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Prime Time

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Prime Time

"Hey y'all welcome to the marty. Smith's america podcast this volume one hundred something. This is a summer vacation edition. Travis travis's in o h. I o. i am in oh c. J. over here at our Our beach place laney's hometown. We a house up here and we come up here for the summer. It's an amazing experience. we love. We love donut every year. You guys were marty smith's america. Excuse me i meant to say mardian mcgee any of you. Who are avid listen. Margie know that. I broadcast live on saturday mornings from summer from up here and one of the things that you guys seem to find hilarious is when i ask mcgee to hold on just a minute so i can tell my children that hello broadcasting live to the globe. Can y'all please hold it down. Whatever you're watching on youtube and your conversations about what you're having breakfast and that's a that is a segue to let you guys know that same situation here you're gonna hear dogs. Barking birds chirpin random conversations in the background about whatever so That's just welcome to the human yard sale. It is mardi smith We have an episode today. That y'all are gonna love and asher did. Let me give you some background before we get to our guest who is arguably the greatest collegiate defensive player who ever breathed and in probably an arguably the greatest defensive back. That's ever played the game of football. You better hope that he doesn't listen when you said arguably yeah i think i think Probably think the greatest. Db's of all time. This guy Is the tip of the spear it. Is jackson state head football coach. Prime time dion sanders and i have been captivated by this man. Travis since i was nine or ten years old he started at florida state university in nineteen eighty six and was like this alien out of nowhere. Who had this unbelievable self confidence bravado. Cockiness me against the world and back every single out of it up with talent on the field. And i said that in the interview. You're about to hear. I had never. I grew up in the country on a on a farm out in appalachia. And so when we see this dude in the tracksuit with the chains and the whole thing and he has this unadulterated uninhibited self-confidence you go. Wow what is this and again back. Every bit of it up with his play. And so i so many of you guys listen to know. I have a relationship with academy sports and outdoors. We do a ton of outdoors content. We got a lot coming in the next couple of years. We have a plan. That i think could change the world and i believe it will change the world in a lot of ways with the content that we're going to produce here In the coming months and years. And i got invited by academy sports down to dallas texas a couple of weeks ago to host and mc and kind of direct audibly their celebrity fishing tournament that they had down just outside of dallas and one of the attendees. One of the participants was coach prime. He is an avid fisherman and also has a relationship with academy and he someone that i wanted to spend time with. I wanted to sit down. I wanted to learn from him and about him and this fascinating life live okay. So how do you get from that barasch. Eighteen year old to nfl hall of famer to coach prime. This guy who has all of this grace who makes it his life mission to go to jackson state university and be a leader of young men and use all of the all that he's learned throughout all of those life experiences to mold. Great young men. Why why now. How does that unfold. And i got the opportunity to do that. through the academy sports and outdoors celebrity fishing extravaganza. I chatted with several people. I chatted with with mattie in the country music stars jimmy allen country music star our colleague. Marcus spears and i talked to the first ever w nba draft pick. She had her own. Shoes sheriff's whoops and spent some time with each of those folks before they went out on the lake to participate in the in the celebrity fishing tournament and desperate. I told academy. I gotta get coach prom. Because of the impact that he's had on me and kind of the way that i viewed sport. He helped shape that so. And you know it's funny. Mardi is if talked about all the crazy things that he's done that's enough for three people in their lifetime. We didn't mentioned. Oh he played in the world series by the world series as well and it's just it's a remarkable life lived right and so i got that opportunity and boy did. I take advantage. I we spent fifteen minutes chatting which you guys will here momentarily but op. He's one of those people who have so many life chapters that you just just scratching the surface on all of them could be ten hours if you get real deep into the nitty gritty It's a book it's a book that would be the most interesting story. So maybe someday primal let me write that book but you guys are gonna love this We laughed a lot. I asked him a couple of questions that made him think. And i know you're going to enjoy it. I am hopeful that during this upcoming college football season which none of us can wait for. Can't wait man. That i can go down to jackson state university in sit down with him for forty five minutes or an hour with cameras on us to really discuss with great depth. Y this is right. What is it about this specific opportunity that lord you to mississippi so without any further ado a here is the coach of the jackson. State university tigers prime time. Here's dion sanders. Maurice miss america commercial support for this. Podcast is provided by better. If you're struggling with relationships are having difficulty sleeping difficulty meeting your goals if you're ever feeling anxious or stressed better help counselors can listen and hill better. 