of conflict. The story is excellent. The lesson is excellent. we get to see Dale Jacobs in an odd place doing odd things. which is very which was. Very often and his wife which we've only heard from very rarely. There's so much to love about this episode. It's sort of like quintessential odyssey hearkening back to a name, not a number. It's great everything about it as a great. Yeah. Yeah. You mentioned green rang, but it's it's it's. One of the more condensed story Arcs we've ever had in the show's history because it was all in one album kind of with the green ring, but then you have this. Is Nice tie up wrap up of that and So. It, kind of. It kind of felt like green ring parts whatever yeah thirteen and fourteen or whatever. But it it does stand alone. And you can definitely go back and let's do. It has some fun interesting characters, Reggie fingers, and. The sewer rat and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, it's it's definitely got to be up there. And next up Sergeant York now no this is like the classic this the story was awesome. Right out because this is really soon after the relaunch. was. Fifty two. No one no it wasn't fifty one. It was fifty, three, three or four, the deepened. The wasn't the same day get one of 'em. Right? It was in the same one as the labyrinth actually. It was the end of the labyrinth album. I think was fifty, four, fifty, five, fifty. Oh, the end right that best fucking five. It's man it was just an awesome story. It was awesome. We had read Harlot hollered narrating it and then just. Good, old good old boy tale. It was a four parter which is not. That's what it was trying to. There's something's that news that the only one there's ever been. Aside from Green Ring and ties the bind I don't remember I can't think of another time where it's gone for four parts and unless you go with. The year and back again because that was weird, they did that a and B in. Here and back again. Back again, I mean and there was the crossfire episodes from Oh Nova Com where they were named crossfire colon something right and I think for those but. Yeah I think this is the only one that's like actually listed out part one part two, part three purview. So many scenes in this stand up my mind I mean sound designs. Amazing design. Him going up to the altar during his best friend's funeral here the sound design Ch- bombs exploding right next to him and the ears ringing. Yeah. Everything is just amazing and just the the story of store Intrigue Guy that I'd never heard of yeah. No, I remember him from history class because of the Turkey shoot type thing. But that was like seventh grade but that was the only time I've ever heard I didn't know anything about his backstory or anything like that. And it is an interesting thing to can of the The inner conflict that he had he was a sharpshooter I mean, he was very good but he didn't want to use that skill to kill people and he struggled with that a lot and I thought that was a really interesting. Aspect of the story as well. And this is one of the few these days that was written by Dave Arnold. He doesn't write all that often in our. Yeah. Really good. All right. Next up nightmares by constance, and this is the as of the time of recording. This is the most recent multi parter yeah. And it was fantastic. hilarious stuff. Oh, man. Jason Connie Jillian. Can't go wrong. I actually really liked Jillian in this era episode. As episodes she she made a lot of sense in this context it just it fit the story she. Interestingly enough. She wasn't quite as brain dead and he actually had some good ideas in this. Funny. Any longtime fan is. Is a fan of Jason. He's he is definitely a fan favorite right in the show and so seeing him in in this new role of an antiques dealer is kind of interesting but he just can't help not get involved in in in some kind of a mystery or something that's going on and again I think this was referenced earlier in one of the other episodes. But this had a lot of the the core cast seeking. Connie as a big part in this one you know and Jason and wit and so. This was just a really solid solid choice and I I couldn't I think this is the one. One of the ones that all three of US definitely have said was on our lists yeah yeah. And then we had the mystery of the clock tower. This was an album fifty two. This is what I was thinking of the. Multi. Right. After the region. Yes, it was excellent. Great. Story gene being Eugene In sort of A. I don't know. We could have had this story before he got married. I guess is yeah it was it was really good. It was quintessential Eugene. The mystery was was good. The conflict was great everything. It was just an really excellent episode or a couple of episodes. That did all the things that the multi-party should do. There's a reason you have multiple partners you have to of story to develop wrap up in one. Episode, and so it filled that function. Perfectly it was great. and. This is one of the first ones where. we really get to see Matthew taking part in something. Outside of his family. And, actually being involved as in in the main plot and this one was written by Paul mccusker and does so good with these mysteries. Yeah. I think he's one of my favorite mystery episode writers and they're just a lot I. Mean I, love the. I'm not like hugely into horticulture but I do find some aspects of it very interesting deal and I think sometimes. I think it goes back to reading the TIN books as a kid and professor Cuthbert. Calculus was trying to develop roses in one of those books I don't remember which one it was now but something about the different developing this particular breed or type of rose kind of reminded me of that and I find messed up interesting how to graft them and stuff that's not a huge focus in this episode at all but it's part of the plot point. Yeah. Are It is a part of the plot and so I thought it was interesting in again the. Whole mystery with the bank and you know you don't have any idea that that's where things are going right and then there were some really cool sound as moments in this old we talked about this. When we review this episode, the telephone calls that were going on simultaneously and how the sound moves from scene to scene and kind of just some really cool stuff in this episode that. Just makes it stand out. And lastly is home again parts one and two also written by Paul mccusker, and this was just really significant to the show because this is when Jason Whittaker finally comes back. To Odyssey after being a absent we of course, we we hear about him in other episodes but this is we actually comes back to Odyssey. There's a lot of funny moments as everybody's trying to Kind of figure out what's going on this is Jason Bag is not back which trying to be mom because Jason wants to lay low for a while and you know he got that interaction with penny and wooden. And just a lot of fun stuff, and then of course, it's significant because. This is when the decision for Joanna, Jack to leave and turn over the antique shop to Jason Happens. and. This is the last episode where we hear Jack and Joanne. And so it's just It's a little bittersweet actually I think you know. Yeah. I mean I'm sure most big fans already know this but that the scene with. Alan Young was actually even though he he's he appears in the episode, but it's only on a phone call and that was actually recorded over the phone with Alan. He did not actually even make it into the studio and. So. That's an interesting bit of Trivia, just a a really solid episode and I just like I just like it a lot and that's one that actually just listened to again just recently just because it's just one that I kind like to go back to it's not one that you listen to over and over again. Yeah. But occasionally, it's just like, yeah I want to I want to listen to go through that moment again. Totally. Right I would nominate Sergeant York for Number One. I'd probably be fine with hit that one or the labyrinth being number one. Yeah. We'll there's three of us so any vote is bound to be productive. All right. I'll go with that. I'll go with that. and. Then I think the labyrinth has gotta be number two. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah I, think the wrestler's GonNa be fairly home maybe not not super easy but kind of I would put nightmares by constance or home. Again is number three. Nightmares by constance is really balanced in humor and other things going on. There's a very serious ending. But it's hilarious. The whole way through. And home again is very important to Odyssey. So I would probably lean towards. of course, home again is really funny to honestly and kind of a serious theme not quite as. Tragic as the other but yeah, they're the the scene where. Jason the cottage and he's trying to concentrate, and then it keeps getting distracted. That's that is some funny stuff in there. I actually Kinda. Thank you Lord for the Chirping Cricket. Would've I was going to say. I would go with nightmares by constance because you mentioned the balance because. This one is overall home. Again is a little bit more. There is moments of humor, but I think it's not quite as balanced because it is got that sad tone to it. Because, right all the fans know about. Will never going to hear Jack Joe and again. Yeah. So I don't know I probably do nightmares by constance number three, I would agree with that yeah. Okay. And I don't think mystery the clock tower compares to home. Again. As far as one being better than the other I think that home again is probably. Easier to put a number four out though I don't know what do you guys think? Yeah Yeah. I would agree with that. I think. So I, mean. I think it has more significance overall to to the show and it definitely. Is a solid episode all around. So. Okay. I'm I could get behind that. So that would be number four. Number five would be the mystery of the clock tower. All right so Aria an agreement. Yeah I think so. Too number five, the mystery of the clock tower number four again. Number three nightmares by constance number to the labyrinth number. One best multi part episode of the last decade is Sergeant York I'll ride. Yeah, I think. So it's also funny too because I had to really push for that to. Not Push I had to bring it up, but I really debated back and forth on that and so i. The thing is I really like. Pennies parents. So, yeah. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Because I had some runner up ahead. To find a penny I, think I know her parents are in that one but it's still hilarious. Yeah. That one is a good one to Dan a basset wedding. Funny. Just funny stuff. All right I hope you enjoyed that the top five multiple episodes of the last decade. Now, if you want to hear what all three of us had a choice for our runner up, that didn't quite make the top five and it was our personal choice for what we wanted to include in a just didn't quite make it. So that is also included in that backstage episode. So if you want to hear that full discussion with. Our top ten single episodes. which again, that also included a three runner ups. We each had our choice there as well. So you want to hear that entire discussion. Then hit up, I do theater central Dot Com, click the backstage button and come on in. We would love to have you be part of that community. So Show. Please leave your message after the tone I central Hey, guys this is awesome. Jd Roy Andrew Minute Victoria yesterday. A letter from big banks. I've got an email. Package for me today actually just your mail. All right. Well. I this in the feedback segment, but it's really just a shout out to emily and Kyle for sending in pictures of what they did with their ATC sticker and kyle put his on the back of his laptop. Emily put hers on her water bottle and it's really cool to see what you guys are doing with your ABC stickers. If you have not got yours, you can still get it head over to our contact page on our website, and there's an address on there and just send over A. Cell dressed stamped envelope to us, and we will drop a sticker in the mail back to you so. And A, and if you if you do that, you know send a picture. Let us see what you did with your with your. ATC. Sticker. And there's one little piece of feedback which is in the form of an apple podcasts review five stars. They said best podcast ever. I Love Your podcast guys are funny smart, intelligent fair and just an awesome podcast. Thank you very much. visa they continued adventures not as he is the only audio drama than I really listen to but I am looking to expand my listening. What should I listen to next I've listened to some focus on the family and this comes in from Australia. and. User name is Louis J twenty eight. So thank you so much Louis for the feedback for the itunes slash apple podcasts review really appreciate that and to answer your question should you listen to next? Well you said you've listened to some focus on the Family Radio Theater I would say jump into those give the whole catalogue. There I mean there's such amazing stuff in the radio theatre catalog of programs which we have the entire thing listed on our website. So right at audio theatre, central dot com, and then there's another page that has other audio drama listed. So there's all kinds of content there for T for you to explore right from our website, but I'm gonNA. Give you a couple of recommendations right now I would say. If you like modern on your dramas then you've got to go check out Jake Muller Adventures. Take. MORE ADVENTURES DOT com. It's. It's an absolutely fantastic audio drama. And there's action adventure there's a mystery element. There's all kinds of cool stuff going on in Jake Muller. Adventures. So the first installments called unidentified. I would recommend it. Now. If you like a classic or older stories, historical stories than I would say you need to check out ladder theater and the extraordinary adventures of a Hindi productions from heirloom audio both of those are extremely high quality. Right up there with the radio theater stuff. Many of the people who are involved in radio theatre were involved in these. So it's really really good stuff. If I had to pick one or two to start with from the hint series I'm GonNa say. Check out there behind the scenes of the the William Wallace story, which is called in freedom's cause. That's one of my favorites the Egyptian story. The cat of Buubas is fantastic and then one of the recent ones for the temple, which is the story of the fall of Jerusalem as the Romans took over just an amazing amazing audio drama. So there's a couple of recommendations for J. Hinchey for ladder theater. You can't go wrong by starting right at the beginning sir, Malcolm and the missing prince is the very first one and it's fantastic treasure of the secret cove. Is One of their best of all time in my opinion frozen fire is a one that's kind of apropos right now with dealing with. A play games sickness that is a attacking people here and there and everybody's afraid. Actually. You might not want to listen to that when right now. But it's actually a very, very, well done audio drama with a great story. But another one would be an extraordinary little made that one is a just a really, really great story as well. So just a few I mean these are not objectively the best ones that they've done. These are just personal favorites of mine that have just come to mind as I read your questions so. Hopefully that'll give you something to start with. And let us know. Let us know if you check out any of those. Our right well. I WanNa thank you for joining me for this semi Solo episode today. We will be back next month. which will be our tenth anniversary show. I? Don't know what we're GONNA DO I. Don't know we're going to do anything special or different are not. We're GONNA have to see but it's been a fantastic ride. Producing. Audio theatre central for you for ten years. A lot of amazing. Cool. Things have happened over the years and we love what we're doing. And thank you for listening. If you'd like to get in touch with us over with eater central dot, com slash contact all of the different ways are there. The show notes for everything I talked about today at audio theatre central dot com slash one, thirty seven. And again joined backstage, we would love to have you come into the group and get some extra bonus content. All of the perks of becoming a backstage pass holder are listed on that page of the website. So check it out. We will see you next time. Thank you so much for listening. Audio theatre central is a production of porchlight family media. Music was composed by Sam Alvin Donyo the show is produced and edited by yours. Truly our website is audio theatre central Dot Com. Works like family media, your source for families centers console. Ports like family. MEDIA DOT COM.

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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer and Gears 5 Review  Whats Good Games (Ep. 122)

What's Good Games

1:24:42 hr | 11 months ago

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer and Gears 5 Review Whats Good Games (Ep. 122)

"Yeah the what's good everyone and welcome to another episode of the Good Games podcast your source for video game news commentary commentary analysis in funny stuff every Friday. I am one of your hosts pretty rumba alongside the beautiful stunning gorgeous Christine Steiner thank you so much just gathered me up over here. It's one of my favorite things to do when it's the steinbrecher shows just introduce you like the lovely woman you are. I feel like I need to bring you with me everywhere though in order to do that like if I'm meeting perspective boy and then I'll just be like hold on. Here's Brittany Realize Your Business Ooh then they'll be like she's crazy. Coupon snow this time Barker show our lovely Andrea Rene was is going to join us this week however her. PC was having some major issues and today was her final day of kind of funny and so we're like girl in movers are coming tomorrow. It's a whole thing she's she's very busy very busy so we're like this. Is the last thing you need. Why don't you just step away? Just have the peaceful relaxing Alexa evening drink a bottle of wine. Pet your hats and we will. We'll take a episode one hundred twenty two yeah we will yeah we got to it. Let's do it okay so let's get into some some house keeping okay so packs west the thing that happened obviously last week we took some are and are we uploaded packs west panel as our episode last Friday and and you enjoyed it great if not boo but I just wanted to thank you to anybody who came to that panel live. Oh yeah that was a weird time. Seven PM on a Sunday yeah. It was a weird time. We really appreciate all those who made the effort to come on out yes and thank you to square for sponsoring are amazing party or life is strange party art marble twenty-one that Friday and yet like Somerset everyone who came out and hung out we really appreciate it got a little stuffy in there a little hot as the Steiner knows people in in Seattle. Don't really believe in air conditioning no no so those few months a year that it gets kind of hot it gets real. hob is still a great time. We had a lot of fun seeing everyone in meeting meeting you shaking her hands have drinks with some shots and it was really cool to meet the voice actress Shannon Daniel for life is strange as well. Yeah it really was it was a good time I'm another thing regarding patriotic okay so we are going to be streaming. Obviously we have our patron exclusive streams this month however we're still kind of figure out the working out the kinks because like we said Andreas moving and it's just like everything's up in the air so this could be happening really quick just want to give everyone heads up. We might be like Oh my God. We have three days to do this this this whole month and those three days start tomorrow. Let's go yes also another quick. No I know Britney already mentioned this in the Patriots on blog but are August postcards accompany a little late Nelson. There's some miscommunication say happened so yeah. If you are a postcard or you've got mail or polaroid patron hatred for August you will begin yours this month. Allowing our actual September postcards employees as well and speaking of the Patriots went to give a little shout out two patriot dot com slash west good games. I don't feel like we talked about it enough on this podcast but it really is what helps keep our lights on and keeps US lovely thing going. We just uploaded some fun blogs this week and last week they are Patriot. Exclusive steamer wanted to murder a fire alarm. Co two slash fire alarm because they're all one Yuna. Anna and both of mine died yeah this week and it was not fun fun. Andrea's latest blog was her person goodbye to our studio in San Francisco so these are fun things we do once a week and we just kind of talk about whatever the hell we want and it's just a little way for us to talk about things other than video games sometimes and before we get into the news as one also ask you if you enjoy what we do here at what's good games if you wouldn't mind head over to that that little items or wherever podcast platform you like and subscribe to us and leave us a five star review that would be great because those little five star reviews offset the one-star reviews. We get like this one from lucky zero three one seven called no personality and the quote is they seem fake his got it right here she he or she got had it right. Where we are the fakest speeches you will ever meet we are we don't like actually like video games at all we know is this is money money the whole year of payment easy money? I know I tell people that have been doing this for like ten years now. I think I can make a living wage off this fan. We cause as we love it anyway so if you wouldn't mind oh this is funny. We also got a two star rating from someone he said we spent too much time is pronouncing names. Probably the Patriot list. It's absolutely the Patriot list but they're like to start reveal. Your podcast sucks. Actually they actually liked her. They liked our content. He just didn't like the fact that we you know man. They doctors three stars for that. Yeah the harsh criticism this is why we need your support friends also out to our patriotic producers Alex couples choose Godson David Gallucci Fairy Tayo okay a Ta and Muhammad Muhammad and welcome to our Patriot on community Nathan Chris Young Audrey Watson Carla Callahan Brenda Clark son of the Sun with you Stephanie Lancaster Jason Evans Tony Baraka Yeah Joe Jordan Maigo Christian weren't you oh Kayla Arendt's Saxton welcome back and David Taylor we appreciate you so so much and before we can get into the news. We want to say thank you to our sponsor this week. RECON so steiner it's two thousand eighteen and everyone needs a great pair of wireless ear buds but before you go dropping hundreds of dollars on a pair you to check out the wireless ear buds from RECON RECON earbud start at about half the price as any other premium wireless ear buds on the market and they started just it's amazing. The company was Actually Co founded by Ray. J and celebrities is like snoop Dogg Cardi B. Brandy. Jr Smith are already obsessed break-ins Eve fifty wireless ear buds have totally changed the game for me. They're comfortable and so easy to take anywhere where I recently started going to the gym and they have been a godsend because they're so little and they don't take you know I hate it when you were like big headphones because this is the amateur mistake I made summer the or these big headphones and then it got really sweaty yeah. Here's what's a real thing so I'm like some of your other wireless options on ear buds are both stylish and discrete with no dangling wires. Here's our stems and of course they don't look that he sound great to yeah so like are we also I also exercise and I will go running sometimes after I train and and I had been using these ear buds that did have like the dangling wires and I did not realize until I got these recons how much nicer it is to not have that like just frigging cable around you so they're amazing. I also wear them all over pacts because my hotel was a little bit farther away away so it'd be walking at least ten to fifteen minutes to get to the conn anthony just pop in my ear buds listened tunes and walk and it was great perfect walk doc Christine's hammer and they offer a fun range of colors too and different sizes. It's really cool unbeatable price so good by rake on dot com slash. What's good to you? Get fifteen percent off of your order. That's by RECON DOT com slash. What's good for fifteen percent off Rakhine wireless ear buds? If I appear now is the time to get an amazing deal wartime time by ray CON DOT COM slash. What's good alright? Let's get into some news and I guess we'll just start. This batboy. Final fantasy seven remake continues to look