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"nate nogi" Discussed on KFC Radio

"Portnoy than a blues fan or more of a blues fan than team. Portnoy. You're not gonna have to stop being one of them, you're going to have to choose which one means more to you, and he could not wrap it around that on Thursday on radio. He was like, you know, he could robbery et cetera. But he just said it's knocked that's not going to happen. He said he would not going to occur. Dave's adjusts ruler you are insane, every single person who has dealt with Dave, in some sort of, like former fashion with. Knows you're going to have to do it. That moment came yesterday. I don't know exactly what the rate, I know that he was, like, giving wipe shit on Twitter even last. So just to be clear people last night at the game. Dave, why p rigs? They're all sitting in the nose bleeds. They get on the Jumbotron. Now the way it was. So Dave is to rigs his left and the camera is to rigs is right. So he turns to the camera where the Jumbotron is, and he's shown his shirt and effectively turns his back to Dave badmouth, Dave, puts Briggs in a headlock and starts. Nogi 'em with the Dave face like the Dave when Dave takes like Ramsay Bolton. Pleasure in like making fun of people at torturing people. That's the face that came out, and he starts Nogi ING him now than that. Now, this guy's comes any stirs the pot because in evacuate there that is just Dave dummying rigs, like rigs has got body. He's got nugget grown man, getting no you, but Gaz comes in and stirs. The pot and says, where? Why TD defend him? He didn't step in and do anything. And now all of a sudden it's both of them. Now, I will say, there's also dissension amongst, the blues crew because rigs automatically tweeted, why did nothing to stop it because he doesn't want to take this bullet all on his own. I mean if you get he'd that's eight evacuate. That's on you to now rope in Y P was just collateral damage. My first question when I walked into the office today was people are talking about is, what was why p technically supposed to do. Yeah. Because like everyone talked about how Nate Nogi day we all saw how that turned out, I wasn't even working on. I know you saw was he supposed to, like him in a headlock? I mean you just don't do that, especially because if it was in the office, I think it's a little bit different too, because it's in our control environment. You're on the Jumbotron at TD garden. Like can you imagine what would happen to why p if everybody Boston split? Act as a data whereas like you, you can't do that. And it has nothing in my opinion. It has nothing to do with him being less of a blues fan. More team porno. It's like well that's still your by this is the problem. What are we go? Head to head with, Dave and these things, you always have a line that you have that in your mind. You're like I shouldn't cross that line Dave has no lines zero light, but you have to you have to prepare accordingly for the line.

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