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So sign up for free on ziprecruiter dot com today and experienced a better way to find a job once again go to ziprecruiter dot com right now in sign up absolutely free and put ziprecruiter to work for you. Legend icon hall of famer. I mean i don't have enough superlatives. What's being called that. I can call you. Champion best fishing. I've never done this fish now. But i've never fished in terms of what's it like the opportunity. I'm excited man. That was ready. That was on the road moment. Come on i'm ready so you a follow you on instagram. And i know your passion for the outdoors and specifically fishing. How was that born. Fold stepmother stepfather. Good man great man Introduce me to cable fishing. Back and florida school capable. Stick it out until the whole nother lane at the window and we go fishing and i loved it. I am married in door to the gave me so much peace and serenity so that when i grew up it made a little money always said to myself. I'm going to have my legs man. So every crew by built. I've always included the late really. Yes like right now. I have a couple of a couple nine acre lakes on property. I've always had like a love. Legs a love of lakes to my legs before. Start on my home. That's mainly due to get lake straight. Then by the time the home gets done the fisher mature win when for your entire adult life. You've lived this life of go go go go. Do be win like that when you when you constantly on the move. How does being out on that lake. Allow you to unplug and kind of reconnect with yourself. Everything to me. it's my peace is my serenity. it's my mom. It's my be still always pulls peace. Be still with in front of the lak- with the water. So every view from the home i gotta see water. I got see. And i. I need access man. I need to go out there. Nba basketball blue. Gill raise crappy. I got to. I got to have a low. Fishing is a huge part of my existence. What amazing existence is. This is a very open ended. Question is probably going to be difficult to answer. How do you define your impact own. What the world all of the so. I mean just the the way that you changed for. The next question changed sporting culture. I okay thank you almost by yourself. You change owning villager and the evolution of this amazing career. Now you've chosen on your own accord to become a coach at jackson state. Where where you can impact these. These lives in such a unique way. I just the whole arc of fascinating. I love it Even here today Coach dc good politics. Here is coaching assistant. Oc and quarterback coach with me. Because i wanted him to share this moment and just hearing them they. They've never fish derby all all three of those avert is when it comes efficient tournament. But that's something that we share. And i wanted to bring those guys share something that we sheer openly men and i love it but the impact. I never quantified of that. I've never thought about that much. I've never been exit question. Brilliant question which is going to have me in thought for the rest of the day to try to answer it. I know it's hard because it's it's so difficult to in this kind of setting certainly to try to pair it down but It's it's just such an an unbelievable path that you've that you've taken so i'm i'm god wherever he takes me. I'm ready to go. Because we're days vision as provisions and he's always giving provision for the vision and i'm at a place called there right now and i think all of us try to reach that place called there. Well it's very difficult to be. Where your feet are you go. What's that challenge for you. I'm always in the moment i. I'm a planner in In-n-out aspect but i'm to maximize today. I'm not going for pairs so much for tomorrow. That i missed today so i'm going everything i can out of the day in that moment. Why was going into coaching this way. Important for you. I am coach. That's who i am. That's who i am. When i played in the nfl. Like when you you gotta. You're taking your job. That coach comes to you and say what you wanna do but this game. We'll give me him and yell double. And i got that. I'm cool. so that's a bit of coaching. And then when you start to understand the xs and os the ins and out of football you as a whole 'nother level understanding the game and then understanding people and i've always been pretty good with understanding that game expectation and pete you play for bound. Yes absolute legend. How did he impact your life. Bobby bowden was a spiritual man. A good man a consistent man and coming from the hood at that time. I haven't seen too many spiritual men great man consistent man even in my home. My father's stepmother biological fathers had inconsistency which thank god. It provoked me to be who i am today. But seeing that man in the consistent as he was but then on top of that mickey andrews was my guy as my defense tobacco. That was my i. I call him a white father man. That was my. He put his own my neck. He kept the