like a brand new game GR- skirt. I am granting the thing I oh my God okay so this right of comes up from cocoa could talk you. It's short but then I have course like my Britishness things. I WanNa like deep dive into okay so blinking. You'll miss some of the brand new additions to file fantasy seven four the remake as showcased in this new trailer square INEX- put out an honor the Tokyo game show this week. Oh Yeah we should start with that. It's not will be starting so we're recording this on Wednesday Wednesday evening and I'm sure whether time this show goes live on Friday. There's a whole bunch of news new stuff out but for now we'll just cover. We got so among other things. There's a new boss fight with Reno Reno some sort of dark mini game a brand new member of soldier hot blonde man. If I see bike sequence with the members of avalanche cutesy epilepsy call ups President Shimmering Hologram someone's effort and Sheva both of whom are obtained way after mid garden the original version of file fantasy seven five hundred seven remake comes out on March thirty twenty twenty twenty it will include cloud wearing a dress what what is that sentence about still in the Sir that because that's all that's all my notes okay so in the original final fantasy seven there is you are with earth and so air and aries. This is the same person but I think it was just mistranslation so air is the correct name for this girl Dino. Yes okay played part of this game. I just never have I've only I played like maybe ten hours of it. Oh so you've probably got through this part. You probably don't remember it so there's a part where you and I are just chilling and you see Tepa being in carried away in a carriage and you guys really joe like what the Hell's going on with that we should go investigate so the two of you go and look like chart figure out where she is or why she's in the back of a carriage rich and you go to the honeybee which I think is just like a brothel and talk to the guy you talked to the Guy Upfront and he's like Oh yeah tvos our new girl but if you wanted to see her you know she's not the dawned on Cornell's house having an interview. This is what we do with all of our new new girls so then you're like okay. Let's go to mansion so go to don tornadoes mansion and there's a dude out front and he stops from going in and saying like cloud. You can't come in because you're like a dude but Gareth you're cute you can come in and air turns a cloud. She's like hey hey. I'll just go in and I'll see how do we make sure she's okay and clouds like you're not going in there by yourself baby girl and so now they're in this predicament like what do they do so brilliant idea is let's turn you into a woman. Yes the old yes wrestling bids crossdressing yeah yeah so then it turns into this whole mission Shane where you get to pick out address you get a wig. If you go the extra mile you can get Kiara and makeup and some other stuff and you can actually be like the chosen girl of the Dawn that evening Ning may is saying yeah yeah so it's it's I mean we knew this coming back. I mean I think he's been confirmed for even a few years now but it's just cool to see more of it because you see Don Cornell Cornell like in his bed like saying hey gimme Gimme some sugar and it's like okay. That's creepy but what's interesting. Dan is that it looks like Tika and heiress are both with cloud when he's going to get this addressed. That's kind of what eludes needs to why this is interesting is because in the original it's only Eric you have with you. You don't have teeth with you right so it would be fun if Tebas along for that ride which kind of leads me into the squad squat many game which is why this is important because you go to a gym and then you have to compete and squat competition or to hopes doesn't squats or pull ups so squats the original so the polyps is new. Oh Yeah so yeah so what do you have to compete in a squad competition in order to get the Blonde Wig Egbert cloud wears so it's a game but then you see teeth doing pull ups which makes me wonder okay is not a mini game takes place later or is like she she along for that whole lakeside quest because it can't be too much later because the entirety of this first episode is taking place in mid Gar which is interesting because it only takes like maybe the average like four to six hours to get through mid Gar in the original final fantasy seven but anyway that's real good so other things that I unnoticed okay. Obviously we got the Turks Got Reno. He's a due to the red hair. He's he's very attractive man. Have you seen the trailer yet. No I haven't okay so yeah. Just wait a minute. I'm just GONNA play it yeah. That's just game good. I love you for it so I'm not going to. I'm going to stay away from spoilers. Am One of those people who like I think people if they can experience this for the first time they should so. I won't give anything away but at school that you get to see the Turks and let's see this other there. No I have oh yeah and obviously we're getting a few different story tweaks and additional scenes which makes sense because this game is supposed to be in line what was first installation in line with the mainland final fantasy game so like thirty ish plus hours kind of been like what's been said and like I said you know you can get through bid Gar in the first four to six showers so obviously there has to be a lot more to do here so we see his teen where ariff is with Marlene and if you don't know what I'm talking about I'm sorry but those who do not I'm talking about bill appreciate it and one of the Turks comes to get her and that's going to be new footage out. We haven't seen before because in the original file fantasy seven like she's. He's just like straight up like taken and I know I'm trying to avoid spoilers but this isn't anything major but you don't get to see how that confrontation went down so I think we're kind of getting an idea of where they're going to be exploring for more stories that we may have missed out on the first time we also see some paragliding which is new it shows bigs in Jesse and maybe this will take place ace after a certain thing is destroyed and comes down which might mean some certain characters might actually live in the scalp that would be kind of cool again. We got the new blonde hot boy soldier on a bike and there we go those are like my biggest takeaways. Obviously the summons look really great you could see Sheva and she's just like this beautiful ice goddess and I love her so much and I'm just very excited. I just love me. I should that's right. I mean I do the correct way but yeah yeah about that so also it's been kind of interesting interesting. Chatter is how this whole the whole honeybee scene is going to be played out because there's some controversy Chrissy because of the way the game the way the game portrayed certain things in the original final fantasy seven so on your quest to to infiltrate the Don kronos mansion and I hope was first name is I'm not making that up. I feel like I'm just saying that like pure habit saw on quick to it's really like straight darn. ESO In order to get in their cloud. You can get a membership key so you can actually get into the Bronco and Eric is like what are you doing in clouds as well. You know I for for research. I'm really going to be a woman. I need to be able to get in here and see what I can get done and whatever when he does get his makeup done in there but there's different rooms in there that you can pick and choose if you want to like okay so you can choose a real that I'm assuming it's supposed to be translated to like the the fuck room and I say that because in the game and it's all those like little symbols like the at symbol the exclamation point you know like in a comic instead of swearing they would just use all those symbols all strung together you okay so you can go into that room and cloud goes in there and he he kind of has like a weird like a vision. He's he's countryman balls a bit and then he wakes up and then he wakes up to being rubbed and then these are the ones that are being described. It's like Rub Rub thump pound point P. O. K. squish you here then clouds ow and then he wakes up dude on top of a dude wearing steeper tight wrestling outfit kind of thing and he's like pounded on him like literally and he's like don't get so suppressed. He says don't get so depressed over thing like this happens to me all the time and then you get lingerie from the room attendees Asari Prize which goes on to like the Don Cranial mission and that was like a little weird but like it's nothing crazy right but I think where people get a little uncomfortable is when you go into the bathtub room and so cloud goes into the bathtub room and he's standing there and he's just like I said Rimsson and brothel and these like nine burly men with like these really tight like little outfits. There's same dudes that are from the gym where you have to do the squats to get the blonde wig like they come in and they're like hey we're gonna rub you down and like clean you up up and all that kind of stuff in cloud says I have no time to be messing around with you and then the watch it again today. The one of the main guy says loosen up bubby. Let's wash off our sweat and dirt together gather and then it shows cloud kind of backing up like as close as he can to like the player in terms of the camera angle and then it shows all these crowding putting him and then a screen kind of fades and then you hear the sound of his clothes being taken off and then you hear the one we'll look at that and then it pans over and then clouds back back in the bathtub but like nine of these men and its head all you can see the top of his head and the main guy asks him like how do you like this and you can either respond by saying nothing or you can stay it hurts and if you select it hurts cloud says it's too stuffy in here and the main guy says oh you'll get used to it. Try counting to ten and so then clouds counts to ten and meanwhile this guy is like saying kind of creepy stuff to him. He gets to ten and the guys like why don't you stick around and play. Daddy is so lonely and then he like leaves so I don't know if you've heard about the honeybee store controversy in how can we played out but that's more or less. It sounds like there's just some hints of nonconsensual will rubbing shirt. Obviously this game came out in the nineties. Things were just a little different in terms of like what's appropriate. What's not to make light of you know in terms of culture pop culture and stuff like this but anyway I kind of went on a tangent but that is like I was like this is a lot to digest? This is like what people are talking talking about like how the crosshairs house. It's going to lead to the honeybee seen anyway. I know down the thing but that's okay but that's the thing that people are talking about and I apologize. Guys got it all right now. I know now stories so boring but fine do the next to you get one okay that is fine apple arcade release date price games at everything else you D to know this is from tech radar so as you may know apple had their event this week and it talked about a lot of shit there was apple watch garbage if you like they're great but there was a lot of light. There's a ah one of those things also apple arcade so the gaming subscription service will release on September nineteenth and costs four dollars us and ninety nine cents U s that is of course different pricing for other regions but the apple arcade subscription service for Games is just the latest sign of Apple Getting on the Gaming Bandwagon with a curated list of exclusive titles also come to your iphones IPADS macbook computers and even Apple TV at an affordable monthly cost. It's apple take on the whole net flicks for gaming approach tying gamers into a monthly subscription that gives of access to top quality video game adventures that aren't available anywhere else. Apple Arcane has a good heritage behind it was arguably the first company to take mobile gaming seriously and make it financially viable and as a result. It's now got the backing of some of the most important names in mobile game development. It's also great news for owners who have always played second fiddle to gamers when it comes to finding topnotch gaming experiences says on their platform Apple Arcade boasts over one hundred unique in the story it says read indie exclusive to Apple's devices including beneath a steel sky a remake of the classic adventure game with art by Watchmen Comic Book Legend Neil Gibbons and in addition. The collection of cames games available is set to be cured by experts and we'll be updated monthly and will include original releases from renowned creators hero Nobutaka Gucci. I'm so sorry a Ah Ken Wong will write anymore so I personally obviously a huge game. I played a few things on my phone like Florence and Lego Tower but this is definitely one of those subscription services. I will be opting out of not bothering sorry. That's not what I was expected really. Okay 'cause you're like this is one of the service I will be a good deal right like five dollars and you get like these reoccurring during games deal if not going to blame them if you're not gonNA play it no no as you are. I'm looking at this list of developers to our support pledge and you got like Sega devolved digital. Ross Fury Game Lofts in apprentice in there. I think they were Yep yeah. They have their one game Konami. Yes there's a lot of good. It all looks very interesting but I just know my set and that's not for me Capcom Screen TV softball no same here. I'm right with you. I think this is awesome. It seems like good bang for your buck especially since you can share among your family members like that's real. This is what this is. What ticks me off? This is what grinds Mike years baby girl. It was talking about this with Fred. We were both commiserating about the fact that they're always like with any of these subscription services right there like you can share it with your freely and I'm like it's just me I am my family. This is all our gut. Where's my cheaper price because I can't split the cost between the people and justify it like if I had four people in my family? Oh my God a dollar person amazing. It's just me I have a single person tax and I don't appreciate it. I I mean listen Sam. I'm your family and I'm not blood related. We you and I enjoy a family plan and could on your cell phone players enjoyment Nintendo's switch membership yeah. Actually I do have a family planning though sorry okay wow what a tease I know I know it sounded again. I realized I had nothing to offer you just like every other man in my life. I love you like this. Is I mean I'm sure sure they're gonna be I mean I looked at some of the Games. They looked fine but like Sammer. It's just doesn't do it for me if I have my phone. Chances are reading about video game news or I'm looking at some stupid stupid. Article and buzzfeed are checking my email. I just don't play Games on my phone. Yeah actually there is a few games that I play in a what's it called. I talked about got it on a show. Maybe last year and I can never say the name of it. hold on. I gotTA pull it up. It's it's like it's supposed to look like a normal last phone. It's it's basically you're finding a phone. Ashtrays yeah called the loss phone. I thought yeah there's a a normal loss phone in like another loss but the one I'm talking about particular and I could never say it last time. Similar KARA SIT S IONA CA-CAR S. I M. U. L. A. SIMILAR LA fuck. I don't say it anyway. There's a new one coming out and these ones are fun because it's mostly about the phones being possessed and like people are dead and it's my kind of thing. Oh yeah that shit that's kind of games. I like to play on my phone but and he'll yeah good for you. Guys do a thing get. If you want it yes but not for us the right girl right and are you the next one and I can just grunt. You'll be grunting a lot because guess what everybody eighty project resistance revealed as team based resident evil game this comes to us from Polygon so project resistance has been revealed ahead of Tokyo game show as a quote brand new teammate survival horror experience. Perhaps similar to resident evil outbreak. The game looks like a four player cooperative game using online multiplayer and features the variety of characters going against a robot man who seems to be in control and the relevant looks similar to Mr X. Resident Evil too but we can't really be sure if it's him or not yet well being teased. The new game was dubbed Project Resistance though it seems like the game will be keeping this title fans will be able to watch game play at the Camp Capcom boost during Tokyo game show at at times Japanese residents will get to go hands on with the game but only if they've registered advanced project resumes will be released a playstation four windows PC and xbox this one at an undetermined time apparently this is. I wish that we got to get more information about this game before we recorded the show but we have not heard anything else else. We've seen the trailer so I'm GonNa break down the trailer and I won't talk as long as Jerry about fantasy seven. I promise it does it really does look like Mister. X It yeah because it is okay. Why did the article is like? We're not sure but I'm looking. I literally just looking at the thumbnail. I played not enough resident evil and I'm looking at it. IS THAT NOT MR ex- 'cause it looks exactly like him. Yeah I don't the robot man I think I think personally they may have just been a little confused because my my understanding my belief is that the person in the control control room is like a real person but he just puts on these like mechanical gloves which then allows him to control Mr X. Okay so the trailer for those of you haven't seen it. It's only the accident no okay okay yeah yeah so the trailers only like a minute half but it opens up an dude this this is the mystery man he walks into a control room. There's a billion monitors and like VCR looking tech and stuff so you assume it's kind of like probably set in the nineties my assumption anyway big control room and I was trying to sleuthing and I'm like looking on the Monitor to see you know like where are they and one of the areas did look like the parking garage from resident evil to she remake couldn't be totally sure just that out there so then he says Downing Pushes the whole bunch of buns and then you see the select five minute mission timer start clicking down or ticking down and then it shifts to the laboratory where you see people walking through looking all cautious like cautious Kelly and one guy has shotgun and one girl has like it looks like a wooden plank of nails sales on it so variety of melee weapons and then the dude starts flipping switches and we start slipping switches as they're walking areas different enemies come out so the first wave of enemies you get like eight or nine typical slow shambling zombies and if you look real close our favorite timer you understand us but our favorite resident evil two girl she's wearing a pink take top oppa the Jean shorts she makes a cameo and noticed her and I thought that was really cool so she's in there and then he starts flipping switches and then he unleashes a liquor and then once the liquors dead did he that's when he puts on like these gloves and then then it pans over to Mr X. who lifts his head up and then eyes start glowing red and then the guy's gloves start glowing join red so then you assume okay this guy is controlling mister x which isn't out of the rental possibilities all these things have been created you know with viruses and other weird things so sure why not why not Mr exit the tyrant and so there are a lot of tyrants so there's not just like Mr Exeter hearts but tyrants grants are aplenty tyrants like a specific thing in this universe or do you just mean yeah. It's it's in particular bio up new like liquor. It's like its own certain thing. I've got to think of it like that yeah so the question is what kind kind of game is this I like to I would like to think am I perfect Brit world. It's disappear co OP game but there is reason to think obviously that this could be a four V one. Oh yeah that would make sense yeah yeah and I. I hope it's not I mean. I just never really been unless I can play with style. I don't like plain in people especially you don't even like playing co op so the only person you're going to play this with this Jason Well Nia. I mean probably but like if I have have to play against with you. I guess we'll play with you. Don't even tonight at this point now. It's so I could it could go either way. I could see it being a forty one. I I would like to think it's just a pure co op shooter where you go throughout specific areas of raccoon city 'cause what the dude is wearing a raccoon city. Things have varsity jacket which is one of the things end end outbreak game so I like to think maybe post outbreak in resident evil two. It would be cool if we could get some stories in this that would be cannon this kind of show us what what that outbreak was like few weeks after it happens in raccoon city before everything gets blended smithereens but yeah we'll just have to see there's just we'll just have to it would be cool if that was whisker in that's like one of the old the main bodies of like the first five or five or six games you want to count like are easier and could and I'm getting back to find out what's what the sad part is. Obviously we're recording this on Wednesday and the show starts tomorrow so so we will probably have a much better idea of what this game is but if you google it right now I'm sure you'll find new information on exactly what project resistances live anywhere yet. It's cool. I think it's I think it's great didn't Capcom in a good position right now where they can kind of test not test their wings spread other wings there you go spray writings and try to not fall to their deaths. Please don't I'll be very sad. Killing Monster Hunter obviously double my credit really good Rosen evils in a really good spot so understand why people under nervous about nervous about this but it's you know we're going to get a we're still going to get our three remake. This is just them trying something new and if it works for them sweet if not they'll know about it right. This one's fucking crazy all right Nintendo teases switch peripheral focused on physical exercise. Have you seen this trailer. I I clicked on it before the show. Okay okay so this comes from Games Industry Dot Biz Nintendo. Oh has teased a new peripheral for its switch console which seems to amplify and extend its motion control functions yesterday Nintendo released video that shows the new controller and action the peripheral Israel is split into two parts a wheel and strap each of which can house enjoy con controller the video depicts people in various countries using the controllers with the wheel gripped in the in the hands and the strap attached to the by many of these activities involve physical exercise running stretching aerobics and adopting yoga like positions Nintendo will reveal more details on September Twelfth Aka Tomorrow for us but very yesterday for you every home side of this the worst instead it was always the worst this but the very fact that the name imprecise nature of the controller were not included is significant in itself a teaser preceding a full announcements tactic often employed with products considered to be a major launch the physical exercise depicted in the videos also familiar territory for Nintendo the most obvious example being we fit which was a huge hit back in two thousand and eight since then the Japanese company has made frequent references interest in promoting. I need help and quality of life through its product visually. If any of you have ever done pilates before the wheel is a pilates wheel almost exactly what it is uh-huh. I've used them before so it was into it when I watched it. I was like that's just the pilates wheel but like like with a thing in your controller so just to see how much this bad boy is yeah yeah and it reminds me of just all of the weird things intendo has done and it's like what is the world a better place. Britney are let people be fits yet and hey you know what the we fit the balance board. That was the first hour they're going to kill uh which fit oh my God the switch. It sounds fun switch fit. I like it but now the balance was the first time I ever did yoga and I learned about it and so actually not Jay scenario like twenty minutes of Yoga Day because we very we need to see we're not flexible at all so she's like naming off all these pose it like oh I learned that and and we are we fit yoga like six years ago thirteen years ago holy shit so speaking other weird things than Tun does doing they have. That's deep tracker so