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"napoleon hill attorney" Discussed on The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

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"napoleon hill attorney" Discussed on The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

"But the point is not shut down the college. Now, of course, he just changes the focus. So instead of teaching students, how to build cars there now taught how to sell them. Okay Are you. There is a car salesman college. Well now. What is Live here what is that like? I can't even imagine the negotiate the constant negotiation. It's really bad. Yeah. So I want you guys to get that in by Thursday at one PM sir. If I may I was thinking that it might make more sense if we were to maybe split that over three days, just three installments of giving you a little bit of each paper Sir I can actually do that and I can do that in two papers. I can do that over Wednesday and Thursday guys it's non-negotiable. I'm liking what I'm here. What's your credit like sir? It's fantastic. We'll do you mind if I. Run it. Now I'm not crazy about it coming to this office real quick. Let me she introduce you to Barbara. Hi. Thanks so much. They call me the closer I don't know why come on I'm the teacher this God damn school. So what we're looking for is to give you five different installments of getting this paper by Thursday five. You got just sit to someone else at one. No listen. This is what we're after. That's right now can I just get a credit card or some family history from you real quick. On April Eleventh Nineteen twelve. Motor World Magazine published an article about the Automobile College. It was titled Pointing the Easy Route to get rich quick land. Broke hit broke down the ways the college was The plan for students to make five k year was that the students were Kate we agents? They were just considered sales agent. So that's like that's how you can make five hills to actually sell cars. Right or you know I made a lot of money and make it a fake college. That's another route you guys can go. They also would get three bucks a head for every student new student they brought in. So the. Amway's yeah I mean yeah. I'm with the college. On. November Eleventh Nineteen Twelve and point in Florence had a baby. He was a baby boy. He was Daphne had no ears. Oh my God. You could've gone in just that. You could have gone with the first one would have assumed. From Napoleon's official biography quote in the years to come despite intense fighting with both family and schoolteachers Napoleon would never allow the boy to learn sign language. He was determined to singlehandedly teaches deaf son to speak and even to hear see now, that's what happens when you're able to open a bullshit car college where eventually you're teaching car salesmanship you just believe too much and you should you have every right to believe that you walk on water but the idea that you're going to like. Essentially obviously removes the child's ability to communicate completely, which is cool. So cool. Dad Check. So my boys going to have the biggest ears this town's ever seen that right son. Baby steps. The automobile college and its doors in one, thousand, nine hundred, and soon after Napoleon decided he wanted more in Chicago is the place to go. So Florence's family actually got him work at Lasalle Extension University through a connection, and after arriving, he quickly prenup stationary stationary quote Napoleon Hill Attorney at law. Twenty seven fifteen Michigan Avenue Chicago now he's obviously never going to law school sure he has no legal experience, right but he was just like this. I'm here might as well do this. Yeah. But Davey had letterhead and a lot of ways isn't that everything So. Is it just the beginning of a bunch of nonsense?.

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