foot on the gas. He he was dead guy told me win. What how in what. What's what's the value and the lesson in self accountability. He's a tremendous value. Is a tremendous lesson Everybody's end in held accountable. Everybody don't wanna stand value of that. That's tremendous at jackson state. We will young men a smart tough fasten discipline and it has nothing to do with speed when i say fast. How fast could you round. The forty right is she get up right now and go out in that. Parking lot to beat demand is beside me. That's a great answer. You know work galloway. Galloway tells me he can still go out and run four. I believe him. Every is one of the fastest human beings on field. And i've seen He's unbelievable due to man. He's a good person he's still going but he's a he's a great guy. Wish would play with him. I don't know if you've ever told you. I wasn't wanted to tell jerry to go get it really. Yes he did. Not tell me why you feel that way. What i played this game. I measured a guy on have felt about him like if a guy could give me problems. I felt like he could give a lot of people. Problems in his speed was something that i had to take note of anybody else. If you can't if you don't threaten me like like horizontally you what you're gonna do. And he was one of those guys that that that made you think. And i wanted them apart. What we're trying to do one another super bowl ends up jerry to go get him and jerry in jerry's that kinda guy he's gonna go get it. We gotta make sure galloway never sees any of that. We don't need him knowing the dion. Just send that What what what. Wide receiver that you faced. Did you respect. Today's most jerry rice. Jerry and i know this is why jerry jay was everything as a receiver. Some guys was being in physical black and some guys vertically Was going to kill you randy. Moss jerry had both he can score from anywhere on the field he can run routes and he was well conditioned most guys. I can bump it round. And i'm gonna wear you down by halftime third quarter you know because just getting off the jam and running me to hold on game was gonna wear you down. Jerry was in shape. He was on condition he was a student of the game so he thought about routes before he ran a moment. Who in the league right now in the defensive backfield reminds you of you. Nobody nobody thought you might say j. My son it takes about five five guys to it. Takes about five guys to brand. Because you gotta have that speed. You gotta have that that that that thought process that florida swagger you gotta have the gna sakala and you've got to have that athleticism and that ball skill that hey they god don't make domain. Don't do that. No mole my favorite part of the answers that you look directly in the camera and say every bit of that. That's that's amazing yes. Where's the confidence from house very good. You're good the confidence. That's my natural older but natural older. It can't it does not come from anything that was birthed through my mother mountain fathers that come from television man. I watched a lot of tv. When i was a kid so i took a little bit of that. Took a little bit of that. Little bit of that Inc all that myself like like like my guys growing up was was oj. Nat-nato jae jao note though j simpson rental james. Simpson that guy because the way. He treated his teammates and way. His team is role for him. On on surpassing that rushing. Record dr j. julie's urban he was he was damn. Mj he was the professional he he didn't even have a phd but they call them. The doctor hank aaron for for just staying focused on all of their racist remarks home run title in he surpassed it and mom and i leave at his confidence his swagger his his thought process of everyone and everything that was going on around him and he cared about everything and anybody so all those guys i took an incorporated. Them myself created prime. That's a bunch of men who were unwilling to comprehend. You go which is unique thread. Those guys notice that you've gone from like numbers and crosses diamond encrusted whistle. You know what is so funny that this was a regular whistle. Then i thought about you know the parents that the of the kids that are recruiting are in my demographic so they will probably prime fans at one point and when they meet me. They expect prime. They don't expect coach fry. They expect prime. So i had to give them what they expect. This is really. it's really the truth which fathers and sons and the opportunity to be in the competitive arena fathers and sons. What's what's that mean to you. Because i'm coaching not only a wonderful array of kids but i'm coaching my two sides and it's sometimes i forget that they're out there at practice because i'm so consume what what's going on today but the have your sons and in the word father means so much to me. we use daddy so loosely so carelessly especially in a hood like baby dad and all of that. But we don't use of me so when you start talking about five that's a matter who's clocking in and clocking out and who who's really there really is doing in really is living up to that name that he gave you that lasted not the first last name is take pride in that man they take pride in being sanders and a lot to do with what the father deity who he is currently being present. Yes i have to be perfect. But i got to be present. Y'all we all love that clean. 