summer. This news broke. I think when we were in London so I think we I I kind of missed. It and I didn't really hear a lot about it but it's called Pokemon sleep and you know what I saw right because I was I made a jet lag. Joke like can poke in monthly helped me get to sleep right now yeah yes. I remember that joke. That was a good job. Samia the vest it uses. Is this pokemon go plus plus which is what it's called and what it does is it monitors user sleep patterns rewards them for time spent sleeping quote. The concept of this game is for players to look forward to waking up every morning so my God that's so sad. I know this mission statement I ever heard I know that's the CEO of the company on one hand. I'm like Oh man other hand like hey. If it works for someone hey I know but like and then they twenty fourteen they had that quality of life platform they announced which is probably died. I think it's actually been rumored that has been dead for a while but what it was it was the sensor that monitored analyze you all you slept and it was just something you would stick like next to US radio waves they would check out your heart rate respiration fatigue and it just would like basically scope you out all throughout the night and even partnered with manufacturer who specializes in medical equipment and everything but clearly that fell through and then never forget get the we censor that never became a thing oh yeah it was just like literally a heart monitor clip yeah like you said I appreciate. They're trying to do good. Thanks for the world. She's like cool this silly I mean I will. I don't need this but other people. If this gets you interested in fitness cool makes it seem approachable cool yeah you do. That's right all right. This is called switch fit if it does it's not called Switzerland. I'm going to be upset. Are you going to boycott. I mean I'm going to boycott it anyway because I don't need it but you know I know Oh. This is your such a kind soul. Everybody people been tweeting this at me. Constantly Fault of us like you guys do to play. I love that you're thinking of me about this with the story so for those who do not know. KFC is apparently creating a colonel colonel sanders dating don't emulator which looks remarkably like dream daddy may say from Paula Gunn. KFC Yes the fast food. Restaurant is working on a video game with developer cy the fried chicken connoisseurs are releasing dating simulator called. I love you Colonel Sanders of Finger Lickin good the dirty just so dirty there is an exclamation point after sanders official you know branding and everything the game popped up wanting this morning as quote coming soon according to the listing a KFC representative told polygon the game will be available for free on steam on September twenty fourth a quote from the same people who brought you. The bucket of chicken comes the world's first Colonel Sanders dating simulator the description reads. I love you Colonel Sanders finger licking good dating simulator the later we'll put players in control of a promising student studying alongside a young young young Colonel Sanders. This is not old man. Dan Colonel Sanders while looking for love for you've got to make it through the culinary school part to if you're lucky Colonel Sanders might even take you on as a business partner you partner in bed partner in life of the nine characters. There's also would dog who is apparently a professor at the Culinary School of course of course I of course. KFC's that there are multiple hours of Gameplay a secret ending and recipes there are also cooking battles eleven herbs and spices and plenty any of quote miniature food also reminds players a few times that yes. KFC Did really make this game well. I love you. Colonel Sanders a finger lickin good dating later is they bizarre intriguing move from the fast company. It's not too out of live and twenty eighteen cancelled fancy loves the gaming twitter account called. KFC Gaming the social media account is all over the place hurling music video clips all across debt. Oh my God this. This is the story of this week I agree. I think this is my favorite story. You've ever read I love you Colonel Sanders and finger licking good. I mean it's ridiculous and I appreciate that they are just I don't I don't love it. They ripped off for him. Daddy's art style but I them props for knowing that dream. Daddy was popular and for them trying to imitate but they should give some licensing question have you have you seen Colonel Sanders this young yes. Oh of course yeah okay okay. Would you hit it. Yeah really one thousand percent not really I think I would I would make him shaved the goatee part. If I with the mustache yeah he would have to do something so he doesn't look like himself because I can't see I'm not okay. I'm not trying to sound like an asshole. I'm kind of repulsed by Colonel Sanders as you should be. He pushes gross greasy chicken on everybody and this is the has anything to do with the physical appearance of them. It's just it's weird that you have this like dude who was like a cartoon character. Originally I don't know as origins now. He's like a real human human and now apparently I didn't date him and it's just too weird for me and I I'll end up playing. I mean this is to anime style for me to like. Get caught up on what you just said. I'm just like hot anime. Boy Only thing I would do is shave your chin hair because it looks weird. I mean that's what Colonel Colonel Sanders facial hair does look like but to me. I'm like it'd be much hotter if he just had the mustache and it would be better because in my opinion would be like will young Colonel Sanders exactly goatee part yet like he just had had the mustache and then later he got older he decided to for whatever reason grow this disgusting thing on his mind but yeah so are you. Are you goatee or the mustache team goateed if you want more this for this image depends on the person everyone's 'cause like sometimes the goatee is good if you have to like high level Russian but the for this guy in particular that I'm looking at on the Internet this Colonel Sanders lose the goatee. Keep the mustache some Sam looking kind of lose lose. I'm looking at it. Why don't you shave off then? He might look to you know because they've looked to you. I think the moustaches fine with him back back. I don't mind it at all. That is not a not a barrier for entry the mustache to me. It reminds me too much of old colonel. Colonel Sanders is where rights too much of it. I lost that then it would look like a young dude with a moustache. Maybe just shaved it all off. Though Oh look twelve I'm not into that. I'm not either but it'd be better than I would not be better better depicting adults as young children and is never a good thing. It's a very creepy thing I'm just saying in this case. I think you could shave off the facial hair and he would look at he would look eighteen nineteen and it would be okay. No you wouldn't be running a frigging culinary institute at Eighteen or nineteen. Hey Man I'm sure some people have I'm sure you're yes in the history of the world perhaps but are you saying you don't believe in Colonel Sanders. It's one of those shows as did you think of like grandma got run over by a reindeer lake. If you believe girdles enters but that's where we grab all we believe I don't know like like you can say you don't believe in Santa but you can say you don't believe in Colonel Sanders Okay and the the other saving grace. This anime character of Colonel Sanders is the little like black Bowtie doesn't look like his body you know. Have you seen those beams where it's like that looks like the Black Bowtie. It's just a big head on a big none of small body not seeing that no oh yeah it's weird weirds me out all right well. I think we've detected poor Colonel Sanders and fucking oh no looking at the logo and I see it I see it. It was released yeah I can't. I can't see that how that's unfortunate. I think maybe if his hair was white and he shaved something. Oh I like that the Harris White especially especially because the art style and because it's super animated I love it and that's great. It's nothing to yeah. It's nothing dude the direction it's just him I. I just can't think of old dude on the commercials again. I'm sure you're going to be old onto one day. God Sammer No. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA get in Jacksonville input test tubes and I'm going to be preserved forever and ever and it's GonNa be great and I'll come aww banks Malians all right ladies and gentlemen. It's it's time to move on so points to end this thing and we'll be back with some hands on impressions like years of war five I and other things that haven't read yes. We'll be right back. Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen to segment of the what's good Games podcast retail you what we've been getting our grubby hands on number doesn't have grabbed my hands clean the are you always have beautiful manicured nails and this is Joe Polish off that they are bear. That's good I I need to get my nails done because their to their objects their weapons weapons of mass destruction right now because there are too long and we are not gonNA talk about our hands anymore okay so we have been playing video games so I've been playing gears five. I finished Blair. Ah finished gears five at finish Blair witch. I've been playing deadly. Premonition is short. It's like yeah like maybe five hours Oh yeah and a little bit of creature in the world but always talk about that until Andreas back because she has been playing. I think she finished it. I think she did good overachiever all right so I married well. You've playing gears I have but I started that because so I got this beautiful care packages. I believe you did as well well so thank you thank you to xbox sending us over you know obviously codes for the game and then they step us like consoles and controllers and all sorts of lovely things that I was not expecting leasing so it was it was super nice but I was waiting to install the new xbox before downloading the game and I had already started playing nights. Listen bike so I kind of put it off until I finish that but I got into gear last night. I'm obviously not super far into it but I just started act two. I'm like done with chapter one of two and although this may be a premature thing to say I'm hoping you will confirm or deny for me Brittany. I feel like this is feeling good. I I feel this feels more to me like the og gears did I did not like for the record I did not like yours for I did not finish cures for I felt it was a little boring boring. I didn't enjoy the level design. I didn't enjoy the set piece for the most part felt it miss it was missing something for me and I think a lot of that was variety and I hate to say it like soul soul or something. Whatever that intangible thing is yea? You sometimes are missing. That's what yours for was for me now. I know exactly what you're talking about. I think that's part of the reason why a lot of GOP Jeez these days they try to recreate cree of old like they're great but it's got a city like Tokyo. RPG factory they try to remake gop but they lacked certain something they're good Games. They just lack that fine technical game exactly a yeah like for me I just I don't know something about it was not not clicking didn't like it to finish it and it even has like one of the loves of my life Laura Bailey sorry. I really liked the character kate so to me that is what signifying how I have felt about gears before and so I'm very excited that now I am super into what's happening here sure and also gorgeous like what a walking they dave built some beautiful pieces for you to explore the lighting is par perf like it's just so so crisp and beautiful. It's like an uncharted game and some parts of it. It's just so so pretty and I lost my train of thought. So you pick something up. Okay I got you girl. It's currently sitting on the eighty five on metacritic so yeah people are people are digging it. So have you played all the other Aguirre's game steiner have finished gears one gears to I finished like three quarters of gears three the only reason I didn't finish that one was because of this is not a dig at you but a different friend not throwing shaded Britney different friends they would play with me while I was waiting for them and waiting for them away for them and then and then it happened just never happened. I never finished. I don't even promise anymore you you were fine yeah. I already know better until like count on you for that. Gears four didn't play because I wasn't enjoying it okay. That's totally fair. I've also played all of them. Including judgment so I like me some gear as you know after he spent after your five six games into the series of you include judgment you kind of have a specific bought an expectation from these games. I agree with timer that to neatest one feels like it takes everything from niggers series and just makes it better. There are a few things that I'm not sure about and I'll talk with you. Bottom up to it but okay so we'll keep spoiler free as well obviously so we will not spoil anything for you. Never you fear like Samra said thanks again to xbox in the Coalition for providing does those amazing care packages and the codes. I believe the game comes out on the sixteenth for everyone but right now if you had game pass ultimate I think it's out yet yeah out for a while right. Okay so the story of yours five picks up after gears of war for that said I think you can just hop into gears five you might be here's the thing I played all the gears. Here's games and I'm still a little confused so yeah I mean basically like big bad bugs came and back to Earth and there's this big weapon called the hammer of dawn that you're trying to like bring back so he can kill everything they hammer abs on is essentially a mega power laser by satellite yes but you need the satellites. It's to coordinate where the hammer of dot actually goes so and it's been a thing since you know the beginning right hammer gone so good though one thing that's interesting to me and so I didn't finish gears for but in gears five in acts one it basically recaps a lot of what happens in gears for or that was important and most of it. I've seen so like the fact that I didn't finish that game and I recognized all those countries I was like did nothing happened in the last part of this. I was so confused what it was yeah no yeah that's a good point. I forgot that they do. They do recap it so you can jump right into this this when you do not need to play gears for they will sort of loosely set up exactly what happens and yeah you'll be fine would worry too much about it. The bad guys you shoot them. Big Bugs getting even call them sometimes so yeah. I've always been a linear game in the story. Progresses is yes you do the levels. Will you have some dialogue you go to the next area of Rinse Wash repeat the writing and these images so beautiful facial animations. They are just like oh very very good. I was playing Jason. I played with Jason this whole game and he made the comment that he thought these were the best facial animations he's seen in a game. I think God out of wars better but still like these are really good yeah. We're not going to say that they're the best out of anything because I haven't sat down and like aired eared but they're very very good and even when they go back to show you the gears for cut scenes you can see how far they've come graphic which is kind of Nice. I thought totally so it's beautiful and you know it's good when you can just look at character and there's like a little twitch in their eyebrow or something as a thousand words so it's it's beautiful so in this game the something that's I don't remember this was in gears for over was I don't remember this many but there are a few open areas this time around and baby during the last one but I can't remember because that game came out years ago and I don't have that good of a memory but there's two for example. There's two towns and one of them was rather large and if you want to like walk around and check out everything and there's things to collect and conversations to listen in on one appears is actually one of the towns and that's pretty you find when you hear her talking and then there's the obvious open world mini open world sandbox. Whatever you WANNA call it areas that you explore on indistinct called a skiff and it's think of it like a jet ski but not like a very big long modified jet ski thing anyway anyway you could use that and you can traverse around the world the areas as well and by doing so you can find side quests and decide closer fund because obviously reward you you upgrades for your new Buddy Jack? He'll talk about in a second but it's great because it gives kind of that moment of rest for the characters were there. You're in something a little different where they can kind of have those dialogues that want to have in the in the regular campaign skelly overdoing this thing that said the side quests are all will shoot me waves of enemies you find thing of course but it is nice to kind of take them away from that main campaign and have them engage in dialogue that you went to hear otherwise like silly Cork Sui conversations so that's nice to put like those parts are good but I feel like gears greats is when it is kind of that okay linear. Let's go action action action dialogue. Maybe have like a five ten minute moment where you have some like Loki downtime where you're just exploring but then you throw you back in action. So have you come across any of those areas yet so the first one yeah the beginning of two is where you will find a lot of Pierce's character character and so I've heard her. It was cool but yeah I think granted again. I'm super early into this game but I way have enjoyed the pacing of it so much more than I enjoyed gears force pacing because even though yes what you do for the majority of this game is shoot things the cover shooter. What else are you going to do? I've found like they've been able to break it up so far in such a way where it doesn't just feel like walk into a room get get behind cover shoot walk down a hall right behind cover shoot it they didn't do that which I actually felt like gears for was at some some points and that was part of what was really frustrating me. I just felt really bored of it but they've really played around. Even they've had some fun with it. Which obviously I'm not going to tell you anything that happens but some of the missions are you can tell that the design team had fun figuring out the set piece battle and like how it would play out and they also have a lot of fun with the characters and the way that they are interacting with each other which makes everything so much better so much more interesting so much? It's more fun to breathe life into the game just the way that they all are bouncing off of each other and like there was just a twist that I hit and now I'm like Oh my God what's happening so so they're really coming to together as a really good story. My words are Oh. You don't like it's all coming together to be like Oh. This is a studio that Ken tell really interesting stories so I look forward to seeing where the rest of this campaign goes yeah and that's. I'm glad you brought that up because it's it's so true. There's hardly any there's not a lot of moments of silence and in good way. It's not like all those annoying banter back and forth but there's enough to always keep you engaged in the writing is so good that even the few sentence you get every year and every now and again. It's enough to tell you a lot. What about the characters and that you really understand like what they're going for like what their Mo is and I feel like no matter what we whatever we were doing? They would comment on it which is so so damn nice because that's one of my biggest pet peeves and gaming when something really cool happens but no one has anything to say about it like no this is the thing you're like. Ah Yeah so speaking of characters. Jack is the new buddy rose walk. New robot friend originally is dave the Dave's the other day and so you jack and what he does to combat is really fun so he has these abilities that you find oh components I think is what the name Lamar throughout the levels yeah and you collect them and then you can use to upgrade Jackie has like a skill tree of sorts of sorts and as side missions. I was mentioning gene earlier. You'd like you go explore those defined awesome upgrades for him and that's kind of like the whole point of doing though cyclists and I'm pausing because my computer just beeped at me. Are you there. I'm still here okay. Everyone's still here's everything still recording. I know yeah no beeping okay. We are good anyway so yeah like I was saying what he does is he has he's fun abilities. You can use in combat and have like a little bit of a cool down but they the really quick so the main ones I used was shocked traps which is really convenient. When you have a whole bunch people like running out you you just set him on the ground and it'll take electrify them sometimes even explode them and it's really good at slowing down the big guys like the wardens and whatnot and there's awesome ability that I just got that allows you to confuse enemies and it turns them on their own allies? ooh Can you talk about the big ones yeah target you can't target like the word ends and stuff like that but you can target almost anything else that you can't target the science but you can target target the bashes or sort of a little robots robots that shield them. It's it's at such a fun little twist to the combat and man the combat is super super intense excited saying it's it's a cover shooter but I think gears is mostly known for its amazing combat and it's so much fun and it's so intense I get three battles in particular where Jason I probably he died like ten times and it was a thing where it's like okay. What are we doing wrong and we figure it out different strategies? We figured out what worked what didn't it but it it always felt really rewarding and only one of them felt unnecessarily punishing but we played on intermediate so it wasn't you know we didn't have a hard time or anything like that but it's just the intensity of the battle is that they the coalition is really struck awesome balance of feeling like overwhelmed but it's not impossible to do yeah yeah. I'm also playing on intermediate so far. I haven't run into any too much trouble. I've been down a couple of times with a it will just pick me back up and yeah so so so far. It's fine again. I've met a few more acts Toco but I am excited like so. I actually got up earlier this morning and played before I had to go to work and then I was slightly late to work because I wanted to keep playing. I just WanNa play gears now something else. He brought up earlier that I also want to say it's just the level design in this game is just so amazing. There's one part in a game where you're in a kitchen and I was just marveling at it. Jason Thought I was really nerdy for this but I am you bad bro. It's just the fact that someone built like the most intricate kitchen for like a real that you're gonNA that. Most players are just going to run through in like three we seconds and never come back again but if you just stop and look around and look at the attention to detail this kitchen has fucking incredible and it's like whoa like someone took all all this time to build this even though players is probably gonNA run through it hardly ever take the time to look at it. Yeah I've been taking my time through all of the levels and I look around because I'm also looking for components opponents for the robot and I also actually had a similar thought Britain. I was like you know I feel like probably the majority of players just run through to the next subjective. I must take my time gonna like walk around. I'm GONNA see what they've put here and see what they tell stories obviously through what what is left around the world and like there's one part where you're in this area actually. I can't believe whatever it's just interesting the way like oh just setting up up some suitcases or something else can can show you what was going on there right before you came in and so if you are if you go low to play this game which I would suggest you do because you can do it with game pass. Just take your time with that like go through the levels. Take a look around and number one because you'll get components which is always helpful and then number two appreciate kind of what people taken the time to build the school. Yeah I know exactly the area you're talking about and that was also my thought to you and it's amazing when you look around you really digest what story is being told through the level design itself off. Your Shits fucked yeah his dark and twisted. This