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"nat nato jae jao note" Discussed on Marty Smith's America The Podcast

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"nat nato jae jao note" Discussed on Marty Smith's America The Podcast

"Sure galloway never sees any of that. We don't need him knowing the dion. Just send that What what what. Wide receiver that you faced. Did you respect. Today's most jerry rice. Jerry and i know this is why jerry jay was everything as a receiver. Some guys was being in physical black and some guys vertically Was going to kill you randy. Moss jerry had both he can score from anywhere on the field he can run routes and he was well conditioned most guys. I can bump it round. And i'm gonna wear you down by halftime third quarter you know because just getting off the jam and running me to hold on game was gonna wear you down. Jerry was in shape. He was on condition he was a student of the game so he thought about routes before he ran a moment. Who in the league right now in the defensive backfield reminds you of you. Nobody nobody thought you might say j. My son it takes about five five guys to it. Takes about five guys to brand. Because you gotta have that speed. You gotta have that that that that thought process that florida swagger you gotta have the gna sakala and you've got to have that athleticism and that ball skill that hey they god don't make domain. Don't do that. No mole my favorite part of the answers that you look directly in the camera and say every bit of that. That's that's amazing yes. Where's the confidence from house very good. You're good the confidence. That's my natural older but natural older. It can't it does not come from anything that was birthed through my mother mountain fathers that come from television man. I watched a lot of tv. When i was a kid so i took a little bit of that. Took a little bit of that. Little bit of that Inc all that myself like like like my guys growing up was was oj. Nat-nato jae jao note though j simpson rental james. Simpson that guy because the way. He treated his teammates and way. His team is role for him. On on surpassing that rushing. Record dr j. julie's urban he was he was damn. Mj he was the professional he he didn't even have a phd but they call them. The doctor hank aaron for for just staying focused on all of their racist remarks home run title in he surpassed it and mom and i leave at his confidence his swagger his his thought process of everyone and everything that was going on around him and he cared about everything and anybody so all those guys i took an incorporated. Them myself created prime. That's a bunch of men who were unwilling to comprehend. You go which is unique thread. Those guys notice.

Jerry jerry jay j simpson Today both hank aaron jerry j. julie james oj about five guys Nat-nato jae jao note about five five guys Simpson j. third quarter guys florida