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So percentage of hamstrings that would pop like a rubber band would be substantial. You know maybe. I don't know an network. Espn espn plus. You know light to televise it and if you know i you could be the lead you know voice of it. Oh yeah i'll be all in a thought. It was hilarious. What prime faster than the next guy that will. It's funny that he says it but there's many times where they'll be talking about guys forty time it's slower than the person will say. Yeah but he's got next man speed and while his forty time may not be that fast at times you put him on the field and he's always faster than the person right next to them if football speeds at different deal i mean you know you look at anytime that this this conversation comes up. I think of hunter renfrow hunter renfrow. You would not if you were to ymca and you were choosing your pickup basketball team hundred. Be like the next guy picked based on the way he looks but you put that cat in football pads he is lightning. And it's football game. speed Is a little different thing than lining up in the underwear olympics and running in a straight line. So but i mean you talk about like closing speed all time dion greatest ever done it and i appreciate him sitting down and taking time. And i'll tell you selfishly. It was a really special moment because when he walked in the room. I i don't think he knew it was me. I don't think he knew. I was the person that was going to interview him and he was so amazing to me. Gave me a huge hug. He's i mean you are the man and get guys. I know you guys listen like that. Sounds so conceded to even mention that but it meant a lot to me meant a lot to me that that whatever i have done that whatever proceeded that moment i never met dion sanders and told that moment whatever preceded that moment led him to have a certain image of who and what i am or certain opinion of who and what i am and that matters to me deeply. It matters to me that. I'm walking the walk and so that meant a lot to me man and it was a really fun time. Everybody with him were amazing. I met some of the assistant coaches at jackson state. He brought his coordinators with him. And that was wonderful. And just an awesome event. And let me tell you to during that event tae from matty in today call and seven pound. Four ounce bass dude. You'll talk about hog. That is a i mean. She would have charted in a big tournament. How'd your fishing go. I didn't catch anything but a cold. I only got like thirty minutes to fish because my role was to go kind of boat to boat and an interview. The participants as they were fishing. Now i say all that that i called nothing But there's no excuses because during that thirty minutes that i was on that bass boat. Wet in the line matt pitman. Whom any of you guys who are barbecue crazed which a lot of you guys are if you have your pit boss grill and you're out there. Smoking that meet you know all about map pitman. He founded me church. He's one of the most renowned barbecue experts that there is And a great dude. I'd never met him either before this event and and just a great guy. He's also a sneaker head. Just like i am and so we we bonded over jordan's but we spent time on that boat man and i'm out. There were cast in similar places. Our guide is shown us where to throw it in there. Was this crazy flood like the lake was up several feet so where we were. Actually fishing is normally. Shoreline is normally not underwater. So we were doing what you do. You cast pass the brush and you drag your lower back through the brush and so matt neier just cast away. Bang he gets like a four pound or something like that. And i got nothing but air but anyway the night before the event itself that monday night matt pitman hosted a dinner for us and he was on the smoker all day long he made brisket. He made a smoke turkey. That was out of this world. All these unbelievable sides he made like boy corn Just unbelievable meal so we sat around direct few co beers and caught up. And we're chatting. And the night he had made this smoke pecan business. The it was like a pie kinda cobbler thing and then they slap this texas vanilla ice cream on top of it and everybody. There implored me. You gotta do this you have you. Have you have to break your diet for at least two to three bites during one less cohen and eat that so i did travel. It was sent on a play with sending a bowl. Like i never tasted anything like this before it was. It was unbelievable how great it tasted and and it was funny when i took the first by justin martin who any of you guys who know the duck dynasty guys justin is one of willie robertson. Boys best buddies. He's one of the one of the duck dynasty characters as it were one of the one of the members of that group was el-sayed. He's got something on something probably murder rabbit. So justin started laughing out loud. He said he said He made laney correct up on social media because he took a bite of that and he said That'll make you put back something you ain't name sto yet. Justin is like captain one liner. He has all these. One liners man. He's a he's hilarious and a great dude. I'd never met him before either. And so just a really great couple days of fellowship. Fishing and family. Is there anything more relaxing than going out on a boat and just fishing soon out there and having can cold one or two but just sit down the water no I