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Metcalf, Wilson lead Seahawks over Eagles 23-17

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Metcalf, Wilson lead Seahawks over Eagles 23-17

"Hall of fame coach of michigan state among our guests today and our football crew is ready to go grouse. Jeff and greg ready to talk about last night's monday night meeting between seattle and philadelphia as we get thing rolling here right now seahawks on the road carson wentz and the eagles the center of so much discussion opening drive of the game. Could they silence some of the critics No they could not this. When i throw richard. Rogers that's incomplete. Next point went looking for greg ward. Eagles would go three and out to start this game without seattle. Having to make a tackle next eagle drive third nate wentz jalen rager went for four phillies first to drive. Second quarter no score. Second and fourteen went on the sideline jalen hurts in the game hurts. I snap complete sean. Jeffrey and then wednesday is coming back in and hurts his going to the bench. Someone will have to explain what that was about next. Play third nate whence back to throw wentz going down hard whence hit repeatedly in this game. That's a loss of six eagles. No first downs on their first five drives later in the second still most scored but russell wilson is doing something about that. They came back cab. Fifty two yards down to the one yard. Line metcalfe playing with a chip on his shoulder against the team that passed on him in the draft a couple of years ago. And then setup vis wilson david moore for the touchdown on the corner and the seahawks take a seven. Nothing lead next seattle drive. Its second goal and they can do it on the ground. Chris carson is back and better than ever bullying way into the end zone for a score and seattle a fourteen. Nothing lead with five minutes left in the hand now. Eagles trying to get something going in the red zone. Second and goal final seconds. Wentz dallas guttered. Yes there. On the board three yard touchdown fourteen six extra point. No good to that discord halftime fourth quarter. Now it's seventeen. Nine eagles going forward on a fourth into williams has broken up. Aj right not sit down. Eagles turnover on downs. So seattle gets it. And what do they do with it. You know what they do. Russell de que de que. Oh what a catch up and bringing it down. Ten grabs off hundred seventy seven yards for decay meant catholic field goal twenty two nine ensuing philly drive three chances at score forest down from the twenty one wentz. Goddard nobody home. Second down wentz rager incomplete. They gained six on third down. They go for it on fourth power again. Bear in mind there. Darren by eleven in the game. I don't know what that is picked off. Course in wayne's two hundred fifteen yards six sacks seattle wins twenty three seventeen and they do the black eagle fly

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