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"nate orn elk river" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"To zero. That boy Sean, noting that would be a huge goal of this one stands up. The puck came out from behind the net. In a big scramble and know who somehow found a way to get it in. Here we go. Review is over. And it is no goal. No goal. Wow. Okay. Well, we've had two reviews in this game, and they have disallowed both of those goals. Unfortunately, we don't know why One thing they need to start doing is miking. The referees. So that they can come out when he gets fans back in the stands, and they can explain to the fans and to us why they disallowed that would really help her if they said something. Over the P A. They just say it wasn't allowed if they could give any kind of reasoning as toe toe. Why, but nevertheless no goal, So it's still a two. Nothing game. Each team with the goal disallowed now in this contest. Air Force comes out and put some pressure on Bentley right away after the restart, But Bentley with the takeaway, and here comes Bentley into the air Force and no back. How's it down? Low centers went out front and anticipating that was Alex Schilling. He saw that centering pass to came out from behind the net, and he batted it down and then flopped on and covered it up in the paint. J just saw the replay of it. It's a good call. It was off of a high stick, so it was on the far end of the ice really hard for us to see. Where that was. The puck came out from behind the net over the top of the net, and as it was falling down, Sean Nolan had a stick up and he bats it in and from the angle of the camera. Even it did look like That stick was above the crossbar, so it was disallowed because of a high step. That's the standard. If it's above the crossbar and you swing at it, that's a high stick. Here's a tap one by Air Force and Jake 11. Up with the park. You'll fire one on net from the blue line, and it's gloved out of the air by grab go. He gives it to a teammate going by. Don't think that it would have gone in, so it's not actually a shot on goal. Let me you will chip it into the air Force and Maynard rims it around for Nate Orn Elk River, Minnesota on the far side of the ice porn, fumbled a punt gets it back, and then his pass intercepted at the Bentley Blue line taken away by Hamlet. Muscling his way past Alex Maynard. He's got the puck takes it in behind the net comes out the other side with it features to the point for a shot and a pad save made by showing from there that was taken by Christian Felton. Air Force with the puck and a drive from just inside the blue Line. A line drive by Blake Bride that's knocked away by grab Go, and then it got out of plays. Yeah, after getting a good look at that replay, you could definitely see it. It was high. It was. It was a good call on that one. But Really unfortunate. The Falcons getting more shots in this period, a lot more scoring opportunities, have not been able to get one past the freshman goalie Nicholas Grab code for Bentley. The first half of this period was pretty much Bentley dominating, but Air Force has played better. Since about the 11 minute mark. They get another shot there that's knocked down out front and then out to the neutral zone, where it's off of a stick and up into the stands about 10 ft. Away from my partner, not not very far. We had a good look at that. When we have a great view of this game, we're only about seven rows off the ice and The glasses only maybe. I don't know. J 15 ft. In front of us. We We are in play right way Got our heads on the swivel. So there's a face up its center ice after the puck got out of play and airports will win this draw and it's Marshall Bowery Bowery. In trouble Looks up. Does find a man saves it to cook Cook trying to hit Gavin Gavin got a stick on. It sends it into the Bentley side on getting back in saving it. There is Bowery again. Barry feeds to cook. Cook follows one toward the net, but it's intercepted, redirected by deadly clear out past knocked down, played by Bye. Ah Harper to Bari Bari. A shot from the near circle is wide. Dug out of the corner by Bentley but contested at the blue line and kept in by air Force. Well, Gavin has it. Gavin tied up. Stick battle along the wall. Far side. Falcons Keep the pop in play. This is cooked. To the neutral zone. It comes and a pump jumped up and out of play that hit a patch of Pinsky in the shoulder and then fell into the air Force bench on some lines that have gotten jumbled up there will Gavin's on the second line, type occupancy. Is on the fourth line. Willie Grimes has been on that top line. Those three guys were out there, but great energy. They kept the puck in that Bentley and for quite a while to 49 to go in the period face off in the neutral zone controlled by Air Force. My goal is in hell. Send it in its knocked down at the blue line by Bentley. They turn and go with it. Shipped into the air Force and cut off behind the net by Schilling gives it to Maraj is Maraj is trying to find Pinsky coming up on your wall intercepted by Bentley that was Van row buys, ran more boys intercepted. It skated in, took the shot saved by showing and then he kind of slammed into showing a little bit of Falcons objected to the contact. They're exchanging some pleasantries down there. Zach Murad, just right in the middle of that as well, along with And roll boys..

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