is a you appreciate the Banter Times two characters have because if you think about what's going on in this world of gears did it's really not good. Here's a war is definitely one of those and I don't. I don't take this lightly because I don't think suicide is the thing you should say Liley but this is a game and if I lived in this world I would kill myself one hundred percent like there's no way I want those leach things coming after me. I don't want any of these horrid things coming after like no this terrible. I don't think I could do it. I don't think I have the strength or resolve to make it through a world like this. It's yes I'm happy UPI so that too because it's I mean I don't want you to do that. I will never happening out. We're actually we'll never be in gears of words World Sarah. We'll that'll never gets here. They'll never happened but yeah. I think this is the first game in the series where it's like you know things you're screwed up but I think in all video games are screwed up but this is the first time in gears for I've kind of stopped and looked around and I guess not really ever realized how bad things were and that's just again like the level of Zion and of course we don't there's collectibles where you can collect pamphlets documents another the thing that little box stories and whatnot as well but yeah I mean I just I just really enjoyed my time with it and I think it's it deserves all the praise. It's getting I did have some connection issues the weekend after launch obviously but it's Kinda like what game doesn't have those issues like. I'm trying to play torchlight to you right now and I just can't because it just keeps keeps booting us so that was kind of frustrating and there was some bugs was like infinite checkpoint save and whatnot but I would say like the only thing about it. I'm still not entirely early. Sure how I feel about it. Are The open world ish type areas. I enjoyed them and I had fun with them. I just don't know if they were necessary and I I remember mostly optional yeah. It's all optional. You know the size of totally optional but you have to like get on the skiff and drive from point A. to Point B. and maybe if you I do that. It's not as intrusive. I don't. That's the right word but you know me. I wanted the triumphs thank you. I wanted to try out all of the side. Quests and I did all but maybe maybe to at the very which I knew it would have got me another Jack Upgrade Component as like this is fun and it's it's cool but I think again like I was saying earlier. I think we're gears. It's really shines is when you are in like those beautifully paced for the game forces you to go its pays yeah 'cause open world. The tricky part of Oakland role has always been pacing and storytelling storytelling because you can't dictate what the player does you just kind of like well hurry go. I guess I don't know literally where you're going to go. You could go anywhere and I have to make this makes sense but so yeah I haven't gotten to that part yet so I but I imagine I will likely err on the side of last aside quest because simply I find I get fatigued out of shooters relatively quickly and unless I'm playing co op and I'm not playing with anybody right now so it's just like well. I'll probably skip most of those died missions and just go through the story because so far the story missions have been very well paced and I've really enjoyed toward them yeah. It's great and characters are Great Dulles. One of my new husband does eggshells coup delco yeah and you know the game really does set you up for quite the intense ending so it's good it's really good and I would definitely recommend checking it out. If you know it sounds like your kind of thing so little props to the coalition you did great job great fantastic game a game. I will never play Blair witch. Yeah Okay Yeah so Blair witch and thank you for the codes as well for this so employees obviously Blair witch has been around since like the ninety S. I think it's one of the first one came out. Was the mid nineties or why are you asking me. I have no idea I'm trying to think of what the player was project. I came. I don't remember I was hugging and you get one. Let me the Blair witch project movie came out in Nineteen Ninety nine yeah and it's detain then then then is that a song not exact cadence but guess yeah so the movie release nineteen was supposed to take place as the nineteen ninety-four and the creepy. There's been a few different Blair. Witch is like since then but the creeping about the Blair witch is it's this area of woods and I play this game like a week and a half ago so memories aren't totally pristine but I've seen the movies anyways area of woods and there's some weird shit going on and there's like all the Blair witch. She's coming to get you but burn. The creepy thing about this lord of whatever is that. You don't really get answers if you've watched the first movie you don't really quite understand what happened happened or why and movies don't end on a happy note like the thing is never discovered or killed or anything like that so I was kind of expecting so then what are the movies. Is this just like wandering around like something killed me an end of the movie I mean that's usually how most movies and is like you think you've solved the problem and you think you're fine the new twist but in the first movie for example you know it just ends with someone finding their friends staring in a corner and then Oh my God and what are you doing and then the camera gets knocked away and then everyone said and then the movie and then it ends and the idea is this is found footage and everyone's like Oh my God what the heck happened Sunday. These poor college students goodness. That's they went into the woods. That's the problem they ought Lord. Don't go anywhere. Stay in your dorm room. Stay on campus Sunday GonNa say reports of people went out in the woods and this is going back to kind of the the movie people been missing in the woods or in thing where things have happened happen so these kids go out and they go camping and they wake up in the here like weird screaming in the ways to hear sounds they wake up. They're walking literal circles. They don't know how any something's messing with them and you'd never really quite get like the closer so which of the Blair on the Blair witch game developed by Bluer so again you bluer further the review code it. I was kind of expecting something more along that line of the game. It's spooky. It has its moments where like you know you're GonNa Pitch Black. All you have is your flashlight and you have your dog which is like a really good boy your dog. You have a dog in the know. Is the dog okay. I mean I can't remember the dog's name bullet. I will not spoil anything about the dog okay but I never playing this game. I don't care but yes obviously if you're listening and in her excited don't you have yeah so it's you. You're okay so you're a you're dude and you're going to the woods you have your dog bullet and we're going to try to find this dismissing dismissing kid so you go out into the woods just unbelievable and you so you go research. Can there's already like a search effort underway and you just go with your dog. You recently like you don't have relationship issues and you're thinking this is going to be good for me so you've got a nice Johnson. The Woods Woods. We'll all of our relationship issues going to die out here. It's fucking terrible double so you get out there and then like sure shit like you know kind of weird. Things are happening you know Y- Since the game takes place in the mid nineties while I believe and I say that because the phone that he carries with him and it's access year your Ui for everything it's an old like Nokia it's where it has some games on it and it has like the greenback screen green. That's like all lit up and those who are young probably are like what the heck are these kids. What are we talking about? That was the way the phones back at mcdavid old cell phones. Yeah battery lasted lasted for four days the best it was the best battery does last excrete of you know you go in there with your flashlight your cellphone some dog treats your wallet and a walkie talkie and you don't have any food for yourself now. I don't know this man stupid stupid great so I don't know what the standard is. GonNa have to eat dog treats and of course you ever Cam quarter will like obviously those kind of people guy's name is Ellis. He goes into the woods and you know then weird things. Start happening to them and I'm like okay like this is Kinda freaky. I can see this in the dog is great. You can tell it to go search but you can have a stay by your side. You can have it stay you. Can you can pet the dog like don't some the poor pauper out to search. He sees his Hugh at all times. I know four puppy the the the thing about it that kind of turn me off is the game more tells a personal story of the main character Ellis this and it seems more like he's struggling with his personal. PTSD because of the woods around him and while it is a very interesting story. I don't know if his story was right for the Blair witch game I when I think of what the Blair witch story and more of this guy's story right exactly and ah some people some people thought that was the most interesting part of the game but I think what I had kinda had everybody has the answers I know I think you're right. I'm someone like twisted. It messed up. I just wanted to go into the woods. I WANNA get fucked with. I don't want to know why I just wanted to quote for ages because Bluebird team is so oh good you know layers and layers if you're too observation like they're so good at these kind of games and I love them so much and the this is a fine game issues not kind of what I had wanted or expected from it but I will say you know in the Final Act while it does drag on a little long. That's really where I think it shined and really were the talents bluer stood out because you are in this area and you have your camcorder and you're like Oh. My God like this does feel like something that would have happened in the movie and that's when I found myself enjoying it the most there there are some weird design choices. You know there's one thing where you literally walk in a circle for like a few minutes if for no real reason you don't understand why you're doing it and it's weird. It's hard to explain without spoiling anything but it's just some of the things I'm like. Why would you do that and the combat just feels like it wasn't necessary to combat is essentially you point in your flashlight at these like would monsters who are trying to come after you and the only way you know where they're at is if your dog like if bullets like barking at them and then you kind of aimed your flashlight or the dog is barking and then you catch them then big bright flash goes off and then you do like three times and it's just an feel necessary? Sorry just wanted to die in the woods. I know I mean yes. Yeah I mean I I wouldn't have minded died in the woods. If it was like a weird like Oh my God and then you like piece it all altogether any he'll yeah and there's multiple endings but the way did you look up the multiple innings after I finished the game because 'cause I wasn't happy and they were any of them satisfying to would you like. I wish I would've had that one. No I mean the one I had. I think was fine but there's tap capital of fine. The weird thing is to get if okay if you're going to go into this game and you. I don't know if you'd WanNa play it twice and you want to try. GotTa get like the better and Dean I would. If you WANNA consider a better ending I would say like just look it up because there's some things that the game really encourages you to do. It's like hey here's this thing right in front of you this. Here's a button prompts. You should do this and not do a once. You've ruined all chances and has happens within the first like I don't know like ten ten fifteen minutes of the game brierley shock when like the few killing dooms yeah and it's stuff that you win it it doesn't you would never even think about it. It's yard so anyway like Saul Mind Games. This is the mind gave you wanted this. I guess this really really been hammer yeah. I know it's definitely spookiest definitely creepy. I don't think the personal story needed to be told in this game. I think it would have been better saved for different Kinda game. I think Blair witch what comes along with that is a certain set of expectations but I mean yeah it's INDISP- UC things in us are scared of being in the woods and there's there's a puzzles in there that are like why are these admitting here. I don't know anyway I still live a game and not to walk necessarily later. I guess that's the thing they don't you don't need to maybe they don't look it well. I Love Bluer team but I don't think it was the right design choice fair enough but that's just my opinion but still there are great studio and you should support them all right Sandra. What's this one thousand bikes? You don't know about nights and bikes. I don't okay through this is from our good friends at double fine. Also thank you for the code so I love a lot of things that double fine does because they're cute and quirky and I think aesthetics of them always yeah nice and bikes aesthetically reminds me very much of like a costume quest sort of I'm not not for one for one by any means but just generally I guess and so it's the story of two girls girls who are relatively young I don't they don't really say exactly how young they are and I'm terrible with children and guess and agents so I'm not I gotta try but it's a story of friendship. Basically between these girls were going out on adventures together and they pretend to be like a centrally and the bikes are like their steeds and it's a really fun little game. It's the there is combat so it's not just like running around around. It's not walking seven. It's not anything like it has actual game play to it. At a lot of that is based on the fact that first of all Brittany you would love this game because it's Coop Yep perfect and so you either play as Demelza or Nessa and each of them have different moves for weapons as you go through the world. You'll power them up power them up. You will basically find you up for your arsenal. Let's do different things and it's sort of there's not a ton of this but there is is a little bit of the this part of the map will unlock later sort of thing once you get a certain scale. There's not a lot of it but there's it's very minimally there. It's like a little bit of like seasoning salt on on the steamer but it was really cute game and then explored friendship ship but especially at that age what it means and how relationships are and it also really explored some some more. I'm trying to super vague because I don't want to give away story but it does explore deeper almonds with one of the girls I think my own my main bummer is it doesn't explore the other one very much. She's he's just kind of like that piece. You get their relationship but you don't get any backstory on her or where she's come from or like why she's there and and that was sort of a miss for me I wish that they had explored both girls stories equally but maybe the sequel who knows and otherwise I think this game is also beautiful like the colors are super rich. The lighting is fantastic. There were a few moments elements were urinated because of the way that they were trying to send a medically do the camera made me feel almost claustrophobic. It was like a little too far in you would not be able to quite tell where he was. It goes through like running into walls and shit and you're like wait. I don't know if it's harder to explain exactly but I I put it at certain points. It was difficult to maneuver properly because they were so zoomed in and I couldn't figure out I was supposed to go. It doesn't happen a lot but it does happen enough times where I noticed that I was like annoying. Why are you doing this? Let me zoom out looks really cute. I'm loving the style. How long did it take you to you? beat it. I don't know how many hours I started over the weekend and then I put in a few hours every night so it's not super long. It's not super short art kind of somewhere in the middle. Maybe four to six okay something like that. It's not too bad and there are a lot of co oppa sort of puzzling things in the sense that you'll need to figure out which one of the girls should be doing whatever move to like help you move forward so it's like eleven environmental puzzles old and then combat you'll be fighting these curse things and start with Oh. Let's give you an idea. DEMELZA does a lot more of the we started more Malay kind of things ness was a little bit more arranged and so like a democracy has like willies as you can just like kick him stops and starts with the Frisbee where you just like toss it at people or you can charge them up and basically shotgun spread out and that was really fun. I really feel like this game has to shine with co OP. I'm super bad I played it by myself but even though I was playing thing alone I was having a good time with it because it's such a beautiful cute quirky little game it's again. I think already so this is part of why left double fine is that they make things like this. I and I just think they're really unique and special and you should support them. It looks it looks cute. Is it kind of like a feel the game yeah okay. The elements of the story are feel good like a deficit. It explores some tougher conversations but it doesn't bring you down yeah like live so yes it touches both light and dark. I would say and it does so fairly well L. Alexa durable. I had no idea if somehow this game completely yeah left my radar and it looks adorable. Yeah it is horrible. It's out out now. It was out on August twenty seventh. It's on playstation four xbox. I think you know pc all the usual spots. I played playstation four and then another thing I really love Baba's. I love the way they animated it. So is a little red headed girl who has like kind of to lay Ibans that just like bounce around the way that they had a Panamanian her. I like her faces. Throughout the game are the absolute best makes she makes faces. She makes oh my gosh. I should like a she's you. She's just realizing because like the face is so intense sometimes and you're Whoa Jewelry Nessa is supposed to be a little bit. It's hinted that Nessa is older than they don't. They don't really say how much or anything again so but you can really tell they animate them very beautifully sort of the top one who saunters a bit a bit more and then expanding alum. I God and it's so so cute so if you have somebody that you like playing cops co-op games with I would definitely pick this up if you have kids. I think this would be a decent one too. Few are looking for a thing to pick up and play. If you have daughters. Here's our health funds whatever but totally actually text raced in right now until him to get this downloading because this looks really cute because I've been playing like a lot of not dark but just kind of like looking for a little bit of a pallet cleanser. 'cause you know obviously gears. You know it's intense. It's not like a depressing but it's intense and Blair witch and I hopped into deadly premonition origins which is a ride all in itself and so I'm like I need something like little things right. Yeah yeah go nights as as in like knights of the round table is in the time of day nine hundred seventy a yeah we got borderlands coming up on talk real quick about a deadly premonition origins. I don't have to say about this right now because I I think the patch just went live yesterday but there's gnarly audio bug that's again. Can you believe it simmer. I'm having having another I don't how is this possible to be fair like digest me. It's a known issue but it's funny because they bought the known issues you just give him. No audio cuts after like twenty minutes but you know in a game like deadly premonition. It's almost okay because I mean for those. Who Don't I know you wanNA give a little back story deadly premonition? I don't even like we did you not oh. I never played it back. In the day I remember when the lodge I know it's one the most polarized games because like again to bring up a lawn. It's her favorite game of all time but then some people gave it a two out of ten so I it was at this game came out and Eric pigs still a friend of mine was reviewing it at Oh my at first he was like really into it and by the end he hated it like this game is broken. It's stupid and it is I love I love it yeah so let's keep it originally came out in twenty ten for those who might be confused is a survival horror game and kind of one of those if you fall under the camp of it's it's so bad it's good. That's where this fell. If you liked it or you were like no. It's just bad like so. That's a good way putting it yeah I've been trying. I've been robbing a poor brandon rock and I'm like how do I describe people that this is not a good game but it's so good at the same time yes. It's just like it's so bizarre and so we're I did try originally backed. I came out. I played it for maybe like thirty minutes and I remember thinking how ridiculous it was but I I've never forgotten it and so when it came out on the switch obviously Nintendo had their their big thing last week I was like okay now's a good time to happen but there's this audio bug that's plaguing me and the the audio cuts out and then it's not so terrible but it's just whatever so I think it's fixed now so maybe like seven hours into it at the moment and it's just so beautiful beautiful and I just WanNa love it and take care of it nurse it to health cannabis Samer. Let's clear again yeah like I said it's either. It's so so bad it's good or it's this is just bad and for me. I think I would probably side with broad big for me. It would just be bad game but now it's yeah for sure because it's frustrating. I've definitely had like a few moments like okay free because there's a lot there's a lot of driving and you have a map right driving in but gators no way to mark where you gotta go you just literally got to open up your fucking mapping your menu and like look at it and kind of rotate like okay. How do I get what streets streets away turned on so it was like that's kind of an annoying bug? It's kind of game where you have to save at like manual locations like there's no auto save or anything like that and it's hard to figure out like how fast travel works how anything works in this game so I'm finding myself on the couch with my ipod game fact like walk walk through and make okay. So what do I have to do because it's just yeah it's a good thing I want to play it but it's like I don't have that much time to dedicate to like learning this whole system so I'm Aziza Guide and it's it's made my life a little easier. I would think you would need to if you are like awesome need to churn through games. Oh my God it's a beautiful baby but I think that essentially covers it like I mentioned earlier. I am trying to dabble in torchlight too but there's this unfortunate issue. I don't know if it's other platforms but on Xbox it's voting people out of your games from trampling up so that down obviously we got borderlands coming up. We'll we'll be playing that all weekend and yeah. That's going to be a game itself but yeah I think I think that's it my student anything not that I can think of got a nice short and sweet one for you this week. Yeah I think we we melt it. I talked about five seven and a little bit so I could give us some padding now but it's all good it was another fun episode so and we hope you enjoyed it so if you did remember go counselor people who leave us one-star reviews saying that were fake or we mispronounce people's. AMC Much well. I mean we do is accurate that we mispronounced but we do. Don't talk us three stars for it. I'll accept one started action and that's it yeah but don't you just give us five years. Give us five because you who needs to make up for the people who deduct three. Please help ask well. Thank you guys so much for watching and listening on say watching on Itunes and listen in on Youtube but that's completely ass backwards strikes out verse it thanks for watching on YouTube dot com slash. What's Good Games and listening on podcast service is is wherever you listen to you all right friends? I'm hot. I'm sweaty. Star steamer is beautiful. We're going to call it

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45. Guest Lee Wilkof: From Little Shop Of Horrors, Max Headroom, to Hart To Hart, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and beyond!

Full Cast And Crew

1:56:51 hr | 1 year ago

45. Guest Lee Wilkof: From Little Shop Of Horrors, Max Headroom, to Hart To Hart, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and beyond!