love fishing so much. And that's one awesome thing about my relationship with academy. Is we do a lot of fish. A lot of the content that we have produced already in our traditions franchise. It is the so there. Is this insatiable desire among the outdoors in thursay assists for content. And over the last three years we have been fishing. All over the united states of america. All certainly all over the south and all different types of fishing. The one thing. I've done with academy that failed miserably and back to floods There was a. We went down to mississippi and i was going to go Noodling i was gonna go catfish noodle you know this is travis. I'm well aware. That's that's one thing that i don't think i could give it a try i would. That's all. I don't know so i just i mean it's not like it was something that i was really to go do but we went down to mississippi and i met these amazing firemen who took me out. And it's what they do. They're experts in noodling. They're they're also like youtube venoms because of what they've done in the in that world and dude listen to this there are legit like coffins under the water that they put they build these boxes and they put them under the water as kinda nesting areas for the catfish. And you go. Underneath the water you slide your body in the coffin under the water and you try to get a catfish and what you want is for the fish to bite your arm and arm and then you pull him out of the water with your bare hands. Like a new andrew del and hope it's not a turtle so wheat right or snake. God forbid so. We went and tried that now. We i never got one because of the There it was a major flood. Same thing we were walking through a was normally a cotton field up to our neck and able to find any catfish because the water was really cold. Who water was weird at that time. So we struck out straight up struck out. But i'm told by boy josh garza. Who runs the academy sports outdoors side of things at least the the marketing side. Abdu josh said we're going to go back and try to do that again this summer. So pray for me. We'll see how that goes. I keep all my digits so you're now at the shore which had been over a year because you guys could go last year obviously correct and then. I didn't know but i see on instagram twitter. You're a game seven. Oh it was wins. Last time you went to a game as a fan not not like a hit before ahead after. Just strictly fan. I don't know it's been a long time. But i did take mia took my oldest daughter to watch the hornets once. She was starting her little basketball career in in like youth rec league ball and was really interested intrigued by the game and saw called up. My boyfriend whitfield the president of charlotte hornets and we went down there and got some tickets and met for. She met fred and he spent some time with her and we sat courtside and she just couldn't believe how big everybody was an as i acid. Baby me too. I mean they're humongous people. And and so that i think is probably the last time and i mean i want to say that was just turned twelve. Almost say that was probably five four five years ago. But it's been a while since i went just as a fan and it was an interesting experience. So let's back up to game six. Okay we're watching games it. It's also a very different experience just to watch games up here with my family because they're so out of their minds about eagles phillies sixers flyers. They're out of their damn minds and what it is. It's like watching college football in the south. It's like watching you know alabama or lsu. You've your town. You've texted me during high state games. That's what it's like. Yes it's like watching it's all you all you folks out there who grow up in. Oh h it's like watching a buckeye game as someone who grew up somewhere else and and so so. They were out of their minds for game six. It was really a fun experience to to be around that kind of passion and so in the middle of the game. I mean i've i've had a couple of pops. All of us have then. We got the boys in there. We go the whole family and they're watching the game and the boys are asking us questions and and learning about the players and all that and so. That's always fun. When you're telling know you fifteen year old son all about joel. Embiid of his story. And ben simmons and everything that he's going through right now and trae young and how he's public enemy number one in cities all over the northeast at this point. He lit up the knicks and then he lit up the sixers. But you're explaining all and i'm like you know what man i'm going to see what i can do here. So i have a great friends with the philadelphia. Seventy sixers one of which is laura weems who works with the team. She works for the president of the of the team. And so. I texted. Laura and i said is there any way you can get me tickets to the game seven. I know that's a hell of an ask on the eve of the game or two nights the game but We figured out how to make it happen. We got the tickets and she was lovely. She we went into this thing called the banner lounge where my brother-in-law and i could get a couple of owns and just had an unbelievable time and just an awesome experience until the very end when that. Ben simmons moment. I mean it's it's a i've seen on our air the last few days steven a. And everybody else under the sun. Who knows stephen was at the game. I actually randomly. I'm sitting