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"nasa charleen" Discussed on Drunk Unks Podcast

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"nasa charleen" Discussed on Drunk Unks Podcast

"Hello i'm here. You can do show. Is he's angry. I wish i make it up. I wish about erie. Your buildings thanks. Mike crazy to iraq. We start with this really out. Think everybody understands the toll it praise. It tasted the that mad inside. So so much that you ain't got the bigger cutback you're black. Being goes out to the path muslim for example. You're just regular standard black. So much against then once you affiliate yourself certain things like the rude hard. Ill were on your back. I know now now down floodgates every go art majority majority of that and the wars and that is safe haven supposed to be the whole home supposed to be safe. Meaning that we we made home. Now we'd i see. Well i want to say this first off women. I'm saying this to you. Because i had the nerve and it's something that i'm only fresh to maybe six months twelve months. That's i'm talking you to look at yourself. Just like he just said made it home and we say stuck to them by your come home and you know. Just don't stop by. See when you know when you start looking into the history. You start researching ancestors and everything else you see. That's true struggle wasn't acne day is also today modern date sabre. We're still sitting it. They gotta worry about going out in the road nevada paid. It's not having heard about it right year but as everywhere else. So we talk about the sues that we eat and where we're on the forty four years old. And i noticed when i work out in i eat right in a good in. Have the doctors taken off still medicine. Not inmates alibaba work is we have to realize that are that are family meeting. Our men are children are who'll like everything's a one in. I'm learning look away. Look for sam by myself. Pay my own bill. O.'neil may for my house and everything else. The monthly bills thinking jesus. You know i'm just you know what i'm saying like real learning not you man if you love 'em but if you know he's wasted time ever find out right. Do eat dry and worked out to get together in really build your family to get one also to add to that whereas vehicle naturally tries to leave on their email partner dance stupid national trying to leave nasa charleen on their partner right part of that is for to be successful man and woman have to actually understand one. I talk about. And i think that's essential one of those things that like you. May the bad news was society has in store for. He's never really prepared for things at home whether it'd be with his with his significant other which and reason those things get so complicated because we just naturally don't know how to articulate outfields my we can we can act out very good so i'm upset. I can assure you very clearly upset but fulfil vulnerable shui. Google turn around and show that anger anyway. Jonet offsetting what sensitive side by side that you really wanna save up. Thought about men was never so sweet. It hurts his back a little bit but at the end of the got to understand that you'll be so you could not go none of me so i also love. The energy might be here are really expressing. If i don't believe no muscles right well first off when energy. I in that. It's about the estimation The because that energy might be for that white but it might not be good for having babies together building the family so you gotta make sure that energy is good for you understand what i'm saying then just i was like us that everything will work with withdrew all be always think that we need that buys that we know we're talking about and that that was my second point. We tend to think that have dressed. That is because that's because something myself university you let it go through child. That's not what i is not even about each. It's about what you vote in my journey. This nasty ears. That the only thing i haven't touched insists that separated from my husband like i've i've been to him in swear with my former now only we're doing wrong but also the white man i'm sorry saying but i feel like it's true you know We have to realize that.

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