"Webster's dictionary defines working as engaged in work especially for wages or salary and actor actor as one that acts tonight's guests certainly fits that definition who among us could forget his transcendent embodiment of the very essence of civic life as towns person in holy moses for which he was probably given wages or the existential dread he personified urban dehumanisation humanized in the role of screaming man on the subway in the marshall chronicles a series which i assume so redefined television that i never heard of it before today we we'll cover all of this and more because there is much more as director amanda charlton a previous guest on this program to discuss nineteen ninety-one silence of the lambs said in reference reference to our guest. This is what an acting career looks like and our guest is actor director. Lee will cough. Lee welcome <hes> happy to be here. That was chris surprised that that's who got introduced pacino well. They're going to be really surprised he was not in holy. Most remembered always houses. Have you ever heard of it before. I have heard of holy moses. Yes i did not remember member towns person i was actually there was a giant. There was like this huge shadow of a giant. They didn't have the giant giant who's got money. Relieved moved himself on townspeople. Wow and that was the scene okay. Well chris were born to play and then i met me loesch foreman for some movie movie i think it was cuckoo's nest and he said what have you done and i said i just got paid by a giant and i didn't get the how could have been in cuckoo's who is asked that would have been special chris. Did a humorous james lipton intro of you. I'm going to take a couple of minutes here just to do a more serious interview because lee as regular listeners of the pod will know the highest compliment. We can pay an actor whose i._m._d._b. Page we mine for the incredible we'll nuggets and depth and decades of service. You represent this probably better than anyone certainly anyone we've ever had on the pod yeah so we haven't had any hop op. I'm probably the oldest person than you've had on the pod problems not just here league obviously looking at around around line. That's why does back ax so many decades. You are the definition of the working actor lee wilco for those listening. Let's start in the theater. He originated the role of seymour in the original legendary three nine hundred eighty two off broadway production of little shop of horrors and also originated the role of samuel bic in stephen. Sondheim's musical nerd favourite assassins his performance. It's in the one thousand nine hundred nine revival of kiss me. Kate garnered him a tony nomination for featured actor in a musical other broadway credits include sweet charity movie version directed by bob fosse. I believe and my index was directed by botha's he wasn't supposed to he was the supervisor but he came after a week of seeing it and the guy that was directing directing the next day was bringing bob coffee in a while nevertheless and any broad gwen verdon on so to work with both of them how we just. I did all that jazz on the pot a few weeks ago. Lee was also in the front page. She loves me. Michael frayn's democracy breakfast at tiffany's the odd couple and most recently waitress yes. There's about fifteen other ones that i'm leaving their citing highlight elect his tv career spans from late seventy s nationally important television efforts like disco beaver from outer space and the tv version of animal house to nineteen eighty s hour long episode ix my favorites like heart-to-heart hunter scarecrow and mrs king perry mason matlock and enrolls in fascinating lee noteworthy series max headroom cop rock and beverly hills bunce a short-lived hillstreet blues spinoff starring a pre andy sipowicz dennis france the also turned in reliably funny and subtle performances alongside amidst comedy heavyweights like jonathan winters madeline kahn and bob newhart his recent tv credits include include era defining shows like high maintenance and the marvelous mrs mazel his film credits people include sidney lumet's final film before the devil knows you're dead howard stern's private parts school of rock this boy's life and the last seduction director john dolls first feature film kill me again and and lee's own directorial debut at true film yes directorial debut no pay nudity which we're going to discuss today and which i described on our pods instagram as both with a love letter to and cautionary tale about the acting life which stars an excellent cast of pro actors including gabriel byrne francis conroy nathan eighth and lane boyd gaines and germy shameless in an excellent turn as a veterinarian. I'm leaving out dozens of credits here. This is just to give you a taste of what lee has been doing in his career freer since nineteen seventy s and apparently managed to be a husband a father and a beloved friend at the same time which in this business is almost or even more impressive than the credits themselves more than that he seems to be one of those guys who everyone loves and respects any seems to have managed to keep his sanity and his sense of humor along the way lee welcome welcome to full cast and crew. Thank you clearly didn't speak to everybody but no we did. We just cut those those out. Do you have some like cantankerous moments where you've had sharp elbows elbows in it would be hard to be in showbiz for fifty years and not have those moments but you do seem to be one of those guys. Everyone is like oh. I love lee will believe it or not. I was probably at my crankiest doing when they asked. What's the favorite thing you've ever done at least on stage. They assume little shop right little shop was often fraught with drama just her summaries unreason and that's probably where my elbows were if they were sharp at all i was i was cranky and do you think that's because it was something new something that maybe hadn't been done before. Just just everyone was young probably because i didn't get enough attention to natural not nature was it was a was a difficult birth right right and i was at sea. It was really my first musical and luckily the assistant director came to my assistance. It was interestingly. It was a howard ashman his assistant. Her name's connie grappo and i called her. I knew i was in trouble. I was on the cusp. They didn't know what to do with me. It was like about a week before we started our first preview and i called her and little. Did i know that howard ashman said to her. I want you to work with him that same day he said. I want you to work work with les privately. I called her and <hes>. We've been married for thirty five years so she took that direction. She was like all right our today. It's a real calling so it wasn't fun. It was fun doing right but it was not fun rehearsing and it was. I almost got into yeah i did. I did a gun onto it. I'm got into a fistfight with the guy that played mr bush nick. He never liked me. May he rest in peace. I we had a gentleman named michael vale. He was the original mr bush nick and he was the dunkin donuts guy from well now time to make the donuts that's right that lie veil that guy he was great right and he was an actor and a real donor guy he was he had some other campaign he he did not need to do the donut guy then or after after ben during and he didn't wanna do only moved to the orpheum so in a new gentleman came on may he rest in peace. His name was high ends. El and hymie came in he was the only one that was new and he was assigned by a howard assigned connie grappo who is that i was living with author 'cause it was several months after we'd close and <hes> to to work with him to put him into the show and the first thing he said there were autumn work with women and that got help his case. I'm gonna change. It never laughed at his jokes and i do this warm up. I still do it and people tell me to shut up. Sometimes he well that yet and i have been doing it for years. I had i had my first first voice teacher in new york. He had me do that for an hour. That's all i do i. I don't know what the hell to do that. Anyhow i hi me. He told me to shut up one time quit doing that and i said it's not half hour yet and he said you little prick and we aren't. We came this close. Oh soi fingers are very close to each other but generally i'm interesting. I'm <hes> cowardly and i don't throw my weight around and grumble probably at home but i'm not a troublemaker really keep my mouth shut so your recipe for success is to marry the assistant directors at the advice you would give a young actor when possible ways whenever i did a show and then it ended with connie i would i would i would get involved with with like the assistant director of the choreographer because i wanted to know the inside dirt interesting with connie. It wasn't that it was connie. I needed help but it's worthwhile u._s. Firing exercises christie's where you're really needing help help and inside dirt. It's the same thing i've been dating people in a position of power on the shows you've been on i mean you don't know that i haven't i mean sure it didn't work out l. Quite as well and kinds of directors. Well not anymore but she wasn't theater. Director was a theater director. When howard stopped directing little shop he directed the the off broadway and los angeles and london and the national tour and then he handed over to connie and she did the national premieres in australia and south africa and canada and maintained like the national tour and then she went to yale drama school par augustan augustina well-known and she directed for several years regionally an off broadway and ran a theatre company and then about seven or eight years ago she started painting and that's what she does has no more show business for her. She's very happy that spent and i can understand it when she did. There was an out of town. I i don't know if you remember about twelve years ago. Little shop premiered on broadway with hunter foster. Alright and connie directed that out of town in in florida which i played mr bush nick in that one and that got very messy. I think that was the sort of enough well she didn't. It took years to stop but that was like in my mind big time. Show business really never had any interest. She liked working off broadway. <music> out of town right and little shop is coming back. I show coming back. You're you're promoting your posting. You're still in the little shop family. Little shop is coming back off broadway. Okay i played the role in florida and i played mr bush nick. We did it at the kennedy center last year which was really fun and they inquired about my interest unavailability and i <hes> yeah you said no well. I was kind of interested but we're going to indian nepal and it would've cut into that i would have had i said i maybe i'll do it but i need these two weeks off to go to indian paul. 'cause that's pretty yeah. That's that's untouchable as incomes like if i got like like like this for example and i said i'm not really available available. They've moved on okay now. I have to say that's probably part of the secret of success and longevity. I don't know if you had that. Skill your whole life saying no saying no. They usually don't say no but this this india thing. I've been wanting to go to india i this is really just to its sacred. Just the way that you were telling that story i could tell that the answer was that as an actor as well until you get a certain amount of success success which you know i feel you have looking at this very impressive career but as as i said before like every job feels like it could be your last to carve out anything that feels like a real life feels almost like you're putting that at risk blaming it feels that way. I'm gonna be like very candid here. I don't work that much anymore. Certainly not as much as i want to and when something comes along even even though i've done it before yeah it's tempting because i still love to work. If i'd never done little shop before i may have thought of a different but i played the role twice and <hes> it's. I like to do things now because they have some meat on the bone and this is a nice role but not given up this trip. You had the great good for you. The reason we wanted to have you on was to talk about your movie. No pay nudity which diving into your career and your life it seems seems plucked from the headlines of your own experience. How much of the movie is drawn from your experience and how much is drawn from the screenwriters experience. Okay and give us give us. A press. Crisis is that the word chris sure press it up. Is it presses like a quick synopsis a summary or abstract text or speech inch there you go up. I believe i was certainly <hes>. I have lulls all the time i had no. I came up with. It's a story with the idea of being in it. Let me backup. I used to walk into the equity lounge where a lot of the movie takes place the equity lounge. It doesn't really exist the way it does. In the film. The equity lounges now called the audition center but for years up until about six years ago five years ago. It was this place ace. Were actors hung out. I used to go there because <hes> leader. I been i live in brooklyn and i'd go there for literally to take a leak and either way station truckstop for actor that's right. I didn't need to go there to audition because i have an agent but but they had open calls they're they're often so i went there and then there was a period of maybe twelve fifteen years where i hadn't been there and i went back and the same people not same type of of people the exact same people were sitting in the line literally for really yes literally a woman with a dog and a guy with the mustache i mean they were the same people because i i'd i i'd like there'd be people that i took in on and i'd go. They're here all the time. They live here so i said this is a cool idea. This might be a movie. It's a little inside he what the hell so i wrote this treatment and i brought it to ethan sandler who admit at williamstown many years ago him and his wife <hes> <hes> she wasn't his wife then kathryn hahn and i said ethan. Let's write this together will direct it co directed and i'm going to be in. I wanna play the lead lead so we wrote it together and then i don't know how much time passed maybe two years we had lunch one day to talk about the idea of directing it if we could ever get it made and i went to myself isn't gonna work out two of us directing. It just didn't feel right and i said ethan year writer. You're gonna get all the screen in credit. I'm going to direct and by that time. I may have decided that i wouldn't if i'm going to direct it couldn't possibly also be the lead and i just just it didn't feel right all right cut to i went and did <hes> the iceman cometh in chicago but six seven years ago and nathan lane was was playing the lead and all we did in chicago. I thought i was going to see chicago and spend my time going out every day and exploring tocado all i did was rest because the shows five hours long and i i open my computer in there was <hes> nope. It was actually called lounge at at the time and i open it up and i kind of polished. It and i'm gonna back up just a little. It was originally written for an actor. The role that nathan ended up playing lang <hes> his name was shaken. It was written for maury maury and i did. I play together in new york but more he had passed away and i said johnathan would you would you eat this if i if i could get this done i would love for you to did you know nathan before this. I know nathan i knew nathan before even moved here. I met met him. I was at college in cincinnati. There was a young lady that was at c._s._m. Who i had this huge crush on. She left school early. She moved to new new york. I chased her here and she was doing a review called jurors. Earth jeers jay z. Go to high schools. They'd go to high schools or my jurors. Musical michael is still something. I can work on. Those notes really soon okay great. It's really solid. There's just a few okay so she's working on jersey. A jersey the musical it's they did sketches and songs about the history of new jersey play at new jersey. This'll chris's ally take this from jersey. Oh you love the right. She said there's this guy i am. Entities like seventeen is named joe lane. He's amazing and i went to see her. Do it and there was this amazing young man. It was nathan so i met nathan in nineteen eighteen seventy two. Why many years ago is that thirty nine something <hes> thirty seven years ago you say so math is that's say that's already been established. No four thirty seven years ago. I met nathan chris ward. Seven and nathan has over the years thrown. I read that he was doing the iceman cometh and i call them up and i said always wanted to do what he said. What role do you wanna play and like like a schmuck said. I wanna play this. One character will the character. After i played <hes> he was asleep for four hours and forty minutes. That's what do you mean you. It's arrest in chicago actually did falsely auto for fifteen minutes anyhow nason. I you'll read it someday literally. He read it that day. This is great. I said wow nathan and likes it. Maybe maybe i can really get this done and he's reading. What is then amaury shaken role. It's not him. I told him it was written for maury up. He was not in he he he thought it was a great role and he's great in it and then i did kickstarter <hes> did did not raise the money which i know because donated to the starter and i had the email saying how much we were trying to raise four fifty we we raised to seventy very ambitious good when we knew we weren't gonna make it <hes> the woman that was helping me run at her husband at the last minute. He said that he was going to give fifty but he knew he didn't have to because they weren't gonna get on that. Journey raised to twenty made it for two sixty now. So how much did you end making it for. We made it for six. Hundred fifty thousand dollars kickstarter was valuable because i met some people on the kickstarter that introduced me to the people that ended up that being the main financiers got and we made it and <hes> they wanted a name of course we needed a name. There were some people that the at one point point alfred molina was interested but his wife became. Ill and i met with kevin kline who was like vacillating then. I got a list of people will assist or the the morning in the lead for the lien gabriel's name was on it and we got it to gabriel who was a little unlikely because he's he's irish when i hear the name lester rosenthal neha gabriel byrne is the first actor and i think you accept it. I mean i i accept that i just you just accept it. That's why he's carrying the dog in the first scene because basically after that you're on his on his right then when the dog dies whose dog was that that was a show biz dog you really i guess show biz have to get like a dog trainer very first shot in the phil. Yes he's warming up forty fifth street and he he crosses on eighth avenue. I have to say that's the one shot that i like devised. Say that i take it must have been very early in the morning. It was supposed to be at five in the morning. Okay and we were waiting for the dog and the dog wasn't there at five children dogwoods uh-huh upstate what's and she was not there and we're calling her to go out with the as soon as i can. The zebra got loose. She had zebra on her whatever her menagerie lose and she didn't get there till seven thirty and i was not happy because it change. It was supposed to be much i i or were you shooting. In the first nine days. We shot in the facsimile fact simile of the lounge that wasn't in the land wow no the lounge didn't along existed really where we rebuilt it. Literally in three days. We found a location down on wall. Also i thought because it feels very real. Madrid did the actors equity bills right and this looked so modern oh they must have just shot in the modern modern. I had this wonderful machi takeuchi. She was a wonderful production designer opponents on the wall or gray decor the chairs yeah it. It was amazing. Inclined would have been good in the boyd gaines role <hes> i love boyd gaines yeah and i thought boy gains. I thought they were all great addition to people because i didn't know any young in <hes> asian men in amanda show at jiong guessing leon and the african american young man. He's grays on element. He's kind of blown coming up since then. Yes and everybody else was friends. A few people had offered it to but they couldn't do it but i got the old man that's kind of the gatekeeper <hes> <hes> j._r. horn. He's passed away. He <hes> he died shortly. After we shot online he was perfect. He was perfect but he was like my fourth choice and joe gra fosse was not supposed to do it was maloney but he couldn't do it. Sorry joe but i know a lot of people because the mole people liked the script and yeah there's a lot of course and you could tell going back to when you talked about how much nathan lane loved it when reading it you can tell in his performance how much he identifies with that much how much he identifies with the themes of it how much he loves that role there is so much comedy but also real feeling that he invests it with that's coming from a very a real place for him and it's it's wonderful amazing. <hes> i'm really proud of it. It was really fun to shoot not not without its tension never with the actors ever and then post production it just went to shit could just went to hell really editing. There were problems with editing and they didn't like the editing day the my money peter and they want me to do a couple things. There's a scene where nathan anthony is kibitzing with the kid and explaining the beat up. That's based loosely. Apparently charles hit somebody very early in his career and didn't work for several years and joe papp hired him to work at the public cloud and i always love that story because i love charley burning and they wanted me to chop that up and yeah yeah and there's a couple of things i say to people if there's anything that you like don't like it wasn't my idea like there's a shot he goes on my going to cincinnati and then i wanted the next shot to be him sitting in the theater but there's a shot of a plane that drove you crazy crazy so those this kind of things and i went a little bunker mentality and it became it became us versus that bought we got it done sure and we got a distributor peter monterey media who just last week the gentleman that owned monterey media i found out he passed away and they sold it to somebody else and i had a conversation sation with them and they're going to try to revitalize again with d._v._d. So it's out there. We didn't make money back but i'm happy to say there's a thing called a waterfall the ordinary yeah you pay people back in the first thing that i was able to do and the only thing i've been able to do so far is to pay my actors their residuals. I'm really happy about that good for you. Let's let's play clip. Okay chris. What do you think is a good introductory clip for the movie. We were talking about the need lane story. That's a good one to start with because you also get so much about his personality nathan contributed some of the dialogue he kind of rewrote. This is mid twenties. Nth necessity must be strong. Improviser must be able to play the guitar. No pay nudity required. I mean god yes. I remember it well. I'm not saying that won't go to the audition i will. It's absolutely will not young man. Listen to me no matter what color you are. They will shit on you. They will do whatever they can to reinforce the idea that you are a worthless be powerless nc of fucking worthless piece of shit without power but they are wrong. You know how much power you had none a ton. They can't make you do shit stove. I you in a good kid up so all right the never do that shit ever seriously man. Why are you always you. It's a long story. I am going away. I made a very strong choice. One momentous apps too strong and i've been here ever since every morning good morning. Go on please. I was in a play twenty two years ago. I know you would to anyway. I was in splendid play in which i was transcendent. Costa was tragically miscast and worse. He was a lazy prick. Terry proctor remember him. You fucked. It's terry proctor was this lazy. Miscast brick's name and he looked like this really elite anyway. He was infuriatingly lazy. Did i mention that and he consistently fucked up this one wonderful moment where he was supposed to be polishing in a pair of shoes will i wax poetic about a recently deceased. Father was a very simple task and he fucked it up every night. No matter how hard we worked he wouldn't change. You wouldn't listen to are directed to me. I really tried to help him but he was a fucker not opening night he did up again during the curtain call it came out and started waving to someone in the audience grinning wildly <hes> snapped and i punched him in a stupid fucking face and the audience gasped fell to the stage aged and then he tried to get out and i hit him again and