in my seat and melinda atoms my field producer on college football and every like it. I've worked with melinda ever since my nascar days. She's the bomb. She comes walking down the stairs and she's waving at me and her mask and i'm like what is she was there to work with steven a. And i think melita andrews. I think she works with malietoa. Yes she does and so that was cool to see melinda but You know i've heard everybody discussing that moment. Where ben simmons was wide open sadie has an opinion. You can hear coffees going off of her discussed this moment. And i'm telling you travis it was genuinely shocking to watch. I mean like. I looked at my brother-in-law. We took our son's cameras. Fifteen chase my nephew's thirteen and and my brother-in-law. Mike was sitting right beside me. And when ben simmons had the ball wide open under the hoop the that moment in the game was such like a. A seminal moment in the in the narrative the arc of that game if he flushes that dunk the place goes live blows off the place right but he ends up passing it to a guy with three people owning and so we're kind of looking like what what what just having a drunk will. I was not drunk. And i do believe that. That moment was the end of simmons tenure in philadelphia. Because and i've heard you know. I'm not the only soft stephen say that i think are j. Will say that over the last couple of days. I know everybody here in philly. Feels that way. Because i'm like i'm around the fan but i mean the epicenter of the fan base right now. So we're like i'm just such a different. I think so differently. And i'll be honest. I'm kind of all over the all over the map on this. Because i have so much empathy for people who are going through things and it's obvious to me. I don't know ben simmons. I never met. Ben simmons and i've watched him play probably ten times in his life and eight of them were at lsu. So so take all of what. I'm about to say counter with a grain because it's not born from a major catalogue of depth about his career when you get to a place. Psychologically emotionally where you're so deep in your own head based on the criticism of others that you give up a dunk like in in game seven of the playoff like you. You are looking to pass the basketball so badly you want to avoid the spotlight so much that. That's your first instinct. That's a really bad place. Yeah i got ending mentally. He's in a place where he's got to find a way to recover and a change of scenery might be what he rides. I want so so again. Not knowing being at all no never met him. No no never interviewed. Never been around and there've been the same room with him. I've been same arena now but like i just want to hug him and then you know this is why i say. I'm all over the place on this then own monday of this week. I see stephen on. I take talking about. He got a text from somebody close to being or in been circles or whatnot. That simmons is so coddled by everyone around him that he won't put in the work. And i know that jimmy butler has said that in the past jimmy butler has said in the past. I didn't respect his work ethic. So that's why. I'm all over the place on this. Where the empathy inside me goes. I want that man to go somewhere else to work his ass off and learn how to shoot the basketball effectively. At least you seventy percent from the free throw line and have a great career. Because he's still really young but it ain't here and so it's just a really unique scenario. But i can tell you being in philadelphia right now. Man discussed is not even a strong enough word. So let's go back to just the environment though because you've been to you've kind of seen. The country in the sports world opened up. You've been events with nobody in slowly getting better and better. What was that like just to be walking into the arena. And just being there. It was inappropriate four letter were also it was. It was so off the hook that i was in a weird head space to man because like everybody like our entire family had on sixers gear. Our grey t-shirt because the fact of the matter is you were unbiased right. I mean we're just you're kind of the way it needs to be. Well i i think though if you wanted to going as a fan with your family i think now there would have been some loser that tries to say something but i think you could Sixers and i could your positioning. There is not. I completely agree with that. But as i said to laney i took a lotta pictures right. So when you're standing there and somebody will take photograph in your game. And that's what you have on and that might be the only context somebody sees. Then you know. That's going to be their inclination. Now i say that almost speak right out the other side of my mouth. Because i wear alabama lsu miami north carolina. Virginia tech ohio state michigan. I wear college gear all the time so it makes no sense that i feel that way about the nba. Which i don't cover ve very rarely right. I've only covered in be gains or players a handful of times but i cover college football every day. So i don't know it doesn't make any sense what i'm saying but that's where my head space was but it was just a really awesome experience other than you know the the way the game ended because the sixers just straight up late in egg I will say as a sports fan even though i mean like they were yelling. Fu trae young like there were they were chanting. Fu