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"napoleon schaffer" Discussed on The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

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"napoleon schaffer" Discussed on The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

"True. It's a good question. See. Now, a lot of people would think removing. Two year old while in the state of immortality. is taking a life that's why I'm fro- immortal. I am right I'm pro immortal I. believe that I believe that immoral I believe that immortality starts at the conception. Of. The idea of immortality that's right and I believe anything besides a lot of people. A lot of these wing lunatics thinks that immortality doesn't set until about ten or eleven years old. But no. That's not what's in the Bible it does not. Know it in the Bible. It clearly states what I'm saying I don't even need to reveal the passage. WHAT'S THE PASSAGE Exactly. So. The baby coming to the cult in the first place was sort of the end of the cold. It kind of freaked out a lot of members share. We have a baby. So No. Let's all I. Don't know fuck it. I. Don't know who's got milk. What's going on here? Even shapers strongest followers that point where like I don't know we just jumping. The money had already started driving out up. Turns Napoleon Schaffer had actually known each other for quite a while. Napoleon had come to him in December nineteen, thirty nine. He wanted to go in on buying psychology magazine for two point five, thousand each. So Schafer then turn to a rich cult member for the money. And three years later in nineteen forty to the rich cult member realized that she had been swindled. And she charged Shafer with Grand Larceny. And of course, and they looked into it, it turns out the tune-ups shaper just kept the money and not bought the magazine and he ended up pleading guilty. Okay. He was given a five year sentence. The judge called him quote a thief a next clansman. Zone organization a spiritual faker, a religious hypocrite who's been a loose Prang on misguided women for too long. That's I. Meant that felt like a five year sentence. But it's interesting. So. They both have the same idea. So I the point had the I'll I'll just get kids idea and then shaffer does it. They're both named gene might clearly they were just working together on this whole thing. Yeah. They just went solo from. Napoleon moved to South Carolina and fell in love with. Sorry and fell in. The Poli- Napoleon moved to South Carolina and fell in with a guy who was still really angry about losing the civil war. He Ran Presbyterian college so if he ran into.

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