then the other actors had to pull told me away and the curtain came down and he brought me up on charges it makes the papers and those are very bad thing uh laziness. I cannot abide laziness easiness but we do requires rigor concentration total dedication. Nothing less you remember that last time i worked damn what makes nathan lane so fucking good. Can you quantify why in the movie populated by other people who are very good at acting nathan in lane has something extra additional to me when i watch him. I don't think it can be but it's a thing it's a thing and i don't think it can be <hes> described is it skill is it innate personality advocates in eight. I think it's great i mean i think it's certainly that doesn't come from just he works on it but it's just ie's very complicated man. I know him a long time. I just think he he just has the gift the gift that inexplicable and yet at the same time. It's not something totally raw as you said i'm sure he works on it. <hes> and this is one of the reasons why the scene gene so much besides the whole punching out the idea that acting takes rigor and concentration and that that it is something other than just standing there and either looking good or juice. It's a profession profession. That's looked down upon a lot of ways or at least not taken very seriously so i think that the only by directors there at hand the general over the years that i want to remind you how hard they worked or talked about it or write the show you while they're doing it hard. They work but i was younger. I remember we get high and talk about acting and done that for years enough. It gets ingrained like he's comfortable. Nathan that i have ever had that conversation never occurred to me. I take it for granted with him and what's nathan's look based. Don here. Look is based on even though i've never watched. An episode is his name george martin yes short shorts doing george. Martin chris called. That's i just like the way the guy look. Can i said blood stress. I'm like that. I had never seen him. I didn't know too much about trying to make this quick quick. I got a two hour version of this story but sister of mine who really liked autograph books she can you my favorite george martin's going to do a signing. Can you go and it's like okay. We'll take five minutes whatever ever and i was happy going by the barnes and noble and saw that there was like a huge line. Oh gosh turns out to get in line ended up being there all day. Not knowing who this guy was is in order to finally get this autograph this creed gio thi this is in the midst of season wild and so when he did his talk talk about it was funny because he was like we have some people cool that have only know it. From the books. People only know from the show somebody you might be part way through the show or the book so try to keep all questions spoiler free so then the whole q. and a. was a nightmare because everybody not only in rat but nobody wanted to add to that guy he does it ends a lot of the whole barnes on union square multiple floors with people lined up all the way up and then finally when he was coming up you hear from the third floor you start hearing people chanting and screaming that king of the north oh my gosh here's this guy is coming up and then on the escalator is coming up and you hear those salaries and then the fishermen like gum drop of a man in the morgan mundy's suspenders and that greek fisherman's cap and the beard and like mainly cloudy a belt. Are you know a few inches above the belly and i was like this is this is when all of these people were waiting for and then he spoke and he was wonderful i don. I haven't read his pro so i don't know how good an actual writer he is but certainly his ideas that he said he was incorporating in the way he talks about people on storytelling was beautiful. I don't watch the show i just saw a picture of him and i'd worked a couple times and we got along great with an roth <hes> the the costume designer and she agreed to be the cost of designer on the film which was like a mazing and then the day. I went to her office to start talking about designs. She said <hes> i'm handing this over to one of my associates in the office office but she did dress nathan and gabriel and <hes> they agreed and i was involved in the fat suit but the fat that's it was expensive nathan's in a fat suit and i was told he paid for it and then we'd pay him back but wow it never we never did and he but he's in a fat suit but he based on that guy yeah insurance because i saw a picture of it. I love that you're confident enough to go with the choice. That's what he looks like base medium yeah. I'm not sure that's the hat he's wearing but i bought a greek fishermen cap like a year before we even had the money i just had it ready to knowing and and and i think i gave it to him but i don't think that's the hat he's wearing right now. He's great in it. Full cast and crew is brought to you by out of jack's smile a new comedy short video series from jackpot nick co writer and director of the sony pictures feature film space station seventy six and current recurring guest on grace and franky and sea nation out of jack's mind like follow at chuck comedy on facebook or chocolate dot com chocolate chocolate original comedy delivered daily we do alternative casting and chris had a couple of interesting notes from this movie when you can tell us whether these are true or not i had read. There was an article in the hollywood reporter when you were talking about the kickstarter and i think think at that time this is before gabriel byrne. I think you're saying the ted levine ted levine even remember how it happened. Ted levine ed levine for listeners from silence of the lambs among you can listen to silence of the lambs episode wherever you get podcasts. I listened to that one. Oh that's great. I love one. He listened to matz. It's the top of the form asia you get a lot of the same same same stuff. Humana charlton is but you're i get. Did you not uh-huh tat. Oh i didn't know him. I don't remember why i reached out to him but he did. You see the kickstarter video. We did a video. Our really funny video because ted is he's in the video. The video is head. I did nathan remotely and it doesn't really integrate well. I had had laurie metcalf in film grade. She had to drop out but i got frantic. She would have been francis conroy. Who's great idea was they were were doing the pitch to raise money for the kickstarter so ted was going to be the gabriel byrne character yeah and ted who was serving. It's tricky. I didn't know him. I don't remember why asked them to do it but he agreed to do it and then people said to me he's. He's a great actor actor but you're lucky because he's not very funny <hes> so i. Why would you be lucky because this a couple times where gabriel's funny yeah uh-huh. Why are you lucky if two oh you mean you're lucky that he ended up not doing it all. I see what you're saying yeah. Even though i'm sure he would have been great. If you're listening to this ted you'd have been great <hes> look if you made silence of the lambs. You'd be a little weighted down the thick with but he was he was <hes> he was. He was scary but you know interestingly. Thinly jodie foster tells the story that of all the people on the set when they were making the movie he was the kindest warmest to her. She was sort of adrift on this crazy set and he was nothing at all like his character and he would be humorous. I got to know him. We did that one day and i think it was so vague what we were doing the video breath and everybody was a little off their feet aren't they were the most uncomfortable moments when you kind of get the sense someone trying to marshal everything together. There's a bit collective disease or unease. That's beginning to emanate from your own project and you're wondering if this is it is going to it's going to stay like it's going to art or is it going for ray in directing actors. I my my confidence was a little shake well. I did want to ask you to start with a feature film. That's pretty ambitious. Yeah i mean maybe some shorts lay or assured. Never directed a play you familiar with the fifty second street three projects sheriff worked at the fifty second street project and that's all i ever directed so fifty seconds for project for the listeners is a project whereby incredibly talented broadway actors directors <music> and writers come together and work with underprivileged children to bring their stories to lane and adult actress do the place just i had. I have a feeling i could do it. I'd been on enough films and i surrounded myself with with the exception of a few people that were unbelievably skilled uh-huh and it worked out and on top of it. You know obviously speaks to you like you would say in this same story. I came up with the story of no pay nudity during dark period four or five years ago. I think it's safe to say i was struggling with not only working very much but coming to grips that certain dreams had not likely to come to fruition and my definition of success success as an actor had to be reassessed today in the last few years. I've made peace with a lot of these issues but i'm still an actor who wants to work and still find myself with certain fantasies of my youthful dreams i had how does a young actor being fulfilled. I found that a very interesting quote because you know as i said before i it's you have an enviable career and to think that there's still some <unk> dissatisfaction but all of these things the love of acting but frustration with the career elements there's so much in there that is so true to you that that comes out and i would think that any director director is going to do a great job if they know and care about what they're saying and it shines through in like in in i appreciate of did it was important to me if i'm gonna do it for the first time to do it about something that i really know right and i have another project that i that i would love to make it's about when i was fifteen. I mean i know now as well as i know this. It's another semi autobiographical film so i'm not going to direct the i have no aspirations to direct the star wars although if they offered it to me yeah you wouldn't have to come up the struggles struggles about the career that never goes away never goes away but along the same lines the beginning of the scene that we just played with what nathan's character saying about having no power and this perception in that actors have of themselves as having our perception which as directors but also the rest of the world really does go out of its way to reinforce. You didn't make a fantasy like it's is not <hes> gimblett. I'd about the profession but it's it's able to be loving in that way and recognize how frustrating that is while still acknowledging the amount of rigor that it takes. I look at that scene though and i go he's telling kid the beginning of his career not addition for something i look at it. I go oh is that. Is that a good message while he's telling him to stay pure to something to not do shed because you're not to not assume that you do have power it to have some out of standard for yourself. I think it is and that's why i i love the title. I think it's such a funny title. The idea of like the kid reads the things like oh. This part speaks nice to me. I'll do it for no pay and i'll show dick. That's very different than i'm just gonna. Go to every audition because i need to do something and it's desperation because it's about valuing being yourself and valuing the art and that's because i've already talked too much but one more thing that i thought was a wonderful <hes> observation. That's made here's in herschel voiceover specifically talking about out gabriel byrne's len right. It's a if anyone can remember her man lester lester but he goes lower lesser lawrence lawrence leicester's time in l._a. And he's talking specifically about him getting written off the soap opera and then thinking about it as a career in sort sort of the seat of bitterness that becomes planted at that point it was when they killed them off from that fucking soap opera that things went kaput it was all going doing well up to them and then they killed them off and never told him why he was out of work and that made him scare. Why did they kill me. Leon why why and then he worked less and then and only then he started using the word career career like rear a bad sign that that makes him fear therefore he works which of course then feeds on itself in such a way that we then have this borderline bittered guys the beginning who becomes super embittered by the time his friend in quotes gets apart our friends to me their friend. I guess i only put it in big clusters very ungenerous throughout the whole thing and i think the whole arc of the movie is about his ability to become more generous by losing your hit of bitterness in the center a great cameo from loudon wainwright the third <hes> <hes> do i thought did such a great job of embodying the savior for leicester but then at the end kind of also not that he puts the knife in the back of basically he has a stage reading reading and it's a great opportunity for leicester unless it does pretty well but his co-star does even better and then in a phone call which i think is a great device key is still leicester's buddy <music> but he's delivering the news that they want a name like you said the financial backers of the movie themselves wanted to name right and he's kind of like yeah man fuck them. You know maybe we'll committee will change the he's going onto the next stage of success. Let's getting left behind and he's kind of blindly or willfully unaware of what he's doing to leicester in the moment yeah yeah loudon wainwright or read his book recent. If you read the book that he wrote a book you gotta very self lacerating tone like he is not putting himself up on a pedestal salat. All his book tells a lot of stories against themselves that are not hope dr whole areas lee wounding and sad and he's someone is pretty honest about having lived a life in pursuit of fame and success in all the cash prizes that go with that at the expense of the other aspects of life and he did a great turn in this movie with. I think a lot of that stuff going going on inside of him. I had called him very early. I know him peripherally of close friends with my old old friend. Daniel stern the actor and i wanted him to do the soundtrack interesting and then my change my mind like there'd be songs with words and stuff on. Maybe a few oh okay. I had a composer and i also had any song in the film. Might my main financier owned a record label up until about six months ago he he just sold it. It was called razor and tie sure you know razor and <hes> kids bop. He owned that wow cliff chen feld. When you own kids bob you can have your boutique indie razor and tie label to do all the bands. You really are interested in finance. You can find a movie. This is a uh more power to a couple of his artists are so he just sold the company that means he can finance your next film. He's not going to finance my next. Well don't say never i would. I now i can't it's. It's a romani delay. Here's this you know what a jerk six. Hundred eighty thousand dollars turned out to be a mench. He's immensely is a match and he lost money but but that's what you do when his ring when you finance an independent feature that's what you do when you invest in broadway. I mean for crying out loud people. What do you want your money back. You got to be a part of a movie. That's the trade off but loud over the years we'd go see his shows like at the winery and i met him and i knew he acted and i want him to it and the character is loosely loosely based on stephen sondheim saying he he's not portraying him but would've very successful what the most success i was so loosely and i had to tell loud and he's not really an actor not really bunnies. He's had a warning and i had to tell them. Just you don't have to talk so loud i otherwise he was he was great. Probably the hand that well though tell me how loud to talk mr talk as loud as i need. Thanks listen as an aside this loudon wainwright the third moment the you're the father of a daughter. I'm the father of daughter. Loudon has a brilliant song. I don't know the title of it because that's my daughter in the water. Oh yeah that's my daughter. You're in the water thinks she owns everything. That's smile everything. She knows i taught him and i thought you were going to mention rufus a tit man. Do you know that i know that one yeah. That's a good one. That's that's when rufus his son. Rufus wainwright was infants. He liked to nurse about yeah. No it's the reference. I'm getting all the the double the the trip. All the entendre yeah who is the other is that we say that guy for those actors that you recognize from atv or the first show that gabriel byrne's character goes through where he's just so unimpressed at what's going on which i mentioned chris the other day the show scenes joe higgins joel higgins the acting scenes the plays are so fucking brilliant and so chris from my heart as a you know spending ten years going to williamstown theater festival you can see a lot of theater which can vary they can all be winners and just the quick little hits of the way you indicated what is going on stage. I thought we're fucking hilarious yeah with someone. That's like no no no okay dad like just. We've all seen that play. We've all spent. Two hours was in forty minutes in our seat at that play joel higgins. Where do i know him from well silver spoons. That's what it was. He was the data on silver spoons and jaw. You're all i've known him so we we the crowd that iran ah around with when i was in los angeles i met joel he was part of that the crap and then i did the music man with him at the muny and we've and we've kept in touch all these years. He's great in that off. Gabriel byrne's attempt to he's. He's not really trying very hard to complement the performance which is another great thing about this performing as he said it's a little bit inside baseball. A great thing about that scene is the delegate line of he wants wants to be competently the phillies host supposed to but he also he also feels like there's some more vanity of like but i'm going to be obviously you you were. You were yeah yeah. There's you're in it. There's a lot going on in that direction and the very fact that the jokes that he picks up on it yes rosenthal. Oh man how are ya ya it. What's been up to this guy and i we go back for ever. We did talk talk in one thousand nine hundred eighty s to how shit oh this is darrel. Hey i'm going to catch up so we've been doing lately. Well ooh little this back. You know we say show you wonderful. When courageous work you saw my show aw we saw it and it was just while that play i mean it was and you and you were just there and you were reading and living in a scrape su- such a boss move. I just had an opportunity to make up for a bad post post show behavior. I literally like twenty five years later. I i went to see one of the very first previews of into the woods the production my friend was in it. He played the baker chip zion and went backstage and i i didn't like it. I wasn't really listening okay. I was not listening well and it was in rough shape but that's beside the point. I went and i was your honest well to him. I i was honest but james aims lupine came to say hello to him his dressing room the man that wrote it and directed it and i couldn't work up anything and james levine never saw me for anything. Oh aw he's never seen me for anything and i attribute it to that. I've you know you're my spirit animal now. This is what i struggle. I find it so hard to be complimentary implementary towards someone or something that did not earn the compliment unless it's my child seven high bar okay well. I did into the woods little less than a month ago. At townhall. We needed a concert of it. It was to benefit some organization. The cleveland music institute and it was all ohio actor was just one night only and i was in it was james bond there. He came to see it. I heard what you did not see. Twenty-five five years later i've learned to listen and i was going through the situation with a personal stuff and it's all about parents and their children and i was really i was listening to really hit me really hard and i saw the value and how beautiful it is and i i wrote a note. I said i heard you were there. No i didn't tell him i was that i knew he was there. I just wrote him. I said i got a chance to be in your musical. <hes> knowing that he was there was kind kind of pathetic. I know i think that's the right way to go and i said james i just want you to know that <hes> saw it so many years ago and i just was not a good listener but i got the chance to do it and it's it's quite beautiful but i made up for for. That's gonna going in for something right after we weren't aftermath. Try the james's seeing him downstairs. That's not why i wrote him but if it if it works that way because there's so much better friends remembers this all these years later that's so i bet you i bet my does really pathetic the way i behaved i think it's i i actually worked with young actors. I don't don't know once in a while. I give they ask for a little bit of advice and i say it is incumbent upon you with your colleagues. Do you gotta find something positive to say you. You have to you know when we were in a fraternity. We have to support each other right and i regret that i agree with you a hundred percent because if if nothing else even if the work work you don't care for somebody did somebody tried very hard spot off. I will say i have seen performances or things that is like you not work on you. The things that i thought you know ninety nine point nine percent of the time people are trying their hardest and they will look back later and becca boy. I wish i had done this but let them come to that themselves. Going back to leicester's dealing with the dad from hoon's like you don't get any points by thinking you are a superior by shitting on the work that somebody just did you not out and he's also lester is very obviously not listening in both of the plays that he goes to no he's. He's not even looking at the stage now. He's he's so in his own head. Yarn i in this yeah something along those lines yeah he's he's. I don't admire him a lot of the film. He grows a little. I wanted more. I guess this is a good column into the film. After he makes the turn he goes to cincinnati dayton dayton and he's the fool in some shakespeare shakespeare era truest and that's where he's helpful to his colleagues again. He's having fun on stage at that point. I was ready for more. I wanted him to go back and make peace with all. I wanted to see that right. Did you shoot more of him. Post the turn because i would have watched another twenty minutes of his return to his life. We just didn't have an ending. I mean i don't know if you noticed but the ending is a montage not a good way to end the film so you mean on talking talking about going into it. How are we going to end this. We'll figure that out. Later was a almost that i wanted hard to add <hes> i actually went back and did a few shots like lester with the dog and less than walking down the street with donna murphy and clearly they're seen each other. I wanted to write a scene with lester and boyd yeah <hes> having a a reproche mall and boyd actually saying they cut everything i did that would radio. We didn't have the money yeah. Nobody would go for it well. I wanted to do what you just yet suggested and we. I don't know why we just kind of let the ending kind of just like now. It's there you do it in. The turn is definitely made you see that like everything that is in the montage does show that there's yeah there's growth. Thank thank you for a moment because i'm watching the scene between leicester and his daughter and i'm thinking oh this is interesting choice this actresses making i mean it's just she's basically basically doing a laurie metcalf impersonation and so then when i'm googling. I'm like oh she's louima. Come dawn. Lawrie really grady's brady's great zoe perry zoe perry and her dad's jeff perry the actor jeff perry jeff perry. You know it was on scandal. I never watched it but nobody the step in wolfer. They were married to each other charles. Married and malcolm grow stopdown hold up jeff. Perry was on the greatest single season television series of all time. Oh what was that he's getting to it. I think he was mr kaczynski on my so called life that yeah tell me you guys. We watched one season chris. It was on only one zero unreason. Was that joe j. Jared jared leto was jordan catalano and huda jeff perry play. He played mr kaczynski. He was a teacher at the school he was brilliant in this series and in the colombo cinematic universe cinematic universe why and he also was in a columbo episode in one thousand nine hundred nine called murder smoke and shadows li. If there's one thing i could complain about your career no column on our out. Please tell let me at