chat trae young Multiple times during the game. The philly crowd was an watching. That kid play that dude special man he had these days. he's a killer. He is an assassin. He is a stone cold killer and to be that size and the the what. I realized watching him live. That's the first time i've ever seen him live what. I realized that you can't see on tv. At least i can't. I'm sure that the jay wills and the former players of the other by the current players of the world coaches see this what. I didn't see until i watched him. Time in. Real life was how impossible it is for the defender to anticipate him. He's it's unreal. You can't anticipate what the move's going to be. His quickness is absurd. his range is absurd in. His conscience is non-existent. He thinks when he crosses the line that he's now in rain is in writing. I mean him and steph are those are those dame probably him steph and dame are those dudes in the league that had that man the other thing that impressed me with trae is his ability to control his body especially when around defenders. Because he's not a big dude you know. He's you just find a way to get a shot off in control his body. It's it's amazing what he's doing another thing. That was really fun about watching. That game was watching kevin herder. Because did you see. The rick lee travis. Did you send you this. The instagram post. Did you see i saw an. It's funny van pell. We had him on the podcasts last night. Yeah and gosh. That's awesome Terp he asked him about. You know all that stuff. And he's like. I'm just kind of even. Even when i went to maryland people thought it was a four year player. Even though is you know you know this. Big time recruit and everything just kind of unassuming guy and he goes. I'm okay with it would a like how fun to watch a guy like that. Who quite frankly. I bet the vast majority of america never even heard of until the other night. That dude was going off. Noah's name now. They sure as hell knows name now and you know as a super over pale red headed man does not do. I was gonna say you just you have to root for our fellow ginger right. It's like the bylaws. No doubt and the laboratory boys on their on their show. The other day They put on on twitter. They were like who is the greatest red head of all time or something like that and they had like galileo. rick ashley. Kevin heard her and they didn't have me on there yet. And so i responded no like i don't even get love from the homeys managed ginger problems and there's even a you can put four names for things to vote on an opole make. That's my mother-in-law last night at dinner. My own mother-in-law me if i was coloring my beard color i could see that i can see the gray from here dude. Listen to i had a. I had not shared. I had not trimmed my beard. Wants since the pga champ. The sunday of the pga championship was the last time. I trimmed my beard before monday night. That's like almost a month ago. Do that the. I looked like a chia pet. It was ridiculous and but it was great sunscreen by the way. Anyway i because kirk herbstreit and i had a commercial shoot together on tuesday in charlotte all day long and i wanted to look presentable for the partner for eckrich Eckrich sausage acreage meets kirk. have a deal with them for the football player so i shaved probably eighty percent of beard off in the pile of hair in the floor. Sadie sadie doesn't even recognize me. You can say does not happy about it. A pile of hair and the floor was outrageous all right but my mother-in-law i sit down last night a drive into town from the commercial shoot in my entire family is at kessels corner. Our favorite restaurant here in ocean city. It's an oath school. Nineteen fifties ice cream parlor. Diner kind of vibe. We love they of the best buffalo chicken wrap on earth so i walk in and sit down with my family in this circular booth. In the back. I sit right beside my mother-in-law sally kakaza. She's looking at me funny. I'm like what i did have on a full suit which was odd in the first place. She's looking at me funny. I'm like what she goes. Are you putting a little little extra raiding your beard these days i said no she goes you sure she goes. It looks a lot more red than it did. Two days ago. I said well cut eighty percent of it off and when i looked in the mirror when i got back last night on my you know she's kind of right. It is a lot. I guess it gets browner as it sprouts. Grayer definitely gets greyer as it's brown. But i mean. I've said this before when you're done augusta i'll say nah i can see the white and you kinda have like a golden retriever. Look on for. yay patrick. abraham's my brother from another my field producer. He dash line made him almost pisses pants he. He thought that was the funniest descript and most accurate description he's ever heard. So that's what i've been up to this week or last couple of weeks travis is in his native. Oh and It was your daddy's seventieth birthday that is awesome. Happy birthday papa. Rocco so would the seventieth was on friday. What did y'all do so my brother and his family came from texas to surprise others name. I never met justin. He's six years old me are just gone and he lives in texas. Yeah he's got three kids and the wife and so they were coming up and so we're going to have a party form on saturday but he did not know about this party but the party is going to be thrown at his house. So