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"nate carl" Discussed on Pool Podcasts

"Welcome back to american billiard radio. Today is friday march twelfth and the episode this week. I had a chance to talk to gabriel lopez. Gabriel is with orange loops and orange. Loops is the company that created the drill room app for iphones and ipads. This is an. I focused app that allows you to shoot drills in have the phone or have your device. Keep track of those drills for you. There's a lot more to it. It's really a a very interesting app. So that will be my interview for this week before we get to that just to cover some of the things that happened in the last week or so. This is friday last. tuesday dimitrius. Nate carl boys and i were on a facebook live. Call for about an hour hour and a half we talked about the arenas gorst match this happening this week and we really talked way too much about the championship league pool event. That's coming up here in two weeks if you weren't if you weren't there to watch that live and if you haven't caught it yet you can go to facebook dot com q it up podcast and you can see that that episode there nick with the chaka's cheap podcast. A part of the qaeda network had an interesting conversation with rodney morris. This week and that episode is also on the facebook page or on the pod being page in other news last week. They when i say the last week google changed their little doodle. The top of the at the top of their main page and they sometimes do this where there's an animation celebrating. Something going on well. Surprisingly what they were celebrating was masako katsura old. Three cushion player really surprised that that a they dipped into the queue sports world to you find what they were going to focus on the reason i bring this up and i don't really know what the lesson to this is. I don't know what to take from this but it just seems to me that there's something to take from this when you have a website and results for different search items or different search terms. Display your website. Google keeps track of that for you. It's part of seo. And as far as e b is concerned. I never really focused on. Seo i just be built the site and and just work on that and over the years it's worked. Its way up on. Google search return pages but google keeps track of it for you and they tell you hey over the last week or over the last day. These are the terms that people searched for where one of your pages came back in that search so logically when people searched for masako katsura a page on the forums came back so i received information on that in a report. Okay so. I know you're here in. You're saying mike you really don't care about all this okay so where i think there's a there's information that that should be looked at here. Is i received a notification the next day from google saying. Hey you really need to go look at this particular search term. Masako katsura because the interest in it skyrocketed digging into the report. I saw that. Google showed masako katsura as a search term being searched for two point six million times that day again. I don't know what there is to take from that but it really feels like there's something to take from that i'll let you figure it out all try to figure it out to okay. I'm in other news from last weekend's caroline pow. jp newt tour caroline one again. Genie seaver one again on the florida tour..

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