least went out for a colombo. You're in that world. Maybe we can transition to some t._v. Work the hour long procedural years where colombo on nineteen teen literally they ryan have peter fox were very close. I think that's that forever never went out for one. I'm <unk>. It's not like i remember every audition i've ever had because it's been you would remember on it up and muslim men get but i would remember colombo. No full cast and crew is brought to you by behemoth from monkey brain comics behemoth is the dirty dozen meets the fly with little spiderman thrown in kids are turning into monsters and the government steps in to keep things quiet. Some are never heard from again but others are forced on suicide missions on behalf of a world that hates hates them as part of project behemoth. Find it on monkey brain comics dot com or call today. Let's talk a little bit about some of your t._v. V work okeydoke. I'm going to start by just playing a brief little clip here from the introduction since we've done national lampoon's vacation on the pod were we're interested in the land poon. We've talked about it a bunch and this i was i'd never heard of this which i guess is one of their early television specials done for h._b._o. Commit <hes>. I don't know this big wooden space ship or something landed and then this beaver got out of it yeah lever the curious grabbed appears suddenly in the thermal inversion above large looking city. It's only passenger her beaver from beyond the stars guided. Perhaps by the unseen for destiny beavers cleft has floated for eons from galaxy to galaxy coming arrested last on the fragile surface of this green watery planet in a little known corner of the universe is the viva's mission. Why as been brought here we go see ah i love that song by the way disco beaver from outer space. It's one of your cast members wrote that song. I think allie platon she's gone now at a sang get. I didn't know she wrote it and her husband josh white yeah it'd be ever heard of the joshua light. Show yes no if you go to the fillmore east which i never did 'cause i wasn't living here then but there it was a light show and it was very psychedelic light show okay and josh kind of invented it. I remember her from doing one of the boys and you could probably even watch sure joshua light show the kind of the effect that it made and like tie dye and paint the it's hard to describe but the way this happened undisclosed <unk> from outer space. I was in a show. I had done a few things here in new york. I got cast in a show called the present tense it was a sketch show and then we would improvise sketches and then a play right by the name of jeffrey sweet would rewrite them and they would be the sketches and also there were musical numbers. Some of the contributors abusers who alan menken weekly chain because this show we did it for about a month most interesting thing about it at least to my mind is that it was produced by a man dan name roger ailes. Yes roger wanted to be my manager really roger roger atv roger ailes. Here's what roger was doing at that time. It was mayor loyal nineteen seventy third street right off the park central park west. It's right behind the dakota okay. It's a big building in it they did. I'm sure they don't now nice amenities for the insurer now. It's a two bedroom so we we had done like a workshop of it. Roger was a producer roger was at that time primarily but he did the mike douglas show for years and he was working with politicians and make an helping them get media savvy and one of the guys that worked for him was steve rosenfeld and he directed the present tense and roger produced reduced. It and roger wanted to be my manager and we friendly. Did you have a manager at the time. He wanted to be a german agent. I got an agent by being in in this show this show it puts you on them out me on the map. I the review in the new york times. I got six paragraphs six. Yes i do remember this and i got an on agent and i got allow tension in norman lear came to see it. Norman lear flew me out west and that's what i always wanted to do and that's why moved out there. The show closed abruptly got an an o._b. I got a drama desk nomination. One of the things i did was sing that song that i mentioned to you addressed as a hostage ju- singing this kind of pathetic song called possum pie and i did another scene where i went blind norman lear stand up and pay attention. I was on a blind date with a young woman and i put a pinas genus on my nose and i had a little puppet and i just went hi. Hi hi sorry. This is how you got. The party is and why did i mention this because it away so norman lear had a show. I don't even remember the name of it. He flew me out. They do audition and it didn't work out. It was all in the family and he saw the hasidic thing and he was like i was going to be perfect but we were talking about the national lampoon so between the kind of off broadway production of the present tense and the final off broadway rodgers was having trouble raising the money and i i in the interim auditioned for the national lampoon show which had been performing down at the village gate for years they were doing a national tour right and i got cast in the meatloaf was doing it and i got cast in meatloaf sparked he'd been doing in new york and i got cast in it and that's where i met the people what he meatloaf then yes and i got cast in his part and that's where i met matty simmons young ran national lampoon and he liked me and the present tense happened and i didn't do the national lampoon national tour but he put me in this go here from outer space. Put me in delta delta so delta house was the tv spinoff of animal house. You play einstein. Let's play a clip. It was so over the top that the network after like the third episode came to who i think matty and they went gotta tone. This kid down down amongst over acting on a mate for the i was why i it was kinda. Talking like this and acting like it was so nerdy that it was it was like a martian. It wasn't like human we way too much fun. I'm sure cloudy here need to poly sci paper supposed to be tomorrow morning long medium idiom or short pages okay. I have here a twelve pager on the treaty of abreast hosts out of the university of michigan nineteen sixty. It's only been used twice and never at favor guaranteed a b. plus for seventeen fifty theft. I deliver a tight with your name on it. We'll take it can't you. It's party time there. You have it in many ways. The prototypical typical lee will cough guest player role which you would then do on innumerable t._v. Shows always playing some variant of sort of the doctor the scientists that tech guy the guy's gonna explain some very complicated business the nerd most of the time walk into a room and drop some. I did that in an episode of heart to heart love tarzan robert wagner took to me. I was only supposed to guest on that and i think i ended up doing like fourteen to them and would have continued to do more but little shop came along our tires before little shot. I was cast in it about nineteen. Eighty eighty one niche mich- and i left to do hard sues you yup. You played stanley freese in hard part. That is what you call him and bobby be or rob r._j. R._j. All these are j. Whenever may she rest in peace natalie would come. He would say your girlfriend's here and he would bring me dressing room and we would sit across from each other and you would just i would just you all apart. No i wouldn't even talk. I wouldn't know what what to say. It was so i'm with natalie wood wishy nice she she was a doll. They're both night. She was very shy he was. They were great. Stephanie powers didn't like me really oh. She's so fun on the show she didn't. She didn't go for me. She probably wanted the comic relief to herself could figure it out or maybe she didn't like because r._j. Like thank you and i think i mean she was she was not he was so warm to making an. I loved whenever i could. I would spend all my time like at the feet of lionel stander. He's lionel stander. I mean the first actor to be blacklisted. He's it's just just was just. I was like heaven just just being in his presence in here's a little of your highlights. This is this is your life -ly. This is a little highlights highlights of you as stanley freese in on heart heart yes mr heart. Staling freemason wanted to see me hanley freezing. Yes i did well. What can i do for you. You you name it. You got it. Whatever you say whatever it is whatever you liked. Would you like mister heart. Fever cheers is going over this in your way. I guess they weren't a big enough fan to let you have your lines comparable that they made of all your moments. Let's say you're getting very good jazz tickets from yes that's right. I'm gonna jazz and say this is a white man dancing with the stephanie powers. No it was her first tv show. We'll figure out her name. Amy madigan emmanuelli really her first her first tv show. I can't tell whether putting the theme from cheers over this is a compliment to you <hes> <hes> because they love you so much. They just want to like see you not hear you. I don't know it's very strange. Choice everybody in your name so you're in l._a. At this time i moved to l. a. Right after the present tense disclosed <hes> i had an uncle that lived in ventura and he had a deli in oxnard and i worked at the delhi by day and i would drive into town how it was called our gang deli but it was called a deli but it was a license that officially from the little rascals were you in violation as adelie knowing on cole who i love the statute of limitations for infringement increase. I don't think uncle pete license. You use the our argonne characters. No had the font. I think it did happen to have we sandwich. I don't think the sandwiches were and there was like two jews in oxnard so you and your uncle sixty miles having sixty miles audition in at night and he'd give me the day off. If i had an audition wow and i gave myself six months and nothing happened and right before i was gonna leave i did the gong show which unfortunately really we couldn't find a clip on on that doesn't well it. Does exist can not not that episode well. I think you can buy oh maybe a d._v._d. Of the complete gong show but we didn't go that extra mile. What did you do on the gong unit very -fensive character. If i recall i had done this character in the present. Tense elvis had just died right and we came up with. I play the banjo. I had written. This song. Apropos of nothing called possum pie is going to be the next elvis on the gong show no in ladies and gentlemen. We've just lost elvis but someone is here to take his yeah to fill his his cut off his head. Marsha morrison walks out things on the banjo possum pie so i decided i'd sing it on the gong show and it has some some lyrics lyrics which today would perhaps be less than politically correct and it's sure and my god gong j. p. morgan course made some <hes> even more double entendre drea response to my double entendre and then then i tell the story that happened the next day but i know it happened within the next week. I got got offered it can't have you can't do this anymore. Because of the nature of the business because you have to go to the network and you have to sign things i got offered to pilots on the same day i i wanted them was that you would audition for privy addition. Previously one of them was for norman lear was called apple pie and i took the dramatic show called webb w. w. e. base the woman that produced <hes> they said was the prototype for faye dunaway in network. Her name was lynn boland oakland and she was a network executive. It was her answer to the kind of horrible person that they dunaway was in network but she was so oh antipathetic it was played by this actress named pamela bellwood who i think went on to do dynasty and i played the head of research named harvey perlstein face loosely. They claimed on fred silverman <hes> who was running n._b._c. time. I don't know why put it on the air because my understanding was he loathed it. He loathed that. I remember we'd day there was a big n._b._c. Party and i went up and tried to speak to him and <hes> ah probably the biggest blow off i've ever gotten in my life so nine hundred opera about pamela bellwood head of special events programming at transatlantic broadcasting company a t._v. Network jack kylie's they had a programming gus dunlap head of the news. Dan castillo is the sales chief walter. Matthews is the head of operations and harvey perlstein is the research head lots backstabbing amongst this group characters and the actors were richard base heart. He was the head of the news department and guy name alex cord award and andrew prime. These were like they played a lot of cowboy roles. Yeah and web was the first show zam or w. E. w. w. e. b. How did the norman lear apple pie ever go to series. It went to series we were the first show cancelled that season and apple pie was cancelled the next apple pie with room mcclanahan dabney coleman. I didn't know who they were and i- i fancied myself a serious act of course and <hes> <hes>. Did you see what stanley freezing did harvey. Perlstein didn't do much. I am lebel. Would i have seen with her and she went to lynn. Bolan and lynn boland rowland said he doesn't know how to act. I really i'm going to say this. I had no idea what i was doing. As i didn't know what the hell i was doing and i was not particularly. Well trained. Luckily ahead a little kernel of ability. I really was not prepared. I thought i was going to be a sitcom guy. If i do anything this is what they'll do with. I have a lot of people the neurotic people have some idea of what they're like if they're going to be a star where it's going to happen right and i thought it's probably going to be in sitcoms. I think did like three of them and i always it was never enough time and they need a lot of her soul. It just didn't work. It didn't work out that way. It's fine. It's funny because watching you in some great sitcoms like newhart yeah. Where are you played elliott gabler the literary agent i was his age. It has an effortless feel. You seem on the screen to just be completely at ease amidst among everyone. I was not a real carry. It's funny saying this but i was not really teams like the apple pie. One actually was a sitcom for the nonsense ause talk about a fear of flying created as as you had mentioned this birdie persona that was fashionable for a while and that went out of fashion pretty quickly but i played a lot of those kinds of roles but made real characters out of them. I was talking to jason yesterday about how having watched that episode of hunter. Yes where you come in as i mean it's a good show. There was a clip of me yeah yeah. We're gonna play it. Oh i had never seen fred dryer and stephanie cramer. Do you know how she spelled her name s. t. e. p. f. a. n. really anyway. She's she's insane. She's the team is you're seeing the one thing i remember i think i'm smoking and chewing gum coffee which ruins both the coffee and the gum as you delivering exposition and it makes the characters so alive and so much more than just this position dump that potentially could have been a lot out of the business that jen's a little extra to it so you won't be acting. Maybe it becomes the character gives it some distinctive and feels like oh. This is a real person. I didn't play elliott gabler here on your coffee. Help you satisfied. You just drove them out of the room surprise. You did want to share credit for that. Sometimes i wonder if my aunt lillian didn't have the right idea of ah dick great to see. Why aren't you writing elliot. What what what are you doing here. The publisher wants pillow talk now so i came out to get you you you didn't have to do this. You're my client. I'm involved. I care and this way. I can write off my ski weekend so hand over that little monster. They can't my collaborator and i are having some artistic differences. Oh god well now. What are we gonna do. Elliott joanna high will will work it out. She just wants to make a few changes and i'd rather die. I dick you're obviously too emotionally involved. What you need is a disinterested third party to read that book and then make a final decision volunteering. It should get this over with it. I don't think you wanna go along with it. The best i can do is talk to her all right. Do what you have to but if you have any problems just remember. I care care. I'm involved lake slopes there you go. I thought you're great. You're going toe to toe with eight comedy legend agenda great deliverer of lines and you are in the scene with him and it's seamless to me. I mean i'm not saying it's the highest of art art but i'm saying bob newhart and i think you are you are in that scene with him in a great way i appreciate that i think i may have mentioned to you got back to me. He didn't in want me to be on the show anymore. That's how you know you were good. Yes that's right. You don't want to share the good see. I always thought he didn't think i was funny. Little scene where i came in the shoes. That's the only thing i remember. I have no but i do remember remember this. It's a suit that i think they wear when they downhill. You are george the why don't you show the guys how to play monopoly sure thing. It looks nice paint job that one is always stuck in my thing because because i thought i was going to do a lot to do i was happy to be in his presence really he's. He's incredible boy. We've got a chance to work with a lot of comedic great. Madeline kahn was another one rebel madeline jonathan winters and madeleine. I had no memory of what i did on it but i have memory of her special or is it was a series. I think it really just did an episode and episode. Can i the biggest the biggest crush on her. I mean she was just she is brilliant to divide and sweet and and i remember she asked me if i had a girlfriend. Lee and i think it was married. What year was that. I think there was married. I i was with connie. It was by nineteen. We had a little league flirtation sure and that was special to me while you're looking up your notes on whether you were romantically intimately involved with your own wife or not meddle in wayne craves excitement in her mundane life leading her to try every fad dragging her friend doors along or husband charlie a romance novelist watching watching things unfold with his buddy robert whose doors x one season and out yeah but i was that was thrilling. I worked on. I don't even is it listed. The show was canceled the day. I was working. We never shot at it was called chicken soup and it was <hes> jackie mason a we mentioned hunter which i love this is another role for you like you do this exposition in the scenes and this one is quite a lot of exposition. Yes a lot of words. There's no. It's just it's. I'm sort of like this. I mean you have a lab coat. You have allowed to assume oh. You're a doctor some kind. I think they call. He called me doc. Do remember him and he was. He was very nice guy. You're right hundred there is something about that last last phone message from the hague really correct. It's about eleven thirty a._m. Listen maybe at the corner of east. It's brooke and delano an empty lot there. You'll be real pleased by watch how lilo message blaze up. Hey this is the rat put on quite a show really boy well. We're all real pleased by to see how you got your highest spikes on the words you'd give the most stressed dressed to the first word in a sentence important words punchline eleven a._m. Calculator lilo oh now now watch the very last message. Hey really it's about eleven thirty. Am listen meet me at the corner of east brook orlando. Almost all the words spike hi so what you're saying is that the last message was not the rats voice. It was imposters. No no no it's the rats voice all right but he never said those words in that order really a threat about eleven thirty. Am listen meet me at the corner of easterbrook brooke delano epilogue. There will be real pleased by now. Did you hear those clicks. I re recorded the message and pushed up the volume now. Those clicks are what edit sounds sounds like it seems like someone was taping the rats voice and took the words out of context edit them into a new message which was played over the phone and into willie's answering machine that that would account for both the excessive stress on so many words and the absence of background music borrow this machine duck hunter your reputation breakable objects. Harping gum chewing is really disturbing. It's like i'm eating a piece lisa steak hunters. A good show fred dryer great charisma never want really wasn't an actor. He just couldn't have been nicer guy. <hes> he was <hes> it was between him and ted danson for <hes> for cheers oh yeah and another and he seemed to be like a guy. He didn't give a shit but he gave take it too serious now. He didn't take himself serious after a successful professional sports career. He's like this is what you guys get all upset about. Who is actually hitting. I think this is great and he was a cop constructively shell. The concept of the show is who are very innovative at the time was a cop who breaks all the rules never saw that before yeah he keeps breaking stuff and getting sort of flustered with due process cast and crew was brought to you by two different guys on a bench approach a new comedy series from american vandal star ryan o'flanagan two different guys on a bench where ryan talks to ryan on the bench. We leapt comedy simple folks. Two different guys on a bench videos can be found now on facebook at chocolate comedy like and follow chuckle for the latest and greatest short form comedy. The videos juggler original comedy delivered daily. Let's get to something good while i was gonna ask about. You've been both the single episode player. You've also have been regular on quite a few shows. Can you talk about the difference in the mindset when you're aghast. We are a foster child. Okay some shows. You're an unwanted foster. Child is just like they leave you. Some shows your embraced but i understand it. It's not easy being a guest being regular. It's a nice feeling you're part part of the family. You know everybody's name for me. My greatest experiences at least in in the theater are the dressing room. You know <hes> the cast and being regular is always <hes> ferry. I always felt so comfortable coming on and guesting. I always spell off balance. Yeah especially on these shows that have been on here for the last thing that i really guest on maize maize. They were very nice jason. I loved what i got to do that. One was i was lonely but so what i mean i like what i wanna do is being a regular on. This series is really fun when you're talking about being a regular series what about doing a film. We have a more substantial role. Does that have a similar sort of comfort feel yes and even though it's for too often but a couple of films was a film called chattahoochee. I was down in south carolina for a month. That was great and do you like the vagabond existence or is it hard to be away not because it hasn't happened that often. The only time i really have been away from my family doc was i went off and did wicked for nine months and then seven months and that was to pay for junior and senior year of college but i didn't make i never made it like a concerted decision not to be way of national. Tours didn't come up that films. I always loved going going on location. I got to go to bulgaria to do this. Film copland grey zone which is still mutt my most kind of proud and special moment directed by tim blake like nelson tim's use me in three of his films and i just did a play that he wrote at the public i did this play called socrates so tim's been very interesting. I think phil really wonderful to me and really a wonderful man and an interesting film director but i love going on location to when you end up with something like ally mcbeal. You're living in l. a. at the time no we left l._a. In ninety two shot that in l._a. didn't they david kelly liked me from something and and brought me out and started using me and then we had a little weird little falling out you and david kelly. I'm not a not charles was at the same time alley mcbeal was on. He did this little thing. It was like a clip show called alley and they wanted to use a clip from ally mcbeal on allie of me and my agent at the time demanded the be paid certain amount of money <hes> and and david kelly was reported to me said i don't want to ever hear lee will coughs name again woah mcnamee and i wrote them a letter because i had this nice relationship with because he then he stopped using me on ally mcbeal and the ladder and then he brought me back on oh he did. I did seven of those. You could probably go to ally mcbeal convention appearances. If you wanted wanted to possibly could i get. My name was nixon district attorney nixon. I always lost and yet you still got reelected listed did on his thing. I wonder what the hell it was so. It's like a clip of the it's like a compilation of the last year they sold into. I think so god mcbeal was a huge