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"natasha val" Discussed on Uncommon

"All if he wants to have private I, have to stay over as well. Screw. It. Crazy. Crazy. I think I think. My Dad puts so much fear in us that would get taken gold. On is name before about your husband what's Obviously, he runs the dental business. which had been it's sort of looks like he's dead sounded that business. Lacey's dad had a a dental business alley works for him. Yes I thought Feldstein statement from South Africa in the early eighties and hey, board a where he started a Bob, he started a practice in the concourse remorse. And he had that for probably. From Eighty Seven or eighty, five up into. She thousand and? Thousand and I think, sorry, he had a cardiac arrest Yuppies he's alive. He yes. If I was working for his dad and he had a cardiac arrest and hut to revive him. And he was in a car and then when he came out of the Karma about two weeks or something like that he's dead said you need to buy the practice so a Valdan, bought the practice and at that point knows only two surgeries going. So was just like two brains and then fell in boots about three does down the road a block land owner frontier should say, and then he built base it into and has turned into what it is. A markets are about maybe fit I need. Yeah, and then say it's finished business finale. But thirty five years. It's a huge huge dental business. You say it's a healy their like again growing up in the Bison era although race Melvin Nell every time you drive down to Bowie you see it there. Yeah, San ant- Mabul. Say I can't Natasha Val. The Ho- facades, bike, oh models, the Taj of Al.. Yes. Yeah. He felt very hot and we just opened up another three rooms on Monday. That was one thing on the website is just it is I la like you know you've got multiple dentists, cleaners, etc I guess I'm curious from your perspective what have you learned? From him about business at least todd to translate to content. But they must have been some things along the way that he's told you. Think. So though obviously invalid I got together I was only nineteen and you know he had a practice and he was working hard. So it made may garlic I would have been a ninety unhappy to be a mom happen to be married and just you know live loss like that but I think what I've learned a lesson val is working hard nothing comes to fray and. Having that Dr fell has definitely taught me how to be a better person and Even Mike in if I want something. I've gotta work for. It's not just given to make on a things. Sorry. Fell stiffly taught me a lot of unite I'd say he's. Told me how to work for things and want to be Bitta because he works I. Hodge. Say That, and I want my kids to say that. So that's definitely one of the biggest things that I've learned. From Bell is. A he always says, don't just exist any side..

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