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David Robinson calls Kawhi Leonard's exit from San Antonio Spurs 'one of the oddest situations I think I've seen'

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03:38 min | 4 years ago

David Robinson calls Kawhi Leonard's exit from San Antonio Spurs 'one of the oddest situations I think I've seen'

"App Carmelo Anthony wasn't the only? Trade that made news, last week about the Leonard. Swap for demar derozan in Toronto why wanted out of San Antonio we all know why but Spurs hall of Famer David Robinson Adds a little something. Deeper than just to the fact? That there was some, miscommunication about how to handle. Kawhi Leonard Medical injury is Nate David Robinson takes it a step further joined Rachel Nichols and company on. The jump on Monday now that it's. All said and. Done he's in Toronto what is your overall reaction to the? Situation and, to, quiet, how. Handled uh, specifically yeah I mean it's it's one. Of the oddest situations I think I've seen since I've been in pro basketball I he's. He's a hard guy to understand he's a hard guy to read and you know San Antonio. Which we we obviously have a reputation. For taking care. Of our players almost too much I mean people criticize us? For sitting, guys, down, now. Of a, sudden you know we've got a guy. Who says he felt pressure to play which is tough What can we you know we we typically don't risk our, players health but I. Mean if a. Guy's not happy he's got go go somewhere where he can he can play and I, think pop, and our c- our team did a pretty. Good job of of you know kind of meeting. Our needs for the future I think we'll we'll move on from the year I think we're pretty happy with. The with the deal and and we'll we'll continue to grow and get better was there a? Point you ever spoke to quiet about all. This or reached out to him I? Know you're still, around the, team, somewhat has anybody spoke to quiet about, this I talked to his ankle You know he. Really he's, a hard guy. I mean. He's just, quiet he doesn't you know I've reached out to him several times and just never. Hear anything back from them I. Think the whole time he's been talk to a maybe a handful of times and and I, can I can count on one hand how many words he's really set. To me so he's just a quiet guy and and I think that that's. Made it difficult I think for all parties to really understanding in this. Process Spurs hall of Famer David Robinson wanna many. Championships in, is pretty much calling it like it was, he's, a hard guy because Kawhi Leonard doesn't like to, talk with you sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio and the ESPN app you know who else. Doesn't like, to talk, football coaches however they. Were college, football coaches do. Like to. Talk and, there are college coaches that like to talk when your team don't make the playoffs 'cause you want them to go longer or you had to thirteen or not That was Scott. Frost that you UCF last year he's now back at his alma mater Nebraska His first year is upcoming mon- Monday was the beginning of media day for. The big ten a BCS happened in the best two teams, in the country got to play I think that was an improvement getting into fourteen an improvement but it's hard to look at. Last year's college football season and. Not feel like an eighteen playoff is where we should go and that'll always be my opinion I think it should be the five conference champions and three at large teams that would, give us a prize conference championship champion that plays well at the end of season a shot it might give a team. Like we had a UCF last year shot I think you could start that playoff earlier in December Not have to make the semi-final likable experience Scott frost the head coach of Nebraska at big ten.

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