t._v. Show did really out there stuff yes well that was sort of his signature narrative. They had the the first. I <hes> co ed bathroom. They all like be in the bathroom at the same time. I was on the show. We have that in hampshire going back. Yeah i know max headroom. I work with the same people because we worked yeah. We were part of the network and we all i say ninety percent of my scenes scenes or around a conference table and we would watch a screen. I mean it was it was the technology did had not caught up with the idea of the show right yeah dan yes and it was excruciating so we spend a lot of time just hanging out and kibitzing. I was just watching. We've we've been watching since fantastic. It's really the ideas that are in there and some crazy out got away with when my daughter was literally in the delivery room rumors. This is all they wanted me to be on the set so was eighty. She was born in eighty seven so it was probably eighty six eighty eight i did. I don't know how many of those i think there are thirteen episodes all told in your in every single. One of them reminds me. A lot of brazil in the lights. Through the glass is in the sort of atmospherics. I said to chris the other day. I can't think of another show that did more with obviously less of a budget and i think he had to do with the ideas behind it like they ed very definite point of view and so you forgive a lot of the nothing severe but the elements that fall short just because the idea is so compelling in this world world where television has taken over everything you know what's funny and i mentioned jay probably board hearing. There's a book that i read recently that came out in eighty seven called amusing ourselves to death which was about the rise of television vision. This is about the same time and i didn't realize until reading it. How relatively new in eighty seven television still was and there were people hadn't quite thought through uh-huh in possibilities that were there. There were a lot of things that we take for granted now. At that point we're still so new alive so the fact that this show and actually this go beavers matters face the fact had these meta things about what it's like to be watching television to get the images and the fact that everything religion entertainment politics in max headroom all become part of television decided by ratings was very of its time and fresh nato even if the scripted and always explain everything you kind of go with because there's such a strong sense of the world you had mentioned about a limited budget. The producer called me at home. When they got picked up for a second season he literally she called me and i agreed to take a certain salary for the second season without consulting. My agent was going to kill me. What are you meeting with greek and did he called me. You know i wanted to be on it just a really interesting weird. I like things that are weird. That's why like wild rock. It was so weird. I heard it has the weirdest opening sequence of any t._v. Show i think i've ever seen it's like randy. Newman in like a studio environment not with the cast is there are some cast members stephen bochco and like the executives are like groupings and <music> who go back pay in order. That's the intro segues to cop pop-rock not police action but it makes a certain kind of saying. I understand that <hes> the final episode they break out of character do something similar sort of. I guess it makes ah kind of i mean as much sense as musical about cops on television could possibly make but it makes sense because you know even at the time. There were a lot of cop shows. We'll take advantage witting separates you and it was ahead of its time. Cop shows like this are overwrought and heightened and that's the same landscape ape of a musical and so it's not that jarring when the moments of song occur it works. This is a little bit of a courtroom gospel number. I believe you're in this yard. Isley has the jury reached verdict. We have you on hit <music>. You could see now who's got <music>. We have seen all have this ball aw fool escom and this abuse of a child. I was confused. Yeah i got so you ma. I wanna make it clear. I wanna thank your ah yup. Uh-huh ah oh the i took a walk and i know it's like derailed gorgeous on copper but i'm telling you if you watch some of these episodes towards the cop side stuff the action interpersonal stuff of the cops and the d._a.'s and all this stuff it's executed at very high bochco esque level and then the musical numbers to me. We are often pointedly dramatically at kind of brilliantly staged on the record for congress thing that happened with cop rock. I addition probably probably for steven bochco show. You directed monday castle. What a what a what a newcastle rose scape from new york why the the last starfighter steve bochco his show was did he have n._y._p._d. Blue yes yeah okay. I auditioned for that. Probably twenty times never got cast showed totally should have been in the n._y._p._d. I totally agree somehow. They were gonna cast me in. You got back when you did law and order for like thirty episodes or whatever right i did. I think i was on law and order. I was maybe i'm guessing and i don't think s._v._u. I i did i did the first season of the original and i did their last season odds. You're a judge i was a judge. I was an assistant d._a. I was a principal alive. I love how they bring back the same actor to play like different jails in the same university like wait a minute. That guy was a judge. That wasn't necessarily what happened. This thing that happened with voted. Yeah i got the motive. They wanted to make sure i could sink yet. I'd already done little shop lobby that if you know what he did what i had to do was win the sing for mike post. She's and i also pressure to get that audition. I went to some place down in westwood and made a recording of myself singing good lovin by the young rascals to sing that one line then seriously they were taking it very seriously and all those people that were singing <hes>. They're all session singers in l. A. and they came up to me and they went. You can sing and i went. I know the allies in and then i sang <hes> i wasn't supposed to singh. He's guilty because i'm his lawyer and greg abbott was he said. Did you saying he's guilty. I'm going to have to shoot this all over over again and i went wait a minute. No i'm his lawyer and even i think he's kept it kind of were does work but he was furious at me. That's hilarious. Beverly hills butts is a curio for me because i was a huge hillstreet blues guy and this was sort of the classic classic ill fated. Ill conceived spin off. Let's take this great greedy new york peripheral character in this show that's totally working and throw him him into a completely unbelievable scenario in los angeles to calm and maybe it'll be a show. I think that's that's my no memory except really that <hes> what's his name was great. Tennis fan couldn't have been nicer. I think i could tell he didn't give a shit about i mean he. He's a person that he knew he knew what was having no idea what i did. Here's a little of you in what episode number four of beverly hills wrong wrong show my god mr fred luke kuhn. Excuse me norm bus. I'm working on the inner. Cal air disaster your client. Marian harris called what about you. I told her not to speak with you anymore. Just a minute of your time mr mccombs right your clients got a problem on your problem right now mr macos excuse me you got any idea how these cases work of course they accumulate data making offers to who lower not higher they just lower. We sat oh there's low offers and then there's low offers. These people play on people's feelings. People are grieving. They don't wanna wanna fight secrets in a closet. They don't want discovered or week lawyer sayeh family lawyer people are leaning on him for support but he don't know beans about aircrash crash. That's not true look. You're supposed to be her old family friend. Could i suggest you do a friendly thing and refer her to one of the pros like <hes> jacob ravitz. You're kidding nick. Hey a dog is getting nearly four times. What your clients get look. Rabbits may be good but i'm good too and you could believe i'd step aside of marion. Dan harris wanted me to but she won't the woman saint how's that i mean she's a simple loyal honest person mr bunce yeah but but overall so you think you could describe mrs harris as saint and nobody joke. You could give it a try. I mean courts short term memory. We lost macroom. She don't want this thing in court. At dennis france men talk about a guy who is selling some material that i think we can all agree. Here wasn't quite up to like n._y._p._d. Scripts under the he's not it's. It's a pretty soft cell say he's moving. He's getting through the day here i had had. I can't tell you what was going on in that same. I have no idea what i'm a lawyer. I think you're i think you're a lawyer. Her lawyer doesn't make sense because somehow you're gonna use your statement that your client is a saint something or something any dresses awesome adly especially in los angeles. That's how he's a duck outta. Water dressed ducks episode. This is his l._a. Garb ask dennis. France survived it to then go on to become anti sipowicz for probably ten years on n._y._p._d. Blue that's he doesn't work anymore. I don't know and seeing them in. You got if i was him. I know he didn't need to know. He's a chicago guy from chicago yeah. He hasn't worked since n._y._p._d. N._y._p._d. Blue choice god more power to him. Well i mean he did work from nineteen sixty five on hayes tire until two thousand i five should we move onto latchkey t._v. Lead this is is our segment where we provided you with a dated copy of tv guide. We'd like you to cast your mind back to. I don't know where you latchkey child or. Did you have parents at home. When you came komo from school. Mom was home almost home book. We avoided her. We just town. She's not home really we just we went and watched t._v. Okay so <hes> be provided. A snack and you were free to do till was time when my dad got home and then we had to do our homework lot of discipline it would be great if in the episode the addition i gave you which is probably eighty five. It'd be great if you were in something that was listed in this thing so let's just see what you're the home when i got home i have to watch denmark's star-spangled look at denmark's week long celebration america's independence day wait which end markets are independent and that's to watch and then there was a movie on at the same time so i'd go back and forth it's called ham bone and hilly and i just just the tightest the dry van i would watch bugs bunny and woody woodpecker course yes <hes> because i love what he would pecker really and yeah more than bugs yeah. I loved woody woodpecker here. A lot of people claiming woody deserve this sir. What was his thing he was. He was like so. He's like a wise cracking yes yes. He talked and he he he did not observe the rules subversive okay con- yeah he would not be bound by regulations and and you peck a lot like the trees when i so an accident woodpecker. I was very disappointed. That would always be a lot of explosion of wood chips on quick. This is in the neighborhood. People think it's who is that leave shown us. It's like that. I like this this illustration. It's actually for a like a lubricant company in oil. Oh you got it. I got it made in ohio before raising arizona killer and hi both have the same tattoo and i think it's that same tattoo we should do raising arizona and then i'd watch father knows best. Are you familiar with that. Of course i never seen it and greenacres. Shahjahan red blooded man. It was more about the surreal like a talking pig. The comedy was very really out there. It was really really <hes> what's his name. I love him. He was from he was from wish mount mountainous eddie albert eddie eddie albert. Josh ogle bore pat pat haney. All these character guys always loved the carrot as always always attracted to the character which the greatest that guy you ever met in your acting career like. Did you ever meet an m emmet walsh. I work work with law she did. We call them ma'am. I did a film called chatahoochee which starred <hes>. I mean i had thanksgiving with gary. Oldman <hes> dennis hopper wrestler gary oldman compromise it was he had some he had he had some days but generally very sweet jazz hopper gary oldman and emmett wall and you are in a movie together matt craven guiding gary klar frantic arm and <hes> pam sounds good pam read <hes> it was directed attended by getting mick jackson. It was destroyed in the editing room own really <hes> but it was a hoochie in one thousand nine fifty five florida. A korean vet has a breakdown is incarcerated in a maximum security mental health prison where patients are abused and is a good story. Yeah i played most of my stuff was was with gerry or in dennis senior inmate and i'm an inmate had to do crazy. I was crazy. Shout my wife fucking hand home the dow so yeah i work with amit and he was probably the most what's the word well first of all he would not eat thanksgiving with us why we all loved him and he didn't he just was he didn't enjoy the love. Love didn't think so thing was the owner he was such a loner but that's a thing. Isn't it actors like you wanna be alone in the crowd. You want to be alone on the set. I think he wanted not to be alone but he <hes>. I couldn't figure them out but i hear. I don't think she's wanted to sit at his feet. I always loved the older character guys. Everyone did god he's been in so many when i did the front page of the front page down and there was a character. Guy's name was ray sara. He was also a bag man for the mafia and one day he brought to me and concurrently with being an actor. One day brought your valuables before the show and he said i got twenty three thousand dollars in small bills and stage management wouldn't hold it for him and those are the guys i loved character. Guys got in raising arizona story is that he had this huge part in their first movie <hes> similar simple bowl and then he said i wanna be in all your movies and they really didn't have much for him to do but they gave him the scenes in it because those scenes are pretty <hes> <hes> extraneous but not that he wasn't warm but that he was just sort of he was he was by no means yeah he wanted to be alone and it was made me sad the most famous person i ever met with cary grant ooh big i was doing sweet charity in los angeles and after the show actually always told by like the publicity people don't talk to him. He's going to be downstairs his own talk to him. And of course i went up to mr grant. I said that's a mr grant. Have we ever met. I said no. We've never met he. We've met i went. I remember and i said you watch television and i said you see me on tv because we have this nineteen eighty five hunters drinking coffee and you know john go carry hunter and scarecrow and mrs gain like all those guys always watch that stan would drop acid and he was famous for dropping. James wants to do like a one person show where he would extol the virtues of acid. I never heard of how i believe. At some point later in his career he did sort of a an intimate evening with cary grant tour where he spoke and i think during talk a lot it on acid. Please go on with your time when i would watch the first few few minutes of west side story. The movie risen greats no no that's all we need a remake of it. Well puzzled. I'm sure i one wasn't great. I know this isn't that the whole thing that's gonna fight. It's two hours romeo and juliet with greece gangs in the streets yeah mark right. Yes okay like a less funny greece. I would watch the first few minutes because it's pretty funny now. I am in this however in something. I am in this time paradox of him like i'm gonna use challinor first lady of the world it works. Maybe it was is a t._v. Movie it was about nor <hes> after he died and you played eleanor rose at home. Now jean stapleton who i didn't know at the time then i met met her son. Who's one of my closest friends named john punch and then i became quite friendly with gene and i did this tv movie although i looked looked at my i._m._d._b. And it's not on there it's not on there. Why is that. I don't know who did you play. I played a reporter. I don't i didn't have a name all lines. I i had lines i actually edited today and i added it and hopefully it will be on because then. I'll have one hundred and one i._m._d._b. Credits if they to make eleanor the first lady. I know minutes even though i'm not credits because i remember when we were in that sure sure let's keep moving. I i would watch take me. The same way with star roy was in it cut you out. I get residuals for this. I've been cut out if i get residuals from this laughable sound system works chris yeah yeah. I get residuals from like i was. I love him. He xanadu that i was cut out of you were in xanadu you <hes> but he was then another couple of hours. We're gonna have to we're going to have to and i don't remember i headed blew the day i worked but they cut me out of it but i- residuals. I don't remember you'll remember no. I mean granted at xanadu living newton john's part and colds. I remember shooting it. I mean i remember where we shot it. We shot it on the lot at universal and i remember i was walking walking and talking to somebody i don't remember who but a minute but my point is i still get residuals but eleanor first lady the world the reason i'm sure a minute because they shot got it on the kiwi to down in long beach. I i was there so i know i'm in it and then i would watch best of groucho just because it's groucho groucho and i think you're a weird small child who's into groucho marx of course then for some reason i would watch japan today japan today japan's japan today. Is there any other any slugs on the stories. They're covering no just as magazine show and then i would watch beverly hillbillies and then i'd go to bed. That's a pretty good tv tv day and nice and varied yeah. He's like japan today and beverly hills. He wants a little information about the world but he also loved when i was as a kid. There was a guy on in cleveland on friday nights goulart. Oh yeah guardian gherardi is worth names dad paul thomas anderson and he he would show horror movies three times a year he would show the black and white original version of little shop of horrors which is why i was familiar with it when i not staying when i got a called and said do you want audition for this musical blog. Lardy was like a pre elvira type. That's present local local yokel and i'm pretty sure he was high and he would blow he would he would be able to do some sort of technology. The movie would be on we'd be watching it. He would insert himself itself in and he would blow up like firecrackers during the breaks little lady soga another fun fact about that little shop of horror movie jack nicholson send correct was in it. Yeah that's right. They shot that film <unk> myth is and i believe in two days and if you watch the scene in the dentist's office the dental chair falls over and that's the end of the scene. They didn't want to shoot it and also you. Are you going to do better than that. That's a grade paid by them when they did little shop actually on the west coast of the play the people from the original came and saw that was pretty great. That's so fun so that must've been when nicholson was like a contract. He didn't see it. Yes he he did he did lots of roger corman. I even ron writing and directing. That's all right now now when they made the eighty six version of the movie. Did you have any expectation. Hope real heartbroken when i hi what's his name rick meraz <hes> i was no because i didn't think you'd never get the move you don't get the movie but hopefully i hoped and howard ashman claims and i believe that he pushed to have your may but rick moranis china's was the nerd of the hour done ghostbusters but the woman that played audrey yes yes. I was more disappointed when i didn't get to do london. I thought that was feasible. Uh-huh never seen the movie i saw when it came out good member enjoying it so like it and they did <hes> somebody arranged private screening room. Wow i remember crying for like the first five minutes because i was disappointed and then i went and they're doing it again. Yes you you be involved in some promotional way. I will fight and tried to be considered for mr bush nick but they'll go they'll go with. I don't know the living in a time now where that gets a little bit more respect and courtesy as a casting choice. I mean who are they gonna get. I will talk down mencken and i will say the put me off a list. Yes he seen me. Do it a couple times. So don't you think i mean the the point of doing these revivals. Now is to have the whole experience of complexity element into certain legacy elon name free. It might be possible now. Did i tell you that i saw you in little shop of horrors ars in probably must've eighty six eighty seven. Were you in it. Then i was at the orpheum well i did. I did it when it opened there right and then i filled in when someone is on vacation and you may have signed on for the next five years. I know that i saw the one where the things came down from the top the monster off the no the back the top so that was the orpheum orpheum but i wasn't doing it all the time time. I didn't save my stub. Did you see alan green. I don't think so she was she worked long. Got thirteen or fourteen but it was a longtime guy was thirty nine thousand nine hundred eighty two okay and <hes> so you would fill in. I would fill in when i did at six months in new york six months in in los angeles then when i came back to new york whenever somebody went on when the seymour went on vacation rather than using the under study who understudied other characters and they would use who's make excellent latchkey t._v. Thank you thank you and i'm so glad that you got to see you. See yourself as the first lady of the world. That's like a nugget of oh really in it. I mean he was really sad. Thing might be cut out. I don't know if i'm in the cast list of xanadu but i was in. It and i get residuals residual. They cut you out of the movie. They have to give you the residual that's great. It's weird. It's not listed here. Santa do a lot of insanity to go eight. Scenes deleted contain gets a scenes deleted credit. You don't get a scenes deleted. What about davis rules with the great. Jonathan winters memory <hes>. I don't think i had anything. I didn't have scenes with him. I mean i'm disappointed that i didn't get them. No no no no memory of doing doing the show really know that weird now. There's a couple of shows that i just cannot tell you what i did on more than i. I can't even most of them. I have a slight light memory of something that when i if you had scenes with jonathan winters you i would in the construct which i guess is randy quaid plays. He's a widower who has three children and and he lives with his dad. Who's jonathan winters so john winters has all these incredible scenes with the kids right the one. I saw he was giving them like terrible. Just making it up right on the spot go away. Somebody was telling me they did a show. With jonathan winters another sitcom he'd have his own camera and the camera would stay on him and it would cause you could never catch and then they'd edit it and it would be inserted. He would do fifteen minutes. It's sad we just had vacation and randy created such a great comic actor and now. I don't know what to the dark world yeah well. Let's risk it sometimes risk if you live out there on the edge isn't i was gonna follow. The dental chair falls over and you along with it. Okay chris has a special way of taking us out. We often go out on a final line and i thought appropriately. Thank you very much for joining us for about your work and forgiving jason and me as well as our listeners a ground truth view of acting as an art a profession and the life. It's it's not that lester. Rosenthal stage name lawrence rose disagreed with the acting teacher when she said do something else with your life. He knew she was right. It was going the life of rejection and humiliation and injustice it is for all of this and that's that he tried to figure out a way to do something else with his life but he couldn't it was in it was in his blood and not a wary was born. This is where lester rosenthal would end up here amongst angst his people thank you for listening to this episode of full cast and crew. I hope you enjoyed it. If so drop us a line you can email us at full cast and crew pod at gmail.com or find us on twitter at at full cast and crew or on instagram foale cast and crew or of course find the podcast on facebook and if you really really enjoyed it take a screen shot of your favorite episode on your podcast player and forty to a friend so so they can subscribe and figure out what you're always laughing about and if you didn't enjoy it i dunno drop his line anyway. I can take it.

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