it's like at some point the gigs. He's gonna know about before saturday. So is this. How long can we go. Well we're gonna have a small temple in the backyard just in case it rains. Or if it's sunny you know people need to get out of the sun whatnot. So how can we. I'm like if it's nice out. Understand him when they show up. Because i'm sitting by the pool all day drinking cold once a what happened to be rainy so like all right i can get him out of the house so i take him to the go to the range and then go get lunch afterwards. And i'm like all right. We're coming back. I'm like he's gotta see this ten his. There's no way he doesn't see the tent. Pull into the house driveway and welcome house and like he hasn't seen the i don't know how i guess when you're seventy something you just looking some things. Just pass uber. so then we're I set up where we're gonna go to this restaurant called castle l. They're actually closing on saturday after sixty one years. They've just closed cove at her there. They have business. And it's just you know the restaurant business businesses especially when you have family and stuff and kids and so the owner kinda of you know so we surprise we take him over there and that's where my brother is already surprise them and then there's about. There's eighteen total of us for dinner. So mike all right now we gotta go back home again. And that's when he walks many sees the teams like what's the backyard. And i'm like i'm donna party tomorrow. He's like for. Who like surprise. And so then saturday morning man. It's it's raining. It's poor and sorry morning. But i mean at the if it was if it covering like this it just wasn't gonna work and ended up clear and around eleven and it was like it might rain at like four in. The party is at two and then the rain is kept moving. It didn't rain at all the entire awesome man so we just had people come and go and your hometown again. What's it called. Lima spelled like lima lima harare. I've had a good time to sit in back drinking cold ones. Lots of tito's was consumed a believe. That shocker. I know and then on sunday where y'all at komo tito's y'all are making so much money you travis. On on a deal. I need to be put on scholarship and speaking of does My dad i don't find him on their website. What these white gym shorts with the massive tito's low on one side and it says like tito's handmade back on the other and they are now my favorite but it was. It's been a good time to just come back and you know same thing with you just coming back to the shortage kind of be able to recharge the battery little bit. Get some you know. Pull time for you got there the ocean or whatever and it's it's fun man when i so like i said kurkin had commercial shoot the other day for and i flew in charlotte on monday evening to make sure that i was ready for an eight o'clock call on the next morning eight thirty. I guess it was down at the carolina panthers facility. So i got to my house at like six thirty pm. I don't have any car. 'cause metrics here in in in ocean city and so i go to my house and Pulled wagoneer. i don't draw the wag very often. But i pull the wagon ear out and i'm driving it around. I put a little gas in it. And i noticed some leakage. I got some fluid on the ground in my garage so spray out fluid and i'm looking under jeep and i'm checking it out. Put the jeep back. And it's getting on towards dusk. It's probably like you know coast. I'm like i'm going fishing. I sat on my dock for an hour. Plus zip and lines out. There had top was using top water. Lower and i got a buy one and it's at same damn fish. I swear it jumps out of the water and winks at me and goes right back in laughs. I think they made a lady made a deal with. Martin is a catch a fish. Every so often hear my neighbor travis across the cove from me. He'll send me these photos of him and his little boy catch off my dock. They catch they is zip my line over towards his dock and then my neighbor shannon's dock and i'll get a little nibble every now and then little nibbles but man. I don't know what travis is you. Gotta ask him what babies use. What kind of fish do you have their bass well. I'm glad you guys had a blast at dad's seventieth. Fleas wish him. Happy birthday from everybody at team smith and We appreciate you guys hanging out with us like that. Thanks so much dion for taking the time just to sit with me for a few minutes at the academy celebrity fishing tournament that goes for all the other celebrities that were there as well. They all gave me time really grateful and man. Do i love my relationship with that company. Y'all go there. You got everything i mean. I don't care what you won't academy has go over there and just walk around. You'll be like i feel like a deer in the headlights. Every time i walk in. Just walk around. Like i can't believe they have this this this this this It's awesome so thank you to academy for having me there as guest and to and to host the event thank you so much to our law enforcement officials all over the country. We appreciate. Y'all keep our community safe. Our first responders and firemen thank you and to our united states military. We are grateful for your sacrifice we live in the greatest country in the world. Awesome to be free. Thank you have an week. that is marty. Smith's america will see you next time round.

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